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🎥 | [Spoiler review] An en that can be said to be a prologue to the final chapter of "ONE PIECE FILM RED" ...

Photo Image is from "ONE PIECE FILM RED" – (C) Eiichiro Oda / 2022 "ONE PIECE" Production Committee

[Spoiler review] The end that can be said to be a prologue to the final chapter of “ONE PIECE FILM RED”…

If you write the contents roughly
It is an overwhelming entertainment work that can be enjoyed even by light fans who touched "ONE PIECE" for the first time in a long time. You can also watch it as a prologue to the final chapter that you are looking forward to.

"ONE PIECE FILM RED" is a big hit.Exceeded 10 billion yen in box office revenue in 70 days of release... → Continue reading

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"ONE-PIECE] (One Piece)Eiichiro OdabyJapan OfBoy cartoonthe work. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha) At1997Serialized from issue 34. The abbreviation is "one piece'[2].


Boy dreaming of a pirate kingMonkey D. LuffyThehero, "The Great Hallows of One Piece (One Piece)AroundOcean adventureRomantic.

With themes such as adventure to dreams and friendship with friends in the foreground, it is gaining popularity as a story that goes through the royal road of boy manga mainly on battles, gag scenes, and moving episodes.[3].. It also features a story of a magnificent view of the world and elaborate settings that have been deeply cultivated over the years.

As of February 2022, the book has been published up to Volume 8, and "Weekly Shonen Jump] Among the successive works, "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward』(1976-2016) is the second long-term serialization.Cumulative domestic circulation is the highest among Japanese manga as of July 20224 million copiesIs breaking through[4]..Volume 67 is the first edition circulation405 million[5]Set a record for domestic publishing in Japan, and the books since Volume 57 (released in March 2010)First edition published over 300 million copiesTo continue[6]Etc. holds several domestic highest records of publication.

On June 2015, 6, "Most Copies Published For The Same Comic Book Series By A Single Author (Most published comic series by a single author)" in the name ofGuinness World RecordsCertified by[7][8].Actual circulation is 3 copies (as of December 2,086)[7].This Guinness World Record will be updated by the same work in July 2022.[9], In Japan, in August of the same year, it was reported that ``the cumulative circulation in Japan is 8''.[4].

Along with this work, it was a signboard work of Jump for many yearsNaruto] Similarly, it is also popular overseas[10]..Translated versions are sold overseas in more than 60 countries and regions, and the cumulative circulation of comics overseas is as of July 2022.1 million, and the cumulative number of circulations worldwide will be as of August 20225 million copiesIs breaking through[4].

1999ThanTelevision Animation Fuji Television Network, IncIt is broadcast in series,Toei animationIt is the longest long-running anime production (for details, seeONE PIECE (Anime)See).


Chronological Table

  • 1996(Heisei8 years)
  • 1997(9)
    • 7/22[1] - From "Weekly Shonen Jump 1997 No. 34 (August 8 issue)",Serialization of this work started[11].
    • 12/29 - BookThe first volume was published (released on December 1).
  • 1998(10) Mid-December-"Jump Super Anime Tour '98”, the first anime work “ONE PIECE Defeat! Pirate Ganzac] will be screened.
  • 1999(11)10/20 - TV animation versionstart of broadcasting.
  • 2000(12)
    • 3/4 - The first movie version "ONE-PIECE] Published.
    • 7/19 - Released the first home video game "ONE PIECE ~Mezase Kaizokuou!~".
  • 2001(13) July 7 - Release of the first illustration collection "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Art Book COLOR WALK".
  • 2002(14) June- BookVolume 24First edition252 copiesand set the highest record in Japan in the comic category (currently being updated).
  • 2005(17) February-The fastest domestic cumulative circulation of books in history1 million booksBreakthrough (Volume 36)[12].
  • 2006(18) December 12-In "Weekly Shonen Jump 25 April 2007 Merged Issue"Akira Toriyamaof"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルA crossover work withCROSS EPOCH] will be published.
  • 2007(19)
    • July 7st to early October - Universal Studios Japan"One Piece Premier Show" will be performed for the first time.Since then, it has become an annual event.[13].
    • 7/22 - Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series.
  • 2009(21)12/12 - The first movie version "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD] Published.This work will record 48 billion yen in box office revenue (at that time), the highest in the history of theatrical version series.
  • 2010(22)
    • March-The 3th volume of the first edition of the book sets a record for the number of copies issued in Japan.First edition 300 millionRecorded (currently being updated).
    • August-The first part of the original story ends in episode 8 published in "Weekly Shonen Jump August 2010, 8 No.30", and the story so far is "Survival Sea Supernova (Rookie)' was subtitled.After that, after a 4-week hiatus, the new chapter "The Last Sea New WorldIs started.
    • 11/11 - Cumulative domestic circulation of books2 million booksBreakthrough (Volume 60)[14].
  • 2011(23)
  • 2012(24)
    • March-In commemoration of the 3th anniversary of the serialization, the first exhibition "One Piece Exhibition" supervised by Eiichiro Oda-Original painting x video x experience one piece" will be held.
    • 9 month - Shibuya ParcoThe official goods shop “ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store” has opened.
    • 12/15 - The first movie version "ONE PIECE FILM Z] Published.Recorded 68.7 billion yen in box office revenue, the highest ever for a movie series.
  • 2013(25)
  • 2014(26) December 12-From "Strongest Jump January 5 issue (released December 2015, 1)", the spin-off manga "One piece party] Has begun serialization.
  • 2015(27)
  • 2016(28)
  • 2017(29) July-In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the serialization, the serialization start date7/22ToONE PIECE dayEstablished[1].
  • 2018(30)
    • June - From the July 6 issue of "Strongest Jump"Spin-offManga"CHIN PIECE] started serialization. "Boy jump +] Spin-off manga ``One piece in love''ONE PIECE Cobbie-like Kozukayama ~Uri Futatsugi's Great Treasure~] Has begun serialization.
    • August - Spin-off manga "Strongest Jump" from the September 8 issueFischer's x ONE PIECE 7 The Great Treasure of the Tether] Has begun serialization.
  • 2019(ReiwaFirst year)8/9 - The first movie version "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE] Published.
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)7/30 - Large theme park "Tokyo One Piece Tower's closure.
  • 2021(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • 1/4 - "Weekly Shonen Jump" 2021 reached 5 episodes in the 6/1000 merger issue. As part of the campaign "ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS" commemorating the 1000th episode, the character popularity poll project "1st ONE PIECE Character World Popularity Poll WT (World Top) 100" targeting the whole world will be held.[20].
    • November-The cumulative domestic circulation of the book is4 million booksBreakthrough (Volume 98)[21].
    • September 9-Volume 3 released[22].
    • November-TV anime reaches 11 episodes[23].
  • 2022(4nd year of Reiwa)
    • July-This work will update the Guinness World Record held by this work "Most published comic series by a single author" with 7 copies of printed and distributed publications.[9].
    • 8/6 - The first movie version "ONE PIECE FILM REDRelease of[24].Exceeded 20 billion yen in box office revenue and 100 million spectators in 720 days after release[24].
    • September 9 - The theme song of "ONE PIECE FILM RED"Adoof"new era"But,Apple Music100 on the world's most played songs daily chart "Top 1: Global"[25][26].This is the first time in history that a Japanese song has topped the chart.[25][26].
    • September 9st to December 1st-Manga app "Boy jump +] and 90 volumes of the manga “ONE PIECE” will be released free of charge in 8 stages at the general electronic bookstore “Zebrak”[27].


Survival Sea Supernova Edition

[Volume 1 Episode 1-Volume 61 Episode 597]
The man who once got everything in this world, "Pirate King"Gold Roger.. He left behindThe Great Hallows of One Piece (One Piece)The number ofPirateThe "Great Pirate Era" has arrived in which we are betting for hegemony.
"East Sea (East Blue)A boy living in the Fuchsia villageMonkey D. LuffyIs a pirate who was staying in the villageRed hair shanksHe became close friends with 〟and aspires to be a pirate.One day Luffy called "rubber rubber fruit"Devil FruitInstead of becoming a body that can not swim for the rest of her life, she becomes a rubber man whose whole body expands and contracts. After a while, Luffy gets angry from Shanks' bandits and is thrown into the sea. Shanks rescued Luffy, who was nearly drowning and about to be eaten by a giant fish, at the expense of one arm. Luffy is entrusted with the trademark straw hat by Shanks just before he leaves the village and promises to be reunited as a fine pirate in the future.

East Sea Edition

[Volume 1-12]
The beginning of the adventure (Volume 1)
Ten years after parting with Shanks, Luffy, who was 10 years old after training, set out for the king of pirates in the village of Fusha. Luffy was suddenly distressed immediately after his departure, a boy who dreamed of entering the NavyCobyMeet. Luffy is a female pirateAlbidaDefeat and release Coby from the chores of the pirate ship.
Luffy and CobyNavyArrived at the base town "Shellstown". Infamous bounty hunter with the nickname "Hunting the Pirates"Roronoa ZoroLuffy finds out that he has been captured by the Navy, and boards a naval base to rescue Zoro. Zoro, the three-sword swordsman, defeats oppressive Navy Colonel Morgan with Luffy and becomes Luffy's first companion. The two broke up with Cobie and the sea where pirates from all over the world gathered.Great Route (Grand Line)"It aims to.
Orange Town (1-3)
Luffy who added Zoro to his group is a thief specializing in pirates at the next "Orange Town".NamiMeet. Knowing that Nami has excellent navigation skills, Luffy invites her to join her. Nami refuses to become a pirate, but the two will work together for the purpose of each other. Luffy and Zoro are pirates who devastate the townClown buggyChallenge the Buggy Pirates to take the "Great Route" chart from 〟. Luffy defeats Buggy, a disparate fruitful, and leaves the town.
Syrup Village (3-5)
Luffy is a boy with a lie at Syrup Village, where he stopped by for a shipUsoppMeet. Usopp was the son of Shanks' subordinate Yasop. Luffy visits Kaya's mansion, the daughter of a millionaire in the village, but is sent back by Butler Clahador. However, after a while, Luffy and Usopp are pirates who were supposed to have executed Klahadur once.Captain KuroKuro was trying to get his pirates attacking the village, killing Kaya and acquiring property. Luffy added a new sniper, Usopp, to the pirate ship "Kaya" from Kaya.Going MerryWill be handed over.
Variety Edition (5-8 volumes)
Luffy and his friends head to the sea restaurant "Baratie" to add a sea cock that is indispensable to the voyage. So, I'm a vice chef and a chefSanjiLuffy decides to pull him in. At that time, Admiral of the Pirate Fleet, said to be the champion of the East SeaChief and Creek〟Appears and declares Barathier's takeover. Furthermore, Zoro aims to be the strongest swordsman in the world.Hawk eye mihawk〟Appears, Zoro tries to fight Mihawk, but he loses without any teeth.The battle with the Creek Pirates continues even after Mihawk leaves.Luffy fights fiercely with Creek. Control and add a new cook, Sanji.
Aaron Park Edition (Volume 8-11)
Luffy and his friends follow Nami, who has gone missing during the battle with the Creek Pirates, and land on the Cocomi Village in the Konomi Islands. There is a fish-man pirateア ー ロ ンWas a land controlled by. Furthermore, it turns out that Nami is an executive of Aaron's crew, but behind it was Nami's tragic determination. Knowing Nami's feelings, Luffy strikes at Aaron's neighbour's Aaron Park to save Nami. Luffy fought fiercely with Aaron and defeated Aaron Park with his angry blow. The island was released from the control of Aaron's crew and Nami, a navigator, officially joined.
Rogue Town (11-12 volumes)
The information of Luffy who defeated the big pirates of the eastern sea one after another is transmitted to the Navy, and 3000 million berry bounty, which is the highest in the eastern sea, is hung on Luffy.
Luffy's "Straw Hat Pirates" who are about to enter the "Great Route" stop at "Rogue Town," where Roger, the pirate king, was once executed. There, a buggy waiting for revenge on Luffy, and Albida, who was reborn after eating the devil's fruit, were waiting. Luffy is about to be executed by a buggy at the execution table of the Pirate King, but is saved by a miraculous lightning strike. Luffy is a Navy colonel who governs the townSmokerI shook off and finally ran up "River's Mountain" to advance to "Great Route".


[Volume 12-23]
Great Route Rush (Volume 12)
The Straw Hat Pirates finally enter the "Great Route." Whales waiting for the return of their companions at "Twin Cape", just off Rivers MountainLaboonMeet. Luffy exchanges a promise with Laboon for a rematch after one lap of the "Great Route."
Whiskey Peak Edition (Volume 12-13)
Luffy and his friends are welcomed at the first island, Cactus Island, "Whiskey Peak". However, the town is a secret crime company "Baroque worksIt was a nest of bounty hunters who are employees of (BW). So, the gang is that the power of one of the BW agents is a great power in the "Great Route".Alabasta Kingdom"Princess ofNefertari ViviKnow that. Luffy and her friends learn from BW's plan to take over the Alabasta Kingdom from her infiltrating BW. The Straw Hat Pirates, who have added Bibi to the party, aim for Alabasta to block the plan while shaking off the chasing after BW.
Little Garden (Volume 13-15)
After leaving Whiskey Peak, Luffy and his friends land on the ancient island of Little Garden, where dinosaurs live in the jungle. On the island, Luffy meets two giant fighters, Dolly and Broggy. They have been fighting duels for 100 years to protect their "pride." However, the duel is hampered by a sneaky trick by a purveyor from BW. Luffy defeats the breathtaking artist Mr. 3 as a BW agent and protects the pride of the giants.
Drum Island (15 to 17 volumes)
After leaving Little Garden, Nami suddenly fell ill. Straw Hat crew who suddenly changed their course and stopped at the snowy island "Drum Island" is a reindeer who has the ability of a devil fruit eater,Tony Tony ChopperMeet. Luffy invites Chopper to join him, but he has a sad past. Former Wapol, king of the Drum Kingdom, who once erected on the island, returns to the island. Luffy fights with Chopper and repels Wapol, and joins Ship Doctor Chopper.
Alabaster (17-23)
Finally, Luffy and his friends arrive at Alabasta, and they rush to prevent the imminent uprising due to BW's agitation. To persuade the rebels, they head to the town of Yuba, where the rebels are based, but the rebels have already relocated. Luffy's suggestion is not to stop the rebel army, but to be the president of BW company who is the person who instigated the rebellion of AlabastaKing ShichibukaiCorner ofSir CrocodileGet on the rain base where there is.However, Crocodile's "Operation Utopia" accelerates the Alabasta people's riots.Luffy challenges Crocodile, but is defeated by his overwhelming power.During the clash between the royal army and the rebel army in the capital Albana, Zoro and his friends defeat the officer agent.Luffy, who has been revived, arrives in Albana and challenges Crocodile again to stop the turmoil.After a fierce battle, Luffy and his friends defeated Crocodile and stopped BW's plot, and left Alabasta after breaking up with Vivi.

Sky island

[Volume 24-32]
Jaya edition (Volume 24-25)
Luffy who left Alabasta are archaeologists who were vice president of BWNico RobinIs added to the group. During the voyage to the next island, a huge galleon suddenly fell from the sky,Recording guideline (log port)The course pointed to by "" is changed upward. It is a legendary island in the sky "Sky IslandWas meant to guide.
Luffy and his friends land on the island "Jaya", where there is a lawless area where pirates are wandering in order to obtain information about Sky Island. Met in JayaMontblanc CricketWith the help of the "Saruyama Coalition Army", proceed to the sky island.
Sorashima edition (26-32 volumes)
Luffy and his friends reach the sky island 1 meters above the sky.There was an unknown culture that I had never seen before.Luffy and his colleagues find that the "God's Island (Upper Yard)" that landed in the land of God "Skypia" is the legendary golden town that once existed on the ground.However, there is a corps of God.God EnelIt was a land dominated by 〟, a land that the sky people and the island's indigenous Shandia have been fighting for over 400 years. Engaged in survival, many warriors fall due to Enel's overwhelming power, and Sky Island is in danger of disappearing, but Luffy, who can only counter Enel, prevents the danger of Sky Island. The 400-year-old fight between the sky and Shandia has come to an end.

