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📺 | "Roppongi Class" Episode 12 Aoi, an eerie shadow creeping up around Arata

From the first episode of the photo drama "Roppongi Class" (C) TV Asahi

"Roppongi Class" Episode 12 Aoi collapses An eerie shadow creeps up around Arata

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The drama "Roppongi Class" is broadcast every Thursday at 21:XNUMX on TV Asahi.

The 21th episode of the drama "Roppongi Class" (TV Asahi / every Thursday at 12:22) starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi is now on the XNUMXnd... → Continue reading

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Broadcast every Thursday at 21:XNUMX

    All Nippon News Network

    Tv network > japanese tv network > All Nippon News Network (ANN,TV Asahiseries)

    All Nippon News Network(British: All-Nippon News Network) IsTV Asahi(EX)Key stationToJapan OfCommercial TV station OfNews networkIs. As an abbreviationANN(ANN) is used[PR 1].

    In this section, ANN's program supply networkTV Asahi Network (TV Asahi Network) Is also explained. In addition, in general, ANN and TV Asahi Network explained in this section are combined.TV Asahi seriesTo say[Note 1].


    "ANN" is the official name of "All Nippon News Network" (All-Nippon News Network), but TV Asahi of the key stationAsahi ShimbunIt is not uncommon to be mistaken for the abbreviation of "Asahi" News Network because not only the affiliated companies of the company but also most of the affiliated stations have "Asahi" as the company name. .. However, regarding this, I originally intended to use "Asahi News Network", but at that time,Mainichi ShimbunOf the Osaka station, which has a close relationship withEvery day broadcasting(MBS TV) was an ANN member station[Note 2]There is also a theory that the A part was replaced with "All Nippon" because some cross-net stations that were not the main net could not be named Asahi because some stations had little relation to the Asahi Shimbun.However, the company name at the time of the inauguration of ANN in 1970 was Japan Educational Television (NET), and the capital of newspaper companies was mixed at that time (Nihon Keizai ShimbunIt was in 1973 that the capital was unified in the Asahi Shimbun.

    ANN also serves as a general program supply line as an incidental business, but since it is handled separately from news, it is currentlyTV Asahi Network(Common name: "Tele Asahi Network", "TV Asahi Series", etc.)[Note 3] For a comprehensive program supply,Fullnet stations onlyThis is the target, and the minimum net security for cross-net stations. In addition, this program supply series,TBSIn seriesJNNSimilar to the TBS network operated by the company as an ancillary business (the JNN name may be used as in the news series depending on the application).NTV series OfNNS,Fuji TV series OfFNSAbbreviations such as are not defined.

    The current member bureau is 24Full netStation and twoCross net station(Fukui Broadcasting[FBC],TV Miyazaki[UMK][Note 4]) Consists of 26 stations.Core station[Note 5] Out ofKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC) onlyLatte[Note 6][Note 7] And, other than that, all are TV-only[Note 8].

    ANN news siteANN networkLink[PR 2] Includes a cross-net station, but on the TV Asahi official website ``Affiliated stationsLink[PR 3] Is a full-net station only.

    All 26 stations are participating in the ANN news agreement and network business agreement, but the sports news production agreement is participation of 2 stations other than 24 cross net stations.[2].

    For educational and liberal arts programs, please refer to the former: NET TV era.School broadcastBecause there is a station that received the national net ofPrivate Broadcast Education AssociationSince there is a (Civil Religion Cooperative), the programs of the Religious Cooperatives basically do not flow to the TV Asahi network. Since there are many first stations in the region among the affiliated stations of the Religious Education Union,TBS seriesThere are 33 stations[Note 9] It occupies 16 stations. The stations that are affiliated with the ANN affiliate and the Religious Association are TV Asahi, Fullnet stations.Asahi Broadcasting TV(ABC TV),Nagoya TV BroadcastThere are only 3 stations (me-tele), and Fukui Broadcasting is the only crossnet station.

    The "ANN" logo is2003With the relocation of Tele Asa Headquarters from Roppongi Hills, the logo design at the beginning of this article has been changed[Note 10].In principle, the logo is displayed with a dark blue background and white letters, but after May 2021, 5, the "ANN News" logo was changed to a white background, so it is still used. The logo mark with the blue background color that was used is limited to some uses such as the banner image of YouTube's "ANNnewsCH"[Note 11].

    BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

    Most remote control key IDs for terrestrial digital broadcasting are "5", including TV Asahi, but "6" for Hokkaido TV (HTB), Me-Tele, Asahi Broadcasting TV, "7" for Fukui Broadcasting (FBC), and Kyushu. Asahi Broadcasting (KBC) is "1" and TV Miyazaki (UMK) is "3". Of the stations that do not use "5" as the remote control key ID, only ABC and KBC inherited the channel number of the analog master station.

    Network formation

    ANN19701/1Nippon Educational TV (NET TV [NET] → National Asahi Broadcasting [ANB] → TV Asahi [EX]) was established as a key station in19744/1It was organized as a formal news network by concluding news agreements with affiliated stations in each region.

    NET TV news initially invested itselfJoint televisionIt was planned to broadcast "Joint Telenews" produced and distributed by News, but it is located in the same Tokyo area.Fuji Television Network, IncWas also supposed to broadcast "Joint Telenews", so it is the parent company of NET TV just before opening to avoid duplicationToeiIn partnership with Asahi ShimbunAsahi TV news companyWas established and changed to receive news from the company.1959"NET News" was broadcast at the same time as the opening of the program, but this program was originally from Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC) due to Asahi Shimbun.[Note 12] It was on the net at the same time. At this time, it can be said that the essence of ANN was formed.[Note 13].

    However, the next1960Until March, this program had not been broadcast in the Kansai area, and coverage of the Kansai area was conducted by local cameramen (movie theater owners, etc.) contracted by Toei.In the Kansai area after April of the same year (Mainichi ShimbunDaily broadcast)[Note 14] It will be broadcast on Asahi BroadcastingOsaka Television BroadcastRadio Tokyo from the era (currentTBS TVThis is because "NET News" was not broadcast because it had a news agreement with MBS TV used to produce news programs in-house until it received the internet.

    after that,(Analog) UHF stationWith the increase in the number of licenses and opening of1970Renamed "NET News" to "ANN News" on January 1, but still outsourced news programs produced by Asahi Television News.[Note 15]Was adopted by each station on the Internet[Note 16].

    By the way, the number of member stations when ANN was established in 1970 was 19, but of these, the key station TV Asahi (at that time NET TV) became the sole member (full net) station of ANN. Excluding it, there were only four stations: Hokkaido TV, Mainichi Broadcasting (MBS TV), Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting, and Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting.In addition, regarding the Chukyo wide area, two stations, Nagoya TV and Chukyo TV, were members of the same area, and immediately after the inauguration of ANN, both the Okayama and Takamatsu areas were before the wide area, so Okayama Broadcasting and Setonaikai Broadcasting were announced. They were all members (there was no duplicate membership at that time).

    1972In the advertisement of NET TV published in the edition "Japan Commercial Broadcasting Yearbook", "NET line network,” Hokkaido TV, Aomori TV, TV Iwate, Miyagi TV, Fukushima Chuo TV, Nagoya TV, Chukyo TV, MBS TV, Okayama Broadcasting, Hiroshima Home TV, TV Yamaguchi, Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Kumamoto Television. 17 stations of TV Oita, TV Miyazaki, and Kagoshima TV were described by the abbreviations at that time.

    1975In the intention of the Asahi Shimbun,News (Chinese)With companycapitalTo clarify the relationship (so-calledNet change (policy to eliminate intestinal torsion)),same year3/31Than,The quasi-key station has been changed from daily broadcast to Asahi broadcast.

