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🎭 | Aiming to be “the best in Japan” Governor Meiho, who participates in Koshien, vows to play an active role on the big stage Oita


Aiming to be "the best in Japan" Oita vows to Governor Meiho, who participates in Koshien, to play an active role on the big stage

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In response, Governor Hirose encouraged, "I sincerely look forward to your efforts on the sunny stage."

Meiho High School in Beppu City, which participates in the summer Koshien as a representative of Oita Prefecture, visited the prefectural office on the XNUMXth and vowed to Governor Hirose. … → Continue reading

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      "big moment"(Harebutai) isJapan Ofsong.Lyrics-Composition:Nakamura Naka,Arranger: Go Suzuki. From December 2008 to January 12NHKSong program "Everyone's song』Broadcast.

      This song is2008The black enka singer who debuted in FebruaryJeroHowever, I learned that I became a singer in Japan.AmericaThank you to her mother. After discussions between Jero and the author Nakamura Nakamura, Nakamura wrote the song. Jero said in the same yearNHK Red and White Singing Battle』Has participated. The video is "Little charoI am also in charge of the videoSpooky graphicIs produced by.

      This song is Jero's second single "EisaCoupling and the first original album "the TEAMIt was recorded in.20094/18,USENIn the Enka / Kayokyoku request chart, it has won the first place, which is unusual for a coupling song.[1](The "1st overall" in the original article is incorrect).


      1. ^ "Jero, coupling is exceptionally wired first place!”(May 2009, 4). April 2009, 4Browse.


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