Water Seven

[Volume 32-46]
Long Ring Long Land (32 volumes-34 volumes)
The Luffy who returned from Sky Island are at the Long Ring Long Grand,Foxy PiratesChallenged the pirate game "Davy Back Fight" with his friends. I was repeatedly disturbed and lost my chopper temporarily,FoxyHe won a direct confrontation with. Immediately after that, Navy HQ Admiral 〝Green Pheasant〟Appeared and showed the power of the world government's highest force.
Water Seven (34-39)
The Straw Hat Pirates is the world's number one shipbuilding city to repair the severely damaged GoingMerry and add a carpenter to their team.Water sevenTo visit. However, there, the shipbuilding company Galera Company makes a shocking sentence that the Mary is incapable of sailing. Luffy decides to switch to another ship from the Mary, but Usopp repels and leaves the crew after a duel with Luffy. In addition, Robin declares withdrawal. Luffy and his friends board the Galera Company headquarters to learn the truth of Robin's declaration. But the governmentIntelligence agencyCP9Blocked by, Robin is taken away.
To recapture Robin, Luffy and others cooperate with the employees of the Galera Company and the Frankie family to board the "Enies Lobby", the island of justice. Among them was Usopp wearing a mask and calling himself the mysterious hero "Soge King."
Enies Lobby (Volume 39-46)
Robin's real intention was "I'm afraid that the overwhelming power of the World Government will be directed at my colleagues." Hearing her feelings, Luffy declares a war on the world government, and the crew challenges the full confrontation with CP9. CP9 strongest manRob LucciAfter a fierce battle with the other players, the crew who succeeded in regaining Robin succeeded in escaping from the Enies lobby with the help of the Mary who appeared on the battlefield during the predicament of the Navy's onslaught by "Buster Call". .. But finally, the Mary has reached its limit. Luffy and the MerryCremationAnd then said goodbye to the Merry, who accompanied the voyage from the eastern sea.
After returning to Water Seven, a new carpenterFrankieIs added to the group, and Usopp returns to the crew. And a new pirate ship to replace the Merry "Thousand Sunny", and leave for the next island, Fishman Island.

Thriller Bark

[Volume 46-50]
The Straw Hat Pirates aiming for Fishman Island enter the deep foggy waters of the “Magic Triangle” and enter the mysterious skeletonBrookMeet. At that time, a huge ship called "Ghost Island" suddenly appeared in front of me.Thriller barkAppears. Luffy and his friends land on Thriller Bark and embark on a search, but they are the owner of the ship and one of the Seven War Seas.Gecko MoriaIs used to capture the shadow, and Nami is also kidnapped. Luffy challenges the Thriller Bark Four Phantoms to regain the shadow and Nami.
After defeating Moria, ShichibukaiBartholomew BearAppears and Luffy and his friends are on the verge of being wiped out, but Zoro escaped the trouble due to the life-long negotiations. After the battle ends, musician Brooke is added to the group.

Top War Edition

[Volume 50-61]
Shapbondy Islands (50-53)
The straw crew, who has traveled halfway around the "Great Route," arrives at the "Shabondi Islands." Former Deputy Captain of the Roger PiratesSilvers RayleighAlso, we meet rivals of the same generation who came to the Sabaody Islands by different routes. However, there, Luffy hits a world aristocrat, and is followed by the Navy. Admiral 〝on the islandKizaru〟And the human weapons Pacifica appear, Luffy and others are forced into a predicament, while Bartholomew and Kuma's ability reappears while the crew are all scattered around the world.
Ongashima (Volume 53-54)
Luffy was skipped on "Amazon Lily," a female island in "Nagi no Obi." That is one of the seven red sea breamBoa HancockIt was a women's country forbidden to men.She is about to be executed for a time, but she falls in love with his fearless courage and her dexterity, and Luffy falls in love with Hancock.
So Luffy is my brotherPortgas D. AceKnows that he will be publicly executed at Marineford's Navy headquarters.Luffy rescues his brother from a large prison where Ace is imprisoned.Impel downDecide to go to.
Impel Down (54-56)
Luffy, with the help of Hancock, sneaks into Impel Down, a great prison in the deep sea. They reunited with buggies and Mr.3 and Mr.2, who had once been hostile in prison, and fought together for jailbreak. Prison chief on the wayMagellanRetired Army executiveEmporio IvankovSaved and received the cooperation.
Luffy and his group aim for the floor with Ace, but Ace is taken to the execution site a little later. Luffy decides to head to Marineford to save AceJinbeiAnd struggle with the former Shichibukai Crocodile to escape from Impel Down. Succeeds in jailbreak at the cost of many sacrifices.
Marine Ford (56-61)
World's strongest pirate 〝to regain aceWhite beard〟Appears in Marineford, a full-scale war broke out between the Whitebeard Pirate Fleet and the Navy headquarters, the Seven Warlords of the Sea. ..
The deaths of Edward Newgate and Ace in the summit war shook the world.Meanwhile, Luffy, who lost his ace in front of him and fell into desperation, remembers his childhood.Ace and another brotherSaboAfter that, Luffy's past is revealed.
Luffy's scolding of Jinbei restores his calmness and seeks to meet his friends again. However, knowing his weakness, Luffy decides to stop and strengthen with Rayleigh's proposal. Luffy sends a message to his friends all over the world, "Meet in Sabaody Archipelago two years later". The members of Straw Hat Pirates who received the message begin training in their respective areas.

The Last Sea New World

[Volume 61, Episode 598 -]
Two years have passed since the "Marinford Summit War". After training on each island and growing up, Luffy and others gathered in the Sabondii Islands and the last sea "new worldTo start again.

Fish-Man Island

[Volume 61-66]
A submarine paradise in the deep sea 1 metersFisherman islandStraw Hat Pirates arrived at "King of Ryugu Kingdom"ネ プ チ ュ ー ンReceive an invitation. The princess Luffy met at the royal palacePrincess ShirahoshiIs a pirate aiming at herBandar Decken IXHe was placed under house arrest to protect himself from on the other hand,Hoodie jonesThe "New Fish-Man Pirates," led by a team of Decken teams, are moving towards the collapse of the Ryugu Kingdom. The New Fish-Man Pirates were trying to take revenge on humans, following the will of Luffy's defeated fish-man pirate Aaron. Hodi becomes the new king of Fish-Man Island, proclaiming a takeover of the kingdom to eliminate those wishing to be friendly to humans.
Luffy is reunited with former Shichibukai Jinbei who fought together in the summit war, and is informed of the history of discrimination rooted in Fishman Island for many years. Then, at the request of Jinbei, he confronted the New Fish-Man Pirates to save the crisis on Fish-Man Island. Luffy and the others who saved the crisis on Fishman Island depart from Fishman Island and finally rush into the sea "New World" in the latter half of the "Great Route."

Punk Hazard

[Volume 66-70]
Luffy and his friends first landed in the New World on an abnormal island that was divided into scorching and extremely cold regions.Punk hazard". So Luffy is the benefactor who saved his life in the summit warTrafalgar LawMeet again.
Luffy forms an alliance with Lo, who has become one of the new Seven War Seas,Kaiju of the BeastLuffy and his colleagues, following Lo's plan, begin operations to defeat 〟.Caesar crownEmbark on the kidnapping. The Seven Warlords of the Sea forming a hand with CaesarDon Quixote de FlamingoIt is,Artificial Devil FruitManufactured "SMILE" and traded with Kaido as a dark middleman. Luffy and his friends, who will temporarily fight with the Navy G-5 led by Smoker, created a genocide weapon that Caesar created.Shinokuni"The thug's devil's hand sent by Doflamingo approaches. Luffy and Lo who succeeded in capturing Caesar head for the kingdom "Dresrosa" governed by Doflamingo in order to destroy the manufacturing factory of "SMILE" aiming to reduce Kaido's strength.


[Volume 70-80]
"Dress rosaWhen Luffy and his friends arrive at ", they split up into three teams and act. Meanwhile, Luffy learns that the demon fruit of the dead Ace "Meramela Fruit" will be given as a prize at the gladiator show held at "Corrida Coliseum", and will participate in the competition to get it. On the other hand, the Navy is a new force general 〝Fujitora〟Dispatched, the world's strongest intelligence agency"CP-0] Also begins to move. The uproar that took place in Dressrosa is led by Luffy Lo's pirate alliance, Doflamingo.Don Quixote Family], the navy led by Fujitora, the powerful people who gathered in the Coliseum, the "Riku King" trying to rebel against the Donquixote family, and the Revolutionary Army will develop into a big incident in which various forces are intertwined.
Luffy reunited with his brother-in-law who thought he was dead and Sabo, who was the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army. Sabo, who replaces Luffy and participates in the tournament, obtains "Meramela no Fruit" and inherits the ability of Ace. Luffy received the support of the warriors of the Coliseum, boarded Doflamingo, and defeated Doflamingo with the new technique "Gear 4" to save Dressrosa from the danger of collapse. When leaving the port, seven organizations offered to join Luffy's umbrella, and a large pirate group "Straw Ofuna" was formed with a total of over 7 people.

Whole cake island edition

[Volume 80-90]
Elephant edition (Volume 80-Volume 82)
Luffy and his friends depart from Dressrosa are the next destinations for Sanji and Nami.elephantHead to. An elephant is a giant elephant that has been alive for 1000 years, and on its back was the “Mokomo Principality,” a country of the “mink” race of beasts. But the Principality of MokomoWano countryHe was in a state of destruction after being attacked by Kaidou's subordinate "Drought Jack" who was aiming for his samurai.Luffy and his friends are the heirs of the daimyo of Wano.Kogetsu Momo's assistant, Of vassalsNishikiemonFrom the Minks and WanoKogetsu family"Is a brother, and is informed of the current state of Wano, which was suppressed by Kaidou. Aiming to overthrow Kaido, Luffy forms an alliance with the Kogetsu and Mink tribes.
Meanwhile, Sanji, a member of the Vinsmoke family,Big MomForced to politically marry a daughter of 〟, the base of the Big Mom PiratesWhole cake islandWill be taken to. Luffy decides to get under the control of Big Mom, knowing that Sanji will no longer be a member of the marriage. Luffy first parted from Zoro and Lo who headed to Wano, and left the elephant with Nami, Chopper, Brook, the Big Mom Pirates Pecoms, the Mink Pedro and Carrot.
Whole Cake Island (82-90)
To regain Sanji, Luffy and his friends aim for Whole Cake Island, where Big Mum is, and they enter Stonge's marine area, "Totland," which surrounds Whole Cake Island.Charlotte puddingEncounter with. Luffy and his friends safely arrived at Wholecake Island, but in the land of Temptation, they landed an attack on Big Mom's family'Charlotte House' and'Hommies' anthropomorphized by the power of Big Mom. receive. Meanwhile, Sanji, who reunited with the once-married family of the Vinsmoke family, was the father of the “Germa 66” commander.Vinsmoke JudgeForced to get married. Sanji was trying to refuse to get married, but when he escaped from the island, he was fitted with an explosive bracelet, and when his benefactor Zeph was taken hostage, he could not escape.
After a struggle, an executive of the Big Mom Pirates, ShoseiCharlotte crackerLuffy, who defeated, reunites with Sanji. However, Sanji says goodbye to protect his companions and hurts Luffy, who is unresisting. Luffy, who has perceived Sanji's true intentions, declares that he will continue to wait for Sanji, but he is defeated by the large army of the Big Mom Pirates and is captured. After being hunted down, Sanji decides to marry Pudding without hesitation in order to protect his friends and benefactors. But Big Mom was planning to kill the Vinsmokes to gain the power of "germa." Sanji accidentally finds out that Pudding had tricked them, and despairs.
Luffy, rescued by Zimbei, meets him again at the place he promised to wait for Sanji, and asks Sanji to be honest. Luffy accepts Sanji's desire to return to his friends and decides to break the wedding and rescue Sanji's family. Then, after receiving a proposal from Jinbei, he plans to assassinate her while descending under the umbrella of Big Mom.Capone 〝gang〟bedgeJoin hands.
During the tea ceremony and wedding ceremony, Luffy and others appeared from the wedding cake, and the venue was confused. Sanji has a chance to rescue his family, but Bage's assassination operation fails. Big Mom and GeneralCharlotte KatakuriBeing surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates, Luffy and his friends have no place to escape. However, due to an accident, the hall cake castle, which was the venue, collapsed, and Luffy and the others who escaped by riding on it escaped the chase of the Big Mom Pirates and arrived at the Sunny issue. With Katakuri who was waitingCharlotte PerrosperoHowever, Pedro's suicide attack causes Pelospero to fall and Sunny departs from Holecake Island.
Luffy draws Katakuri into a different space called "Miro World", refuses to leave, and challenges Katakuri to a single fight. On the other hand, Big Mom, who was unable to eat the wedding cake, became tantrum and started chasing the straw gang in a runaway condition. Sanji makes a new cake with the help of pudding and begge and stops the tantrum by feeding it to Big Mom. Luffy controls the extreme battle with Katakuri and returns to the Sunny issue. Luffy and his friends finally succeed in getting out of the Nawabali of Big Mom, after Germa 66 and the "Taiyo Pirates" led by Jinbei have stopped their followers.
World Congress (90 volumes)
When Luffy escaped from Whole Cake Island,"Sacred Place" Marie JoaThen, kings from all over the world gather and various thoughts swirl.World Congress (Revery)Will open. Meanwhile, Sabo and the Revolutionary Army captains secretly sneak into Marie Joa to recapture Bartholomew Kuma, a slave of the Tenryu people.

Wano country edition

[Volume 90 -]
Act I (90-92)
Luffy and his friends split up with the promise of a reunion with Zimbe, the four emperor Kaidou and the general.Black charcoal OrochiLanding in Wano, a secluded nation controlled by.Luffy became the center of the turmoil by protecting the girl named Otama from the Kaidou gang "Beasts Pirates" and became chased by the enemy.Luffy reunites with Zoro Lo Nishikiemon along the way.Nishikiemon, a vassal of the Kogetsu family, is the masterKogetsu OdenHe was planning to defeat Kaidou and Orochi in order to carry on his wishes.Luffy defeats Momosuke and Nishikiemon from Nishikiemon over time from Wano country 20 years ago, and on the night of the fire festival two weeks later, onigashima, the home of Kaidou. I hear that you are planning a strategy.Luffy and his friends will perform various missions under Nishikiemon's plan in preparation for the decisive battle with Kaidou.At that point, a giant dragon-shaped Kaidou appears near Luffy and his friends.Luffy challenges Kaidou, but he is completely toothless and defeated and is captured.
Act II (Volume 92-95)
The Straw Hat Pirates and the Kogetsu Clan alliance simultaneously collect information, rescue Luffy, and gather friends. In the city of flowers, Konopuri, the best oiran in Wano, is invited to a party at Orochi Castle. At the banquet, Kopura's bald Toko laughed at Orochi's remarks, so she was about to be executed. Koupuri, who protests against his man, is cut down by Samurai, Madaro who is under Orochi.
Luffy, who was imprisoned in a prisoner quarry in a rabbit bowl, is a pirate of his generation.Eustass KidReunited with.In addition, Luffy is the former Yakuza boss of Wano.Leopard GoroMeet and learn how to use it one step higher than Haki, but struggle without mastering it as expected.Kaidou's big sign, Queen, who controls the rabbit bowl, forces them to participate in the life-threatening sumo wrestling "Ozumou Inferno".Around the same time, the Big Mom Pirates were chasing Luffy to Wano.Big Mom, who had fallen into the sea by the big sign King and was washed ashore in Wano, had lost his memory.Big Mom is lied to Chopper and heads for Luffy's imprisoned rabbit bowl with Momo's help.
Zoro meets Komitsu, and her true identity is Momo's younger sister, Momosuke.WeatherKnow that.In the capital, the plan to attack is revealed to the Kaidou side, but the former Kogetsu family daimyoKang YeWas returned to a blank slate by hitting a play when he was executed.
Big Mom arrives at a prison quarry and falls into chaos. The queen takes her because Big Mom, whose memory is back, falls asleep. The rabbit bowl is completely overwhelmed by Luffy, Leopard Goro, and Raizora. Big Mom and Kaidou, who were taken to Onigashima, hit each other after a fierce one-on-one fight, and they signed a pirate alliance.
The Straw Hat Pirates and Nishimura Emura Samurai will be gathered to hold a strategy meeting to defeat Onigashima. Instead of returning "Akisui" to Wanoguni, Zoro took over the Oden sword "Enma" and started training. Luffy also continues his training, and Nishiki Emon and others steadily prepare for the operation.
Act III (Volume 95 -)
The day of the defeat.A fire festival begins in the City of Flowers, and a large banquet is held on Onigashima.Nishikiemon and the "Akasaya Nine Men" who arrived at the meeting place are confused by the situation that there are no comrades or ships other than themselves and they cannot be contacted.Orochi had been informed of the operation by the insider, and was taking the initiative to devise a plan.Driven by despair in front of the raging sea, Nishikiemon and his friends still shake off the restraint of Momo's help and try to head for Onigashima by a small boat.So one of the red-sheathed samuraiKanjuroTurns out to be an Oroch insider.Momo's assistant was abducted by Kanjuro, and a fleet of Beasts Pirates appeared, and he was in despair.However, Luffy Kid Law appears there, and the red-sheathed samurai Den Jiro and Jinbei, who have changed their names to Maduro, join.The comrades were waiting at the real meeting place before Orochi made a plan, and all were safe.Luffy and a large army of samurai defeat the fleet of the Beasts Pirates and begin infiltrating Onigashima.
Luffy, who landed on Onigashima, is Kaido's daughter.YamatoMeet.Yamato longs for oden and offers Luffy to fight Kaidou together.Meanwhile, the red-sheathed samurai defeat the traitor Kanjuro at the back door of the island, and infiltrate the castle with the merging Nekomushi and Izo.At the banquet hall, Kaidou announced the "New Onigashima Plan" to transform Wano into a pirate empire, and killed Orochi who argued against it.In addition, he tries to execute Momo's assistant, but all the samurai of the red scabbard jump on Kaidou and decide to attack.The samurai who had infiltrated the venue also started to move all at once, and the decisive battle for the survival of Wano country finally began.


