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🎥 | Yo Yoshida, Sakurako Ohara etc. Cast stage "The Welkin" opens


Yo Yoshida, Sakurako Ohara etc. Appearance Stage "The Welkin" opens

If you write the contents roughly
Yasunori Danta, who appears in voice with Yuichi Tsuchiya and Kentaro Tamura, spices up the story.

This work won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Work for "Chimerica" ​​(performed in 2013), and is expected in the UK ... → Continue reading

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Yasunori Danda

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    Yasunori Danta(Danta Yasunori,19571/24 -) isJapan OfAn actor.KyotoKyoto CityYamashina(At the time of birthHigashiyama WardI'm fromSys CompanyBelongs.


    Kyoto Municipal Hanayama Junior High School,Heian High School attached to Ryukoku Universitygraduate.

    Ritsumeikan UniversityDepartment of literatureJapanese literatureAfter dropping out of the majorTroupe youthAttachedYouth InstituteAs a 5th gen member1981Graduated to.

    same year,Hideki NodaPresided over "Dream sleep companyJoined the group1992Active as a leading actor until the dissolution of the theater company.

    1996,Two children』, Performed well as the hero's father (since the same work)Shizuka OishiA regular performer of the script).

    2009of"(English edition)], Also challenge the production.

    seriousAlsocomicalAlso active as a good supporting player who handles skillfully.

    Taiga dramaThen,Hideyoshi』(1996)When"Sanadamaru』(2016) And twice,Kazuyasu TakigawaIs playing.


    Once a month since high schoolKyoto HallでLiterary Theater,Troupe actor,Troupe folk artI went to see performances by others, and after dropping out of college, I wanted to join Bungakuza, but I came to Tokyo from Kyoto, but he didn't enter Bungakuza,Young manAlthough I went to the training school, I couldn't remain in the theater company, and although I joined the dream company I was looking for,Tokyo UniversityThere was a club room in the area, and it was like a student play, so I thought I had "failed".[1].

    In junior high school, I was in the baseball clubProfessional baseballOnceHankyu Braves OfFukumoto YutakaI said I liked[2]Especially after the team sellsHanshin Tigers OfFansNext[3], Played the role of an ardent Hanshin fan in "Futarikko", which was his success.He is so enthusiastic that he records all the games of the Hanshin Tigers and watches them, but as of 2020, he is watching while thinking that he will lose.[1].KoshienI sometimes go there, but it's hard to get in while the Hanshin fans are cheering hard.[4].

    High School days,Ellery QueenI was reading novels such as, but I started driving a car and hadn't read for about 20 years.But in 2019, I caught my eye when the train I got on accidentally stopped.Keigo HigashinoI bought the book in the wake of the promotion of mystery novels, and since then I have been addicted to detective novels.Miyuki MiyabeI came to love reading books such as[1].



    Dream sleep company

    ※allHideki NodaProduction and direction.

    • Run Mels Dynamite from the girl's lips! (1981, 1983, 1986)
    • Captive of Zenda Castle Moss Musu We are a baby night (1981, 1982, 1992)
    • In search of a family system in which a phantom thief Ranma host and a man can coexist (1982)
    • Beast Advent (1982, 1984, 1987)
    • Great escape Koji Ota, how are you doing (1983)?
    • Little finger memories (1983, 1986)
    • Bottled Napoleon (1984)
    • Rotating Mermaid What's your name? (1984)
    • White Night Woman Knight(1985, 1986)
    • Comet messenger (1985, 1986, 1988)
    • Space evaporation (1985, 1986)
    • Bright Adventure Behold, Pororoca is gone in the sky! (1987)
    • Demi god(1988)
    • Under the full bloom of the fake Sakura no Mori (1989)
    • Third generation, Richaado (1990)
    • Transparent human vapor (1991)


