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🎥 | "Roppongi class" Yurina Hirate plays the role of Hamari!Aoi's sociopath is boiling for the first time

Aoi played by Yurina Hirate from the second episode of the photo "Roppongi Class" – C

"Roppongi class" Yurina Hirate plays the role of Hamari!Aoi's sociopath is boiling for the first time

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According to classmate Ryuji (Oji Suzuka), Aoi is a returnee child with excellent grades and excellent motor skills.

TV Asahi drama "Roppongi Class" (every Thursday night ...), which is a remake of the Korean drama "Itaewon Class" starring Ryoma Takeuchi. → Continue reading

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Ryuji (Oji Suzuka) says

    returnee children

    returnee childrenWhat is (Kikokushijo)?Return homeA general term for "sons and daughters".A child who moved (returned) to his / her own country after moving abroad due to the guardian's moving abroad.

    Meaning of "child"

    "Children = give birth" as "children of Ieyasu Tokugawa = sons and daughters of Ieyasu Tokugawa"Child(Son) ・ Give birthFemale(Musume) = son / daughter ".

    Local education

    JapaneseIn a city with a sustainable population, that is, a big city,Japanese school,Supplementary school(Abbreviation supplementary school) exists.The management body is the local Japanese Association and the Japanese Business and Industry Association.But,Ministry of educationSchools operated in accordance with the School Education Law Enforcement Regulations, etc.Overseas education facility), And the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is directly involved in the content of education.

    Japanese school

    The Japanese school is a school whose purpose is to provide education and examinations after returning to Japan.Same as the most adopted one in Japantextbook・ Teaching materials are used, and each term is 3 years.PrefecturesOrdinary dispatched fromteacher(Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Temporary commissioned treatment) provides the same education as in Japan.Compulsory educationBecause it is targeted at, basically only elementary and junior high schools (some schools have kindergartens in rare cases),High SchoolNot in 2011 in Shanghai, ChinaShanghai Japanese SchoolThe first high school was established among 88 Japanese schools in the world.By the way, Japanprivate schoolHigh schools outside Japan that are independently run by the company are not Japanese schoolsPrivate overseas education facility.

    Japanese supplementary school

    The Japanese supplementary school is a school that aims to maintain Japanese proficiency and respond to education after returning to Japan.It is usually set up in cities where there are no Japanese schools, and most are open only on Saturdays, one day a week.For example, it is common to go to a local school on weekdays and a supplementary school on Saturdays.Some large supplementary schools have a high school.


    For Japanese schools and supplementary schools in cities where there are many Japanese peopleKindergartenThere is a department.

    Cram school

    In big cities where there are many Japanese people, there are cram schools for Japanese people who have local management bodies,Sundai,ToshinSuch asPrep school,KumonWe are also taking measures for education and examinations after returning to Japan.


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