Here, we will introduce only the main character and his companion "Straw Hat Pirates".

Monkey D. Luffy
Voice- Mayumi Tanaka
The main character of this work.Gang of strawCaptain.. A rubber man who has the ability of "rubber gum".Straw hatIs a trademark. The dream is to find the "One Piece Hidden Treasure (One Piece)" and become the "Pirate King".
Roronoa Zoro
Voice- Kazuya Nakai
Gang of strawCombatant.. A swordsman from the "Three Swords" style. Owner of the cool and stoic Bushido spirit. We are aiming to be the greatest swordsman in the world.
Voice- Akemi Okamura
Gang of strawNavigator.. Originally a thief specialized in pirates. I have no eyes on money and treasures. My dream is to draw a world map.
Voice- Kappei Yamaguchi
Gang of strawSniper.. He is a master of pachinko who is timid and clever, but dexterous and clever. Aiming to be a brave sea warrior like his father, Yasopp.
Voice- Hiroaki Hirata
Gang of strawコ ッ ク.. Fight by foot technique so as not to hurt the hands, which is the life of the cook. I like unrivaled women. Search for the legendary sea "All Blue".
Tony Tony Chopper
Voice- Otani Ikue
Gang of strawSurgeon.. Humans with the ability to eat "human fruits"reindeer.. I am aiming for a panacea (a doctor who can cure anything).
Nico Robin
Voice- Yuriko Yamaguchi
Gang of strawArchaeologist.. A person who is capable of "Hanahana Fruit". I am on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the "blank 100 years" in history.
Voice- Kazuki Yao
Gang of strawShipwright.. I put a weapon in my bodycyborg.. My dream is to board a ship I made and watch the ship reach the end of the sea.
Voice- Cho
Gang of strawmusician.. A cheerful Afro swordsman who once died but revived as a skeleton with "Yomiyomi no Yu". Pledges reunion with Laboon, a whale who broke up at Rivers Mountain.
Voice- Houki Katsutoshi
Straw Hat Pirate Helmsman.Whale shark fisherman.Former King Shichibukai.A user of fisherman karate and fisherman jujutsu.

See the individual articles for the following items.

Pirate (ONE PIECE)
A list of pirates that appear in the work.
A list of Marines that appear in the work.
King Shichibukai
Seven major pirates certified by the world government. And the forces under its umbrella.
Baroque works
A secret crime company that aims to establish an ideal nation.
Alabasta Kingdom
"The Great Route" Sandy Kingdom on Sandy Island.
Sorashima (ONE PIECE)
An island floating in the sky that is supposed to be a phantom.
Water seven
The world's number one shipbuilding city called the “City of Water”.
Cypher pole
An intelligence agency directly under the World Government.
Thriller bark
The world's largest pirate ship carrying a whole island.
Impel down
A deep-sea prison owned by the world government.

Terminology/world view

The world where this work is set is an international organization with member countries all over the world.World governmentAre governed by However, with the execution of Gold Roger, the pirate king, the "Great Pirate Era" has arrived, and pirates are spreading their power around the world.NavyIs fighting with. In this work, in units of islandsCountryExist and many are kingdoms.

Lifestyles and science and technology are basicallyThe golden age of pirates(17th century to 18th century) seems to be a model[Source required].. However, there are many settings unique to the in-work world that are far from the real world ("Great route"When"Red soil continent"Den Den BugSuch).Devil FruitThat is, there is a fruit that gives you special abilities when you eat it, and many characters with or without abilities have superhuman combat power. Special animals such as sea kings,巨人,MermaidlikeSubracialThere are many ordinary people who are over 2m tall.

The hero and his crew form a pirate group,PirateThere is basically no looting from the private sector like this (sometimes picking up items whose owner is unclear or looting from pirates who are in the same industry), and is involved in the incident mainly on each island. , Defeat the enemy and proceed to the next island. In addition to the pirates who are in the same industry, the fighting enemy may be a public authority such as a world government organization like the Navy or a head of state.

In addition, a short story "The author announced before this work"MONSTERS』And share the world view[28].

See the individual articles for the following items.

Devil Fruit
A fruit that gives you mysterious abilities when you eat it.
Going Merry
The Straw Hat Pirate's first pirate ship.
Thousand Sunny
The second generation Pirate Ship of Straw Hat Pirates.

Serialized short-term cover page

Of each storyDoor paintingIs usually unrelated to the main story, but a short-term story may be serialized once a week. There, the “after” of the person who appeared in the main story is depicted as a side story. Up to the 1th edition, it is recorded together in "ONE PIECE GREEN".

There are many characters that appeared in the main part after being drawn on the cover series, and many characters appeared before the main part, and they are the hints and flesh of the story. Unlike the main part, there is no dialogue, but there are symbols in English such as short dialogue, onomatopoeia, and?

Some of these works have been animated. See Remarks for animation information.

NotitleRecordingNumber of storiesRemarks
1Buggy crewAdventure storyVolume 4-Volume 928 episodes, 2 extra episodes[Note 1]
2Kobi MepoStruggle DiaryVolume 10-Volume 14All 30 stories[Note 2]
3DjangoDance heavenVolume 14-Volume 19All 37 stories[Note 3]
4HacchanSeabed walkVolume 20-Volume 25All 40 stories
5WapolThe omnivorous BanzaiVolume 25-Volume 28All 23 stories[Note 4]
6AceBlackbeard's Great Investigation LineVolume 29-Volume 32All 29 stories
7GedatsuInadvertently living in AomiVolume 33-Volume 37All 32 stories
8Miss G・WStrategy name "Meets Baroque"Volume 38-Volume 4342 episodes, 1 extra episodes
9EnelSpace strategyVolume 44-Volume 49All 38 stories
10CP9Off-duty reportVolume 50-Volume 54All 33 stories
11Sanji'shell(Kamabakka)Be more carefulVolume 56All 2 stories[Note 5]
12Robin will do terrible thingsVolume 56All 2 stories[Note 6]
13Frankie's bad for this weekVolume 56All 2 stories[Note 7]
14Disease that one of Usopp diesVolume 56All 2 stories[Note 8]
15It's not a chopper's eating mon, KonoyaroVolume 57All 2 stories[Note 9]
16Nami's Weather ReportVolume 57All 2 stories[Note 7]
17The gratitude of Brook's lodging and pantsVolume 57All 2 stories[Note 10]
18Where can those Zoro guys care?Volume 57All 2 stories[Note 10]
19From the world deckVolume 62-Volume 68All 48 stories
20CaribouBaboon baboon in the new world ofVolume 68-Volume 73All 46 stories[Note 11]
21JinbeiSea voyage alone tripVolume 75-Volume 78All 28 stories
225 million men from the world's deckVolume 80-Volume 83All 25 stories
23RushStraw OfunastoryVolume 86-Volume 91All 46 stories[Note 12]
24"Gang" BedgeOh my familyVolume 94-Volume 98All 37 stories
25Germa 66Noa Emotionless KaiyuukiVolume 102-
ExtraThat person is nowVolume 44All 3 stories[Note 13]
Volume 50All 4 stories

Corner of comics


A corner where the author answers questions from readers, which are posted on the blank pages of the book. "(S) Ask the question (B)Recruitment(S) Do"[29].

This is a very popular corner where the characters in the works and the setting behind the world view that are not mentioned in the main story are revealed. At times, the settings made here by the reader may become the official settings after the author's approval.birthdaySuch). Gradually, the readers voluntarily declare the start of the corner, and the content that the author can play with is now included every time, and it is now half-natural. The title has been changed for each volume, and is named after the character that appeared in the main story. The illustrations sent by the reader are also used from the 50th volume onwards. On rare occasions, readers may send games and quizzes.

Initially it was planned to start from Volume 3, but due to the timing of production, it started from Volume 4.[30].

In Volume 11Going Merry, In volume 46Thousand SunnySuspended because the illustration of was posted. In volumes 52 to 64 and 102, there was a question corner for the voice actors who played the Straw Hat Pirates in the anime (not published in volumes 56, 59, 62, and 63. Volume 102 is a new addition. A question corner was set up for Mr. Katsutoshi Houki, the voice actor who played the role of Jinbei).

Usopp Gallery Pirates

A corner for posting illustrations sent by readers. It started from the fifth volume. The best work of each volume is called "Grand Prize", and the winner's signature paper is given to the winner.[31].. The good or bad of the examination is not goodSpiritIt is said that. According to the author, each volume is selected and selected by the author, the person in charge of comics, and the chairman of Usopp[32].. Even if the reader's work published in the past is posted, I will post it as many times as I like, but I will not give the grand prize twice[32].. Each of the published works has a comment by the author who has become Usopp.[33].. Many people send illustrations that take advantage of the grand prize.

Basically it is posted at the end of the book, but it is often provided on a blank page between each story.[Note 14].. The illustrations of the books are in black and white, but on the official website "ONE PIECE.com", the works that have remained until the final selection are also displayed in color (Volume 73 onwards). In the 46th volume, the illustration of the Thousand Sunny was posted, so it was paused.

CartoonistYuka Fujiwara,Horikoshi KoheiPosted on this section before his debut. Fujiwara won the grand prize in Volume 6 and was commented by Usopp as "OH YEAH!!

From December 2012 to February 12, "Usopp Gallery Pirates WEB Business Edition"Smiling still imageHeld at[34].

a popularity vote

The popular character voting project has been held seven times by February 2021.The results are published in volumes 2, 7, 7, 24, 43, 55, and 76, respectively.Luffy ranked first in all seven times.For the 87th time, applications were made not only for Weekly Shonen Jump but also for comics for the first time.The 99th was held as the "7st ONE PIECE Character World Popularity Vote WT (World Top) 1" for the whole world.[20][35].

Volumes 39 and 40 feature popular votes for special moves.

Related comics

Extra edition

ONE PIECE Straw Theater
Extra editions published in omnibus.
Akira Toriyamaof"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル] Collaboration work with. Published in the April 2007, 4 merger issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump". Included in "ONE PIECE 5TH TREASURES".
Delicious fruit!
Shimabukuro Mitsutoshiof"Toriko] Collaboration work with. Published in Issue 2011 of "Weekly Shonen Jump". Included in "Toriko Gourmet Hunting Book".
ONE PIECE Special Episode "Luff"
A special manga depicting the development of "If Sabo appears to help Luffy and Ace in the summit war".Mook "ONE PIECE magazine" was serialized from Vol.1 to Vol.3.


Chopper man
A spin-off manga with a chopper as the main character, set in a parallel world. The drawing is. 『Strongest jumpIt was serialized from the January 2012 issue to the February 1 issue.
One piece party
SD conversionA spin-off gag manga created by the characters who did it. The drawing is. Serialized from January 2015 issue of "The Strongest Jump".
A spin-off gag manga whose main character is Chinpy, a boy who longs for Luffy. DrawingRyoichi Amaze.. "Saikyo Jump" was serialized from the July 2018 issue to the May 7 issue.
One piece in love[37]
A spin-off gag manga depicting high school students with the same name as the Straw Hat Pirates. DrawingDaiki Ihara.. 『Boy jump +] And the official website "ONE PIECE.com" will be serialized from June 2018, 6. Serialization has been suspended with episode 18 published on November 2021, 11.[38].
ONE PIECE Cobbie-like Kozukayama ~Uri Futatsugi's Great Treasure~[37]
A spin-off gag manga featuring a junior high school student who looks just like Koby.The drawing is. It was serialized on "Shonen Jump +" and the official website "ONE PIECE.com" from June 2018, 6 to July 18, 2019.
Sanji of the Shokugeki
Cooking cartoonGourmet SomaA spin-off manga with Sanji as the main character by the authors.The story isYuto Nakeda, The drawing isShun Saeki.. Episode 2018 of "Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 34, 1[39], 2021 5/6 merger issue 2nd episode[40], 2021 33/34 merger issue 3nd episode[41], Episode 2021 in No. 40, 4[42], The fifth episode was published in the May 2022th merger issue of 5.
Fischer's x ONE PIECE 7 The Great Treasure of the Tether[43]
YouTuberGroup "FishersA collaboration work with. The drawing is supervised by Fishers. "The Strongest Jump" serialized from the September 2018 issue.
A project in which various writers draw "ONE PIECE".
Roronoa Zoro disperses in the sea[44]
The first project.A work that reproduces episode 1 "Roronoa Zoro, scatters in the sea".The authorBoichi.. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2019, 34.
Bibi's adventure[45]
The second project.A work that reproduces Episode 2 "Adventure of Bibi".The authorNaomi Komi.. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 2021, 39.
Nami vs Califa
The third project.A work that reproduces Episode 3 "Nami vs Califa".The author is Boichi. Published in "ONE PIECE magazine" Vol.411.
ONE PIECE school[46]
Spin-off manga set in "New World School". The drawing is. "The Strongest Jump" serialized from the September 2019 issue.
ONE PIECE episode A[47]
novel"ONE PIECE novel A』Comicalized version. The drawing is Boichi, the name composition isRyo Ishiyama.. "ONE PIECE magazine" serialized from Vol.10 to Vol.13[48].

Bibliographic information


BOX set

Collected books by episodeBox set[155].

  • "ONE PIECE Part 1 EP2020 BOX / Tokai" released on September 9, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-882448-2..Volume 1-Volume 12 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 2 EP2020 BOX / Sand Country" released on September 9, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-882449-9..Volume 13-Volume 23 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 3 EP2020 BOX / Sora no Shima" released on September 9, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-882450-5..Volume 24-Volume 32 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 4 EP2020 BOX, City of Water" released on December 12, 28,ISBN 978-4-08-882538-0..Volume 33-Volume 45 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 5 EP2020 BOX / Dead House" released on December 12, 28,ISBN 978-4-08-882539-7..Volume 46-Volume 53 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 6 EP2020 BOX / Crest War" released on December 12, 28,ISBN 978-4-08-882540-3..Volume 54-Volume 61 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 7 EP2021 BOX / Fish-Man Island" released on April 4, 2ISBN 978-4-08-882630-1..Volume 62-Volume 70 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 8 EP2021 BOX / Country of Passion" released on April 4, 2ISBN 978-4-08-882631-8..Volume 71-Volume 80 included.
  • "ONE PIECE Part 9 EP2021 BOX / Candy Country" released on April 4, 2ISBN 978-4-08-882632-5..Volume 81-Volume 90 included.


