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🤖 | "Black Bus" Tetsuya Kuroko, Taiga Kagami and others in their swimsuits look like instant camera photos ♪ "Pashako ...

Photo "Kuroko's Basketball Pashakore" (C) Tadatoshi Fujimaki / Shueisha, Kuroko's Basketball Production Committee (C) "Kuroko's Basketball" Anime 10th Anniversary Project

"Black Bus" Tetsuya Kuroko, Taiga Kagami and others in their swimsuits look like instant camera photos ♪ "Pashako...

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From the TV anime "Kuroko's Basketball", "Pashakore" featuring famous scenes and newly drawn illustrations is now available. 2022… → Continue reading

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    Kuroko's Basketball

    "Kuroko's Basketball』(Kuroko basketball) isFujimaki TadatoshibyJapan OfComicthe work.


    UniversitybasketballWas the subjectBoy cartoonIt is a work and is also Fujimaki's first serialized work.The one-shot version is the 44th (November 2006)Jump Twelve Newcomer Manga AwardAwarded, "Red circle jump』(Shueisha) 2007 SPRING was published.After that, the main story was serialized from the 2009nd issue of 2 to the 2014th issue of 40 in "Weekly Shonen Jump".As a later story of the main story, "Boy jump +"Kuroko's Basketball Extra Edition" was serialized every other week from September 2014nd to December 9th, 22.Also,"Shonen Jump NEXT !!(Shueisha) From 2014 vol.6 to 2016 vol.1 "Kuroko's Basketball EXTRA GAMEIs serialized[1][2].

    The story count is "Q (quarter)".Abbreviation is "Black bus"Kuroko".The subtitle uses the lines that appeared in the work.

    From April 2012 to June 4, for three termsTelevision AnimationWas made.Super Anime Tour from TV AnimeGame・ Music CDs were derived.Detail isKuroko's Basketball (Anime)See.Also,"Boy jump +], The novel version of comicalize was serialized.

    From around October 2012, an incident occurred in which the author and related parties of the work were threatened, and the event was canceled and the product was removed.Suspect ArrestWas done.Tokyo District CourtAttrialdefendant TheProsecutionAfter admitting the content, the sentence of imprisonment for 4 years and June was confirmed.[3][4].


    Teiko Junior High School Basketball Club..A super-powerful school with more than 100 members and boasting three consecutive victories.Especially in its illustrious history, "strongestOne in 10 years who was proud of being undefeatedgeniusThe generation that had five people at the same time was "generation of miracles"It is called.

    However, there were strange rumors about the "Kiseki generation."Despite the fact that no one knows and there is no match record, there is another player that the five geniuses were looking at, "Phantom 6th personWas there.

    Main story

    Seirin Basketball Club Join (Volume 1 / TV Anime 1Q)
    Second year of foundationSeirin High School Basketball ClubHad set the goal of national domination.This part was the captain's last yearHinata Junpei, Of the control towerShun ItsukiOf course, the playersAida RicoAll of them, including the ones, were in the first grade, but they even participated in the IH (Inter-High) Metropolitan Qualifying Final League.
    There, the "Phantom Sixth Man" of the "Kiseki Generation"Tetsuya KurokoAnd a large rookie returning from the United StatesFire god taigaJoins the club.In contrast to Fire God, whose ability is obvious at a glance, Kuroko, who is inferior in physical ability, was a player whose existence was usually unnoticed.However, Kuroko goes through a practice gameGaze guidanceOverwhelm his teammates with an invisible pass that takes advantage of his lack of presence.Eventually, the two establish a play style with Kuroko as the shadow and Fire God as the light.And together, they promise to defeat the generation of Kiseki and become the best in Japan.
    Practice Match Seirin-Umijosen (Volume 1-2 / TV Anime 2Q-5Q)
    generation of miracles·Kise RyotaembraceKaijo High SchoolA practice match with was decided.At first, Seirin was treated as just a coordinator, but when Fire God broke the ring with a dunk, Kise participated and it became a full-scale match.Kise, who instantly copies the technique he saw and makes it his own, counterattacks with the same technique every time the fire god challenges.Fire God opposes Kuroko in a collaborative play, but Kuroko, who was originally unable to maintain gaze guidance for 40 minutes, was injured and was sent off temporarily.Kuroko re-enters from the end of the 3rd quarter and competes for points again.At the end, Fire God decides a dunk at the end of the game, and Seirin wins.
    Inter-High Tokyo Preliminary Round (Volume 2-6 / TV Anime 6Q-18Q)
    The Seirin Basketball Club will participate in the IH Tokyo Preliminary Round and win the tournament.
    Seirin-Masakuni Battle (Volume 3 / TV Anime 8Q-10Q)
    The opponent of the IH qualifying semi-final is a strong man who defeated Seirin last year by incorporating the movement of old martial arts into basketball.Masakuni High School..The first half was a last-minute match, but Seirin lowered Kuroko and Fire God to prepare for the Shutoku match.From the second half, the second grade members play an active part, and the response to the peculiar habit of ancient martial arts catches up and fulfills the humiliation.
    Seirin-Hidetoku Battle (Volume 3-5 / TV Anime 10Q-13Q)
    The opponent of the IH qualifying final is Kiseki's generation No. 1 shooterShintaro MidorimaTo holdShutoku High School..Seirin struggles with Midorima, who can shoot accurately from anywhere on the court, and Takao, who cannot guide Kuroko's line of sight.Fire God shows an activity by jumping power, but he runs into a self-righteous play and is given up by Kuroko.KurokoAccelerating pathIntroduced to counter Takao.At the end, two people stopped the shot between Midorima and won.Advance the pieces to the qualifying final league.
    Seirin-Kiriou Battle (Volume 5-6 / TV Anime 15Q-18Q)
    In the first match of the IH qualifying final league, the ace of the generation of KisekiDaiki AomineTo holdKiriou Gakuen High SchoolPlay against.However, in front of Aomine's overwhelming strength, which shows a play that can be transformed, Seirin has no hands or legs and is defeated with a double score.In addition to the mental damage, the fire god who hurt his leg in this game was forced to miss, and Seirin was defeated in all subsequent games.
    Training Camp / IH Kiriou-Kaijosen (Volume 7-9 / TV Anime 19Q-25Q)
    Makoto Rin who missed the IH participation.Kuroko feels her limits and tries to get out of Seirin's starter, but when she finds out that Fire God believes in herself, she recovers and vows to become stronger by the Winter Cup.I returned from hospitalization for knee treatment thereFive uncrowned generalsTwo peopleTeppei KiyoshiIn addition, a training camp for summer vacation will be held.Through joint practice with Hidenori, who happened to be in the same training camp, each member will surely grow.
    And on the last day of the training camp, I watched the IH quarter-final match between Kiri and Kaijo, which was held nearby.After a fierce battle, Emperor Kiri wins, but Aomine hurts his elbow in this match and is forced to miss the IH semi-finals and finals. The result of IH was 3rd place, Yosen, XNUMXnd place, Kiriou, and the winner was Rakuyama.
    Winter Cup Qualifying (Volume 10-12 / TV Anime 28Q-36Q)
    Seirin is a high school basketball tournament WC (Along with IH)Winter cup) Won the Tokyo qualifying round and advanced to the qualifying final league.Win the first match at Izumi Shinkan High School.
    Seirin-Hidetoku Battle (Volume 10-11 / TV Anime 29Q-32Q)
    The opponent of the second round of the WC qualifying final league is Shutoku High School. Unlike during the IH qualifying, Midorima, who was hungry for victory, came to give an accurate pass, and the match was a fierce battle for points.As Hidenori's lead spreads, Kuroko's new technique "Drive disappearingExplodes, and Seirin catches up at once.The game was entrusted to two free throws by Kiyoshi, but the last one came off due to the recurrence of knee pain, and it was a draw.
    Seirin-Kirisaki Round 12 (Volume 34 / TV Anime 36Q-XNUMXQ)
    The final round of the WC qualifying final league is one of the five uncrowned generalsMakoto HanamiyaLed byKirisaki Daiichi High SchoolPlay against.Last year, the foul play by Hanamiya and his colleagues was the direct cause of Kiyoshi's knee injury.This time too, the vicious rough play continued, and Kiyoshi shook himself up and kept the team, but he was pulled down to the bench at the limit.Kuroko, who was furious at Hanamiya's method, set out a whole pass, and Fire God slammed it into the goal.And Seirin wins and gets the right to participate in the WC main race.
    Winter Cup (Volume 13-30 / TV Anime 37Q-75Q)
    Training camp, Seirin-Kiriousen (Volume 13-16 / TV animation 37Q-43Q)
    Seirin, who made his first appearance in the WC, stays overnight at a hot spring inn at the recommendation of Rico.There, Kiri, who came to the same inn, asked me to play in the first WC match.The next day, Rico's fatherKagetora AidaWill be assigned as a temporary coach, and all the members will make adjustments for the match.Fire God is a basketball masterア レ ッ ク スTemporarily travel to the United States to practice under.
    And the match that was greeted will be a fierce competition from the beginning.Kuroko's disappearing drive and new technique "Accelerating pass / rotationWas captured by Aomine, and Kuroko, who had lost her gaze guidance, was the last big move, "Misdirection overflowIs activated and the Kiri Emperor is tossed about.and,"wildAomine finally became serious by interacting with the fire god who wore ""zoneThe ultimate with the fire god who entered the zone to followOne fightbecome.Seirin catches up to one point with five seconds remaining, but it was Aomine who won the rebound of Seirin's last free throw.However, Kuroko who was reading it passed a pass to Fire God, and at the end of the game, Fire God's dunk was decided and Seirin won.
    Seirin-Yozumi Battle (Volumes 17-19 / TV Anime 45Q-50Q)
    The opponent of the second game of the WC quarterfinal is the center of the generation of KisekiAtsushi ShiharaAnd the big brother of the fire godTatsuya HimuroTo holdYosen High School..In the 1st Q, Seirin ends up with no score in front of Yosen's absolute defender, but Kuroko's new technique "Phantom shootWith this as an opportunity, he breathes back and gradually accumulates points.Murasakibaru, who boiled his work to this, participated in OF himself and said, "Destruction Iron HammerAlthough he overwhelmed Makoto Rin, he abandoned the match because he couldn't compete with the fire god in the zone.Murasakibaru, who returned to the court again after persuading Himuro's whole body, finally entered the zone, but he ran out of leg strength due to continuous jumps and self-destructed, and Seirin won.
    Kaijo-Fukuda Sogo Gakuen Battle (Volumes 19-20 / TV Anime 51Q-53Q)
    After the war with Yosen, the fire god is advised by Kuroko and heads for Himuro.At that time he and AlexShogo AizakiWitness being entangled in.Aizaki is a regular in the basketball club of the former Emperor Yuan Kochu, and Kise has never beat him.
    The 4th match of the WC quarter-final is against KaijoFukuda Sogo Gakuen..In the early stages, the match was even, but Kaijo was cornered by the ability to steal the skills that Aizaki saw one after another.However, Aizaki is Kise's new technique, "Kise's new technique, which was encouraged by Kuroko.Perfect imitation"Cannot be stopped, and Kaijo wins a come-from-behind victory.
    Hidenori-Rakuyama Battle (Volume 20-21 / TV Anime 54Q-56Q)
    The first match of the WC semi-final is Hidenori and the captain of the Kiseki generation.Seijuro AkashiLed byRakuyama High SchoolBattle.The first half was equal, but from the second half Akashi said, "Emperor's EyeIs activated, and it becomes a one-sided game development of Rakuyama.Midorima receives Takao's pass while holding his arm and jumping, and shoots as it is.Aerial loading 3P chute", But the point difference was reduced at once, but this was also cut off by Akashi and Rakuyama won.However, Himuro, who was watching the game, has the impression that Rakuyama has not done his best yet.
    Seirin-Umijosen (Volumes 21-23 / TV Anime 57Q-62Q)
    In the second match of the WC semi-final, Seirin will face Kaijo, who is trying to get rid of the humiliation in the practice match.From the beginning, Seirin suffers from Kise's "perfect imitation".However, Kise's leg pain that broke down due to hard practice recurred, and she was once lowered to the bench.Kaijo, whose strength has fallen, struggles, but Seirin's attack cannot be suppressed and the point difference is widened.Kise, who returned to the final stage, hunts down Seirin by invoking perfect imitation again, but Kuroko's shot is decided at the end of the game, and Seirin wins by one point.
    Seirin-Rakuyama Battle (Volume 26-30 / TV Anime 67Q-75Q)
    The WC final is a match against Rakuyama.Akashi and the uncrowned five generalsReo Mibuchi-Kotaro Hayama-Eikichi NebuyaIn the early stages, the battle continues to move forward and backward, but because Kuroko's characteristic "thin shadow" has disappeared, gaze guidance loses its effect and it becomes a harsh total war.Moreover, of RakuyamaChihiro MayuzumiIt turns out that he is a new "phantom sixth person" who is a user of gaze guidance with the same "thinness of shadow" as Kuroko and has more physical ability than Kuroko.However, Kuroko dares to make the shadow stand out and "overwrites" the thinness of the shadow, regains the thinness of her own shadow, and gradually shrinks the behind of 6 points difference at the end of the second quarter.And in the 2th Q, Akashi enters the zone, but Fire God and Kuroko'sPseudo "Eyes of the Emperor"However, Akashi, who was cornered, finally returned to his original personality and activated a new ability that made the abilities of all allies almost like zones.However, the fire god who received the cheers from all over the venue said, "With Seirin's friends,"Directly connected zoneOpen the door and fight back.Akashi decides to shoot after that, but Akashi decides to shoot, but 3P from the side pass to Kuroko's Fire God, Itsuki's calm ball capture, Hinata Mibuchi's "earth" shoot imitation, Kiyoshi In the end, with Kuroko's assistance, Fire God scored a dunk and won by one point, and Seirin won the WC for the first time.


    Seirin Hen (Volume 11, 95-99Q / TV Anime 32Q-33Q)
    In the past, Hinata, Itsuki, and Rico were both devoted to basketball in the same junior high school, but they were losing the first round in all tournaments.Therefore, Hinata, who had never taken a break from practice until then, quit basketball at the same time as entering Seirin High School and became worse.
    The Seirin Basketball Club was founded by Kiyoshi, one of the "Uncrowned Five Generals," and Itsuki, Mitobe, Koganei, and Hinata, who was persuaded by Kiyoshi, also joined.Then, at the morning assembly, he declared to all the students from the rooftop that he would aim to be the best in Japan, and Riko, who knew Hyuga's determination, joined the club as a director.
    After a while, Tsuchida, a beginner, joined the team after practicing with Hinata as captain. There were only 6 players, and all of them were in the 1st grade, but thanks to the success of Hinata and Kiyoshi, they advanced to the final league.However, Kiyoshi was injured in the IH qualifying final due to a foul act at Kirisaki Daiichi High School, which has Hanamiya, one of the "Uncrowned Five Generals," and left the battlefield for a long time.Makoto Rin, who lacked the point, was in the final league of the Tokyo qualifying round.Three great championsCompletely lost to the opponent with a triple score. IH participation did not come true.
    After that, Hinata inspired Kiyoshi who was injured and vowed to be the best in Japan next year.
    Teiko Hen (Volume 23-25 ​​/ TV Anime 63Q-66Q)
    Kuroko started playing basketball when she was in the fifth grade of elementary school, inspired by a TV game.Later, he was a boy from another school and was better at basketball than Kuroko.Ogiwara ShigehiroI will practice with.And when his transfer is decided, he vows to fight in a national junior high school game someday.
    Although he entered Teiko Junior High School, which is a strong basketball school, in the same grade of the basketball club, Akashi, Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibaru, and Aizaki were all strong men who were immediately active in the first army, and Kuroko became the third army for a long time. It stops and is about to be frustrated.However, Akashi discovered the talent of "thin shadow" and was promoted to the first army by incorporating the technique of gaze guidance into basketball.With Aomine as his companion (light), he developed a different talent.
    In the spring of 2nd year, Kise joined the basketball club.As Aizaki retired, he moved up regularly.However, Aomine is desperate that his extraordinary talent has blossomed and the difference in ability with the surroundings has opened too much, and he begins to skip practice.In the summer of this year, Teiko won the championship in a row while struggling.That year, Ogiwara's team was eliminated and the promise was not fulfilled.
    After winning the championship in a row, the director, Platinum Cultivation, lays down on the bed.After that, the president will treat the "Kiseki generation" specially.At the same time, the talents of Midorima, Kise, Shihara, and Akashi bloom, and Akashi changes suddenly like a different person.Eventually, in addition to Aomine, Murasakibaru tends to skip practice and loses sincerity to the other team.Kuroko was disappointed with their play style, but couldn't stop it.
    Kuroko, who is in the third grade, meets the fire god who was disappointed with Japanese basketball and the newly founded Seirin High School Basketball Club.In addition, he stares at the latter team-play-conscious match with a desire.Kuroko is injured in the semi-finals.Ogiwara goes to visit Kuroko before the final, but when he meets Akashi, the difference in values ​​is revealed.Ogiwara despairs in the playful play of Teiko in the final, and Kuroko also leaves basketball.However, Kuroko hears Ogiwara's message, "Kuroko will surely change the generation of Kiseki," and decides to continue playing basketball.After seeing the basketball game, Kuroko goes on to Seirin High School.


    EXTRA GAME (EX before and after / theatrical version "LAST GAME")
    The following year after Seirin won the WC for the first time,AmericaA young street basketball team that boasts overwhelming popularity and abilityJabberwockIs coming to Japan.However, Jabberwock was in an exhibition match with the team "StrkyTo Borokas, and to be the leader of the teamNash Gold JrTo the JapaneseRacismMake a typical statement.Kagetora Aida, who was angry at this, declared a revenge match.After that, Kuroko and others gathered to defeat Jabbarwock, and a special team centered on the "Kiseki generation" "VORPAL SWORDSIs formed.


