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Harry Potter collaborates with LeSportsac

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The emblems of each dormitory at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a series of graphically depicting animals that symbolize each dormitory, Harry, Hermione, Ron and other Hogwarts students who love sweets sold at the sweets shop "Honey Dukes". Many items that tickle the hearts of fans will appear, such as a series with the motif of.

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Harry Potter Series Geography

Harry Potter Series > Harry Potter Series Geography

Harry Potter Series GeographyThen,JK rollingThe novel "Harry potter』Describe the place where the series and its derivative works are set.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The hero'sHarry potterA 7-year, boarding-type magic school where you can enter.The number of students is about 1000[1]. Godric Gryffindor,Helga Hufflepuff,Rowena Ravenclaw,Salazar SlytherinBy the four wizards of993It was founded around.LocationUnited Kingdom OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is assumed[2][3].. The nearest station isHogsmead Station..On the site of the castleMuggleWhen you approach, the magic that looks like a ruin is hung.It is also an ancient magical stronghold that is said to be the safest in the world.Lord VoldemortEven the invasion of Hogwarts takes time.

On the premises, there are Hogwarts Castle, which is a school building and living facility, a forbidden forest, and a lake with a vast area.The interior of Hogwarts Castle is full of special gimmicks such as freely moving stairs, secret passages, hidden rooms, and dormitory lounges that require passwords.In addition, there are passages that faculty and staff do not know.Everything is managed by magic, so electricity, gas, telephone, etc.life lineDoes not go through except the water.Regarding the guide map in the castle, there is no description that there is a school-approved one, but a one-of-a-kind magic tool that four students made privately by making full use of magic "Ninja mapThere is.This "Ninja Map" also details hidden passages that faculty and staff do not know.

The operation form is in the United KingdomPublic school,Grammar schoolIt is presumed that the motif is[4], Similarities and commonalities can be seen everywhere.There are also special events that exist in public schools, such as Quidditch's dormitory competition tournament by students selected from second grade and above in each dormitory, dormitory competition cup where points are adjusted according to student grades and attitudes, third grade There are weekend outings to the above Hogsmead.Meals in the morning, noon, and evening are served at the dormitory-specific tables (staff are for staff) in the hall.The format is to freely take each dish on the plate on the table and eat it on the plate.all-you-can-eatformula.Taking food out of the hall or bringing sweets to the dormitory or medical office is not a depiction that requires special attention.The uniform is basically blackRobeIs obligatory to wear.The movie version also resembles a British public school uniform.


There are four dormitories, "Gryffindor," "Hufflepuff," "Raven Claw," and "Slytherin," which are derived from the founder's name.In the dormitory to enter, the four founders magically infused wisdom.Grouping hatIs decided.When a student wears a grouping hat, the grouping hat considers the virtues, qualities, and hopes that the student emphasizes, and groups them into the optimal dormitory.Students live separately in their respective dormitories, and in the same grade, students in the same dormitory are taught as one class. Since the number of students per class is too small, most of the classes are joint classes with classmates from other dormitories.

Gryffindor dormitory
BraveChivalryI am looking for a student who is equipped with.Of the heroHarry potter,Albus DumbledoreIt has produced many famous wizards.The common room is located on the 8th floor east tower on the highest floor of Hogwarts Castle and protects the entrance.Fat ladyYou can enter the room by saying the secret word in front of the portrait.The secret word always changes every year and may change at other times.The interior is a room with a fireplace and furniture unified in crimson, which is the symbol color of the dormitory.Dormitory students finish their homework and talk here.
Huffle puff dormitory
We are looking for a sincere and loyal diligent person.It is said to be a dormitory for inferior students because it accepts students who cannot enter other dormitories regardless of the dormitory, but the best students with outstanding talents and people from famous families may move into the dormitory.Also, because this dormitory values ​​diligence, "Phantom animals and their habitatsAuthor Newt Scamander, Became the most difficult to take office in the magical worldNymphadora Tonks, Become the Hogwarts representative of the three major magic schools as the best student of HogwartsCedric DiggorySome students have achieved good results through constant efforts.The lowest number of dark wizards in the dormitory[5][6]..The entrance to the lounge is a mountain of barrels in the shade on the right side of the kitchen corridor, and you can enter by hitting the bottom of the barrel in the center of the second row twice (huffle puff rhythm).[7].If you make a mistake, hot vinegar will be sprayed out as security.The interior has a warm atmosphere of yellow and black, and barrel-bottomed doors in passages reminiscent of a badger's nest lead to each room.
Raven Claw Dormitory
We are looking for someone with high intelligence.The common room is located on the top of the west tower, and the entrance is a door with an eagle-shaped bronze door knocker at the top of the spiral staircase.To enter, you need to solve the mystery of the problem that the eagle knocker raises, and if you can not answer, you have to wait for someone who can answer and learn the answer from that person.[Note 1]..The large circular room has arched windows, and the curtains and rugs are blue, which is the symbol color of the dormitory.The ceiling and floor are decorated with constellations.At the corner of the room is a marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw.The idea of ​​"learning everything from heights" of Rowena is included, and you can get a 360-degree view of the Hogwarts site.The student's bedroom is on the upper floor of the common room.
Slytherin Dormitory
The founder, Salazar, is said to have sought "cunning," "quick talent," "skill," "decision," "a tendency to ignore rules," and "parseltongue ability."Many students are devoted to the magic of darkness, Tom Marvolo Riddle (Lord Voldemort) AndBellatrix LestrangeAnd so on, it has produced a witch of darkness.Many pure-blooded people have the idea of ​​choosing people who discriminate against Muggles.However, not all students have these characteristics, and they are generous to wizards from Muggles.Horace SlughornIn some cases, sensible students may move into the dormitory.セ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プBecause of his devotion to dark magicSlytherin DormitoryI chose, but originally I value braveryGryffindor dormitoryIt is suggested that he is a person with the temperament of.
The common room is located in a dungeon under the lake, and the entrance to the common room is a wall lined with wet, bare stones, and a stone door hidden in the wall.The room is long and narrow and the ceiling is low.The interior is a somewhat insidious room with rough carved stone walls.Surrounded by magnificent marble, the fireplace and chairs are carved.You can see the inside of the lake from the window.Since it is located in the basement, it is gloomy than other dormitories and there is no lighting, but the lamps hung from the ceiling by chains are greenish.Harry was unfavorable to Slytherin's dormitory, but later learned the truth about Snape's past and, with gratitude and respect, no longer had a terrible feeling for Snape's dormitory.Albus Potter,Scorpio MalfoyIn the age of Harry's children, the bad impression of the Slytherin dormitory and the relationship with other dormitories have improved from the past due to changes in the times.The Potters and Weasleys are mostly from the Gryffindor dormitory, and Albus's Slytherin dormitory is the first case.