    As a broadcasting network mainly for television broadcasting, there are many cross-net stations with other main lines for a long time (especially many new stations opened after the 1970sUHFBecause it is starting from beforeVHFWas being broadcast onMorning show''Afternoon showMany of the programs such as ”and some dramas and varieties have a service area smaller than VHF even after the ANN series started, and because there is no relay station, it is a new UHF station from the viewpoint of viewer protection. There were many cases where the net was maintained in the existing VHF without shifting to[Note 17]), such as Fukushima Broadcasting, which opened in 1981, and Kagoshima Broadcasting, which opened in 1982.1989Only a few full-net stations at the time12 innings[Note 18]Was only.

    after thatBubble economyThe Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currentMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Was promoted by4 stations nationwide'[Note 19] And1987TV Asahi has formulated a network strengthening policy, "establishing a complete 10-station system," with the goal of "increasing 10 affiliated stations in 22 years"[3] By doing so, we worked on the maintenance of affiliate stations that were far behind in comparison with other affiliates, and in 1989Kumamoto Asahi BroadcastingStarting from the opening,199610 of the monthIwate Asahi TVNew full-net stations are increasing until the opening, and current full-net stations24 inningsComplete the network[Note 20] Let's say, literally in seven years "Double"did[Note 21].

    In addition, since the number of multi-stations has progressed, some core stations have been playing the role of coordinator of blocks, and the special case of the broadcasting law premised on business integration in the Tohoku and Kyushu districts has been sought by the president of TV Asahi. It was provided.

    Crossnet stations that do not use ANN as well as simultaneous or delayed/preceding internet programs received the same net security as full net stations, and the deposit was high, so it was difficult for crossnet stations to leave ANN.[Note 22]. It is also commonly known as an "exclusive agreement."JNN News AgreementBecause of the relationship withTV YamaguchiThere was also an example of not signing news programs like the Internet, but having a net security contract only for general programs. By the way, in the current JNN, on the interpretation of the exclusive agreement, it is impossible to form a crossnet with other affiliates even in general programs.

    Time display

    For the time display during the program, see "Sunday LIVE!!From the start of the program to December 2018, the program was sent out (online), so JNN, which was a member of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation at the time of the volvulus era.[Note 23]Unlike, it seems that the time display program transmission is not regulated.However, from January 2019, the time display of the program has been switched to local transmission for each station, and since then, it has been carried out by local transmission in principle.

    In addition, Asahi Television Broadcasting has received distribution of custom display materials from TV Asahi, and from the master update on February 2022, 2, "Morning show''Wide! Scramble''Super J channel"Sunday LIVE!!"Masahiro Nakai's newscaster meeting] (From August 2022, 8, unlike TV Asahi, the time is hidden during commercials) uses the same custom display as TV Asahi.


    • 1959March --At the same time as the opening of Japan Educational Television (NET Television, now TV Asahi)Asahi TV news company(ToeiとAsahi Shimbun(Joint company of)NET newsStarted broadcasting ("Asahi ShimbunProduction"ofcreditWas included).Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingWill also be online (the title is "KBC News]).
    • February 1959- 3 company newsFor framesAsahi Shimbun NewsProduction was transferred to Asahi Television News Co., Ltd., and the content is essentially the same as "NET News".
    • 19604 month - Every day broadcasting,Sapporo TVIs also netted.The former is "MBS News, And the latter is broadcast under the title of "Asahi Shimbun News".
    • 19624 month - Nagoya TVIt was also broadcast online under the title of "Asahi Shimbun News".
    • 1967July-7 minutes of the first commercial night in JapanWide news"NET TV (or affiliate station name) Night Wide News"start.
    • 196811 month - Hokkaido TVIs also online,HTB news』Broadcast with the title.
    • 19694 month - Chukyo (UHF) TVAlso online and broadcast under the title of "Chukyo TV News"[Note 24].
    • 19701 month - ANNWith the launch of "NET News"ANN News』Renamed. Internet stations are also unified to this name at any time.
    • 19734 month - Chukyo wide areaUnification of the internet stations of Nagoya TV.
    • 1974April-ANN agreement signed.
    • 1975March-Internet stations in KinkiMBS TVからABC TVchange to.
    • 1985October-TV Asahi "News station] Start broadcasting.Office to oneIntroduced to production production.Full cooperation in production.
    • 1987 -TV Asahi formulates a network strengthening policy "establishing a complete 10-station system" with the goal of "increasing 10 affiliated stations in 22 years"[3].
    • 1989April-TV Asahi / Asahi Broadcasting "Sunday project] Start broadcasting. Full cooperation in production.
    • October 1989-Communications satellites using satellite channels (laterAsahi New Star) Is opened. Full cooperation in production.
    • 19934 month - YamagataInternet stationYamagata TVchange to.
    • 199610 month - Iwate Asahi TVOpened.The current full-net 24 station system is completed[Note 25],upper(I.e.And the sun belowå½±Established a series of symbol marks with the motif of[Note 26].
    • 2004March --TV Asahi "News Station" broadcast ends.Office to One withdraws.
    • April 2004-TV Asahi "News station] Start broadcasting.Ichiro FurudateCaster appearance started.On behalf of Office to One, which withdrew due to the end of TV Asahi's "News Station" broadcastFurudate ProjectIntroduced to production production.Full cooperation in production.
    • April 2012, 4-Co., Ltd. Satellite channel "Asahi New Star" management rights of TV Asahi. (April 1,TV morning channel[Note 27] Channel name integrated into)
    • 2014April 4-Transition to TV Asahi Broadcasting Holding CompanyTV Asahi HoldingsKey station), the key station of the new corporation that inherits the TV broadcasting business from the old companyTV Asahichange to.
    • 2016March-TV Asahi "Hodo Station" Ichiro Furutachi caster leaves.Kodate project withdrew.Along with this, the production production that had been running for about 3 and a half years since the TV Asahi "News Station" era disappeared from the news program.
    • April 2016 --The studio of TV Asahi's "Hodo Station" has been renewed.Moved to TV Asahi independent production.Full cooperation in production.
    • 2017August 12-ANN Super J Channel] Due to the rebuilding of the studio, the news room of TV Asahi Nipponsha was renovated (however, until February 2018, 2).
    • 2018February 2-The studios for "ANN News" and "ANN NEWS & SPORTS" have been redesigned.
    • 2018April 4-Asahi Broadcasting Broadcasting holding company transition (nameAsahi Broadcasting Group HoldingsAs a result, the entire TV broadcasting business will be inherited from Asahi Broadcasting.Asahi Broadcasting TVchange to.

