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🎥 | Sakana-kun, I was deeply moved by the performance of my alter ego!


Sakana-kun is deeply moved by his alter ego, Non!

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In addition, Sakana-kun, who made his first movie appearance as "Uncle Gyogyo" as the original author, was asked about his feelings when he heard that his original work was going to be made into a movie.

On the 10th, actress NON appeared at the screening of the completion report of the movie "Sakana no Ko" (released on September 9st) held in Tokyo. → Continue reading

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Original(Gensaku) isDerivative workRefers to the original work that produced.


At firstNovel(Light novel) Was announced inmovies,theater,Comic,Anime,GameIf it was developed in multiple media, the novel version would be the "original". Also, novels in multiple languages翻 訳If the original言语The one written in is called the "original work".

ComicIf "the person who thinks about the setting and the line" and "the person who finishes it as a work" are divided, the former is called "Original authorIs called. At this time, it becomes the prototype of the workConte・ The scenario is the "original".However, some derivative works are trying to faithfully reproduce the contents of the original, while others are almost different from the original, and like the latter, they are "almost different from the original". If so, "draft, Or "original work of adaptation". 『Suikoden"When"Nanso Satomi HakkendenThis is the relationship.

In addition, if a manga work in which the original author and the manga author are separated (only for the original story, excluding the manga of the novel) is visualized, not to mention the animation,Live actionEven if it is a work, both names are as the original authorcreditIt is customary to be done. The reason is that it is often visualized based on the commercial success of the joint work of both parties, and there are many cases where it is directed by referring not only to the story but also to the image, composition and frame division. ..

Copyright issue

Regarding the derivative works from the original work, "the original author" and "the creator of the derivative work" (Infomation,Anime production companyEtc.)CopyrightAnd variousIntellectual property right(Copyright adjacency,TrademarkEtc.) problems may occur.

Especially in recent years, the story has been developed simultaneously in multiple media such as manga/animation and games (Media mix) There are many works to be made, and the definition and boundaries of which medium (media) is to be the "original work" are not clear, and ambiguous works are increasing. Also de factoSpin-offIt is sometimes treated as.

When a work is media-mixed, various rights are distributed not only to the "original author" but also to the "publisher" and "animation production company", and are distributed to multiple people, thus "who" and "right" And "have responsibility"?, its location may become unclear. Therefore, the rights holders in animation and gameroyalty(royaltyDistribution, etc.), and it often develops into litigation and lawsuits.

Original author/manga artist/Anime production companyAs a work that caused problems betweenCandy candyAnd 'Space Battleship Yamato, Etc., and is sometimes referred to as a problem concerning intellectual property rights.

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