It is a hall for students and professors to have meals and ceremonies, which can be entered through the door on the right side of the entrance hall.In the back, there is a long table where professors sit, and before that, there are four long tables where students sit, and each dormitory sits.The ceiling looks like a light court with magic that reflects the weather at that time.[Note 3].. At Halloween, Christmas, etc., you can change the decoration. During the Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWL) test, the long table is cleaned up and a small personal desk is prepared. In addition, there is an hourglass that shows at a glance the score of each dormitory for the Hara Dormitory Counter Cup. Volume 7 "Deathly HallowsIt is also the place of the final battle in.
The kitchen located under the large hall.Tick ​​the pear pictured outside the kitchen in the basement corridor to reveal the entrance door.It is a place where many house fairies work during the day, and when students enter the kitchen, many house fairies bring various sweets and teas.At mealtimes, at the headmaster's signal, the food is brought into the main hall from tables that are exactly the same as in the main hall.
Astronomical tower
The highest tower in Hogwarts. Astronomy classes are held on the roof of this tower and are off limits except for classes. Volume 1 "philosopher's StoneIn 』, Harry, Hermione, and Neville come to this tower to ward off the dragon Norbert. Also in Volume 6, Albus Dumbledore is killed by Severus Snape at this location.
Principal room
The principal's room. The walls are decorated with portraits of successive principals, and by agreement the portraits of successive principals are to serve the active principals. Portraits of these successive principals are often displayed in places other than Hogwarts, so if necessary, successive principals of portraits can move to their own portraits elsewhere and see the situation. You can send a message.
Like the private rooms of faculty and staff, the interior varies depending on the principal at that time, and in the case of Albus Dumbledore, various magical tools are placed.
In order to enter the principal's room, the secret word is required as in the lounge of each dormitory. On the left and right of the gate in front of the principal's roomGargoyleThere is a stone statue of, and when you say the secret word, you jump away.
The spells for entering the room are changed frequently, and only some people (professors) know.Albus Dumbledore casts an entry spellConfectioneryIt is unified to the name of[Note 4]
If anyone other than the one recognized as the legitimate principal of Hogwarts tries to enter as the principal, he or she will be denied entry.In Volume 5, Dolores Umbridge, who kicked Dumbledore out of school, is denied entry into the principal's office.
Director's bathroom
Bathrooms allowed for use by the director and the captain of the Quidditch team. There are piles of fluffy towels, faucets with colorful bubbles, and pictures of blonde mermaids with gold frames. Volume 4 "Goblet of fire』, Used by Harry to solve the mystery of the egg.
Women's toilet on the 3rd floor
Girl ghost,Moaning MyrtleToilet where you live. Because of that, no one gets close, so Harry and his friendsPolyjuice medicineUsed when making. Also, one of the washbasin faucets has something like a snake-shaped scratch, which is the entrance to the secret room.
room of Secrets
A room secretly created by Salazar Slytherin when he left Hogwarts. The entrance is hidden in the women's restroom on the 3rd floor, and you must order it in serpentine to open the entrance. The secrets of the Secret Room were passed down to Slytherin's descendants and some others, but were widely known as rumors. For centuries, historians and successive principals have searched all over the school, but the existence of the room has long been concluded to be a myth, as it is only possible to reach the room with the Purcell Mouse. Was there.
Giant and ferocious snakeBasiliskLives, but is defeated after a deadly battle with Harry. By the end of Volume 7, the corpse had already rotted, leaving only the bones. However, the deadly poison of the fangs remains, and Ron uses it to destroy the spirit box.
Room you need
It is a room full of tools and books that suits your purpose and is not generally known, and is called a "room with or without". Every time the "purpose" changes, the interior and the tools inside also change. Although it is on the 8th floor, the entrance is usually just a stone wall.In order to enter, it is necessary to walk around in front of the wall three times and strongly think of one's purpose.Volume 5 is the meeting of the Dumbledore's Army, and Volume 6 is Harry's place to repair the "disappearing cabinet shelves" by Draco Malfoy.textbookIt is used as a place to hide the sherry bottle of Trelawney.Volume 7 will be used again as a meeting for the Dumbledore's Army and a place to hide everything.
According to Dumbledore in Volume 4, when he was in a hurry to the toilet because he had a urge to urinate, he got lost in the room he needed, and the room was lined with various toilets.
Herbal room
Behind Hogwarts Castle, it is used for herbal medicine classes, and also cultivates potion materials necessary for school doctors and classes.
Quidditch Stadium
A stadium for quidditching in the school. There is a changing room for changing into uniforms. It doesn't seem to be much different from a typical Quidditch stadium, with three wheeled goals at each end of the oval pitch. The spectators' seats are decorated with the symbol colors of each dormitory and still rise high. The audience seats are made of wood. "Quidditch now and thenAccording to the report, the Quidditch stadium is spelled so that the golden snitch is not outside the stadium, but there seems to be no limit to the flight altitude. In Volume 4, the final test will take place at this stadium.
Owl hut
For school mail deliveryふ く ろ うAnd the hut where the owls of the students are kept.Harry's owlHedwigOr Ron's owlPig WijonBut I'm usually here.To send an owl flight from school, you can choose an owl to come here and deliver.Also, when sending an owl flight from school, those who do not have an owl or who do not want to use their own owl are free to use the school owl.
Hagrid's hut
Moriban, later became a professor of magical creature breedingRubeus HagridAnd petsFangIs the hut where I live.Stand by the forbidden forest.Harry, Ron and Hermione often go out to play.In Volume 6Thorfinn Rowle(In the movie versionBellatrix Lestrange) To be burned down.In Volume 7, it seems to have been repaired.
Rampage willow
A huge willow tree planted in a corner of the schoolyard that has the habit of violently attacking approaching objects. There is a hump at the base, and if you press the hump, it will not move. The hole at the base isHogsmeade VillageIt leads to the inside of the "Screaming Mansion".
Remus LupineIt was planted in the year when he entered the school to prevent him from entering the secret passage to the "Screaming Mansion" at the base of the tree.WerewolfRupin is a quarantine place prepared for his admission so as not to harm other students during the full moon.
Forbidden forest
Centaur,unicornHabitat such as. There seems to be a human wolf[Note 5]..Basically, students cannot enter.However, Harry has come in and out many times, and Fred and George seem to be coming and going.Also, in Volume 1, we will enter the case of penalties.Hagrid's friendAchromantura(Aragog) Clan also inhabits.
Rubeus Hagrid, who acts as the forest guard, is doing his hobby (whether legal or illegal) extensively in the depths of the forest.
Big squidUnderwater people,Water demonHabitat such as.In Volume 4,Three major magic schools competition matchIt will also be the venue for the second task of.


