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🎥 | "Roppongi Class" surprised and acclaimed by Hona Ikoka, the role of chef Riku

From the 4th episode of the photo Ryuji (Oji Suzuka), Riku (Hona Ikoka), Shin (Ryoma Takeuchi) – (C) TV Asahi

"Roppongi Class" surprised and acclaimed by Hona Ikoka, the role of chef Riku

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In the fourth episode, the insert song "Afterglow" by Motohiro Hata was released for the first time.

TV Asahi drama "Roppongi Class", which is a remake of the Korean drama "Itaewon Class" broadcast on the 28th, starring Ryoma Takeuchi ... → Continue reading

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Motohiro Hata

Motohiro Hata(Hatamoto Hiro,198010/11 -) isJapan OfSinger-songwriter. My office isOffice augusta, My label isUniversal Music.MiyazakiNichinan Citybirth,Kanagawa横 浜 市Aoba-kuRaised.Height 178 cm[2].. Blood type A.


Born in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture as the youngest of three siblings, moved to Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in July 3.[2].. When I was about 12 years old, my eldest brother, who was 6 years old, played the guitar that I had received for about 3,000 yen for the first time.[2][3], I started composing when I was in junior high school, and started to make music in earnest when I was in high school.

At the last live in high school, he played in front of the audience for the first time, and by the time he entered university, he began to appear at the live house FAD YOKOHAMA in Yokohama with a friend's biography.[3]..After that, mainly in YokohamaShibuya,ShimokitazawaWe develop live activities by playing and talking.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayIndiesMini album"Red stills on an orange backgroundWas released.

At the end of 2005, I happened to be there when I appeared at a live house.Office augustaThe staff of[2], Belongs to the company since March 2006. Appeared in "Augusta Camp 3" held in July and acted as the opening act[4].. On November 11th, the single "Synchro』Major debut.The song set a new record (43 stations) for the number of FM power plays nationwide.[5].

On September 2007, 9, the 26st album "コ ン ト ラ ス ト] Is released. From November 11th, the national tour "Motohiro Hata 24st LIVE TOUR" CONTRAST "" will be held at 1 locations nationwide, mobilizing about 7 people.[6].. On December 12th, a special live "BACK TO FAD!" Was held at FAD YOKOHAMA, and the first triumphant return performance was held.[7].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySpace shower tv"SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards 08"so"Scales -Director's Cut Ver.- ”won the BEST MALE VIDEO[8].

On March 2009, 3, he held his first solo performance at Nippon Budokan. The first narration tour "GREEN MIND 6" will be held at 5 locations nationwide from May 4th.[9].

On October 2013, 10, the self-selection album "Hitomi Mibore][10].

On April 2014, 4, the movie "STAND BY ME DoraemonAnnounced that he will be in charge of the theme song[11], The theme song of the same work on August 8Sunflower promiseWas released as a single[12].. The best album "Playing on October 10th"evergreen] Released.The same work56th Japan Record AwardReceived the planning award[13][13].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAomoriAppointed as Goodwill Ambassador "Aomori Jomon Ambassador" to disseminate information on the charm and value of the Jomon archaeological site[14].

From November 2016, 11, to commemorate the 1th anniversary of his debut, he held his first national arena tour "Hata Motohiro 10th Anniversary ARENA TOUR" All The Pieces "".In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of his debut in the same performance, his first stadium live will be held next springYokohama StadiumAnnounced to do[15].

April 2017, 4 at Yokohama StadiumYokohama DeNA BaystarsAppeared at the opening ceremony of the base, produced by Yokohama DeNA BayStarsdocumentarymovies,FOR REAL-BayStars, the truth to the climax. ---Sang "Blue" which is the theme song of[16].. On May 5, the first outdoor solo live "HATA MOTOHIRO 4th Anniversary LIVE AT YOKOHAMA STUDIUM" was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of debut, mobilizing 10 people.[17]..On the same day, the 4th album "Signed POP』Recorded song, TV drama"Love is still aliveBecame the theme song ofGirlWas released as his first recut single[18].. The first all-time best album to commemorate the 6th anniversary of debut on June 14thAll Time Best Motohiro HataWas released[19]

The previous work `` on December 2019, 12The sight of blueThe original album "CopernicusWas released.