Shueisha Manga Omnibus Series

Shueisha Jump Remix

  1. "Mare Orientale VS. Jester's Buggy" released on September 2021, 9ISBN 978-4-08-115043-4
  2. "Mare Orientale VS. Hyakukei no Kuro" released on September 2021, 9ISBN 978-4-08-115044-1
  3. "East Sea Edition VS. Chief Creek" released on October 2021, 10ISBN 978-4-08-115045-8
  4. "East Sea Edition VS. Fishman Aaron" released on October 2021, 10ISBN 978-4-08-115046-5
  5. "Alabasta Edition VS. Baroque Works (1)" released on October 2021, 10ISBN 978-4-08-115047-2
  6. "Alabasta Edition VS. Bliking Pirates" released on November 2021, 11ISBN 978-4-08-115048-9
  7. "Alabasta Edition VS. Baroque Works (2)" released on October 2021, 11ISBN 978-4-08-115049-6
  8. "Alabasta Edition VS. Baroque Works (3)" released on October 2021, 12ISBN 978-4-08-115050-2
  9. "Alabasta VS. Sir Crocodile" released on December 2021, 12ISBN 978-4-08-115051-9
  10. "Sorajima VS. Bellamy Pirates" released on January 2022, 1,ISBN 978-4-08-115052-6
  11. "Sorajima VS. God's Four Priests" released on January 2022, 1,ISBN 978-4-08-115053-3
  12. "Sorajima VS. God / Enel" released on February 2022, 2,ISBN 978-4-08-115054-0
  13. "Water Seven VS. Foxy Pirates" released on February 2022, 2,ISBN 978-4-08-115055-7
  14. "Water Seven VS. Frankie Family" released on March 2022, 3,ISBN 978-4-08-115056-4
  15. "Water Seven VS. CP9 (1)" released on March 2022, 3,ISBN 978-4-08-115057-1
  16. "Water Seven VS. CP9 (2)" released on March 2022, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-115058-8
  17. "Water Seven VS. CP9 (3)" released on March 2022, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-115059-5
  18. "Water Seven VS. Rob Lucci" released on May 2022, 5,ISBN 978-4-08-115060-1
  19. "Thriller Bark Edition VS. Thriller Bark Pirates" released on May 2022, 5,ISBN 978-4-08-115061-8
  20. "Thriller Bark Edition VS. Gecko Moria" released on June 2022, 6,ISBN 978-4-08-115062-5
  21. "Crest War Edition VS. Navy" released on June 2022, 6,ISBN 978-4-08-115063-2
  22. "Crest War Edition VS. Prison Chief Magellan" released on July 2022, 7,ISBN 978-4-08-115064-9
  23. "Crest War Edition VS. Navy, Seven Warlords of the Sea (1)" released on July 2022, 7,ISBN 978-4-08-115065-6
  24. "Crest War Edition VS. Navy, Seven Warlords of the Sea (2)" released on July 2022, 8,ISBN 978-4-08-115066-3

fan Book

Art book

  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK" published in July 2001,ISBN 4-08-859217-4
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 2" published in November 2003,ISBN 4-08-859376-6
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 3 LION" published in January 2006,ISBN 4-08-859538-6
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 4 EAGLE" published in March 2010,ISBN 978-4-08-782267-0
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 5 SHARK" published in December 2010,ISBN 978-4-08-782356-1
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 6 GORILLA" published in January 2014,ISBN 978-4-08-782747-7
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 7 TYRANNOSAURUS" published in July 2016,ISBN 978-4-08-792509-8
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 8 WOLF" released on March 2018, 3,ISBN 978-4-08-792523-4
  • "ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda Illustration Collection COLOR WALK 9 TIGER" released on September 2020, 9,ISBN 978-4-08-792557-9
  • "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD EIICHIRO ODA ARTBOOK" published in December 2009,ISBN 978-4-08-782251-9


In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of serialization, it was published in 2017 for three consecutive months.Mook.. Published as a quarterly magazine from Vol. 2018 released in 4[156].

Spin-off (bibliographic information)

Other related books

Media development

Television Animation

From January 1999,Fuji TV seriesIt is being broadcast on. Production isToei animation..It is the longest-running anime work produced by Toei.Broadcast time has been changed twice, initially on Wednesdays at 19:19, later on Sundays in the 9:2002s, and Sundays in the latter half of the 1s. XNUMX XNUMXstTokyo International Anime FairAt (New Century Tokyo International Anime Fair 21)Tokyo Anime AwardWas awarded the Best Work Award in the TV program category.

For the works that were shown in "Jump Super Anime Tour '98" before TV animation, see "ONE PIECE Defeat! Pirate Ganzac”For the works shown in “Jump Super Anime Tour 08”ONE PIECE Romance Dawn Story].


2000 works have been released from 2022 to 15. From the first to the third work,Toei Anime FairWill be screened as the main work. It has been screened independently from the fourth film.


Novelize works

Shueisha's new book label "JUMP j BOOKSOf the anime original story and movie version released fromNovelizethe work. Part of the children's literature label "Shueisha Mirai LibraryIs also published.

titleYear of releaseISBN著者
Published JUMP j BOOKS
1ONE PIECE Defeat! Pirate Ganzac1999ISBN 4-08-703084-9Tatsuya Hamasaki
2ONE PIECE Rogue Town2000ISBN 4-08-703096-2
3ONE PIECE Adventure of Nejimakijima2001ISBN 4-08-703102-0
4ONE PIECE Millennium Dragon Legend2001ISBN 4-08-703107-1
5ONE PIECE Rare Animal Island Chopper Kingdom2002ISBN 4-08-703110-1
6ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End Adventure2003ISBN 4-08-703124-1
7ONE PIECE Cursed Holy Sword2004ISBN 4-08-703137-3
8ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island2005ISBN 4-08-703153-5
9ONE PIECE THE MOVIE2006ISBN 4-08-703168-3
10ONE PIECE Episode of Alabasta Desert Princess and Pirates2007ISBN 978-4-08-703178-2
11ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Episode of Chopper + Miracle Sakura Blooming in Winter2008ISBN 978-4-08-703190-4
12ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD2009ISBN 978-4-08-703219-2
13Movie version ONE PIECE straw chase2011ISBN 978-4-08-703241-3
14ONE PIECE FILM Z2012ISBN 978-4-08-703285-7
15ONE PIECE “3D2Y” Beyond the Death of Ace! Oath with Luffy Friends2014ISBN 978-4-08-703331-1
16ONE PIECE FILM GOLD2016ISBN 978-4-08-703398-4
17Movie version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE2019ISBN 978-4-08-703482-0
18ONE PIECE FILM RED2022ISBN 978-4-08-703523-0
Published Shueisha Mirai Bunko
1ONE PIECE Rogue Town Hen Mirai Paperback Edition2011ISBN 978-4-08-321002-0Tatsuya Hamasaki
2ONE PIECE Millennium Ryu Mirai paperback edition2011ISBN 978-4-08-321027-3
3ONE PIECE rare beast island chopper kingdom Mirai paperback edition2011ISBN 978-4-08-321050-1
4ONE PIECE Adventure of Nejimakishima Mirai paperback edition2012ISBN 978-4-08-321074-7
5ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead end adventure Mirai paperback edition2012ISBN 978-4-08-321098-3
6ONE PIECE cursed holy sword Mirai paperback edition2012ISBN 978-4-08-321119-5
7ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Mechanic Giants of Karakuri Castle Mirai Paperback Edition2013ISBN 978-4-08-321146-1
8ONE PIECE straw chase Mirai paperback edition2013ISBN 978-4-08-321165-2
9ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island Mirai Paperback Edition2013ISBN 978-4-08-321178-2
10ONE PIECE Episode of Alabaster Desert princess and pirates Mirai paperback edition2014ISBN 978-4-08-321218-5
11ONE PIECE Episode of Chopper + Miracle Cherry Blossom Edition Blooming in Winter2014ISBN 978-4-08-321238-3
12Movie version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE Novelize Mirai paperback edition2019ISBN 978-4-08-321522-3
13ONE PIECE FILM RED Movie Novelize Mirai Bunko Edition2022ISBN 978-4-08-321740-1

Other novel works

With Ace as the main character, he depicts the adventures of the Spade Pirates. Mook "ONE PIECE magazine" serialized from Vol.1 to Vol.3[157][158], Later published as the first volume. The author is.
As a sequel, the second volume, which depicts the episode of Ace after joining the Whitebeard Pirates, was published as a new book. The author isTatsuya Hamasaki.
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original), Hinata Sho (Novel) "ONE PIECE novel A 1 Spade Pirates Formation" Shueisha〈JUMP j BOOKS〉, released on April 2018, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-703445-5
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original), Tatsuya Hamasaki (Novel) "ONE PIECE novel A 2 Shinsekai Hen" Shueisha <JUMP j BOOKS>, released on June 2018, 6,ISBN 978-4-08-703449-3
ONE PIECE novel Straw Stories
A collection of short stories depicting the straw crew as seen by ordinary people. 『ONE PIECE novel Straw Hat CrewIs serialized from "ONE PIECE magazine" Vol.1 to Vol.3[157][158], Later made into a book with new writing. The author isTomohito Osaki.
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original), Tomohito Osaki (Novel) "ONE PIECE novel Straw Stories" Shueisha <JUMP j BOOKS>, released on November 2017, 11,ISBN 978-4-08-703434-9
With Rho as the main character, he depicts the past leading up to the formation of the Heart Pirates. "ONE PIECE magazine" serialized from Vol.4 to Vol.7[156][159], Later made into a book with new writing. The author isAkinari Sakagami.
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original)/Akinari Sakagami (Novel) "ONE PIECE novel LAW" Shueisha <JUMP j BOOKS>, Released April 2020, 4,ISBN 978-4-08-703495-0
ONE PIECE novel Heroines
A collection of short stories focusing on heroines. Serialized from "ONE PIECE magazine" Vol.8[160].. The author is.
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original), Jun Esaka (Novel) "ONE PIECE novel HEROINES" Shueisha <JUMP j BOOKS>, released on June 2021, 6ISBN 978-4-08-703510-0

Picture book

ONE PIECE picture book The story of light, darkness, Luffy, Ace and Sabo
Draws the light and darkness of the Gore kingdom centered on Luffy Ace Sabo in his childhood. Mook "ONE PIECE magazine" was serialized from Vol.1 to Vol.3 and later made into a book. The authorShinsaku Nagata.
  • Eiichiro Oda (Original), Shinsaku Nagata (Picture Book) "ONE PIECE picture book The Story of Light, Darkness, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo" Shueisha, Released on March 2018, 3,ISBN 978-4-08-780835-3
ONE PIECE picture book Luffy's Great Adventure
"ONE PIECE magazine" was serialized from Vol.4 to Vol.6 and later made into a book. The author is.
  • Eiichiro Oda (original work), Tokitasion (picture book) "ONE PIECE picture book Luffy's Great Adventure" Shueisha, released on December 2019, 12,ISBN 978-4-08-780895-7
ONE PIECE picture book Whale Laboon
"ONE PIECE magazine" serialized from Vol.7 to Vol.9[159].. The author is.
ONE PIECE picture book Luffy and Chopper's Secret Adventure
"ONE PIECE magazine" serialized from Vol.11 to Vol.13[161][48]..The authorMasatsugu Yamamoto.


Home games

Year of releasetitleGenreModelSelling agency
2000ONE PIECE ~Aiming Pirate King!~simulationWSBandai
2001ONE PIECE Grand Battle!Battle actionPS
ONE PIECE ~The birth of the dream Luffy Pirates!~RPGGB
ONE PIECE Tobidase Pirates!RPGPSBandai
ONE PIECE ~The Legend of the Rainbow Island~Action RPGWSC
2002ONE PIECE ~Treasure Wars~ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムWSC
ONE PIECE Grand Battle! 2Battle actionPS
ONE PIECE A fantasy grand line adventure story!RPGGB
ONE PIECE Grand Battle Swan ColiseumBattle actionWSCBandai
ONE PIECE Treasure Battle!Battle actionGC
ONE PIECE The great treasure of Nanatu IslandAction RPGGBanpresto
ONE PIECE Welcome to Treasure Wars 2 Buggy Landボ ー ド ゲ ー ムWSCBandai
2003ONE PIECE Aim! King of BerryParty gamesGBanpresto
ONE PIECE Oceans Dream!RPGPSBandai
ONE PIECE Chopper's Great AdventureAction RPGWSC
ONE PIECE Grand Battle! 3Battle actionPS2
2004ONE PIECE going baseballSportsG
ONE PIECE Land Land!アクションPS2
2005ONE PIECE Grabato! RUSHBattle actionPS2
ONE PIECE Dragon Dream!Action RPGG
Fighting For ONE PIECEBattle actionPS2
ONE PIECE Pirates CarnivalParty gamesPS2
2007ONE PIECE Unlimited AdventureAction adventureWiiBANDAI NAMCO Games
ONE PIECE Gear SpiritBattle actionDS
2008ONE PIECE Unlimited Cruise Episode 1 -The Treasures Swaying in the Wave-Action adventureWii
2009ONE PIECE Unlimited Cruise Episode 2 -Awakening Hero-Action adventureWii
2010ONE PIECE Gigant Battle!Battle actionDS
2011ONE PIECE Unlimited Cruise SpecialAction adventure3DS
ONE PIECE Gigant Battle! 2 ShinsekaiBattle actionDS
2012One Piece Pirate WarriorsアクションPS3
One Piece ROMANCE DAWN Adventure dawnAction RPGPSP
3DS[Note 15]
2013One Piece Pirate Warriors 2アクションPS3
PS Vita
ONE PIECE Unlimited World RedAction adventure3DS
PS3[Note 16]
PS Vita[Note 16]
Wii U[Note 16]
2014ONE PIECE Super Grand Battle! XBattle action3DS
2015One Piece Pirate Warriors 3アクションPS4
PS Vita
2016One piece burning bloodBattle actionPS4
PS Vita
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
ONE PIECE Pirate ArenaBattle action3DS
2017ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red Deluxe EditionAction adventureSwitch
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe EditionアクションSwitch
2018ONE PIECE GRAND CRUISEアクションPS4 (PS VRdesignated)
2019ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKERAction adventurePS4
2020ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors 4アクションPS4
Xbox One

Mobile games

Year of releasetitleGenreDistributorDeveloper
2005ONE PIECE Mobile JackPortal game siteBandai Networks
2011ONE PIECE AR CarddassAR CarddassBandai
2012ONE PIECE Grand Collectionsocial gameMobageBandai
2013ONE PIECE Adventure LogGREEBandai
2014ONE PIECE Treasure CruiseRPGBANDAI NAMCO GamesDricom
2016ONE PIECE Thousand StormRPGBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentDeNA
2018ONE PIECE Bounty RushTeam match
Voyage King: Burning Will (* For China only)RPGYunchang GamesShanghai Bandai Namco Entertainment, Yunchang Company
2020ONE PIECE Bonn! Bon! Journey!!puzzle gameBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

arcade game

Year of releasetitleGenreSelling agency
2008One Piece Berry MatchData cardBandai
Cara Medal Island ONE PIECE Help your friends! Dr. ChopperCoin games for childrenBANDAI NAMCO Games
2009One Piece Very Match DoubleData cardBandai
2011One Piece Very Match Icy!
2012One Peat Treasure World
2014One piece kings

Amusement machine

Year of releasetitleGenreSelling agency
2002Petite Ride One PieceVehicleBanpresto
2002Mini Carnival Series Luffy's Grand Voyage!!Ball play


Super Kabuki II One Piece
Based on the "Top War"kabuki作品。2015年10月7日から11月25日・2017年10月6日から11月25日にShimbashi Theater[162], March 2016 to 3, 1 / April 25 to 2018, 4Osaka Shochikuza, April 2016 to 4, 2Hakataza, April 2018 to 5, 3MisonozaStaged in. StarringFourth generation Ichikawa SarunosukeLuffy, Hancock, Shanks, and one person. White beardUchikon Ichikawa, The ace roleSeiji Fukushi[163].. The performance in Tokyo recorded 10 mobilization[164].
In response to the achievements of Super Kabuki II "One Piece", Shimbashi Theater will be in 27 (70th)Agency for Cultural AffairsArt festival award・Won the Excellence Award in the Kanto Participating Performance Division[165].
In October 2016, at movie theaters nationwideCinema KabukiStaged as[166].
From March 2015 to July 3Tokyo One Piece TowerThe original entertainment show held by the audience. Cast teams act according to the voice of the voice actor of the animation, and projection mapping and lighting technology are also used.[167].

