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🎥 | Issei Takahashi starring Takahiro Ueda Newly written work Parco Produce 2022 “2020” Nonstop Speaking…


Newly written by Takahiro Ueda starring Issei Takahashi Parco Produce 2022 "2020" Nonstop Speaking ...

If you write the contents roughly
Takahashi-kun's stride is so wonderful that it makes me angry. "
Acclaimed Ueda, Shirai and Issei Takahashi.

Issei Takahashi, who resonates with the literature of Akutagawa Prize-winning author Takahiro Ueda, proposed this work to Ueda.The plague is so fast ... → Continue reading

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    Annoying and wonderful

    Issei Takahashi

    Issei Takahashi(Issei Takahashi,198012/9[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.

    TokyoMinato-kuAkasaka[2]I'm fromMai Promotion(Office),Universal sigma(Record label) Affiliation.His younger brothernever young beachYuma Abe[5].


    My grandmother, who saw her tending to be blocked in her childhood, gave me a lot of lessons, but none of them lasted long.However, when I saw my grandmother crying and pleased at the recital of the children's theater company, which was one of my lessons, I decided to continue acting.[6].

    1990 Ofmovies"What connects the hoshinoThe first appearance in the movie[7].. 1995,Studio GhibliProductionAnimated movie"If you listen], The main charactersSeiji AmasawaPlayed the voice of. Since 2001Theater company door seatJoined the[7],stageDebuted as a quasi-leader in "Fortinbras".

    1999ToHorikoshi High SchoolGraduated.V6 for classmatesOkada Jun'ichi, Actress / talentChiharu Niiyama, Actress / stylistMaho NonamiThere is.

    2004 OfTV drama"The Great Horror Family] In the first drama series.

    2015 OfTV drama"MinwangPlayed the role of Shigehei Kaihara in the 1stConfidence Award Drama AwardAnd the 86thThe Television Drama Academy AwardReceived the Supporting Actor Award[8][9].

    2016One of the special dramas broadcast onMinwang"Spin-off ~ Koisuru Governor's Election ~" and the extra edition drama "Minou Extra Edition Secretary Kaihara and 6 Suspicious Customers", which is limited to online distribution, became the leading role, and "Minou Spinoff BOOK [Kaihara Edition]" was also released.[10].

    2017In the TV drama "Quartet』, And thereby the 7thConfidence Award Drama AwardReceived the Best Supporting Actor Award, and also won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the annual grand prize of the same award.[11][12]. Also,NHKThen.Taiga drama"Naotora, the castle owner],Continuous tv novel"Wrotenka』Appeared one after another in the semi-leading class. In March of the same year, the women's magazine "an ・ an"ofnudeAppear in gravure[13].. 2017 First Half Break Actor Ranking (Oricon(Survey), all of them are ranked first in the generational ranking for men and women from teens to 10s.[14].. 『Naotora, the castle owner"ofOno Tajima MorimasaIn the role playThe Television Drama Academy AwardIt was said that he won the Supporting Actor Award and brought "Political Loss" to the viewers.[15].

    2018,TV drama"We are made of miracles(October 2018-December,Kansai TV-Fuji Television Network, IncSystem)Commercial broadcastGolden-PrimebandTV dramaFirst starring in[16].

    2018From the October period to the April 10 period, he starred in a serial drama for three consecutive terms ("We are made of miracles], [Crescent moon], [Tokyo Single Men』). "Tokyo Single Men(October 2019-December,TV Asahi), Not only starring, but also in charge of the theme song, which became the official singer's debut work[17].

    2019In December, the music program "The Covers]Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraAppeared as a guest vocalist of, and became the first music program appearance.Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraWithElephant KashimashiThe song "Our tomorrowWas sung and was also a CM songParadise has no border"Bruce HarpPlayed in[18].


    TokyoMinato-kuAkasaka[2]ToFirst sonBorn as.Mother three timesmarriageBecause I didミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン OfYuma AbeThere are four half-brothers including (third son). The age difference from the younger brother who is the first year away is 4 years old, and he has taken care of his younger brothers, such as changing diapers since he was a baby, even after he grew up.Household account bookHe also played the role of a father, such as having him attach. My mother died in 2015, but I haven't been with her for about 10 years.cancerOne week before he died in Japan, he finally met and settled, and saw off the end.[19].

