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🎥 | Haruka Igawa, the expression of a strong and kind mother Sakana-kun's best ally! "Sakana no Ko" scene photo unveiled

Photo movie "Sakana no Ko" Scene photo of mother Michiko played by Haruka Igawa (C) 2022 "Sakana no Ko" Production Committee

Haruka Igawa, the expression of a strong and kind mother Sakana-kun's best friend! "Sakana no Ko" scene photo unveiled

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The original author, Sakana-kun, will also appear as “Uncle Gyogyo”.

From the movie "Sakana no Ko" starring actress Non, a scene photo showing the warmth of Haruka Igawa, who plays the role of Michiko's mother, has been lifted. → Continue reading

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Fish kun

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    Fish kun(19758/6[1][2][3] -) isJapan OfFishologist,talent,Illustrator.

    My real name isMasayuki Miyazawa[1][2][4][5](Masayuki Miyazawa[1][6]).His fatherGo player OfGoro MiyazawaKudan[7].Tokyo University of Marine Science and TechnologyHonorary Doctor[Note 1], Tokyokaiyo UniversityVisiting Professor.

    TokyoKatsushika[8]birth,KanagawaAyaseGrowing upChibaTateyama City[9]Lives.Belonging to Annan International[10].


    FishKnown for his abundant knowledge of ecology and cooking methods[11], Lectures and writing activities.2006Became a visiting associate professor at Tokyokaiyo University.Specified non-profit organizationNature Megumi ClassMegumi Umi Classroom Manager[12] But also.In the lectures for the general public, I try to devise ways such as using explanations that do not use esoteric words as much as possible and using my own illustrations so that a wide range of generations can understand fish.She also expands her activities as she is a talent.

    Ayase City Kitanodai Elementary School[13], Ayase City Kitanodai Junior High School[14],Kanagawa Prefectural Ayase Nishi High Schoolgraduated from.He tried to enter Tokyo University of Fisheries (currently Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), but was unsuccessful.At first, he wanted to study fisheries, but since the school had already been discontinued, he entered the animal care department.

    When I was in the third grade of junior high school, I was raising it at schoolHorseshoe crab19 artificialincubationsucceeded in[15]..Artificial hatching of horseshoe crabs is extremely rare and has been featured in newspapers. It is said that the horseshoe crab misunderstood it as the ebb and flow of the tide when he was out at a fixed time because "the aquarium is small and poor".

    1993, When I was in the third year of high schoolTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Variety show of the series "TV championAfter winning the second place in the "3rd National Uotsu Championship", he achieved the fifth straight victory in the same program and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.After that, he provided illustrations for the program's problems, and appeared in the Uotsu Championship as a studio guest, a judge, and sometimes a challenger's opponent and referee.According to him on his official YouTube channel, his current stage name "Sakana-kun" was called by friends around him when he noticed it from the latter half of elementary school.He said Sakana-kun, "Everyone naturally put it on."He was already in the current TV Champion era when he was in the third year of high school.characterI was a little nervous, but when I answered correctly, I was popular because I could express my emotions like a child and jump cheerfully while speaking brightly with a high-pitched voice.She wasn't wearing her current trademark hat at the time, and when she first appeared she was in a high school uniform.

    After graduating from a vocational school, from around the age of 20Holy Spirit SakuragaokaThis is a pet shop specializing in fish, and works as a live-in hired store manager in the form of a store on the first floor and a sleepover on the second floor of the store.One day she was working, she said, "I would be lonely alone," from a customer, a cat (breed:Egyptian Mau) And spend the next 16 years with the cat[16]..Related to fish, such as aquariums and aquarium fish storesPart-time jobWhen I was working at a sushi restaurant, I found fish in the restaurant.イ ラ ス トWhen I drew, I started to receive requests for paintings from other stores and companies that saw them.While continuing her part-time job, she started working as a part-time illustrator.By appearing on a documentary program on television, she caught the eye of the chairman of Annan International Co., Ltd. and was able to support the exhibition of paintings at the aquarium.Since then, she specializes in fishScience writerIs also active.