Live-action drama

At the press conference of the 2017th anniversary of the serialization on July 7, 21,HollywoodIt was announced that it will be made into a live-action drama at[168].. July 2020, 1,NetflixIt was announced that it will be exclusively distributed at[169][170].. 10 episodes[169].. Original author Oda participates as an executive producer[169]. Produced by Tomorrow Studios [168]. The main writer is Matt Owens[44].


Among the goods, many toys are on sale.In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the series, "Meet the" ONE PIECE "" will be released in the summer of 2022.ShibuyaDisplayed at the limited-time shop of[171]was done.The following are representative examples.

POP Port of Pirates
From 2004Mega houseReleased byEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu.It is now over 300 points.
world collectible figure
BanprestoCharacter figures released by.Also available as a service for all applicants of Weekly Shonen Jump."ONE PIECE WCF Complete Figure Book" is on sale from Shueisha.
one piece trading card game
From March 2022BandaiA trading card game released by Released in July 2022.In addition to normal starter decks and booster packs, movie benefits,V jumpperks,Strongest jumpEtc. also expanded.Teaching events are also held[172].

In addition to the above,Plastic modelReleased by Bandai since 2010.



Number of copies of the first edition of the book
Volume 24252 million
Volume 25254 million
Volume 26260 million
Volume 27, Volume 55263 million
Volume 56285 million
Volume 57300 million
Volume 58310 million
Volume 59320 million
Volume 60340 million
Volume 61, 62, 77, 78380 million
Volume 63390 million
Volume 64-66, 68-76400 million[Note 17]
Volume 67405 million[5]
Book sales for the first week
Volume 53119.4 million copies (actually 4 days)
Volume 56136.4 million copies (actually 3 days)
Volume 57169.1 million copies (actually 4 days)[183]
Volume 59185.3 million copies (actually 5 days)[184]
Volume 60209.4 million copies (actually 4 days)[185]
Volume 63211.9 million copies (actually 4 days)[186]
Volume 66227.5 million copies (actually 5 days)[187]
Cumulative circulation of domestic books
April 20038200 million[188][Reliability required verification]
April 20051 million[17][12]
April 20071 million copies[189]
April 20091 million copies[190]
April 20102 million[17][191]
April 20112 million copies[192]
April 20112 million copies[193]
April 20112 million copies[173]
April 20122 million copies[174]
April 20122 million copies[176]
April 20132 million copies[178]
April 20133 million[17]
April 20143 million copies[181]
April 20143 million copies[162]
April 20163 million copies[194]
April 20173 million copies[195]
April 20173 million copies[196]
April 20193 million copies[197]
April 20193 million copies[198]
April 20214 million[21]
April 20224 million copies[4]
Cumulative circulation of worldwide books
April 20174 million copies[199][196]
April 20184 million copies[200]
April 20194 million copies[197]
April 20194 million copies[198]
April 20204 million copies[6]
April 20214 million copies[21]
April 20214 million copies[201]
April 20225 million copies[4]
  • In 2002, 24 volumes of the book recorded the first edition of 252 million copies.First edition circulation record highIf you updateSLAM DUNK21-23 volumes exceeded the first edition of 250 million copies), 25 volumes of the first edition 254 million copies, 26 volumesHighest domestic publication historyとなる初版260万部、27巻が初版263万部と、次々と自身の持つ最高記録を更新した。さらに2009年に55巻が27巻と並ぶ初版263万部を記録。次の56巻が初版285万部で自身の最高記録を再び更新し、57巻がHighest domestic publication historyIt recorded 300 million copies of the first edition (the highest so far surpassed 27 volumes of this work and became 1st place)Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixThe first edition of 290 million copies). Since then, he has continued to set the highest number of first edition circulations he has ever had in the history of domestic publishing.[202]. The highest record as of December 2018 is 12 volumes of 67 million copies.[5].
  • Cumulative circulation in Japan as of December 20214 millionHas exceeded[201],ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル''Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward””SLAM DUNK” etc.Japan's best selling mangaIs[191]. In 2015Most published single author comic seriesAsGuinness World RecordsCertified by[7]..Also, as of July 2020Fastest in history to exceed 1 million booksIt has also achieved [7 years, 36 volumes].
  • The first weekly sales of 53 volumes recorded 119.4 million copies. this is"Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsOf 119.0 million copies,Oricon“Weekly ranking” The highest initial sales for the week. After that one after anotherHighest record of sales history for the first weekHave been updated. In addition, 61 volumes have reached the fastest-ever “weekly book ranking” in history, exceeding 3 million copies in 200 days (208.6 million copies).[203].
  • 年間漫画売り上げランキングでは、連載開始から2年目(1999年)という異例の速さで1位を獲得すると、そこから史上最多となる6年連続1位の快挙を果たす。2005年では2位に、2006年では3位に落ちたものの、2007年以降再び1位に返り咲いている。
  • The online bookstore "Manga Zenkoku Dotcom", where you can purchase the whole volume set of books in bulk, has won the number one sales for four consecutive years from 2009.[204].
  • "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLDIn the comic section of Oricon's "Weekly Book Ranking" on December 2009, 12, the existing 21 volumes achieved an unprecedented achievement in which all volumes were ranked in the top 56.[205]..This means that the book occupied more than 200/1 of the top 4 rankings. In the comic section of Oricon's "Weekly Book Ranking" on March 57, 2010, when 3 volumes were released, all volumes were ranked in the top 15 again.
  • Jump In this magazine, we won the first place in the questionnaire from the first episode of the series, and it has been the first place in the popularity vote since the start of the series.[206]. The 35th anniversary, 40th anniversary and 2000 breakthrough commemorative issue were decorated with the opening color.
  • Cumulative sales of 2021 volumes released in September 9 exceeded 100 million, and all 100 volumes already published exceeded 100 million cumulative sales.[207].

Anime related

  • In the Oricon "Weekly DVD / BD Ranking" on September 2010, 9, "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG DVD 6th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION" sold 10 copies and the regular version sold 12.1 copies. Monopolized the 3.5st and 1nd place overall.This is the first and second monopoly of the same work since "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Deluxe Collector's Edition" (February).Also, the publisherPony canyonWas a big hit released in 2000horror film"Six Sense] The initial sales exceeded 10, and it was the highest record ever of the company's sales source DVD. For the Blu-ray, "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG Blu-ray 663th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION" (completely limited edition), which was released at the same time, won 10st place with 6.3 copies and 1th place with 1 copies for the regular version.[208], DVD & Blu-ray's total initial sales reached 22.9.
    • 発売2週目にはDVD(完全初回限定生産版)が2.6万枚、通常版が1.7万枚を売り上げ、1位・2位を独占。Blu-ray(完全初回限定生産版)も1位を獲得した。同一作品のDVD総合ランキング2週連続1位・2位独占とDVD&Blu-rayの両総合ランキング2週連続1位は、アニメ作品史上初の快挙となった[209].
  • The DVDs "ONE PIECE Log Collection" FRANKY "" and "THRILLER BARK" won the 2012st and 9nd place in the Oricon "DVD Daily Ranking" overall category on September 3, 1.The 2st and 1nd place monopoly in the overall category of the weekly DVD ranking by the same TV anime series work was "Mobile battleship NadesicoIt has been 13 years and 4 months since then, and it was the second feat in history.[210].
  • DVD "ONE PIECE FILM Z DVD GREATEST ARMORED EDITION (complete first limited production)" and Blu-ray "ONE PIECE FILM Z Blu-ray GREATEST ARMORED EDITION" at Oricon "Weekly DVD / BD Ranking" on July 2013, 7 ( "Complete first limited production)" won the 8st place respectively, and achieved the second simultaneous DVD & BD conquest since "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD".The second double crown by the movie version animation work will be the first feat in history[211].
  • The first opening theme "We are!』, 2000 5thAnimation kobeAwarded the AM Kobe Award (theme song award)[212].
  • AnimeThe best album "28 songs from the successive opening and ending songs of"ONE PIECE SUPER BEST』, 2008 22thJapan Gold Disc AwardWon the Animation Album of the Year[213].
  • In the Oricon "Weekly Album Ranking" on March 2010, 3, the 29th anniversary collection album "ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST], sold 8.2 copies and won the first appearance first place[214], Sold 3 copies in 30 months[215]..Certified as a platinum disc by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, the 2011th in 25Japan Gold Disc AwardWon the Animation Album of the Year[216][217].


  • "From TV animation" released in 2002 ONE PIECE Grand Battle! 2』(PlayStation) Recorded initial sales of 24.7 units, won the first appearance in the weekly ranking, andPokemon series"Mario seriesIn 2002, it was ranked in the TOP 10 in the annual game software sales ranking, which overlapped with the new work.Also,PlayStation AwardsIn 2002, two works, "Grand Battle!" and "Grand Battle! 2" received the Gold Prize.[218]. The "Grand Battle!" series has sold over 1 units per series.[219].
  • Released in 2009ONE PIECE Unlimited Cruise Episode 2 The Hero Who Awakens』(Wii) Shipped 35 copies of the WiiRecommended selection for everyoneCertified Gold Rank[215].
  • Released in 2011ONE PIECE Unlimited Cruise Special』(Nintendo 3DS) Recorded the initial sales of 8 units, and became the first Nintendo 3DS software to win the first weekly ranking.[220].
  • Released in 2012One Piece Pirate Warriors』(PlayStation 3) Has exceeded the 65 unit shipments, which is the highest record of "ONE PIECE" game series on the first day of release.[221]Cumulative shipments reached 120 million worldwide[222]. Also,Japan Game AwardsWinner of 2012 Excellence Award and PlayStation Awards 2012 Gold Prize Award[223][224].
  • From January 2012, 1mobageDelivered insocial gameThe number of ONE PIECE Grand Collection registrants has surpassed 4 million in just four days after the service started.[225]. Five months later, in June 5, the number of registered people exceeded 2012 million.[226].
  • The figure "POP STRONG EDITION" recorded 12 types of cumulative sales of over 40.
  • "ONE PIECE LOGBOX" won the toy category grand prize at the Japan Toy Award 2011[227].
  • The DVDs "ONE PIECE Log Collection" EAST BLUE "" and "SANJI" won the 2010st and 7nd place in the general category in the Oricon "DVD Daily Ranking" animation category on July 22, 1. June 2, 2010 Oricon Comics Ranking No. 6) ・movies(No. 1 in the movie mobilization ranking in the first week of release)CD(March 2010, 3 Oricon Album Weekly Ranking No. 29) and the top four crowns of related products, the first feat in history[228].
    • Furthermore, the DVD “ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD DVD 10th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION” is the first place in the Oricon “Weekly DVD Ranking” and the same Blu-ray is the first place in the Oricon “Weekly Blu-ray Ranking”. Achieved the top 1 rankings in "Weekly Ranking" for comics, movies, DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs.
    • Game software "One Piece Gigant Battle!" (Nintendo DS) Recorded the initial sales of 13 and won the 1st place in the "Game software weekly sales ranking", resulting in the top 6 rankings in "Weekly ranking" for comics, movies, DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, and games. Achieved[229].
  • In 2010, the “Licensing of the Year”, which was held by the Character Data Bank to determine the best licensed brand character in Japan for the year by voting by the general voting and selection committee, was added to the popularity of the theater for many years. It received the "Licensing of the Year Grand Prix" for its large movements such as the blockbuster version, high audience rating of anime, and favorable sales of related products. This is a form that is familiar to anime, following the previous year's "Pokemon"[230].
    • In 2011, won the Character License Award and Promotion Licensee Award[231]Won the second Grand Prix in 2012[232].


  • “MY DIRECTORY” was 19 years old or younger-In the “What's your favorite manga?” surveyed by 60 men and women over 80728 years old, we got 1st place in the male category, 2nd place in the female category and 1st overall[233]. In addition, the weekly Playboy special edition "Man's Playboy" corner won the 2000st place in the "1 man questionnaire for men".
  • The online research "DIMS DRIVE" took a questionnaire from 6399 young and old men and women nationwide, and ranked "No. 1 in the comic books you read so far?"・Won the 1st place in the female division and the 1st place overall[234], Oricon conducted a questionnaire asking, "What was the most moving cartoon ever?" and ranked 2nd in the male section, 1st in the female section, and 1st in the overall category.[235].
  • In Oricon's "Which TV anime character do you want to be your friend?"Doraemon", followed by "Monkey D. Luffy" in 2nd place and "Tony Tony Chopper" in 5th place. Also in Oricon's "Manga's supporting role" ranking, 2nd place was "Roronoa Zoro". "Tony Tony Chopper" was ranked in 5th place. In both cases, "ONE PIECE" is the only character that has been ranked in the top 5 by 2 characters from the same work.
  • The movie version of "ONE PIECE" ranked 7th in "Anime movie rankings that kids want to see" conducted by TSUTAYA online[236].
  • In the 2011-2012 version popular comic ranking announced by "All Volume Reading. COM", it won first place in all ages of men and women from their teens to their 10s.[237].
  • Major portal site "Yahoo! JAPANIn the search word ranking of ", we have been ranked No. 2010 for 3 consecutive years from 1 in the entertainment game and animation category.[238].
  • E-book sales site "eBook JapanRanked No. 1 in the "Manga that children want to read" survey conducted by members[239].
  • My navi"My Navi Woman", a women's comprehensive site operated by, won the first place in "reading and crying manga"[240].
  • In the “Favorite Shonen Manga Ranking!!” magazine readers for women, “Ori*STA”, the readers ranked No. 10 in their teens and 30s.[241].
  • January 2021TV AsahiWon first place in the program "Manga General Election" that decides the 100 best "Japanese favorite manga" broadcast on[242].

Outside Japan

Popular overseas, the translated version of this work has been published in more than 57 countries and regions around the world.[201], Aired in over 40 countries[243]..Cumulative circulation outside Japan9000 million(As of July 2021)[201].


GermanyHeld atFrankfurt Book FairIn 2005, 2008, and 2009, he won the Sonderman Reader's Award for Best Manga in the International Manga category three times.

FranceReceived the "Best Classic Series Award" in the Anime category and the "Best Shonen Manga Award" in the Manga category at the 32nd Paris Book Fair held in Tokyo at the 19th Anime & Manga 19th Grand Prix.[244].. In 2013, the “ONE PIECE” exhibition was held at the Paris Aquarium, and the official website of the aquarium introduced it as France's highest-selling cultural property.[245].. France's largest animated film festival in the world2010Annecy International Animation Film FestivalIn the feature film section from Japan, "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD" and "summer Wars2 works were nominated[246].

Italy-Serie AMy volleyball clubPallavolo Modena"ofLiberoAdopted for uniform design[247].

North America

CanadaIn 2010Ottawa International Animation FestivalIn Japan, two films, "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD" and "Midoko", were nominated for the feature film category. "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD" has become a series of exhibitions that is unusual for Japanese entertainment works.[248].. He also won the Audience Award at the 2010 12th Barcelona Asian Film Festival in Spain.

AmericaWas nominated for the overseas work section of the 5th TV DVD Award sponsored by Home Media Magazine[249].


ChugokuTen titles, mainly Japanese comics, were introduced as "Chinese young generation, must read comics" on the anime/manga channel of Tencent, the largest Internet portal site, and "ONE PIECE" was introduced first.[250].. China from May 2011, 5Zhejiang ProvinceThe serialization in the newspaper "Kenji Banpo" has also started. With the intention of the author, Eiichiro Oda, the series will start from the first episode, and every Sunday, one episode will be published in the "Manga Weekly" section. The name in the newspaper series has changed from "Pirate King" to "Nautical King".[251].. In the Chinese version of Shonen Jump "Manga Line" that was launched in 2014, it was selected as one of the serialized works by a questionnaire from general manga readers.[252].