Required subjects from the first grade. Trains in techniques such as transforming animals into things and erasing objects. According to McGonagall, the most difficult subject.
Professor - Albus Dumbledore→Minerva McGonagall(Volume 1-Volume 7)
Herbal medicine
Required subjects from the first grade. Learn how to grow and handle herbs used to formulate potions. When the grade goes up,MandrakeYou will also learn how to handle plants that you must be careful about. Classes are held in the greenhouse on the Hogwarts grounds.
This is my specialtyNeville Long BottomBecomes a professor in this subject after graduation.
Professor - Herbert Beery→Pomona Sprout(Volume 1-Volume 7) → Neville Longbottom
Magic history
Required subjects from the first grade.Learn the history of the magical world and magical creatures.It corresponds to "history" in Japanese elementary and junior high schools.The only Hogwarts classghostDepartment taught by.The professor appears through the blackboard every time.Professor Bins reads textbooks monotonously, soHermione GrangerOther students are in a state of daze[Note 6].
Professor - Cuthbert Binns
Spell literature / Fairy magic
Required subjects from the first grade. In the first and second years, he trains how to float things using a wand (the kind of magic that a fairy plays with, as shown in the translation "Fairy Magic" up to Volume 1). Since he has been a "spell literature" for over three years, he trains various spells.
Professor - Filius Flitwick
Defense techniques against dark magic
Required subjects from the first grade.
Train your knowledge of aggressive spells and magical creatures, and spells to protect yourself from them.
Since Voldemort volunteered for this position twice and was rejectedThe same professor has never been in charge for more than a yearTherefore, it is also called "cursed department".When Voldemort first applied for this position, he was an old professor who was enrolled in Hogwarts for almost half a century.Galatea Merry SortWas on.After Voldemort's death, there will be no jinx that the same professor can only have for a year.Also, according to the author Rolling, Harry Potter travels several times a year to give special lessons after the story ends.[Source required].
Death Eaters in Volume 7Amycus CarrowWhen he is in charge, it becomes a class that teaches the magic of real darkness.
Professor - Quirrell Quirrell(Volume 1) →Gilderoy Lockhart(Volume 2) →Remus Lupine(Volume 3) →Alastor Moody(Volume 4) →Dolores Umbridge(Volume 5) →セ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プ(Volume 6) →Amycus Carrow(Volume 7)
Required subjects from the first grade. Learn knowledge about celestial bodies, perform astronomical observations, and calculate celestial movements. Classes are held at midnight on the rooftop of Hogwarts' tallest astronomical tower. The astronomical tower is off limits except for classes.
Professor - Aurora Sinistra
Magic pharmacy
Required subjects from the first grade. Learn about potions and their ingredients and practice potion formulation. It takes place in the dungeon classroom.
セ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プIs one of Harry's most disliked subjects, as he blatantly favors Slytherin students, reduces points in other dormitories for trivial reasons, and especially makes Harry an enemy.In Volume 6Horace SlughornAfter he taught, the situation changed completely and he became one of his favorite subjects because he was no longer favored by Slytherin students and Harry was no longer an enemy of his eyes.In the same volume, the number of participants is too small, so joint classes will be held in 4 dormitories.
Professor-Severus Snape (Volume 1-Volume 5) → Horace Slughorn (Volume 6, Volume 7)
Flight training
Required subjects from the first grade. However, there is no description of the lesson after the second volume, and the OWL test is not imposed.
Train to fly on a broom. Equivalent to a physical education class at a Muggle school.
In the first class of Harry's grade, Neville Longbottom fails to control the broom and is injured. that time,Draco MalfoyHarry took a ball from Neville's memory and threw it, and Harry accidentally caught the eye of Professor McGonagall while riding a broom, which prompted Harry to join Gryffindor's Quidditch team.
Professor - Loranda Hooch
Elective subjects from the 3rd grade. Learn and practice how to foresee the future. It is an uncertain field in magic, and Hermione and McGonagall hate fortune-telling. The contents include tea leaf fortune-telling and crystal ball fortune-telling.
Professor - Sybill Trelawney,Florence(-Volume 5, joint charge)
Muggle studies / Non-magical trilogy
Elective subjects from the 3rd grade. Consider the culture of Muggles from the perspective of the magical world. There is a class at the same time as fortune-telling. In the trio, only Hermione will take it, but will not take it later.
In Volume 7, the barbage in charge said "Daily Prophet NewspaperWas killed by Lord Voldemort for posting a claim to defend Muggle, and Alecto Carrow was appointed after Snape became the principal.It will be changed to a required subject.After the change, the class will discriminate against Muggles and respect purebredism.It is not drawn what the subject will look like after Voldemort's death.
Professor - Quirrell Quirrell(-Volume 1) →Charity Burbage(Volume 1-Volume 6) →Alecto Carrow(Volume 7)
Elective subjects from the 3rd grade. The content of the lesson is not drawn. In the trio, only Hermione takes this course and likes it. There is a class at the same time as fortune-telling.
Professor - Septima vector
Magical creature breeding
Elective subjects from the 3rd grade. Equivalent to living things. Observe magical creatures and learn about their ecology and breeding methods. Only in this subject you are allowed to enter the forbidden forest. From Volume 3, Rubeus Hagrid will replace Kettleburn.
Professor - Silvanus Kettleburn(-Volume 2) →Rubeus Hagrid(If you are absent, the substitute teacherWilhelmina Grubbly-Plank)
Ancient runology
Elective subjects from the 3rd grade.RunesAnd learn. In the trio, only Hermione takes the course and makes it a specialty subject.
Professor - Bassiba Bubbling


