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📺 | "Tutor Torako" "Torako" Ai Hashimoto Surprised by the amount of deposit "What was XNUMX million yen used for?" "Facility ...

Photo "Tutor Torako" (C) NTV

"Tutor Torako" "Torako" Ai Hashimoto Surprised at the amount of deposit "What was XNUMX million yen used for?" "Facility ...

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"What is the purpose of being a private tutor when you have a personal asset of 8 million yen?

The 10th episode of the drama "Katekyo no Torako" (Nippon TV) starring Ai Hashimoto was broadcast on the XNUMXth.This work is… → Continue reading

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8 million personal assets


    Tutor(Tutor,British: private teacher or private tutor or just tutor) Is家庭A person who is invited to teach the learning of a child (= child) of the family[1].. Teachers who teach youth one-on-one in private places such as homes[2].

    For the United Kingdom

    In Britain, educational institutions for the general public were almost undeveloped until modern times.clergymanOnly simple reading and writing was taught along with Christian sermons in homes and churches.[3].. Even in the upper class, children were rarely educated at educational institutions, and instead scholars lived in to educate their children as tutors.[4].

    Victorian era OfUpper middle classThen in childhoodGovernesA female tutor called, taught literacy, culture, and etiquette. Do boys get a higher education from tutors as they grow up?DormitoryI left home to attend a prestigious school. Tutors were scholars and artists who taught part-time in their area of ​​expertise.

    A prominent person who was a tutor was a playwrightBen Johnson,Thomas HobbsThere is[4].Adam Smith TheUniversity of Glasgow教授Leaving and becoming an aristocratic tutor[5].

    in Japan's case


    Even in Japan, there were tutors as a substitute for schools from the Meiji era to the prewar period.[Note 1].


    In modern times, mainly<span>Grade 1-2</span>からA high school studentOn the other hand, it refers to a private instructor / teacher who teaches at home.

    Parents request tutors mainly in the following cases.

    • (Improvement of overall grades) The child (child) concernedDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIn order to improve the overall academic ability and raise the overall score of the test, because the academic ability of the class alone is not sufficient and the scores of the regular test etc. are generally not good.
    • (Improvement of a specific subject) When a child is not good at a specific subject and is suddenly stuck, and it is judged that some special, drastic measures are necessary only for that subject.
    • (Instruction for studying for entrance exams) To teach students how to study for entrance exams, which is different from studying for regular tests, and to pass the school of their choice.The number of households that use it together with cram schools is increasing.[6]
    • (Although rare) childrenOne childIf you don't have siblings and you don't have a suitable conversation partner, you're closer to your child than your parents, and you're a kind of "brother" or "sister", a mentor, or a child you meet regularly. In the hope that they will become people who listen to the story of the above, they may be asked to do so as their main motive, and as an excuse for "study" (of course, that). Even in that case, it is even better if the grades improve, and the judgment that it is two birds with one stone is also working).

    The people who are asked to tutor are as follows.

    • Active (at a university with a sufficiently high deviation value)University studentsso,Part-time jobA person who has registered as a tutor candidate with a tutor dispatcher for the purpose.
    • A person who has already graduated from university and is working, but is also a part-time tutor in addition to his main business.
    • A person who is a full-time tutor (professional tutor).
    • (Although a small number) University students and former university students (workers) who are relatives or acquaintances of the family concerned. When directly asking a relative or acquaintance that the guardian originally knows, who also knows the personality and academic ability, to tutor.

    No special qualifications are required to be a tutor. At the very least, if you have passed the entrance examination of a university with a sufficiently good deviation value and entered the university, that is, if you have the past facts and achievements that the tutor himself succeeded in taking the examination, you may be asked to work as a tutor. is there.

    In addition, if the tutor's work actually starts and it is evaluated that the "teaching method" is good or the "compatibility" with the child is good, the parents will continue the request.[Note 2]On the contrary, if it is judged that the teaching method is not good or that it is not compatible with the child, the work will be terminated, or (in the case of a request via a tutor dispatcher) another tutor will be found. If it becomes a change (switched), it will be a development[Note 3].