TaiwanThen from this workTenryukoku"Internet slangIs born.


ceremonyNumber of times (year)Category/AwardAwarded forSource
100 Media Arts in Japan(2006)Manga sectionComic
Japan Cartoonists Association Award41 times大 賞[253]
German Sonderman Reader Award(2005)
International Manga Category Best Manga Award
Anime & Manga Award
(Anime & Manga 19th Grand Prix)
19 timesBest Shonen Manga Award in Manga Category[244]
Best Classic Series Award in Anime CategoryTelevision Animation
Animation kobe賞5 timesAM Kobe Award (Theme Song Award)We are![212]
Heisei Anison Award(2019)Composition Award (1989-1999)[254]
Tokyo Anime Award1 timesTV Program Category Outstanding Work AwardTelevision Animation( Toei animation)
Japan Gold Disc Award22 timesAnimation Album of the YearONE PIECE SUPER BEST[213]
25 timesAnimation Album of the YearONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST[217]
GyaO! Store Award(2012)General sales department
Anime department
Television Animation[255]
Asia Television Award(2012)Anime Category Encouragement Award[256]
Golden gloss award18 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE-PIECE
19 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE PIECE Adventure of Nejimakijima
28 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD
31 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE PIECE FILM Z
34 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE PIECE FILM GOLD
37 timesExcellent Silver AwardONE PIECE STAMPEDE[257]
Japan Academy Award32 timesExcellent Animation AwardONE PIECE THE MOVIE Episode of Chopper + Miracle Sakura Blooming in Winter[258]
34 timesExcellent Animation AwardONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD[259]
36 timesExcellent Animation AwardONE PIECE FILM Z[260]
40 timesExcellent Animation AwardONE PIECE FILM GOLD
43 timesExcellent Animation AwardONE PIECE STAMPEDE[261]
Spain Barcelona Asian Film Festival12 timesAudience Award (Audience Award)ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD
Video Technology Encouragement Award65 timesAnimation departmentONE PIECE 3D Straw Chase[262]
PlayStation Awards(2002)Gold Prize AwardONE PIECE Grand Battle!
ONE PIECE Grand Battle! 2
(2012)Gold Prize AwardOne Piece Pirate Warriors[224]
(2013)Gold Prize AwardOne Piece Pirate Warriors 2[263]
(2015)Gold Prize AwardOne Piece Pirate Warriors 3[264]
Japan Game Awards(2012)Award of ExcellenceOne Piece Pirate Warriors[223]
GREE Platform Award(2014)Award of ExcellenceONE PIECE Adventure Log[265]
(2015)Award of Excellence[266]
Licensing of the Year(2010)
(2011)Character License AwardONE-PIECE
Promotion Licensee AwardONE PIECE Thousand Serena[267]
Japan Toy Award(2011)Character Toy Category Grand PrizeONE PIECE LOGBOX
Mobile Advertising Award10 timesMarketing category prizeLawson ARG One Piece Stamp Rally App[268]
Tokyo Interactive Ad Award9 timesApplication category Mobile application[269]
Display Industry Award31 timesDisplay Industry Promotion AwardEiichiro Oda ONE PIECE Exhibition-Original picture x video x sensual dress[270]
Japan Commercialization Award(2012)"ONE PIECE" (Toei Animation)[271]
(2015)Judge special prize[272]
(2016)Domestic division[273]
(2019)Domestic divisionONE PIECE STAMPEDE[274]
Yomiuri Publishing Advertising Award18 timesgold medalONE PIECE Comic Campaign to exceed 3 million volumes
"Nippon Longitudinal Section! OPJ47 Cruise"
Newspaper Advertising Award34 timesAdvertiser Category Grand Prize[276]
Advertising Dentsu Award67 timesNewspaper Advertising Planning Division, Best Award[277]
Brass Ring Award(2014)Live Entertainment Excellence
Best Overall Production Award
One Piece Premier Show[278]
Takejiro Otani Award44 timesSuper Kabuki II (Second) "One Piece"(Kensuke Yokouchi)[279]
Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Award70 timesDrama Category Excellence AwardSuper Kabuki II (Second) "One Piece" (Shimbashi Theater)[280]
Digital Content of the Year21 timesAward of ExcellenceSuper Kabuki II (Second) "One Piece"[281]
Best Jeanist Award Japan33 timesSpecial Contribution AwardONE-PIECE[282]


ONE PIECE Memorial Log

Aichi in the spring of 2010LagunasiaAn experience-based attraction where you can relive the adventures of "ONE PIECE" held in.This became popular and has been held all over the country since then.In particular, Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki achieved its first surplus since its opening in 2010.[283][284].. From July 2011 to April 7 as the first overseas eventTaiwan-(Chinese version)It was held in.

Laguna Gamagori"Lagunasia'AichiGamagoriMay 2010-June 3, 20
May 2011-June 3, 19
March 2012, 9-March 15, 2013
March 2014, 3-March 15, 2015
If OdaiTokyoMinato-kuMay 2010-June 7, 17
Huis Ten BoschNagasakiSaseboMay 2010-June 7, 15
Appi KogenIwateHachimantai CitySeptember 2010-9, 15
Toichi Center BuildingMiyagiSendai cityMarch 2010, 12-March 23, 2011
Formosan Aboriginal Culture VillageTaiwan·Nantou prefectureYuchi TownshipJanuary 2011-January 7
January 2012-January 8
Akita Center AlveAkitaAkita CitySeptember 2011-8, 10
Yokohama Landmark TowerKanagawa横 浜 市May 2011-June 11, 10
NTT Cred HallHiroshimaHiroshima cityMarch 2011, 12-March 23, 2012
Hirakata ParkOsakaHirakataMay 2012-June 3, 7
Rusutsu ResortHokkaidoAbuta-gunMay 2012-June 7, 7
Spa Resort HawaiiansFukushimaIwakiMay 2013-June 4, 27
New Reoma WorldKagawaMarugameMay 2013-June 6, 29
May 2014-June 7, 5
Nasu Highland ParkTochigiNasu-gunMay 2014-June 7, 12
War Memorial of Korea South Korea-SeoulYongsan-guApril 2014, 7[Note 18] -December 9
Convention center "BEXCO'Korea·BusanHaeundaeMarch 2014, 12-March 20, 2015
Hongik University Road Art CenterSeoul, South KoreaJongno-guMarch 2015, 4-March 4, 2015
Shiba Masa WorldFukuiSakai CityMay 2015-June 7, 4
Kumamoto GreenlandKumamotoAraoMay 2016-June 3, 5
AEON MALL Hiroshima GionHiroshima, Hiroshima PrefectureMay 2016-June 7, 16

One Piece Premier Summer

Osaka·Universal Studios JapanAn event held at (USJ) for a limited time in the summer. There is a "One Piece Area" in the park where you can enjoy the world of "ONE PIECE". Since the first event in 2011, the scale of the event has continued to expand year by year, contributing significantly to the increase in the number of USJ visitors in recent years.[286].

Of the main eventPremier showWas first held in the summer of 2007 and has been held annually since 2010. Cumulative mobilization has exceeded 2016 million by 100[287].. A different original story is developed every year, expressing a powerful battle by making full use of various special effects, and all the lines of the character are in charge of the same voice actor as the animation.[288].. In 2014, he received the "Brass Ring Award Live Entertainment Excellence Category Best Comprehensive Production Award", which boasts worldwide authority in the world theme parks and amusement industry.[278].

event nameperiodRemarks
One Piece Premier Summer 2011May 2011-June 7, 7A project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of USJ.
Ace and Whitebeard monuments, Sanji's pirate restaurant, adventure rally, etc.
One Piece Premier Summer 2012May 2012-June 7, 7Shows and goods have been changed to the New World edition specifications according to the original.
One Piece Premier Summer 2013May 2013-June 7, 5Straw Hat Pirates' Feast Restaurant, Area Show "Pirate Elimination Strategy", etc.
One Piece Premier YearMay 2014-June 3, 8
May 2014-June 7, 4
An expansion event held continuously in the spring and summer.
At the spring event, the premier show held in the past, which was selected by fan voting, will be held in encore.
At the summer event "One Piece Summer Adventure", new shows and water battles will be held.
One Piece Premier Summer 2015May 2015-June 7, 3
One Piece Premier Summer 2016May 2016-June 7, 1"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル''DEATH NOTEHeld as "Universal Jump Summer" in collaboration with.
One Piece Premier Summer 2017May 2017-June 6, 30"Dragon Ball""JoJo's Bizarre Adventure''GintamaHeld as "Universal Jump Summer" in collaboration with.
One Piece Premier Summer 2018May 2018-June 7, 6
One Piece Premier Summer 2019May 2019-June 6, 26The premiere show is the movie version "STAMPEDE』Linked story[289].
One Piece Premier Summer 2021May 2021-June 8, 6

ONE PIECE Exhibition

In 2012, the first exhibition was held under the supervision of the author to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the serialization. It was held in Tokyo from March to June 2012 and in Osaka from November to February 3. In 6, it was held in Taiwan as the first overseas event.

At the venue, original drawings of many famous scenes, screenings of special movies, and full-scale figures were exhibited. The theme song is a composer who has a close relationship with the authorNakata YasutakaThe newly written "Panoramic Experience" was appointed[290].. On the official website, linked projects such as certification quizzes and sales of limited goods were held.

The total number of visitors to Tokyo exceeded 90 during the 51-day period, the highest number of visitors since the gallery opened.[291].. The total number of visitors to Osaka reached 30.[292].. The number of visitors to Taiwan reached more than 25[293].

Roppongi Hills・ Mori Arts Center GalleryTokyoMinato-kuMay 2012-June 3, 20
Tempozan special galleryOsakaOsakaMarch 2012, 11-March 24, 2013
Huashan 1914 Creative ParkTaiwan·TaipeiMay 2014-June 7, 1

One Piece Grand Arena Tour

A large-scale exhibition event for a limited time that allows you to relive the adventures from the East Sea to Fishman Island held all over the country from August 2012 to September 8.

Saitama Super ArenaSaitamaSaitamaSeptember 2012-8, 9
Item EhimeEhimeMatsuyama CitySeptember 2012-8, 22
Sun Dome FukuiFukuiEchizen CityMay 2012, 9th, 22th, 23th May 29
Yume Messe MiyagiMiyagiSendai citySeptember 2012-11, 16
Grand Messe KumamotoKumamotoKamishijo-gunSeptember 2013-1, 1
Hiroshima Sun Plaza HallHiroshimaHiroshima citySeptember 2013-5, 3
Toki MesseNiigataNiigataMay 2013-June 7, 27
Twin Messe ShizuokaShizuokaShizuoka CitySeptember 2013-8, 10
Convex OkayamaOkayamaOkayama CityMay 2013-June 8, 28
Pacifico YokohamaKanagawa横 浜 市May 2013-June 9, 13

ONE PIECE Straw Hat Store

January 2012Shibuya Parco Official goods shop opened in part1. On the Straw Hat Pirates' birthday, each character's birthday campaign is held, and seasonal campaigns are also held.

From November 2012 to February 11, a store was opened in the venue for a limited time to coincide with the "ONE PIECE Exhibition" held in Osaka. Since then, it has been open on business trips in various places for a limited time. In 2013, sister stores opened in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. March of the same year,Tokyo One Piece TowerOpen inside. April 2016, ShibuyaMaruiShibuya new main store opens in. Overseas, Taipei, Taiwan in March 2014Ximending, Opened in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2016.

Permanent store
Store nameVenueAddressperiod
Straw store Shibuya main store (Parco store)Shibuya ParcoTokyoShibuyaMarch 2012, 9-March 28, 2016[294]
Straw store Shibuya new main store (Marui store)ShibuyaMaruiMarch 2016, 4-March 21, 2019[295]
Straw store Shibuya main storeMAGNET by SHIBUYA109October 2019, 6- [296]
Straw store in TaiwanWuchang StreetTaiwan-TaipeiOctober 2014, 3-
Straw Hat StoreTokyo One Piece Tower店Tokyo TowerTokyoMinato-kuMarch 2015, 3-March 13, 2020[297]
Straw store Abeno store[Note 19]Abeno Q's MallOsakaOsakaOctober 2015, 4-
Straw store Nagoya storeKintetsu PasseAichiNagoya cityOctober 2015, 4-
Straw store Fukuoka storeFukuoka ParcoFukuokaFukuoka CityOctober 2015, 5-
Straw store in BangkokGateway EkamaiThailand-BangkokOctober 2016, 9-
Straw store Taichung storeI PLAZA AibaTaiwan·Taichung CityOctober 2017, 11-
Straw store in ShanghaiRainbow bridgeChugoku-ShanghaiOctober 2017, 11- [299]
Straw store Ikebukuro storeSunshine CityTokyoToshimaOctober 2019, 11- [300]
Straw store MINI Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi storeKiddy LandKyoto Shijo Kawaramachi storeKyotoKyoto CityOctober 2019, 12- [301]
Straw store Umeda storeDaimaru Umeda storeOsaka-shi, OsakaOctober 2020, 6- [298]
Straw Hat Store KumamotoAmu PlazaKumamotoKumamotoKumamoto-shiOctober 2021, 4- [302]
Business trip shop
Store nameVenueAddressperiod
Straw store OsakaTempozan special galleryOsaka-shi, OsakaMarch 2012, 11-March 24, 2013
Straw store KokuraThere is CityFukuokaKitakyushuMay 2013-June 3, 23
Straw store FukuokaFukuoka TowerFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka PrefectureMay 2013-June 7, 23
Straw store NAGANONagano Tokyu Department StoreNaganoNagano cityMay 2013-June 7, 26
May 2015-June 7, 24
Straw store KawagoeMaruhiro Department Store KawagoeSaitamaKawagoe-shiMarch 2013, 12-March 26, 2014
Straw store UmedaHankyu Department Store Umeda Main StoreOsaka-shi, OsakaMay 2014-June 3, 5
Straw store NagoyaTokyu Hands Nagoya storeAichi Prefecture, Nagoya CityMay 2014-June 7, 28
Straw store KumamotoPrefectural department storeKumamoto-shi, Kumamoto PrefectureMay 2014-June 8, 9
Straw store Morioka MaegataAEON MALL MoriokaIwateMoriokaMay 2016-June 4, 29
Straw store MiyazakiAEON MALL MiyazakiMiyazakiMiyazaki CityMay 2016-June 7, 12
Straw store SendaiSendai ParcoMiyagiSendai cityMay 2016-June 7, 15
Straw store in Ryugu CastleRyugujo Butterfly GardenOkinawaMotobu TownMay 2016-June 4, 28
Straw store UtsunomiyaTobu Utsunomiya Department StoreTochigiUtsunomiya CityMarch 2016, 12-March 27, 2017
Straw store SapporoSapporo ParcoHokkaidoSapporoMay 2017-June 7, 21
Straw store kyotoDaimaruKyoto storeKyotoKyoto CityMay 2017-June 10, 11
Straw store OkayamaAEON MALL OkayamaOkayamaOkayama CityMay 2018-June 4, 27
Straw store FukushimaSpa Resort HawaiiansFukushimaIwakiMay 2018-June 7, 20
Straw store MatsumotoMatsumoto ParcoNaganoMatsumotoMay 2018-June 8, 10
Straw store OitaAmu Plaza OitaOitaOita CityMay 2018-June 11, 2
Straw store MoriyamaPieri MoriyamaShigaMoriyamaMay 2018-June 11, 23
Straw store EhimeEmiful MASAKIEhimeMatsumaeMay 2019-June 3, 21[303]
Straw store KurashikiArio KurashikiOkayamaKurashikiMay 2019-June 8, 1[304]
Straw store KumamotoKumamoto ParcoKumamoto-shi, Kumamoto PrefectureMarch 2019, 12-March 29, 2020[305]
Straw store HamamatsuEntetsu Department StoreShizuokaHamamatsu cityMay 2020-June 1, 2[306]
Straw store LITTLE MatsuyamaTokyu HandsMatsuyama storeEhimeMatsuyama CityMay 2020-June 2, 15[307]
Straw store LITTLE SannomiyaTokyu Hands SannomiyaHyogoKobe CityMay 2020-June 3, 14[308]
Straw store LITTLE SendaiSendai ParcoSendai, Miyagi PrefectureMay 2020-June 7, 23[309]
Straw store LITTLE KoriyamaAti KoriyamaFukushimaKoriyamaMay 2020-June 8, 1[310]
Straw store LITTLE ShizuokaShizuoka ParcoShizuokaShizuoka CityMay 2020-June 8, 5[311]
Straw store LITTLE HamamatsuEntetsu Department StoreHamamatsu City, Shizuoka PrefectureMarch 2020, 9-March 4, 2021[312][313]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE MitoMito OPAIbarakiMitoMay 2020-June 10, 10[314]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE AkitaAkita OpaAkitaAkita CityMay 2020-June 11, 14[315]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE KanazawaDaiwa department store Korinbo storeIshikawaKanazawaMarch 2020, 12-March 23, 2021[316]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE in AnimateAnimate(10 stores nationwide)-May 2021-June 1, 4[317]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE ToyamaDaiwa department store Toyama storeToyamaToyamaMay 2021-June 4, 22[318]
Straw Hat Store MizoguchiMarui Family MizonokuchiKanagawaKawasaki CityMay 2021-June 6, 26[319]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE MatsumotoMatsumoto ParcoMatsumoto-shi, Nagano PrefectureMay 2021-June 7, 17
Straw Hat Store Sanyo OnodaOnoda SunparkYamaguchi Sanyo OnodaMay 2021-June 7, 22[319]
Straw store LITTLE KoriyamaAti KoriyamaKoriyama City, Fukushima PrefectureMay 2021-June 8, 5
Straw Hat Store OmiyaMarui OmiyaSaitamaSaitamaMay 2021-June 8, 13[319]
Straw Hat Store SagaMallage SagaSagaSaga CityMay 2021-June 9, 3[319]
Straw Hat Store KashiwaMarui KashiwaChibaKashiwaMay 2021-June 9, 18[319]
Straw Hat Store YokohamaMarui City YokohamaKanagawa横 浜 市May 2021-June 10, 9[319]
Straw Hat Store LITTLE KobeKIDDY LAND KobeKobe city, Hyogo PrefMarch 2021, 10-March 23, 2022
Straw Hat Store TakasakiTakasaki TakashimayaTakasaki City, Gunma PrefectureMarch 2021, 12-March 25, 2022
Straw Hat Store LITTLE KanazawaKorinbo DaiwaKanazawa City, Ishikawa PrefectureMay 2022-June 3, 2
Straw Hat Store LITTLE TochigiFukudaya Department StoreUtsunomiya City, Tochigi PrefectureMay 2022-June 3, 30

Real escape game x ONE PIECE

Held all over the countrySCRAPSponsored hands-on game event "Real escape gameCollaboration plan with".

