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🎥 | Hidetoshi Nishijima, absolute confidence in violence after a long absence Takumi Saitoh also said, "I was protecting the earth until this time ..."

Photo Takumi Saitoh and Hidetoshi Nishijima

Hidetoshi Nishijima, absolute confidence in violence after a long absence Takumi Saitoh also said, "I was protecting the earth until this time ..."

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In addition, Saito said, "In this movie, you also drive a car, and you can see the precious Hidetoshi Nishijima." The audience seats were lively.

Actor Hidetoshi Nishijima announces the completion of the movie "Goodbye Kruel World" held at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya on the 7th ... → Continue reading

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Hidetoshi Nishijima

Hidetoshi Nishijima(Nishijima Hidetoshi,1971〈Showa46 years>3/29[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor,narrator[2].TokyoHachioji CityBackground[1].Quarter toneAffiliation[5].Toho High Schoolgraduate,Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National UniversityDepartment of Production EngineeringDropout[6]. married.


Under the influence of his father, who loves movies, he became familiar with movies from an early age and became interested in the movie world.In particular, I strongly adore the studio staff who face the work, and I want to be involved as a behind-the-scenes person.[7]..Anyway, I wanted to work at the studio, but when I was 19, I passed the audition I received at the recommendation of my senior in high school, and I went on to become an actor.[8].

In 1992, while attending college, the TV drama "Stray criminal pure faction5 ”debuted as an actor[9]..He was a regular for half a year as a new detective, Tsuyoshi Nakagami.

In 1993, he appeared in many TV dramas, "Was I ugly?InSeiko MatsudaThe role of a younger lover to play with[10]Or,Devil's KISSInEmerging religionThe role of a young man who is addicted to, the highest audience rating 31.9%[11]Recorded "Asunaro White PaperInHomosexualityAttracted attention in the role of Junichiro Matsuoka, a beautiful young man[12]. following year,Kenichi HagiwaraThe movie "StarringIzakaya YureiThe first appearance in the movie[13].

At the time of debutWatanabe ProductionIn the early 90's, he appeared in many TV dramas and gained popularity as a young hot-selling actor. Transferred the office due to the difference in direction.As a result, he did not appear on commercial television during the period from 1998 to 2002.[14].

1999 years,Koji YakushoCo-starred with "License to Live』Play the movie's first starring[12]..longlethargyPlaying the role of a young man who suddenly wakes up from the state and seeks a way of life, the 9thJapanese Film Professional Award・ Received the Best Actor Award.11 timesTokyo International Film FestivalThen,2 / DuoAnd "License to Live" were screened, but the screening of the two leading films was the first feat of the Tokyo International Film Festival.[15].

2002 years,Takeshi KitanoDirector'sDolls』Selected to star.Appearing in this movie was a major turning point for Nishijima's career.[16].

2005 movieReturn home』Plays a salaryman who is confused when his old lover entrusts his child as the father of the child[17], 15th Japanese Professional Movie Awards / Leading Actor Award[18], 20thTakasaki Film Festival・ Best Actor Award[19]Award.

2006 years,Miyazaki AoiStarringContinuous tv novel"Pure heart"soOsamu DazaiPlayed the role of Tsugaru dialect painter Fuyugo Sugi comically, and gained popularity from the living room.

2008 years,Kaoru KobayashiThe movie "Starring休 暇』I have a habitDeath row prisonerPlay[20], 30thYokohama Film Festival・ Receive the Supporting Actor Award[21].

2011 years,Love comedyDrama"99 days of me and a star』Korean actressKim Tae HeeWith W starring.Nishijima plays the first starring role in a commercial TV drama series[22].

2011 movieCUTIs(I.e.MasterAmir NaderiIn the director's work[23], 68thVenice International Film FestivalOrizonti Competition Division Opening Work 36thToronto International Film FestivalExhibited works ・ 16thBusan International Film FestivalIt is an exhibited work[24]..As a result, he himself has won numerous film awards.

