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📺 | [Roppongi class] All 13 unusual episodes, how will the settings be changed from the original? Possibility of evaluation as "fresh"

Photo Teruyuki Kagawa, Yuko Araki, Ryoma Takeuchi, Yurina Hirate (from left) [Photo: ENCOUNT editorial department]

[Roppongi class] All 13 unusual episodes, how will the settings be changed from the original? Possibility of evaluation as "fresh"

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"Roppongi class" will be distributed on Netflix in addition to TELASA after the first broadcast.

Halloween set to summer festival "Inward" recovery is the key TV Asahi-affiliated "Roppongi Kura ..." starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi → Continue reading


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    After the first broadcast

    Roppongi class

    Itaewon class > Japanese version "Roppongi class"

    "Roppongi class』(Roppongi class) is20227/7からTV Asahi"Thursday dramaBroadcasting in the frameRemakeTV drama[3].. StarringRyoma Takeuchi[4][5].


    Cho Gwang-jinOriginalComicJapanese (language) localization of the work (adaptation) "RoppongiClass-a story of a one-shot reversal that pierces the belief- "and a drama of itKorean drama"Itaewon class"OriginaladaptationAnd

    The stage is Japan, where TV Asahi is locatedTokyo・ Moved to Roppongi and directed Gwangjin, who wrote the script for the same work, and directed the drama.Kim Seong Yoon, Made a dramaSLL, And the publisher of the original mangaKakao EntertainmentWill take on the challenge of large-scale shooting in Roppongi, which is unusual for a serial drama, with the full cooperation of a team.[4][5].

    In this work, he is the manager of the izakaya "XNUMXnd generation Miyabe" in Roppongi.Miyabe ShinHowever, while being forced into a predicament by a certain incident caused by the trace son of "Nagaya Holdings", Japan's largest food service industry, the chairman made the trace son atone for his crimes and used his enormous power to wipe out the incident. Draw a figure of revenge to make him sit down with[4][5].

    Normally, the aired work in the "Thursday drama" frame is broadcast around 10 times (there are many less than that), but this work is scheduled to be broadcast using 1 times in one course, which is unusual in the same frame.[6].


    2006September, 9rd year high schoolMiyabe ShinIs Japan's largest restaurant companyNagaya HoldingsFather who works forShinji MiyabeAt the head office prosperityFuchuMoved to Meijo High School, where he was transferred to, and was a sergeant of the Nagaya Group.Nagaya RyugaHowever, he couldn't stand bullying his classmates because of his sense of justice, and he was beaten up and dropped out on the first day of transfer.

    Ryukawa's father and chairman of Nagaya HoldingsShigeru NagayaからDogezaAlthough he is offered to cancel the expulsion on the condition of, Shin keeps his belief in his actions, refuses to sit down and accepts the expulsion.His father, Shinji, also feels proud of his son's belief and retires from the company he worked for for 20 years.

    Shin then prepares to open a tavern with his father, but loses his father in a car accident before the opening.His first love partner, Ryukawa, was the perpetrator of the traffic accident.Yuka KusunokiShin, who learned from his testimony, found Ryukawa, and in the event of an accident, accused him of escaping without saving his father and used violence, and was sent to a detention center.Shigeru Nagaya tries to settle the matter on the condition of Dogeza again, but Shin is approached, but rejects it as Ryukawa who has driven his father to death, and is guilty of attempted murder.Juvenile prisonIt will be going.

    After being released in the fall of 2009, Shin decided to defeat Nagaya Holdings and take revenge on Shigeru Nagaya.Roppongiso"Second generation MiyabeOpen a small izakaya called "Gekokujo" and aim for Gekokujo with friends.


