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🎥 | A world where mankind is destroyed by deadly poisonous gas "Silent Night" depicting the last Christmas Eve on earth will be released


A world where mankind is destroyed by deadly poisonous gas "Silent Night" depicting the last Christmas Eve on earth will be released

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Produced by Matthew Vaughn of the "Kick-Ass" and "Kingsman" series.

The movie "Silent Night" starring Keira Knightley has been decided to be released in theaters from November 11th. … → Continue reading

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"Kingsman] (Original title: Kingsman: The Secret Service) Is2014 OfUnited Kingdom-The United States of America Ofアクション-Spy movie.. The directorMatthew Vaughan, The script isJane GoldmanSaid Vaughn.AppearanceTalon EgertonColin Firthetc.


movies"KingsmanThe first work in the series.The original isMark Miller(English editionA comic by(English edition』.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day(English editionPremiered in the United Kingdom on January 2015, 1 and in the United States on February 29, 201520th Century FoxWas released in theaters by.With more than $ 4 million in box office worldwide, it has become Vaughn's most commercially successful film to date. In 1,400Empire AwardWon the British Academy Film Awards.

The sequel to 2017Kingsman: Golden CircleIs released[3], In January 2021Previous dayBecomes "Kingsman: First AgentWas released.


He is a member of the intelligence agency Kingsman and has the code name of Galahad.Harry heartMakes a mistake during his mission and saves the lives of all his troops at the expense of his companion, Lee.Harry tries to help Lee's bereaved family, but is rejected by his wife Michelle and has no choice but to be a young son.EggieI handed him a medal and left.

Seventeen years later, one of Kingsman, Lancelot, died on a mission.He tried to rescue Professor Arnold, who had been abducted, during a reconnaissance of a mercenary unit, but failed.Kingsman leader Arthur summons Harry and orders Lancelot to replace him and take over his duties.

Meanwhile, at that time, Eggie, who grew up, lived in a downstream family in London with Michelle and his remarriage partner Dean, and now lives a rough life as a bad city.One day, Eggie, who was arrested for stealing their car in revenge for a hostile bad group, took out the medal handed to him when he was young and put it on the back number, which was said to be "reliable in case of trouble". Make a phone call.Soon after, Eggie was released.

Curiously, Harry, dressed in a fine bespoke suit, was waiting for Eggie to come out of the police station.Harry, who knows Eggie's career, begins to complain about the fact that Lee's son, a lifesaver and brave man, has excellent intelligence and physical strength but is not making use of it.When Eggie argued that the circumstances and environment were bad, a bad group appeared there and got involved in Eggie.Harry, who was ranted by the bad group, repels the bad group with his brilliant fighting skills when he says, "Manners maketh man."Surprised, Eggie promised not to say anything about this and saw Harry leave.

When Eggie returned home, Dean, the leader of the bad group, was furious.He tries to get Harry's information from Eggie by assault, but Eggie screams as promised.Harry confirmed the situation with a secret eavesdropping device and sent a rescue boat to Eggie.UK OfSavile RowLuxury inTailorI told him to come to "Kingsman".When Eggie arrives at the tailor, Harry invites him to Kingsman, a neutral intelligence agency that doesn't belong to any country, and he agrees on the spot.

The two moved deep underground in the tailor to Kingsman's headquarters, where a test to select a new Lancelot from candidates, including Eggie, began.All the other candidates came from the upper class, and the exams that took place were deadly tough, but Eggie chose him as his companion.PugI will break through the test with JB.A few months later, it was Eggie and Roxy, who treated him on an equal footing, who survived to the end.

Meanwhile, Harry was trying to find out the truth about Lancelot's death by contacting Professor Arnold, who survived and lived normally.However, the chip embedded in Professor Arnold's neck explodes, killing him.Harry also fell into a coma, but soon recovered and learned that the criminal who killed Professor Arnold was a member of the successful philanthropist Richmond Valentine in the IT business.Harry, who pretended to be himself and ate with him, grabbed information about a church, but Valentine, who suspected the involvement of a spy, was also wary of Harry.

Eggie and Roxy, who faced the final test, are called to different rooms and handed a gun to "shoot and kill their companion dog."However, Eggie could not trigger and Roxy, who followed the instructions, was appointed as a new Lancelot.Eggie protests against Harry, who is disappointed, but reveals that the gun in the final test contained a blank gun, and that the candidate who was thought to have died in the test is actually alive.Harry promises to repartition and goes on a mission to Eggie who regrets knowing the truth.

Harry visited the informed church, but there was no Valentine among the gathered people, and Harry tried to leave the church.Immediately after that, Valentine distributed it for free.SIM cardWhen the program is activated, people in the church, including Harry, will become violent and start killing each other.Realizing that Harry was Kingsman, Valentine reveals the mechanism to Harry, the only survivor, and shoots him with his hand.

