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📺 | Ryoma Takeuchi is hotly watched by the Korean showbiz world! "Roppongi class" audience rating V-shaped recovery

Although there were various photos (C) Nikkan Gendai

The Korean showbiz world is eyeing Ryoma Takeuchi! "Roppongi class" audience rating V-shaped recovery

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, there will be opportunities to enter Hollywood in the United States, such as Netflix and Disney Channel.

In the near future, Ryoma Takeuchi (29) may fly to the world as an "international actor".dramas and movies... → Continue reading

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Disney channel

Disney channel(English: Disney Channel) IsWalt Disney CompanyUnder the umbrellaWalt Disney Television(Disney Branded Television) Of TVEntertainmentProfessional channel.

Produced by Disneyア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンThe company has announced mainlymovies,TV dramaEtc. are being broadcast.

"Disney channel"Or"Disney chIs also written.


1983ToAmericaIt started broadcasting at.the 1990sWhen you enterUnited KingdomBroadcasting has started in other countries as well,the 2000sAt the beginning, it became a global channel that can be viewed in more than 60 countries and regions.

In Japan, oversees Disney's business in JapanWalt Disney JapanBroadcasting business division of a corporationWalt Disney Television International JapanIs operated by200311/18Broadcasting has started from.

Just one year after the opening of the station2004On November 11th, Sky Perfect TV! 18 (later Skapar! E110, nowSKY PerfecTV!) But started broadcasting (TBS110 degree east longitude CS broadcaster of the systemC-TBSIt takes the form of program supply to).

200512/1ToSKY PerfecTV! Premium ServiceIn the second channel "Toon DisneyWas opened, but2009(In the United States2/13,in Japan8/1) Specializing in programming for boysDisney XDIt has been renewed to.

in Japan2008On November 11th, the 18th anniversary of the opening of the station was celebrated, and a commemorative special program was also broadcast.

At this time, it also achieved the highest ratings ever on Disney channels in Japan, the United Kingdom and Europe.Disney Channel Original MovieLive-action version of the action movie "Kung Fu Princess Wendy Wu""Oyamada MakotoIs the first Japanese starring.

In addition, the dream co-star program "Dream co-starring program by stars who are active on Disney Channel"Disney Channel Games], Shin Koyamada is appearing regularly.

By the way, the first program broadcast in Japan was "Steamship willy』And the moderator of the opening ceremonyKimiko MoriWas in charge.

2010November 11th, "J: COM TV My style"VOD"Disney Channel On Demand" is now available on the unlimited viewing pack menu.after that20156/1In addition, the name of "Disney Channel On Demand" was changed to "Disney Channel" in the J: COM On Demand Unlimited Viewing Pack.

20123/1, SKY PerfecTV! E2 is a new broadcaster directly affiliated with C-TBS's 110-degree east longitude CS broadcast.Broadcast satellite DisneyShifted to BS digital broadcasting by (BS Disney), 16: 9 wide broadcasting, subtitle broadcasting[Note 1]Corresponded to. For BS Disney17 daysDirectly managed by the company, which started broadcasting onDlifeIt was a sub-service that accompanies20203/31After the end of the Dlife broadcast, it was automatically promoted to the main service of BS Disney because it became a Disney Channel single business.

2013On November 11th, the 18th anniversary of the opening of the station was celebrated, and a special project called "Disney Channel Magical 10 Weeks" was held for 10 weeks from that day. The last Saturday of "The Magical 10 Weeks"20141/25Has a special frame called "Made for Me! Magical Finale Made by Everyone" for that day only, and the following programs will be broadcast from 10 am to 9 pm (pre-voting for viewers) (By the result of) was broadcast.

