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🎥 | "Dungeon Meshi", which has a cumulative circulation of 850 million copies, will be made into a TV animation


"Dungeon rice" with a cumulative circulation of 850 million copies will be made into a TV animation

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In 2013, he won the Excellence Award in the Manga Division at the 17th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival for "Hikidashi ni Terrarium".

It has been decided that the popular comic "Dungeon Meshi" will be made into a TV anime.Series cumulative circulation 850 million copies (detail… → Continue reading


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17th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Manga Category Excellence Award


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    2013(2013 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Tuesday.Heisei25 years.

    This item describes 2013 from an international perspective.

    Other chronology












    • 8/1
      • Russia, OriginalThe United States of AmericaCentral Intelligence AgencyAn employee has been prosecuted by the U.S. government for exposing information surveillance by the government, and since June 6Moscow-Sheremetyevo International AirportWas staying in the transit waiting areaEdward SnowdenFor a yearexileAdmit[66].. 6st of the same month,Barack ObamaPresident says "disappointed" about Russia's response[67]On the 7th, due to this matter as a cause, postponing the US-Russia summit meeting scheduled for September 9 and 3 of the same yearWhite HouseInforms the Russian government[68].
      • [Italy] Italian Supreme Court accused of tax evasion of approximately 730 million eurosSilvio BerlusconiHe was found guilty in favor of a high court decision that rejected the appeal of the former prime minister and was sentenced to four years in prison (reduced to one year under the pardon law). However, the part that has been suspended for five years will be returned to the high court.[69],same year10/19Cuts suspension period from 5 years to 2 years as a result of High Court decision in Milan[70].
    • 8/3
      • 【Iran】June presidential electionWonHasan LowharneyBut from 2005 to 8 yearsPresident of IranwasMahmoud AhmadinejadAssumed the same position instead of[71].
      • [People's Republic of China]Beijing Universityが2010年と2012年に中国全土の約1万5000世帯を対象に行った調査により、中国都市部の最富裕層(上位5%)と最貧困層(下位5%)の世帯年収差が、2010年の約82倍から、2年後の2012年時点で約242倍となり、「絶望的格差」が拡大していることが判明[72].
    • 8/4 - United States Department of State,Al QaedabyterrorismAs the likelihood of(I.e.,Egypt,Yemen,JordanTwenty-two overseas diplomatic missions were temporarily closed. 22 foreign embassies continued to be closed from 5th to 10th[73].. Regarding Yemen, diplomatic officers were evacuated on the 6th, followed by Britain, and France and Germany closed their diplomatic missions. Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands advise their citizens to leave Yemen[74].. On the 8th, the US Department of StatePakistan-LahoreInstructions to the staff of the Consulate of the country in[75].
    • 8/7 -[Vietnam]Quang Ngai Provinceso,Vietnam WarA search team protects two fathers and sons who had escaped to the dense forest and lived there for 40 years.[76].
    • 8/8 -[China]JiangsuThrough a paper published in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a British medical journal,In fashion OfH7N9 subtypeInfluenza A virusMinistry was infected with the virus and died in MayWuxiPublished the study results that parents and children were the first cases of "person to person" transmission of the same virus[77].
    • 8/10~18 days -It will be the third timeWorld Athletics Championships Russia-MoscowHeld in.
    • 8/10 -[Indonesia] on the island of Parue in the eastLocatenda volcano eruption, 6 people were killed in the pyroclastic flow. The volcanic plume reaches a height of about 2 meters and evacuates about 3000 residents.[78].
    • 8/10~11 days -This morningNigeriaNortheastBornoIn Conduga, an armed group with automatic riflesMosque56 people were killed in the attack on (Islamic place of worship)[79][80][81].
    • 8/12 -[India] First domestic productaircraft carrier"Vikrant"(Discharge amountLaunching ceremony[82].
    • 8/14 - 【Egypt】Coup d'etatWas dismissed byPresident MorsiThe provisional government and the security forces banned the demonstrators in favor of. 15th of the same month,United Nations Security CouncilConvenes an emergency meeting[83].
    • 8/16Around 9 pm The PhilippinesCentral partCebuMactan off Talisay cityStraitferryFreighterA collision occurred and the ferry sank, causing an accident. The U.S. Coast Guard announced on Tuesday that there were 18 confirmed dead and 38 missing. 82 people were rescued[84][85].
    • 8/21 -Major LeagueYankees OfIchiroAchieved 3 hits, which is the third player in history in Japan and the United States.
    • 8/25 -In dawnMexicoDerailment accident of a freight train occurred in southern Tabasco. Departed freight trains carry at least 250 Hondurans, including at least five Honduras who were on board for free, and more than 5 were injured, Tabasco officials said.[86].
    • August 8-A series of explosions and shootings occur in Iraq. At least 25 people were killed and more than 27 were injured, according to police[87].
    • 8/26 -This night,BrazilForeign Minister Patriot resigns[88].
    • 8/27 - Brazil OfSao PauloA commercial facility under construction collapsed, killing at least six people. State officials revealed[89].
    • 8/28 - IndiaAuthorities in western Gujarat announced that two residential buildings had collapsed in the Vadodara district of the province, killing at least five people. Eight people were rescued from the collapsed building, but 2 are still believed to be trapped under the debris[90].
    • 8/29 - KenyaRed crossIs the capitalNairobiBuses roll over in the west, announcing at least 41 deaths. 33 people were injured in this accident and taken to a local hospital[91].
    • 8/30Morning (local time)- AlaskaMagnitude (M) 7.0 (estimated) earthquake in the Pacific Ocean south of the Aleutian IslandsUS Geological Survey (USGS) announced[92].
    • 8/31 - ChugokuSouthwest,雲南-Sichuan ProvinceAn earthquake of magnitude (M) 5.9 occurred near the borderline of. The epicenter is 10 kilometers deep, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). At least 4 casualties and 10 injured. 600 private houses collapsed and 5 damaged. 5000 residents were forced to evacuate[93][94][95].