    部 ス ケ 部generation of miraclesFive uncrowned generals
    Seirin High School(Tetsuya Kuroko
    (Fire god taiga
    Teppei Kiyoshi
    Kaijo High SchoolKise Ryota
    Shutoku High SchoolShintaro Midorima
    Kiriou Gakuen High SchoolDaiki Aomine
    Yosen High SchoolAtsushi Shihara
    Rakuyama High SchoolSeijuro AkashiEikichi Nebuya
    Reo Mibuchi
    Kotaro Hayama
    Fukuda General High School(Shogo Aizaki
    Kirisaki Daiichi High SchoolMakoto Hanamiya

    Of the personsoundIs the anime version unless otherwise specified.

    Seirin High School

        Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko Tetsuya)
    Voice- Kenshō Ono / Ami Koshimizu(VOMIC
    Height: 168 cm (155 cm at the time of entering junior high school) / Weight: 57 kg / Birthday: January 1 / Family composition: Father / Mother / Grandmother
    Seirin high school first grader.The position is unknown.The uniform number is 1 (11 in junior high school).The nickname given by Keitora is "light".
    Of this workhero..Originally from the basketball club of Teiko Junior High School, the members of the Kiseki generation also took notice.Phantom 6th person. "
    Usually, the shadow is extremely thin so that the other person in front of you will not notice it.[Annotation 1], Expressionless[Annotation 2]And self-assertion is modest.I'm not good at making jokes and making voices.He is basically polite, such as speaking politely to anyone, and has a calm and calm personality to say frankly.Therefore, it plays a role in regaining normality by taunting the fire god who tends to get hot.[Annotation 3]..Although he rarely gets angry, he is angry at the outrageous deeds and insults to his teammates, revealing his emotions, and his wording becomes rough.I don't give up until the end even in a game with a weak win, and I hate to lose from the bottom of my heart.A small meal, my favorite is vanilla shake.My hobby is reading and my specialty is Japanese, but other subjects are average.[Annotation 4].
    Initially, he faced the match with the goal of "making light (fire god) the best in Japan as a shadow", but after being defeated by the junior high school partner Aomine's Kiri Emperor in the IH qualifying, "Tetsuya Kuroko" Instead of "the sixth person," he changed his mind to "I want to be the best in Japan as the 6th Kuroko Tetsuya of Seirin High School."
    Physical ability is low[Annotation 5], The technique is so immature that it is impossible to decide a free layup shot.However, taking advantage of his extraordinary observing eyes and lack of presence, "Gaze guidanceRemove the mark of the other party by "" and splendidSteelAnd lead the team to the score by pass work.In addition, he has experienced national-level games during the Teikoku era, so he is good at judging the situation and sometimes plans his own strategy.Initially, he avoided holding the ball with the strongest presence on the court, but with the encouragement of his seniors and rivals, he said, "Drive disappearing"Phantom shootIt has become possible to acquire skills such as "and score by yourself."But too "stand outThe buzzer beater in the play and the regular battle against the sea is damaged, and in the battle against Rakuyama, the shadow is lost at the beginning of the game.However, by making Mayuzumi intentionally score and make it stand out, "Overwrite, And succeed in regaining the thinness of the shadow.At the end of the game, in order to counter Akashi who entered the zone, " Pseudo "Eyes of the Emperor"To show off.
    In "EXTRA GAME", he was always angry at the outrageous deeds of "Jabberwock".At the end of the game, he took the ball from Nash and assisted the combination of Fire God and Aomine.
    Taiga Kagami
    Voice- Tomoki Ono(childhood:Michiko Kaiden) / Katsuyuki Konishi(VOMIC)
    Height: 190 cm / Weight: 82 kg / Birthday: August 8
    Kuroko's companion in Seirin, a first-year student at Seirin High School.The position is PF (Power forward).The uniform number is 10.The nickname given by Keitora is "Akaino".
    From the generation of Kiseki, one genius in the same 10 years as them, "Kiseki that is not miracleIt is said that.
    With bifurcated eyebrows and a blessed muscular body,AmericaOn the way homereturnee children..A hot-blooded man full of challenge spirit and aspirations.When I first met Kuroko, I didn't have a very good impression of each other, but as I played together, I became a close friend.He has a gentle and easy-going personality, such as being unable to play a serious game because he is afraid that his brother's bond with Himuro will be broken.When I returned to Japan, I was disappointed with the low level of Japanese basketball.[Annotation 6]However, I temporarily stopped playing basketball when I was in the third year of junior high school.[Annotation 7].
    Since his father remains in the United States for work reasons, he is currently living alone in an apartment near the WC main battle venue.Private life is simple and the room has minimal furniture and basketball equipment.Since he does the housework himself, he sometimes serves his own dishes at the club activities training camp, and he is also a big eater.Strong, rough and strong in fights, but not good at dogs and ghost stories.As for basketball, he sometimes shows excellent sharpness, but he is not good at studying and his academic performance is poor.[Annotation 8], Makoto Rin's entrance exam passed at the last minute.He is fluent in everyday English, but because he is "too detailed"English classI am not good at it.He was not good at using honorifics because he had been in the United States for a long time, but gradually more and more people said that he would pay respect to his superiors and talented people.
    When I was in junior high school in the United States, there were only a few Japanese people floating around, but when I met Himuro, who later became my big brother, I became obsessed with basketball.The ring chain around the neck is a proof of the brothers who separated from this ice house.However, he left the United States in the form of a quarrel, creating a feud because he played a sloppy play because he was concerned about the injured Himuro.
    A large rookie who acts as the ace of Seirin in the first grade.StreetballCharacterized by the rough style of preparation, he has a talent comparable to the generation of Kiseki while developing.Especially the jumping power that increases in height every time it flies, boasting an overwhelming highest point and flight time[Annotation 9]Is the greatest weapon, but it can't be used extensively because it consumes stamina and legs.Also, the ball with the left handhandlingI was not good at it, but later succeeded in correcting it. I went to the United States before the WC, and under the guidance of Alex, "Wild"Regain.
    In the match-up with Aomine in the WC match against Kiri Emperor Gakuen, "zoneAnd break open the breakthrough.In the match against Yosen, he was so distressed that he tried to rely on the zone and was strongly criticized by Kise, but as a result of blasting and re-recognizing his play, he rushed into the zone and learned by special training with Alex.Meteor dunkTo show off.In the regular battle against the sea, he showed rapid growth during the match and broke through the defense by the double team.In the match against Rakuyama, he entered the zone immediately after the start of the match and scored the first goal from Rakuyama.It was counterattacked by Akashi, and although it was solved once, he entered the zone again with the resurrection of Kuroko and tossed with a long wide area defense.After that, he was caught up in Rakuyama's team play, but with the cheers of the spectators, he opened the "second door" in the depths of the zone and "Directly connected zoneRush into.
    In the match against "Jabberwock" of "EXTRA GAME", two minutes before the end of the game, he entered the zone with Aomine and decided the final dunk to decide the game with Aomine. In "LAST GAME", with Alex's recommendation, he moved to American High School, which has a strong team, and left Japan.
    Riko Aida (Riko Aida)
    Voice- Chiwa Saito / Ayumu Fujimura(VOMIC)
    Height: 156 cm / Birthday: February 2
    Seirin High School Basketball Club Director and DirectormanagerSecond grader who serves as.Kagetora Aida's only daughter, called "Rikotan ♡" by Kagetora.
    Commonly called "Kantoku'[Annotation 10]..The members are basically called by their surnames, but Kiyoshi, a former lover, always calls them "Teppei".[5]..Also, at the end of the match with Rakuyama, Hinata was called "Shunpei".
    I am in charge of strategy planning, schedule management, training menu creation, etc.Since I was a child, I became familiar with athlete data and the body, so I was the same as my father.Eyes to read"have.However, he is very poor at cooking, and although it improves to some extent under the guidance of Fire God, he continues to do so.SupplementExtra effort is added, such as mixing a large amount of.
    It's sometimes said to be cute, but it's just the last B cupLean milkIs a complex,巨乳And the man whose eyes are caught by it is hostile.In addition, Momoi, who makes fun of her chest every time, is called a puss and competes with each other.
    Sincere and serious about basketball.It may also be the storyteller of the story.
    With a clear mind, he ranked second among 2 second graders in the ability test.It is mainly her who accuses the fire god of being "stupid."
    Junpei Hyuga
    Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya / Kawaji Shinji(VOMIC)
    Height: 178 cm / Weight: 68 kg / Birthday: August 5
    A second-year student who is the captain of the basketball club of Seirin High School.Position is SG (Shooting guard).The uniform number is 4 (13 of "VORPAL SWORDS" in "EXTRA GAME").The nickname given by Keitora is "Puttsun Glasses".
    It has a sober and mild-mannered appearance with glasses, but once the "switch" is turned on, it shows the true nature of a provocative poisonous tongue.The habit is "Daaho".A spiritual pillar of sincerity that does not lose confidence in any situation.He is from the same junior high school basketball club as Rico and Itsuki.In junior high school, his record was not good, and he tried to stop playing basketball once and become bad, but he has a history of regaining his passion for basketball while working with Kiyoshi.My parents' housebarberAnd myselfhaircutI have the knowledge of.There is a depiction that he likes Rico.
    One of the best in sincerityClutch shooterSo, when the "switch" is on, the concentration will increase further and the success rate will increase significantly.Clutch modeIs called.To be strong against the pressure, "I like as many shots as I missed.Sengoku warlordEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAs a result of being forced to take the special training of "breaking", the current bullish personality was formed.It is a powerful scoring source for Seirin along with Fire God and Kiyoshi, and the flow of the game often changes with Hinata's 3P (three-point) shot.However, as a guard player, he moves slowly and is not good at dribbling, so the situation where the ball is stealed is conspicuous. Received Keitora training before WC and said, "Inviolable shoot".
    I longed for it in middle schoolNBAplayerRay AllenAlthough he imitated the shoot form of, he gave up because the success rate declined, and established the current form with reference to Mitsubuchi of Rakuyama, who was in the neighborhood at that time.The shooting rate is one of the highest in the film, and Wakamatsu praised him as "If you pass Midorima, you might be the top 3P shooter."
    He was the only starting member to play full-time, but in the match against Rakuyama he took 4 fouls of regret and was lowered to the bench, but Koganei's good fight saw a slight difference between Mibuchi's three shots and he. At the end of the game, he imitates his "ground" shot and seizes the chance of a reversal.
    In the ability test, it is 2th out of 305 second graders, which is the worst grade in the second grader of the basketball club.
    Shun Izuki
    Voice- Hiroshi Nojima / Takashi Ohara(VOMIC)
    Height: 174 cm / Weight: 64 kg / Birthday: August 10
    A sophomore who serves as the deputy captain of the basketball club of Seirin High School.Position is PG (Point guard).The uniform number is 5.The nickname given by Keitora is "Cuticle Sara Otoko".
    Like Hinata, Seirin participates in most games full-time.There is no outstanding talent, but "Eagle eyesWith an accurate path that makes use of the wide field of view ofCommand towerServe. In front of the WC, a back chip that makes use of the eyes of an eagle "Eagle claws".The basketball history is from the second grade of elementary school, and it is the most in SeirinCareersIs long.
    A relatively common sense person in Seirin, but his family[Annotation 11]All togetherpunI like it and have a lot of puns to write down puns[Annotation 12]..My teammates often smoked me because I suddenly said puns, and the woman who was the most popular in the team but was attracted to the looks also disillusioned and left.
    In the WC's battle against the sea, there was a depiction that was the most licked among Seirin regulars, but the recognition was changed in the subsequent good fight, and it seems to be recognized as a "first-class player" by Hayama of Rakuyama. become.In the match against Rakuyama, Hayama, who was serious about it, was stopped in cooperation with the fire god, and in the final stage, the surroundings became hot. It contributed greatly to the victory.
    In the ability test, 2st out of 305 second graders.
    Teppei Kiyoshi
    Voice- Kenji Hamada
    Height: 193 cm / Weight: 81 kg / Birthday: August 6
    Seirin High School sophomore.Position is C (セ ン タ ー).The uniform number is 7.The nickname given to him by Keitora is "Natural'boke's Man".
    "Five uncrowned generalsOne of the nicknames is "Iron core".Founder of Seirin Basketball Club.
    I was dating Rico for a while[5]..When I was in the hospital, I was addicted to Hanafuda and recommended it to the people around me, but it was washed away every time.
    Say that you really received a gag or that you were misaligned with a straight faceNatural bokehHowever, he has an indomitable fighting spirit and a very friendly personality.According to Hinata, "the most sincere man in the basket".Murasakibaru and Hanamiya are not good at it.The habit is "Enjoy!"
    I have been playing basketball since junior high school, and my friend introduced me to this sport as a sport where I can make the most of my complex height.During last year's IH Tokyo qualifying, he felt uncomfortable with his knee and injured his knee in the final due to the strategy of his opponent, Hanamiya.After a treatment period of more than one year, he will return to the Seirin basketball club after the defeat of IH.However, it has not been completely cured, and it is a weak point in fighting strong enemies.
    Taking advantage of the big hand that can hold the ball with one hand and the strength of grip strength, you can forcibly change the play just before letting go of the ball.Right to come laterIn WCreboundNew technique for "Vice clawTo show off.It is often mistaken for a skillful player due to its technique, but it also has power, and although it is said to be the number one high school player except for Murasakibaru as C, he is originally good at PG who makes use of his allies with a pass.Later, Koganei's casual words led to the establishment of a style of "command tower under the goal" that manages these two positions at the same time.
    In the WC battle against Yosen, he had a battle experience in the past and was completely beaten up by Murasakibaru, who is also a relative, but with the support of his own fighting spirit and friends, he revived with Hinata and Fire God. To capture the attacks of Himuro and Murasakibaru in cooperation with.In the match against Rakuyama, although pushed by the power of Nebuya, he was inspired by Hinata and pushed back by removing the unconscious save to avoid the deterioration of his knees, and took off the rebound of Hinata's free throw at the end of the game.At Alex's recommendation after the matchAmericaWill have surgery.
    He has a very clear thinking, and his ability test is in the top 2 out of 305 second graders.
    Shinji Koganei
    Voice- Takuya Eguchi / Atsushi Abe(VOMIC)
    Height: 170 cm / Weight: 67 kg / Birthday: August 9
    Seirin High School sophomore.Position is F (forward).The uniform number is 6.The nickname given to him by Keitora is "Nyanko Kobo".
    Nickname is "Koga". "Akane(Voice- Rei Shimoda ) ”Has an older sister who looks exactly like her face.
    It features a cat-like mouth.He is a very cheerful and energetic person, and has a spirit that will not be disappointed even in difficult times.In middle schoolTennisAlthough he belonged to the club, he was inspired by the Mito club, which was a basketball club in the same junior high school, and started playing basketball in high school.Become an interpreter who speaks for the quiet Mitobe's will.
    He has high athletic ability cultivated in the tennis club, but all abilities and skills are reasonable.Therefore, it is called "I can do anything but I can't do anything", "Mr. Poor dexterity", etc.His specialty is all-range shooting and the success rate is reasonable.
    I couldn't keep up with the practice and decided to leave the basketball club, but I was disappointed by the opposition from Mitobe and the scolding from my sister.
    In the match against Rakuyama, unconsciously "wildIs activated, and he is astonished.As a result, it wasn't suitable, but Hinata was able to capture his shot.
    In the ability test, 2nd out of 305 second graders, the second grader in the basketball club has the best grades next to Kiyoshi and Riko, and there are no strong or weak subjects.
    Rinnosuke Mitobe
    Voice- Go Inoue[Annotation 13] / Fumiyasu Okabayashi(VOMIC)
    Height: 186 cm / Weight: 78 kg / Birthday: August 12
    Seirin High School sophomore.Position is PF (2st year) → C.The uniform number is 1.The nickname given by Keitora is "Mutsuri".
    A quiet and warm worker.Be anxious and care for the people around you.My parents' house is a big family, and it is always crowded with young brothers and sisters.The name of the oldest sister is "Chigusa(Voice- Maasa Kobayashi ).
    My specialty isHook shootAnd there is also a height that can handle dunks. It also features a high defensive power called "Ibushi Gin".After Kiyoshi's return, he will participate with Koganei as a substitute for Kuroko and Kagami.
    In the ability test, 2st out of 305 second graders.
    Satoshi Tsuchida (Satoshi Tsuchida)
    Voice-Go Inoue
    Height: 176 cm / Weight: 70 kg / Birthday: August 5
    Seirin High School sophomore.The position is PF.The uniform number is 2.The nickname given by Keitora is "Takeshi".
    Nickname is "Tsuchii. "
    Characterized by thread. Since he joined the club at the end of the two years and started playing basketball from high school like Koganei, he is a reserve worker who has few turns from around the first year, but when he participates, he will play an active part by taking advantage of the rebound of his specialty.A few common sense people in the basketball club with many unique people.Makoto Rin basketball club's only girlfriend (voice-Mama Kobayashi) has.
    With her encouragement before the WC match against Rakuyama, she reaffirmed the importance of the reserve player and pulled the other bench members with the cheers from the bench during the match.
    In the ability test, 2st out of 305 second graders.
    Koki Furihata
    Voice- Naoki Mizutani
    Height: 170 cm / Weight: 60 kg / Birthday: August 11
    Seirin high school first grader.The position is PG.The uniform number is 1.The nickname given to him by Keitora is "Tea Patsu".
    Nickname is "free. "
    Characterized by brown hair.In order to get along with my favorite girl, I joined the club aiming for the best in basketball.
    He is very timid, but at best he is cautious and cautious, and as a result makes it possible to make games suitable for slow-paced low-score games.
    In the WC's regular battle against the sea, he participated in the middle of the game for the purpose of slowing down the pace of the game, and made his official debut for the first time in the first grade other than Kuroko and Kagami.
    Koichi Kawahara
    Voice- Yasuhiro Yoshimoto
    Height: 175 cm / Weight: 64 kg / Birthday: August 5
    Seirin high school first grader.Position is SF (Small forward).The uniform number is 15.The nickname given by Keitora is "Kuromame".
    Characterized by a shaved head.Since I was sick in my childhood, I started playing basketball.In anime, the story is so long that you can get into your own world.He quit the basketball club for a while, but he was encouraged by the falling flag and recovered.He made his official debut in the WC match against Rakuyama in the form of replacing Fukuda.
    Hiroshi Fukuda
    Voice- Hiroo Sasaki
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 70 kg / Birthday: August 4
    Seirin high school first grader.The position is C.The uniform number is 1.The nickname given by Keitora is "Fukusuke".
    Characterized by short black hair, he is the second tallest in the first grade after Fire God.His hobby is helping people, and in the anime and novel versions, he joined the club after receiving the puns of Itsuki.Wear a hat when you go out privately.The official debut in the WC battle against Rakuyama in the form of replacing the flag.
    Tetsuya No. 2
    Voice-Hirofumi Nojima
    A dog kept at Seirin High School.The uniform number is 16.The nickname given by Keitora is "Inumaru".
    Commonly called "2 No.. "
    Abandoned dog picked up by Kuroko after IH.It was named Koganei because it looks exactly like Kuroko.Friendly and friendly personality.It has a human-like side instead of a dog, and is particularly responsive to basketball.Makoto Rin tailored to the size for dogsuniformMay be wearing[Annotation 14]..I often have an answering machine in high school because I can't bring him to the match venue, but I had Koganei bring me in the WC qualifying and Alex in the WC final.
    Since it appeared earlier than the original in the anime, the number of turns has increased significantly.He played a leading role in the weekly cut of the second ED2 of the anime version, and met a person who was not involved in the main story.It is also loved by people other than Seirin's members.
    Kenji Takeda
    Seirin High School Basketball ClubAdviser..An elderly male teacher watching over the students while trembling with a cane.
    Basketball is an amateur, and he is just watching in the game.

