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📺 | Kasumi Arimura "Ishiko and Haneo" is a struggle, but the reason why it attracts the attention of viewers "The role is just like Kei Komuro!"


Kasumi Arimura "Ishiko and Haneo" is a tough battle, but the reason why it catches the attention of viewers "The role is just like Kei Komuro!"

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Mr. Komuro is currently awaiting the result of the acceptance or rejection.

In late July, this magazine witnessed actress Kasumi Arimura (7) in Yokohama.Drama "Ishiko and Haneo - Appeal for such a thing ... → Continue reading


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    Mr. Komuro

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      Mr. Komuro(Komuroshi) isJapan OfclanOne of the.

      Mr. Shigeno style Mr. Komuro

      Emperor SeiwaFourth Prince of Sadayasu-shinnoThanSubject descent officialMr. ShigenoThis is in the clan,Shinano countrySaku-gunKomuro EupTo happen more[1].. 『Genpei Morishiki』Tadakane Komuro, the name of his child Sukyo Mahikari[1].MiyagikuhimeAs a shogunate gokenin according toKomoro (Komuro) MitsukaneYou can see the name of.

      Seiwa Genji style Ogasawara clan Mr. Komuro

      Similarly, the sixth prince of Emperor Seiwa Sadasumi-shinChild TsunemotoThere is this person in the system of Mr. Seiwa Genji starting from.Keiki's grandson Minamoto no Yorinobu (Gen KawachiXNUMX generations fromYoshimitsu MinamotoThe ancestor of Minamoto no KiyomitsuMr. KaiFlow of.Kiyomitsu's second son Kagami TokoWoke up by ChoseiMr. OgasawaraTell the tribe that there is Mr. Komuro[2].

      Mr. Uda Genji, Mr. Sasaki, Mr. Ichimon Komuro

      Omi countryAsai DistrictThere is Komuro-eup in[3].Emperor UtaThird prince Atsuzane-shinBegins with King MasanobuUda GenjiSon of the king in the tribe of Minamoto no SukenBegins withOumigenji Mr. SasakiIs the ancestor.It is said that Mako Komuro's family, Mako Komuro, and Shirobei will reach this area and become indigenous.[3].

      Mr. Komuro of Musashi Province

      Musashi countryAdachi-gunThere is Komuro-eup in[3]..Komuro Rokuzaemon creates Jiyokuji Temple in the same county[3].

      Mr. Komuro of Hitachi Province

      Hitachi countryKuji-gunToMr. SatakeThere is Mr. Komuro, a vassal of[3].. In "Eikei Gunki"TenshoThe name of Komuro Uemon can be seen as a samurai of the year[3].

      Mr. Komuro of Kai Province

      Kai countryTsuru-gunIn[3]..There is Mr. Komuro in this area, but his ancestors are said to move from Shinano Province.[3].

      Mr. Komuro of Tanba Province

      Tamba countryAmata-gunIn addition, there is Mr. Komuro whose ancestor is Shinano Province.[3].

      Mr. Komuro of Yamato Province

      YamatoUda-gunThere is Mako Komuro Tokishige in Okubo-eup[3].

      miscellaneous articles

      Other,MutsuMoriyama DomainMr. Komuro is one of the senior vassals of Mr. Matsudaira.[3],Shimono country,Mino country,Iwashiro,Iwaki countryI can see this person[3].


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