In 2014OriconRanked 2014nd in the announced "2 Break Actor Ranking"[25].

2017, fashion designerGiorgio ArmaniBy nomination fromGiorgio ArmaniIt is the first Japanese to be appointed as an advertising model for the highest peak line "Made to Major". He continues to serve as an advertising model in 2018, and is also the first Japanese to be appointed for four consecutive seasons.[26].

Starred in 2021Ryusuke Hamaguchidirected by"Drive my car"But,94th Academy AwardsWas nominated for four categories, including the first-ever Japanese film award for best picture.[27]..Nishijima also attended the award ceremony, and this workInternational Feature Film AwardWon[28]..In addition, Nishijima's acting is riceNew York TimesThe paper received high praise, including being the only Asian to be selected as one of the "Great Performers / The Best Actors of 2021" project to select actors representing the movie of the year.[29].."Nishijima's acting has a keen and critical intelligence, and its melancholic and unobtrusive presence is an important key to the film," the newspaper said.[29]..Nishijima is the first to be selected for appearing in a Japanese movie.

Private life

Announced to marry a general woman under the age of 2014 after three years of dating on November 11, 19[30].. First child boy in April 2016[31], October 2018, the second child boy is born[32].


  • FatherFaculty of Engineering, Kyoto UniversityAfter graduating from the Department of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringToshibaWas working for[33].
  • Toho High SchoolBelonging to the basketball club while attending school[34].. He also formed a rock band and was in charge of the guitar.[35].
  • When I was in college, I worked part-time as a tutor for junior high school students.[36].
  • Novelist,musicianIsNakahara MasayaInterested in music and activities of NakaharaNoise musicI often listen to "Masaya Nakahara Work Diary 2004 → 2007" (2008), which describes Nakahara's daily records.[37].. Note thatMovie criticHowever, I have a dialogue with Nakahara in Nakahara's book "Brain Destruction of Movies" (2008).
  • He has a wealth of film knowledge both in Japan and overseas, and is an international film festival.Tokyo FilmexWas selected as a judge in 2005[38]Since then, he has served as a director of the executive committee until 2017. Currently retired, but participates in related events irregularly[39].
  • To learn video production while working as an actorMovie schoolThere was a time when I went to school as a student[40].
  • Beat takeshiA big fan ofBeat Takeshi All Night NipponI used to record and listen to the radio programs that Takeshi used to appear on.[41].. Later, Takeshi was the director of "Dolls(2002), the TV drama "Takeshi's novel"Kikujiro and Saki』(2003/2005) appeared as Takeshi's homeroom teacher.
  • You may adjust your body shape by making a role.
  • Comedy combinationFarewell youth light OfTetsuya MoritaIn the wake of being introduced byFinland OfThrowIs a competitionMölkkyInterested in[44], Information programRefreshingWhen he appeared in Mölkky, he showed how he actually played the sport because he wanted to make the sport called Mölkky popular.[45].
  • PrettySweet toothIs.At the scene, he continues to eat the sweets that he puts in as pointed out by the co-stars, and he often puts in sweets himself.In particularMont Blanc,donut,チ ョ コ レ ー トIs my favorite[46].
  • In his late twenties, he was active as a band alongside an actor, and NishijimaAboriginalOf musical instrumentsDidgeridooWas playing. As a didgeridoo player on the CD album "INNER WORLD" released in 2000Haruomi Hosono,Shigeru SuzukiWe had a session with them, and in the same year we had an exchange at that time.THEATER BROOKI also participate in the live concert[47].