    main character

    Miyabe Shin(Miyabe Arata
    Performance- Ryoma Takeuchi
    The main character of this work.He is the manager of the izakaya "Nidaime Miyabe" in Roppongi.He grew up in a single parent household.He vows revenge on Nagaya and his parents who drove him to the brink of despair.
    Yuka Kusunoki(Camphor tree Yuuka
    Performance- Yuko Shinki[7](Childhood: Hana Makita, middle school:Hideina Kamada[8]
    New classmate and first love. Worked at Nagaya Holdings.She is from Hikari no Sato, an orphanage.
    He suffers between his loyalty to Shigeru Nagaya and his hostile love for Shin.
    Aoi Asamiya(Asamiya Aoi
    Performance- Yurina Hirate[9]
    Manager of "Second Generation Miyabe".70 followersInfluencer.
    ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クA returnee child on the way home,IQMake 162 genius girlsSociopath.
    For Arata, who fell in love with him, he volunteered to be the manager of "Nidaime Miyabe".
    Nagaya Ryuga(Nagaya Ryuga
    Performance- Taichi Saotome[10]
    The eldest son of Shigeru Nagaya.A classmate of Arata and Yuka.The perpetrator who killed Arata's father in a traffic accident.
    Shigeru Nagaya(Yashigeru Ramen
    Performance- Teruyuki Kagawa[11]
    Chairman and founder of Nagaya Holdings.

    Second generation Miyabe

    Izakaya opened in Roppongi by Shin.

    Ryota Uchiyama(Ryota Uchiyama
    Performance- Akio Nakao[6]
    Hall staff.He has a short temper and an easy-going personality.
    He met Shin in a juvenile prison, and was inspired by his appearance in adversity, and began to yearn for him with his big brother.
    Riku Ayase(Ayase Riku
    Performance- Hona Ikoka[6](childhood:Yuhito Kobayashi[12]
    In charge of the kitchen.Transgender.
    When working at a factory, he started working at "Miyabe II", who longed for Shin who accepted himself as he was.
    Ryuji Nagaya(Nagaya Ryuji
    Performance- Suzuka Hiroshi[10](childhood:Kira Miura[13]
    Second son of Shigeru Nagaya.Ryuga's half-brother.She has feelings for Aoi.
    Feeling responsible for the suspension of business of "Second Generation Miyabe" due to the drinking turmoil when he was a minor, he started working at "Second Generation Miyabe".

    Nagaya Holdings

    Founded in 1985.Japan's largest restaurant company built by Shigeru Nagaya from a set meal restaurant.

    Kyoko Aikawa(Kyoko Aikawa
    Performance- Inamori Izumi[6]
    managing director.She is the only daughter of Shigeru Nagaya and Inosuke Aikawa, who founded Nagaya Holdings.She was on good terms with the Miyabe family as part of her family.
    Yukio Sakuragi(Sakuragi Yukio
    Performance- Kondo Park[6]
    Shigeru Nagaya's secretary.She marks Kyoko Aikawa who makes disturbing movements.
    Kanako Isobe(Kanako Isobe
    Performance- Nao Ohta[14](Episode 4 -)
    Shigeru Nagaya's secretary.Kyoko Aikawa's spy to monitor Shigeru Nagaya's movements.


    Shinji Miyabe(Miyabe Shinji
    Performance- Mitsuishi Lab.[6]
    New father.His wife passed away and he raised Arata single-handedly. After retiring from Nagaya Holdings, he dies in a traffic accident caused by Ryuga.
    Hirotsugu Matsushita(Matsushita Hirotsugu
    Performance- Naoto Ogata[6]
    Futaba police detective.Knowing that Ryukawa was the perpetrator of the traffic accident death of his new father, Shinji, from numerous evidences, he was pressured by the chief to hide and succumbed to it.Shin lost his wife when he entered the juvenile prison.
    After that, he retired from the police and became a supplier of food ingredients to "Nidaime Miyabe".
    Yudai Kirino(Kiri no Yudai
    Performance- Yuma Yamoto[6]
    new classmate.Since he was bullied by Ryuga, he decided to take revenge on him, and became an ally with Arata, who also vows to take revenge on Nagaya.
    He grows into a talented fund manager, manages the funds entrusted to him by Arata (the life insurance money of Arata's father, Shinji), and increases the amount to XNUMX million units.
    Risa Garcia(Risa Garcia
    Performance- Michiko Tanaka[6][15](Episode 3 -)
    The owner of Shinya Yuka's favorite dining bar "Flecha verde".He has a Spanish father and a Japanese mother.Spanish may come out when his emotions are overwhelmed.
    Eriko Asamiya(Asamiya Eriko
    Performance- Keiko Horiuchi[16]
    Aoi's mother.
    Performance- Kenji Matsuda[17]
    Meet Shin at Juvenile Prison.He was a boss in prison.