OWL test
It is called "OWLs", which is an acronym for Ordinary Wizarding Levels, and is held over two weeks at the end of the fifth grade.Only students who have achieved a certain grade in OWL can proceed to NEWT level classes from the 5th grade on important exams that will affect their future work.
ExaminerMinistry of magic OfMagic Test BureauThe hall will be the test site. At the time of the exam, the tables in the four dormitories of the Hogwarts Hall will be cleaned up, and a small personal desk will be set up towards the faculty and staff table instead. The director's desk has a spare quill, an ink bottle, parchment wrapping paper, and a huge hourglass to measure the test time. Written exam papers have the strictest anti-cheat spells, automatic answer quill,Remember ball, Detachable cheat cuffs, self-correcting ink, etc. are of course prohibited.
The grades are not scored but are evaluated on a 6-point scale. (Not good), followed by "Failure / D" (bottom), and the lowest is "Troll level / T". "O" to "A" pass, and "P" and below fail. The results will be reported by Owl Post in July.
In Volume 5, I was in 5th gradeHarry potter,Ron Weasley,Hermione Granger,Neville Long Bottom,Dean Thomas,Seamus FinniganTakes this exam.
According to the author Rolling, the maximum number of departments that can be obtained is 12[Source required]..In the UK, there is a secondary education completion test called GCE, which is taken at the age of 16 when compulsory education is completed, and in the past, there was a normal level test called "O level" from the English word "Ordinary" which means normal. "OWLs" (normal magic level test)What I played with[Source required].. Since 1988, the O level test has beenGCSEIt is integrated into the "General Secondary Education Completion Examination".
NEWT exam
Known as "a magical test that makes you insanely tired".It is called "NEWT" from the acronym and is held at the end of the 7th grade semester.

Hogwarts Express

Limited express train used as a means of transportation to Hogwarts.The car body is crimson, and it is written in gold letters as "Hogwarts Limited Express".King's Cross StationAfter passing through the fence between the 9th and 10th lines, there is a platform for "9th and 3 / 4th lines", where the Hogwarts Express is located. Every year9/1Departs at 11am and arrives at Hogsmead Station at night.In the past, it was the responsibility of parents to pick up and drop off students, but since it often happened that up to one-third of all students could not reach school every year, the train, which was originally a means of transportation for Muggles, was used. It was decided.

A witch turns around in the car,Frog chocolate,Hyakumi Beans,Pumpkin juiceAnd so on.

There are several other hidden platforms at King's Cross Station, for example from "Lines 7 and 1/2" you can take a train to a wizard-only village on the European continent (" JK Rowling states that it is "like the Orient Express")[8]. Also,DobbyYou can also magically close the entrance to the pillar, as you do.

King's Cross StationIn the station, people who watched novels and movies asked, "Does it really exist?", And many people visited the station, so the station created signs for lines 9 and 3/4, and the platform for lines 9 and 10. It is listed beside the entrance. Below that, the luggage cart at King's Cross Station is installed halfway into the wall. The actual 9th ​​and 10th tracks are a dead-end type 2-sided 2-track layout that is independent of other platforms, so you cannot get off between the tracks. But,1st century queenLegend has it that the tomb is below line 9 or 10.

In the movie version, owned by West Coast Railway,Great Western RailwayMade in 1937Hall-class steam locomotiveNo. 5972 "(English edition)"It was used. At that time, the painting was changed and the "Hogwarts Castle"NameplateWas used. On March 2007, 3, the passenger car used for this shooting was damaged in the garage by destroying the window glass etc.[9].. Also, Hogsmead stationEnglandNorthNorth YorkshireRunHeritage railwayIs(English edition) Of(English edition)Was used.

Dumbledore's Army

In Volume 5, he was dispatched by the Ministry of Magic and became a professor of "defense techniques".Dolores UmbridgeIn order to resist the lesson policy of "not letting you learn practical skills"Hermione GrangerIs an autonomous organization among students formed by the group to gather some students and learn practical "defense techniques against dark magic" only by students.4 times by thenLord VoldemortEscaped from his hands and became an expert in defense against dark magicHarry potterLearn defense techniques as a leader and teacher.Hermione, the proposer, manages the organization as a moderator.

The name is at the second meetingCho ChangProposed the "Defense Association" and its initials "DAI noticed that "" is also an abbreviation for "Dumbledore's Army".Ginny WeasleyIn one word, "Dumbledore's Army" is officially decided.For this reason, it is sometimes abbreviated as "DA".Albus DumbledoreDied in Volume 6, but the name remains the same thereafter.

The meeting is basically held once a week, and the date and time of the meeting was initially told by mouth, but from the 1th time it is false.Galion gold coinsWas communicated through.This fake gold coin has been "transformed" by Hermione, and when Harry decides the date and time of the meeting and changes the number engraved on the edge of the fake gold coin, other gold coins will change automatically, and the gold coin will also change. When the number changes, the gold coin itself heats up and the members notice it.This is VoldemortDeath EatersHermione applied the mechanism for convening.

At the meeting

  • Not found by faculty (especially Ambridge)
  • Large enough to accommodate about 30 people
  • It doesn't matter if spells fly around

I couldn't find a place that meets the conditions such asDobby(In the movie versionNeville Long BottomWas discovered by chance), and after the second time, "Room you needThe meeting will be held at.Inside the room, bookshelves are lined up by the wall, and a large silk cushion is placed on the floor instead of a chair (used for practicing "syncope").In addition, there are many dark detectors such as "enemy mirrors", "hiders", and "secret detectors".

All membersHog's HeadHe signed the parchment at his first meeting in.Hermione will curse this parchment and impose sanctions on those who betray it.The members are as follows (as of Volume 5).