From 10:11 am to XNUMX:XNUMX am:Mickey mouse clubhouse(1st place in Disney Junior category)
From 11:XNUMX am to noon:Curious George(2st place in Disney Junior category)
Noon to 1:XNUMX pm:Little Princess Sofia(3st place in Disney Junior category)
1:2 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Phineas and Ferb(No. 1 in the animation category)
2:3 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Suichu! Friends(No. 2 in the animation category)
3:4 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Gravity Falls(No. 3 in the animation category)
4:5 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Blog Dog Stan(No. 1 in the drama category)
5:6 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Wizards of Waverly Street(No. 2 in the drama category)
6:7 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Austin & Ally(No. 3 in the drama category)
7:9 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm:Phineas and Ferb The Movie(Movie section)

"WATCH Disney Channel" was released in 20149/1Started in 2015 and then in XNUMX3/1In addition, Japan's first major change in the brand logo was made, and it was unified with the United States, Germany, etc. Ended service on January 2021, 1[1].

20161/1Changed the channel name to "Disney Channel Disney Movies / Animation".

201611/1"Disney Channel HD" by J: COM On Demand has started to provide "Channel! On Demand" for J: COM TV Standard Plus / Standard subscribers at no additional charge.

201612/1From SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service satellite broadcastersSKY Perfect BroadcastingからSKY Perfect Entertainmentchange to.

20185/22, The physical channel in BS broadcasting was moved from BS-12ch to BS-4ch due to the reorganization of BS channels accompanying the start of 8K7K main broadcasting in December of the same year.

201810/1The channel name has returned to "Disney Channel".

20199/9,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAnnounced to BS Disney that it will allocate 6 slots for BS broadcasting HDTV on the assumption that the current 12 slots will be returned.[2][3].

20211/31With the closure of Disney XD, the original works that had been broadcast on the same station until thenStar wars series,Marvel comicsRelated works are next2/1Transferred to Disney Channel.

20216/1, With the reorganization of BS channels due to the opening of new broadcasters, the physical channels in BS broadcasting will be moved from BS-3ch to BS-23ch and at the same time high-definition.[4][5].

Background of the start of broadcasting in Japan

Until the channel opens, Disney TV shows will be broadcastAffiliated stationsLessTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.seriesAreas where you can watch ("Disney time』Other) andPerfect TV!(At that time)Cable TVPaid throughSatellite broadcasting station-WOWOWSince there weren't many opportunities to watch the channel unless it was something like this, there were many voices, especially fans who knew about the existence of this channel overseas, who were eagerly awaiting its opening.

The trend has been attracting attention as killer content to support the increase in subscribers from satellite broadcasting companies and cable TV companies.But in JapanBroadcasting lawByForeign companies' entry into the broadcasting business was restrictedThe Disney side decided that "Japan's market value is high, but the pay broadcasting market is underdeveloped and profits cannot be expected," and the start of broadcasting was postponed.

Of the subsequent broadcasting methodDeregulationAllowed foreign companies to enter the broadcasting businessTelecommunications Service Utilization Broadcast LawAs a broadcaster based on SKY PerfecTV! (At that time) and major cable TV stations, it announced its opening plan in April 2003 and started broadcasting on November 4, 11.This year, with the opening of the Disney Channel in the United StatesTokyo DisneylandOn November 20th, the 11th anniversary of the opening of the park, Disney's signboard characterMickey MouseIt's also my birthday.

Before the opening of the station, we actively advertised through various media such as posting advertisements on public transportation such as trains and distributing the promotion program "Disney Toon Time" to SKY PerfecTV! And cable TV stations. As of January 2004, the number of viewing households in Japan has exceeded 1 million.However, the viewers are mainly contracted households of cable TV stations, which often do not incur additional charges, and the number of contracts with SKY PerfecTV !, which was not initially included in the pack price, remained at about 200 households (then 10). It has been subject to the pack fee since October of the year).

Broadcast format

Except for the original programs unique to Japan, all dubbed audio versions in Japanese and original English audio versionsBroadcast in two languagesIt has become.SKY PerfecTV !, SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service, and digitally transmitted cable TV take the form of "stereo bilingual broadcasting," and you can watch in both languages ​​with realistic stereo sound.