TV drama


Short film

  • Demon and Forest (2006)

Delivery drama

Television Animation

  • Otoppe(October 2018, 10-, NHK)-The role of Westy[99]

Theater animation



  • Midnight Kingdom
    • Midnight Kingdom "Actor / Developing" (July 1996, 7, NHK)
    • New Midnight Kingdom Pneuma, 90-year-old active director-Kaneto Shindo infiltrates the scene (October 2002, 10, NHK) --Guest
  • Japan's Masterpiece-Reading Journey "Jesus of Burns" (January 2002, 1, NHK) --Reading
  • High-definition special feature The story of castles and kings "Meissen, the phantom porcelain castle-August II's endless desires" (October 2, 2004, NHK) --Narrative
  • Genes of Music -Takayuki Makihara- (March 2006, 3, NHK)-Narrative
  • Series Love Story "Horiguchi Daigaku Survey on Far Lover" (February 2007, 2, NHK)
  • Super Large Romantic Adventure Special Ishigualast Talampaja (January 2008, 1, TV TOKYO)
  • One Night Only Resurrection Live ~ LUNA SEA Over 7 Years of Silence (January 2008, 1, NHK) --Narrative
  • A long time ago, there was a man (March 2008, NHK) --Narrative
  • TV picture book "Umi no Kirakira Yamano Kirakira" (March 2008, 3, NHK) --Reading
  • Holy Comedy Again-The Fight of the Writer, Kyojin Onishi- (April 2008, 4, NHK)
  • Survey Report Japanese Army and Opium (August 2008, 8, NHK) --Narrative
  • Kazemachi Minato(October 2008, TBS) --Narration
  • Sports continent "Evolution of Monsters-Red Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka" (December 2008, 12, NHK) --Narration
  • (January 2010, 1, WOWOW) --Narration
  • Words of the wind(April 2010, 4 --March 4, 2015, TBS) --Narration
  • Song of stairs(TBS)
    • season1 (October 2010-December) --Mysterious figure / mysterious voice
    • season4 (July-September 2011)-As Miraino Kodomo
  • The Last Days (NHK) --Narrative
  • Last Rookies ~ The Last Year of JAL Basketball ~ (March 1, 2011, Fuji TV) --Narrative
  • Issey Miyake A trip to Tohoku that connects tradition to the future (January 2012, 1, NHK) --Narrative
  • What did the Japanese think about? Part 3 Living with the forest and water ~Shozo TanakaとMinakata Kumagusu~ (January 2012, 1, NHK) --Traveler
  • Saturday Premium"Exclusive elucidation Who killed Tutankhamen! ?? ~ The Mysterious Boy King: The Life of Tragedy ~ ”(August 2012, 8, Fuji TV) --Traveler
  • IkimonogakariDocument (December 2012nd and 12th, 22, NHK) --Narration
  • Yae no Sakura Tour Now, Tohoku (January 2013, 1, NHK)
  • ETV feature "Writing on the battlefield-War of writer Ashihei Hino-" (December 2013, 12, NHK E-Tele) --Narrative
  • NHK Special(NHK)
    • Road to Series Decommissioning-Narrative
      • "The 1st Decommissioning / Endless Road" (April 2014, 4)
      • 2015 "Nuclear Fuel Debris Unknown Fight" (May 2015, 5)
      • 2016 "Nuclear fuel debris pressing decision" (May 2016, 5)
      • 2021 "10 Years of the Nuclear Accident" (March 2021, 3)
    • Road to Gold Medal Gymnastics Japan Resurrection Gold ~Kouhei UchimuraAnd representative from Japan (August 2016, 8) --Narrative
    • "Battlefield seen by my grandfather-Battle of Luzon-The end of 20 people-" (August 2018, 8) --Narrative
    • "Secret Island Exploration Tokyo Lost World" --Narration
    • "Sengoku-The Turbulent World and Japan-"-Program Navigator
      • "Vol. 1 Hidden Conquest Plan Oda Nobunaga x Missionary" (June 2020, 6)
      • "Get the 2nd Japan Silver, Ieyasu Tokugawa x Netherlands" (July 2020, 7)
  • Postwar Historical Testimony Project What did the Japanese aim for (NHK E-Tele) --Reading
    • Knowledge giants
      • The 3rd "In Search of Democracy-Political Scientist" Maruyama Masao~ ”(July 2014, 7)
      • The 7th "Running through the void of Showa-literary personMishima Yukio~ ”(January 2015, 1
    • 2015 "Choice for the Future" 3rd From Advanced Pollution Countries to Environmental Protection (July 2015, 7)
    • New Document Pacific War
      • "1941 1st War Opening (Part 2021)" (December 12, 4) --Reading
      • "1941 1st War Opening (Part 2021)" (December 12, 5) --Reading
  • Mao Asada Light for the future-with children- (February 2016, 2, NHK BS6) --Narrative
  • The Adventure of Schooner Tara (July 2016, 7, NHK)[105] --Navigator
  • ETV feature"Shuichi Kato That Youth and War" (August 2016, 8, NHK E-Tele) --Reading
  • European Treasure Mystery (BS-TBS)-Navigator
    • European Treasure Mystery The Mystery of the Disappearing Golden Train x Hidetoshi Nishijima (September 2016, 9)[106]
    • Secret between the Lost Amber European Treasure Mystery 2 x Hidetoshi Nishijima (October 2017, 10)[107]
    • Miraculous Hallows Mystery of the Shroud of Turin European Treasure Mystery 3 x Hidetoshi Nishijima (November 2019, 11)[108]
  • Super premium"Mystery of the Three Queens of Ancient Egypt" (November 3, 2017,NHK BS Premium)-Navigator
  • BS1 Special "To the last one, the earthquake disaster of the former Miyagi Prefectural Police forensics section" (First broadcast date: March 2021, 3 NHK BS11) --Narrative