    In 2006, he became a visiting associate professor at Tokyokaiyo University.In his elementary school graduation collection, he wrote as his dream for the future, "Becoming a teacher at Fisheries University. I want to tell everyone what I have researched." Become(Tokyo University of Marine Science and TechnologyOne of the predecessors ofTokyo Fisheries University).

    In 2010Kyoto UniversityProfessor'sTetsuji NakaboAt the request ofKunimasWhen I was in charge of writing the illustrations forHimemasuWas ordered from all over the country, but of theseWest LakeI found an individual with characteristics similar to Kunimasu and presented it to Nakabo.This was the triggerLake TazawaKunimasu turns out to be alive in Saiko[14]..Rediscovery of Kunimasu, which was considered an extinct species (Red listContributed greatly to the change of designation from "extinct in the wild" to "extinct in the wild" inKunimasSee).As a result, the 125th generation, who is also an ichthyologistEmperorAkihitoI was able to express my gratitude by name.It is extremely rare for the emperor to give the name of the individual Japanese citizen and convey such an intention.

    I have memories of Kunimasu from when I was 12 years old.In this year IMasamitsu OshimaI read in his book "Shonen Kagaku Monogatari" that the kunimasu of Lake Tazawa will eventually become extinct due to the influx of acidic water.And that was something that stuck in my heart.Sixty-five years later, I received the good news that Kunimasu had survived.I would like to express my deep respect for the achievements of Professor Nakabo of Kyoto University, who contributed greatly to the discovery of kunimasu, and who is about to publish a paper on kunimasu. , I am glad to have cooperated with you.

    In addition, on July 2012, 7, he was a "meritor of marine nation promotion" who contributed to research and enlightenment activities on the sea.Prime Minister AwardWas awarded.

    20153/18Was awarded the title of Honorary Doctorate by Tokyokaiyo University, and an honorary doctorate award ceremony was held in Tokyo.[17].. 201512/25To"Nagisa no Eki" TateyamaSakana-kun Gallery was opened on the 1st floor of the Nagisa Museum.[18].


    "One fish one party(Ichigyo Ichie)Is my favorite word[11].


    When you appear in the media, keep in mindBoxfishOften wears a stuffed toy hat.This is the "Animal fantasy outrageous!It was the first time I wore it on location in the sea of ​​Izu when I appeared in (the second appearance of the same program), and the director of the same program said, "(Sakana-kun's) impression is thin." So, it was bright and high tension in this location.At first she didn't decide she was a hat, she was thinking about costumes.She remembered in her childhood that she was impressed by the boxfish swimming hard in the fish store's aquarium while being persecuted by other fish, and she said, "Let the boxfish rejuvenate her." 2 I drew a plan and asked[19].200910/11The 125th generation at the research presentation of the Ichthyological Society of Japan held inEmperorEven when Sakana-kun attended, Sakana-kun was present without taking off his hat (details will be described later).[Note 2][21]..Boxfish hats are for winter and summer (meshProcessed and well-ventilated), for underwater use (scubaWear when diving into the sea),Chroma key(Usually blue, but if the chroma key is a blue back, the blue part is transparent, so the blue part of the boxfish is black), for the teaching platform (the university emblem is included), etc. Cartoonist who died on November 2015, 11Mizuki ShigeruWhen the farewell party was held on January 1st of the following year, wearing this chroma key became a hot topic on the net.[22] However, the one for chroma key has white spots on the black part, but the one worn at the farewell party does not have it, so it is a different model. In the 2016 commercial, Kirin "Let's go freezing, her fish Kun", she wore a black boxfish hat, except for her eyes and dots.

    A popular American rapperSnoop dogIt was talked about that the hat he wore resembled that of Sakana-kun, and the American music news site "" reported that Snoop's hat was "Sakana-kun" headwear.[23].