7- Fred Weasley, George Weasley,Lee jordan,Angelina Johnson,Alicia Spinnet
6- Katie Bell
5- Harry potter,Ron Weasley,Hermione Granger,Neville Long Bottom,Parvati Patil,Lavender brown,Dean Thomas,Seamus Finnigan(Join midway)
4- Ginny Weasley,Colin Creevey
2- Dennis Creevey(In the movie versionNigel Walpert)
Huffle puff
5- Ernie Macmillan,Justin Finch-Fletchery,Zacharias Smith,Hannah Abbott,Susan Bones
Raven claw
6- Cho Chang,Marietta Edgecom
5- Anthony Goldstein,Michael Corner,Terry boot,Padma Patil
4- Luna Lovegood

Under Harry's guidance, "DisarmamentIt was a training that started from the basics, but in the endO ・ W ・ LBeyond the level "Guardian spirit spellIt extends to.In particular, Neville was in a state where even "disarmament" could not be successful until he joined DA, but "Shield spellAs for "", we will make remarkable progress, such as learning it sooner than Hermione.Marietta informed Ambridge (in the movie version, butterfliesセ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プof"Truth medicineAfter the organization's existence became public, Ron, Hermione, Genie, Neville, and Luna will accompany him in the battle of the mysterious part at the end of Volume 5.After that, in addition to Ambridge's retirement, many of the members were busy with promotion, graduation, and dropout, so the activity was suspended again in Volume 6, but in the final battle of the Astronomical Tower, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Genie again. , Neville, Luna answer the call. In Volume 7, with the absence of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, students will be gathered around Neville, Genie, and Luna to develop resistance activities to the breathtaking faculty of Death Eaters.

Members who have graduated from school will rush to the final battle at Hogwarts Castle, and many members, including minors, will participate.Fred and Colin (lavender in the movie version) are killed in action, but the other members survive.

Diagon Alley

A side street where you can find all kinds of magic tools that wizards and witches need.UKIt is inPubYou can enter Diagon Alley by hitting a specific brick on the wall in the backyard of the "Leaky Pot" with a cane.

Yokocho name isdiagonalIt is derived from "diagonal" which means "Diagonal", and in English, Diagon Alley has the same pronunciation as Diagonally (diagonal), and the building is also built diagonally. It is also adjacent to "Knockturn Alley".

Leakage pot
A pub founded by Daisy Dodderridge that connects Muggle's London and Diagon Alley.At the same time, it doubles as an inn, and Harry, who left the Dursley family in Volume 3, will stay for a while.The owner at the time of Volume 3TomAn old man with a bald head, after the story endsHannah AbbottBecomes the host.
Sandwiched between a bookstore and a record store, most muggles pass by without even noticing the store's existence. In Volume 6Albus DumbledoreとTom Marvolo RiddleIn his conversation, it is suggested that the Muggle cannot even see the "leakage pot". However, if you know the existence of the "leakage pot", you can go inside, and in Volume 2,Hermione GrangerParents enter the store.
In the movie "Prisoner of Azkaban", the doorway of the storeCitroen XantiaIt is closed with a car alarm device that activates when a customer visits the store to notify the store. The place where I took the pictureReden Hall MarketEyeglasses similar to those used by Harry in the movie are also displayed at the eyeglass shop.
Gringots Magic Bank
The only bank in the magical world.GoblinIs run by. HoweverBill Weasley,Fleur delacourThere are also wizards and witches who work for Gringots. It manages underground safes, exchanges Muggle currency, and excavates treasures.
The building is located near the intersection of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, and stands out high. The safe is deep underground, and the structure is such that a dolly is used to reach the safe from the marble hall.
On the way to the underground vault, there is a defense device called "Thief Drop Waterfall" that washes away the magic and curses of intruders. Also, some safes can only be opened by goblins,DragonThere is a safe protected by (Ukrainian Ironberry dragon in the movie version). Due to these tight guards, Rubeus Hagrid describes it as "the safest place outside of Hogwarts," but the safe is broken twice during the film.
In Volume 7, most of the staff are killed by Voldemort, who was furious when the spirit box was stolen.
Ollivander cane store
A long-established cane specialty store founded in 382 BC. The ownerGarrick Ollivander.
On the core of the cane sold at this storeunicornHair, dragon's heartstring,PhoenixOne of the tail feathers of is used.
Florian Fortescue Ice Cream Parlor
ice creamspecialty shop. The ownerFlorian Fortescue.
In Volume 3, Harry does his summer homework on the terrace here. At that time, the medievalWitch HuntThe owner, who is very knowledgeable about, helped Harry with his homework andSundaeTreat every 30 minutes.
In Volume 6, the store is closed due to the disappearance of the owner.
Florish and Blotz Bookstore
Bookstore.It deals with various books in the magical world, and has all Hogwarts textbooks (to change the assortment according to the designated textbooks. Therefore, some textbooks are in the red due to mass loss of books. Encounter).We also accept mail orders.
In Volume 2,Gilderoy LockhartAutograph session will be held.
Magic Animal Pet Shop
A store for magical creatures for pets (excluding owls) such as toads and mice. Hermione catCrookshanksBuy here. "Rat energy drink" is also available for purchase.
Elop Owl Department Store
ふ く ろ うspecialty shop.Become Harry's petHedwigIs purchased by Hagrid here.
Luxury Quidditch Supplies Store
the first classQuidditchEquipment store.FireboltEtc. are sold.
Luxury broom equipment store
It seems to be a different store from the high-end Quidditch supplies store.
Potage pot shop
A store that sells pots used to formulate magical medicine. We have a wide variety of products, large and small, copper, brass, tin, silver, automatic stirring pot, and foldable.
Drug wholesaler
It smells like a mixture of bad eggs and rotten cabbage. Ingredients for various magical medicines are on sale.
Gambol and Jap's Prank Shop
A store specializing in magical mischief tools.
Weasley Wizard Weasley
Fred WeasleyとGeorge WeasleyIs a mischievous specialty store that opens. Located at 93 Diagon Alley. products are"Harry Potter Series Terminology ListSee.
The business itself has been done by mail order for a long time, but the store was set up after the two dropped out of Hogwarts in Volume 5.It seems that it has become more and more prosperous since the store was opened.At Hogwarts, the store's products are totally banned, but like any other mischievous tool ban, they are completely ignored by students. WWW also has a service in which the contents are disguised as mail orders and the delivery method is such that the teacher's check can be bypassed.In Volume 6,VerityThe employee is working.
Harry, who funded the opening of the two, will be given a special treatment at this store, and will be given away his favorite products for free, provided that he advertises where he got it.
Madam Malkin clothing store
Madam MalkinA clothing specialty store run by.They handle everything from everyday wear to ceremonial dress, and you can also buy Hogwarts uniforms.Volume 1 "philosopher's Stone』, HarryDraco MalfoyIt is also the place where I first meet. In Volume 6, Harry and his mother are Draco.NarcissaMeet and argue.

Night dark side street (Nocturn side street)

In the town adjacent to Diagon Alley, there are many dubious shops.

