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🤖 | [Security animation] High school students produce animation during summer vacation when the risk of crime on SNS increases

Photo [Crime prevention animation] High school students produce animation during summer vacation when the risk of crime on SNS increases

[Crime prevention animation] High school students make animations during summer vacation when the risk of crime on SNS increases

If you write the contents roughly
It is said that the high school students went to the street screen where the anime was scheduled to play and did research.

Summer vacation tends to feel open.In order to prevent children from becoming victims of crime, high school students are requested by the police to conduct crime prevention. → Continue reading

 STV News Hokkaido

This is a news account of STV Sapporo Television Broadcasting (Nippon Television Network System, NNN).
Incidents and accidents, natural disasters, political economy, living information, etc ... We will deliver the latest news of Hokkaido.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage(British: Digital Signage= Digital signage) is a flat panel display that utilizes digital technology for display and communication.projectorVideo and characters are displayed by情报-AdsIt is a medium.

By storing a large amount of display information in the built-in storage device, it is possible to develop various video advertisements such as switching the display content in seconds or displaying a moving image if necessary. In the case of a network-compatible device, the display contents can be received at any time by digital communication.


As another name, dynamic signage, interactive signage, narrow casting, video distribution, audio distribution, digital POP, digital sign, digital bulletin board, digital display signage, digital content distribution system, electronic POP, electronic poster, electronic board, Electronic information boards, electronic displays, electronic signage systems, electronic bulletin boards, electronic advertising boards, information distribution for distribution, corporate communication television,Illumination signage, Etc., but all are equivalent system names. There is also another name for out-of-home advertising.

Mechanism of device

Display device
Plasma display,LCD,LED,VFDDisplay text, video, and still images with a video projector. Display area depends on the wall size of the buildingvending machineThere are various sizes of the built-in small window display. Compared to the time when many large-scale displays were used, as of 2008, there is a tendency that the number of deployments in the advertising environment where the display unit is small is good.
Control part
A storage device is provided together with the video display control unit and the communication control unit, and holds information on moving images and still images.
Digital communication path
Receives display information from the advertisement distributor via a public line and returns an operation confirmation if necessary. (Omitted for standalone machines)
Save various information for advertising.In addition to the built-in memory, it is often possible to expand with a memory card, etc.
It is possible to distribute directly from a storage medium or PC, but if you prefer more detailed settings such as reservation distribution, deadline, and SNS linkage, you will often consider introducing digital signage software.

How to distribute digital signage

USB type digital signage

In many cases, USB-type digital signage is the cheapest and the installation cost is low, so the number of installations is large.It has a wide range of introduction industries and is used in various industries.

Network type digital signage

Wired network type digital signage that connects a PC and a display monitor directly by wire and transmission from a PC or smartphone via the same Wi-Fi (MiracastEtc.) There are two wireless methods.

Cloud digital signage

A method of storing data in the cloud, which has begun to increase little by little in recent years, and distributing it via the Internet.It is often used by companies that have multiple stores or have multiple displays in the store.

* In most cases, NoviSign for digital signage software[1]Since it is often integrated with the CMS, creation, distribution, and management can all be done within the software.

利 点

  • TV commercialInstead of sending the same advertisement to an unspecified number of people as described above, the audience target can be set in consideration of the locality of the installation location, and an advertisement message focused on that particular layer can be sent.
  • For network compatible devices, real-time operation and information distribution is possible using the communication network. Also in the case of a stand-alone machine in many casesUSB memory,SD memory cardThe displayed advertisement content can be changed at any time via a storage medium such as. Therefore, since the latest information can be provided, the degree of attention of the viewer is increased. In addition, it will be possible to distribute information such as real-time campaigns that match the installation area.
  • No need to replace printed materials such as posters and roll screen signs.
  • Since the video can be displayed, the attention of the viewer is increased.
  • Even with a single display unit, you can sell off the ad display frame to multiple advertisers in seconds.
  • It can also be developed for use as a video wall or illumination.

In terms of the above, conventional paperPosterCompared to a roll screen signboard that simply switches between the same still images and a video display that repeatedly plays the same video image (on a relatively small screen), you can expect superior advertising effects.

Installation location

As the installation location, the wall surface of the building,Department store,Supermarket,bank,Hotel,Movie theater, (Pachinko parlor),hospital,空港,station,MuseumAnd so on.

It has already been established as a general system in some countries, and can be found throughout the city. In addition, the range is not limited to the public, and its range of use is expanding as a service area of ​​highways, train cars, university campus information, and digital bulletin boards in corporate offices. If you install it in a building beside the road,Traffic jamIt is also important whether or not occurs frequently.

In Japan,Shibuya scramble intersection4 huge street visions facingJR EastYamanote LineIn the carTrain channel(The name depends on each railway operator).

Use other than advertisement

Mainly for commercial useAdsIt is used as a promotional tool andConciergeIt can also be used as a guidance/consultation tool such as (information desk), a guide board at a station or an airport, a communication tool in a school, a company, or a community.

Viewer-specific optimization

In addition to the conventional digital signage function,HDカメラImageIn real timeARBy processing and using face recognition technology, you can instantly determine your gender and age, and instantly generate images that match the viewer. Digital signage that allows the viewer to display the most suitable item is increasing. Also,Rakuten Technical Research InstituteThen, digital signage and userSmartphoneWe propose a system that connects users and displays the most suitable content for users in a form that also considers privacy.[2].

Utilization of new technology in the future

There is a high possibility that it will become an experimental site for new technologies that flat-screen TVs do not have. There are plans for 3D image technology, a device that emits a scent that matches the image, a device to change the display content by detecting the presence or absence of viewers and the number of viewers by image recognition, and information cooperation with a mobile phone. Since it is an advertisement, there is an advantage that if the technology is novel, it will attract attention. US NewSight sells 4,000 units of XNUMXD display products to the global market annually[3].. Also currently under developmentPerovskite semiconductorIfRGBPerovskite semiconductor material of each colorInkjetApply on the substrate withColor filterLarge area with unnecessary flexibilitydisplayCan be manufactured[4].


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