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🧑‍🎨 | Disney Store [Celebration 30th Anniversary] You can get an eco bag with a nostalgic design with Gacha.


Disney Store [Celebration 30th Anniversary] You can get a nostalgic design eco bag with gacha.

If you write the contents roughly
There are 6 types in total, and all of them are finished in a design that makes you feel nostalgic.

From August 2022, 8, at Disney Store stores, eco bags designed with past plastic bags will be used as gacha machines. → Continue reading

 Tokyo Bargain Mania

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6 types

    ノ ス タ ル ジ ア

    ノ ス タ ル ジ ア(British: nostalgia) OrNostalgia(Buddha: nostalgia) Is

    • From a foreign countryHometownNostalgia, and that nostalgia.To synonymsNostalgia(Today) ・Nostalgia(Bokyo) etc.
    • GoneTimeNostalgia, and that nostalgia.To synonymsNostalgia(Kaiko) ・Recollection(Keep up) etc.
    • Derived from the above two meanings, it is a feeling of fragility, sadness, or loneliness that accompanies nostalgia, and a feeling of loneliness. → Emotional (Youth language ""Emo Synonymous with),Sentimental,melancholicBrings emotions.

    Is defined as

    The antonym isNostphobia(Hate to return home)[1].


    The peopleNowGoing back in time from where you arePastAt a particular time, or空间Imagine a place that is far away from you, and say "nostalgic" for that particular time or space.感情It means to value with.

    Usually in timefutureIs not the target, and the targetnegativePart is excluded, convenientlyimageIs often reconstructed."Nostalgism", which affirms things of the past and relatively denies the present, is caused by this feeling.The future (or the future) envisioned by people in the pastnear future) May remind you of nostalgia, which isRetro futureIs defined as

    The person himself will take the time and spaceReal experienceIt doesn't matter if you did it or notthird partyRecall based on information from, and also selfCreationIt is also possible to expand and have this feeling by adding the imagination.

    It is also possible to have this feeling through this, in line with a specific thing or person brought from the past or from.

    The feeling that "in time and space, we can no longer return, experience, or reunite (maybe)" reminds or amplifies nostalgia and brings about the sentimental mood described above.


    This word is1688It is a concept newly created by the Swiss medical student Johannes Hofer (1669-1752). TwoGreek languageA synthetic word based on ("nostos": homecoming, and "algos": pain in the heart), with the fear that "I want to go back to my hometown, but I may never see it again." The pain in the heart of the sick person. "PsychiatristHe dealt with many cases of a mental illness called "nostalgia" and announced the results of his diagnosis. From the end of the 17th century to the end of the 19th century, the disease was "mal du pays (national pain: France)", "Heimweh (house pain: Germany)", "hiraeth (Welsh)", "mal de corazón (heart pain)". It was named in various languages, such as "Pain: Spanish)" and was the subject of medical research.

    In particular18st centuryから19st centuryOn the front lineSoldierThe prevailing nostalgia phenomenon was the subject of serious psychopathological research, and its causes and symptoms as a disease were analyzed.This phenomenon, full of feelings for hometown, is often transmitted among soldiers, but not when the troops are dominant, and often when the war situation is unfavorable.From a military point of view, the nostalgia of soldiers who think of their hometown when they have to inspire courage in the face of life and death is seen as a negative negative of the negative and a feeling that must be eliminated. Was done.

    By the end of the 19th century, interest in "nostalgia" as a category of psychiatry had almost disappeared.The original meaning of "serious medical illness" has disappeared, and the word "nostalgia" has come to appear in ordinary daily conversation.Now it's an idiom that usually misses the lost times and places of the past, not so long ago.However, even in modern times, "nostalgia" is "HomesickWhen it is treated in the same sense as ", or when the outlook for the future is bright and vigorous, there is often a blaming tone for looking back on the past and hometown.

    Analysis / interpretation

    America OfSociologyHe said that the prerequisite for a nostalgic experience is that there is a clear symmetry of "good past / bad present".Recall the living past with a positive sound against the background of some negative feelings about the present or imminent situationWas defined[2][3].

    further"No matter how much nostalgia is drawn from past memories to sustain the nostalgia experience, the factors that trigger us to feel nostalgia must still exist in the present.Nostalgia pointed out that it is not just an act of looking back on the past, but the current values.[3][4].