    Member Bureau

    Current Member Bureau

    This table is based on the notation on the "Member Broadcasting Station" page of the official website of the Japan Commercial Broadcasting Association (some exceptions).[PR 4].

    • ●- Medium wave radioInteroperable with
    • ○-Stations that have radio stations at affiliated companies/subsidiaries
    • △-External site (Yahoo! News[4]-YouTubeEtc.) of the newsMovieDistribution implementation station (all stations are implemented on the company's site)
    Broadcast target areaAbbreviation/IDCompany nameOpening date or
    TV broadcast start date
    ANN member dateRemarkssymbol
    HokkaidoHTB6Hokkaido Television Broadcast196811/3Launched January 1970, 1[Note 28]Core station△
    AomoriABA 5Aomori Asahi Broadcasting199110/1△
    IwateIAT5Iwate Asahi TV199610/1[Note 29]△
    AkitaAAB 5Akita Asahi Broadcasting199210/1△
    YamagataYTS5Yamagata TV19704/1Joined April 1975, 4
    19934/1Re-association[Note 30]
    Miyagikhb 5East Japan Broadcasting197510/1Core station. Until September 2021, 9, the abbreviation is capitalized "KHB"△
    FukushimaKFB5Fukushima Broadcasting198110/1It may be treated as a core station depending on the business△
    Kanto wide areaEX 5TV Asahi19592/1Launched January 1970, 1[Note 28]Key station..Core station.Former company name: Japan Educational Television (abbreviation: NET, name: NET Television, February 1959, 2- 1977March 3) → National Asahi Broadcasting (abbreviation: ANB, nickname: TV Asahi, April 31, 1977- 20039/30)△
    YamanashiNoneTV Asahi Kofu BranchIs in charge of the interview.
    ShizuokaSATV 5Shizuoka Asahi TV19787/1It may be treated as a core station depending on the business.Former company name: Shizuoka Prefectural Broadcasting (abbreviation: SKT, nickname: Shizuoka Kenmin TV,19939/30Until)[Note 31].△
    Naganoabn 5Nagano Asahi BroadcastingApril 1991, 4
    NiigataUX 5Niigata TV 21198310/1It may be treated as a core station depending on the business.Old abbreviation: NT21 (Opening- 20067/31).△
    ToyamaNoneTV Asahi Toyama BranchIs in charge of the interview (Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting may also be in charge of the interview).
    IshikawaHAB 5Hokuriku Asahi BroadcastingApril 1991, 10△
    FukuiFBC7Fukui Broadcasting19606/119894/1NNN/NNS mainCross net station[Note 32].● △
    Chukyo wide areaNBN6Nagoya TV Broadcast19624/1Launched January 1970, 1[Note 28]Core station.. Nickname: Me-Tele.△
    Kinki wide areaABC 6Asahi Broadcasting TV195612/1[Note 33]April 1975, 3Quasi-key station, Core station[Note 34].○ △
    TokushimaNoneAsahi Broadcasting TV Tokushima BranchIs in charge of coverage[Note 35].
    KochiNoneAsahi Broadcasting Television Kochi Branchas well as the Ehime Asahi TVIs in charge of the interview.
    Ehimeeat 5Ehime Asahi TV19954/1News coverage includes Shimanto Town, Sukumo City, Shimanto City, Otsuki Town, and Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture.[Note 36].△
    KagawaKSB5Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting19694/1Launched January 1970, 1[Note 28]It may be treated as a core station depending on the business[Note 37]○△
    TottoriNoneTV Asahi Tottori Branchas well as the Yonago BranchIs in charge of coverage[Note 38].
    Shimane TV Asahi Matsue BranchAnd Hiroshima Home Television and Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting are in charge of coverage[Note 39].
    HiroshimaHOME 5Hiroshima Home TVApril 1970, 12[Note 28]It may be treated as a core station depending on the business.Old abbreviation: UHT (from opening)19863/31Until).News coverage includes Oda City, Gotsu City, Misato Town, Onan Town, Kawamoto Town, and Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture.△
    Yamaguchi yab 5Yamaguchi Asahi BroadcastingApril 1993, 10News coverage includes Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture, Tsuwano Town, and Yoshika Town.△
    FukuokaKBC 1Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting19593/1[Note 40]Launched January 1970, 1[Note 28]Core station●△
    SagaNoneKyushu Asahi Broadcasting Saga BranchIs in charge of coverage[Note 41].
    NagasakiNCC 5Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting19904/1△
    KumamotoKAB 5Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting198910/1△
    OitaOAB5Oita Asahi BroadcastingApril 1993, 10△
    MiyazakiUMK3TV MiyazakiApril 1970, 419764/1FNN/ FNS Main NNN, ANN 3 series cross-net station[Note 42].△
    KagoshimaKKB 5Kagoshima Broadcasting198210/1It may be treated as a core station depending on the business△
    OkinawaQAB 5Ryukyu Asahi BroadcastingApril 1995, 10[Note 43]△

    Past member stations

    The ● mark is the station that was the main net at the time of joining.
    ★ indicates a member station of the Association for Commercial Broadcast Education.
    The stations marked with a star are those that were members of the Private Broadcasting Education Association in the past.