    Episode 1

    Homeless man
    Performance- Arizo Yoshiki
    Yuka asks for donations in front of the station, but she is shaken off.
    Kenzo Adachi
    Performance- Matsumoto Minoru[18]
    Class teacher at Meijo High School.Knowing the bullying of Ryukawa, he pretended not to see it.
    Keiji Nagino
    Performance- Koichi Koshimura[19]
    Principal of Meijo High School.He can't stand up to Shigeru Nagaya, who makes a large donation.
    Eisho Tsukamoto (Eito Tsukamoto)
    Performance- Takashi Nagayama[20]
    Futaba police detective.Visited Shinji's funeral with Matsushita for an investigation.

    Episode 2

    Takashi Ogaki
    Performance- Yasuto Kosuda[21]
    Chief of Futaba Police Station.Knowing that Ryukawa was the perpetrator of Shinji Miyabe's death in a car accident, he forced Matsushita to hide it.
    Izakaya owner
    Performance- Shoken Kunimoto[22]
    The owner of the izakaya "Tonbo", where Shin entered the juvenile prison after leaving the prison.
    Rui Saeki
    Performance- Ayaka Higashino[23](Episode 4)
    Hiroo Gakuen High School 3rd grade B group students.She is the daughter of the mayor.The appearance of her who was bullying her classmate is spread by video distribution to Aoi.
    He was dropped out of school due to the spread of Aoi's video, and from that resentment, he was the one who reported to the police when he saw Aoi and his friends drinking alcohol in the "second generation Miyabe".
    Masami Saeki
    Performance- Atsuko Anan[24]
    Rui Saeki's mother.She gets angry at the video delivery of her daughter's bullying to her Aoi, and she is newly stopped from calling Aoi and slapping her.
    Performance- Shomachi Machii[25][26](Episode 3)
    Senior of Ryuji Nagaya.Invite Ryuji to play at the club and drink with Ryuji and Aoi, a minor, at "Miyabe II".
    Police officer
    Performance- Akihito Miyazaki[27](Episode 3)
    Roppongi police uniform police officer.Rui Saeki reports that he is serving sake to minors, and he visits "Miyabe II" and takes Shin and Aoi to the police station.
    A word from Ryukawa who came to pick up Ryuji tries to eliminate the suspension of business of "Second Generation Miyabe", but he is newly blamed.

    Episode 3

    Kento Tachibana
    Performance- Toshiki Seto[28]
    A student at Teito University.Joint partyHe tries to win over his opponent Aoi, but he slaps him because Aoi hates him and insults him.However, Aoi counterattacked with a shoulder throw and kicked her in the face, so he became enraged and chased Aoi.Aoi asks for help from Arata, who happens to be in the men's restroom where Aoi escapes, and is punched by Arata.

    Episode 4

    Maki Ayase
    Performance- Ayano Oami[29]
    Riku's mother.When she sees young Riku wearing her hair ornament and smiling in front of her mirror, she asks, "Does she want to be a girl?"

    Episode 5

    Miyuki Kusunoki
    Performance- Saori Tachibana[30]
    Yuka's mother.She entrusted young Yuka to her "Hikari no Sato" and never came to pick her up again.
    Rio Yoshikawa
    Performance- Yumeko Yasuyama[31]
    Yuka's middle school classmate.He sympathizes with Yuka, who lives in an orphanage, and gives her food and stationery free of charge, but Yuka sees it as an act to enjoy a sense of superiority from above, and all the presents are discarded in the school toilet.
    Performance- Funaki Sachi[32]
    Yuka's middle school homeroom teacher.Yuka, who trampled on Rio's favor, is warned in her staff room.
    Fujisaki Mika
    Performance- Moe Yuki[33]
    Daughter of Fujisaki Foods.She is Ryuga's matchmaking partner.
    Performance- Munenori Nagano[34]
    The TV staff of Taiyo TV's cooking showdown program "Mitsuboshi Stadium" where Arata and Ryuga will appear.When Ryuga reveals that Arata is returning from a juvenile prison, he calls to cancel Arata's appearance on the show.

