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🎥 | Porsche 911 with "Sally" specification from the movie "Cars", only one ... Auction August 1

Photo Porsche 911 Sally Special (right) and character "Sally Carrera" appearing in the movie "Cars"

Porsche 911 with "Sally" specification from the movie "Cars", one unit only ... Auction on August 1

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The team worked together for ten months to come up with a unique one-off model.

Porsche announced on August 8 that the character "Sally Carrera" that appears in the movie "Cars" will be the latest "12" base ... → Continue reading


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collaboration(British: collaboration) Means "work together" and "cooperate", and "co-star" and "co-star"Cooperation, "Collaboration," and "interesting cooperation."JapaneseThen.CollaborationOften abbreviated.


In the past, it was common to say "(first) co-starring", etc.After 2000 (Heisei 12)[Source required]Is a PR in the form of "first collaboration", "unique collaboration", "dream collaboration", "strongest collaboration", etc.Propaganda) Was used frequently. Nowadays,Music,ComicSuch asCopyrighted materialNot onlyCompanyEach other,brandmagazine,ShopsThe word "collaboration" is used in all fields, including joint projects by. further,TV program,Ads,moviesArtistsThe example is ambiguous, such as being used even for joint planning with.

The degree of cooperation with the other party is also constructionJoint ventureThere are various types, from strict ones that can be said to loose ones that enter the same screen with video content.

TV program

Key stationQuasi-key stationJointly with each otherProductionOrQuasi-key stationNamed television broadcasting stationCo-production and collaboration with other stations.bookIn some cases Also,Fuji Television Network, Incof"You can laugh!InTBSAnnouncerShinichiro AzumiIn recent years, TV stations have collaborated with each other.

These days, if the TV programs are on the same TV station and are broadcast next to each other, they are called "Union Special".Special programAs a result, there are many collaborations such as both performers appearing in their respective programs.

Also, to appear (= co-star) together on the same TV programtelopOr referrals may use the notation collaboration.


Music, this means a ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンTemporarily with each other or with artists in other fieldsunitOrSongOffer orMusic produceThese are also included, and are rarely used when doing permanent activities. "&"(and),Japanese OfParticleof"","×"(Call),"VSGenerally speaking, the case of being treated in the same row as in (Versus) etc. is called collaboration, and when there is a main artist and it is treated as a guest,FeaturingIs called. Also,"FNS Song Festival''FNS Song Summer FestivalIn many Fuji TV music programs such as, “X” is often used in telops because the songs are often presented in collaboration by combining musicians such as two or more different singers, dancers, and performers.


ComicIn the field ofmanga artistbyCooperationMay be performed.Drawing group After 1972 (Showa 47)[Source required]In a series of collaborations published in multiple commercial magazines, the work was produced by the collaboration of dozens of people, including not only professionals but also amateurs.again,Cartoon magazine2 of the authors serialized in the magazine in "Planning", etc., consider that the world views of the two works are the same or very close (or one is forced to match the other), 2 Such as drawing a story using the characters in the workCrossover worksThere are some forms that take the form of, and such a collaboration is sometimes called a "collaboration work".

It should be noted that such collaborations are not always conducted by magazines,Masahiro Shibataof"Red FangWas announced in 1982 (Showa 57)Shinji Wadaof"Super Girl AsukaExtra edition withBakuaku], there was an example that Wada called "friendship writing"[1].



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