    2020(Reiwa2 years) 2/12,201th Diet session-House of CouncilorsAt the Study Group on International Economy and DiplomacyReference personAs for the management of fishery resources,[24][25][26]At that time, it was specially allowed to wear a hat[27]..This prohibited the wearing and carrying of hats, outerwear, scarves, umbrellas, and sticks.House rules[28][29]It is unusual in light of the above, and in the past it was in November 1991 (Heisei 3).Socialist PartyMember of the House of Representatives (at that time)Yuriko HaseWas admitted to the parliamentary chamber while wearing a beret, which sometimes became a problem.[30].House of CouncilorsAccording to Sakana-kun, there was a request from Sakana-kun, "Are you sure you want to wear normal clothes?"LDP OfYosuke TsuruhoWhen the chairman inquired to each parliamentary group based on the view that "Sakana-kun's hat is not lacking in dignity and politeness," he said that he got the approval of each parliamentary group.[31]..Sakana-kun, who attended the investigation meeting, told reporters, "I was nervous. The hat wasPart of the skinI think it's a special category, but I'm really grateful for your approval.I want you to be more interested in fish. "[32].

    Hobbies & Skills

    According to her mother, she has been painting since she was a baby, and she is good at painting, and she is one of the pillars of her work as an illustrator.Her attention to detail is tremendous, accurately reproducing the number of spines on the dorsal fin of the fish, the number of scales, and the number of holes in the lateral line.[11]..The discovery of Kunimasu is also from Kyoto UniversityTetsuji NakaboThe professor asked me to do an illustration, and I ordered it from various places with reference to the closely related species Kokanee because I wanted to draw a more accurate and lively figure.

    The cartoonist I especially liked when I was a childMizuki Shigeru..After that, he says he would have been a "Yokai Kun" if he hadn't been interested in fish.[33]..Her favorite youkai is "Yamabiko".She seems to have been crazy about trucks (especially cleaning cars) before she fell in love with the youkai drawn by Shigeru Mizuki.Her current car isMitsubishi Fuso Canter4th generation.

    There are many aquariums "Aquarium studiesWhen I was in junior high school, I went to a club activity tour because I misunderstood it.Brass bandThe began.percussionWas my first choice, but I was so nervous that I skipped the drumsticks, so my second choiceTromboneWill be in charge of.In the high school brass band clubBass clarinetWill blow[34]. for that reason,SaxophoneとDouble bass clarinetAlso good at playing. Since 2014, he has participated as a special guest every year in the "Brass Jamboree" where wind instrument enthusiasts gather together with professional conductors and performers to perform a large ensemble, performing saxophone performances.[35].. In January 2016,Giraffe"FreezingIn the commercial of "GYO", dressed as a bass saxophone player "GYO" wearing a black boxfish hat.Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraShowed off a session with[36]..Also, as a special guest at the Skapara performance on April 4th and 14th of the same year, on September 15th of the same year.Kishidan ExpoAt, co-starred with Skapara again[37][38].

    Over 5000 species of fish and theirCookeryHave knowledge about.I also like to eat fish, and my policy is to "eat fish that I rarely see, and then eat up to the bones", and I have eaten more than 500 kinds of fish so far.[39].. "In order to receive the power of the fish that are living hard, it is the best offering to have the bones delicious without leaving any leftovers."During her variety show, she occasionally shows off her cooking skills as well asSkipjack,OctopusHow to handle such as is also introduced in practice.In addition to fish, sweets such as cakes and Japanese sweets seem to be his favorite.

    Although he has several part-time jobs, he has only worked in fish-related fields such as aquariums, pet shops specializing in fish, fish stores, and sushi restaurants.

    Not as much as fishreptiles-AmphibianHe also has considerable knowledge about breeding and breeding.

    Writing activity

    2006 year 12 month,Asahi ShimbunWas serialized in "To you being bullied / To you being bullied"[40] Contributed a short essay (titled "Let's go out to the wide sea").The experience of being bullied by a friend who was being bullied in the brass band and the experience of being bullied when a large amount of fish were put in a small aquarium was linked to "bullying" and "bullying by all means when put in a small world" It happens. It's the same for humans and fish. But the world is wider. Let's find a place. "[41].."Sakana-kun's essay" extracted from this essay by Sakana-kun and made into a picture book (2007, ...ISBN 4-576-07071-1,ISBN 978-4-576-07071-1 ) Was published, January 2007, 1,Fuji Television Network, IncsystemEntertainment shows"SMAP x SMAPHe has also appeared in the special program "To you who are bullying now ...".She also has a junior high school moral textbook (Mitsumura book publication) As "Tears of Fish"[42].

