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🎥 | Kenichi Takito, "Amazingly beautiful myself" Drag Queen's first challenge "Himitsu no Nacchan. 』First starring in the movie

Photo movie "Himitsu no Nacchan. Kenichi Takito (C) 2023 "Himitsu no Nacchan." Production Committee who plays the role of drag queen in

Kenichi Takito, "Amazingly beautiful myself" Drag Queen's first challenge "Himitsu no Nacchan. 』First starring in the movie

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I am only grateful to the people of Gujo Hachiman who accepted us from Tokyo in large numbers for that Korona-ka.

The movie "Himitsu no Nacchan" starring actor Kenichi Takito in the role of drag queen. Is January 2023, 1 ... → Continue reading

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    Hachiman Town (Gifu Prefecture)

    Yawata Town(Hachimancho) used to beGifuGujo-gunWas intownIs. On March 2004, 16, seven towns and villages in Gujo-gun merged.GujoWas established, and Yawata Town was abolished.

    Gujo HachimanIt is often called (Gujo Hachiman).Since ancient times, it has prospered as the political and commercial center of Gujo-gun, and since it became Gujo City, the Gujo City Hall and the local agency of Gifu Prefecture have been set up.


    Hida HighlandsLocated in the southern part of.Nagara RiverRuns through the town area from north to south, the altitude of the city is about 200m, and tributaries flow from the mountains east and west of the town.The settlement is formed along the Nagara River and its tributaries, and of the Nagara River and its tributaries.Yoshida RiverThe area near the confluence of is the city area.

    The town area has a part protruding to the southeast and belongs to the basin of the Konabi River.This is also the Nagara River system, but the confluence is downstreamSeki CityIn Yawata TownwatershedIt is separated from other areas.The Ontani and Kokuma rivers belong to the Kiso River system.

    • Mountain:Takagayama(1,224m), Chigoyama (818m), Kyotsukayama (863m)
    • river:Nagara River,Yoshida River, Kodara River, Nabi River, Kibishima River, Chitora River, Onabi River, Kanaryo River, Oniya River, Kouma River

    Adjacent municipality


    Chronological Table


    The number of MPs is 12.



    high school

    Junior high school

    primary school

    Closed school



    Located in the mountains, but in the late 20th centuryYoshida RiverとNagara RiverA factory was located along the road, and the industry flourished.In agriculture, rice, beef cattle and flowers were produced.

    • Industrial population
      Number of workers in the primary industry 1
      Number of workers in the primary industry 2
      Number of workers in the primary industry 3




    It is located at the intersection of roads that sew in the mountains, and national roads are maintained on all sides, making it convenient.The Tokai Hokuriku Expressway runs north and south, and National Highway 156 runs on almost the same route.National Highway 256 runs from east to west, and National Highway 472 runs northeast.


    General national road

    Main local road

    General prefectural road


    • Shinmachi Street
    • Hashimotocho Street
    • Honmachi street
    • Yanaka Lane

    Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

    Gujo dance

    Gujo danceIs a Bon festival dance that is held every year from mid-July to early September for a total of 7 nights.There are 9 types of dances, which are held while moving venues such as temples and shrines, general roads, and street corner plazas.In particular, the "Banran Bon Festival (all-night dance)", which continues to dance all night until dawn during the Obon festival (August 32-10), is famous.General participation is also possible for the dance.It has a history of more than 8 years and is one of the three major Bon festival dances in Japan. 13 countrySelected Intangible Folk Cultural PropertySelected for in 1996Important intangible folk cultural propertiesSpecified in.

    Water town

    In the city area, there are waterways built in the 17th century for the purpose of fire prevention under Gujo Hachiman Castle.Currently, some of them have been developed and used as tourism resources, but most of them continue to be used as domestic water.A stepped aquarium called Mizubune, which draws in spring water and mountain water, was born more than 400 years ago.The upper tier is for drinking water, the middle tier is for washing and cooling vegetables and fruits, and the lower tier is for washing dishes.In addition, a common washing place called "Kawado" is created in the middle of the waterway that draws the clear river flow into the town as it is, and is used for simple rinsing and washing.There is a TV commercial of Daiwa House that introduces Mizufune and Kawado, and the co-creation symbiosis series "Gujo Hachiman".

    In 1996Water Village Hundred ElectionWas certified as.Also in 1996100 sound scenes in Japan"River play of the Yoshida River" was selected as.

    • Igawa Lane
      The longest waterway.It is maintained as a promenade.
    • Yanaka Lane
      Omodakaya Folk History MuseumSaito Museum-Kokoro no Mori Museum Yudokan・ Tourist facilities such as the Lautrec Museum are concentrated.
    • Yoshida River Water Promenade

    Other landmarks

    Native celebrity

    Related item

    • Gujo Hachiman TV --In a broad sense, Japan's first independent organizationCable tv station
    • GJ8 Man - sakuramomokoCharacter with the image of Gujo Hachiman
    • Yamato House --- Produced and broadcast a commercial for "Gujo Hachiman" as one of the company's "Co-creation and Symbiosis" series.You can still see it from the Daiwa House Group's homepage, "Create Together. Live Together."
    • Bang rice♪ --Media mix planning such as music distribution by Konami that also serves as a town revitalization.Set in "Hachimancho", which is modeled on Gujo Hachiman.

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