    • Hidamari no Ki (Ginza Saison Theater, Screenplay: Kensuke Yokouchi Director: Shigemichi Sugita)
    • Akaoni (NODA / MAP, Written and directed by Hideki Noda)
    • Hidamari no Ki (Ginza Saison Theater, Screenplay: Kensuke Yokouchi Director: Shigemichi Sugita)
    • (Toho, product:Toshiharu Matsubara Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
    • Two Men's Story ~ (Parco, Written and directed by Saburo Fukushima)
    • Yabuhara Inspection School(Horipro/ Bunkamura, Written by Hisashi Inoue Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
    • Romance (Komatsuza / SIS Company, Written by Hisashi Inoue Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
    • (Parco, Written and directed by Saburo Fukushima)
    • Bottom(Bunkamura, original:Maxim Gorky Performance script / director: Keralino Sandrovich)
    • (New National Theater Tokyo, Written by:Pierre Corneille Direction:Uyama Jin)
    • Recitation "What Kenji Miyazawa Tells" (SIS Company, composition:Hisafumi Iwashita Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
    • Greenhouse (New National Theater Tokyo, Written by:Harold Pinter Direction:Shigefumi Fukatsu)
    • Travels with My Aunt (SIS Company, Original: Graham Greene, Written by Giles Havagal Director:Takeshi Matsumura)
    • National movie (Parco, written and directed by Koki Mitani)
    • (SIS Company, original:Carlo Goldoni Performance script / director: Koki Mitani)
    • (SIS Company, Written by Kunio Shimizu, Directed by Yukio Ninagawa)
    • Three sisters(SIS Company, Written by Anton Chekhov, Scripted and directed by Keralino Sandrovich)
    • Kusamakura (SIS Company, Written by Sou Kitamura, Directed by Satoru Jitsunashi)
    • Comedy Ecstatic Ryokan (Shochiku, By:Hideji Hojo Direction:)
    • Genroku Port Song Millennium Love Forest (Bunkamura, Written by:Akimoto Matsushiro Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
    • Copenhagen(SIS Company, product:Michael Freine Director: Eriko Ogawa)
    • Tokijiro Kutsukake (SIS Company, Written by Sou Kitamura, Directed by Satoru Jitsunashi)
    • Three Old Ladies(Shochiku, Screenplay: Kinji Obata Director: Masafumi Saito)
    • Distrust-Why she tells a lie (Parco, Written and directed by Koki Mitani) * Performed in March
    • Uncle Vanya(SIS Company, Written by Anton Chekhov, Script / Director: Keralino Sandrovich) * Performed in August
    • Dream Rift (New National Theater Tokyo, Written by Hisashi Inoue Director: Tamiya Kuriyama) * Performed in June
    • Dr. Kaze (Morinomiya Piloti Hall, Written by Sou Kitamura Director: Satoru Jitsunashi Music: Hiromichi Sakamoto Cast: Kiichi Nakai, Yo Yoshida, Shuri, Kento Hayashi, Kazuyuki Matsuzawa, Eriko Watanabe, Hiroshi Naito, Shotaro Okubo) Performed on the 1th
    • Woman's life(Shimbashi Theater, Written by Kaoru Morimoto Director: Yasunori Danta Cast:Shinobu Otake) * November 11nd-2th performance
    • Death of salesman (Parco, product: Arthur Miller, Director: Sean Holmes) * April 4th-4th Parco Theater and other performances
    • The Welkin (SIS Company, Written by Lucy Kirkwood, Directed by:Takuya Kato)-Voice appearance[5]

    TV drama


    Variety / Cultural Program


    Voice appearance



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    外部 リンク

    Yuichi Tsuchiya

    Yuichi Tsuchiya(Yuichi Tsuchiya,19792/6 -) isJapan OfAn actorAnd a four-man drama unit* pnish *A member of (Panish).Old stage name,Yuichi Tsuchiya(Read the same).YamanashiNakakoma District (currentlyMinami AlpsI'm fromOffice JuniorThroughWatanabe EntertainmentAffiliation[1].