    Broadcast target areaAbbreviationCompany nameANN membership periodReason for withdrawalCurrent seriesfootnote
    Aomori[Note 44]ATVAomori TVEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 19753/30To conflict with the JNN agreement.[Note 45]JNN[Note 46]
    RABAomori Broadcasting★19753/31 -19919/30Withdrew from the opening of Aomori Asahi Broadcasting.NNN / NNS[Note 47]
    IwateTVITV IwateEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 19803/31[Note 47][Note 48]
    AkitaACTAkita TVApril 1981, 4[5] - 19873/31Withdrew from the agreement deadline of March 1987, 3[5].FNN / FNS[Note 49]
    YamagataYBCYamagata Broadcasting Corporation★19804/1[Note 50] - 19933/31Withdrew due to the net change of Yamagata TV.NNN / NNS[Note 47]
    MiyagiMTB → mm34 (current: MMT)Miyagi TV BroadcastOpened October 1970, 10[Note 28] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWithdrew from the opening of East Japan Broadcasting.
    FukushimaFCTFukushima Central TelevisionOpened October 1970, 4[Note 28] - 19819/30Withdrew from the opening of Fukushima Broadcasting.[Note 51]
    Kanto wide areaNET → ANB → EXNET TV → National Asahi Broadcast → TV Asahi ● ★Established January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 20143/31(Old) TV Asahi (After the transitionTV Asahi Holdings)) has been transferred to the certified holding company, and the current department has moved to (new) TV Asahi.-
    NaganoTSBTV Shinshu1980Opened October 10-March 1, 1991Withdrew when the Nagano Asahi Broadcasting started.NNN / NNS[Note 52]
    NiigataNSTNST Niigata General TelevisionEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 19839/30Present:NST Niigata General Television
    Withdrew from the opening of Niigata TV 21.
    FNN / FNS
    Chukyo wide areaCUT → CTVChukyo U.H.F TV Broadcasting →Chukyo TV broadcasting●Established January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 19733/31With the simplification of the series, it became one on Nagoya TV and withdrew.NNN / NNS[Note 53]
    Kinki wide areaMBSEvery day broadcasting● ☆Established January 1970, 1[Note 28] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWithdrew due to reorganization of the net to eliminate intestinal torsion.JNN[6][Note 54]
    ABCAsahi BroadcastingMarch 1975, 3-March 31, 2018Asahi Broadcasting ("Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings")ofCertified Broadcast Holding CompanyDue to the transition, the TV broadcasting division was divided into "Asahi Broadcasting TV".-
    OkayamaOHKOkayama BroadcastingEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
    March 1970, 10-March 1, 1979
    In 1970, he withdrew due to the reorganization of the series, but changed his policy and rejoined six months later. Withdrew due to mutual entry of Okayama and Kagawa terrestrial broadcasting on April 1979, 4.TV Asahi's program is integrated into Setonaikai Broadcasting.FNN / FNS
    Yamaguchi [Note 44]thousandTV YamaguchiOpened October 1970, 4[Note 28] - 19789/30JNN[Note 55]
    ERMYamaguchi broadcasting★March 1978, 10-March 1, 1993Withdrew from the opening of Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting.NNN / NNS[Note 56]
    KumamotoTKUTV KumamotoEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting withdrawal, leaving.FNN / FNS[Note 57]
    OitaCOUGHTV OitaOpened October 1970, 4[Note 28] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWithdrew when Oita Asahi broadcasting started.NNN/NNS/FNN/FNS[Note 58]