Bogin and Burks
BojinとKarakuta Kas BurkeThe store was founded by the two of us.Shining hands,Cabinet shelves that disappearThere are many suspicious magical items such as one of them.Also, they often buy as well as sell.
Young daysTom Marvolo RiddleAfter graduating from Hogwarts, he worked at this shop for a while and was a good customer.Hepzibah SmithTo her ownGoblin trained armorWas negotiating the purchase of.

Hogsmeade Village

United KingdomThe only village in which the inhabitants are only magical tribes. Hogwarts students will be able to visit the village on a set date when they are in the third grade by having their parents sign a permit. It is also used as a place for examinations and practice for 3th grade and above.

Harry in Volume 3Mr. and Mrs. DursleyI couldn't officially visit the village when I was in the third grade because I didn't get the permit from. However, at the end of the same volume, he is Harry's guardian.Sirius BlackSigns the permit and will be able to officially go after the 4th volume.

Three broomsticks
Madame RothmertaA bright and lively pub where is the owner.Hogwarts students and faculty members also come and go.The specialty isButter beer.
Hog's Head
The pub has a gloomy impression compared to the "three broomsticks", and the head of a wild boar is displayed in the store. Many criminal records, mummy men, vampires, etc. come and go. The bartender is Albus Dumbledore's younger brotherAberforceIs.Inside the store is Aberforce's sisterArianaThe portrait is displayed.In Volume 5, it will be used as a secret meeting place when the Dumbledore's Army is formed.
A store specializing in magical mischief tools. Fred and GeorgeWeasley Wizard WeasleyAim for an absorption-type merger with.
Confectionery store. From the sweets that Muggles knowHyakumi BeansThere are even sweets unique to the magical world.A loophole hidden in the statue of the "One-Eyed Witch" on the 4th floor of Hogwarts Castle leads to the store's warehouse.
Madame Paddy Foot Shop
Coffee shop. The store is based on pink and is decorated with frills. At the couple's hangout,Cho ChangA place I like.
Darbish and Bangs Magic Tool Store
A store that handles magic machines.
Scriven shaft quill pen specialty store
Pheasant quill pens are lined up smartly in the show window. hereHermioneBuys a new quill.
Gladrags Wizardwear
A store where you can buy magical clothes. Some socks have flashing gold and silver stars, and some socks shout out when they smell too much. There are also London and Paris stores.
Hogsmead Post Office
About XNUMX owls are all on the shelves.Owls are color-coded according to the delivery speed of the mail.
Hogsmead Station
Hogwarts ExpressDeparture point.
Screaming mansion
An old mansion where you can hear an eerie scream on a full moon night, even though there are no signs of people. Hogwarts Castle "Rampage willowIt leads from the basement.
In fact,WerewolfIsRemus LupineAn isolation facility prepared to prevent harm to other students when they transform into a school. The rampage willow was also planted at the time of his admission to prevent traffic to and from the screaming mansion.
At the end of Volume 3, this is where the truth about the allegedly caused Sirius Black is revealed. In the final battle of Hogwarts at the end of Volume 7Lord VoldemortStayed andセ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プIs also the place to end (changed to a boathouse in the movie version).

British Ministry of Magic Headquarters

UKThe main office of the institution "Ministry of Magic" that exists in the basement of.With magicMuggle(Non-magical tribes) never invade.The abbreviation is "MOM".Not only in the UK, but in each country / region[Note 7]It is said that there is a magical government agency.British Ministry of MagicWizard Council(The Wizards' Council) is a public institution whose predecessor isjudicial-外交・ Transportation, etc.MuggleIn addition to the same work as the government offices, it aims to conceal the existence of magical tribes and creatures from muggles, and to protect the order and safety of the magical world from dark magic.

The most powerful person in the British magic world is the Minister of Magic,Muggle Prime Minister[Note 8]Is the same as.Muggle Prime Minister's OfficeIt is possible to contact them directly through their portraits or fireplaces, but in normal times they only greet each other when they take office.There is no parliament, and the court is also an organization of the ministry, so there is no separation of powers, and arbitrary laws and judgments may be issued.It also depicts the appearance of corruption in the 1990s, such as bribes and rampant ties.

Although the main office is underground, there are windows that allow you to freely change the scenery and weather by magic.Many fireplaces are installed near the wall of the atrium on the 8th basement floor for employees to commute via the chimney flight network.In Volume 7, the chimney flight network was restricted to senior officials only, and general staff began to reach the atrium by flushing themselves in a private room in a public toilet.The entrance for foreigners is a red telephone booth, and if you put on a silver badge that comes out of the change slot when you pass the dial of 6, 2, 4, 4, 2, it will fall out of the floor of the box and the Ministry of Magic Arrive at the atrium.In the old days, contact between different departmentsふ く ろ うHowever, because the building is full of feces, I am using a magical contact form airplane.