    • Yamanashi Prefectural Kofu First High Schoolgraduate.
    • My parents' house runs a beauty salon.
    • His nickname is tuti, Tsucchi, and Tote-kun.
    • He's quite a picky eater, and talks passionately about alcohol.His sake is Meharitsuru, Kubota Manju, Ishizuchi, Hakkaisan, and Wataya.Roederer champagne.Whiskey is Chivas Regal, Hibiki, Yamazaki.imported beerKronenburg..Shochu is an ancient secret, jar.
    • When I was little, I wasn't good at black tea after licking and spitting the lemon tea flavor of cubic rop (however, since cubic rop (2 cubes) does not have a black tea flavor, the heart-shaped small candy that was sold at that time was correct. 3 pieces in a pouch of another company's product).
    • When I was a kid, I drowned when I was on a beach boat with my mother at sea, and I almost died.
    • When I was a student, I was told that I skipped classes, and the teacher chased me while shouting "Tsuchiya !!!".He said he was wondering if he would die seriously.
    • Favorite brand is THE NORTH FACE(The North Face).
    • Epidermoid cystI have had an operation due to (from his blog).
    • Acrophobia.
    • Announced that Yuichi Tsuchiya will be renamed Yuichi Tsuchiya on February 2016, 2.[2].



    • BQMAP "Re-"
    • 44 Produced "BACK TO THE FUTURE 1/2/3"
    • BQMAP "Mirage Train"
    • BQMAP "Heaven is a roof, sky is a window"
    • Ono Produce "Dresser Panic"
    • BQMAP "Sentimental Tiger"
    • BQMAP "Oedo Backdraft"
    • Shiro x Kuro "BEST TEAM" (Director: Megumi Asaoka, Nakameguro Woody Theater)
    • BQMAP "Reino Trail" (Theater Sun Mall)
    • Ono Produced "Happiness Sheet"
    • BQMAP "appendex Jam" (Shimokitazawa station square theater)
    • "Civil Code Article 732.5" produced by miina (written and directed by Shoichi Masumoto, Shinjuku THEATER / TOPS)
    • Ono Produce "Impurity Love 2000 GOGO!" (Theater D)
    • ↑ UP ↓ Produced "Love glasses are colored glass』(Production:Abe Kobo/ Direction: Kyoji Matsumoto, Theater V Akasaka)
    • White x Black "SET A TRAP" (Director: Megumi Asaoka, Sphere Mex)
    • Tsubaki-gumi "And Spring Water Becomes a River and Flows" (Wui Shin Chong / Director: Sayuri Mori, Shimokitazawa "Drama" Small Theater)
    • Yasokai "Haruka no Miyako" (Kinokuniya Southern Theater)
    • Jump Festa Bandai Stage "ONE-PIECE』--Sanji role
    • musical"Prince of Tennis』――Shuichiro Oishi role
    • Musical "Prince of Tennis Additional Performance"-Shuichiro Oishi
    • Jump Festa Bandai Stage "ONE-PIECE』--Sanji role
    • Musical "Prince of Tennis" Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine-Shuichiro Oishi
    • Musical "Sayonara no Love Song" starring Maki Goto (written by Shogo Kashida / directed by Takuya Hiramitsu,Aoyama Theater other)
    • Musical "Prince of Tennis" Concert Dream Live 1st --Shuichiro Oishi
    • "Human Summit" produced by Shigarami Yatai (written and directed by Ryuichi Ichino and Liberty Shimokita)
    • Musical "The Prince of Tennis" More than Limit St. Rudolph Academy-Shuichiro Oishi
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Sakebo-chan ~ The sound of coins if you run ~" (Written by Atsuhiko Nakashima, Shinjuku THEATER / TOPS) --Jun Kasahara
    • Musical "Prince of Tennis" in winter 2004-2005 side Fudomine ~ special match --Shuichiro Oishi
    • Suspense musical "ZIPPER" (written and directed by LaSalle Ishii, Club eX)
    • Rock musical "BLEACH(Zenrosai Hall Space Zero)- Ichimaru Gin Role
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Brother and sister Donburi" (written by Atsuhiko Nakashima / directed by Satoshi Inoue, Kii Kuniya Southern Theater, etc.)-Kondo