On March 2020, 3, the national tour "HATA MOTOHIRO CONCERT TOUR 4 -Copernicus-" was scheduled to be held for the first time in four years, starting with Omiya Sonic City, but it was postponed repeatedly due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. , All performances will be cancelled. His first unattended live "Hata Motohiro Live at FAD YOKOHAMA 4" was held at FAD YOKOHAMA on August 2020th.[20].. The above-mentioned canceled national tour was recorded on November 11th with no audience and held in the form of a live distribution.

The best album "Speaking on March 2021, 3"ever green2Released.On April 4th, the "HATA MOTOHIRO GREEN MIND 27" will be held for the first time in nine years, starting with the Utsunomiya City Cultural Center Large Hall.It was held in Korona-ka, but all the performances ended safely. "Hata Motohiro 9th Anniversary LIVE" will be held at Yokohama Arena on November 2021th and 11th, and at Osaka Castle Hall on November 9nd and 10rd.The first day of each is a concert, and the second day is a band drive."HATA MOTOHIRO 11th Anniversary LIVE" Philharmonic Night "" will be held at Nippon Budokan on December 22th, the first day of the Yokohama Arena performance.Koichiro MuroyaFor the string orchestra and piano that he leadsTomiyouWas held.




CD single

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberFirst recording album
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stApril 2006, 11SynchroAUCK-19604コ ン ト ラ ス ト
2ndApril 2007, 6ScalesAUCK-19927AUCK-19019
3rdApril 2007, 9Blue butterflyAUCK-19023AUCK-19022
4thApril 2008, 4You, megle, meAUCK-19032AUCK-19031ALRIGHT
You, megle, me(Full production limited edition)AUCK-19034
5thApril 2008, 6The day the rainbow disappearedAUCK-19040AUCK-19039
6thApril 2008, 10Forever SongAUCK-19047AUCK-19046
7thApril 2009, 1Before the morning comesAUCK-19050AUCK-19049Documentary
8thApril 2009, 8halationAUCL-5AUCL-7
9thApril 2010, 1EyeAUCL-16AUCL-18
April 2010, 6Eye Premium Package(Full production limited edition)AUCL-29
10thApril 2010, 8Was transparent worldAUCL-39AUCL-41
Was transparent world(Limited edition limited edition)AUCL-42
11thApril 2010, 9Metro filmAUCL-43AUCL-45
12thApril 2011, 6MinazukiAUCL-60Signed POP
Minazuki + BEST OF GREEN MIND 2010(Limited edition limited edition)AUCL-61
■April 2012, 5Altair(In the name of "Motohiro Hata meets Kids on the Slope")AUCL-83AUCL-85
13thApril 2012, 10Dear Mr. TomorrowAUCL-104AUCL-106
14thApril 2013, 1Hatsukoi / Goodbye IsaacAUCL-110AUCL-112
Hatsukoi / Goodbye Isaac(Limited edition limited edition)AUCL-113
15thApril 2013, 5wordAUCL-130AUCL-132
All Time Best Motohiro Hata
16thApril 2014, 4Dialogue MonologueAUCL-152AUCL-154The sight of blue
17thApril 2014, 8Sunflower promiseAUCL-164 / UMCA-50104
Sunflower promise(Limited edition limited edition)AUCL-165
April 2014, 12Himawari no Yakusoku -Deluxe Edition-(Full production limited edition)AUCL-173
18thApril 2015, 6Watercolor moonAUCL-178AUCL-180
19thApril 2015, 9Q & AAUCL-185AUCL-186
20thApril 2016, 2VioletAUCL-201AUCL-203All Time Best Motohiro Hata
21stApril 2016, 1070 billion pieces/endless skyA: AUCL-207
B: AUCL-209
22ndApril 2017, 5GirlUMCA-59051UMCA-50051Signed POP
April 2017, 5Girl(Yokohama Stadium Venue Limited Edition)PROS-5015
23rdApril 2019, 11Raspberry LoverUMCA-59059UMCA-50058Copernicus
Raspberry Lover(Home Ground Limited Edition)PDCA-5902
24thApril 2021, 1Episode of laughterUMCA-59060UMCA-50059-
-April 2022, 4Trick me(Home Ground Limited Edition)PDCA-5001
-April 2022, 8Cider(Home Ground Limited Edition)PDCA-5002