    Member collaborators

    Kagetora Aida
    Voice- Shinichiro Miki
    Height: 181 cm / Weight: 75 kg / Birthday: February 2 / Age: 6 years old
    Rico's father. A former all-Japan national team SF who is the owner of "Aida Sports Gym".The jersey number at the time of active duty was 7.
    Part of the facility is rented free of charge for the practice of the Seirin High School Basketball Club.He used to be a director, but now he is retiring and putting his know-how into his daughter.My hobby is to give nicknames to others.
    Like my daughter, "Eyes to read, And its eyesight can analyze the physical data of the other party more accurately than the daughter.
    She loves her daughter and cares when she stays up all night before the match, but she sometimes gets too merciless sanctions.
    He is familiar with all the managers of the team to which the generation of Kiseki belongs after entering high school, and they are basically given strange nicknames.[Annotation 15].
    In "EXTRA GAME", he directed "VORPAL SWORDS".
    Voice- Yuki Kaida
    Height: 180 cm / Birthday: August 8 / Age: 8 years old
    A beautiful American woman with blonde hair, sunglasses, and a G-cup bust.Fluent in Japanesebilingual..Himuro, the teacher of the fire god, from the two people "ア レ ッ ク スIs called.
    With great skill that led the team to the throne from collegeWNBABut a former professional basketball bowler who played an active part.Although he was a well-known star player in Japan, he was forced to retire due to a sudden deterioration in his eyesight.Immediately after he retired, it was rough, but while teaching basketball to the basketball-loving boy Fire God and Himuro, he felt a sense of purpose and regained his composure.He is currently coaching at a local basketball club.He visits Japan to watch the match between Fire God and Himuro, and often acts with Seirin members.
    He has a free-spirited personality that makes the Japanese look a little over-skinship, such as kissing the person he likes, and even if the fire god sees him naked, he is calm.To Himuro and Kagami as the opposite sex, he said, "I wonder if I should think about it if I'm an adult."barbecueIs good atAnimeMy hobby is watching.

    High school to which "Kiseki generation" belongs

    Kaijo High School

        Ryota Kise
    Voice- Ryohei Kimura / Takashi Ohara (VOMIC)
    Height: 189 cm (1 cm in the first year of junior high school) / Weight: 171 kg[Annotation 16] / Birthday: May 6th
    Kaijo High School first grader.The position is SF.The uniform number is 1 (7 → 16 in junior high school).
    After only two years of basketball history, "generation of miraclesA genius who has been listed in the list.
    A beautiful boy with long eyelashes on the corners of both eyes and piercings on the left ear.She has a well-organized appearance that makes women make noise on the road, and is active.Fashion ModelIt is also active as.Even in the official fan book, it is described as "beautiful".The name of the person you admit is called "○○ cchi", and the ending is "~".SsuThe way of speaking is a habit.He has a sociable personality, but he is arrogant and looks down on people he doesn't like.At first, he behaved cheekyly to his seniors and was scolded by Kasamatsu for his arrogant words and deeds. As an ace, he gains the trust of his teammates.
    Self-proclaimed "Kuroko's best friend".Kuroko and Fire God are the first generation of Kiseki to play against each other, and after being defeated, they become aware of Seirin as a rival.Since then, he has often visited the match venue of Seirin, and there are many depictions of Kuroko and Fire God.
    He had excellent motor skills since he was in junior high school, but he soon became better than others, so he had no sports to be absorbed in, and he was bored without joining any particular club activities.However, in the spring of the second year of junior high school, when he saw Aomine's practice scene, he recognized that he could not win and joined the basketball club longing for him.I challenged Aomine many times during practice, but I couldn't win in the end.
    Taking advantage of the speed of swallowing, you can instantly reproduce the technique of the opponent you saw once "ImitationHas the technology.However, he could not imitate the skills of other generations of Kiseki who surpassed each other's physical ability, and due to his short basketball history, he ridiculed himself as "the lowest in the generation of Kiseki" and "there are five people". ing.However, when he played against Aomine in the IH match against Kiri, he succeeded in imitating his play style by abandoning his longing for Aomine. When playing against Aizaki, who has a connection with Fukuda in the WC, you can use all the techniques of Kiseki's generation with the encouragement of Kuroko.Perfect imitationIs used.
    In the game against Jabberwock of "EXTRA GAME", he activated the perfect imitation and the zone at the same time, overwhelmed the silver for a short time, and was described by Midorima as "the strongest on the court only at this moment".
    Yukio Kasamatsu
    Voice- Soichiro Hoshi / Sakurai Toru(VOMIC)
    Height: 178 cm / Weight: 66 kg / Birthday: August 7
    A third-year student who is the captain of Kaijo High School Basketball Club.The position is PG.The jersey number is 3 (4 of the college basketball team "Strky" in "EXTRA GAME").
    A national district player whose articles are published in specialized magazines.Kaijo's spiritual pillar, which is highly trusted by his teammates.With a hot-blooded manSports ClubTake communication that makes you imagine.
    I hate to lose, and I will never forget to give back to the provocation in basketball.He has a calm judgment and the courage to not be scared even if he is bigger than himself.He is good at turnarounds and fadeaway jumpers, and his speed has been described as the fastest among the opponents who have fought since Itsuki, except for the generation of Kiseki.
    Last year's Kaijo was a team that could aim for the IH victory, but allowed a reversal due to a pass mistake in Kasamatsu and lost the first match.From that feeling of guilt, he takes responsibility and thinks about leaving, but the director appoints such Kasamatsu as captain.That raised the significance of existence as captain and the height of IH conquest.For that reason, he took pride in being a Kaijo player, never treated Kise specially from the beginning, and said to him, who had a tendency to grow.Respect for superiors, especially those who work longer than youHe scolds him as a newcomer to Kaijo, not as a generation of Kiseki.In the anime version of the WC quarter-final match against Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School, he was angry at the unmanned words and deeds of Ishida and others, who were seniors in Aizaki. I was talking.
    Even the girls in the group photo of the class are not so good at women that they can't look directly at them, and they have never had a proper conversation.
    Hiroshi Kobori (Koji Kobori)
    Voice- Yoshihito Sasaki
    Height: 192 cm / Weight: 74 kg / Birthday: August 10
    A third-year student who is the deputy captain of the basketball club at Kaijo High School.The position is C.The uniform number is 3.
    "Soft" C with weak but excellent skill.Kise's ""Accelerating pass / rotationThe physical ability is high enough to receive.According to Kise, "quite good people"[6].
    Yoshitaka Moriyama (Yoshitaka Moriyama)
    Voice- Tomoyuki Higuchi
    Height: 181 cm / Weight: 67 kg / Birthday: August 2
    Kaijo High School third grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 3.
    The shoot form is unique and draws a swaying trajectoryNon-rotating chuteMakes a gap that is difficult to block.
    Recognizing Kise, who has changed since losing the practice match with Seirin, he will follow him as a member of the team during the match.One of the "unfortunate handsome guys" in the film.I love cute girls and fight for the child I found on the spot, but I'm not popular because Nampa's mouth has changed.
    Mitsuhiro Hayakawa
    Voice- Kazunori Nomada
    Height: 185 cm / Weight: 77 kg / Birthday: August 8
    Kaijo High School sophomore.The position is PF.The uniform number is 2.
    He is a very hot-blooded man and speaks fast.I have a bad tongue and can't say anything.He is good at rebounding, and Kasamatsu is also pushing for his ability.
    Like Moriyama, he didn't have a good impression of Kise at first, but he began to admit that Kise had changed since he lost the practice match with Seirin.After the retirement of Kasamatsu et al., He was appointed captain.
    Shinya Nakamura
    Voice- Ryuuzo Hasuike
    Height: 181 cm
    Kaijo High School third grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 2.
    Appeared in the 190th Q, taking turns with Kise.I'm wearing black-rimmed glasses.
    He has a history of advancing to the best 8 of all, and his defensive power was described as No. 1 at that time.
    I'm not good at talking with Kise alone because the conversation doesn't continue.
    Genta Takeuchi
    Voice- Hiroki Yasumoto
    Birthday: March 3 / Age: 3 years old
    Director of Kaijo High School Basketball Club.Social studies(Japanese history)teacher of.Former All Japan National Team, his number was 9 when he was active.When I was active, I was thinner than I am now.
    A middle-aged man with a good range.He took a disdainful attitude toward his subordinates and regarded Makoto Rin as a mere coordinating partner, but he was defeated.Although it was a humiliation, as a result, Kise and Kaijo members worked harder to practice, and I was deeply grateful to Rin.
    Kise, one of the generations of Kiseki, did not control the members who stood out by joining, and while he treated Kise specially, he nominated Kasamatsu, who was disappointed, as the captain and created an opportunity for a comeback. It also has a mentality as.Although it is strict against Kaijo members, there is also a playful side, such as shaving against Harasawa and appearing in a suit.In addition, it seems that Masako was in favor of Masako during the All Japan era, and there is a depiction that she still feels like it.
    Although it is called "Gengen" by Keitora, he dislikes it.

    Shutoku High School

        Shintaro Midorima
    Voice- Ono Daisuke / Koji Yusa(VOMIC)
    Height: 195 cm (1 cm in the first year of junior high school) / Weight: 174 kg / Birthday: July 79 / Family composition: Father / Mother / Sister
    Shutoku High School first grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 1 (6 → 11 in junior high school).
    Former Deputy Captain of the Teiko Basketball Club, "generation of miraclesThe best 3P shooter[Annotation 17].
    It features a way of speaking with "~ (na) no da yo" at the end of the word, under-rim glasses and long lower eyelashes, and the eyesight is so low that it is indistinguishable from a lion's ornament with the naked eye.
    He has a high pride and is unfriendly, but he also has a strong side, such as giving advice to the opponent he admits and often going to other schools' games in light disguise.According to Takao, "Tsundere".He is quite insensitive to love affairs, such as not being aware of Momoi's approach to Kuroko.Older seems to be the type.
    He often works with Takao, and when he works with him, he rides a bicycle-towed rearcar.I cursed my remarks with him[Annotation 18]Although he was swayed at his own pace, he recognized each other while playing together, and in the WC match against Rakuyama, he showed off his combination technique and cornered to the next step.Although it doesn't go well with Kuroko, I appreciate the fact that he continued to be a regular member of Teiko, despite his low physical strength.When I met Kuroko in junior high school, I didn't seem to know that Akashi was evaluating him, but I came to understand it through the game.
    "Do your best to wait for your destiny" is the inscriptionFate theoryperson.TV program"Good morning"ofHoroscopeIn many cases, you will be devoted to it and always put the lucky item of the day by your side, and it will actually be a development that is convenient for you.He has a secret opposition to Akashi, and during his breaks during his junior high school days.ShogiHe challenged him by playing games and carrying various gens in the regular test, but he never won.Because he was the closest, he had an early intuition about another personality hidden in Akashi. After the WC opening ceremony, he talks to Kuroko about Akashi's ability before flowering.With the fingers of the left hand, which is the dominant arm except for club activitiestapingIt is carefully protected.Good at piano.
    "A blow that is shot from all over the courtSuper long distance 3P shootIs the only and greatest weapon, but other skills are also top notch.At first, he continued to play stand by believing only in himself, but after losing before Seirin's team play, he began to play team from victory and obsession with revenge.Even in the Teikoku era, he was almost the only one in the generation of Kiseki who did not skip practice or play with the opponent team, and Aomine and others who lost their passion for basketball and Akashi, whose problem behavior became conspicuous as their personality changed. He didn't give up, but criticized him as saying, "I can't get along with someone who doesn't do all the work."He has a straightforward personality that makes efforts against his intelligent appearance, and the reason for sticking to 3P shoots is from the simple idea that "it is stronger to get 2 points than 3 points each".
    In the game against Jabberwock in "EXTRA GAME", he teamed up with Akashi, who became another personality, and surprised the opponent by deciding a 3P shot of cooperation that could only be done with Takao.
    Kazunari Takao
    Voice- Suzuki Tatsuhisa / Hitoshi Yanai(VOMIC)
    Height: 176 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: November 11 / Family composition: Father / Mother / Sister
    Shutoku High School first grader.The position is PG.The uniform number is 1 (10 of "VORPAL SWORDS" in "EXTRA GAME").
    A good companion to Midorima, both support Hidenori's back coat.
    Sociablecommunication abilityA person who is good at and can get along with anyone immediately.I enjoy playing basketball without bringing in complicated circumstances.
    In junior high school, he lost to Midorima and swore to humiliate him, but in high school he happened to be a teammate.At the beginning of joining the club, there were times when they competed with each other, but the hostility gradually disappeared, and they devote themselves to practice with the goal of getting recognition from Midorima.While watching Seirin's game with Midorima, he became interested in them, and in particular, he sees Kuroko, who has something in common as an ace partner in the same grade, as a rival.
    "" which boasts a wider field of view than ItsukiHawk eyeThe owner ofGaze guidanceKuroko's natural enemy to invalidate.Makoto Rin suffers with accurate situational judgment and path work that makes use of that field of view.He also has high basic abilities as a PG, such as dribbling, passing, and situational judgment.
    Taisuke Otsubo (Taisuke Otsubo)
    Voice- Kensuke Sato
    Height: 198 cm / Weight: 98 kg / Birthday: November 4 / Family composition: Father / Mother / Sister
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club at Shutoku High School.The position is C.The uniform number is 3.
    One of the largest Cs in Tokyo.Taking advantage of the huge body, separated from high school studentsDunk shootWith a strong defense as a weapon, it is a major pillar that supports excellence in both offense and defense and spirituality.He is a polite and strict person, and Midorima can't stand up to him.On the other hand, he also has the kindness of noticing the opponent player who has been defeated in contact play.He highly appreciates Kiyoshi's ability to compete in junior high school.
    Takao says that he has a younger sister, Tae, who is not similar, and plans to join the club next year (however, it is unknown whether he wants to be a manager or a player in the women's basketball club).
    Shinsuke Kimura
    Voice- Miichi Sato
    Height: 187 cm / Weight: 80 kg / Birthday: August 8 / Family composition: Father / brother
    A third-year student who is the deputy captain of the basketball club at Shutoku High School.The position is PF.The uniform number is 3.
    At first, he admitted that he was capable of Midorima, but he was reluctant to have a self-centered attitude.However, after he was defeated in good faith, he became confident when he began to play with the team in mind.Although he is tall, he cannot dunk, so his main scoring source is layup shots.My parents' houseGreengrocerTherefore, it is often practicedwatermelonIt seems that he had inserted such things.
    He seems to have a younger brother and is planning to join the club next year.
    Kiyoshi Miyaji
    Voice- Masayuki Shoji
    Height: 191 cm / Weight: 77 kg / Birthday: November 11 / Family composition: Father / Mother / Brother
    Shutoku High School third grader.The position is SF.The uniform number is 3 (8 of the college basketball team "Strky" in "EXTRA GAME").
    He is a very poisonous tongue with a slightly long brown hair. A hard worker who got the starting lineup for the first time in the third grade.He is a very serious person for basketball and has a lot of trust in the team.Taking advantage of skillful dribblingPenetrateHe is good at showing splendid play such as dunk.
    He often smiles with a refreshing appearance, but he has a strict nature both himself and others, and often makes noisy remarks such as "running" and "stabbing".[Annotation 19]..Although feared by juniors, there is also a side of junior thought, such as inspiring those who are depressed first.
    He has excellent academic performance and is allowed to practice staying personally during the test period.
    One of the "unfortunate good-looking guys" in the film, he is a serious idol nerd.The recommended men are "Miyu Miyu".
    Yuya Miyaji
    Sophomore.The position is SF.
    Kiyoshi Miyaji's younger brother. First appearance in the extra edition of the "Shonen Jump +" series.
    Following the retired Otsubo, he was appointed captain.Like his older brother, he makes noisy remarks, but he is aware that he is the captain and vows to make further progress for Hidenori.
    Jin Nakatani (Masaaki Nakatani)
    Voice- Kiyoto Yoshikai / Go Shinomiya(VOMIC)
    Birthday: March 6 / Age: 3 years old
    Director of the basketball club of Shutoku High School.English (mainlyEnglish grammar)teacher of.Former All Japan National Team, his number was 5 when he was active.
    Although the tone is delayed, he has a tactical eye that seems to be the director of a strong school, and has a strict attitude toward the players.Being aware of the risks of having Midorima on the team, he allows Midorima's selfishness up to three times a day.
    Kagetora Aida and Harasawa are old friends.Keitora calls him "Mabo", but he is not happy with it.Like Keitora, he has a wife and a child (daughter).

