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📺 | Dark clouds in Nobuko's dream The relationship with the person who was introduced by Nini Katahide [Chimu Dondon Week 19 Highlights]


A dark cloud in Nobuko's dream Relationship with the person who was introduced by Ninny Katahide [Highlights of Chimu Dondon Week 19]

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On the other hand, his older brother, Katahide (Ryo Ryuusei), reunites with Yoshiaki Ganaha (Munetoshi Takubo), an old friend from his time in Yanbaru, Okinawa.

Nobuko Higa (Yuna Kuroshima) and Kazuhiko Aoyagi (Hio Miyazawa) have successfully completed their wedding reception, and the two have started their newlywed life at Amayu. → Continue reading

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Yoshiaki Ganaha (Munetoshi Takubo)

    Kenshu (Ryo Ryusei)


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