Digital single

WorkRelease datetitleFirst recording album
1stApril 2018, 11flowerCopernicus
2ndApril 2019, 3Blue sky if you look up
3rdApril 2022, 4Trick me-
4thApril 2022, 7Cider
5thApril 2022, 7Afterimage
6thApril 2022, 8Trick me [English ver.]-


PieRelease datetitleStandard product number
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stApril 2012, 2End roll EPAUCL-69AUCL-71

Analog record

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
1stApril 2013, 10GirlAUJL-14th album 『Signed POP』From a single cut
Limited to full production
2ndApril 2018, 5Sunflower promiseHBL-001Limited edition
3rdApril 2018, 11flowerUMKA-190512018 record day limited edition
Simultaneous release with digital
4thApril 2019, 11Raspberry LoverPDJA-1001UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE Limited Edition


Mini album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberRanking
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stApril 2007, 3What connects usAUCK-18017AUCK-18016
50 bit
April 2009, 1What connects us (Premium Edition)(Full production limited edition)AUCK-1803811 bit

Original album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product number
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stApril 2007, 9コ ン ト ラ ス トAUCK-18019AUCK-11010
2ndApril 2008, 10ALRIGHTAUCK-18036AUCK-11014
3rdApril 2010, 10DocumentaryA: AUCL-46
B: AUCL-48
4thApril 2013, 1Signed POPA: AUCL-114
B: AUCL-116
5thApril 2015, 12The sight of blueAUCL-192AUCL-194
6thApril 2019, 12CopernicusUMCA-19061UMCA-10072
Copernicus(Home Ground Limited Edition)PDCA-1908

Best album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product number
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1stApril 2010, 3BEST OF GREEN MIND '09AUCL-21
2ndApril 2013, 10Hitomi MiboreAUCL-140AUCL-142
3rdApril 2014, 10evergreenAUCL-30022AUCL-167
4thApril 2017, 6All Time Best Motohiro Hata1CD: UMCA-19051
DVD: UMCA-19052
Blu-ray: UMCA-19053
5thApril 2021, 3evergreen2UMCA-19064UMCA-10079
6thApril 2021, 10BEST OF GREEN MIND 2021UMCA-10085
BEST OF GREEN MIND 2021(Home Ground Limited Edition)UMCA-1001

Works from the indie era

SortRelease datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
Mini albumApril 2004, 1Red stills on an orange backgroundANR-0001Out of print
Demo sound source2006DEMO TRACKS-A collection of sound sources distributed only to those involved before their debut

Delivery limited work

Release datetitle
April 2008, 3SHIBUYA-AX '07
April 2008, 12Forever Song (Live at The Room)
April 2009, 1Live @ Nakano Sunplaza 27/12/2008
April 2017, 9Uroko-Okazaki Physical Education Remix-

DVD / Blu-ray

Release datetitleRankingRemarks
Live videoApril 2009, 9LIVE AT BUDOKAN13 bit
MV collectionApril 2011, 1118 bit
MV collection + live video
Set box
5th Anniversary DVD BOX
18 bitLimited to first production
Live video
Set box
Blu-ray limited release / first production limited[Annotation 1]
Live video18 bit
17 bit
April 2013, 5GREEN MIND 201211 bitFirst limited production (DVD limited release)[Annotation 2]
April 2013, 12Signed POP TOUR43 bit
April 2014, 4Hata Motohiro Visionary Live 2013 -historia-16 bit
April 2015, 4GREEN MIND 201410 bit
April 2016, 10HATA MOTOHIRO CONCERT TOUR 2016 -Blue Sight-12 bitFirst limited production (Blu-ray / DVD limited release)[Annotation 3]
April 2017, 11
April 2020, 5
April 2021, 11GREEN MIND 2021
April 2022, 5Hata Motohiro 15th Anniversary LIVE
April 2022, 6Hata Motohiro 15th Anniversary LIVE “Philharmonic Night”

Collection work

* Only songs that are the first to appear in a work under the name of "Motohiro Hata" are listed.