At the bottom left of the screen during the main programChannel logoIs always displayed.The logo is anotherProfessional channelIn addition to being large and conspicuous compared to, most of the programs are specially organized and related products of Disney works (Cell DVDTelops such as release information and narration are also performed.

200710/1から201410/31Until then, the bumper and the like have been renewed, and the introduction telop of the next program is displayed during the program.again,End rollBefore and after, push up the video and the introductory text of the next program is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

201411/1から20193/30Until then, the bumper and the like have been redesigned, and the next program introduction telop will be displayed during the program.again,End rollWas played at high speed in a small window (Magical World of Disney only).

Major appearances in the program with the announcement "It will continue, (program name). Disney Channel" before the commercial during the program broadcast, and "It will start again, (program name). Disney Channel" after the commercial. An eye catch with a person's visual and a channel logo is inserted.Also, the CM frame tends to be longer than other stations such as terrestrial broadcasting.

Incidentally,During the showFor a few minutes of short animations and broadcast worksPV,Mini showWill be broadcast (A TV scheduleNot published in).

It is also a sibling channel, sometimes on a monthly basis.Disney XDThe anime and drama will be broadcast on Sunday as a trial.

Broadcast free of charge on the first Sunday of every month.At that time, [None] is added to the beginning of the program name.

List of programs

Some programs have a zone organization that divides the broadcast time.All the descriptions about the time zone are from Japan (JST).

Disney Channel Movie

Family filmBroadcast a feature-length work centered on.In Japan, this zone is set up every day at 24:20, Friday at 13:2003, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:18.In addition to Disney movies and TV movies produced on Disney Channel in their home countries (Disney Channel original movies), Western movies produced by other companies are also broadcast.When Disney Channel first aired in Japan, it started as "The Magical World of Disney." Broadcast started on November 1, XNUMX.The first broadcast was the movie "Monsters Inc].

2005In 8 monthFuji Television Network, IncseriesDisney Channel's first special drama broadcast onWish upon a Star: 410 Million Stars Born in Seven Tatami Mats』, About a year late2006It was broadcast as a Japanese movie in September.

As mentioned above, it is a bilingual broadcast, but the works of other companies for which Japanese dubbed audio has not been produced at the time of theatrical release will also be broadcast after a new dubbed version is produced.Subtitles superThere was no English-only broadcast with20123/11FromSubtitles superOnly English with[Note 2].

20199/1Adopted the name of "Disney Channel Movie".

Disney junior

Anime work for young childrenDuring the program, the facilitator monkey characters "Wu" and "Ah" worked onCuisineIn the zone with corners such asEducational programThere is also a position as.Weekdays are organized for 8 hours from 30:14 am to 30:6 noon, and Saturdays and Sundays are also organized for 7 hours from 30:10 am to 2:18 am.In addition to this, advance broadcasting of new programs may be performed around XNUMX:XNUMX.When Disney Channel first aired in Japan, "Playhouse Disney」(Playhouse Disney)としてスタート。2003年11月19日放送開始。第1号に放送されたのは『ノック!ノック!ようこそベアーハウス].

All the performers in the live-action corner are Japanese, but the actual recording is mainlyParisIt's done in the studio. From 2004TokyoThere is also a viewer-participation corner recorded in the studio.

Initially only within this frameChannel logoWas used a flashy type that used a lot of primary colors different from other time zones, but it was restored in March 2004.

20117/3IsDisney junior"I adopted the name.

Disney Channel Original Movie

Broadcast a movie work originally produced by Disney Channel.Most of the works are on other channels on this channel.Drama workThe actor "Disney Channel Star," who plays the main characters in the movie, plays the leading role.Among themKung Fu Princess Wendy WuThen,Oyamada MakotoIs the only Japanese starring.

