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🎥 | Erika Toda & Mei Nagano "Motherhood" theme song has been decided by JUJU!

Photo The theme song for the movie "Motherhood" is JUJU's new song "Hana" – (C) 2022 Movie "Motherhood" Production Committee

Erika Toda & Mei Nagano "Motherhood" theme song decided by JUJU!

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Also, from JUJU-san's strength and enveloping voice, I realized that after listening to this song, the work 'Motherhood' will finally be completed." I felt the strength to speak for me and push my back.

JUJU's new song "Hana" is the theme song for the movie "Motherhood" (to be released on November 11rd) in which Erika Toda and Mei Nagano co-star as mother and daughter. → Continue reading

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