Release datetitlerecorded musicnote
April 2008, 11Love letter"Scales'[26]
April 2009, 6Tsuki no Uta"What connects us'[27]
April 2009, 6Winter song"Everyday Life'[28]

Provide music

ArtistsResponsibletitleFirst appearance
Issei YoComposition"Trapeze""accept"
Asako TokiComposition"Soft sign""BEST! 2004-2011"
Shiho NanbaComposition"8 reasons to cut hair.""Maiden disqualification."
Tomohisa YamashitaLyrics"HELLO""Play"
V6Songwriting"Beautiful World""Beautiful world"
KumikoComposition"Sing a love song when you're lonely""Sing a love song when you're lonely / fall in love"
Hanazawa KanaComposition"Rough""Rough"
Shang Baishi Meng YinSongwriting"Confession""and ..."
Fortune earSongwriting"Swing Swing Sing""Bright/Swing Swing Sing"
With bakarhythmComposition/arrangement"I'm nervous when asked" How much do you think? "(Hatarism)""I'm nervous when asked" How much do you think? "(Hatarism)"
Suginami Children's ChorusComposition"The best of us""The best of us"
HaruleoSongwriting"Farewell Song""Farewell Song "
sexy zoneSongwriting"Summer Hydrangea""Summer Hydrangea"
AdoSongwriting"Whereabouts of the wind (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)''"Uta song"

Participating works

ArtiststitleFirst appearance
Takuya Ohashi"It's about time (VOICE x VOICE Vol.1: Motohiro Hata)""the song of the Beginning"
Ken Hirai"Cry & Smile !!""Canvas/Kimi wa Suteki♡"
Fortune ear"DANCE BABY DANCE""DANCE BABY DANCE / Summer is just around the corner!"
"Summer is just around the corner!"
"Relic snow'"Fukumi THE BEST ACOUSTIC WORKS"
"Bright""Bright/Swing Swing Sing"
"Swing Swing Sing"
"It's All Right Mama""It's All Right Mama"
"Dangerous subordinates and dangerous bosses""Singer and Songwriter ~ COIL 20th Anniversary ~"
"August Dream""ALL TIME BEST ~ Fukumimi 20th Anniversary ~"
"Singing love""Augusta HAND x HAND"
"Winter is just around the corner!"
Monsieur"You were young at that time feat. Motohiro Hata""1939-MONSIEUR"
COIL"Ramen '95""10th Anniversary Songs ~ Tribute to COIL ~"
Makihara Noriyuki"Her lover""We Love Mockey"
Yamazaki Masayoshi"Swallow""HOME ~ Masayoshi Yamazaki Tribute ~"
Tomita Lab"Parallel feat. Motohiro Hata""Parallel feat. Motohiro Hata"
Ohashi Trio"Monster feat. Motohiro Hata""White"
Yu Saikai"Pierotic feat. Motohiro Hata""Rose and rose"
apricot"Down Town Christmas (Reprise)""Down Town Christmas (Reprise)"
Elephant Kashimashi"Blowin 'in the wind'"Elephant Kashimashi Cover Album 2"
Fuji Fabric"I have a servant you don't know feat. Motohiro Hata""I Love You"
Kumamon"Kumamonmon""Kumamon mon"
KAN (in the name of "KAN + Motohiro Hata")"Kasanaru Kiseki""Kasanaru Kiseki"

