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🧑‍🎨 | Open Residence Gotenyama Room 211 | 4 layer structure, XNUMXLDK.Stylish maisonette property


Open Residence Gotenyama Room 211 | 4LDK with a three-story structure.Stylish maisonette property

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The space in front of the stairs can be separated by a sliding door.

Occupied area is 116.56 square meters.The entrance is on the 3st floor, the LDK is on the XNUMXnd floor, and the private space is on the XNUMXrd floor. → Continue reading


Log Renove is a web media with the theme of "log (= innocent) renovation".
By not only renovating your home, but also renovating various aspects of your lifestyle, we will create new value for your lifestyle.
We will deliver contents that can solve everyone's questions, focusing on money problems related to renovation and reform, expenses, budget, mortgage, etc.

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