    • Rock musical "BLEACH ~ Reflame ~"-The role of Gin Ichimaru
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Sakebo-chan ~ The sound of coins if you run ~" (Written by Atsuhiko Nakashima, Yokohama Red Brick Hall) --Jun Kasahara
    • "Hagelet" (written by Satoshi Suzuki / directed by Kazuya Yamada, Kinokuniya Hall, etc.)
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Sakebo-chan-The sound of coins if you run-" (written by Atsuhiko Nakashima, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater (small), etc.)-Jun Kasahara
    • Rock musical "BLEACH ~ The Dark of The Bleeding Moon ~"-The role of Gin Ichimaru
    • "Die in the countryside" (Director: Yoshihiro Kurita,New National TheaterMiddle theater)
    • Rock musical "BLEACH ~ The LIVE Swastika SHOW ~ Code: 001" (Director: Yasuyuki Tsutsumi, Aoyama Theater) --Gin Ichimaru
    • "Well, who are you? ~ Cash On Delivery ~" (Written by Michael Cooney / Directed by Toshiki Ayata,Aoyama Amphitheater other)
    • Rock musical "BLEACH ~ No Clouds in the Blue Heavens ~" (Japan Youth Hall Others)-The role of Ichimaru Gin
    • Akasaka RED / THEATER Produce Vol.1 "Gorgeous or Innocent" (Written by Sanae Iijima / Directed by Tadashi Mikasano)
    • Individual event "TTT ~ tuti 10th thanks ~" (Harajuku Astro Hall)
    • "One day, we meet in a dream" (written by Isao Takahashi / directed by Yasuyuki Tsutsumi, Zenrosai Hall Space Zero)
    • "FLOWERS" (Written by:Takahiro Tamura/ Director: Yoshisada Sakaguchi, Aoyama Amphitheater)
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Denkijima-White House Edition-" (written and directed by Ryuta Horai, Shinjuku THEATER / TOPS)
    • Aoyama Endrama Council # 1 ~ RISE! ~ "Uranus" (Written by Tomohiro Maekawa / Directed by Go Aoki, Aoyama Amphitheater)
    • Rock musical "BLEACH DX (THE ALL, LIVE swastika SHOW code: 002)" (Shinjuku Koma Theater) --The role of Gin Ichimaru
    • Theater Group Caramel Box 2008 Summer Tour "Wait until the storm(Written and directed by Yutaka Narui, Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater, etc.)
    • Kashikiri project "Noisy people" (written by Atsuhiko Nakashima / directed by Keisuke Miyake (Fuji TV),Mitsukoshi Theater other)
    • Sabadamikanda # 001 "Witch of Stanley" (written and directed by Tadashi Mikasano, Akasaka RED / THEATER)
    • Rappa-ya 34th performance "Brazil" (written and directed by:Satoshi Suzuki, Kinokuniya Hall, etc.)
    • Kashikiri project "Noisy people" (written by Atsuhiko Nakashima / directed by Keisuke Miyake (Fuji TV),Theater 1010 other)
    • Talk live "Tsuchiya-san and Iseki-san" (Minami Aoyama MANDALA)
    • Theatrical company Taoist teacher "Apple Ringo Ringo" (written and directed by Atsuhiko Nakashima, Akasaka RED THEATER)
    • Rock musical "BLEACH ~ The LIVE Swastika SHOW ~ Code: 003" (Nippon Seinenkan, etc.)
    • Personal event "Yuichi Tsuchiya 31st birthday party" (houseboat)
    • The 64th performance of the theater company Tokyo Voodville Show "Unreliable Wife" (written and directed by Atsuhiko Nakashima, Kinokuniya Hall, etc.)
    • musical"Prince of Tennis]Concert Dream Live 7th(Kobe World Memorial Hall Others) --Shuichiro Oishi
    • Personal time trip event "Tsuchiya Ishin Meiji no Kai" -I'm not familiar with Meiji- (Museum Meiji-Mura)
    • "Warrior Hotel" produced by Priere (written by Hotaru Okamoto / directed by Mizuki Nishiyama, Za Koenji 1 etc.)
    • Private hot spring event "Tsuchiya Onsen Monogatari" (Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi Prefecture, Hotel Sengoku)
