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🧑‍🎨 | Making Hands Holding Hands: 2nd Todo "Materials that have accumulated time are lumps of energy."


Making Hands Holding Hands: Part 2 Todo "The material that has accumulated over time is a mass of energy."

If you write the contents roughly
It's a familiar medium, but it's a great medium that makes you feel the place and time when the book was written.

My favorite is the texture of the material.A stone with a solid appearance, depending on the person whether they see it as different or the same.Laminated on the cut surface… → Continue reading

 ARTnews Japan

"ARTnews JAPAN" is the Japanese version of the online media of "ARTnews" from the United States, which is considered a must-read in the world's art world. Based on the concept of "learning about the world through art," it provides the latest information on contemporary art, including domestic and international news, criticism, and markets translated from ARTnews in the United States and its sister magazine, "Art in America." We will send out content unique to Japan to make you feel more familiar.

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