    In addition, Davis, nostalgia, identityEmphasized that it is deeply linked to the formation, maintenance and reconstruction of[3]..NostalgiayouthFrom the period of dependenceadultTo the independence period asSingleからmarriageIt is said that it will be noticeable at the turning point of life, such as from work life to retirement life, that is, the transition period of the life cycle suffering from anxiety about discontinuity.[3].. Similarly,戦 争,panic, Disturbance of civil life,CatastropheNostalgia also emerged due to social discontinuity and confusion caused by such phenomena, and this was called "collective nostalgia".[3]..As mentioned above, we conclude that nostalgia works to ensure continuity when there is a discontinuous crisis about some personal or social identity.[3](However, there are criticisms that by being too obsessed with the perspective of identity, all the various phenomena are linked to identity and interpreted.[5]).

    As for the psychological influence of nostalgia, nostalgia is psychological as a "psychological resource".well-beingResearch results showing that it has an effect on mental health and mental health have been published by academic journals in each country.[6][7]..Nostalgia can help improve self-esteem, counter psychological threats, find meaning in life, and be optimistic about the future.For example, in America社会 心理学According to J. Gebawell and C. Sedikides,Helping people recover from sadness and isolation, but not only that, nostalgic and wonderful memories can be a vaccine to prevent the terrible mood that will occur in the future.I concluded[3][8].

    Comparative literatureA person(English editionAccording to the report, nostalgia has two categories, "reconstructive (restorative) nostalgia" and "reflexive (reflective) nostalgia", the former trying to reconstruct the lost hometown beyond history. But the latter remains painful, lost, and longing[9]..And the former "reconstructive nostalgia" is sometimesmythTo create up to (as an example)Nazism,Korean nationalismSuch).According to Boym, "Nostalgia is a longing for a house that no longer exists or has never existed.Nostalgia is a feeling of loss and displacement, but also to its own fantasy.ロ マ ン スIs"[10].

    Nostalgia is "sweet and trivial, but at the same time harmless.HobbyOn the other hand, it is generally divided into the idea that it is okay to welcome it because it is harmless and nostalgic for the "good times", and the criticism that it is negative to be so sentimental.[10]..However, nostalgia is originally a term with a more complex historical background and implications, not just a longing for a "sweet" and "harmless" past.ModernityIt must not be overlooked that there was a history of being a public "threat" that uncovered the contradictions of[10]..So to speakrevolution,Industrial revolutionInProgressIn the age of modernity, where "" is the most important concept, nostalgia was never convenient because it was the reform of the future, not the introspection of the past.[10].

    moviesdirected by OfOshii MamoruIs "The act of making you feel nostalgia in that era is a fictional modern history, and it only neglects the settlement for that era.I'm switching to nostalgia even though the liquidation hasn't finished.From my point of view, nostalgia is just a methodology for creating fictional modern history.It's a device for forgetting history, "History forgetting device".He pointed out the danger that historical facts of the past could be hidden by nostalgia.[3][11].

    Writer OfMasaoka MatsuokaIs "Nostalgia is based on a longing for something that cannot be specified, but it is a line of sight that looks at the world at a point when it is out of the way that it cannot be specified.And also "The true identity of nostalgia stems from the lack of identity that the line of sight should follow.Therefore, nostalgia is not a recollection of what has passed, but a recollection of what has passed, not a feeling of wanting to regain the lost hometown, but a feeling of having lost the hometown that one wants to regain."[1].

    Reasons for recalling nostalgia and its targets

    Nostalgia emotions are humanfive senses(Visual,Hearing,Tactile sense,taste,Sense of smell) Can be obtained from all.The sense of smellOlfactory cells,Olfactory bulbThroughLimbic systemIt is said that it is easy to evoke memories and emotions because it is connected to (Prousteffect)[12]..VisionFeeling of sightMay be recalled from (déjà vu)[13]..Also, as mentioned in the previous section, this emotion can be induced by imagination or guessing, so differences in language and culture do not affect it.

    Nostalgia emotions caused by autobiographical memory may be due to the high frequency of contact with information at a certain time in the past and the long passage of time from the time of contact to the present.[13]..Frequent contact with things in the past, followed by a long blank period with no contact at all, and re-contact with things that have come into contact with or similar things in the present.[13]..With that thing as a clue, along with a strong feeling of nostalgia, personal memories and social events at that time are recollected in a chain reaction, and it goes to the past.time slipIs thought to occur[13].