    Reporting outside Japan

    United Kingdom OfPublic broadcasting stationIswith the BBC Ofcomedyprogram"(English edition)Tokyo edition "Adam and Joe Go TokyoIn Japansub cultureAppeared in the project to introduce[43].


    The mobile phone is lined with contact information for researchers from all over the country, and its network extends to fishermen's towns all over the country.On off days, I sometimes visit a close fisherman to accompany me to fish and collect information, but I always help with fishing as a gratitude for getting them on board for free.Kyoto UniversityProfessor Tetsuji Nakabo and photographerIkuo NakamuraAlso, they have a close relationship with each other, such as publishing a book jointly.

    comedian OfSuzuki TakuIs a classmate in middle school and high school[44]..It is sometimes called "Me-bo" by Suzuki.According to Suzuki, Sakana-kun has been around since then.pencil,eraser,UnderlayAll my belongings are related to fish, so I hide during classtextbookDraw a picture of a fish on the deskPuffer fishSuch asStuffedWas stroking[44]..Also, as a close celebrityEXILE OfMAKIDAI[45],Tsurutaro Kataoka[46]And so on.

    the sameFishologistThe emeritus who is alsoAkihito) And is also known for having acquaintance. At the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Ichthyological Society of JapanTetsuji NakaboIntroduced to the Emperor Akihito (at that time) and asked, "Please do your best for your children."[47].. Next dayEmperor's birthday holidayAt a press conference held on December 2010, 12, Akihito said, "I am glad that many people, including visiting associate professor Sakana-kun of Tokyokaiyo University, were involved in the discovery of Kunimasu." , Named Sakana-kun and others along with Nakabo as a person who was successful in discovering Kunimasu.[48]..About this, Sakana-kun said, "Gyoe! I was surprised that this was a dream." The beginning of Sakana-kun "is encouraging everyone who worked with me. It was transmitted very well. "[47][49].Succession from Akihito to TokujinIn doing so, he said, "He thought a lot about the people and always warmly thought about each of us. He immediately visited us in the event of an earthquake, and he warmed our hearts with kindness and peace of mind. It makes me feel happy to be born in Japan. I am very grateful and grateful. I think that we are doing a lot of immeasurable public affairs, so a little. But I hope you can make time to rest. Since you are a great researcher in the world, we will continue to enjoy the fun of natural science, including various fish that we do not know. I would love to hear from you. I would be happy if you could give me the opportunity to learn with the whole family. "[47].

    Private life

    We receive unsold fish that are neither edible nor ornamental from fishermen and grow them in a fish house, a building dedicated to fish breeding.In most cases, it is this fish house that is shown when the home is opened to the public on TV programs.[14]..In addition to fish, a cat named Mimi (Egyptian Mau).

    "Yomiuri Shimbun"In order not to break the dreams of children's fans, the real name is not disclosed."[50] However, the real name is described in the book.[1].

    There are various reports about his age and date of birth.About ageSuzuki TakuIn addition to episodes where he was a classmate in junior high school and high school, he is described in his book[1][44][51].

    At a certain program location, the co-star of the moderator said, "I was like a parent and child when I saw him with a boy," but while tilting his head and denying it, he cherished the brand image of Sakana-kun. He said that he didn't want to give an image of either one because of the setting of the cage character, so it was a secret.

    Honorific title to Sakana-kun

    NHKPublic Relations BureautwitterWhen the account took up the topic of the discovery of Kunimasu, which was said to be extinct, he said "Sakana-kun", but posted that "Sakana-kun should be given the title" Sakana-kun "." Was sent to us, and with the same account,NHK Public Relations OfficerHowever, he apologized, "I'm very sorry. I apologize for the correction."[52][53]..However, in many of the posts actually submitted, "Take care of Mr. Deco Sukeno" isKatsuhiro OtomoManga "AKIRAIt is a joke that is often used on the Internet derived from 』, and it is also a phrase that is often seen even for well-known people including stage names.In other words, many of the posts were jokes, and NHK's public relations officer who knew the truth said, "I didn't know it was a joke," "everyone was terrible," and "I don't know why so many people scold me. "I was in pain." "I was weak. I was relieved (because I apologized for responding to each word sent until midnight at that time), and the electricity and air conditioning were stopped."[53][54].