Eggie, watching the whole story in the footage sent from Harry's glasses, tries to appeal directly to the leader Arthur toward Kingsman's headquarters.Arthur thinks of Harry and proposes to drink with them, but his neck has a surgical scar on the tip like Professor Arnold.When Eggie notices it, he uses his wits to revenge Arthur who tried to poison himself.

Valentine's plan was to decimate the population by killing non-humans with special chips embedded in a SIM card violence program.Not knowing who the traitor is, Eggie will block Valentine's plan with Roxy and Marlin, who assists Kingsman.

Roxy manages to destroy the artificial satellite, but Eggie infiltrates the secret base of Valentine, where the selected humans gather, and the identity of former candidate Charlie is revealed.Returning to Marlin's waiting plane in the dock while brilliantly repelling the chase, it turns out that although the SIM card program activation could be prevented once, it is necessary to directly destroy the essential program itself.

Eggie returned to the inside of the secret base, but was pushed by the quantity and was in a difficult situation, and Merlin was in danger.However, after a short break, he came up with the idea of ​​using the chip blast order, and killed all the soldiers and celebrities who embedded the chip.Valentine used another satellite to launch a violence program around the world, but Eggie was able to defeat the standing murderer Gazelle, kill Valentine and stop communication.

At a later date, Eggie, who officially became Kingsman's agent,DVHe returned to his hometown to rescue Michelle from Dean.To Dean, who rants not to give Michelle, Eggie acts to remind him of the scene where Harry once dealt with a bad group, and the story ends.


*Japanese characters in parentheses

Gary "Exie" Unwin
Performance- Talon Egerton(Kimura Subaru
A bad young man who gave up his life.He has excellent abilities, and although he joined the Marine Corps at one time, he was discharged due to the influence of his mother Michel, who was afraid of his son's death.Scouted by Kingsman by Harry, he learns that his late father was also a Kingsman candidate.
Harry heart
Performance- Colin Firth(Junpei Morita
Kingsman veteran spy.The code name is Galahad.He recruited Eggie's father Lee to Kingsman 17 years ago, saying that his origin was irrelevant to Kingsman.
Richmond Valentine
Performance- Samuel L. Jackson(Tetsuaki Genda
A millionaire who has succeeded in the IT business and is interested in environmental issues.The property of vomiting when seeing blood.In fact, he is the mastermind behind the disappearance of a celebrity and is working on a global plan to reduce the population to save the planet.
Performance- Mark Strong(Ryoo Kato
A man who assists Kingsman.He is also an instructor who guides candidates.
ア ー サ ー
Performance- Michael cane(Sasaki Satoshi
Kingsman leader.His real name is Chester King. "A person from the upper class is suitable for Kingsman," he thinks.
Roxanne Morton
Performance- Sophie Cookson(Shimoyamada Ayaka
Kingsman candidate.Nicknamed Roxy, and recommended by Percival.One of the few people from the upper class who doesn't look down on Eggie.Acrophobia.
Performance- Sophia Butera(Sawashiro Miyuki
Valentine's subordinates, both legs are prostheses[Note 1]Hitman.Fight with a sharp blade on the prosthesis.
Michelle Unwin
Performance- (English edition
Eggie's mother.He has a young child with his remarriage partner, Dean.Living a self-deprecating life, Valentine's freeSIM cardI got them side by side for a whole day.The loss of her husband makes her sensitive to the death of her relatives.
Dean Baker
Performance- (English edition(Tetsuo Goto
Michelle's remarriage partner.A bad group leader who violently attacks Eggie and Michelle.
Charlie Hesketh
Performance- Edward Holcroft(Sakurai Toru
Kingsman candidate. He is from the upper class and looks down on Eggie, and harass him along with other candidates.
Professor Arnold
Performance- Mark Hamill(Soichi Abe
Its full name is James Arnold.Gaia theoryA scholar who advocates.
Performance- Jack Davenport(Takuya Kirimoto
Kingsman veteran spy.Attempts to rescue Professor Arnold are killed by Gazelle who appears on the spot. Seventeen years ago, he accompanied Eggie's father Lee on a mission that died as the same candidate.
Princess Tilde
Performance- (English edition(Mayumi Sako
Swedish princess.Opposed to Valentine's plans, he is imprisoned in a secret base.I promise to the infiltrating Eggie, "If you save the world, I'll do it."
Swedish Prime Minister
Performance- Bjorn Frobalg
One who agreed with Valentine's idea.The inner heart is republican, and she easily abandons Princess Tilde.
Lee Unwin
Performance- (English edition
Exy's father. Former Kingsman candidate. During his 17-year-old mission, he used to marry Harry from an enemy's suicide attack.
The EGZ was raised as part of the trainingPug[Note 2].. The origin of the name is "24 -TWENTY FOUR-"ofJack bower[Note 3].