    (Cross net)
    [Note 57]
    KagoshimaKTSKagoshima TV broadcastEstablished January 1970, 1[Note 28] - 19829/30Withdrew due to the opening of Kagoshima Broadcasting.FNN / FNS[Note 57][Note 59]

    Current major non-member stations

    * Listed the major stations that did not join, although there was or was the possibility of joining.
    ● is the 3rd station in the prefecture
    Broadcast target areaAbbreviationCompany nameRemarks (why not joined)Current
    Iwateto●Iwate Menkoi TVIwate Asahi TV was scheduled to open, and the ground is here政治家Ichiro OzawaBy the intention of.FNN / FNS[Note 60]
    ToyamaTUT●Tulip TVAt the time of the frequency allocation of Toyama Prefecture's 1986rd station in 3, it was thought that the opening of the TV Asahi series was likely, but it was finally decided to open as a TBS series.JNN[7]
    FukuiFTBFukui Television BroadcastSigned an agreement with NET TV during the opening preparation period, but just before the opening1969Changed to Fuji Television (FNN/FNS) affiliated company in July.FNN / FNS[Note 61]
    GifuGBSGifuhosoBecause it is the opposite of Nagoya TV and Chukyo TV. Eventually Nagoya TV became the ANN full-net station in the Chukyo wide area. The breaking sound uses the old breaking sound of ANN. This is because Nagoya TV broadcasting in the Chukyo Wide Area uses Morse code for breaking sound.JAITS
    Kinki wide areaKTVKansai TV broadcastingThe head office of Sankei Shimbun Tokyo was also involved in NET TV at the stage of preparation for opening the office, and an officer was dispatched from the perspective of shareholders, but Fuji TelevisionMizuo NaruoWith the appointment of, changed to the internet with Fuji Television just before the opening of the station. Also, NET TV was originallyJoint televisionHad invested in, but has withdrawn capital before the opening of the bureau. (At that time, before ANN started)FNN / FNS
    KochiKSS●Kochi-san TVAt first, Fuji TV was reluctant to open the station, and even among the founders, opinions were divided on whether to choose TV Asahi or Fuji TV.PrefectureStrong demand and of major shareholdersKochi cable TVBecause Fuji TV became a key station by the judgment of.FNN / FNS
    Ehimeitv●Ai TVJNN agreementBecause it was in conflict with, and it was decided that Ehime Asahi TV was open at that time.JNN[Note 62]
    NagasakiKTNTV NagasakiNNNNTV affiliated mainly (however, NNS is NNNWithdrawalSince it started as a cross-net station of Fuji TV affiliate,Yomiuri ShimbunWhile it was a station with a strong relationship withNagasaki Broadcasting(NBC/TBS affiliates) had a deep relationship with the Asahi Shimbun, and it was difficult to join ANN. On the other hand, there were few broadcasts on KTN. After that, in the 3s, the frequency for Nagasaki Prefecture No. 1980 civil open service station was assigned. By the way, until the opening of Nagasaki Cultural BroadcastingSame prefectureKyushu Asahi Broadcasting was in charge of the coverage of ANN in.FNN / FNS
    KumamotoKKT●Kumamoto citizen TVAs a result of coordination and key discussions among three key stations in Tokyo (Nippon TV, Fuji TV, and TV Asahi), the third commercial broadcast station in Kagoshima Prefecture will be replaced by the TV Asahi series (Kagoshima Broadcasting), and the commercial broadcast station in Kumamoto Prefecture will be released. Because the third station was the Nippon Television series.NNN / NNS[9]