    In response to these discussions, Sakana-kun announced on January 2012, 1.BS Japan"Crazy』, And the moderatorKatsuyo KatsumaWhen asked, "Should I call you Sakana-kun?", I asked him, "You don't have to give a title such as'Sakana-kun', just call me."[52].

    201th Diet OfStudy groupWhen attendingMinutesIs written as "Sakana-kun"[26]..Yosuke Tsuruho, who served as the facilitator of the House of Councilors Investigation Committee, called him "Sakana-kun" and proceeded with the proceedings.


    Current position

    Past job title

    Main Awards History

    • July 2012, Prime Minister's Award for Meritorious Persons for Promotion of Marine Nation (sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of the Environment.[57]
    • February 2014, 2st Food Education Cultural Achievement Award (sponsored by National Association of Cooks Training Facilities)[58]
    • Received the 2014th Best Swimmer 6 Award in June 15 (sponsored by Japan Swimming Club Association)[59]


    TV program

    • TV champion(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) --Champion 5 consecutive victories, inducted into the Hall of Fame and appearing as a guest from the next time
    • Gokigen Kayo troupe(NHK General)-Regular appearance
    • Everyone's song"Koishiteruka" (April 2009-May, NHK General TV) -In charge of singing, playing, and illustration
    • I found you!Mr. Miss.(NHK E Tele) --Appeared as a voice actor for "Kozakana Kun".
    • Dive! Sakana-kun (March 2018, 3, NHK General TV)[60] --In charge of the program theme songTokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraWhen"Go! Taiyaki-kunPlayed a song that arranged the song, and performed a clarinet performance.[61].
      • Nagasaki / Goto Islands Edition (January 2019, 1)[62]
      • Atami edition (May 2019, 5)[63]
      • Satsuma / Iojima Edition (August 2019, 8)
      • Kumamoto / Yashiroumi (May 2020, 5)[64]
      • Exploration! Sunken Ship Special (August 2020, 8)
      • Gyogyogyo BS Special (March 2021, 3)
      • Gyogyogyo Miyakojima Special (May 2021, 5)
      • Oki Island Mythical Sea of ​​Earth Romance (March 2022, 3)
      • Toyama Bay Sea like Jack-in-the-Box (March 2022, 3)
      • Gyogyogyo Toyama Bay Special! (August 2022, 8)
    • Sakana-kun Deep Sea SP The last unexplored region of the earth (September 2018, 9,BS-TBS)[65]
    • News Shiv 5:XNUMX(NHK General) --Monthly 1st Corner Regular
    • Saturday special(TV Tokyo)
      • Nagano-kun and Sakana-kun Port Ladder Trip The sea of ​​Boso is wide and delicious SP (February 2019, 2)
      • Nagano Kun Fish Kun Port Ladder Trip 2 To the Sea of ​​Nishiizu The Boon! (August 2019, 8)
      • Nagano Kun Fish Kun Port Ladder Trip Fish Kingdom IN Nagasaki (March 2020, 3)
      • Nagano Kun Fish Kun Port Ladder Trip 4 Get 55 kinds of seasonal fish on the Miura Peninsula (January 2022, 1)[66]
      • Nagano-kun Sakana-kun Port Ladder Trip (4) 10 Thai Sushi to Eat Now! (February 2022, 2)-Re-edited version above
      • Nagano-kun Sakana-kun Port Ladder Trip 5 Spring Boso Gyo Species 55 Take SP (April 2022, 4)
    • Active 10 Science (October 2019, 10, E Tele)
    • Blue Earth Sea of ​​Life (May 2021, 5, BS-TBS)
    • Cheers for a family of cranes(NHK)
      • To Sakana-kun Mountain! A real trip to Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture (January 2022, 1)
      • What happened after Sakana-kun's trip to Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture? A surprising episode (April 2022, 4)
      • Sakana-kun's trip to Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture! Thorough coverage of the people he met afterward! (April 2022, 4)
    • Gyogyotto Fish Star(April 2022, 4-, E-Tele)[67]
      • Super Gyogyo and Fish Star (May 2022, 5 -, NHK General)
    • Kochi Sea SDGs Thinking with Sakana-kun (April 2022, 4,NHK Kochi)
    • Sakana-kun's Tokyo Bay, catch everything! (June 2021, 6,BS11)
    • Long live fishing"Lake jewels MiyabaywanaGyo aiming for "(July 2022, 7,NHK BS Premium)

