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🎥 | Kanna Hashimoto, Takashi Okamura's wig is wrinkled, laughter scene at the killer's part-time job


Kanna Hashimoto and Takashi Okamura's wigs are wrinkled, laughter scene at a hitman's part-time job

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Tsura-san (Takashi Okamura), the store manager (Fumika Baba), and Watanabe (Oji Suzuka) are playing the game of life around a round table, but Tsura-san and Watanabe are arguing about trivial things as usual.

The main video of the movie "Violence Action" (released on August 8th) starring actress Kanna Hashimoto will be released on the 19th. → Continue reading

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    Tsura-san (Takashi Okamura)

      ), Watanabe (Oji Suzuka)


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