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🤖 | "Over the mirror" Beautiful magician Yuki Mitera shows off her sporty legs


"Over the mirror" Beautiful magician Yuki Mitera shows off her sporty legs

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In response to this post, fans commented, "It's too cute even in the mirror," "You have beautiful legs," and "You're beautiful."

Yuki Mitera, who is a hot topic as a magician who is too beautiful, updated her Twitter on August 8th and showed a selfie over the mirror. → Continue reading

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Cute legs

    Beautiful legs

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      Beautiful legs(Kyakusenbi, beautiful leg)Foot(In a broad sense,Lower bodyIt can be recalled as a whole, but generally from the buttocks to the thighs,kneeThrough the calf/ankle/Heels・Proportion line)骨 格,meatThe way things are attached is beautiful. oftenBeautiful legsIt is also represented by the word (bicycle). Famous as a symbol of feminine beautyVenus of MiloSuch asArtworkThere is a theory that the legs are composed of pre-calculated ratios.Many,FemaleIt is a compliment that is used for the legs, but it tends to be used vaguely and easily.

      In general, "(someone)legIt is a typical positive expression used as a compliment when saying "(= leg)", and its objective and universal standards do not exist in principle.However, it is popular to refer to "thin legs" and "tight ankles" as "美 し さAlthough there are some discourses that are used as specific criteria of "," all of these are merely subjective evaluations.Sexual preferenceDepending on, for example,Antelope"Legs like" (expressing the beauty of toned, muscular legs), "筋肉Positioning a term such as “beautiful legs” (an expression that emphasizes the beauty of muscles that are well-developed by women, and evaluates their strength and dynamism, or the so-called “femininity” itself as attractiveness) You can

      Types of leg beauty

      Slender legs

      It is said for slender, thin and long legs.筋肉,subcutaneous fatFew, the line is straight. Generally referred to as "beautiful legs" [1].

      FashionWith the advancement of women, it is important for women to dress up wellstatusBecome a tall foreignerFashion ModelI longed for long legs for the whole body, which are slender and thin.The length, thinness, and beauty of the skeleton are important as the criteria for beautiful legs.

      Plump legs

      It has a proper thickness and is in order筋肉,fatIt is said to the legs that are wearing. The lines are curvilinear, and the sharpness and beauty of the length and line are important as the criteria for beautiful legs. This is not a thing that women long for, but rather a standard for men's eyes, who feel the sexual appeal and beauty of women's leg lines and flesh.Sexual preferenceBecause of the thickness,パ ー ツEach person has different standards of beauty, such as the balance of.


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