Talk show / variety show


  • Panasonic "Econavi products" (2013-)
  • Morinaga Confectionery
    • "ICE BOX" "Marathon" (1993)
    • "JUSTICK" "Party Preparation" (1994)
    • "Solid Dozen" "Station Bench" "Hay" (1994)
    • ``Care de chocolate'' (2016)
  • Morinaga Milk Industry
  • Toyota
    • "Progress(1998)-Narration
    • "Vitz"(Year 2005)Miyazawa RieCo-starred with
      • "Rainy Afternoon" (2005)
      • "Pumpkin" (2005)
      • "Party" (2005)
      • "Blown by the Wind" (2006)
      • "Day Tripper" (2006)
  • Kirin Beer
    • "Kirin Lager Beer" "Underpass" "Christmas" (1994)
    • "Shirakirin" "Hatsuyuki Hen" (2003)
    • "August Kirin" "Mother and Daughter" (8)
    • "Wheat feast"
      • "Two people" tired "" (2012)
      • "Rock-paper-scissors" (2012)
      • "Rainy Day" (2012)
      • "Pool Edition" (2012)
  • Hitachi, Ltd.(2003)
  • Asahi Shimbun"Friends in the Newspaper" (2001)
  • PIKO
  • JR East(2000)
  • JR Tokai(1999)
    • Beer "Blessings of the Earth and Water" (1996)Fukatsu EriCo-starred with
      • "At the oak tree bar"
      • "Bamboo shoots"
      • "Pig and walk"
      • "Nap in the meadow"
      • "Field work"
    • Wine "Madonna" "Shaking Heart" (1998)
    • Canned coffeeBOSS"(Year 2013)
    • Chu-Hi "-196 ℃ Strong Zero <Double Lemon>" "A Man Without Doubt"[110](March 2014 -)
  • UCCCanned coffee "Super Original"
  • Daiwa Securities Group"Contradictory Solidarity" (2000)
  • isao.net "Proposal" "Farewell" (2000)
  • Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank(2001)
  • Wacoal(2005)
  • Respect "book worm" (2005)
  • Nissen "Fashion" (2006)
  • SpitzAlbum "CYCLE HIT" "Escalator" "Main Road" (2006)
  • Orbis --Narration (2007--)
  • NTT DoCoMo --Narration (2008)
    • "The beginning of high school students"
    • "The Beginning of College Students"
    • "Beginning of working people"
  • BOOK OFF - Narration
  • Public Service Announcement Organization (currentlyAC Japan)
    • 2008 National Campaign "Proof of Living" --Narration
    • 2011 Regional Campaign (Tokyo Area) "Kenji Miyazawa: Believe in Tomorrow" --Narration
    • 2020 Save the Children Support Campaign "Cheers or Gunshots?" --Narration
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    • "River and Artichoke" (2011)
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    • "Normandy" (2012)
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    • "All-electric condominium" (2010)
    • "Heat Pump" (2010)
    • "Reform" (2010)
    • "Heat pump floor heating" (2010)
    • "Commercial Electrification Kitchen" (2011)
  • Glory seminar- Narration
    • "Individual Guidance of Glory" (2010)
    • "Winter Course" (2010)
    • "Individual Guidance / Oricon No. 1" (2011)