    Kiriou Gakuen High School

        Daiki Aomine
    Voice- Junichi Suwabe
    Height: 192 cm (1 cm in the first year of middle school) / Weight: 175 kg / Birthday: August 85
    Kiriou Gakuen High School first grader.The position is PF.The uniform number is 1 (5 → 10 in junior high school).
    Kuroko's companion during the Teikoku era, "generation of miraclesAce.
    A genius who has a blessed physique and is the ultimate basketball player in every aspect.It was the light of Kuroko in junior high school, and he is still nicknamed ""TetsuIs called.A very arrogant and confident person, he boasted, "I am the only one who can beat me."
    It is not uncommon to skip a match without practicing at all. Until he lost in the WC, he did not respect his seniors and sometimes resorted to violence.However, Imayoshi, who created the opportunity to join the Kiri Emperor, has a wicked but relatively straightforward attitude.[Annotation 20]Although he was initially rebellious against Wakamatsu, he began to accept some advice after becoming captain after Imayoshi retired, and there is also a depiction that he has not lost respect for his teammates. It can be seen.He is also concerned about Kuroko, who is now estranged, and even though he was overwhelmed in the IH qualifying final league, he acknowledged his attitude that he did not give up until the end, and made a teammate who despised him after the match. There is also a depiction of dismissing it.
    I'm not very good at studying and my academic performance is catastrophically bad.[Annotation 21], The school is on the verge of being banned from participating in the match after being given a follow-up exam.However, the person himself is not motivated at all, and other regular members are often forced to take over the task.
    He has been familiar with street basketball since he was a child, and has the "unconventional basketball style" that he cultivated there.There are no shortcomings in physical ability, especially agility is outstanding, boasting a dribble speed that even the fire god's sprint can not catch up with the change of pace that shakes off the opponent by super acceleration from almost stopped state, the court Run in all directions.Taking advantage of them, "Untyped shootFrom its illusionary and unpredictable play, including ""DF impossible scorer (unstoppable scorer)Is called.The defense is also an iron wall, with reflexes and predictive ability to see through any fake.Like the fire god, "WildAnd, at your own willzoneIt is depicted as an overwhelming existence in the work, such as putting it in a state.
    He was the earliest in the "Kiseki generation" to develop his talent, and therefore he couldn't play an equal game due to the overwhelming difference in ability with his surroundings, and he was completely cold in the third year of junior high school.The reason why I didn't participate in the practice was that I would become stronger if I practiced, so at the bottom of my heart I was hungry for a rival who could hit my best.When he first met the fire god, the light of the current Kuroko, he criticized him, but he said, "I played an equal match with myself in the first match of WC."The bestI revised the evaluation.After being defeated by Makoto Rin, he gradually regained his passion for basketball and resumed practice.At the same time, remarks that look down on others are hidden, and Kise and Kuroko's efforts are acknowledged.After that, after going out with his shooting practice at the request of Kuroko, he sent words of encouragement, gave support such as giving his own basketball shoes to the fire god and going out with 1on1 training, and while saying something, watching the game. I'm visiting.
    In the game against Jabberwock in "EXTRA GAME", a double team with Kise against Silver, who has the wild, forcibly opened the zone and opposed it.Also, two minutes before the end of the match, he re-entered the zone with Fire God and decided on a dunk to decide the match with Fire God.Only among the members, I play from the beginning to the end.
        Satsuki Momoi (Satsuki Momoi)
    Voice- Fumiko Orikasa
    Height: 161 cm / Birthday: February 5
    A first-year student who is the manager of the basketball club at Kiriko Gakuen High School.
    Former manager of the Teiko basketball club, "generation of miracles"Synchronization.
    Good-looking and 91 cm (F cup) big breast owner.Friendly and cheerful personality.He has been a basketball club manager since he entered Teiko.StaffAs a role, it played a role in the breakthrough of the generation of Kiseki.It is not dyed in the idea of ​​the Teikoku era, and it is a similar idea to Kuroko for the current generation of Kiseki.He is good at collecting information and identifying the characteristics of athletes, and in order to analyze the growth tendency of opponents and devise countermeasures, the opponent's countermeasures are blocked in advance.
    Aomine is a childhood friend, and he has a family relationship with him. He lost his passion for basketball and was desperate, so he went on to study at Kiri.I hope that Aomine will recover from the defeat, but I have mixed feelings about the appearance of the defeat becoming so strong that it is impossible.About Kuroko, when he saw the practice game he participated in after being promoted to the XNUMXst Army, he was struck by a gap with usual, and an event at a convenience store after the game.[Annotation 22]I started to get a lot of favor from.Self-proclaimed "Tetsu-kun's girlfriend".However, as he understands Kuroko's idea that he doesn't like being tampered with when it comes to games, he is doing his best.However, in the match with Seirin, he has mixed emotions.Rico has a strong sense of opposition and is similar in that she is not good at cooking.A unique nickname for a junior high school companion[Annotation 23]Call with. After the defeat of Kiriou Gakuen in WC, Aomine was pleased that he had regained his passion for basketball, and he was called "Dai-chan" again.
    In the novel version of Teiko, the story often progresses from Momoi's point of view.
    Shoichi Imayoshi
    Voice- Kazuya Nakai
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 71 kg / Birthday: August 6
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club at Kiriko Gakuen High School.The position is PG.The jersey number is 3 (4 of the college basketball team "Strky" in "EXTRA GAME").
    A smiling man with glasses.It ’s evil when you open it up.Three white eyesIs revealed.The first person is "eagle"Kansai dialectSpeak.He usually behaves in a friendly and meek manner, but his true nature is computational and angry.[Annotation 24]..However, he has a strong attachment to the team, and there is a depiction that he was weeping after the defeat of WC.For Aomine, who has overwhelming ability, he allows all selfish actions and sometimes defends them.At the same time, he has absolute trust in him as an ace.
    Like the director Harasawa, he is also the person who created the opportunity to enter Aomine's Kiri Emperor, and Aomine follows him relatively obediently.
    He is good at hiding his thoughts and has a good reputation for unreadable play.He is also good at reading the other person's thoughts, and at WC, he got the mark of Kuroko.Gaze guidanceWas completely sealed.Hanamiya, a junior in junior high school, said, "If you let people hate you, no one will be on the right side."Buzzer beaterIn many cases, the fighting spirit of the opponent is reduced by deciding the 3P shot of.
    Kousuke Wakamatsu
    Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
    Height: 193 cm / Weight: 85 kg / Birthday: August 4
    Kiriou Gakuen High School sophomore.The position is C.The uniform number is 2 (6 of "VORPAL SWORDS" in "EXTRA GAME").
    A short-tempered and hot-blooded man.A pure sportsman who has a bad mouth but is more than happy to win the team.During the match, he makes a unique shout such as "Dosei".He is a person who values ​​teamwork and etiquette, and although he is not happy with Aomine, who stands out for his selfish behavior, he admits that he is the ace of the team.
    In addition to being tall and physically tough, he is also excellent in speed and power, and Kiyoshi describes him as "physical is equivalent to a fire god."
    After being defeated by Makoto Rin in the WC, after being appointed as the next captain by Imayoshi, he took Aomine's gravure magazine as a hostage and made him participate in the practice with words that incite him. Seems to have a good relationship with him, but he has abandoned him, and he is rushing to say, "Attach a senior (or" san ") !!".
    He mainly accuses Aomine of "Ahomine", but his academic performance is at the same level as Aomine.
    Ryo Sakurai
    Voice- Nobunaga Shimazaki
    Height: 175 cm / Weight: 59 kg / Birthday: August 9
    Kiriou Gakuen High School first grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 1.
    He also calls his classmate Aomine with "san" and has a rather weak and self-deprecating personality that uses honorifics.I apologize for "Suimasen" every time.Therefore, to Hinata, "Apologize mushroomCan be nicknamed.
    He is good at quick release shots that are difficult to block, and has earned the trust of his teammates as the "Kamikaze Captain" of Emperor Kiri.Also, as a shooter, I hate to lose as much as anyone else, and the stronger the opponent, the higher the accuracy of shooting.
    Yoshinori Susa
    Voice- Yuya Murakami
    Height: 190 cm / Weight: 80 kg / Birthday: August 6
    A third-year student who is the deputy captain of the basketball club at Kiriko Gakuen High School.The position is PF (before Aomine joins the club) → SF.The uniform number is 3.
    It doesn't stand out in the Kiri Emperor, but if it's an average high school, it has the ability of an ace class.
    After losing the WC, I worked with Imayoshi to study for entrance exams, but at that deskTodaiThere was a collection of problems for.
    Katsunori Harasawa
    Voice- Takanori Hoshino
    Birthday: March 11 / Age: 22 years old
    Director of Kiriou Gakuen High School Basketball Club.science(Chemical)teacher of.Former all-Japan national team, his jersey number at the time of active duty was 8. He has a youthfulness that can not be seen at the age of 42, and Director Takeuchi of Kaijo also burns his rivalry.[Annotation 25].
    He has a calm personality and speaks in a polite tone.You can also see the tactician part.Recognizing Aomine's ability, he makes a game based on him.
    It is called "Kacchan" by Keitora, who is an old friend of mine.In addition, he is acquainted with Director Araki of Yosen, who will be described later, and is approaching her by inviting her to a meal, perhaps because she likes her.

    Yosen High School

        Atsushi Murasakibara
    Voice- Kenichi Suzumura
    Height: 208 cm (1 cm in the first year of junior high school) / Weight: 186 kg[Annotation 26] / Birthday: October 10th / Family structure: Father, mother, 9 older brothers, older sister
    Yosen High School first grader.The position is C.The uniform number is 1 (9 → 12 in junior high school).
    All the physical requirements for basketball are of the highest standard, and in terms of qualities, "generation of miraclesIt is suggested to be the strongest and the strongest C.
    It features an extraordinary physique and long hair that extends to the shoulders.A monster that is listed in the "Kiseki generation" just by playing basketball normally against the other four people who have unique skills and abilities.He has a natural basketball sense, but he doesn't like it, he recognizes basketball as "a defect competition in which the one with big and destructive power wins", and expresses a strong dislike for those who are passionate about basketball.On the other hand, he hates to lose and does not miss practice to win.However, in the Teikoku era after the talent bloomed, there was no one who could be a decent partner in terms of physique, so he stopped practicing.
    Basically, I don't listen to people, but in the generation of Kiseki, after being defeated by Akashi, I became obedient only to him, and I thought that I could not win, so I decided to fight only with him. refuse.Since joining the Yosen Basketball Club, he has been complaining to Himuro but basically following the instructions.I didn't understand Kuroko as much as Midorima, but I will admit it throughout the game.Although they sometimes make fun of each other, they have a good impression of humanity and are relatively good friends, but because they have lived a basketball life that is completely opposite to each other, their values ​​regarding their hands are different. There was also a collision.Teammates are called "-chin" by their own name.
    In normal times, he has a self-paced personality that does not break his loose attitude, and he often eats sweets except when playing basketball. In events involving "food," emotional ups and downs are intense, sometimes revealing intense anger.The habit is "crushing the twist".Even if he is not malicious, he does not wear it on his teeth, and he often hurt others without hesitation.As mentioned above, there was a place where the deadline was early, and there was a case where the fighting spirit was lost against the opponent who said "I can't win".
    Normally, he doesn't move from under the goal and sticks to the defender, but even Aomine is difficult to score from Murasakibaru.However, he is originally good at OF, and has scored 1 points in one game.Also, by participating in OF, the original rhythm of basketball will be restored, and even DF will become more powerful.One-shot deadly dunk "Destruction Iron Hammer”Blows the goal together with the post.
    In the WC battle against Makoto Rin, he gave up the game once, but he was scolded by Himuro and regained his fighting spirit.zoneHowever, he couldn't keep up with his legs to participate in the offense with all his might, and he stalled as if he was injured, and was defeated.When she loses, she sheds tears from regret, and it is described that she has an inward passion for basketball without being aware of it.After the defeat, he is watching the game with Himuro.
    In the game against Jabberwock in "EXTRA GAME", I remembered the advice of Tatsu Okamura's teammates while being overwhelmed by the matchup with Silver, who has a physicality that surpasses me, so that I will not hurt my opponent until now after my talent has blossomed. By exerting the full power that was suppressed unconsciously, it overwhelms Silver to the extent that it gives fear.Immediately after that, however, he received a rough play from Silver and suffered a serious injury that broke his hand, and entrusted the victory to Kuroko, who took turns.
    During the Teikoku era, his studies were second only to Akashi and Midorima.
    Tatsuya Himuro
    Voice- Kisho Taniyama(childhood:Sayori Ishizuka
    Height: 183 cm / Weight: 70 kg / Birthday: August 10
    Yosen High School sophomore.The position is SG.The uniform number is 2.The big brother of the fire god.
    Right eyeCryingA beautiful boy who is characterized by. Returnees who joined Yosen from WC. "The head is calm (cool), the heart is hot (hot)A hot-blooded man whose creed is.She has a soft demeanor and is very popular with girls, and she behaves kindly.
    I met Fire God in the United States when I was in junior school.After that, he shared the pairing as a proof of his brothers, but he was furious that the fire god had been injured by playing basketball.I applied for a match with pairing, but I wanted to settle because Fire God returned to Japan immediately afterwards. In the WC Seirin battle, he played an equal match with Fire God and settled after the match.
    Almost the only person among the members of Yosen who can associate with Murasakibaru on an equal footing.Although he is relatively tolerant of his behavior, he is resolute in important situations, such as hitting and inspiring Murasakibaru, who has given up the game at WC.
    Aomine is a super-orthodox player who has mastered the play that is faithful to the basics and sophisticated to the limit, which is the opposite of Aomine.The style is so smooth that even a simple shoot can't react, and even a normal fake can be a powerful weapon. "Haze shoot』Takes the offense of Yosen.Her ability is "comparable to the generation of Kiseki", but it is an extension of ordinary people.XiucaiIs just "geniusIt has a complex to the fire god.
    In the novel version, after the return of Fire God, he meets Nijimura, who came to see his father who is undergoing medical treatment, and becomes familiar with him.
    Kenichi Okamura
    Voice- Yuki Takeda
    Height: 200 cm / Weight: 98 kg / Birthday: August 9
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club of Yosen High School.The position is PF.The uniform number is 3 (4 of the college basketball team "Strky" in "EXTRA GAME").
    A strict man with cleft chin and fine sideburns.I started playing basketball because I wanted to be popular with women, but my efforts have never been rewarded.Therefore, I am often jealous of my teammates, such as Himuro, who are well received by women.Although he is disrespected by his teammates, such as being teased by his face, he shows excellent leadership and judgment like a captain in important situations.His strengths are rebounds and inside play that make use of his strong physique, but Himuro says his legs are not very fast.
    Kensuke Fukui
    Voice- Ishikawa Kaijin
    Height: 176 cm / Weight: 67 kg / Birthday: August 5
    A third-year student who is the deputy captain of the basketball club of Yosen High School.The position is PG.The uniform number is 3.
    Although he has a bad mouth, he is friendly and values ​​interaction with his teammates, and often plays with his teammates.Sometimes I get angry with Murasakibaru's attitude.During play, you can calmly organize the formation and mark of the opponent and the position of the ally, and make an accurate pass.However, personal skills such as driving are not so high.
    Liu Wei
    Voice- Shigeyuki Susaki
    Height: 203 cm / Weight: 91 kg / Birthday: August 7
    Yosen High School sophomore.The position is SF.The uniform number is 2.
    ChugokuAn international student from Japan.
    In FukuiKyowaIs taught and speaks with "al" at the end of the word.The role of making fun of Okamura with Fukui. His personality is so straightforward that he truly receives Fukui's joke that "Japanese people first call out to women when they see them."
    A player who is in charge of absolute defense under the goal.Like Okamura, Himuro tells him that his legs are not very fast.
    Masako Araki
    Voice- Yu Shimamura
    Birthday: March 1 / Age: 3 years old
    Director of the basketball club of Yosen High School.physical educationFemale teacher.A former all-Japan women's basketball player, his number was 8 when he was active.It used to be a Yankee.
    A black-haired woman who is dressed in a pantsuit and is said to be a beautiful woman in Murasakibaru.Usually calm and calm, but the members are strict and sometimes unreasonably angry.Bamboo swordIt may be punished at. 
    He is not good at Harasawa, and he says he had something with Takeuchi and Keitora in the past.