    Radio program

    Commercial / Advertising

    • Ajinomoto"Frozen food, shrimp dumplings" (2007) *Shingo KatoriCo-starred with
    • Guam Tourism Bureau "Guam Summer Happy Edition" (February 2008, 2-February 22, 2)
    • JF Marine Bank(2009-, Radio CM)
    • TEPCO"Denko Series Air Conditioner 2009 Winter Edition" (2009)
    • Lotte"Fit's" (2011)Sasaki NozomiCo-star)
    • Maruha Nichiro Food"Kurun Pack Fish Sausage" "Resara Sausage with DHA" (2011)
    • Ryowa House"Ryo Ryo! Ryowa House Theme Song Edition" "Ryo Ryo Ryo! Ryowa House Rental Edition" (2015-)
    • Giraffe"Freezing Let's go new to Sakana-kun ”(2016) * Co-starred with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
    • ANA"Haneda = Miyako Line Service Commemorative PR Ambassador" (February 2016-)
    • Yamasa soy sauce"Yamasa Freshness Life" (April 2017, 4-) *Maya MikiCo-starred with[71]
    • Waterstand"Waterstand" Co., Ltd. (2019)

    Anime movie

    Television Animation

    TV drama

    • Tensou Sentai Goseiger epic10 (April 2010, 4, TV Asahi)-Dr. Sakana-kun
    • Paddle! $ 2 (April 2012, 4, TBS) -Appeared as the person himself
    • Continuous tv novel Ama-chan 第112回・第126回・第134回・第149回 (2013å¹´8月8日・24日・9月3日・20日、NHK) - 本人役として出演[Note 3]




    Single Author


    イ ラ ス ト

    • "NHK Minna no Uta Koishi Tailka Story Picture Book" Story /Chiyoko Mori, Eh / Sakana-kunKirakeizo, Shogakukan <Waku Waku TV Anime Series>, May 2009.ISBN 9784097263852. 
    • "Sakana-kun's Sanin Kaigan Gyogyo Encyclopedia" Illustration / Explanation / Sakana-kun, Photo / Text / Hideaki Nakatani, Hideaki Nakatani, February 2013.ISBN 9784906794188. 




    • Sakana-kun!Drawing Mambo (November 2002, 11)
      • Lyrics:Chiyoko Mori/ Composition: Susumu Ueda / Arrangement: Morifumi Kawamoto
    • Fish de lap (July 2004, 7) * "Sakana-kun with Rumi Yamaguchi"Name
      • Lyrics: Sakana-kun / Composition / Arrangement: Kosuke Nishimura
    • Koishite Dolphin (April 2009, 4,NHK"Everyone's song』April / May songs)
    • After eating fish (July 2016, 7, SPACE SHOWER MUSIC)
      • Maxi single. Contains 6 songs.Fish food promotion song (JF National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives, serving as a fish food promotion committee member).The saxophone performance of the interlude is by Sakana-kun himself[79]


    • Sakana-kun's Fancy Aquarium (Kabaya) --Bonus sticker illustration
    • Sakana-kun's Underwater Sanpo (Ftoys) --Illustrated fish figure


    • Gyogyo Life (Takara Tomy Arts)[80]
      • Gyo!Gyo!Tonigiri !! Conveyor belt sushi at Sakana-kun and home (October 2016)
      • Sakana-kun's Deep Sea Fish Research Institute Giant Squid and Friends (November 2016)
      • Sakana-kun's Deep Sea Fish Research Institute Megamouth Sharks and Friends (November 2016)
      • Sakana-kun and Oekaki Suisou Picturerium (November 2016)

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    3. ^ The fish donation to Ama Cafe is based on the motif of donation to Moguranpia Machinaka Aquarium.


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