    Online tutors are also becoming mainstream due to the increase in internet speed.

    Legal definition: Nothing in particular

    There is no law that defines the tutor itself. Suffice it to sayAct on Specified Commercial TransactionsThere is only "definition as a business service" in (Special Commercial Code), which is at most "academic ability to prepare for entrance examinations of schools (excluding elementary schools and kindergartens) or to supplement school education (excluding universities and kindergartens)". (Limited to those provided in places other than the so-called cram school) ".

    Temporary agency

    The business isCorporation OfAgencyIn Japan, it is the mainstream that this corporate dispatching company mediates or dispatches tutors. Although it is a part of others, the teaching material sales business that is classified as a publisher by industry category provides tutoring services, or is a sole proprietor who is recruiting students by private business.インターネットThere is also an information service as an intermediate form between a corporate dispatch company and a sole proprietor who arranges individual contracts above.

    Market size / trends / development

    Tutors account for only a few percent of all learning services aimed at taking exams or supplementary lessons for elementary, junior high and high school students, including cram schools.

    The market size of the industry is estimated to be about 300 to 400 billion yen. It is small compared to the cram school market of about 1 trillion yen, but it is a corporationTry group(However, Tri-Group Co., Ltd. has almost halved its market share as of 2005 from its peak sales, and its market share has dropped significantly. The market size during the same period has decreased slightly. So about thisTutoring schoolIt seems that the cause is the rise of the above, the enforcement of the Special Commercial Code and the accompanying acquisition of market share of emerging powers). Recently, some businesses dispatch teachers for physical education.

    Due to the impact of the declining birthrate and competition with tutoring schools, the market as a whole is on a gradual decline. In 2004, based in the western Japan region, "Tutor Fight" (Fight Group Co., Ltd.), which was one of the major centers with annual sales of 22 billion yen at that time, went bankrupt.

    For existing businesses, we also operate a private tutoring school or provide remote guidance using the Internet (e-learning), Etc., etc., which operate individual guidance schools, remote guidance, or both, and like other learning services such as cram schools, competition is intensifying due to the declining birthrate.

    As competition intensifies, the business activities of business operators can be broadly divided into two types: "business negotiation same-day contracts" and "visiting-day contracts."

    In the case of "business negotiation same day contract", the user decides to join on the same day based on the explanation at the time of the business negotiation. This business has the advantage of being able to appeal to the company. However, when competing, users are required to make objective judgments because they are forced to make sales so that their company has an absolute advantage.

    On the other hand, in the case of "contract after visit", the user decides to join the next day or later after meeting and experiencing the teacher in charge.This company has no special sales opportunity, and if the teachers to introduce it are not good, it will not lead to customer acquisition.

    There is growing interest in the latter as a market trend.


    [How to use footnotes]
    注 釈
    1. ^ For example,Natsume SosekiWifeNatsume KyokoDid not go to school.
    2. ^ Parents, of course, try to be cautious at first and ask their children a number of questions in the early stages. For example, questions such as "How did you feel about your new tutor?" Or "Do you want to continue studying with that teacher?" When the child answers "I want to continue" or "I want to study with that teacher", the parents feel relieved and the request continues.
    3. ^ It should be noted that tutors provide one-on-one instruction, so "compatibility" (rather than school education) is an important factor in its own way. "Compatibility" is a subtle, sensory and psychological element that cannot be easily expressed in words. It is a kind of "chemistry". There is no clear pattern that can be easily and logically explained in language. A bad "compatibility" between a child and a tutor does not mean "the child is bad" or "the tutor is bad". It is not good or bad, but "compatibility". Sometimes the child has a very good "compatibility" with another tutor, and sometimes the tutor has a good "compatibility" with another tutor. Therefore, it is "compatibility".
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