    Nostalgia's emotions obtained from imagination and guessing are based on the seemingly incomprehensible mechanism of origin.Previous life"Memory", "Memory common to all humankind"occultMay be tied to a typical element.However, it is well known that many of them are related to the ease of self-projection and emotional transfer.Nostalgia emotions, which are generally obtained from imagination and guessing, are mainly visual information (originating or triggering) and are complete.Natural objectsthan,Artificial objectIt is recalled by the natural objects and spaces that accompany it.This is because it is easy to self-project and empathize with people and spaces related to things, and the experience is simulated by guessing.It creates the illusion of having experienced it in the past.A shift in consciousness from an individual-oriented inorganic object to an organic object[Annotation 1]Is (MetaphorAlso related to the action of[14][15][16]).Since this process is unconscious, it is difficult to control emotions by oneself.Moreover, since the conversion expands from visual information to auditory and olfactory information, even if only auditory and olfactory information is given after the blank period, the previously obtained nostalgia is recalled.

    As an exampleSatoyamaThe scenery of.Satoyama simply(I.e.When viewed as, it is a natural thing and does not make us feel the existence of human beings.Nostalgia's emotions are hard to recall because the mountains give an inorganic impression.But at the foot of the mountainPrivate house,fields,ShrineThe existence of such artificial objects causes self-projection to work on the people who lived / would have lived there.Inevitably, it gives a familiar and organic impression to the mountains, which gives the scenery a feeling of "nostalgia" (even if you have never actually lived there).The reaction isCicadaIt will be expanded to auditory and olfactory information such as the cry of

    On the other hand, it is also true that there are individual differences in the recall of such nostalgia.The feeling of nostalgia itself obtained by guessing in the past is an autobiographical memory,Mass mediaThere is a possibility that the impression is amplified by movies, novels, manga, etc. Also related to "nostalgia".orCollective unconsciousnessThere are many unclear points, such as the possibility of a relationship with.

    For example,MuseumIn the exhibition ofBlack and white photographyDareSepia styleOr turn on the lighting in the exhibition roomWarm colorsMake it a system夕 焼 けAll the methods such as bringing it closer to the image of are effective as a nostalgic production.[17], The law has not been fundamentally elucidated[3].

    In the flow of consumer behavior and advertising research, BB Stern defined "what is caused by the emotional transfer to historical stories and historical figures in the good old days before birth" as "historical nostalgia".[18]According to Keiko Horiuchi, the conditions for historical knowledge to become nostalgic have not been fully elucidated. For example, it is necessary to ask the meaning of "it does not feel nostalgic even if you look at the chronological table." Point out that there is[3][17].

    Target example

    For childrenmotherIs big and is called a mothericonIt may itself be replaced by nostalgia (for example,Special attack corpsA letter to the member's mother and "The taste of my mother"Such).AlsoyouthIs also symbolized in the same way and is often replaced by the word for nostalgia.

    Trend (boom)A series of things born from is easy to feel "nostalgia" because it symbolizes an era and is separated from the real world by the arrival of a new fashion.[13]..NormallyFashion(Hairstyle,make upIncluding law),Song,Automobile,Font,CMIt is applied to things that have a certain degree of freedom in design and expression and require constant change.BuildingIs a phenomenon that makes you feel the yearsPhysical deteriorationThis also induces "nostalgia" because it becomes apparent asRuins mania).Other,Comic,AnimeTouch of drawing in写真-acoustic-ImageIn all scenes, you can find things that show a specific historical background or historical transition in potential parts, such as the image quality and sound quality associated with the shooting method and recording method of the music, and the tone of the musical instrument used in the music. Reminds people of "nostalgia".

    Travel(Above allTraveling alone,wandering) Farewell to the encounters with people in the lands,Ichigo ichieThe feeling of (I think that I will never meet again for the rest of my life) tends to amplify nostalgia and is often sublimated as a work.A similar idea isBroken love,Death of a personIt can be said that such events are closely related to some kind of nostalgia.

    Also the seasonal "Summer: "Is going outleisureThere are many opportunitiesSummer Vacation-Buddhist vacationCoupled with the long holidays, personal memories are likely to be formed, and nostalgia due to autobiographical memory is likely to be induced.Also, compared to other seasonsVegetationColor and smell,昆虫It is thought that the fact that there are many phenomena that stimulate the sense of sight, smell, and hearing, such as the cry of, is one of the reasons why personal memories are likely to be formed.

    Lolita ComplexCan be interpreted as a personal nostalgia for the feelings of the same elderly girl when she was a child.

    Works based on nostalgia, etc.

    To personal nostalgia and hometown, regardless of age, east or westmelancholicThere are many examples of sublimation of psychological and emotional excitement into works such as literature and Kabuki, which can also be seen in classic masterpieces.

