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🎥 | Visit Tobe, the filming location of the movie "Shapes for the Future" actor Ito and others First meeting with the cauldron monument

Photo: Mr. Atsushi Ito (right) and Mr. Hidetaka Yoshioka visiting the Tobe ware cauldron monument = On the afternoon of the 10th, Dainan, Tobe Town

Actor Ito of the movie "The Shape of the Future" visited Tobe, the filming location, and met the cauldron monument for the first time.

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Directed by Kenichi Omori, who is from Tobe Town, it will be released nationwide in 2021.

Actors Atsushi Ito and Shu Yoshioka, who appeared in the movie "The shape of the future", which was filmed entirely in Tobe-cho, depicting the Tobe-yaki pottery family... → Continue reading

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