    Rakuyama High School

        Seijuro Akashi
    Voice- Hiroshi Kamiya
    Height: 173 cm (1 cm in the first year of middle school) / Weight: 158 kg / Birthday: August 64
    A first-year student who is the captain of the basketball club at Rakuyama High School.The position is PG.The uniform number is 1 (4 → 9 in junior high school).
    Former captain of the Teiko basketball club, "generation of miraclesThe leading case.
    The only average height in the generation of Kiseki,Odd EyeIs a feature.My hobbies are shogi, etc.ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムIn general, a move that is as good as a professional.Although he is usually polite and soft-mannered, he has a personality that makes people who meet him feel intimidating.Show a merciless side to those who disobey themselves.
    In addition to a very wide field of vision and excellent judgment, he has a keen reflex and excels in game making. "Emperor's Eye", Has an absolute advantage in 1on1.At first glance, it is easy to think that short stature is a weak point, but basically you can cut a matchup with any opponent before you lift the ball, and you can easily handle dunks, so it can be said that there is no weak point. ..
    He was the only son of one of Japan's most famous families, and in the strict education of his father, he supported his heart with a gentle mother and basketball. Becoming more and more mentally stressed by his talent, he begins to feel as if he is at home and at school.Even so, he enjoyed playing basketball with his friends in Teiko, but he lost the fun even with basketball, which is the only support because of the anxiety that his friends were left behind as his talents blossomed, and he was defeated in 1on1 with Murasakibaru. From the obsession with victory through education so far when exposed to the crisis ofCreate another personality..After that, the newly born personality continued to behave as Akashi.
    Main character
    The first person is "I".Others are called by surname.
    Although he has a high sense of victory, he is mild-mannered, and he is calm and companionship, such as being able to rely on others to follow him.By making a precise and perfect pass that raises the condition of the team, the potential of the whole team can be brought out to the closer to the zone.With this personality, the Emperor's eyes are rarely used 1on1.Both eyes are red, not odd-eyed[Annotation 27]..When he was on the verge of being defeated by Murasakibaru in 1on1 when he was in junior high school, he handed over the initiative to Akashi, who has a different personality, due to his mental burden.Later, when another personality could not show its potential due to mental agitation in the WC's battle against Makoto Rin, he returned with the inspiration of Mayuzumi.I knew "defeat" for the first time when I was defeated by Seirin after a deadly battle.He also acknowledged Kuroko's Basketball and said that he was glad to meet Kuroko.
    Different personality
    The first person is "I".Abandon others by name.
    Perhaps because it was caused by the load of his father's education, he was a thorough victorious supremacist.Win everything I'm all rightIt has an extreme idea, but shows the overwhelming strength that embodies it.He is intimidating and has a cold personality who is willing to cut off even his friends and treat him as a "tool" for victory. In the WC's battle against Makoto Rin, he himself said,zone”, Seirin shows a one-man and overwhelming play that surprises even the members of Rakuyama.Pseudo "Eyes of the Emperor"In collaboration with Kuroko and Fire God who activated "", her own "Eyes of the Emperor" was captured and unconsciously ""zoneEven though he is so upset that he can solve it, he surrenders his initiative to his original personality with a certain word from Mayuzumi.
    In the game against Jabberwock in "EXTRA GAME", he played with his original personality.However, he decided that the eyes of the Emperor were necessary in front of the good fight of his teammates and the ability of Nash and others, and became Akashi with a different personality.Although he demonstrates his abilities, he struggles in front of Nash's "Devil's Eye," which has higher abilities than the Emperor's Eye.However, at the end of the 4th quarter, the two personalities were integrated and the eyes of the Emperor evolved.This gives you the same ability as the Demon King's eyes and captures the Demon King's eyes.
    Reo Mibuchi
    Voice- Wataru Hatano
    Height: 188 cm / Weight: 74 kg / Birthday: August 9
    A sophomore who serves as the deputy captain of the basketball club at Rakuyama High School.The position is SG.The uniform number is 2.Akashi "Sei-chan", And from Hayama,"Leo sister (Hey Leo)Is called.
    One of the "Uncrowned Five Generals", also known as "Yasha. "
    With eyelashesOnee languageIs a neutral boy with a characteristic of "OkamaWill be treated.A gentleman and polite person, he often praises vulgar Nebuya and childish Hayama.On the other hand, there is also a provocative aspect, such as giving harsh words to those who are inferior in ability.Although delicate, he has a strong core that does not lose to the opponent's block, decides a 3P shot while receiving a foul, and also decides a free throw of basket count.Ground"Shoot, decide 3P with fadeaway"day"Shoot, stiffen the opponent who is trying to jump to the block and hit"VoidIs used as a weapon.Hinata's longing and shooter that served as a reference for the form.However, Hinata is not good at okama and feels that Mibuchi, which is a mixture of respect and disgust, is "complex".
    Eikichi Nebuya
    Voice- Takahiro Fujiwara
    Height: 190 cm / Weight: 94 kg / Birthday: August 4
    Rakuyama high school second grader.Position is PF (junior high school) → C.The uniform number is 2.From Hayama, "Ei-chanIs called.
    "Five uncrowned generalsOne of the nicknames is "Rigidity. "
    A muscular man with dark skin on a shaved head.He is a very big eater, and his vulgar aspects such as belching and flatulence after eating are conspicuous.He is anxious for a rematch with Kiyoshi, who defeated himself in junior high school. He is a muscular idiot, and he does not listen to Kiyoshi's advice to hone his skills. to wear.However, it is not just a power type, but the technical aspect is also improving at the same time by the steady basic practice of Rakuyama training.[Annotation 28]..Another reason is that there is a policy of the person himself to emphasize power, and he dislikes the tendency that "if you lose to a foreign player with power, you immediately escape to skill and speed" that is often seen in Japanese.
    Kotaro Hayama
    Voice- Toshiki Masuda
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 68 kg / Birthday: August 7
    Rakuyama high school second grader.The position is SF.The uniform number is 2.
    One of the "Uncrowned Five Generals", also known as "Thunder beast. "
    With sloppy cat eyesDouble toothIs a feature.With a slightly young and nimble personality, he is looking forward to fighting the strong man more than anything else.
    Among Rakuyama, he has excellent physical ability and is good at acrobatic movements such as somersaults.The biggest weapon is to concentrate the springs of the whole body at the fingertips.Thunder Todoroki DribbleThe speed is not visible with ordinary dynamic visual acuity, and the roaring sound echoes in the venue.You can also adjust the stage by changing the number of fingers you poke.Also, like the fire god, "Wild], And by combining it, you can rush into the goal team on a certain course.
    Chihiro Mayuzumi
    Voice- Ryota Osaka
    Height: 182 cm / Weight: 69 kg / Birthday: August 3
    Rakuyama high school third grader.The position is PF.The uniform number is 3.
    The only starting member in the third grade.
    It features bluish light gray hair and cold eyes.Originally, he was a mediocre player who stopped in the second army in Rakuyama, and in the third year he gave up his basketball talent like his classmates who had retired due to the addition of excellent juniors, and once retired.While admiring extraordinary things like light novels and going to the rooftop every day, he was living a mediocre life, thinking that it was a story in a story.One day, Akashi, who had just become the captain, found a thin shadow, and like Kuroko, he became the "sixth phantom".Gaze guidanceTo learn the technique of.Even though it is a former farmer, from the perspective of other schools, it has more than national standards, and unlike Kuroko, there are no holes in techniques other than passes.If Kuroko is an "old model", Mayuzumi says "The sixth of the new phantomAkashi has been described as an existence that should be called.However, in the WC's battle against Makoto Rin, the high basic ability and the short career as the "phantom sixth person" are the pitfalls.[Annotation 29]..In addition, since the individual ability is inferior to the regular team, there is a depiction that it is looked down on by people other than Akashi, and when it becomes inferior, remarks that make Mayuzumi stupid are flying around in the team. ..
    At the end of the game, Akashi, who was stunned by losing the collaborative technique of Kuroko and Fire God, blasts while blocking the director who is trying to replace him and saying that his true ability is not like this. ..A word that was released at that time was a trigger to evoke the original Akashi.
    It's basically expressionless and silent, but it's actually a narcissist and a poisonous tongue.On the other hand, he knows what he is doing and his self-evaluation is very severe.My hobby is readingLight novelI love reading.
    In the extra edition, he received the blessing of graduation as a "junior" from Akashi, thanked him for setting himself up, and said, "It wasn't bad for the last year."
    Shota Higuchi
    Height: 169 cm / Weight: 61 kg / Birthday: August 2
    A third-year student who is the manager of the basketball club at Rakuyama High School.
    In "EXTRA GAME", he was the 5th player of the college basketball team "Strky" as a player.
    Eiji Shirokane
    Voice- Go Inoue
    Height: 178 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: February 1 / Age: 23 years old
    Rakuyama High School Basketball Club Director.Social studies(World history)teacher of.Former All Japan National Team, his number was 4 when he was active.He has a relative relationship with Platinum Cultivation, a former coach of the Teiko Basketball Club.
    Dandy all-back.He has full confidence in Akashi and rarely gives his own advice.
    It is called "Age" by Keitora.

    Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School

        Shogo Aizaki
    Voice- Seiichi Morita
    Height: 188 cm / Weight: 78 kg / Birthday: August 11
    Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School 1st grade.The position is SF.The uniform number is 6 (13 → 8 in junior high school).
    It is the SF of the Teiko basketball club before Kise joined, so to speak, "generation of miraclesIs his predecessor.
    A problem child who feels a strong pleasure in "taking away the important things of others" and has a skill that symbolizes its nature (Robbery).He served as a science fiction player in the Teiko basketball club until he retired in the second year of junior high school, and at that time he had the ability to surpass Kise, but he had no passion for basketball and was a bad boy who repeatedly skipped and was late.Although the members of the Kiseki generation recognize their abilities, they do not have any special feelings, especially Kise, who has similar positions and play styles, is a friend of dogs and monkeys, and is always in a state of immediate action even during practice. was.The names for the generations of Kiseki other than Akashi are name calls.[Annotation 30].
    In addition to the problematic behaviors that frequently occur, such as violent acts, the SF layer became thicker due to the conversion of Nijimura, which will be described later, and Akashi, who judged that Kise would eventually surpass Aizaki, was sentenced to resign.Kuroko is retired, but she has no ears to hear, and conversely leaves with advice that suggests Kuroko's next two years.
    However, he resumed basketball after entering high school, hoping for the fame of the "Kiseki generation" who began to make noise after his retirement.His ability has not diminished, and his rude attitude toward his teammates, including his seniors, has been tolerated because "without Aizaki, we cannot beat a high school with a" generation of miracle "."Violent depictions have been added in the anime, such as forcibly shooting even if you push away your teammates.[Annotation 31], Self-centered play is conspicuous, such as cutting the pass of not only the opponent team but also the teammate team.Hinata and Riko, who were watching the game, expressed their anger, saying, "I want to retrain from scratch with Seirin," and Kasamatsu, the captain of the other team, said, "Seniors are respected !!"
    Play against Kaijo High School, which has Kise at WC.It overwhelms Kise by robbing the techniques of Kaijo players and the techniques used by Kise from opponents in the past one after another.However, Kise, who received encouragement from Kuroko, used "" at the end of the game.Perfect imitation"Cannot be prevented or robbed and suffers a reverse defeat.In addition, his mental weakness was revealed, such as robbing his teammate Mochizuki's scoop shot from impatience.After being defeated, he attempted retaliation for violence outside the venue, but was stopped by Aomine, who had been ahead of him.[Annotation 32].
    Nijimura, who was the captain of the junior high school, was completely unfamiliar, and in the main story and the frontispieces, there are many scenes where he is caught or quarreled by Nijimura.He also describes him as a scary guy for Akashi.
    Hideki Ishida
    Voice- Atsushi Imaruoka
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 71 kg
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club at Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School.The position is PG.The uniform number is 3.
    A talented person who is a regular nationwide with quickness and high-precision outside shoots as weapons.He has a serious personality that values ​​courtesy, and is worried that the team has changed due to Aizaki. In the WC quarter-final, the sea always loses by a small margin, but in the anime version, after the match, he sent words of encouragement saying, "Win up to our part."
    Kazuhiro Mochizuki
    Voice- Kenta Okuma
    Height: 183 cm / Weight: 69 kg
    Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School sophomore.The position is SG.The uniform number is 2.
    Skin headIs a feature.A player who specializes in scoop shooting.At the end of the sea battle, I was surprised that the scoop shot was stolen by the impatient Aizaki.

    Other high schools

    Masakuni High School

    Tomonori Tsugawa
    Voice- Kiyotaka Furushima
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 68 kg / Birthday: August 3
    Masakuni high school first grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 1.
    At first glance, he is a refreshing boy, but he likes to see people's disliked faces and is basically not good at reading the air, such as making remarks that offend the other person.He looked down on Seirin, who was defeated by Masakuni the previous year.
    He is good at defending, and he has just started playing basketball when he played against Teiko in junior high school.KiseA strong person who stopped.DF pressure is increasing as he enters Masakuni and learns ancient martial arts.KurokoI have a match experience, but I forgot.
    Tsutomu Iwamura
    Voice- Kiyoto Yoshikai
    Height: 187 cm / Weight: 87 kg
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club of Masakuni High School.The position is C.The uniform number is 3.
    One of the pillars of the team.With a polite personality, he sometimes gives a cry to Tsugawa, who neglects the courtesy of the opponent player even during the match.A "Tsuyoshi" player with a powerful dunk as a weapon.I know Kiyoshi from junior high school.
    Ryuhei Kasuga
    Voice- Saki Yuki
    Height: 179 cm / Weight: 66 kg / Birthday: August 9
    Masakuni high school third grader.The position is PG.The uniform number is 3.
    One of the pillars of the team.Speak in a slightly extended tone.There is no sense of force in the movement, but quicklyScoop shotA "soft" player who specializes in.
    Kenji Sakamoto
    Masakuni high school third grader.The position is SF.The uniform number is 3.
    It features a slightly short hair and a squishy hairstyle.
    Yoshikazu Omuro
    Masakuni high school third grader.The position is PF.The uniform number is 3.
    Characterized by thick lips.
    Ikunori Matsumoto (Yukinori Matsumoto)
    Voice-Kensuke Sato
    Height: 177 cm / Weight: 66 kg / Birthday: September 9 / Age: 13 years old
    Director of the basketball club of Masakuni High School.
    Ancient martial artsWas incorporated into basketball.benchI'm sitting on the floor instead of sitting on the floor.

    Kirisaki Daiichi High School

    Makoto Hanamiya
    Voice- Jun Fukuyama
    Height: 179 cm / Weight: 67 kg / Birthday: August 1
    A second-year student who is the captain and director of the Kirisaki Daiichi High School Basketball Club.The position is PG.The uniform number is 2 (9st year) → 1.
    "Five uncrowned generalsOne of the nicknames is "Bad boy. "
    A bad taste person who directs a fierce rough play that stole the referee's eyes because he wanted to see the player who played basketball in his youth was defeated.Intentionally in last year's IH qualifyingKiyoshiInjured his knee.HinataAccording to him, "the most dishonest man in the basket" (just because he is in love with sportsmanship, he has never missed basic basketball practice to hurt his opponent).The habit is "fuha" "~ (na) I don't know, stupid".I am not good at Imayoshi, a senior in junior high school.
    Very good brain[Annotation 33]have.Good at reading and stealing all attack patterns of the opponent.By working with Seto to reduce the number of pass courses, 100% steal can be achieved.He is also one of the geniuses and boasts an overwhelming basketball sense without rough play.He is also a user of floater shots (teardrops).
    After being defeated by Makoto Rin, he will visit the WC first round and final match with his friends.
    Kojiro Furuhashi
    Voice- Yusuke Kuwahata
    Height: 186 cm / Weight: 73 kg / Birthday: August 6
    Kirisaki Daiichi High School second grader.The position is SF.The uniform number is 2.
    It features short black hair and dead fish-like eyes.With a face like a Noh mask, there are few emotional expressions.original,SetoWith the same high level of technology, he has the ability to not be underestimated and sets up a merciless rough play against the opponent (KiyoshiElbow strikes to), even if it is found out, it is calm.
    Kazuya Hara
    Voice- Kazuhiro Fusegawa
    Height: 188 cm / Weight: 75 kg / Birthday: July 7
    Kirisaki Daiichi High School second grader.The position is PF.The uniform number is 2.
    In the original, she has dark blonde hair, and in the anime, she has pale bluish-purple hair, and her eyes are always hidden by her hair. She has a light personality and speaks in a provocative tone.OftenChewing gumIs inflated in the mouth.Set up a merciless rough play such as stepping on the opponent's foot during the game.
    Hiroshi Yamazaki
    Voice- Shuhei Iwase
    Height: 183 cm (181 cm at Kurofes) / Weight: 71 kg / Birthday: August 8th
    Kirisaki Daiichi High School second grader.The position is SG.The uniform number is 2.Known as Yama, Zaki (from the ruby ​​of Hanamiya's lines).
    Her eyebrows are short and her hair is dyed, and her eyes are bad.
    It is said to be the only conscience in the "bad boy" group because there is no description of rough play in the work and the simplicity of believing the original words immediately (from Kuro Fes).
    Kentaro Seto
    Voice- Go Shinomiya
    Height: 190 cm / Weight: 76 kg / Birthday: August 11
    Kirisaki Daiichi High School second grader.The position is C.The uniform number is 2.
    If you put out your forehead, you can concentrateall backI like. The power is low for C, butIQIt shows its true value by supporting Hanamiya's Steel by making the best use of 160 brains.Regular, but during the matchEye maskBecause I sleep and sleep, I often participate in the middle.

