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🎥 | My sister and her husband proposed to Nobuko, who was about to give up on the "Chimu Dondon" store. 94th Synopsis

Photo "Chimudondon" from the 94st – (C) NHK

Nobuko's older sister and her husband propose to Nobuko, who is about to give up on Chimu Dondon. Episode 94

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Nobuko, who is about to give up on her own restaurant, makes a proposal to her sister Ryoko (Haruna Kawaguchi) and Ishikawa (Yuki Yamada) from Yanbaru, Okinawa.

The 106th work of the NHK serial TV novel "Chimu Dondon" where Yuna Kuroshima plays the heroine.Week 19 "The Moment of Love and Departure" → Continue reading

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Ishikawa (Yuki Yamada)

    Yoshiko (Haruna Kawaguchi)


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