Original authorMark MillerIn a dialogue with producer Matthew Vaughn, lamenting that spy movies in recent years are only serious contents, thinking that "I want to make a fun spy movie" prompted the movie adaptation.[4].. Vaughan says "X-MEN: Future & Past], he said the decision was "a really tough decision"[4].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayColin FirthIt was announced that[5].. VillainLeonardo DiCaprioWas reportedly being consideredPopeIs denied."[6][7].. Vaughan was nominated for the heroineEmma Watson,Bella HeathcoteIn September, I thought that a newcomer was suitable,Sophie CooksonAnnounced that[8]. Also,Mark HamillIs the role of Professor ArnoldCameo appearanceWas announced to[9].. Besides thisAdele,Elton John,Lady Gaga,David BeckhamCameo's appearance was reported, but none was realized due to the end of rumors[10][11][12][13].

From January 2013, 10Main shooting SallyStarting with, the production cost is "007 SkyfallIt was reported to be about one-third[14][15][16][17].. The scene of the home of the exige(English edition[18], Some other scenesImperial College LondonHas been taken in. In Kennington, South London, battle scenes and car actions were filmed,Savile RowThen the tailor scene was filmed[19].

January 2014Henry Jackman(English editionWas announced to be in charge of music[20]In NovemberGary BarlowHas been announced to be composing for the movie. Also, for the endingTake thatof"IIIIs used[21].


Premiere screenings in London on January 2015, 1, with director Vaughan, major casts Firth, Egerton and Strong attending, and Take That playing live themes[22].. On the same dayGlasgowBut the event was held and the video of the London premiere was shown at the theater[23].

Published in the UK on January 1th[24]In the United States, the release time changed a lot, it was released on February 2[25].Latin AmericaIndonesiaHowever, it was released in a state where the slaughter scene of the church was cut, and the scene that Vaughan and critics pointed out as an important scene was not shown[26][27][28][29].

performance income

Box office records $4 million, $2 million in the UK and $4,200 million in the US[1].. On June 1Sweden-Ireland-MaltaPublished in the UK, it earned $650 million in the first day and ranked second in the ranking.[30].. Next weekAustralia-New ZealandPublished in Australia and made $360 million in revenue in Australia[31].. In the third week, it was released on 3 screens in 39 countries and recorded box office revenue of $4,844 million.[32].. In the fourth week, it recorded box office revenue of $4 million on 54 screens in 5,940 countries[33].. In the United States, we recorded $1,040 million on the first day, $2 million on the second day, $1,540 million on the third day, making $3 million in the first week,Washington birthdayRecorded box office revenue of $4 million over four days including[34][35][36][37][38].. The biggest box office record outside North AmericaPeople's Republic of ChinaWas $2,790 million[39].. In other areas South KoreaIs $530 million,Russia-CISIs $360 million,TaiwanIs $430 million,FranceIs 330 million dollars[32][33].


"Kingsman" has received high praise for its "revival of spy movies."RReceived 225 reviews with a 74% approval rating and an average rating of 6.8/10 points, and was criticized as "stylish, destructive, and most enjoyable."[40].MetacriticReceived 39 reviews with an average rating of 58/100[41],(English editionReceived 108 reviews with an average rating of 63/100[42],CinemaScoreThen it is evaluated as "B +"[43].Rolling stone OfPeter TraverseIt has criticized as "the Suramuban-action movie of the British secret agent was shaken the heart." King's Man "is endlessly fun movie."[44].GuardianJordan Hoffman said, "The film is all about the spirit of 007. Vaughan's screenplay has a fun-seeking license, and anyone involved in the production could see this crazy James Bond I believe that I didn't escape from the creation ofChristopher NolanCompared to the movieMichael caneDespite the existence of, Kingsman is far from a Nolan superhero movie. The truth emerges because of the frequent, full-bodied laughter."[45].

While highly regarded, it is also criticized as "There are unacceptable depictions of violence in comedy films."The New Yorker"Thousands of people will applaud the brave production of the Kingsman," said Anthony Lane, but criticizes the stereotypical content.[46].New York TimesManora Darges also rated the film as "fun" but criticized it for describing violence[47].. "All of Kingsman is drawn to hide the fact that it is conservative," said Guardian Jason Ward.EnvironmentalistIs a villain and is a reversal of an old non-serious spy movie."[48].(English edition``Kingsman is not a gentleman's movie, it's very reactionary compared to the spy movies I'm referring to,'' said Ignatty Wisnevetowky. You can enjoy it from a traditional perspective."[49].(English editionPeter Sobutinski of XNUMX gave the Vaughan movie ``'Scream'S spy movie version," and criticized excessive violence despite its comical depiction.[50].. In addition to this, I drew it as a parody of the 007 movie in the last scene of the movieAnal sexHas been criticized for the gag of[51][52].


YearsMovie awardsTargetResult
201639th Japan Academy Award[53]Best Foreign Work AwardKingsmanNomination


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注 釈

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