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🎵 | Return party, MV (short ver.) Of new song "Sakuhi" released prior to release

Photo "Sakuhi" MV (Short ver.)

The MV (short ver.) Of the new song "Sakuhi" will be released prior to the release.

If you write the contents roughly
The jacket picture depicts two cats looking up at the earth from the moon, and the continuation of the story of looking up at the moon from the earth in the jacket picture of the 2nd mini album "Third Breathing Speed" released the other day. The finish is reminiscent of it.

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2nd mini album

    Disc jacket

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    Disc jacket(British: disc jacket[1]) Isrecord,compact disc (CD),DVD,Blu-ray Disc(BD, Blu-ray Disc), etc.Disk mediaTo accommodatepaper OfExteriorThat.

    JapaneseNow, simply use "JacketsWhile it is often called "", it is also used properly according to the difference in media such as "record jacket" and "CD jacket".If it is in a bag-like or tubular shape,Sleeve(British: sleeve[2][3]) is also called.of the surfaceFront and backSometimes called "front jacket (front -)" and "back jacket (back -)".

    English "jacket" refers to "covering things" and "things that cover things".[4],Etymologyclosest to "(coatis a kind ofJackets"(15st centurymid-first appearance[5])Also,Ourcover (1886First appearance[5]) and record covers,machineThe cover of also comes from this meaning[4][6].In the case of a disc jacket, it refers to what is drawn on the surface that covers it.cover art"Good[7], in Japanese this isSound recording officialForeign wordsAsCover art' is widely used.printed on disc jacket写真in JapaneseJapanglishto select "Cover photo" (略 語 : Jacket copy).

    Jacket of each media


    The LP record (analog record) jacket isCardboardIt is a sleeve made of such materials, and has a bag shape with 4 of the 3 sides closed.Label sideA hole with a round center so that you can seeTransparentThere is also a double-paged jacket (gate fold).

    Similar sleeve jacketsLaser disc (LD) was also used.

    The single record jacket has the title and jacket photo printed on the front side and the back side.lyrics,Musical scoreIs often printed.

    Type A / Type E

    There are types of album record jackets called A-type and E-type.

    Type AIs a thick jacket made by pasting paper printed from the front and back sides on a cardboard core material.America(America)It came to be called like this in many vinyl records.
    E formulaIs a jacket made by folding the printed paper itself.United KingdomIt came to be called like this in many vinyl records.[8](Europe(Europe)Because it is often seen in[9][10]is also called).
    Both A-type and E-type are adopted in Japanese records, and even the same artist may be A-type, E-type, or inconsistent depending on the album.


    Many on music discs such as CDsMade of plastic OfJewel caseThe jacket is plugged into the back of the transparent lid of the case,paper OfLeaflet(1 sheet of paper) orbooklet(Small book). The front sideCoverIs especially called a jacket, on the back and insidelyrics,creditEtc. are written. The back jacket is sandwiched inside the case and cannot be removed without disassembling the case.Single CDManySlim caseThen, there is no back cover and the label side of the CD can be seen from the outside. CD case (for detailsOptical disc case(See) differs depending on the 1-disc or 2-disc set, and there are various variations, and the jacket size may differ depending on the shape of the case.

    Paper jacket

    Paper jacket(Kami jacket) is a type of case for CDs and DVDs.A disc is stored in a paper sleeve like a record without using a jewel case.[11].Developed after analog record jackets[11]. "paper jacketabbreviated as[11].

    The disc inside is placed in a plastic bag.Unlike jewel cases, the standard is not unified, so there are a wide variety of sizes, from simple packages to elaborate ones.In recent years, when the albums released in the record era are reprinted on CDs, CD-sized jackets that imitate the record jackets (type A and type E) are being sold.


    DigipackIs a cardboard package with a plastic tray glued together. There are various variations, mainly folding in half and folding in three.

    DVDs, BDs

    Many video discs such as DVDs and BDsTall caseThe jacket is transparent with the case bodyPlasticthe filmIt is a sheet of paper that is sandwiched between.It is easy to remove, but it is not necessary for normal use.The front, back, and back are a single piece of paper.In addition, there is no uniformity in the case, and it may be sold in the same jewel case as the CD.

    Jacket as a graphic design

    The jacket constitutes the appearance of the disc package, so it is visualDesignMost important onBook designAtCoverIt becomes an element that corresponds to. The jacket surface is designed to represent the disc,magazine,Web pageIn the disc introduction such as, the jacket side is printed or displayed.

    Products using jackets

    1982 year 4 month,WacoalSold a record jacket with record board-shaped cardboard and underwear (shape pants), and 6000 sheets were sold out early in response to a young woman.[12].

    Jacket size

    Portableplayer-Recording and playback equipmentAttempts have been made to bring the projected area closer to the disc jacket of each media, and in such equipment, "Jacket sizeWas sung.


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