    • "Junior High School / New Year Cram School Debut" (2011)
    • "Elementary School / New Year Cram School Debut" (2011)
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  • Lawson
    • "Premium roll cake"
      • "Sunday" (2010)
      • "Parents" (2010)
      • "A break here" (2011)
    • "Onigiri-ya" (2011)
      • "Tsukumuyo Hen"
      • "For a woman"
      • "Sockeye salmon and small salmon"
      • "Salmon Harras Ginjo Kasuzuke-yaki"
      • "Swordfish"
      • "Niigata Koshihikari"
    • "Lawson Tei" (2011)
      • "Encounter"
      • "Come on"
      • "Thank you"
    • "Breakfast" "Osozai" --Narration (2012)
    • "Gyutto Cream Cheese" (2012)
    • "Pure Fresh Cream Daifuku" (2012)
    • "Ankoya Mame Daifuku" (2013)
    • "Thick Milk Waffle Cone" (2013)
    • "Golden chicken" (2013) Yuko TakeuchiCo-starred with
    • Genkotsu Croquette "Croquette Masters and Customers"
    • Genkotsu Croquette "Suddenly Become a Shop"
    • Genkotsu Croquette "Which is Greater"
  • Tokyo Electron
    • "Mongolian Love" --Narration (2011)
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance --Narration (2012)
  • Japanese sea bass
  • Arinamin Pharmaceutical
    • "AlinaminEX Plus "(July 2013-)
    • "Arinamin EX Gold" (July 2013-)
  • Nissin Food
    • "La KingGate Soy Sauce ”(July 2013)
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    • "Imadoki's Washing Machine Hot Water Edition" (September 2013-)
    • "Imadoki's Refrigerator"
    • "Imadoki's Dishwasher"
    • "Imadoki's Air Conditioner"
  • Lion
    • "SoflanStay-at-home, Beginning ”(September 2013-)
    • "Soflan Premium Deodorant Edition"
  • All Nippon Airways
    • "Large increase in Haneda international flights" (January 2014-)
    • "Business Class" THE Room "" (September 2019-)
  • Gunze
    • "Gunze YG Argo Form Cut Exquisite Fit" (February 2014-)
  • Pana Home
    • "Eco-Cordis II / Visit" (October 2014-)
  • Sports promotion lottery"BIG" (2015)
  • WOWOW(2015)[111]
  • American family life insurance company"Salary Support Insurance" (2016)
  • Recruitment"Hot pepper"(Year 2016)[112]
  • Daihatsu industry"Miraise(March 2017 -)
  • Sb food
  • Kao"Merit"Merit KIDS" "Merit The Mild"
  • P & G
    • "JOY W sterilization "(April 2021-)
    • "Fabry's "Spray that hardens house dust together" (September 2021-)




  • Woman in Black-Woman in Black- (1996)
  • A2 / Alligator Dance 2 (1997)



Photo album

  • Kine Shun Mook New Century Spiritual Actors Series Actors File 5 "Hidetoshi Nishijima" (2006)
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima & Kim Tae Hee "Boku to Star no 99 Days" Official Photobook (2011)


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