    Shinkyo Gakuen High School

    Daddy Nbai Shiki
    Voice- Kimura Subaru
    Height: 200 cm / Weight: 87 kg
    Shinkyo Gakuen High School first grader.The position is C.The uniform number is 1.セネガルfromStudents.KurokoBy the name of "Makoto Rin Basketball Club"DadIs called.
    "generation of miraclesIt was convened as a countermeasure.Tall and long limbsreachThere is also.
    I like games but I hate practiceSportsmanshipAfter the match, he left with a swearing defeat, saying, "Barca Baka !! Next Ha Negative Kenai !!" to Seirin High School, who beat them.
    Yusuke Tanimura
    Voice- Hiro Shimono
    Captain of the basketball club of Shinkyo Gakuen High School.The uniform number is 4.
    I am satisfied with the current basketball that depends on my dad and can easily win.
    Koji Hiraiwa
    Voice- Daichi Endo
    Height: 170 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: September 10 / Age: 21 years old
    Director of Shinkyo Gakuen High School Basketball Club.Middle-aged man.

    Yusei High School

    Daisuke Narumi
    Voice- Nobuyuki Hiyama
    Height: 194 cm / Weight: 82 kg
    A first-year student at Yusei High School.The position is C.The uniform number is 1.
    ImayoshiA large rookie who also looks at it.metalErotic books[Annotation 34]Is a centralized item.GlamourIFemaleI like it.
    As a result of uttering a word that Rico does not mind in the WC opening battle against Makoto Rin, he touches the reverse scale[Annotation 35]..In the match, I couldn't stop Seirin's attack centered on Kiyoshi, but I didn't give up until the end.
    Yohei Kawase
    Voice- Takiya Kakihara
    Height: 182 cm
    A third-year student who is the captain of the basketball club at Yusei High School.The position is SG.The uniform number is 3.
    Hiroshi Sakuma
    Voice- Shigeyuki Susaki
    Height: 187 cm
    A third year high school student.The position is SF.The uniform number is 3.
    Masahiro Tsufuhisa
    Voice- Go Shinomiya
    Height: 188 cm
    A third year high school student.The position is PF.The uniform number is 3.
    Kazuki Toyama
    Voice- Ryohei Arai
    Height: 175 cm
    A third year high school student.The position is PG.The uniform number is 3.

    Ohnita High School

    Keisuke Kobayashi
    Height: 188 cm
    Onita high school third grader.The position is PG.The uniform number is 3.
    You can get a pass and get points yourselfAll RounderAlex also appreciated it, but at WC he was defeated because he couldn't stop Midorima.KiyoshiIt is said that "the fierce man is as hazy as about XNUMX".

    Characters from "Teiko Hen"

    A character from "Teiko Hen" that depicts the recollections of the Kiseki generation when they were in junior high school.

    Teiko Junior High School

    Shuzo Nijimura
    Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu
    Height: 179 cm / Weight: 67 kg / Birthday: August 7
    A senior in the first grade of the Kiseki generation, he is the former captain of the Teiko basketball club.
    Akashi was highly evaluated in the generation of Kiseki, and he was appointed as the successor captain.This is partly due to the fact that his father was hospitalized due to a serious illness at that time.
    PF with excellent speed and power[Annotation 36]So, before the generation of Kiseki came to the fore, he was the number one player in junior high school.With his enthusiastic personality and play and leadership, he put together a generation of miracle songs.karateAizaki, who was a problem child, was also forced to obey.)There was also a calm and thoughtful side, and I foresaw that the generation of Kiseki would surpass ourselves from an early stage.After retiring as captain, it was converted to Kise's sci-fi, contributing to the second straight victory in all.
    In the novel version, there is a scene to make fun of Kuroko, and according to a classmate, "I have a basic evil face, but I like mischief unexpectedly."According to the author, "It used to be quite a yancha."Immediately after graduating, he went to the United States to treat his father, met Himuro, and became familiar with him.After that, he enjoyed street basketball and his father's condition is getting better.
    Masaya Kubota
    Height: 177 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: August 7
    First grade senior of the generation of Kiseki.When Nijimura was the captain, he served as the deputy captain along with Akashi.The position is SG.
    He is a classmate with Nijimura and Sekiguchi, and he is often with him.Her long bangs hide her eyes.
    Toru Sekiguchi
    Height: 178 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: August 2
    First grade senior of the generation of Kiseki.The position is SF.
    He is a classmate with Nijimura and Kubota, and he is often with him.
    Platinum cultivation (Shirogane Kozo)
    Voice- Takahiro Fujiwara
    Height: 176 cm / Weight: 64 kg / Birthday: September 12 / Age: 3 years old
    Director of Teiko Basketball Club.A gentleman-like middle-aged man with a beard and a suit.
    In order to see what the players are like, I usually leave the coaching to Sanada, the coach of the 1st Army, and secretly watch the practice scene from the 2nd floor of the gymnasium.The members love the big aspects of the basketball club, such as remembering the faces of all the members of the basketball club and treating the five members of the "Kiseki generation" as regular members without special treatment. Conducting himself and practicing far more demanding than Sanada[Annotation 37]Because it imposes, there is also a sense of weakness.I'm not feeling well because of my illness, which is another reason why I don't usually show up.
    Concerned about the future of the Kiseki generation, who had developed overwhelming talent while their spirits were immature, he fell ill and retired from the director as soon as he decided to lead them correctly.His retirement is a distant cause for the collapse and breakup of the Kiseki generation.
    Rakuyama High School DirectorEiji ShirokaneIs a relative relationship.
    Naoto Sanada
    Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu
    Height: 179 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: March 3 / Age: 24 years old
    Teiko Basketball Club 1st Army Coach → Director.A man with glasses.
    We provide strict and ability-oriented guidance in line with Teiko's philosophy.Some freshmen mistake him for the director because Shirokane doesn't usually show up.He will take over the director as a successor to Shirokane, who later fell ill, but will suffer from the will of Shirokane, who is thinking about the young generation of Kiseki, and the president of Teiko, who is trying to use them as a promotional material for the school.By approving Aomine's abandonment of practice for victory, he created later super-individualism, and as a result, dismembered the generation of Kiseki.
    Daigo Matsuoka
    Voice- Mogami Tsuguo
    Height: 180 cm / Weight: 80 kg / Birthday: March 11 / Age: 25 years old
    Teiko basketball club 3 army coach.
    The sleeves of the Y-shirt I always wear are rolled up.I was concerned about Kuroko.

    Meiko Junior High School

    Ogiwara Shigehiro (Ogiwara Shigehiro)
    Voice- Hayashi Isamu
    Height: 177 cm / Weight: 66 kg / Birthday: August 8
    Kuroko's childhood friend who taught basketball to him when he was in elementary school.Nickname is "Shige".
    A bright boy who really likes basketball, Kuroko described it as resembling Aomine (before twisting).After moving, he broke up with Kuroko, but promised to fight on the stage of junior high school someday and joined the basketball club of Meiko Junior High School.
    In the whole of 2 years, he was defeated by Kamada Nishinaka before playing against Teiko. In the third year, Kuroko was injured and missed, so she never met on the court and lost in the final match in the form of being tossed by the generation of Kiseki.This event broke his heart and retired from basketball, and by the time Kuroko visited Akikochu, he had already transferred to another school.
    After that, he seemed to recover and resumed basketball. In the WC final, he visited the venue with his former teammate Mochida, and Seirin was revived.After that, I met Kuroko again and exchanged addresses with each other.
    Reiji Mochida
    Voice- Yu Hatanaka
    Ogiwara's teammate during the Meiji era, he was captain in the third year.
    After being defeated by Teiko, he told Kuroko about Ogiwara and entrusted him with his wristband. I came to see it with Ogiwara in the WC final.

    Kamada Nishi Junior High School

    Shota Sasaki / Sota
    Twin players (Shota is the older brother and Sota is the younger brother).
    Until elementary schoolAikidoHe has made a name for himself as a genius boy, and by applying that technique to basketball, he is good at reading the movements and intervals of the other party.Play against Teiko twice in all.
    It does not appear in the TV anime version.

    Uezaki Junior High School

    Tomoya Inoue (Tomoya Inoue)
    Voice- Daigo Fujimaki
    The position is PF.A talented person whose generation of Kiseki was evenly matched with Aomine throughout his first year.
    During the whole of the following year, he loses his fighting spirit before the awakened talent of Aomine.

    Characters in the novel version

    Daigo Asahina
    A freshman in the first grade of the Kiseki generation who joined the basketball club of Seirin High School the year after the main story.
    Admiring the fire god, he enrolled in Seirin and observed that he was trying to imitate his play, but he was mistaken for having a gun.
    Yuta Yagi
    A freshman in the first grade of the Kiseki generation who joined the basketball club of Seirin High School the year after the main story.
    In junior high school, he belonged to the PC Research Department.Although I am not good at exercising, I joined the basketball club because I longed for the practice scenery of Kuroko and others that I saw when I took the entrance examination.

    Characters from "EXTRA GAME"

    A person who appears in "Kuroko's Basketball EXTRA GAME".About the person who appears in the main story#Characters (EG)reference.

    Nash Gold Jr. (-Junior)
    Voice- Hikari Midorikawa
    Height: 190 cm / Weight: 82 kg
    "MagicianThe leader of Jabberwock, nicknamed ".The position is PG.The uniform number is 4.
    Tribal pattern from the neck to the arm of the left half of the bodytattooIs given.He is fluent in Japanese and behaves like a gentleman, but like other players, he looks down on Japanese basketball players as "monkeys."
    All play is a top-notch all-rounder.A street flower that flirts with opponents with illusionary dribbles and tricky passes.However, the main point is to play faithfully to the basics of basketball, and he is good at ultra-high-speed no-motion pass that does not make you realize what happened even to the mark in front of you."The eyes of the Emperor" that surpasses Akashi's "Eyes"Devil's EyeIs the trump card.On the other hand, he has the spirituality to accept defeat without being guilty of foul play.
    It is suggested that he used to be educated in basketball by club teams, but it is unknown how he turned to the street.
    Jason Silver
    Voice- Tohru Inada
    Height: 210 cm / Weight: 115 kg
    Jabberwock player.The position is C.The uniform number is 8.
    Although he has one of the largest physiques, he is a hardcore amorous person who has a particularly bad behavior even in the team, has a crude attitude and a proud pride.Without making any effort, "God's chosen bodyA monster with a perfect body that is described as "speed higher than Aomine," "power more than Murasakibaru," and "jump more than Fire God."Its terrifying nature also makes the accuracy of the wild out of the standard, while other people are represented as beasts.TyrannosaurusThe image of is expressed.
    However, contrary to the overwhelming physicality, the mental weakness may cause the play to be rough in a difficult situation, and if it is cornered, the rough play will not be resigned.Still, he is absolutely obedient to what Nash says.
    Voice- Shuhei Sakaguchi
    Jabberwock player.The position is SG.The uniform number is 6.
    Voice- Sakurai Toru
    Jabberwock player.The position is SF.The uniform number is 7.
    Voice- Shuhei Matsuda
    Jabberwock player.The position is PF.The uniform number is 12.

    the term

    Teiko Junior High School
    A prestigious school that stands at the top of the junior high school basketball world.The number of members exceeds 100,All inIt has a track record that can be called a super-powerful school that has achieved three consecutive victories.In addition, most of the players who are active in high school are OBs of the Teikochu Basketball Club.Advocating the idea of ​​"absolute victory" that does not allow any defeat, fierce regular battles are fought every day not only in the match but also among the members.This idea is no exception to games of the second army or less, and traditionally, as an insurance measure, several players of the first army are accompanied.If defeated, the first team player who participated in the match will be demoted to the second team.BannerIs "XNUMX battles and XNUMX wins".
    According to Hinata, it is now deified with its overwhelming strength, including the "Kiseki generation", but at first, because of its strength, it often buys antipathy and resentment, and it has an impression close to heels. That is.
    In addition, the names of the people from Teikochu and the main related parties are "ColorIs attached (blackChild·yellowSe ・绿while·tagPeakpurpleoriginal·"Red"Tsukasapeachwell·AshSakiRainbowvillage·platinum).
    Aida Sports Gym
    Kagetora AidaA sports gym run by.Part of the facility is used free of charge for the practice of the Seirin Basketball Club.

    "Kiseki generation" related

    generation of miracles
    Called the "strongest" in the history of the Teiko basketball club, the golden generation boasted undefeated.Kise Ryota-Shintaro Midorima-Daiki Aomine-Atsushi Shihara-Seijuro AkashiA generic term for the five people.Although they are all one genius in 5 years, each has a unique talent, and their sense overwhelms other players.
    Also, 5 people of the same generationTetsuya KurokoWas a regular member of the "Sixth Man".However, according to the person himself, the first five are real geniuses, and they are completely different from themselves.
    Originally, the players were a little more skillful in basketball than the other players, but their talents began to bloom in junior high school.However, as a result, the difference in ability with the surroundings was widened, and he gradually lost his passion for basketball and began to act in a match without sincerity to the opponent team.The play style has also changed from team play to basketball that makes full use of overwhelming individual skills.At that time, a quota of 1 points was imposed on each person in each game to prevent motivation (Kuroko was exempted from the role).
    One of the weaknesses is that even though you are a junior and senior high school student who is not yet physically fit, it is easy for you to put an excessive burden on your body due to intense play.[Annotation 38]..Also, as mentioned above, since he emphasized individual skills, he tends to dislike giving a pass to his allies.
    Each of the five has gone on to a different strong school, and according to Kuroko, one of them will be at the top.The high school that won them is said to be synonymous with gaining the top power in the whole country, and it is certain that it will be a part of the battle for victory in the national tournament.
    "Kiseki's Generation" Phantom 6th Man (Sixth Man)
    Another name for Tetsuya Kuroko.As the sixth person in Teiko, he led the team to victory by specializing in pass-turning and stealing.Its existence is only known to the extent of rumors, as it has a style that is thoroughly shadowed and unobtrusive.
    In the original basketball terminologySixman"Bench startSub memberIt refers to a player who can play an especially active role.Basically, it is an important player in basketball where you can change players as many times as you like.NBAThen.NBA Sixman AwardThere is a specialized award.Even in reality, players like Tetsuya Kuroko, who is not suitable for full participation due to problems with height, technique, stamina, etc., but who change the flow of the game with special work (many clutch shooters) are selected. ..
    Uncrowned Five Generals
    A general term for five players who crossed over with the "Kiseki generation" in junior high school.Although he has a certain ability to be called a genius, he is so called because he has become hazy in front of the overwhelming talent of the "Kiseki generation".
    In the first grade of "Kiseki's generation", the members are "Iron coreTeppei Kiyoshi""Bad boyMakoto Hanamiya""YakshaReo Mibuchi""RigidityEikichi Nebuya""Thunder BeastKotaro HayamaThere are five people.
    In addition, the surname of the uncrowned five generals is "Tree components”Is included (ThuKichiflowerPalace·fruitFuchi ・rootTakeyaleafMountain).
    It is said that one person will be born in 10 years.Technology that ordinary people cannot haveA general term for humans who have.What is clearly stated in the workVulcan-generation of miracles(5 people)Five uncrowned generalsA total of 5 people (11 people).Similar to themKurokoaboutIndividualityIt ’s not a technology,Himuro TheOrdinary personIs an extension of "XiucaiIt is said that.