2013, collaboration goodsONE PIECE mystery box] Was released and was sold at the SCRAP goods shop and at the venue of the real escape game.

1st "Escape from the Undersea Prison Impel Down"
2014 summer,live houseNationwide in tour formatZeppHeld over a long run for about 2 months[320].. Next year 2015Golden weekIs in Shibuya, Tokyo.TSUTAYA O-EASTThe triumphant return was held.
Participants are undersea prisonsImpel downAs a pirate who was imprisoned in, while clearing various mysteries with Luffy who infiltrated into Impel Down first, rescue Ace within one hour and escape from the submarine prison Impel Down (escape). The catch phrase is "Jailbreak for life".
2nd "Escape from the summit war"
2015 years,Jingu StadiumStarting with, it was an outdoor tour that went around the dome stadium in 9 venues in 11 cities nationwide. Held as part of SCRAP's Real Escape Game Summer Campaign "Mysterious Summer 2015".
Participants became a pirate who received Luffy's rescue request from Whitebeard and solved various mysteries while rescuing the dying Luffy within an hour and escape from the summit war between the Navy and the pirates (the ceasefire). The catch phrase is "End this war."
3rd "Escape from the Golden Amusement Park"
Summer 2016, the movie versionONE PIECE FILM GOLD] As a collaboration plan withTokyo Dome City AttractionsとHirakata ParkIt was held in.
Participants will become pirates who have built a friendly relationship with the Straw Hat Pirates, solve various mysteries with the Straw Hat Pirates, and sleep at a huge safe in the amusement park of Gran Tesoro, the world's largest entertainment city at each pace Stealing (escape) the gold of 10 billion berries is a clear condition. The catch phrase is "Steal a billion berries!"
4th "Escape from the amusement park where the treasure of the pirate king (Roger) sleeps"[321]
From July 2019th to September 7th, 13, the movie version ``ONE PIECE STAMPEDEHeld at Tokyo Dome City Attractions as a collaboration project with[322].
Participants become pirates and discover the treasures of Roger, the pirate king, while solving the mysteries and codes. The catch phrase is "Pirate-covered Treasure Festival!"

Hello, ONE PIECE ~Luffy is coming to town!~

"Supervised by Eiichiro Oda Hello, ONE PIECE ~Luffy is coming to town!~(Eiichiro Oda presents Hello, ONE PIECE Luffy is here!)MalaysiaExhibition held at[323].. Since then, it has been held both at home and abroad.

ISETAN The Japan StoreMalaysia-Kuala LumpurMay 2017-June 8, 26[323]
Sapporo EstaHokkaidoSapporoMay 2018-June 4, 28[324]
Akane MuseumEhimeNiihamaMay 2018-June 8, 4[325]
Maritime World Cultural Arts CenterChugoku-ShenzhenMarch 2018, 11-March 3, 2019[326]
Resort World SentosaSingaporeMarch 2018, 11-March 27, 2019[327]
Sichuan MuseumChina·ChengduMay 2019-June 1, 30[328]
Shopping city bellFukuiFukui CityMay 2019-June 3, 9[329]
Toho/Cultural Center for EveryoneFukushimaFukushimaMay 2019-June 4, 20[330]
Shanghai Himalaya MuseumChina·ShanghaiMay 2019-June 6, 1[331]
Sendai MediathequeMiyagiSendai cityMay 2019-June 8, 4[332]
DIC Teisha Shopping CenterChina·WuhanMay 2019-June 9, 21[333]
Ryuko Statue Art MuseumChina·ChangshaMarch 2019, 12-March 14, 2020[334]
Yokohama hammerheadKanagawa横 浜 市March 2019, 12-March 27, 2020[335]
Zhejiang World Trade Center Building No. 1China·HangzhouMay 2020-June 2, 22[336]
Daimaru Umeda storeOsakaOsakaMay 2020-June 3, 20[337][338]
Masuda Manga Museum in Yokote CityAkitaYokote CityMay 2020-June 9, 5[339]
Tsuruya Main BuildingKumamotoKumamoto-shiMarch 2020, 12-March 24, 2021[340]

ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project

Occurred in July 2016Kumamoto earthquakeAs a revival of the , a project to install a bronze statue of the Straw Hat Pirates in Kumamoto Prefecture is being carried out under the title of "Straw Hat Pirates 'Hino Country' Reconstruction Edition".[341].When the prefecture announced the installation of the statue on May 2018, 5, there were mixed opinions about the project, which was budgeted at 31 million yen.[342], According to a trial calculation when 2022 bodies were gathered in August 8, the Luffy statue alone had an economic effect of 10 billion yen.[343].

NameInstallation dateAddressPlaceSource
luffy statueApril 2018, 116-18-1 Suizenji, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto CityKumamoto Prefectural Office Prefectural Office Promenade[344]
sanji statueApril 2019, 12236 Kiyama, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto PrefectureMashiki Town Exchange Information Center Mina Terrace[345]
Usopp statueApril 2019, 121444-2 Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto PrefectureIn front of JR Aso Station[345]
chopper statueApril 2020, 115-14-2 Kengun, Higashi Ward, Kumamoto CityKumamoto City Zoo and Botanical Garden Front Entrance Multipurpose Square[346]
brook statueApril 2020, 11100 Hetami, Mifune-cho, Kamimashiki-gunFureai square[346]
frankie statueApril 2020, 111526-5 Takamori-cho, Aso-gunTakamori Station[347]
nami statueApril 2021, 72115-3 Komori, Nishihara-mura, Aso-gunTawarayama Koryukan Moe no Sato[348]
robin statueApril 2021, 105435-XNUMX Kayo, Minamiaso VillageFormer Tokai University Aso Campus[349]
zoro statueApril 2022, 11156-3 Otsu, Otsu-machi, Kikuchi-gunOtsu Central Park[350]
Statue of JinbeiApril 2022, 73162-1 Sumiyoshicho, Uto CitySumiyoshi Coast Park[351]

Other events/plans

ONE PIECE Grand Line Adventure
2002 in TokyoSanrio PurolandThe first full CG animation screened at.
ONE PIECE Odaiba Adventure
The fourth movie version "ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End AdventureIs a limited-time attraction held in Odaiba to commemorate the release of ". Also,Saikyo Line"ONE PIECE train" wrapped in "ONE PIECE" appeared,Toei Subway"Toei Subway ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End Adventure Stamp Rally" was held.
ONE PIECE Odaiba Labyrinth
The fourth movie version "ONE PIECE Cursed Holy SwordIs a limited-time attraction held in Odaiba to commemorate the release of ". Also, from 2003 to 2005Odaiba Adventure KingFull sizeGoing MerryHas appeared.
One Piece Shibuya Jack
In 2005, in commemoration of 1 million comics,ShibuyaAn event that made "ONE PIECE" a color with posters. It was held in 2, when the cumulative total exceeded 2011 million.
ONE PIECE Spaceland Adventure
The fourth movie version "ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Baron Omatsuri and the Secret IslandIn commemoration of the release ofSpace worldIs an attraction that appeared for a limited time. same yearShinagawa Stella Ball"ONE PIECE Christmas Party" was held.
ONE PIECE Maze Island Adventure
2006 years,Shinagawa Prince HotelLimited time attraction held at.
Straw Hat Crew Japan Landing Kamakura Jack
In the summer of 10 to commemorate the 2007th anniversary of the serializationKanagawaKamakura cityEvent held in.Yuigahama"ONE PIECE BEACH HOUSE" will open for a limited time,Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineIn addition to a stamp rally that goes around famous places in Kamakura, etc., it was wrapped with "ONE PIECE" characterEnodenRan.
Jimbocho ONE PIECE Carnival
One piece dress from July 2010th to August 7st, 17JimboThe event that jacked off. During this period, "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD EPISODE:0" was screened at "Jimbocho Theater" along with successive movie series.
One Piece Restaurant ~Going Merry~
For a limited time from December 2010, 12 to May 11, 2011Ginza aim MarcheThe One Piece Official Restaurant has opened. 5 minutes reservation exchange system operating in 110 time zones, attracting more than 5 visitors in total[352].
ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny Cruise
March 2011, NagasakiHuis Ten BoschThe full length of 40mThousand SunnyAppeared. There are also restaurants and goods shops in the park. In March 2012, it was renewed to the new world edition specifications. The number of passengers has exceeded 3 million. 100 AichiLagunasiaMoved to.
From March 2011 to February 3, five dome stadiums (Osaka-Tokyo-Sapporo-Fukuoka-NagoyaThe theme park-type event was held in ), where the entire dome was filled with "ONE PIECE".
One Piece Athletic Atsushi Thousand Sunny!
From July 2011 to the end of AugustIf OdaiExhibition event held in 2011". Introducing the 23m Sunny, which has an athletic interior.
ONE PIECE Aqua World in Yokohama/Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
From July 2011th to November 7th, 16,Yokohama / Hakkeijima Sea ParadiseEvent held in. "ONE PIECE aquarium," which reproduced the world of "ONE PIECE", appeared in the hall.
ONE PIECE 3D Rush! Trap Coaster
An original story 2011D theater that has been screened exclusively at theme parks and event venues nationwide since December 12.
ONE PIECE Spring Festa
An event held at Sanrio Puroland from March 2012th to July 3th, 17. At the event venueHello KittyCollaboration goods with and others were sold. The "ONE PIECE Summer Festa" was held from July 7th to September 14nd of the same year.
ONE PIECE Ride Cruise ~FOR THE NEW WORLD~ in Huis Ten Bosch
Japan's first experience-based ride attraction was born in Huis Ten Bosch in July 2012.
Shirahoshi Mermaid Park
An exhibition event held at "Odaika Zokukoku 2012" from July to September 7. Princess Shirahoshi with a height of 9m appeared at the event venue.
Illumination Island Odaiba 2012 ONE PIECE FILM Z
The fourth movie version "ONE PIECE FILM ZTo commemorate the release of the "" from November 2012, 11 to January 7, 2013Aqua City OdaibaHeld atilluminationEvent. Illuminations, event productions, exhibitions and stamp rallies with the motif of "ONE PIECE" were held at the venue.
Ikebukuro One Piece Plan
In commemoration of the release of the movie "ONE PIECE FILM Z", from November 2012, 11 to January 23, 2013IkebukuroEvent held in.Namco NamjatownThen a limited time shop is opened,Sunshine CityStamp rally was held around the area.
Chopper dream cotton candy kingdom
In April and May 2013ionAn exhibition event centered on choppers held at a shopping center.
One Piece Restaurant Baratie
From June 2013, 6 to September 28, 2016,Fuji Television Headquarters BuildingEntertainment restaurant that was opened on the 7th floor roof garden. The motif is the "sea restaurant Baratie" that appeared in the work, and the exterior is a model of the outer appearance of Baratie's hull.[15].
Defeat Caesar Crown! Flame and Ice Island Punk Hazard!!
An exhibition event that was held at "Odaiba Zukoku 2013" from July 7th to September 13st, 9. Limited shops and snack corners were also opened in the venue.
From 2013th July to 7th November 13Konica Minolta PlanetariumHeld atplanetariumEvent. The famous scene of the original was developed in the planetarium all-round video.
Japan Longitudinal Profile! OPJ47 Cruise
A campaign project held from November 3st to November 2013th, 11 to commemorate the cumulative circulation of 1 million copies. Of 11 prefectures during the periodLocal newspaperA full-color advertisement in which 47 characters each collaborated with local specialties and famous places was posted[353].. Also in the United StatesNew York TimesAnd of TaiwanChina time signalAlso, a full-color advertisement drawn by Luffy was posted[353].. In March 73, when the 2014rd volume of the book was released, a “mini-duplication original picture” (3 types) of the famous scene selected by the reader vote was distributed as a bookstore purchase privilege.[354].. January 2015, 1, the 28 character CDs aboveONE PIECE Nippon Longitudinal Section! 47 Cruise CDWas released[355].. Along with this, posters of CD jackets were displayed at JR major stations nationwide.[356].
ONE PIECE Straw Hat Crew vs Navy vs The Seven Warlords of the Sea Holographic Battle Theater
From July 2014th to August 7st, 19Odaiba New WorldA holographic movie screened in the "One Piece 2014th Anniversary Sunnyside Harbor" area of ​​15.
From November 2016th to December 11th, 12 at the Yokohama City Theater “DMM VR THEATER”Straw Hat Pirate vs Navy vs The Seven Warlords of the Sea Holographic Battle Theater Encore in YOKOHAMAWas re-played as[357].
To commemorate the 15th anniversary of anime broadcasting, on August 2014, 8National Yoyogi StadiumHeld at the XNUMXnd Gymnasiuma-nationLive event. Many artists who were in charge of successive theme songs appeared, and specially re-edited famous scene images were performed on a large screen.
Tokyo One Piece Tower
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTokyo TowerA large theme park that opened in Foot Town. There are many facilities in the park, including attractions with each character as a motif, goods shops and restaurants, etc.[358].
One Piece x Team Lab "One Piece: Adventure of Digital Ar Island"
From July 2015, 7 to August 18, 8Odaiba dream continent-A collaboration project with the ultra-technologist group "TeamLab" held at "Dream Mega Natsushi".
From July 2016th to July 7st, 16Lalaport FujimiHeld in[359].
ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayOkinawaChatan Townso"ONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2016The running event was held for the first time. Originally a reimport project held in Taiwan in May 2015[360].
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayONE PIECE RUN in Okinawa 2017Re-held as. Within the eventReal mystery solving game"Find the treasures of Lanrang Island!" was also held.
ONE PIECE Village in Ryukyu Village
Okinawa from April 2016 to August 4, 29Onna villageAn exhibition event held at "Ryukyu Mura". "Impel Down ~ Top War Edition" exhibition corner and limited items sold[361].
ONE PIECE 20th × KYOTO Kyoto Straw Dojo-Another Wano Kuni
Held from October 2017th to October 10nd, 7,Kyoto CityA special event in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the series. Stamp rally that goes around Kyoto,Daikakuji TempleExhibition event held atONE PIECE ART NUE Daikakuji "Devil, Princess and Oath Flower" ExhibitionWas done[362].
“Weekly Shonen Jump” No. 2017, 45, introduced various places where the event is held and interview notes of the original author."ONE PIECE" Volume XNUMX"(Vol. 794) is included as an appendix booklet[363].
ONE PIECE Dramatic Stage THE METAL ~Reminiscence of Marine Ford~
Holographic work performed at the theater "DMM VR THEATER" from January 2018th to February 1th, 20.[364][365].
One Piece Music Party East Blue
From January 2018th to March 8th, 12,Tokyo International Forum"Brass Entertainment" performed at[366].
One Piece Anime Broadcasting 20th Anniversary Adventure of the luxury liner "Sea Fire Fly"!
From January 2019th to March 4th, 27ChibaKisarazu OfUmihotaru Parking AreaAn event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of anime broadcasting[367].
Banquet Island 2019 Midsummer Monkey D. Luffy Island
From January 2019th to March 9th, 1KanagawaYokosukaEvent held in. This work celebrates the 20th anniversary of the anime, and Yokosuka City celebrates the 20th anniversary of "Curry Town Yokosuka" celebrates the 120th anniversaryKeikyu CorporationCollaboration plan with[368].. On the day before the last day, there is also a talk live that called a voice actor."One Piece" 20th anniversary eve "Umjima" One Night PartyIs also held[369].. On the weekends and holidays during the event, the real mystery solving game "Uninhabited island inspirational ingredient search game "Find the golden curry! in Utagejima"" was also held in the event.[370].
Shibuya "Wano Kuni" plan-gather friends and have a decisive battle with Shihkai Kaido! ~
The 2019th anniversary event of TV animation, which was held from December 12st to 1th, 29. A city-walking type digital interlocking event where you can collect the characters of "ONE PIECE" on your smartphone while traveling around the city of Shibuya[371].