Original program

  • Disney 365
    Weekly miniBan program.Disney XDBut broadcast. It ended with the broadcast on March 2020, 3, ending the 31-year history.
  • A mini-program that is the successor to "Disney 365" and provides information about Disney.Disney +But delivery.
  • Disney Channel Games
    Disney Channel Stars Challenge "Rock, Paper, Scissors, etc."Special program.. Started in 20062007と2008It was broadcast every year from August to September.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Treasure Hunt
    Duo unitLeadBecomes a treasure hunter and welcomes guests every monthTokyo Disney ResortA program that searches for treasures that sleep in. It ended with the broadcast on July 2010, 7, and ended with a two-year history.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort My Map!
    Map masterMari YaguchiAnd assistant AudreyToshiaki KasugaThe two of them complete the map with the guest. It ended with the broadcast on April 2013, 4, and ended with a three-year history.
  • Akane OsawaとHorita ShintaHere are 10 points (Gokutoku points) for the two of you to spend the best deals at Disney Resort with your guests. It ended with the broadcast on May 2014, 5, and ended with a year of history.
  • An information program that guides Disney parks around the world. Broadcasting started in June 2014, MCGarage sale OfGori..After that, the program was renewed in May 2016,Mt. SanoとTomita coffeeBecame a new MC. It ended with the broadcast on December 2016, 12, and ended with a two-year history.
  • DVD dash!
    A program that sends the latest DVD information of Disney works. It ended with the broadcast on March 2008, 3, ending the one-year history.
  • Art attack
  • Science magic
    BothToon DisneyTo the same channel when the name was changed to Disney XD (August 2009, 8).

Other major programs

Other than the above zones, short animations and series animations produced by Disney and its affiliates,Foreign dramaEtc. are being broadcast.


Disney Channel in the world

Disney is AmericaTaiwan(Republic of China) Etc. in some overseasStudio GhibliOf the workBroadcast rightGhibli works are broadcast in the frame of feature films on Disney Channel in these areas (however, unlike Japan, in Taiwan etc.Emi DenkagedaiIt is also broadcast on other channels such as).

In the United States,1998Brothers channel specializing in animeToon Disney"(Toon Disney) Was opened.This channel is under the umbrella of Disney as well as broadcasting anime produced in the past.ABCWe also broadcast staggered animation and special effects programs that are broadcast on.

The Philippines,Indonesia,SingaporeSuch asSoutheast Asia, South Korea,Hong KongIs being broadcast as "Disney Channel Asia".The first Japanese anime broadcast was2000of"Bubuchacha].

In Taiwan, where cable TV is widespread, it has its own organization with works that are also being broadcast on Disney Channel Asia.The broadcast is in Mandarin, the native language, and the time zone for "Playhouse Disney" is as short as 3 hours on weekdays.Many of the series works are produced by other than Disney, and many Japanese animations are also broadcast, but among them, "Azuki-chanAnd 'Kirby of the Stars] And other unique programs are eye-catching.Furthermore, in the feature-length work frame "Disney Strange World", which is equivalent to "Magical World of Disney", not only Studio Ghibli works but also ""World Masterpiece TheaterAnd each work of "Chibi Maruko-chan] Was also broadcast.Also, in Korea, "Pokemon series] Is also being broadcast.

The service has started in various countries around the world from November 2019, 11.Flat-rate video distribution service OfDisney +に移行させるために一部の国と地域では本チャンネルの放送を順次終了させており、2020年1月にウクライナで、2020年4月にイタリアとオーストラリアで、2020年6月にシンガポールで、2020年10月にイギリスとアイルランドで、2020年12月にマレーシアとアジアで、2021年4月に南アメリカで、2021年10月に東南アジアと香港と韓国で、2022年1月に台湾で、2022年3月にトルコにて放送終了している[6].


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the case of children's programs, the subtitles are not written in Chinese characters.
  2. ^ However,2008"Pirates of the Caribbeanseries(1th work-2th work) ”, Broadcasting using this format was also performed.


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