    Special skill isskateboard,basketball,Guitar,Bruce Harp[1].. At homeFurniture,plantHas a habit of naming[20].

    BicycleI likeMade-to-orderI have a bicycle.I also have a spin bike at home, and I row about 20km every day.[21].

    1995Published inIf you listenI came to want to continue acting as an actor after the appearance of the voice in 』, and transferred to an office where it is easy to act as an actor.[22].. afterwards,"Ikebukuro West Gate ParkBecause there was an impression of the withdrawal role played in 』, the period of playing similar roles continued, and it was not evaluated as an actor at the beginning.[22]..The turning point was2013The drama "Woman』(Nippon Television) played the role of the hero's doctor in charge, where he played the role of a new image that he had never had before.WriterIt was made to recognize that such a character can be made as a result of being written down by, and since then it has been used for various types of roles.castingTakahashi said, "If I haven't met this role, I'm worried even if I become an uncle.HamletIt may have been like (laughs) ", looking back on the life of the actor so far.[22].

    2021Appeared on January 1th, "A-Studio +In the talk theme "Remembering", Takahashi said, "I don't quite understand the world I'm in, but the speed at which I'm forgotten about various things. I feel like it's getting faster than usual. When I think about it, I don't think I'm trying to control something that is a little memorable. " He continued to develop his own theory, saying, "I didn't throw it. Somehow, I thought that I could only do something, and the only things left were the remaining people. It's something that judges ... When I feel like trying to control it, it's a great rotation. "[23].

    audienceIn an interview, he said that he wants to be an actor who stimulates his imagination, saying, "Let's play this role next time," for those who cast and cast.[24].

    Satoshi MatsuoIs my best friend for 10 years[25].

    High school classmateOkada Jun'ichiAndClose friendThen, Takahashi recommended Okada to climb the mountain, so from Okada (of the mountain climbing)MrIs also called[26].

    FavoriteComedianToFUJIWARA-Takayuki HaranishiNamed[27].

    To a very favorite artistElephant KashimashiIn the tribute album "Cover Album 3 ~ A Tribute To The Elephant Kashimashi ~" of Elephant KashimashiOur tomorrowWas covered.And when it is decided to sing the theme song in the leading drama, I admire myselfKoji MiyamotoOffer to produce.Miyamoto has never provided or produced music outside of his own band for 30 years since his debut, but he agreed with Takahashi and realized it.[28].

    In addition, Yumi MatsutoyaI also loved it, and announced a review comment on Matsutoya's new album on Matsutoya's radio, and told him his thoughts.[29].

    In addition, to your favorite artistFumiya FujiiNamed,20175/28ToShizuokaHamamatsu cityFumiya's song "Naotora: The Lady of the Castle" held in JapanLittle SkyWas duet with Fumiya[30].





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    Other TV programs (including major specials)

