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🎥 | The opening of the new musical "Hong Kong Sketch" co-produced by a stage performer living in Hong Kong and Japan


The new musical "Hong Kong Sketch", co-produced by a stage performer living in Hong Kong and Japan, opens.

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Overview Title | Hong Kong Sketch
Schedule / Venue | July 2022th (Wednesday) -7th (Sunday), 6 Za Koenji
After Talk * * * ① After the 7:8 performance on July 14th (Friday) Fanny Sam, Hiromi Fujimori, Aki Sakaguchi, Momoko Ogata
After Talk ② After the 7:9 performance on Saturday, July 14th, Fanny Sam, Shajin, Ayumi Umezawa, Momoko Ogata
Directed by Aki Sakaguchi, Music | Momoko Ogata Music Director | Kenkuni Ra (Pon Lo)
Choreography | Koji Saegusa Takika Imamiya Art | Hiromi Tokumasu
Appearance | Kimiyoshi 岑 Fanny Sam Shato Hiromi Fujimori (It's Foleys)
Miki Akiba (It's Foleys) Shotaro Niki (Theatre Echo Broadcasting Film Club)
Koji Saegusa Haruna Watanabe Ayumi Umezawa Rena Okayama (Super Eccentric Theater)
Hidenobu Akamatsu Yusuke Yanagiuchi Noboru Hanzawa (It's Foleys)
Mone Kondo (It's Folies) Rabunken Rabunken
Affiliated NPO Theater Imagination Network / Za Koenji | Cooperation All Staff Co., Ltd./Musical Company It's Foleys, etc. | Committee
* This performance is the "Japan Playwrights Association Program" (Summer Theater 09) recommended by the Japan Playwrights Association, which has a partnership agreement with Suginami Ward, to Za Koenji from the works submitted by the members.

A new musical co-produced by a stage performer living in Hong Kong and Japan will open.A collaboration between a stage performer living in Hong Kong and a stage performer in Japan ... → Continue reading

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