    • DHE @ stage Produced "Onmyoji ~ Light and Shadow ~" (Director: Yukio Ueshima, New National Theatre, Middle Theater) --Musashibo Benkei
    • TEAM NACS 15th project "5D -FIVE DIMENSIONS-" "LOOSER 6" (Director:Hiroyuki Morisaki, Sunshine Theater, etc.)
    • "Bad Afternoon-The Inevitable Lie of an Independent Lawyer-" (Director: Hideo Tsuchida, Akasaka RED / THEATER)
    • Personal event "Night in Tsuchiya" -Meeting at night in Roppongi- (STUDIO MOURIS ROPPONGI)
    • Personal event "Night in Tsuchiya" vol.2 ~ Meeting in Roppongi ~ (STUDIO MOURIS ROPPONGI)
    • Private hot spring event "Tsuchiya Onsen Monogatari" -2012 Water Edition- (Matsunoi, Hot Spring Resort Matsunoi, Gunma Prefecture)
    • Hideo Tsuchida Selection vol.2 "Station with Swallows" (Director: Hideo Tsuchida, Mitaka City Arts Center Hoshi no Hall)
    • Individual event "Guitar Tomo no Kai vol.1" (Shibuya eggman) * Guitar Tomo: Takashi Nagayama
    • Musical "Dream High" (New National Theatre, Middle Theater) --Kang Ohhyuk-sensei
    • Personal event "Night in Tsuchiya" vol.3 ~ Meeting at the side of Opera City ~ (Hatsudai The DOORS)
    • Individual event "Guitar Tomo no Kai vol.2" (Shibuya eggman) * Guitar Tomo: Takashi Nagayama
    • Individual event "Guitar Tomo no Kai vol.3" (Shibuya eggman) * Guitar Tomo: Takashi Nagayama
    • Private hot spring event "Tsuchiya Onsen Monogatari 2013" -Hatoya edition if you go with Tsuchiya- (Ito Onsen Hatoya Hotel)
    • Neko Maji Release Commemoration "One-Man Live" (Minami Aoyama Mandala) * Guest appearance as a guitar friend
    • "If you look up, the same sky as that day" (Screenplay: Hiroyuki Komine / Director: Takuro Oikawa, Kinokuniya Hall)
    • Individual event "Guitar Tomo no Kai vol.4" (Shibuya eggman) * Guitar Tomo: Takashi Nagayama
    • musical"Prince of Tennis] Dream Live 2013 (Kobe World Memorial Hall) * Appeared as a special guest
    • "Atlantic Restaurant" (written and directed by Koichiro Yuzawa / music: H ZETT M, Hakuhinkan Theater)
    • "Ichiro-chan goes" (January 1-22,Aoyama Amphitheater/ March 3-5, Kintetsu Art Museum)
    • "If you look up, the same sky as that day" (May 5-21, Honda Theater / May 25, Sankei Hall Breeze)
    • Personal event "Guitar Tomo no Kai vol.5" & "Tsuchiya-san and Iseki-san-Tonight with Tsutsumi-san" (June 6, MANDA-LA)
    • Propeller dog x 246 billion SPECIAL collaboration performance "Happy set" (July 7, Akasaka Red Theater) * Daily guest
    • Parco Produce "It Lands in the Family-Don't Call Me Papa-" (September 9-October 20,PARCO Theater)
    • Recitation music drama "fair TRADE" (January 1-15, Akasaka Red Theater)
    • "GOKÛ(February 2-16, AiiA 28 Theater Tokyo) The role of Sha Wujing
    • WBB vol.10 "Poetic Justice" (May 5-19, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse / May 22-5, Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater)
    • musical"Raccoon palace(July 8-1,Shimbashi Theater) --The role of Okuzu[3]
    • "SniTs" (April 4-29, Zamuza Asagaya)
    • "Richard III" (October 10-18, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse)
    • Scorpio×Setagaya Public Theater『』
      • (February 2-March 18, Setagaya Public Theater / March 3-11, Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Culture Center / March 3, Ryutopia Niigata Citizens' Arts and Culture Center / March 14, Shiga Prefectural Arts Theater Biwako Hall / March 15-3, Toyohashi Arts Theater PLAT Main Hall / March 18, Kanazawa Opera)
    • "SniTs Vol.2" (April 4-20, Zamuza Asagaya)
    • Office 6 "Sea of ​​Meat" (June 7-17,Honda Theater)
    • "The Silver Tassie Silver Cup" (November 11-9,Setagaya Public Theater)