    Web drama / movie

    • Bitter Sweet ~ Adult Crossing ~ Episode 1 "Haruko Hen" (September 2014, 9, Nestle Theater on YouTube) --Ichiro
    • Private King Extra Edition Secretary Kaihara and 6 suspicious guests(Started distribution in April 2016, Video Pass / TV Asahi video)- Starring Shigehei Kaihara Role[95]
    • Shiseido"Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder 2017" Special Site Short Movie "Laundry Snow" Morning Edition "21:25 From Tokyo to Prague" Night Edition "Natsu no Sora Ni, Falling Snow Ha" (July 2017, 7)- Starring / Storekeeper Natsuo Yukino Role (Takei SakiAnd W starring)[96][97]
    • NTT DoCoMo 25th Anniversary Movie "Summer 25 Years Ago" (July 2017, 7-)-Starring Kazuya Role (Hana Kuroki,Takasugi Mashiro,Qingyuan GuoyeCo-star)
    • Mizkan
      • "Issei-san to 〆Chen" series (4 types) (October 2017, 10-)
      • Chasing Otsuyu "Older Brother's Delicious Surprise" Series (May 2018, 5-)[98]
      • "" Chicken Dashi Ginger Hot Pot Tsuyu "-" No-san Chakkari "Chen-", "" Sesame Soy Milk Hot Pot Tsuyu "-" No-san Sweets Style "Chen-" (October 2018, 10-)
      • "Kimchi Nabe Tsuyu" ~ "Mr. Nono Mote" Chen Hen ~ "," "Yaki Agodashi Nabe Tsuyu" ~ Mr. Nono's Love Re-Chen Hen ~ "(November 2018, 11-)
      • "Hot blood! Shun Nabe Trainer Minestrone Nabe Hen ”(October 2019, 10-) (Kenshō OnoCo-star)
      • "Hot blood!Shun Nabe Trainer Kimchi Nabe Hen ”(November 2019, 11-) (Co-starring with Kensho Ono)
      • "Sesame soybean milk hot pot soup hot pot 〆 is Mufufu no Fu Hen" (October 2020, 10-)
      • "Grilled chin dashi hot pot soup hot pot 〆 is Mufufu no Fu Hen" (November 2020, 11-)
    • Daihatsu
      • Safety Equipment Everyone's Safety and Security Project "Safety and Security Driving School I-sama Instructor Edition", "Safety and Security Driving School Yuuo Instructor Edition", "Sumaashi Experience Video" (December 2017, 12-)
      • Safety Equipment Takahashi 111th "Air Drive" (August 2018, 8-)
    • Boucheron"Cinder Ella: A Story of Love and Freedom" (May 2018, 5-)-Starring (Laetitia CastaStarring W)[99][100]
    • "Husband I Want to Tell" (December 2018, 12-)
    • Comic SeymourReward message by day of the week "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Holiday", "Long-term vacation" (July 2019, 7-)
    • Bourbon"The deliciousness of Alfort", "Alfort at the time of XX", "Self-introduction of Alfort lovers" (August 2021, 8-)
    • Kracie Home Products"The Naive" Bubble Repo Dialogue (Foam Dachi), "The Naive" Bubble Repo Dialogue (Foam Mochi), "The Naive" Bubble Repo Dialogue (Foam Fragrance) (March 2022, 3-)