    Regarding songs, songs with themes such as "nostalgic memories" with lovers, family members, and acquaintances, as well as "parting", "regret", and "unexperienced" derived from them, became extremely popular in Japan. Because of this, the expression of nostalgia is one aspect that is the core of songwriting in the 1970s and 1980s.[19](One theory is that the tendency for music to be preferred is in the real world of that era.BusinessIt is also said to be in conflict with trends and social psychology).Nostalgia has an important meaning as a subject even in the recent music situation, and it may remind the listener of emotional and sentimental feelings.[20][21].

    fork,Blues,Country,Hawaiian,Bossa nova,フ ラ メ ン コ,Fado,Chanson,Enka,Ryukyu folk songsuch as,Folk song,Folk musicIt was popped while leaving the influence ofWorld musicThe idea of ​​"nostalgia" was the core of the nostalgia.Popular musicIt is a genre.AlsoHistorical drama,Historical drama,Historical movie,WesternSimilarly, a kind of "nostalgic" idea (or "historical nostalgia") based on nationalism is strong.theater-Video work.

    Studio GhibliIn the work, the buildings and cityscapes have been changed to the old style before the movie stage (intentional anachronism), or the lifestyles of the inhabitants have been described in detail on the buildings and background (texture expression). It is a work that makes it easy for the audience to feel nostalgia by adding the dramatic human pattern of the characters.[22].. Also"The man is painfulSeries andALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome』, Etc., is an old-fashioned man-made object (an old wooden building group that is reminiscent of Japaneseness and has a strong lifestyle) that exists to accompany the original human emotion of humanity, making it easier for the audience to embrace the emotions. However, by contrasting that element with the modern inorganic element, it reminds the audience of "nostalgia".[23].

    Also"My Neighbor TotoroShiro Yoshioka, who analyzed the nostalgia seen in 』, is a personal and direct experience by eliminating elements that point to a specific age and drawing it" independent of the temporal context of a specific past ". It is said that it leads to feeling nostalgia regardless of the presence or absence of[3][24]..In other words, the "lack of" real "settings and references to popular culture" about a particular time or place creates the "universality" of the work, which transcends the world of "Totoro" across generations. It could be a memory of the past[3].

    そ し て,Hayao MiyazakiThe nostalgia presented through his work is highly evaluated as being based on "rather, the present and the past are connected, and the consciousness of continuation that modern people simply forget the connection", and the lost past. It was positioned as the opposite of the "Showa 30's boom" and "retro boom" represented by "ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset" based on the desire to return to homesickness.[3].

    作家 OfEiji OtsukaIs "Chibi Maruko-chanAbout nostalgia seen in ""The subculture proper nouns in the work are not for identifying a specific era, but for setting a story in the fictional past of "nostalgic times".This kind of retro proper noun is not a concrete era or experience, but rather a signature that evokes unfounded nostalgia.The existence of this "retro proper noun" analyzes that "we have presented a nostalgia target for everyone that everyone feels comfortable and nostalgic for."[3][25]..In other words, through the abstract symbol of "nostalgic times", even young people who have not directly experienced the "Maruko" era are given a mechanism to feel nostalgia.[3].

    In the production process and contents of a work that is considered nostalgic, the emotional expression of "nostalgia" that the creator recalled may be depicted as a work.In this case, it is easy to understand objectively.[26](Assistance in linguistic thinking is allowed),song,movies,NovelThe expression is often seen in.These may also include works that express a nostalgic image in the foreground, simply for the autobiographical memory of the viewer.[27].

    Alternatively, the content of the work is merely a list of events and scales, but there are cases where the work is devised and structured to give viewers a "nostalgic" feeling.Since there is little intervention of linguistic thinking, the subjective aspect is also large, and it has an element that is difficult to judge unconditionally.However, more than a certain number of empathies can be seen from the criticisms of the general audience, and because they do not involve linguistic thinking, racial and cultural differences do not affect them.[28][29].instrumentalAnd someComic, Seen in movies, etc. (especially in Studio Ghibli movies and related music)[30]).

    However, it is self-evident that it is easy to feel "nostalgia" from the current point of view for works that were produced "at that time" as a daily routine at that time. "Old melodyIs a typical example), so be careful not to confuse it because it does not correspond to the above works.

    For specific works, see "Nostalgia (Ambiguity Avoidance) #Title""Category: Songs about broken heart""Category: Mourning music""Category: Youth-themed songs""Category: Farewell songs""Category: Graduation songSee, etc.


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