Magic Minister's Office
The magic minister and aides are coming and going.
Magic Law Enforcement Department
Responsible for the enforcement of magic law.
Magic Police Unit / Magic police patrol
So-called"Policemen'[Note 9]Equivalent to.The main task is to investigate and arrest ordinary criminals.Special forces respond to thugs.
Darkness Headquarters / Darkness Bureau
Investigating and arresting dark wizards, and escorting public facilities and important figures (including Muggle dignitaries)terrorismOrganization.After a rigorous aptitude test at the headquarters and a three-year training course after hiring, he is qualified to become a dark sword.While attending school, the achievements of transformation, spell literature, and magic pharmacy are emphasized in addition to defense against dark magic.In some years, only extremely talented people are hired and no successful candidates are available.It is said to be a narrow gate because of these strict recruitment standards.classThere is also something like.There are many people who suffer serious injuries due to the line of duty death and sequelae due to the many opportunities to fight the dark wizard, but the fighting ability is generally high, and like the Knights, they are wary of death eaters.
In the 1970s, when Voldemort emerged, Bartemius Crouch Sr., then director of magic law enforcement, allowed the dark wizard to use an "unforgivable curse" and added authority to kill the criminal.At that time, the main task was to fight the Death Eaters, but after Voldemort's resurrection, Cornelius Fudge did not believe in the resurrection, so there was little opportunity to fight the Death Eaters, and it was magical due to the death of Scrimjor. After the ministry is seized, he will no longer be involved in Harry's protection.Therefore, it is divided into those who obey the orders of the Ministry of Magic that fell into the hands of Voldemort and those who respond to the call of Albus Dumbledore and cooperate as the Order of the Phoenix.
Magical Improper Use Control Bureau
Crack down on improper use of magic.In Volume 2, Harry receives an official warning letter from this station.
Muggle Product Unauthorized Use Control Bureau
Crack down on magical Muggle products.There are only two staff members, but it is not drawn what will happen to this station after the director was promoted in Volume 2.Since it is a department that has little relevance to the magical world, it seems that the position is low and the salary is not high.
Discovery and confiscation of fake defense spells and protective equipment
Lord Voldemort,Death EatersConfiscates suspicious items that are being sold and arrests the seller in the wake of fear of.Scrim Jor was newly established in July 1996.I have about 7 staff members.
Wisengamot Supreme Court Secretariat
Has jurisdiction over all the affairs of the courts of the magical world.
Magic Accident Disaster Department
It has jurisdiction over accidents that span the magical world and the world of Muggles.
Oblivionist Headquarters
Make Muggles forget inconvenient information.
Magic Accident Reset Unit / Magic Accident Rewind Bureau
Restore the current state of the magic accident and erase the memories of the people involved.
False alarm room / False alarm station
If the magical accident is too prominent, contact the Muggle Prime Minister to create a convincing explanation for the Muggle.In a prominent example,Loch Ness OfKelpie(Nessie) Convinced Muggle's public opinion that it was a forgery.
Magical Creatures Control Department
Has jurisdiction over the management and protection of magical creatures.We also conduct academic research and classify organisms into five stages according to their degree of risk and rarity.Some magical creatures (Clap,Hooper,Nestle) Requires approval from the Regulatory Administration Department.
International Magic Cooperation Department
International goodwill with the magical world outside the UK外交Jurisdiction.
Research on time, the world after death, love, etc.Time-TurnerAnd manage the prophecies.Even Ministry of Magic officials don't know the details of what this department is doing.Inside is the arch of death, during the prophecies (storage of the prophecies), during the time (storage of the time-turner), while there is a water tank of the brain, and during the unopening (storage of the prophecies).Albus DumbledoreAccording to this room, there is "love" in it).
Magic Building Management Department
Manages the building of the Ministry of Magic.He is also in charge of tasks such as changing the view of the windows of the Ministry of Magic building.
Magic Test Bureau
OWL test,NEWT examImplement and supervise.
Muggle Born Registration Committee
A committee newly established in the summer of 1997.Requests the Muggle-born magical tribe to appear as "stolen magical power".The person is imprisoned in Azkaban, but the fugitive is killed.


North SeaA prison in the magical world on an isolated island in the middle of. In addition to wizards and witchesMansion servant fairyMagical creatures such as are also imprisoned.

DementorAs a guard, prisoners are absorbed in the joy and happiness of living and gradually lose the energy to eat. Therefore, jailbreak is impossible, but some people succeed in jailbreaking by dementing dementors (described later). Many also die in prison, in which case they are buried in a graveyard beside the prison.

Volume 5 "Order of the Phoenix』\ Late,Lord VoldemortIt is reported that the dementor abandoned Azkaban at the request of Volume 6 "Mysterious Prince』Depicts how it is operated in some way.

In the movie version, it is built directly on the sea.


Antonin Dolohov,Bellatrix Lestrange,Rodolphus Lestrange,Rabastan Lestrange,Augustus Rookwood,Mulciber,Jackson
The above 7 people escape from prison in Volume 5, but members other than Bellatrix in the battle of the mysterious partAlbus DumbledoreHe was arrested and imprisoned again.
Lucius Malfoy,Walden Macnair,Crabbe,Goyle,knot,Avery
The above six people are newly arrested and imprisoned by Dumbledore in the battle of the mysterious department.
Stan Shunpike
I lied about myself as a Death Eaters and heard it by chanceMinistry of magicArrested and imprisoned by an official.
Mundungus Fletcher
Arrested and imprisoned for robbing a bank in the guise of a dead man.

All of the above persons will jailbreak as of Volume 7.

Dolores Umbridge
After Voldemort's death, he was accused of persecution of being born in Muggle and imprisoned.

Death in prison

Mrs. Clauch
Son'sCrouch JuniorTo jailbreakPolyjuice medicineWith the power of, he replaces his son and dies in prison.
Morfin Gaunt
Tom Riddle Sr.TohivesHe was sentenced to three years in prison for casting a spell that caused him to develop a spell, and although he was released once, he killed the Riddle family this time.Tom Marvolo RiddleHe was planted with a fake memory, confessed to an official of the Ministry of Magic, and was imprisoned as a murderer of the Riddle family. At the time of his death, Dumbledore brought out the memory of truth, but he was not released in time and died in prison.
Hepzibah SmithTom Marvolo Riddle, who poisoned him, was planted with false memories and was arrested and imprisoned as the criminal of Smith's murder. At the time of his death, Dumbledore draws the memory of truth, but he is not released in time and dies in prison.
Percival Dumbledore
daughter'sArianaOf the three who assaultedMuggleThe boy was seriously injured in retaliation and was arrested and imprisoned.After his imprisonment, he dies in prison some time later.

prison Break

Sirius Black
Volume 3 "Azkaban prisoner"so,AnimagusJailbreak using.
Barty Crouch Jr.
Volume 4 "Goblet of fire], It becomes clear that he was jailbroken by replacing his mother with the power of polyjuice medicine.
Bellatrix Lestrange,Rodolphus Lestrange,Rabastan Lestrange,Antonin Dolohov,Augustus Rookwood,Mulciber
Jailbreak in Volume 5 with Voldemort's guidance.


Rubeus Hagrid
Volume 2 "room of Secrets』, Being imprisoned for being involved in the" secret room "case in the past, but later released from suspicion.
Igor Karkaroff
Death EatersWas arrested, but released in a deal with the Ministry of Magic.
Sturgis Podmore
In Volume 5, Death Eaters cast a spell of obedience, searching for a mysterious part, attempting robbery, and arresting him. Serve for half a year.
Marvolo Gaunt
He hurt an official of the Ministry of Magic to protect his son and was sentenced to six months in prison.

Little hangleton

Lord VoldemortFather ofTom Riddle Sr.Hometown village.UKIt is about 300 kilometers from Privet Street. The nearest village is Great Hangulton.

