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Reiwa version "Papa and Musume's 7 days" It's not just a remake!Highlights of

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On the outside, he looks like an old man, but on the inside, he plays a charming high school girl, and just seeing this Majima is worth it.

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High school girl

High school girl(Joshikousei) is an abbreviation for high school girls (joshokousei) and high school girls (joshikotougakkosei).[1][2][3].. As an abbreviation for high school girlsJK』(Joshi-Kstands for ousei,J.K. J.K.)[1][2][3].Another name is 'jogakusei,' which refers to female students in junior high and high schools.[4].

Here, I will explain the terms in a broad sense of "school girl" in Japan.


Corresponding to current high school in prewar school system[5]Old secondary schoolone of"High schoolThe student of “” corresponds to “high school girl” in classification.1882, The first female teacher training institution in JapanTokyo Women's Normal SchoolJapan's first high school for girls (currently reorganized to Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School)Ochanomizu University Junior High School-high school) Was born[6].

In the pre-war school systemOld high schoolIs a higher education institution, although it is named "high school" (currentlyColleges and collegesEquivalent to)[7], And admission of girls was not allowed[8].. The former high school opened its doors to girls1947From the degree entrance examination[8]It was from this year that "Schoolgirl" was born as the name. But,School reformByOld secondary school New high schoolBecause of the change to1948The degree is the last. For those who enrolled in 1947 under the old system,1950I was enrolled until the abolition of the old high school in March, and students enrolled in 3 completed the first yearNew universityI went to school, and during this transitional period of the school system, there were two types of high school girls, the old system and the new system.[9].. From 1950, only new high school girls have reached the present[10].

The exact time when the word "high school girl" was used is unknown, but in February 1962Akita Kaishin ShimpoIn the evening edition of "The name of the flower of love that blooms in the hospitalHigh school girlThere is an article[11].


What attracted attention as a culture of "high school girls"Post baby boom juniorWas in high school1990Said to be a teenager[12][13][14].. For high school girls' cultureMass mediaWas introduced as a trend and a new movement on TV etc.,Brucella,Aid communicationIt is said that the "high school girl boom" has occurred due to social issues such as[12][14].. In August 1993, news reports of Brucella shops all over the country started all at once,loose socks,Mini skirtContinued to provide mass media with topics such as the fashion of uniforms, the rapid introduction and utilization of new communication tools such as pagers and mobile phones, the creation of new words such as "Choberiba", and "helping dating" through the telephone system and two-shot dial.[12][14].Bubble economySome say that the image of “high school girls” who overturned their traditional values ​​and pushed forward in the midst of the collapse of the Japanese economy after the collapse had a kind of camphor drug effect on the mass media.[12].

the 1990sAfter that, the "uniform"FashionableThere is also a view that the trend as a means of fashion and culture has strengthened[15]In recent years, fashioning uniforms like this in Japan has been attracting attention outside Japan.FranceMagazine "Japan Life Style], "Japanese schoolgirl uniforms are a symbol of freedom"ParisOpinions of the girls[16]And 2009Japan ExpoIncrease in uniform fashion in Japan[17]Uniforms are always featured in fashion magazinesKingdom of Thailand[18],BangkokIs a uniform fashion event "Kawaii Festa" held in March 2009.ChugokuSo, among young women, high school girls' uniformsLolita fashion,HanbokThe three that add up are called "three pits" (three holes) fashion, and demand is increasing year by year.[19]


In the 1990sMobile phone,インターネットHas spread rapidly[12], Sexual misconduct such as "dating with friends" and sales of underwear became a particular problem[12].. Anonymous bulletin boards andDating siteDevelopment ofInformation societyIt has been pointed out that this is one of the causes of the increase in aid dating involving high school girls[12],社会 問題Has been taken up as[12].. In the middle of the 2000s, the so-called "JK BusinessIs developing[20][21]In the 2010s, with the radicalization of services such as “JK reflation” and “JK tour”[20][22]It was also picked up by the mass media and often caught by the police.[22]Is being questioned[22].

Regarding trademarks

"High school girl" isRegistered trademarkBut also.

Right holder·Ito HamAt "Registration numbers 4341989 and 4341990". The former designated product isBox lunch-Gyoza-Fried rice-pizza·Meat Pie·ConfectioneryandBread.. The latter designated products are meat products, processed vegetables, processed fruits,curry,stew or SoupIt is the source of Registration number 5378350 by right holder, Hibiki Co., Ltd. Designated services include "Providing information about advertisements on the Internet, advertisements, management diagnosis or management advice, market research" (Category 35), "Professional skills/sports or knowledge, provision of electronic publications, movies/actors・Planning or management of theatrical performances or musical performances, production of broadcast programs” (Class 41).


JK (Jay Kay, a high school girl)Joshi Kōkōsei)”. Derivatives include "FJK, SJK, LJK", with the initials of First, Second, and Last, respectively.prefixAnd represents the 1st grade schoolgirl, the 2nd grade schoolgirl, the last schoolgirl = the 3rd grade high school girl.[23][24]. Fornication OrdinanceIn connection with this, the terms illegal JK (15-17 years old) and legal JK (18 years old) are also used.In addition, the number of voyeurism cases using JK is increasing.


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