    • Dragon Quest IV Guided People
    • Fujitsu""(year 2000 - )※Rena TanakaCo-starred with
    • Shiseido
    • Daihatsu industry"Miraise"
    • Toyota"VOXY"Let's get together", "I switch on" (2014) *Eita,Kazuki Haoka,Onishi RikuCo-starred with
    • Nestle Japan"KitKat』Adult sweetness" Wait "version (September 2014-) *Motokariya YuikaCo-starred with
    • ENEOS"Her reaction" (January 2016-) *Yoshida sheepCo-starring with (30 seconds ver can slightly confirm the face)
    • Morinaga Milk Industry"MOW"
      • "Takahashi store manager's product delivery" (March 2017-)[101]
      • "Takahashi store manager's cash register" (June 2017-)
      • "Takahashi store manager, telling love", "Takahashi store manager's POP making" (March 2018, 3-)
    • KIRIN beer
      • "Travel Freezing" "Meet the World" Series "CalamariHen (March 2017, 3-) *Kenta HamanoCo-starred with[102]
      • "Freezing"Let's go new" (July 2017, 7-) * Co-starred with Kenta Hamano
      • "Freezing" "Let's go new 2017 Humming" (September 2017, 9-) * Co-starred with Kenta Hamano
      • "Freezing" "Let's go new 2018 Psyllium dance』(June 2018, 1 -)[103]
      • "" "Masterpiece of Kirin" (March 2019, 3-)
      • "" "Envy! Mr. Takahashi" (July 2019, 7-) *Yousuke EguchiCo-starred with
      • "Honkirin" "Pourer Issei Takahashi" (February 2020, 2-)
      • "Honkirin" "Blindfold Issei Takahashi" (March 2020, 3-) * Yosuke Eguchi,apricotCo-starred with
      • "Freezing sugar-free lemon" "New discovery" (October 2020, 10-)
      • "Freezing" "Blue Man Renewal", "Blue Man Name Origin" (May 2021, 5-) *Youko MakiCo-starred with
      • "Freezing" "People who carry lemons" (July 2021, 7-) * Co-starred with Yoko Maki
      • "Freezing sugar-free lemon" "I want to teach you" (October 2021, 10-)
      • "Freezing sugar-free lemon Alc.9%" "Honest" version (February 2022, 2-)[104]
      • "Freezing" "New Appearance" (May 2022, 5-)
      • "Freezing" and "Nose Song" (May 2022, 5-)
    • NTT DoCoMo
    • Mizkan
      • "Kimchi hot pot soup couple's hot pot soup life" (August 2017, 8-) *YukaCo-starred with
      • "Konabecchi Kimchi Nabe Tsuyu Couple's Nabe Tsuyu Life" (August 2017, 8-) * Co-starring with Yuka
      • "Yaki Agodashi Nabe Tsuyu Straight Couple's Nabe Tsuyu Life" (October 2017, 10-) * Yuka,Naru HiraizumiCo-starred with
      • "Konabecchi Yaki Agodashi Nabe Tsuyu Couple's Nabe Tsuyu Life" (October 2017, 10-) * Co-starred with Yuka and Shigeru Hiraizumi
      • "Chasing Otsuyu Family Dining Table Tsuyu Bonara" "Chasing Otsuyu Family Dining Table Tsuyu Potage" (May 2018, 5-)[98]■Mieko HaradaCo-starred with
      • "Chicken Dashi Ginger Nabe Tsuyu Couple's Nabe Tsuyu Life", "Konabecchi Chicken Dashi Ginger Nabe Tsuyu Couple's Nabe Tsuyu Life" (October 2018, 10-) * Co-starred with Yuka
      • "Chasing Otsuyu Tsuyu, New Discovery!" (April 2019, 4-)
      • "Seasonal discovery! Kimchi hot pot soup" (September 2019, 9-) * Co-starred with Yuka and Kensho Ono
      • "Each delicious Konabecchi" version (September 2019, 9-) * Co-starring with Yuka
      • "Seasonal discovery! Pot-au-feu pot soup" (September 2019, 9-) * Co-starring with Yuka
      • "Seasonal discovery! Sesame soybean milk pot soup" (November 2019, 11-) * Co-starring with Yuka
      • "Seasonal discovery! Grilled chin dashi hot pot soup" (November 2019, 11-) * Co-starred with Yuka and Sei Hiraizumi
      • "Sesame soybean milk hot pot soup for spring cabbage, spring hot pot" (March 2020, 3-)
      • "Sesame soybean milk pot soup with professional approval" (October 2020, 10-)
      • "Grilled chin soup stock with professional approval" (November 2020, 11-)
      • Shabu-shabu "What do you mean?" (September 2021, 9-)
      • "Delicious Grilled Agodashi Nabe Tsuyu Japan National Hot Pot Uma Ondo", "Delicious Goma Soy Milk Nabe Tsuyu Japan National Hot Pot Uma Ondo" (October 2021, 10-)
      • Ethnic Shabu-Shabu "Eh, Eh, Ethnic ~?" (March 2022, 3-)
    • P & G"Fabry'sMEN ”“ Attendance ”,“ Yakiniku ”,“ Smoking room ”,“ Rain ”,“ Do your best MEN ”(September 2017, 9-)
    • Kracie Home Products
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" Episode 2018 "Encounter", Episode 1 "Pickup" (January 26, XNUMX-) --Naoki *Hona IkokaCo-starred with[105]
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" Episode 2018 "Rainy Day" (June 6, 1-) --Naoki role * Co-starring with Hona Ikoka