    High school basketball club


    Seirin High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Tetsuya Kuroko, Taiga Kagami, Junpei Hyuga, Shun Izuki, Rinnosuke Mitobe → Teppei Kiyoshi
    Director: Riko Aida (concurrently serving as a manager).
    Main results: Participated in the IH Metropolitan Qualifying Final League. WC first victory (#SynopsisSee also section).
    The main team of this work.An emerging school that boasts a strong offensive power. WC Tokyo representative school. "Threatening nova""Miraculous novaIs called.
    originallyHinata・ By two signboards inside and outside Kiyoshi and high-speed pass workRun & Gun Style..This yearKurokoVulcanAnd from WCKiyoshiIt was a weak point due to the returnInsideStrengthen.Transformable run & gun styleAttention as a new team of.
    It is "customary" for new members to swear this year's goal from the roof of the school building (later the passage to the entrance). If you fail to achieve it all year long, you are obliged to confess to your favorite girl naked.This is due to the oath that Hinata made when he was in the first grade.HoweverSchool rulesIt is scolded by the teacher as a violation.
    In addition, some of Seirin's surnames include Chinese characters that represent "day of the week" (DayMukai / ItalyMonth-TueGod·WedTobeThuGood, smallFriwell·SatTa).
    Three great champions
    Three powerful schools in Tokyo.Refers to the eastern king, Hidenori, the northern king, Masakuni, and the western king, Izumishinkan.These three schools have monopolized the three IH participation slots in Tokyo for about 3 years, and have overwhelming ability to keep the 3th place and below at all.
    Due to the rise of Makoto Rin and Kiri, there were many cases in which the three major champions were eliminated in the Tokyo qualifying round.
    Shutoku High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Shintaro Midorima, Kazunari Takao, Taisuke Otsubo, Kiyoshi Miyaji, Shinsuke Kimura
    Director: Jin Nakatani
    Main results: WC 3rd place
    Three great championsOne corner, "King of the East". WC Tokyo representative school.Known as "Experienced champion. "sloganIs "indomitable".
    Has a track record of participating in WC for the 8th consecutive year, the best 11 in Japan last year.DapingStrong in the inside OF power mainly. "generation of miracles"Between the greenAnd the outside is more of a threat scoring source than the inside.
    Masakuni High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Tomonori Tsugawa, Tsutomu Iwamura, Ryuhei Kasuga, Kenjiro Sakamoto, Yoshikazu Omuro
    Director: Ikunori Matsumoto
    One of the three great champions, the "Northern King".Ancient martial artsA team with high DF power using.
    A style that applies ancient martial arts to both OF and DF.The players are relatively small and there is no genius-type scorer, but the technique is clear because the basics are perfect.KasamatsuDescribes as a "team with masters".
    actuallyPrivate Toho High SchoolHas participated in IH by playing with old martial arts.
    Izumi Shinkan High School Basketball Club
    Main results: IH participation. WC qualifying league participation
    One of the three great champions, "The King of the West". IH Tokyo 2nd representative school.
    In the WC qualifying league, he lost all three races, and Aomine criticized him as "a lot of garbage, such as the title of the champion."
    Kiriou Gakuen High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Daiki Aomine, Shoichi Imayoshi, Kousuke Wakamatsu, Ryo Sakurai, Yoshinori Sasa
    Director: Katsunori Harasawa, Manager: Satsuki Momoi
    Main results: IH runner-up, WC participation
    IH / WC Tokyo representative school.Super-attack type individual skill-oriented team.An emerging school that is emerging by gathering promising players from all over the country.Known as "New tyrant. "
    There is almost no past record, but "the generation of miracle"AomineWe are focusing on scouts such as acquiring.Individual play stands out more than team play.They have a common will of "thirst for victory" and "absolute trust in Ace (Aomine)".
    Kirisaki Daiichi High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Makoto Hanamiya (concurrently director), Kojiro Furuhashi, Kazuya Hara, Kentaro Seto, Hiroshi Yamazaki, etc.
    Main results: Participated in the WC qualifying league.
    A team with a prominent violent play.
    Once a "normal" powerhouse. "Five uncrowned generals'HanamiyaAfter we become the main players, one or more opponent players (especially ace class) will be injured.Hanamiya'sSpider webA style that steals with and crushes players with rough play.
    Shinkyo Gakuen High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Papa Nbai Shiki, Yusuke Tanimura, etc.
    Director: Koji Hiraiwa
    It was a mid-sized school until last year,パ パBy joining, the strength has improved.Lost in the Seirin match and lost in the first round of the IH qualifying round.
    Yusei High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Daisuke Narumi, Yohei Kawase, Hiroshi Sakuma, Masahiro Tsufuhisa, Kazuki Toyama
    The inside was strengthened by the addition of Narumi. Lost in the WC qualifying match against Seirin.
    Meiji Gakuin High School Basketball Club
    A high school with bad behavior, such as trying to rob a good player from a basketball court due to bad student play.
    He was instantly killed by Kuroko, Kagami, and Kise in a basketball game, and was defeated by Kuroko and Kagami again in the subsequent IH qualifying match against Seirin.
    Narusei High School Basketball Club
    IH Tokyo 3rd representative school.Old man.
    In the first round of Kirisaki in the WC qualifying round, a player was crushed by rough play and was eliminated with a quadruple score.

    IH / WC participating schools

    Kaijo High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Ryota Kise, Yukio Kasamatsu, Hiroshi Kobori, Yoshitaka Moriyama, Mitsuhiro Hayakawa
    Director: Genta Takeuchi
    Main results: IH best 8, WC 4th
    IH / WC Kanagawa representative school. A strong man who participates in IH every year.A super versatile team with no gaps in both offense and defense.Known as "Blue elite. "
    "generation of miracles"KiseWas won.
    Yosen High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Atsushi Shihara, Tatsuya Himuro, Kenichi Okamura, Kensuke Fukui, Liu Wei
    Director: Masako Araki
    Main results: IH 3rd place, WC best 8
    IH / WC Akita representative school.From the overwhelming strength of DF power, "Absolute defense (Aegis shieldA strong man called.
    Regularly "Kiseki generation"Purple fieldThere are 2 players over 3m, and it is a super DF type team that makes the best use of the height.
    Rakuyama High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Seijuro Akashi, Eikichi Nebuya, Reo Mibuchi, Kotaro Hayama, Chihiro Mayuzumi
    Director: Eiji Shirokane
    Main results: IH victory, WC runner-up
    IH / WC Kyoto prefecture representative school.The oldest and strongest champion of high school basketball.Known as "The Emperor of the Opening. "
    He has participated continuously since the WC / IH was held, and has participated and won the most in all schools. The first winning school held by WC.Currently, he has won three major titles for five consecutive years. WC participated in a special frame. "Uncrowned Five Generals"Mibuchi-Hayama-NebuyaIn addition to the "Kiseki Generation" captainAkashiThis year, when he won the championship, he is said to be the strongest team ever.
    Fukuda Sogo Gakuen High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Shogo Aizaki, Hideki Ishida, Kazuhiro Mochizuki, etc.
    Main results: WC Best 8
    WC Shizuoka representative school.
    Nakamiya Minami High School Basketball Club
    WC Kagawa prefecture representative school.Take your time to attackHalf coatGood at basketball.
    Onita High School Basketball Club
    Starter: Keisuke Kobayashi
    Main results: WC participation
    WC Tochigi prefecture representative school.Last year's IH best 4.


    Some of the following techniques can also be performed by imitation, perfect imitation, robbery, etc. of Kise and Aizaki in addition to the user. About the technology used in "EXTRA GAME"#Technology (EG)reference.

    Tetsuya Kuroko's technology

    Tetsuya KurokoTechnology that can be used by.Gaze guidance onlyChihiro MayuzumiCan also be used.The pseudo "Eyes of the Emperor" will be described later.

    Gaze guidance
    Divert the eyes of others from yourself
    • Magic trickTechnology that combines the line-of-sight guidance "misdirection" and the "thinness of shadows"
    • In the work, it is drawn as if it really disappeared from the other person's eyes
    • Full participation is not possible due to the attenuation of the effect due to the opponent's "familiarity"
    • Not effective for players with high spatial cognitive ability such as Takao and Itsuki
     Drive disappearing
    Disappear from the opponent's field of vision and dribble to pull out
    • Application of line-of-sight guidance to duck in diagonally at the moment the opponent shifts his line of sight to the fire god
    • When I noticed from the other party, I felt like I was overtaken by dribbling
    • Aomine concentrates his consciousness only on Kuroko and captures it
    Give allies the same effect as "disappearing drive"
    Divert the opponent's line of sight and reduce the shooting accuracy
    • Taking advantage of the fact that the line-of-sight guidance is cut off and "becomes visible", it plays the role of the fire god of "disappearing drive".
    • Can only be used at the end of the game. There is also an effect attenuation due to "familiarity"
    • Since it will be a seed for gaze guidance, normal gaze guidance will never be communicated to the person who used it.
     Phantom shoot
    Remove the shot ball from the defender's field of view
    • Technology that combines gaze guidance, unique form, and jump timing[Annotation 39]
    • The hit rate is about 5-6%.Learned by special training with Keitora and Aomine
    • Kise is blocked by Akashi's "Emperor's Eye" + Murasakibaru's block by "perfect imitation"
    • Kasamatsu sees through the mechanism, takes a step back to widen the field of view, and then catches up and captures it.
    Accelerating path
    A powerful path that accelerates the path at the relay point
    • Hit the pass ball with the bottom of your palm to accelerate[Annotation 40]
    • Initially, only the "Kiseki generation" and the fire god were taken.Over time, all Seirin members will be able to take
    • Because it is powerful, the burden on the recipient is heavy, and there is a limit to the number of times that Seirin members other than Fire God can catch.
     Accelerating pass / rotation
    (Ignite Pass / Kai)
    A pass that flicks the arm of the player who touches the ball
    • Applying a large stepping force to the accelerating path, the ball violently spirals(Axis is parallel to the direction of travel)Make
    • Powerful and difficult to take on allies[Annotation 41]
    • The load on Kuroko's body is also heavy, and it cannot be used continuously.
    Rotating long distance path
    Send the ball from one end of the court to the other
    • A rotary pass dedicated to the counter using the entire spring

    "Kiseki generation" technology

    A technique that can only be used by the "Kiseki Generation".As a general rule, it cannot be imitated or robbed.hereShogo AizakiIncluding the technique of.For convenience, a pseudo "Eye of the Emperor" is also explained.

    KiseImitation and reproduction of the play you saw in an instant
    • Technology to acquire the opponent's play as one's skill with high physical ability
    • The copied play is enhanced by Kise's own excellent ability
    • High-level play such as "Kiseki's generation" cannot be imitated
    • Gaze guidance that cannot see the technique cannot be imitated
     Perfect imitation
    (Perfect copy)
    Reproduce the technology of "Kiseki generation"
    • There is a heavy burden on the body and there is a time limit(Initially, 5 minutes is the limit. A total of 7 minutes will be used in the WC Seirin battle)
    • The reproducibility is not perfect, but Kise's high sense makes up for the shortfall.
    • By combining imitation, you can develop a powerful play that is comparable to the zone state[Annotation 42]
    • At the moment, it tends to imitate Aomine, who is the best at it.
    • There is a tendency to unknowingly avoid issuing the same imitation in succession
    AizakiLearn the movement of the other party and add a unique rhythm
    Breaks the opponent's rhythm and greatly reduces the accuracy of the technique
    • A double-edged sword that will reduce your army's strength if you make a mistake
    • You can't master the techniques and gaze guidance of the "Kiseki Generation"
    Super long distance 3P shoot
    (Super Long Range Three Point-)
    Between the green3P shoot that flies at ultra-long distance and ultra-altitude
    Deploy a numerically advantageous attack on allies by fake
    • It boasts 100% accuracy as long as the form is not broken, and the shooting range is "All coats'[Annotation 43]
    • It is difficult to even break the foam due to the height of the RBI due to the height of Midorima
    • The farther you are from the goal, the longer the tame
    • Since you hit near your own goal, it is easy to be countered when blocked
    • There is a heavy burden on the body and there is a limit on the number of bullets
    Aerial loading 3P chute[7]
    (Sky Direct Three Point-)
    Between the green&
    Receive a pass in the air and shoot a 3P shot as it is
    • Pass catch in the air significantly reduces shooting accuracy
    • The pass course is limited due to the shooting posture, and the timing is easy to read.
    • Midorima does not shoot shots that may be missed, but can be used because he trusts his friends.
    • Hinata says "Hidetoku'sLight
    Destruction Iron Hammer
    (Tall hammer
    Purple fieldBose hand dunk of intense power
    • Taking advantage of the overwhelming physique and amount of energy,竜 巻While rotating the body sideways like
    • It boasts the power to smash the goal with each post without using particularly advanced technology.
    • Vulcan(Zone state)Blocked by adding the force that jumped forward
    Emperor's Eye
    (Emperor Eye)
    AkashiLook ahead and react to every action
    It has a wide field of view comparable to that of a hawk.
    Intentionally causes ankle break
    Maximize the potential of allies[Annotation 44]
    • With superhuman eyesight, you can completely see and grasp the other person's breathing, heartbeat, sweat, muscle contraction, etc.
    • Uncle break to the opponent by seeing through the position of the center of gravity without deviation[Annotation 45]cause
    • 1on1 completely kills any strong player
     Pseudo "Eyes of the Emperor"
    (Gijiki Emperor Eye)
    KurokoAbility to perfectly anticipate the movements of allies
    • It can be used only if there is a strong relationship of trust with Kuroko's observation eyes as a companion.
    • Predicting the movement of the fire god who entered the zone, and stopping Akashi by moving in the opposite direction

    Fire God's technology

    The technology used by Taiga Kagami.Includes techniques used by other players.

    React even faster than expected
    • Everybody is born with innate birth and is lost as they grow up, sharpenedfive senses
    • May be regained by training or intense matches
    Untyped shoot
    Various anomalous shoots from the "infinite" style
    • From most positions, just throw with one hand and you will be sucked into the goal
    • A technique that combines Aomine's "ball handling", "agility" and "protean movement of strike bass"
    • Aomine's other play styles are far from the basic form, and it is difficult to read each other.
    • Fire God combined wildness
    Purple field
    Maximize the power of the players
    Get amazing power, speed and jumping power
    • Extreme concentration that even top athletes can only experience accidentally[Annotation 46]
    • When you enter the zone, the streaks of light from your eyes[Annotation 47]And the depiction of sweat disappears
    • Severe stamina consumption, time limit[Annotation 48]There is
    • The "conditions (triggers)" to enter differ from person to person, and even if they are met, it is not always possible to enter.[Annotation 49]
    • After entering once, the confusion of "If you enter again" is born, and it becomes much harder to enter than the beginning.
    • Do not try to enter the zone in order to enter the zone
     Directly connected zone
    (Direct drive-)
    VulcanAllies can perform super-speed cooperation according to the zone
    Communicate your will with instant eye contact with your friends
    • "Zone beyond the zone"Second zone", the original appearance of the zone
    • It can be done by opening another large door at the end of the zone door.
    • Both Fire God and Aomine seem to have a gatekeeper (Kuroko) standing in front of the second large door.
    • Aomine couldn't open because he abandoned team play
    Walk in the air
    Stay in the air for a long time as if walking in the air
    • Realized with superhuman jumping power
    • The player who jumped after the fire god starts falling first
    Meteor dunk
    (Meteor jam[Annotation 50]
    Fly higher than the goal before shooting
    • Along with the heat haze shootInvincible shoot,Australian skill'
    • There is no way to capture the rules unless you jump to the same height when shooting
    • If the defender touches the ball falling toward the goal, it will be a foul.
    • Akashi breaks and blocks the rhythm of the fire god with the "Eyes of the Emperor"
    • Akashi in the zone state was easily cut at the stage of preliminary movement.
    • Left arm control is required to jump with the right leg and the hit rate is low

    "Uncrowned Five Generals" Technology

    Teppei Kiyoshi-Makoto Hanamiya-Eikichi Nebuya-Reo Mibuchi-Kotaro HayamaThe technology used by.Includes techniques used by other players.

    Right to come laterKiyoshiChange play after seeing the opponent's next move
    • You can grab the ball with a big hand and change the play even when you release the ball if you are an ordinary person
    Vice clawKiyoshi
    Purple field
    One-handed catch of basketball
    • Grab the rebounded ball with one hand and tear it off from the opponent
    • Murasakibaru used this technique for Kiyoshi by imitating his appearance.
    Spider web
    HanamiyaAchieve a high steal rate
    • Analyze all path courses with a clear mind
    • The effect is enhanced by cooperation with Seto and rough play of Kirisaki Daiichi.
    • The range that can be stealed is computable and woven by the opponent team as a strategy
    • Kuroko is defeating by changing the pass course at her own discretion
    Hit a shot while hitting the opponent
    • Because it has an excellent sense of balance with the trunk, it can be decided even if it collides.
    • When the opponent hits with a shot, it counts with a foul on the DF side + one throw(4 points play)Become
    • It is imitated by Hinata who built the form with reference to Mibuchi
    dayMibuchiFadeaway shoot to hit so as not to touch the opponent
    • Efficient shoot form that is far from ordinary people
    • Hit while moving away, 3P can also be decided by fadeaway
    VoidA shot that the opponent cannot fly to the block
    • It sinks deeply, and when the DF's knees are fully extended, it stops moving for a moment, and the power of the DF attached to it is reduced to 0.
    • Hinata notices that Mibuchi's three shots have different centers of gravity and succeeds in blocking.
    Thunder Todoroki Dribble
    HayamaDribbling at such a speed that the opponent cannot see the ball and cannot take it
    • Concentrate the force of the spring of the whole body on the fingertips and hit the ball strongly against the floor
    • Step adjustment is possible by changing the number of fingers used(Hayama himself calls it "○ book")
    • In the case of five, you can change direction or cancel according to the movement of the other party, and reading does not work
    • Itsuki pointed out that he could not make a sudden turn due to the momentum, and guided him to the defensive range of the fire god and stopped it.
    Muscle ○○NebuyaVarious play that makes use of strong body and power
    • Showcased screen-out rebound dunk dribble
    • In the screen out, it is said that both waist and arm usage are first-class products.


    Eyes to read[8]
    (Analyzer Eye)
    リ コ
    Look at the body and see the physical data and growth allowance
    • Naked is more accurate
    • Keitora can be seen more accurately than Rico
    Eagle eyes
    (Eagle Eye)
    IzukiGrasp the entire coat as seen from above in your brain
    • Possible by high spatial grasping ability
    • Ability for command tower (PG) because you can always keep track of the entire court
     Eagle claws
    (Eagle Spear)
    Do the back tip while facing backwards
    • Use the eagle's eyes to pinpoint the ball at the defenseless moment immediately after the opponent's full drive
    • Speed ​​goes up dramatically because you don't look back
    Hawk eye
    TakaoGrasp the entire coat from every angle in your brain
    • Wider field of view than eagle's eyes, natural enemy of gaze guidance
    • Has a weakness that narrows the field of view when the line of sight is guided to one part
    Haze shoot
    HimuroSlip through the blockShoot that makes you illusion
    • Along with meteor dunkInvincible shootso"Shizuka's technique'
    • Two release points[Annotation 51]Tricky shoots that exist
    • Use two release points properly according to the opponent and disturb the DF
    • A technique unique to Himuro that excels in ideal form and feint
    • Zoned Fire God blocked with a super jump to shoot from both release points
    • Kiyoshi deliberately sees the feint, hits it the first time with a low RBI, and stops in cooperation with Hinata.
    Inviolable shoot
    (Barrier jumper)
    When shooting, keep a distance from the opponent and make the ball out of reach
    • A fadeaway shoot that uses the movement of the center of gravity, which Keitora taught to Hinata.
    • It is difficult to see the seeds at first sight, but Momoi saw the movement of his legs and found it.