Based on the idea that success and failure depend on my ability, Oda basically does not accept ideas from the person in charge or the reader.[372].. The "moving things" such as the crowd scene, animals, smoke, clouds, sea, etc.assistantIt's all drawn by Oda himself[373].. Also, thinking that "ONE PIECE" should belong to a boy, "Don't draw romance in the work", "Don't draw murder and death scenes as much as possible", "After the battle, a fun party with friends will start" They say they have restrictions[374].

Oda considers pictures to be a means of expression, and when the character is talking, he always opens his mouth. In addition, I have the idea that when it comes to paintings, I tell them "because it's okay if they're rough" or "I have no meaning if I can't convey it".[375].. Luffy has no psychological depiction, and always tries to say what he/she thinks of (making sure to speak in a speech bubble).[376].. In the first person of men, "I" and "I" are rarely used, and they are written as "Ore" in hiragana. Oda asked the readers why they would write "Ore" in Hiragana. "I feel the belief in the letters "Ore." "It's difficult to explain, but I want to write "Ore". I don't want to write it in other letters.[373].. In addition, I try not to use the word "kill" as much as possible in the straw crew. The expressions such as “blown” and “defeat” are used only when a gag or an enemy character is used. Regarding this reason, Oda was cautioned by his grandmother in his hometown at the beginning of the series, "I should not use words like killing a lot of people", and Oda actually experienced the death of friends and acquaintances, and it is not really good I say it because I came to think that it is a word[377].. The thanks and thank-you words of each character are unified with the most straightforward "thank you"[378].

From the beginning, Luffy and his friends have decided to use only the name "straw crew." Readers are welcome to call them Luffy. In fact, the names "Straw Pirates" and "Luffy Pirates" are also used in anime and games.[377].

Sound effectAs a drawing, the characters “Don!”, “Dodon!”, “Don”, etc. are often used.[Note 20].

Features/Small material

  • The composition of the color page in this work is different from other works, and the cartoon part is not drawn after the Alabaster edition, and basically only the door painting is posted in color. However, in some extra editions, manga was drawn in color. In issue No. 2010 of 44, which resumed serialization after a long break, comics were drawn in color over three pages.
  • Jump ComicsIn each of the books, 9 episodes are recorded, but in this work, most volumes contain 10 to 11 episodes. The author describes the reason as "a commitment to the story that I want to include a specific story" and "service to readers".
  • The door painting of Episode 233 (25 volumes) is a manga companionShinginThe part other than the painting is painted black to commemorate[380].
  • The door painting of Episode 519 (53 volumes) has the tone attached to the part other than the picture (because the manga "Dragon Ball" that the author loves is all 519 episodes).[381].
  • The door painting of episode 766 (volume 77) was the final episode of Jump No. 2014, which was recorded this time.Naruto] AuthorMasashi KishimotoHas been sent a hidden message to[382].
  • The door painting of episode 839 (volume 84) was the final episode of Jump No. 2016, which was recorded this time.Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardIs the main character in the respect ofRyotsu KankichiEyebrows are written on the order form[383].
  • Appeared as a hidden character in the workPanda manIs a manga that the author has liked as the most popular "Jump"KinnikumanIt is a character that was created when I applied for the superhuman recruitment, and is actually published in "Kinnikuman 77 Mystery". Game software"Kinnikuman II: New Generation Superman vs Legendary Superman] Has appeared as a hidden character guest.
  • Jump editorial departmentSo, basically, it is normal for one work to be handled by one person, but since the work is too much work for this work, a cartoonist in charge of serial editing from around 1, movies, animation, events, goods etc. It is a two-person system in charge of media that acts as a window for[384].
  • Common to piratesEye patch"Pirate of" has not appeared, but it will appear only once at the end of the story[385].
Change title since publication in magazine
Number of storiesWhen published in a magazineWhen recording a book
Episode 21 (3 volumes recorded)街town
Episode 569 (58 volumes recorded)monsterWhite monster
Episode 572 (58 volumes recorded)The Times They Are a-Changin 'The Times They Are a-Changin'—Times Change—[Note 21]
Episode 824 (82 volumes recorded)Pirate playingWhimsical
Episode 874 (87 volumes recorded)King balmBe my servant
Episode 879 (87 volumes recorded)Big Mom 3 General KatakuriBig Mom "Sweet 3 General" Katakuri


Shueisha related

Released in 2007. The crossover work "CROSS EPOCH" with "Dragon Ball" is posted. 17 famous people who are fans of "ONE PIECE"[Note 22]Commented on the 10th anniversary celebration.
Luffy decorated the cover of the January 2010 issue[387]. This is the first cover of a cartoon character since it was first published.
A project in which the covers of all 33 magazines published by Shueisha are jacked. It was held in January 2011 to commemorate the cumulative circulation of more than 1 million copies in 2010.Shibuya StationA poster in collaboration with "ONE PIECE" was published in the surrounding area.[388].

Weekly Shonen Jump related

Jump binding
When all the issues of "Weekly Shonen Jump" released in 2008 are lined up, a plan was made to become the annual spine of "Ichinagi" with 4 patterns of spring, summer, autumn and winter.However, the order of publication was out of order, and some of the illustrations could not be connected.This mistake was asked in the above "Hoko x Tate" quiz showdown. The 2009rd issue of 53-The 2010nd issue of 02 became the cover and top color of the 3rd consecutive issue (both are the first attempts in the history of "Jump").
Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward
We often co-star. Eichiro Oda drew a message from a manga artist at Kamedas.Ryotsu Kankichi”Appeared, and the message said, “If this guy goes out to sea, shoot at me.” Ryotsu and Luffy often co-star in anime. At that time, Luffy mainly says, "Let's do our best!" By the way, there is also an episode in which Ryotsu eats the fruits of rubber gum and becomes a rubber human like Luffy, and Ryotsu was dressed as Luffy at the opening of that episode (Episode 333 "Rubber Rubber Ryosan").Kochigame 30th anniversary projectThen Ryotsu Kankichi appears, mixed with Navy soldiers watching the battle between Luffy and Lucci in episode 427. According to a comment at the end of the book, "I violated the policy of not putting screen tones on the character's clothes."
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル
"CROSS EPOCH", a crossover work of both works, was published in Jump magazine released on December 2006, 12 (for details, seeCROSS EPOCHSee section). Also,Weekly Shonen JumpA lot of collaboration goods of both works were released in a special project commemorating the 40th anniversary.
Crossover work of both works "Delicious fruit!Was published in the 2011th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" 17. In addition, he co-starred in the collaboration animation broadcasted in 2011 and 2012, and in 2011, the collaboration goods of both works were released.
Gourmet Soma
Spin-off manga "Soma of Shokugeki" by the authorsSanji of the ShokugekiIs being produced[39].

TV related

Close-up modern
A special feature on the secret of the popularity of "ONE PIECE" was set up (broadcast on February 2011, 2).[389].
Brain Esthetic IQ Supplement
In the in-program corner "IQ Mirror Mistake 7 / IQ Mirror Mistake 9", he decorated the first collaboration project with animation and collaborated many times after that.
Tamori Japonica Logos
A project called "What if Luffy was a Nagoya dialect" was held, and Mayumi Tanaka actually played a scene in the Nagoya dialect.
Special edition
May 2009rd, 5-Luffy narrated the opening corner every week until August 3th.
Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-
At the opening of the special program "Trivia Fountain Hey Hey Seeds in Full Bloom, I've Got Guinness for the First Time in a Long Time SP" broadcast on February 2010, 2, the Straw Hat Pirates and the performersTamori-Tomohi Yashima-Takahashi KatsumiA collaboration project was held in which This is the first broadcast in 2 years and 3 months, and it was made for small children who do not know the Trivia Fountain. The audience rating was 20.1%, which was the highest record for a special program.
Discovery of a laughing dog
At the beginning of the program, a parody corner called "Dog! PIECE" was set up, and the main character, Luffy, also appeared as an animation (in the corner).Taizo HaradaIs Usopp,Jun NaguraChopper, the original character of the program "Pipipoo", appeared in a costume).
FNS Earth Special Investigation Team Diva Star
The staff of this work, dubbing studio, etc. appeared in the special program "Dibuster Special Edition ONE PIECE Behind the Scenes, I'll Show You A Little Special" (broadcast on September 2006, 9).
Mecha x 2 cool!SP
Oda handwritten a message and presented an illustration of a really cool member as a Straw Hat Pirates (broadcast on October 2010, 10).
Hoko x TateSP
A quiz showdown between "ONE PIECE" enthusiasts who won the paper test vs. successive editors was held (broadcast on April 2012, 4)[390].. Before the showdown, the author gave a message board of support to the enthusiasts, and the day after the showdown, each enthusiast was presented with an illustrated colored paper. As a result, successive editors won by a small margin. The enthusiast corps won the second showdown on November 2012, 11.
The "ONE PIECE Famous Scene Quiz" that decides the "Entertainment World ONE PIECE King" in the program has been held seven times in the past.[391].. RegularKimura TakuyaMany "ONE PIECE" fans are participating, except for Kimura.Funky kato(FUNKY MONKEY BABYS),Ryota Yamazato(Nankai Candies),Yu Tamura(Unicorn),Aiko Minato,Musashi,Kendo Kobayashi,Rie Kitahara-Rino Sashihara-Takahashi Minami(AKB48),Mimura Masakaz(Sama-zu),Maki Nishiyama,Satoshi Kaneda(Hannya),Kazuya Kojima(Unjash),Hiroyuki Ariyoshi,Serina,Suzuki MinoruEtc. are appearing.
~ Visit every world ~ Infiltrate! Real Scope
Mezamashi TV
Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper appeared on a daily basis in the special corner "Mezamashi Rock-paper-scissors" in the program for 2014 days from August 8th to 25th, 30.[392].
A strange story
In the 2015th anniversary special broadcast on April 4, 11,Hiroshi AbeThe story of the young head of the acting group eating "rubber rubber fruit" and becoming a rubber humanGum rubber manWas drawn[393].. By the way, "Trick Movie version 2However, there is a production that Jiro Ueda, who plays Abe, stretches his arms during the battle with the enemy.
run for money running away
On August 2017, 8, "" Run for Money "One Piece Collaboration Special-Pirate Luffy and the Horror Hunter-", in which the Straw Hat Pirates were involved in various gimmicks, was broadcast.[394].. "Run for Money x ONE PIECE Volume 2021 Commemorative Collaboration SP ~ Luffy and the Golden Hallows ~" was broadcast on September 9, 5.[395].
FNS 27-hour TV
The Straw Hat Pirates appeared in the Warring States period at the corner that looks back on the history of Japan with animation on September 2017th and 9th, 9.[396].
One Piece Variety TV that makes me a pirate king
Broadcast on Fuji TV from August 2020, 8Crown program[397]..Regular broadcast once a month.The moderatorCandy.

Smartphone related

NTT DoCoMo,NEC Casio Mobile Communications
A smartphone that reproduces the world view of ONE PIECE in October 2012N-02E ONE PIECEWas announced[398].. It will go on sale on December 2012, 12 with a limited number of 21 units.
One Piece Summit
From December 2012 to January 12,NOT TV』Broadcast original program.Daisuke Tsuda,Miyaji Mao,Eiji Shibata,Masahiro Ito,Ayana Tsubaki,Enomoto Atsuko,Shingo Fujimori,Ruriko KojimaParticipated.


Since 2010,Coca Cola,HIS,ion,chic,Apaman Shop,Japanese professional baseball,Nissan,JINS,Dominos Pizza,Pepsi Cola,House food,UNIQLO,Shigekix,Kura Sushi,Round one,Ny chan,Japan Post,Kentucky,Seven-Eleven,Glico,Panasonic,ZOZOTOWN,Nippon Life Insurance,Axe,Lipton,J League,Akeboshi food,Dinos,Kinrei,Salomon,Gakken,AUTOBACS,Rohto Pharmaceutical,Denny's,Kojima,Men's tofu shop,Edion,Sky mark,VISA CARDVarious collaboration campaigns are being held.

Local dress
Since 2007SouvenirAs for, more than 40 kinds of local goods with the theme of specialties from all over Japan. Tokyo souvenir "One PieceNingyo-yaki, Etc. have been released and have become popular. In addition to this, local goods such as "Local Chopperman" are on sale[399].
Asahi Shimbun
In the morning edition of December 2009, 12, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Frankie & Brooke appeared on 4 full-page advertisements, one for each.[400]..This is to commemorate the fact that the first edition of 56 volumes has reached 285 million copies and that the Weekly Shonen Jump of the 2009 issue 12 released on December 14, 2010 will be published 02 million copies.
Nikkei Entertainment!
Luffy decorated the cover of the August 2010 issue, and a total of 8 pages of special features were published in the magazine. The cover of the magazine was decorated with anime characters in the January 15 issue of "Spirited Away』Since[401].. In the December 2012 issue, all members of the straw hat decorated the cover.
Weekly ONE PIECE newspaper
A specialized paper with an interview with the author alone and an interview with the editor/voice actor. For 2012 consecutive weeks from November 11, 22Nikkan Sotsupo ShimbunIssued by[402].
On December 2018, 12, a live-action CM was released in collaboration with the Straw Hat Pirates.Saito KoLuffy,Hiroyuki IkeuchiIs Zoro,Rika IzumiIs Nami,Chidori no DaigoIs Usopp,Yosuke KubotsukaIs playing Sanji and a real reindeer dressed as a chopper. A collaboration campaign with this work will also be held from January 2019 to March 1, 1[403].. At the event on February 2019, 2,Mari NatsukiBut Dr. Kure appeared as[404].
Cup Noodles"HUNGRY DAYS One Piece"
Nissin Food「カップヌードル」のテレビCMシリーズ「HUNGRY DAYS」のアニメ作品。第1弾「ゾロ篇」が2019年5月、第2弾「ナミ篇」が2019年9月、第3弾「ビビ篇」が2019年12月、最終回「頂上騎馬戦篇」が2020年2月に公開[405].. Based on the concept of “What if the characters of ONE PIECE live in high school?”, the contents describe the straw hat crew's high school life, focusing on each character. Character designKubotouchi Eisaku,musicBUMP OF CHICKEN, NarrationMegumi HayashibaraIs involved in the production of the original anime series with Shueisha.Toei animationUnder the supervision ofシ ャ フ トIs in charge of animation production. The voice actors are LuffyMayumi TanakaAnd the role of ZoroKazuya NakaiCasts of anime series such as[406].
"Zoro Hen" has recorded the most video playback of 2100 million times (total of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) in the history of NISSIN FOODS. In the CM favorability survey conducted by CM Research Institute in June 2019, NISSIN FOODS ranked No. 6 among CM works by all Japanese companies for the first time in 20 years.[407].
Find Wally!
A collaboration project entitled "Where's Wally! In ONE PIECE" was held in the 2021 33/34 merger issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump".[201].
Detective Conan
"Weekly Shonen Jump" No. 2022, 34 and "Weekly Shonen SundayIn the 2022th issue of 35, the cover of the collaboration in which the characters of both works appeared was drawn, and the author of "Detective Conan"Gosho AoyamaDialogue with[408].


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