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" Episode 2018 "Night Dance" (August 8, 17-) --Naoki role * Co-starring with Hona Ikoka
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" "Manager's Hair", "Manager's Distortion Care Time" (March 2019, 3-) --Naoki * Co-starring with Hona Ikoka
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" "Manager's New Lover" (August 2019, 8-) --Naoki role * Co-starring with Hona Ikoka
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" "Mysterious Rain Man" version, "Continued for a long time" version (April 2020, 4-) *NaoCo-starred with
      • "Dear Beaute HIMAWARI" "Mother of the Rain Man", "Easy Lie" (March 2021, 3-) * Co-starred with Nao
      • "Tne Naive" "Inner Voice" (March 2022, 3-)[106]
      • "Teruterubozu" (June 2022, 6-) * Co-starred with Nao[107]
    • Kirin Beverage"Green tea"
      • "Morning" and "Cooking" (March 2018, 3-)
      • "Nama-cha Ice" (May 2018, 5-)
      • "Bicycle" (July 2018, 7-)
      • "Bonfire" (November 2018, 11-)
      • "Piano" (March 2019, 3-) *Moriyama NaotaroCo-starred with
      • "Sofa" (May 2019, 5-)
      • "Nama-cha ice" version, "I tried raw tea ice" version (June 2019, 6-)
    • The approaching reality series
      • "Yoneju" and "Greetings to my parents' house" (April 2018, 4-)
      • "Birth" (June 2018, 6-)
      • "My Home" (October 2018, 10-)
    • (Brand name changed from "Insurance Buffet")
      • "Door" (October 2019, 10-) *Lotus komaiCo-starred with
      • "Old Age Fund" and "Education Fund" (January 2020, 1-)
    • AGC(Old company name, Asahi Glass)
      • "Asahi Glass goes to" AGC "/ Dawn" (June 2018, 6-)
      • "Come on, MAGIC together./Declaration" (July 2018, 7-)
      • "Glass is AGC / Blue Town" (July 2018, 7-)
      • "AGC / Bath for familiar things" (October 2018, 10-)
      • "Asahi Glass New AGC / Giant AGC Invasion" (November 2018, 11-)
      • "Asahi Glass is AGC / Company Name Change Craftsman" (December 2018, 12-)
      • "Let's look for AGC / Mizukaze" (May 2019, 5-)
      • "What's up, what's up, AGC / school", "What's up, what's up, AGC / farm" (October 2019, 10-)
      • "What, what, AGC / smartphone" (April 2020, 4-)
      • "What, what, AGC / 5G antenna" (July 2020, 7-)
      • "What, what, AGC / Hospital" (October 2020, 10-)
    • "Laugh and be happy" (July 2019, 7-)
    • Comic Seymour
      • "Reward for me OL", "Reward for me housewife" (July 2019, 7-)
      • "Chain of rewards Nagisa-san" (March 2020, 3-)
    • McDonald's"Gracolo"Warm, it's a reward.", "Gracoro Song" (December 2020, 12-)
    • Recruit agent
      • "The Men" and "Work" (February 2021, 2-) *Yuya YanaguraCo-starred with
      • "Stand up" and "Appear on the face" (July 2021, 7-) * Co-starred with Yuya Yagira
      • "From a wide range of possibilities", "Find" (February 2022, 2-) * Co-starred with Yuya Yagira
      • "Haruyama 2021 Spring Knit Suit" (April 2021, 4-)
      • "Haruyama 2021 Spring Eye Shirt" (April 2021, 4-)
      • "Haruyama 2021 Spring Antibacterial Pants" (April 2021, 4-)
    • Johnson & Johnson"One Day Acuvue (R)Oasis (R) "Hitomi Lab
      • "Zero Friction" and "Contrast" (May 2021, 5-)
      • "Astigmatism" (September 2021, 9-)
      • "For a fulfilling back" (April 2022, 4-)
      • "Hitomi before smart presbyopia care" and "Hitomi after smart presbyopia care" (June 2022, 6-)
    • Amazon Prime Video
      • "Fly to your favorite time. Actor version" (June 2021, 6-)[108]
      • "Year-end holidays are prime video year-end edition" (December 2021, 12-)[109]
      • "New Year's Holiday Prime Video New Year" (January 2022, 1-)[Source required]
      • "Golden Week, jump to your favorite time. Hen" (April 2022, 4-)
    • Bourbon"Alfort"
      • "Alfort, is there?" (September 2021, 9-)[110][111]
      • "Is there such an Alfort?" (November 2021, 11-)[112]
      • "Just Right Relationship" (January 2022, 1-)[113]
    • Sompo Japan
      • Auto insurance "Accident Response" and "Accident Response Professional" (October 2021, 10-)[114][115]
      • Driving! "Connected Dashcam" (March 2022-)

    Music video

    • Asia engineer"Orion" (2007)
    • K"Brand New Day" "Bitter Sweet-Intersection of Adults-Ver." (2014)





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