Hanging man
A small pub.
Riddle's House
A mansion located at the top of the village, nowruinsIt has become. Originally Tom Riddle Sr.'s parents' home, seniorsMerope GauntHe returned here after abandoning his family and lived with his parents, but in 1943 all were killed by Lord Voldemort.The hut on the premises was the garden keeper of the Riddle family.Frank BryceLived, but was killed in Volume 4.
Gornt family
Marvolo Gaunt,Morfin Gaunt, The Abara family where the three of Merope Gaunt lived. The exterior was a shabby hut that was about to be half-destroyed, with vipers struck on the door. The inside was also dirty with dust and dirt accumulated over many years, and it was not in a state where people could live in good health.
Church cemetery
Here is the tomb of Tom Riddle Sr. and his parents, with lots of grass. In Volume 4Barty Crouch Jr.Harry "Move keyBring him to this place and fulfill the resurrection of Voldemort.After that, it will be the stage of the duel between Lord Voldemort and Harry.At this time, with Harry, "Move keyTouchedCedric DiggoryWas also blown to this place,Peter pettigrewBe killed by.

Godric's Hollow

Located in western England with MugglesWitchA village where people live together.Godric GryffindorIt is the birthplace of the village, and the name of the village is derived from this. In the place where the Potters and Dumbledores livedSnitchIs also known to have been cast for the first time.

It looks like a war monument to Muggles, but to wizards and witchesJamesとリ リ ー, And it looks like a baby Harry statue.
Potter House
The house where the Potter family lived.Lord VoldemortAlthough it was destroyed and abandoned, it remains as it was at that time as a symbol of the barbarism by Lord Voldemort. Magic is applied so that it cannot be seen by Muggles.
Ignotus Peverell, James and Lily,Albus DumbledoreMother ofKendra,sisterArianaMany wizards and witches are buried.
Bugshot House
Of a magic historianBathilda BagshotLived. But BatildaLord VoldemortSnakeNaginiAfter being killed by, the body was hijacked, Volume 7 "Deathly Hallows』With HarryHermione GrangerIn the form of Batilda, he invites him to his house and becomes a battle.At the same time, Harry is in the past from the photos left at Batilda's house.GregorovitchFrom the sourceElder wandWas stolen when I was youngGellert GrindelwaldNotice that.


St. Mango Magical Disease Injury Hospital
HealerFounded in the 1600s by Mango Bonham, a magical hospital with specialized healers.It is located inside the "Purge and Dows Company" department store in central London, which is constantly undergoing renovations.Frank Longbottom,Alice longbottomThe couple are hospitalized and say, "room of Secrets"I lost my memory in the incidentGilderoy LockhartWill also be hospitalized.


DevonThe Weasley family's residence in Otterly St. Catchpole, has a simple appearance.セ ブ ル ス · ス ネ イ プ Albus DumbledoreAfter killingBlack HouseSubstitute forOrder of the PhoenixWill be the home of.
In Volume 7,Bill WeasleyとFleur delacourWedding is held, but during thatMinister of MagicRufus Scrimgeor Death EatersHarry and his friends who were attending the wedding hurriedly evacuated after being informed that they had been killed.
In the movie version, it is burned down by a death eater during a wedding ceremony.
Seashell house
The new house of Bill and Fuller, who got married in Volume 7, is on the coast.On a nearby sandy beachBellatrix LestrangeWas killed byDobbyIs buried and a tomb is built.With Harry and his friends who escaped from Malfoy's house with the help of Dobby's lifeLuna Lovegood,Dean Thomas,Garrick Ollivander,GriphookIs hidden for a while.

Null Men Guard

Gellert GrindelwaldBut to imprison a hostile personAustriaIt is a prison built in Grindelwald and also serves as the home of Grindelwald. But GrindelwaldAlbus DumbledoreLosing the duel with, he will be put in this prison.


Ilvermony School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A magical school founded in the 17th century in North America. Standing on the top of Mt. Greylock, it is hidden from the eyes of No Maji (non-magical tribe) by various strong spells. Sometimes the spell looks like a faint ring of clouds.

Founded by Isolt Seia, Chadwick Boot, Webster Boot, and James Steward.Ilvermony is known to be the most democratic and non-elitist school of magic in the world.This is due to the fact that one of the founders, James, was no serious.Also, it is similar to Hogwarts in many respects, probably because one of the founders, Isolt, was longing for Hogwarts who could not enter the school due to family reasons.

Horned Serpent, Wamps,Thunderbird, There are four dormitories in Pakuwaji[10]..It is named after the animals that the four founders like, and the freshmen will belong to the dormitory where the statues of the four animals on all sides of the hall have reacted. If two or more images react at the same time, it is up to the freshman to decide where they belong.

United States Magic Council (MACUSA)

A government agency in the magical world of the United States. MACUSA stands for "The Magical Congress of the United States of America" ​​and is "Mah – cooz – ah"[11])[12]..Established after the Salem Witch Trials.No serious (non-magical)It was founded in 1, about a century earlier than the United States Congress.This is the first time that the North American magicians have come together to create a law for them.As a result, the same structure found in many countries around the world, in which a society unique to the magical group exists within the society of Nomaji, was born in the United States. In the 1693s, MACUSA was based in New York. After the Great Sasquatch Rebellion in 1920, he was relocated from Washington on his fifth relocation.[13].. There is a clock that shows how much No Maji is aware of the existence of the magical world. Normally, no serious can enter. Moreover, even if no seriousness is entered, MACUSA will not appear.

Federation of International Wizards

An international organization in the magical world, in the human worldLeague of Nations[United Nations?]Corresponds to.Composed of the Ministry of Magic and the Government of Magic in each country, the Ministry of Magic of the United Kingdom has set up a federation UK branch within the Ministry of International Magic Cooperation.

"Advanced WizardThe holder of the title is leading the International Federation of Wizards.The first senior wizard was Pierre Bonako.

"The secrets of Fantastic Beasts and DumbledoreUntil the beginning ofGermanyMinistry of MagicAnton VogelWas serving as a "Senior Wizard", but his term has expired, and a new "Senior Wizard" will be elected, and Vogel is on the verge of expiration.Gellert GrindelwaldBy canceling the wanted list, a new "Senior Great Wizard" will be selected from among the three people including Grindelwald.and,ブ ー タ タAfter a series of uproar inBrazilWitchVisencia SantosHowever, he is elected as a new "advanced wizard" and takes office.


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