    Episode 6

    Miku Matsushita
    Performance-Ririka Yoshizawa[35]

    Episode 7

    Hiroko Tanabe
    Performance- Double Award Mitsuko

    Episode 9

    Unknown name
    Performance- Natsuo Great Lake[36](Episode 10)
    CEO of an investment company.

    ス タ ッ フ

    Broadcast schedule

    Each storyAirdateLatte column[41]ShowAudience rating
    Episode 1707 daysWorld-famous hit original drama !!
    Love or revenge, be sure to sit down !!
    Naomi Tamura9.6%[42]
    Episode 27/14The counterattack edition has started !!
    Reunited with the mastermind who killed his father The first love person betrayed !?
    Episode 37/21It ’s my father ’s death! The poor shopkeeper ’s counterattack !!
    Battle of a betrayal woman !?
    Episode 47/28Crush your nemesis with miracle fried chicken !!
    Tears tasting
    Naomi Kinoshita8.1%[45]
    Episode 5804 daysThe nemesis father and son come to the store for the first time! Revenge kneeling lunch9.1%[46]
    Episode 68/11Exiled from Roppongi!!9.2%[47]
    Episode 78 month 18 day (planned)Miyuki Homma
    Episode 88 month 25 day (planned)
    Episode 9901th (planned)
    Episode 10908th (planned)
    Episode 119 month 15 day (planned)
    Episode 129 month 22 day (planned)
    The last episode of9 month 29 day (planned)
    (The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
    • The first broadcast is from 21:22 to 4:10, XNUMX minutes.
    • The second episode is a 2-minute expanded broadcast from 21:22 to 6:XNUMX.
    • For video distribution, it is under the umbrella of TV Asahi.Flat-rate video distribution service"TELASAIn addition to the distribution of the main story and the director's cut version, it is the distribution source of the original.NetflixBut from midnight the day after the broadcast, the main story will be overlooked[Annotation 1]Was announced on July 2022, 7.This is the first drama produced by TV Asahi to be distributed on the same service.[48].

    Evaluation of works


    • As the first fried chicken from the drama specially made, the original taste of "Nagaya Holdings" that appears in the first episode "Ginger miso fried chicken" is a karaage specialty store "Karaage geniusIn collaboration with ", it is actually on sale for 2022 yen per piece from July 7th to October 8st, 10.[51].
    • As the second special fried chicken in the drama, "Nidaime Miyabe Special Garlic Cola Fried Chicken", which appeared as a new specialty menu of "Nidaime Miyabe" in episode 2, is sold at "Karaage Genius" stores and "TV Asahi/Roppongi Hills SUMMER STATIONOn sale from July 7th of the same year at "SUMMER STATION Gourmet Kitchen" in the venue[52].

    Delivery content

    "Back Roppongi class』(Ura Roppongi class), original content that depicts the back side of drama production20227/21From the end of the first episode of the main storyTELASANow being delivered at[53].

    It is a talk show format content in which a guest talent who is a drama fan hits the cast appearing in the main part directly and listens to the inside story of the production.[53].


    1 times


    1 times

    Delivery schedule

    each timeDelivery datesubtitle
    1 times7/21Newyork mansion assaults Ryoma Takeuchi! Roppongi class back side ~ Part XNUMX ~
    2 times804 daysThe New York mansion assaults Ryoma Takeuchi!


    A manga by Kwang jin is titled "Roppongi Class-One-shot reversal story that pierces the belief-"Piccoma"(Cacao piccoma) Has been serialized since December 2017[54]..The title of the book is "Roppongi Class"[55].


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