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🎭 | Hanako Okabe makes her first appearance at the long-awaited Sunday theater "Shivering" and "Atom's Child" as Kento Yamazaki's senior


Hanako Okabe makes her first appearance at the long-awaited Sunday theater "I'm shivering" as Kento Yamazaki's senior in "Atom's Child"

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In addition to Okabe, Toru Baba, Shinji Rokkaku, Genri, Ai Iinuma, Naho Toda, Sarutoki Minagawa, Takemasa Tsukaji (Drunk Dragon), Denden, and Morio Kazama have also been announced.

Dai Okabe of the comedy trio Hanako will present the TBS Sunday theater "Atom's Child" starring Kento Yamazaki (starting in October, every day… → Continue reading

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Takemasa Tsukaji (Drunk Dragon)

    Shinji Rokkaku

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      Shinji Rokkaku(Rokkaku Shinji,19726/27 -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoShinagawaI'm fromCubeBelongs.Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School,Meiji University Faculty of Literaturegraduate.married.


      National languageHe had excellent grades and was aiming to become a Japanese language teacher when he was a student.Teaching practicefrustrated atLater he became a member of Jobi Joba.

      1993theater troupeJovi Jovadebuted as a member of2002After the hiatus, he started solo activities as an actor.

      Characterized by a high-pitched voice and a pointed chin (during the Jobi Joba era,ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木The imitation of was the story).A so-called teased character who is weak to alcohol and has a weak temper.絵In the early days of Jobi Joba's era, he worked on illustrations for performance posters.Big eaterSo, even in a situation where the theater composition meeting did not progress and the food did not go down, the prepared locationBox lunchcan be lightly eaten.

      quizIs good at. ""All-Star Thanksgiving』(TBS TV) won the third place prize of 3 yen.she loves history

      also an actorHexagon spermAlthough the name is similar to, Hexagonal Seiko is a stage name and has no particular relationship.



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