    One-shot version

    "Kuroko's Basketball (one-shot version)" is a one-shot manga work by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.Fujimaki's debut work.A prototype of the serialized version of "Kuroko's Basketball".44th (November 2006)Jump Twelve Newcomer Manga Awardthe work. 『Red circle jump] 2007 SPRING posted. "Kuroko's Basketball Official Fan Book CHARACTERS BIBLE".

    Characters (one-shot)

    Tetsuya Kuroko
    generation of miraclesOne of five.There is a difference from the serialized version, such as placing emphasis on victory and showing envy and jealousy for talented people.More expressive than the serial version and honest with your feelings.There are some parts that I have come to terms with, but I do not use honorifics and use a slightly poemy wording.I came to Seirin because I liked the feeling of words.
    Ogiwara Shigehiro
    Although the character design is different, the person who was the origin of the serialized version of Fire God.Height is 191 cm.
    A person with the same name appears as an old friend of Kuroko in the serialized version "Teiko Hen".
    Captain Makoto Rin.Serialized versionHinataSame as poisonous tongue.My younger brother was in school during his honor, and his younger brother's friend (Kuroko's junior) told Kashiwagi about Kuroko.

    Term (one-shot)

    Shoei Junior High School
    The school that was the source of the serialized version of Teiko.The number of members is 120.In the serialized version, the name appears as the school from which Kiyoshi came.

    Kuroko's Basketball EXTRA GAME

    "Kuroko's Basketball EXTRA GAME(Kuroko's basketball extra game,English: THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS EXTRA GAME) Is a Japanese manga work by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. A sequel to "Kuroko's Basketball" (main story), which depicts the game of a basketball team with all the "Kiseki generation".The story count is the same as the main story, "Q (quarter)".As with the main story, the subtitle uses the lines in the work.

    "Shonen Jump NEXT !!』2014 vol.6 --serialized in 2016 vol.1.During the serialization, all issues were on the cover of the magazine. In 2017, the movie version "LAST GAME" with some changes was produced and released (Kuroko's Basketball (Anime)reference).

    The stage is the year after the main story.About the story#Sequelreference.

    Character (EG)

    The grades of the characters are one grade higher than the main story.

    As a VORPAL SWORDS memberTetsuya Kuroko(main character)·Fire god taiga-Seijuro Akashi-Daiki Aomine-Shintaro Midorima-Kise Ryota-Atsushi Shihara-Hinata Junpei-Kazunari Takao-Kousuke Wakamatsu, As a collaborator of VORPAL SWORDSKagetora Aida-Aida Rico-Satsuki Momoi, As a Strky memberKiyoshi Miyaji-Shoichi Imayoshi-Yukio Kasamatsu-Kenichi OkamuraEtc. are reappearing. For Jabberwock members#Characters from "EXTRA GAME"reference.

    Term (EG)

    Jabberwock (Jabberwock
    American streetball team.Nash Gold JrIt is composed of young people around the age of 18 and the members' abilities are comparable to the "Kiseki generation" and comparable to NBA players.
    The quality of basic abilities is quite high, and there are also talented players other than star players such as Nash and Silver.In addition to his skill as a commander of Nash, he excels in his high sports IQ, his judgment ability to cope with any situation during the game, and his cooperation.On the other hand, his behavior is also very bad, and he continues to provoke Strky in the work.
    A Japanese basketball team formed to defeat Jabberwock.The members are all high school students, and there are a total of 5 people, including Kuroko and 10 "Kiseki generations", plus Fire God, Hinata, Takao, and Wakamatsu.
    The first and last team of all "Kiseki generations" since Teikochu.
    "Vorpal Sword" means "Alice in the land of mirrorsIt is said that he defeated the demon beast Jabberwock that is talked about in the work ofswordInscription.
    Japanese basketball team by college students.The team name is a combination of the initials of the high school from which the members came.
    Members are Miyaji (No. 6) from Hidenori, Imayoshi (No. 4) from Kiriou, and Rakuyama.Shota Higuchi(No. 5), Kasamatsu (No. 7) from Kaijo, and Okamura (No. 8) from Yosen.

    Technology (EG)

    The person who used a specific technology for the first time in "EXTRA GAME"

    Editor in charge

    • Yu Saito (December 2008 (Episode 12)[9] -March 2011[10]
    • Takeshi Isaka (October 2010)[11] -March 2010[12]
    • Kohei Onishi[13](October 2011-March 2)
    • Takao Shimazaki[14](October 2012-March 2)
    • Kengo Moji (July 2013)[15] -)


    a popularity vote

    Popularity vote result
    Ranking1 times2 times3 timesBlack Bus Grand Prize
    1Tetsuya KurokoTetsuya KurokoSeijuro AkashiTetsuya Kuroko
    2Shintaro MidorimaKise RyotaTetsuya KurokoSeijuro Akashi
    3Fire god taigaTeppei KiyoshiKazunari TakaoKise Ryota
    4Kise RyotaFire god taigaKise RyotaShintaro Midorima
    5Shun ItsukiDaiki AomineFire god taigaYukio Kasamatsu
    6Daiki AomineShintaro MidorimaShintaro MidorimaAtsushi Shihara
    7Kazunari TakaoShun ItsukiDaiki AomineFire god taiga
    8Hinata JunpeiAtsushi ShiharaKiyoshi MiyajiKazunari Takao
    9Aida RicoHinata JunpeiYukio KasamatsuDaiki Aomine
    10Shinji KoganeiYukio KasamatsuMakoto HanamiyaTatsuya Himuro

    The popularity vote was held four times in "Weekly Shonen Jump" magazine.

    • 1st --Recruitment for the 2010th issue of 7.Total number of votes 14973 votes
    • 2nd --Recruitment for the 2011th issue of 11.Total number of applications 15688 votes
    • 3rd-Total number of applications 37755 votes
    • Black Bus Award-An application ticket is required to vote.

    Book corner

    Illustrations such as extra editions and bookstore POP are mainly posted near the end of the book.In addition, the following corners are being held continuously.

    Kuroko's Basketball NG
    A corner with an extra page for books.Of the movieNGA parody of the main story that imitates the collection is posted.
    Kuroko's Basketball Q & A to answer reasonably
    A corner where the author answers the reader's questions. Questions were solicited from Volume 12, starting with Volume 13.
    Kuroko's Basketball Illustration Gallery
    A corner where readers' illustrations are posted.It is provided at the end of the book.The author's comments are also attached.


    Cartoon work

    Medaka Box
    Since the time of animation announcement and animation broadcasting was the same, somecollaborationWas done.In the 2011rd issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump", which was announced as a TV animation of both works, this work in the opening color and "Medaka Box" in the center color were combined to decorate the cover.[16]..In the 2012th issue of 18, the front cover ("Medaka Box" side) and the back cover (this work side) were printed upside down, and the front cover and the beginning of both works were displayed at the same time.[17].
    Assassination Classroom
    Since the time when the first edition exceeded 100 million copies was the same, a collaboration with a newly drawn paper was done.[18].
    Modeled after Tetsuya KurokoKurokono TasukeThe character has appeared.In addition, when his episode was animated, his voice was played as Tetsuya.Kenshō OnoServed.
    Hinomaru Sumo
    In the 2015th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump 50, the collaboration one-shot "Kiseki no Tamashii Game" was published. Includes 8 volumes of "Hinomaru Sumo".

    Game works

    Jerk restAn online game community site operated by.Character avatar items are now available[19].. (From July 2014 to July 7)
    A game app operated by GCREST.Character avatar items have appeared[19](From October 2014 to February 7)
    Jump Chi Heroes
    LINEA game app operated by.This is a crossover work in which successive characters of Weekly Shonen Jump appear, and the characters have appeared from the beginning of distribution.
    Thin Enresist
    OrthoplusA game app jointly developed by Shueisha Character Business Office.New original scenarios and new illustrations have appeared[20].. (From July 2018 to July 12)
    City dunk 2
    A game app operated by Cookies.Kuroko and others appear as playable characters[21].. (From April to May 2021)

    Media mix


    Kuroko's Basketball Replace
    Novelization of this work.novel:Sawako Hirabayashi.Jump jay books(Shueisha) All 6 volumes.
    Kuroko's Basketball Winter Cup Summary
    Novelization of the movie version of A anime.Novel: Sawako Hirabayashi (Volume 1), Henri Eiji (Volume 2-3).All three volumes from Jump Jay Books (Shueisha).
    Kuroko's Basketball LAST GAME the Movie
    Novelization of the movie version of A anime.Novel: Sawako Hirabayashi.One volume from Jump Jay Books (Shueisha).


    Kuroko's Basketball Replace PLUS
    A comicalize of "Kuroko's Basketball Replace".Original plan: Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Original: Sawako Hirabayashi, Manga:Ichiro Takahashi.. 『Boy jump +(Shueisha) Serialized from January 2015, 1 to April 27, 2018.All 4 volumes.

    Voice comic

    "VOMIC"(Shueisha) was made into a voice comic twice.Jump specialized information program "Saki Yomi Jean BANG!』Broadcast on the VOMIC official website from April 2010 to October 4.Casting is different from the anime version.

    • 1st (Original Episode 1)-Broadcast in March 2010 on "Sakiyomi Jean BANG!".
    • 2nd (Makoto Rin-Hidetoku Battle)-Broadcast in January 2011 on "Sakiyomi Jean BANG!".


    Television Animation
    MBSなどで計3期(1期:2012年4月 - 9月、2期:2013年10月 - 2014年3月、3期:2015年1月 - 6月)にわたり放送された。
    Super Anime Tour
    "Jump Super Anime Tour 2013" (October 2013, 10-November 6, 11) Screened at 24 venues.5 volumes of the original book released in December of the same year Limited edition DVD recording[22].
    Movie version
    From September to December 2016, WC's omnibus trilogy was screened, and in 9, "Kuroko's Basketball Last Game" based on "EXTRA GAME" was screened.[23].


    Kuroko's Basketball Kiseki Match (Game)
    BANDAI NAMCO GamesbyPSPSports training simulationgame. Released on August 2012, 8.
    Kuroko's Basketball Kiseki to Victory
    By BANDAI NAMCO Games3DSgame. Released on August 2014, 2.
    Kuroko's Basketball Kizuna for the future
    3DS game by Namco Bandai Games. Released on March 2015, 3.
    Kuroko's Basketball CROSS COLORS
    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Mobile games by.CyberdCollaborative development with. Delivered in 2016.


    "Stage" Kuroko's Basketball "THE ENCOUTER"

    The second performance. February 1-2016, 4Sunshine theaterPerformed at[24].. At Chiaki Music on October 4, the same yearLive viewingCarried out.
    ス タ ッ フ
    • Original- Fujimaki Tadatoshi
    • Screenplay / Direction- Norihito Nakayashiki[24]
    • Choreography- Etsuko Kawasaki
    • Art-Takashi Ishihara
    • Lighting-Kiho Sato
    • Sound-Nohisa Yamamoto
    • Costume-Izumi Yamada
    • Hair Make-Hiroaki Miyauchi
    • Assistant Director-Ken Shirono
    • Stage Director-Kawa Exclusion
    • Organizer / Planning-Stage "Kuroko's Basketball" Production Committee
    • Production-Bandai Namco Live Creative, Gorch Brothers

    "Stage" Kuroko's Basketball "OVER-DRIVE"

    The second performance.Tokyo performance from June 2nd to July 2017th, 6AiiA 2.5 Theater TokyoThe Osaka performance will be held from July 2017th to 7th, 13.Morinomiya Piloti HallPerformed at.Live viewing was held at Chiakiraku on July 7th of the same year.[25].
    ス タ ッ フ
    • Original- Fujimaki Tadatoshi
    • Performance- Norihito Nakayashiki
    • Screenplay-Daichi Tatsuzaki
    • Staging- Etsuko Kawasaki
    • Art-Takashi Ishihara
    • Lighting-Kiho Sato, Hideya Takahashi
    • Sound-Nohisa Yamamoto
    • Costume-Izumi Yamada
    • Hair Make-Hiroaki Miyauchi
    • Assistant Director-Ryoko Matsukura
    • Stage Director-Kawa Exclusion
    • Production-Bandai Namco Live Creative, Gorch Brothers
    • Organizer / Planning-Stage "Kuroko's Basketball" Production Committee

    "Stage" Kuroko's Basketball "IGNITE-ZONE"

    第3弾公演。東京公演は2018年4月6日から22日までサンシャイン劇場にて、大阪公演は2018年5月1日から6日まで森ノ宮ピロティホールにて、東京凱旋公演は2018年5月11日から13日までJapan Youth HallPerformed in the hall[26].. Conducted live viewing at Chiaki Raku on March 5 of the same year[27].
    ス タ ッ フ[26]
    • Original- Fujimaki Tadatoshi
    • Performance- Norihito Nakayashiki
    • Screenplay-Daichi Tatsuzaki
    • Choreography / Staging- Etsuko Kawasaki
    • Art-Takashi Ishihara
    • Music-Lantis
    • Lighting-Kiho Sato, Hideya Takahashi
    • Sound-Nohisa Yamamoto
    • Costume-Izumi Yamada
    • Hair Make-Hiroaki Miyauchi
    • Director Assistant-Maki Kimata
    • Stage Director-Kawabuki, Tomohiro Imamura
    • Promotion / Casting-Yoko Wadaya
    • Promotional art-Kosuke Yamashita
    • Promotional Photo-Nobuhiko Hikichi
    • WEB production-Meteor design
    • Production-Bandai Namco Live Creative, Gorch Brothers
    • Organized by Tokyo / Tokyo Triumphal Performance-Stage "Kuroko's Basketball" Production Committee
    • Organized by Osaka Performance-Sunrise Promotion Osaka
    • Cooperation-Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association

    "Stage" Kuroko's Basketball "ULTIMATE-BLAZE"

    The final performance of the "Stage" Kuroko's Basketball "" series as the 4th performance. From April 2019th to May 4th, 30COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA-Kariya City Cultural Center・ Nippon Seinenkan Hall ・Fukuoka Civic CenterPerformed at[28].
    ス タ ッ フ

    Social evaluation


    • Yoshihiro TogashiHighly appreciates the characters and story composition of the characters appearing in this work.[29].
    • Hirohiko ArakiIn a cheering comment on the 4th volume of the book, he said, "Kuroko's" strong "lifestyle is inconspicuous! Its ideology!" Deep "!!"


    For a while after the serialization started, it was not so popular as a serialized work of Weekly Shonen Jump, but its popularity soared after the animation in 2012.[30].

    In 2012, he was ranked 10th in the "Children's Enthusiasm Ranking".As content based on manga, "ONE-PIECEIs second only to[31].インターネット-Social MediaIn such cases, there is a buzzword that originated in "Kuroko's Basketball".[32].

    ChugokuHowever, it is said to be very popular, and it was decided to serialize in the Chinese version of Shonen Jump "Manga Line" by the Chinese manga reader questionnaire.[33].

    Sales / circulation

    Sales of the original book increased significantly after being animated[34]In Volume 24, in the comic category of Oricon's "Weekly Book Ranking", it won the top spot for the first time in the series for two consecutive weeks.[35].. Volume 26 recorded the highest weekly sales of the same work[36].. In 2012OriconIn the "Annual Book Ranking" comics category, he made a big leap forward from the 24th place in the previous year, and "ONE-PIECE』I recorded the second place after[37]..After that, it continued to be popular and achieved the top 3 in the "Oricon annual" book "ranking" comic series for the third consecutive year (2012-2014).[36].

    The first volume of the book started with 1 copies of the first edition, but the circulation increased significantly with the animation, and it took four years to exceed the 5 million copies of the first edition.The first edition of 4 million copies of manga works is regarded as a big hit index.[38].. Volume 24 has recorded 100 million copies of the first edition[18].. As of April 2019, the cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 4 million.[39].

    The novel version recorded the top of the Oricon "book" ranking BOOK (general) category weekly for three consecutive volumes since the third volume.[40].. As of May 2017, the cumulative circulation of the novel version has exceeded 5 million.[41].


    • The 44th (November 2006) Jump Twelve Jie Newcomer Manga Award (one-shot version).
    • This manga is amazing! 2012 edition 6th in the men's category.
    • 12 timesTokyo Anime AwardReceived the Excellent Work Award in the TV category (TV animation)[42].

    Bibliographic information


    Main story of manga

    Number of turnstitleFirst edition issue date (release date)ISBNCodes
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    6I hate it !!December 2010, 4 (December 7[Collection 6]978-4-08-870024-3
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    10Start !!!December 2010, 12 (December 8[Collection 10]978-4-08-870151-6
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    27No miracle will happenDecember 2014, 5 (December 7[Collection 27]978-4-08-880057-8
    28The weight of resolutionDecember 2014, 7 (December 9[Collection 28]978-4-08-880136-0
    29I'll definitely stopDecember 2014, 9 (December 29[Collection 29]978-4-08-880174-2
    30Many timesDecember 2014, 12 (December 9[Collection 30]978-4-08-880211-4

    Manga sequel


    The movie version of the anime novelizationKuroko's Basketball (Anime) #NovelSee.


    fan Book

    TV anime fan bookKuroko's Basketball (Anime) #Fan BookSee.



    Book Appendix CD

    • Special drama CD bundled with books
    • "Why don't you eat okonomiyaki?" (Volume 16)
    • "Would you like to clean up!" (Volume 23)


    [How to use footnotes]

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