Tie-up list

SynchroTBSsystem"COUNT DOWN TV』August 2006 opening theme
WOWOWDrama w"Midnight March] Theme song
What connects usNippon TVSeries drama special "The miracle of serendip] Theme song
tagmovies"FOR REAL-BayStars, the truth of the climax. ---] Theme song
ScalesNippon TVsystemSummer doc!"Tage Sae ~ 1461 Day Memories ~"Image Song
Tremolo nightNHK"More and more Kansai 2!"Opening theme
What connects us (Contrast Ver.)movies"Clearness] Theme song
Everyday LifeKao"ア タ ッ ク20th Anniversary CM Song
You, megle, meCBC・ TBS animation "Mischievous Kiss"Opening theme
Otsuka PharmaceuticalPOCARI SWEAT presents NTV series25 stations nationwide net program "Bukatsu Angel』Kyushu area support song
The day the rainbow disappearedShochikuSeries movie "Tsukiji fish river bank third generation] Theme song
Asahi Broadcasting-TV AsahiSeries program "Heat fight Koshien2008
(90th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial Tournament) Final day ending theme
Glico"Papico Refresh & Go" CM Song
Third manSapporo beer"Yebisu Beer"Kyoto / Kibune no Natsu" "Blessed Luxury Present" CM song
Forever SongNippon TVsystem"Refreshed!!] Ending theme for February 2008
Flower bloom poplarTOEX Garden Remodeling Fair CM Song
New songTOKYO FM"Kronos"Ending theme
TBSsystem"Discover the world and mystery!"Ending theme
Before the morning comesTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"JAPAN COUNTDOWN] Ending theme for February 2009
TOKYO FM"Kronos" ending theme
halationAsahi Broadcasting-TV Asahisystem"National high school baseball championship broadcast"Netto Koshien" "Breaking news! Road to Koshien] Each fiscal year 2009
(The 91rd National High School Baseball Championship)Theme song
CirclesSpace shower tv20th Anniversary Image Song
EyeUMK TV Miyazaki"UMK Super News"Ending theme
Rice Force "Beautiful, Nurture" CM Song
Ai (playing story version)Panasonic LUMIX G series CM song
Movie "" theme song[29]
Was transparent worldTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series animeNaruto Shippuden"Opening theme
Surely todayFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Mezzanyu"Theme song
UMK TV Miyazaki"UMK Super News"Ending theme
Tolanoko"Kanro"Healthy Throat Lozenge" TVCM Song
AltairFuji Television Network, IncAnime "Noitamina" "Apollo on the slope"Ending theme
Dear Mr. TomorrowTV Tokyo series "World Business Satellite"Ending theme
TV Miyazaki"UMK Super News"Ending theme
Strike towards the moonMy navi2013 CM song
First love"Machu Picchu"Discovery" 100 years Inca Empireexhibition FukuokaExhibition "Official Image Song
Goodbye IsaacYomiuri Television・ Nippon TV anime "Space Brothers"Ending theme
GirlYokohama tire"Blu Earth" 2013 CM song
Nippon TVsystemThursday drama"Love is still alive] Theme song
wordTohoAnimated movie "Garden of Words"Image Song
Rain TohoAnimated movie "Garden of Words"Ending theme
Sunflower promiseToho3DCG animated movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon] Theme song
NTT West FLET'S Hikari"Suddenly coming" CM song
ABC TV "Bebop! High heels』Ending theme (October 2017-December 10)
NEXCO East JapanCorporate CM
STV Sapporo Television Broadcasting"Hot! Sand!] Ending theme for February 2017
Watercolor moonmovies"An] Theme song[30]
ROUTESNHK E Tele"Life Design U-29] Theme song[31]
Day DreamerDaito contract"Minna no Omoi Hen" CM song
Ai ~ Acoustic Session with KAN ~Tokyo Nishikawa"& Free" CM song
Q & AShochiku movie "Bee in the sky] Theme song
Love is kind and Nobe's flowerKracie Home Products"Ichi hairCM song
Holy night giftHouse"Hokkaido Stew" CM song
VioletTV AsahiDrama seriesSumi Kasumire 45 years old rejuvenated woman] Theme song[32]
Wild roseKracie Home Products"ICHIKAMI" CM song
Endless skymovies"Holy youth] Theme song[33]
70 billion piecesTV Asahisystem"Saturday prime-Saturday wide theater] Theme song
Blue sky if you look upSoftbank music project TV commercial "graduation" CM song
JoanKao"Quickle Joan "CM song
existmovies"Step] Theme song
Episode of laughterNHK serial TV novel"OchoyanTheme song
Tell me, Tell meTokio Marine & Nichido TV commercial "Hana no Hatena" series CM song
Landscape (evergreen ver.)NTT DoCoMo TV commercial "11th year together." CM song
spellGoodluck Corporation "Now, it's your turn to be happy." CM song
CiderMovie "MovieZannennai Kimono Encyclopedia] Theme song
AfterimageTV AsahiThursday drama "Roppongi class"Insert song



Radio program



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注 釈

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