    • Scorpio"Ihatovo's play train] (February 2-5,Kinokuniya Hall /3月8日-10日、兵庫県立芸術文化センター阪急中ホール /3月12日、富山件県民会館 ホール /3月20日-21日、熊本県立劇場 演劇ホール /3月26日、広島上野学園ホール /3月30日-31日、New Kabukiza Theater)
    • Scorpio&Horipro"" (October 10-6,Tennozu Galaxy Theater,Umeda Arts TheaterTheater drama city)


    • "new Tree of the sun] (All performances were canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the request for self-restraint of the event.The one recorded without an audience was broadcast on Nippon Teleplus on August 2020, 8)
    • Theatrical company Kamkamu Minikina"Sarujo no Relay" (July 7-2,Za-Koenji)
    • Tokyo Metropolitan Theater 30th Anniversary Performance "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (October 10-November 15,Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)



    • Solo play performance "Hitori Tsuchiya" (April 4, Omotesando GROUND)
    • Sys Company"The Welkin" (July 2022-7, 7,Theater cocoon / August 2022-8, 3, Morinomiya Piloti Hall)[4]
    • Leopoldstadt (Mid-late October 2022, New National Theatre, Tokyo)[5]

    TV drama


    Television Animation


    • Special program "Irish Dance Company Trinity" (November 2006th and 11th, 4, TV Tokyo network)
    • "Real x worldPlease show me your important email (September 2010, 9, NTV)
    • The Nonfiction "Shoken's Solitude" (September 2009, 9, Fuji TV) (Yamanashi Literature Cinema Award 13 Special Award Winning Work)
    • "Shinran Exhibition" Shinran Saint 750th Anniversary Commemorative Project (Shinran's Voice)
    • "Real x World" Work hard ... Takuya Kimura ~ What my dad left behind ~ (July 2010, 7, NTV)
    • NTV 10th Anniversary Special Program "Humanity's Oldest Entertainment Magic 4000 Years of History" (December 2010, 12, BS NTV)
    • Special program "Danshun Tatekawa Rakugo no Hour" (December 2010, 12, BS Fuji)
    • "Real x World" ~ 10 things you should ask before your mother dies ~ (February 2011, 2, NTV)
    • Ear Day special program "Nankuru no come on ~Eriko Imai6 years with his son ~ ”(March 2011, 3, NTV)
    • Non-fiction W "Wimbledon Samurai-The Tragedy of Japan's Strongest Player Jiro Sato-" (June 2011, 6, WOWOW)
    • "One photo I really want to convey" (August 2011, 8, BS Japan)
    • "Australian Open Tennis 2012 Omnibus" (February 2012, 2, WOWOW Live)
    • "Floating but not sinking-words left by novelist Takeshi Kaiko-" (March 2012, 3, BS-TBS)
    • "French Open Tennis 2012 Omnibus" (June 2012, 06, WOWOW Live)
    • "Wimbledon Tennis 2012 Omnibus" (July 2012, 7, WOWOW Live)
    • "US Open Tennis 2012 Omnibus" (September 2012, 9, WOWOW Live)
    • The Truth About "Real x World" Johnny's Jr. (September 2012, 9, NTV)
    • "Documentary is also on air" (January 2013, 1, WOWOW) --Krumm Date part only
    • Non-fiction W "The day when a movie crosses the border-The way of life as a videographer, Yang Yonghi-" (January 2013, 1, WOWOW)
    • "Australian Open Tennis 2013 Omnibus" (February 2013, 2, WOWOW Live)
    • "French Open Tennis 2013 Omnibus" (June 2013, 6, WOWOW Live)
    • The Nonfiction "I'm not doing what I'm not doing" (June 2013, 6, Fuji TV)
    • "Wimbledon Tennis 2013 Omnibus" (July 2013, 7, WOWOW Live)
    • The Interview-Portrait of Top Runner-(From October 2017, BS Asahi)
    • Direct hit! Shinsou SakagamiSP (November 2018, 7, Fuji TV)
    • Direct hit! Shinsou Sakagami~Fugitive for 15 years after repeated drama surgery... Kazuko Fukuda (August 2018, 8, Fuji TV)
    • Direct hit! Shinsou Sakagami-Message from JAL Flight 123-The truth of the 33rd year- (August 2018, 8, Fuji TV)
    • Supernatural revolution!Super 2018K Magic-Can you see through the transcendent mystery of the new era! ~ (December 12, 16, BS Asahi)
    • Real Folder #001 Kana Hanazawa (2021,paravi)
    • Real Folder #005 Green-Yellow Society (2022,paravi)


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