    Paul and a friend are riding and the vehicle is Porsche Carrera GT Was riding. In fact, famous racers and others are saying that the handling is bad and that the curve cannot be completely bent by an amateur if the handling is bad and the speed is too high.




    International Year

    • International Year of Water Cooperation
    • internationalQuinoaYear (International Year of Quinoa)

    Astronomical phenomenon

    Asteroids and meteorites

    2/15(UTCThe following two things happened to ). As will be described later, the temporal overlap is a coincidence.

    Two comets

    Peak around mid-MarchComet Panstars(C/2011 L4), peaking around late NovemberComet IsonTwo (C/2012 S1)comet (I.e.Approaching/passing through,Big cometWas expected to be. The latter comet, which has received special attention, will be described below.

    From November to the beginning of the following year, Comet Ison (C/11 S2012)Naked eyeBut it is predicted to be observable, especiallyPerihelionPass through11/28After thatVisual gradeMay be negative,Venus,full moonIt was expected that it might become a brighter large comet (visual diameter less than full moon) (however, the distance from the earth, the perihelion distance,Comet nucleusIt is a prediction calculated from the diameter of the, etc., and there have been cases where the brightness did not reach the expected brightness in the past)[149].. However, most of the comets collapsed when they passed the perihelion mentioned above.[150], After the perihelion passage, the expected comet observation became impossible.

    Anomalies in solar activity

    Later in the yearSolar activity OfMaximum periodwas predicted (actually arrived in April 2014[151][152]) compared to the normal maximumBlack dotFew(I.e.activities of[153].Also, during the maximum period, the solarArcticDepartment andAntarcticIn the departmentmagnetic fieldThe phenomenon thatPole shift) Occurs, but the reversal of the magnetic field this time is the Japanese solar observation satellite "HinodeWas observed in 2012, but it has been delayed more than a year in the South Pole, and the same in the North Pole and the South Pole.Magnetic poleSpecial condition (Solar pole quadrupole structure[154][155]) Was seen temporarily[156].. According to NASA, the reversal of the magnetic field has been completed by the end of December this year.[157].

    The situation where there are few sunspots in the maximum period17st century OfMaunder minimal periodIt is similar to the above, and at this time, the situation with extremely few sunspots continued for about 70 years.United Kingdom-UK OfRiver Thamesice skateCanEurope,North American continent, In other areastemperatureIs also decreasing at the same time, this time the earthCold weatherSome experts think it might[153][158].

    Other astronomical phenomena

    natural Science

    Confirmation of the existence of Higgs boson
    January 2012European Nuclear Research Organization(CERN) announced "Discovery of New Particles"Higgs bosonWas confirmed. The same particlematerial massHold the key to havingElementary particlesIt is said thatStandard theoryThe theory was completed by the discovery of the Higgs boson, which was the last undiscovered elementary particle inSpaceIt is said that only 4.9% of the whole matter has been elucidated, and further analysis of the particles reveals unknown substances that occupy most of the universe (Dark matter,Dark energy) Is expected to be a clue to the elucidation of[159].
    With almost no time between the discovery and confirmation, the 2013Nobel Prize in PhysicsPredicted the existence of Higgs bosonPeter Higgs(United Kingdom-Edinburgh UniversityProfessor emeritus)Francois Angler(Belgium-Free University of Brussels(Professor Emeritus)[159].











