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🎥 | Kentaro Sakaguchi, Junichi Okada's 98% buddy, "A little love sprout ..."


A 98% buddy that goes well with Kentaro Sakaguchi and Junichi Okada.

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First of all, it will appear on the sticker as a privilege of the movie ticket advance ticket that will be on sale from July 7.

The preview video and poster of the movie "Helldogs" (released on September 9), starring actor Junichi Okada, will be on the 16th ... → Continue reading

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    2022 7(July
    365 days
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    7/8(Shichigatsuyo?)Gregorian calendarAnd the 189th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen, on the 190th day), there are 176 days until the end of the year.



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      Established by the National Federation of Pawn Shop Associations. Matching words of "Shichi (7) and (8)".
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      Established by the NPO Japan-China Tea Association.A combination of words that read "cha" in Chinese seven (chi) and Japanese eight (ya).
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      Meiji 27/8(New year18698/15) To commemorate the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the new Meiji government.
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      On July 7th, you can read "Naha" by matching the numbers.Originally established by a private group, but since 8OkinawaNahaThe "Naha Day Enactment Executive Committee" and the government and companies are holding "Naha Day" events.
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      Established by JOGV-FM. 78.0MHzfrequencyComes from.

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