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🤖 | Speaking of "hat" characters? 3rd place "One Piece" Luffy, 2nd place "Lupin the 1rd" Jigen, XNUMXst place "Bun Strike" Chuya Nakahara

Photo "ONE PIECE FILM RED" Book Poster Visual (C) Eiichiro Oda / 2022 "One Piece" Production Committee

Speaking of "hat" characters? 3rd place “One Piece” Luffy, 2nd place “Lupin III” Jigen, 1st place “Bun Strike” Chuya Nakahara

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Nanami-chan, who says she wants to join the fan club if it's possible, says, ``Take it as a membership card,'' and puts a hat on it."

August 8th is "Hat Day".It is an anniversary that originated from a pun on the English word for hat, ``hat (10) to (8)''. … → Continue reading

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