    Nobel Prize

    The event of fiction

    • 5 - A fatal accident occurred on Phoenix Island.In order to use this accident as an excuse to investigate rumors on the island, Takeru Kanbe, who is attached to the secretariat of the Chief of the National Police Agency, receives a secret order from Mineaki Kai, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Agency, and visits the Special Missions Unit. order to go toThe two who received the order landed on the island.Start an investigation.This accident will develop into a case related to a conspiracy by the Ministry of Defense and the government. (movie"Aibo -Theatrical Version III- A huge closed room!])
    • May-A giant flying object of the “Kikai Machine Empire” has arrived,16 daysDemand the surrender of the earth. Since the Japanese government silently abolished this request, the Kikai Machine Empire will attack the ground with beam weapons and mechanical troops. Against this, the mysterious organization "Granzela Defense Forces", which aims to protect the earth, opposes it. (Grand Zera OfApril FoolEvent "Kikai Machine Empire Attack")[161]
    • 6/29-6/30 - 7/1 - AmericaWith tall oaksChugokuBioterrorism occurs one after another in Lanxiang.Many people die, including the President of the United States.Tall Oaks is bombed and destroyed.At the same time, the bioterrorism in Lanxiang was suppressed by DSO, an organization under the direct control of the President of the United States, and the anti-bioterrorism organization, BSAA. Bioterrorism ends with the murder of Führer Carla Radames. (game"Resident evil 6])
    • Early summer-For the first time in decades in various parts of Japan, including Chigasaki, HokkaidoPartial solar eclipse, In some areasTotal solar eclipseTo observe. (game"Starry sky memorial eternal heart ”)
    • 8/10[Annotation 1] -"K-DAY". From "Bleach" on the crust plate on the Pacific Ocean floormonster"Trespasser" appears,San FranciscoLanded in America. TrespasserTactical nuclear weaponsUnder attack includingOne day laterDefeated by a nuclear explosionAucklandThe contaminated area in the US will later become "Oblivion Bay". (movies"Pacific Rim])[162][163]
    • 8/23 - Earth Empire Space ForceThe first human-made super-light space battleship "Rukushion" built by (Anime"Aim for the top!])[164][165]
    • 8/27 - OklahomaCougars Rock,Boso PeninsulaOffshore,地中海In the upper part,Electromagnetic induction"Spots" appear with phenomena and acceleration of time. The next daySouth Pacific,Indian Ocean,South AtlanticIt also occurs above.As a result, "stagnation typhoons" near the spots and abnormal weather around the world will occur. (Novel "The End of Time Febrary")[Annotation 2][166]
    • 10/4 -"Itomori-machi comet disaster" occurred The core of "Comet Tiamat" that came closest to the earth for the first time in 1200 years broke near the earth, and fragments containing a 40-meter-diameter rock mass became a meteorite.GifuIt falls in Itomori town. The damage was widespread in the town, killing more than 500 people. The crater formed adjacent to Lake Itomori is integrated with Lake Itomori and becomes "New Lake Itomori". (Anime movie "What is your name?])[167]
    • Unknown timing-movie ``Escape From LA』Set age.
    • Shinsuke Miura, a detective in the First Division of the Metropolitan Police Department, passed the promotion test and was promoted to assistant police inspector, but his foot was injured in the case where the Deputy Chief of the Minoru Kaimine Police Agency was injured, he could not walk without a cane, and he retired from the Metropolitan Police Department. (TV drama"Buddy season12])
    • The spacecraft "Ganymede" accidentally brought back to Earth, causing the "Ganymede disaster". (novel"(English edition])[168]
    • The existence of the extraterrestrial "Folliner" is discovered by confirming radio waves from space and flying objects. After that, an attempt to contact Foreigner was unsuccessful. (game"Earth Defense Force 3])[169][170]
    • The psychic body uploads the soul of an earthling on the Internet. (Drama"Doctor Who])
    • ZygonTower of LondonSuppressed and threatened the fall of London due to self-defense measures by the human race. (Drama"Doctor Who])
    • Landing boat type "evolutionary invasion body" in TaiwanKaohsiung CityLanded inTaiwan ArmyAlso engaged in battle with the super-national organization "DOGOO". The landing boat type is changed by DOGOO members and Shiora Ogura "E gene holder"HasuiketanDefeated in the park, but immediately detonates. Following the first landing of this evolutionary invader on the ground, the existence of DOGOO is announced. (Manga anime"Nobunagan])[171]


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