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🎭 | The GTA-like game plan for the blockbuster drama "Breaking Bad" remains on the rocks... "Don't expect it...

Photo The GTA-like game plan for the blockbuster drama "Breaking Bad" remains on the rocks ... "Don't expect it"

The GTA-like game plan for the blockbuster drama "Breaking Bad" remains on the rocks... "I don't expect it...

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Fascinated by the underworld, which he should have stepped into unavoidably, Walter himself becomes tainted with evil...Broadcast from 2008 to 2013, it is said to be "the most acclaimed work in the past several decades". We are a global blockbuster drama that has won numerous awards.

Vince Gien, who directed the US drama "Breaking Bad" and its spin-off "Better Call Saul"... → Continue reading

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    antisocial forces(Society, societyEnglish: Anti-Social Forces[1]) Isviolence,power, ま た はscamBy unreasonable demands that make full use of the methodEconomyOfProfitIs a general term for groups or individuals who pursue[2].Gangster,Boryokudan-related companies,extortionist,Social movement advocate Goro,Special intelligence violence group,Hangure groupSuch asCriminal organizationAnd its stakeholders are widely called[2],Anti-companyAbbreviated as (hansha)[3].


    For companies,CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)From this point of view, in order not to be a source of funds for gangsters, etc., it is required not to do business with or have a relationship with those organizations.However, securities by gangsters, etc.Real estateDue to the sophistication of fund-raising activities through economic activities such as transactions, even companies with a high awareness of excluding gangsters will conduct economic transactions without knowing that they are related to gangsters. Because there is a risk of indirectly dealing with gangsters, not only gangsters, but also organizations / organizations equivalent to gangsters and their affiliates, or even non-gangsters that are socially unacceptable or illegal acts, etc. It has become necessary to comprehensively grasp the organizations and groups that are doing the above, and to take comprehensive measures against those organizations and groups.[4].."Anti-social forces" is a term that comprehensively captures such organizations / organizations and their members / related persons.

    Measures by the Japanese government

    3st Koizumi CabinetAt the time2006(18)6/207th Council of Ministers for Crime Countermeasures[Annotation 1]・ At the 3rd Joint Meeting of the Youth Development Promotion Headquarters, it was decided to set up a working team consisting of related ministries and agencies at the Council of Ministers for Crime Countermeasures to consider measures to ensure the exclusion of gangsters from society.[5]..In response to this policy, on July 7, the "Working Team on Comprehensive Measures for Criminal Organization Funding, etc." was established, chaired by the Cabinet Secretariat and chaired by the section chief-level staff of related ministries and agencies.[6]..After consideration by the working team,Second Abe administrationUnder2007(19)6/19, "Guidelines for companies to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces" was formulated as an agreement of the government's Council of Ministers for Crime Countermeasures[4][7]..This is the first example of the official use of the term antisocial forces.In this guideline, antisocial forces are annotated as "groups or individuals who pursue economic benefits by making full use of violence, power and fraudulent methods."[4]..In the guideline, the basic idea and concrete measures for companies to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces are summarized, and when grasping whether the other party is an antisocial force, which one is the other party? It is important to pay attention to whether the person has such attributes (attribute requirements), violent demands, and unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility (action requirements). As of October 2004, 10Deputy Chief of National Police AgencyIndicated to refer to the Circular "Guidelines for Countermeasures against Organized Crime"[4]..In addition, this guideline also provided an opportunity for many companies to include the "antisocial forces exclusion clause" described later in their contracts and contracts.

    In public comments solicited by the Financial Services Agency in accordance with this guideline, the Japanese Bankers Association, etc. stated, "In order to ensure the effectiveness of blocking relations with antisocial forces, it is necessary to formulate specific definitions regarding antisocial forces. There was an opinion that "there are", but "antisocial forces are diverse in form and can change according to social conditions, etc., so it is not appropriate to define them in advance in a limited manner." I think it is necessary for each financial institution to make a judgment based on the actual situation, referring to "How to understand antisocial forces" in this section. The idea was shown[8].

    Also, in a public comment in 2014, "Anti-social forces have various forms and can change according to social conditions, etc., so it is not appropriate to set a limited standard in advance due to its nature. It is necessary for each business operator to make a judgment based on the actual situation with reference to this guideline. "[9].

    2019(XNUMXst year of Reiwa),Abe CabinetIs sponsored by Prime Minister AbeCherry blossom viewingOn November 11, the same year, in connection with the allegations that a person allegedly antisocial was participating.Constitutional Democratic Party OfAkihiro HatsukaSubmitted fromQuestion form[10]In this guideline, "in this guideline," antisocial forces "is defined as" a group or individual who pursues economic benefits by making full use of violence, power and fraudulent methods "" has a different definition. If so, it may be necessary to change the response policy. I think that the government needs to redefine what "antisocial forces" are. In response to the question, on December 12, the same year, "Since it can change according to the social situation at that time, it is difficult to define it in a limited and unified manner in advance." Answered[11].

    At a press conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary on December 12th of the same year, a reporter from the Hokkaido Shimbun said, "If you decide that you are an antisocial force and stop trading, the other party will tell you to'define'and ask for a proceeding or a consolation fee. "It could be possible," he said. "I'm worried about this Cabinet decision."[12]In response to the question, "I think there may be some confusion in the field, how about it?", Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga replied, "The guidelines have not changed at all."[13].

    Although this guideline is not legally binding, according to the 2018 questionnaire survey conducted by the National Center for the Promotion of Expulsion of Violence, 1,598 out of 668 companies said that they are implementing measures in accordance with the guideline. (41.8%)[14].

    Antisocial forces exclusion clause

    Corporate contract ・ClauseSome said that they could declare that they would not conclude a contract with antisocial forces, or if the other party was found to be an antisocial force after the contract, the contract could be canceled without notice. Often there are provisions.Such provisions are generally referred to as "Antisocial forces exclusion clause".Also, since the representative antisocial forces are gangsters, "Boryokudan exclusion clauseIt is also called "exclusion clause".If the contract / contract has an antisocial force exclusion clause, and if the other party to the contract is found to be an antisocial force, the company has the right to cancel the contract (Right to cancel) Occurs legally, and in some cases the right to claim damages is also granted.In addition, at the time of contract, the other party may be required to express and assure that he / she is not an antisocial force, and to submit a written oath.[15].

    Case law on antisocial forces exclusion clause

    August 2014, 4,Supreme CourtAt a bank that refuses to apply for new deposits of savings from antisocial forces in its contract, conceals that it is a member of a gangster, declares and promises that it is not an antisocial force, opens an account, etc. The act of applying for and receiving a passbook, etc. corresponds to the act of "deceiving a person to deliver a property" in Article 246, Paragraph 1 of the Penal Code.FraudWas established[16].


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Aiming to revive Japan, the safest country in the world, the Prime Minister is needed to secure close cooperation between the Relations Promotion Headquarters and relevant administrative organs, and to comprehensively and proactively promote effective and appropriate measures. Meeting presided over according to.The members of the meeting are all ministers.


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