    Branch office


    Here, only those as a news coverage base will be taken up.Those with a separate member station at the branch office location[Note 63]Except.

    In order to improve the coverage network, branch offices have been set up mainly in areas with no affiliated stations. These branch offices are operated by consignment to local cable TV companies and technology companies, or by dispatching resident cameramen. However, in the event of a major incident or large-scale natural disaster within the branch office, support will come from the head office, key stations, and member stations nearby.

    Unlike other news networks, ANN has a branch office in an area without all member stations, and has only one commercial television station.Saga(Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting) is the only out-of-region branch office. In addition, most of the regional offices use properties managed by the Asahi Shimbun Real Estate. This seems to be the influence of the national newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

    In the Kanto local frame and the Saturday and Sunday afternoon spots in ANN News, in addition to the Kanto news and seasonal topics, the following five TV Asahi branch offices also convey news and seasonal topics.

    The following is not written on each station's website or company guide, but on the InternetTown pageAnd its existence in the field could be confirmed.


    As of April 2022. Overseas branch offices are opened with the approval of ANN from each member of ANN, and the operation is subsidized by the ANN fund.[Note 69].. Most of the overseas branches are operated by TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting TV, but Shizuoka Asahi TV also operates one location.[Note 70].. Other core bureaus are cooperating in the form of dispatching personnel to existing bureaus.

    As a result, Asahi Broadcasting Television has a significant degree of uniqueness when compared to other affiliates. Asahi Broadcasting TV employees will be dispatched only to the branch offices established by the company, and will be interviewed overseas using the company employees' titles and business cards provided by the company. This is also the case when the news of a major issue arises and the support of other branch offices is sent. On the other hand, correspondents dispatched from affiliated stations other than TV Asahi/Asahi Broadcasting TV may be treated as being seconded to TV Asahi due to their form, and the name of the station they originated from is parenthesized even though they are similar to TV Asahi proper employees. TV Asahi prepares custom-made business cards.

    In addition, TV Asahi is AmericanBroadcasting station specializing in newsCNNWe are affiliated with, and sometimes use CNN video in the event of a serious incident.

    RegionOverseas branch nameInstallation/operation
    Member Bureau
    United States
    ANN Directorate of AmericaTV Asahi
    ANNニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBranch officeTV AsahiReporter dispatch from Hiroshima Home TV.
    ANNWashingtonBranch officeTV Asahi
    ANNLos AngelesBranch officeTV Asahi
    ANNUKBranch officeTV AsahiReporters dispatched from Hokkaido TV.
    ANNParisBranch officeAsahi Broadcasting TVAsahi Broadcasting TV was the branch office of the JNN era1969Opened in[PR 6].1975 OfNet changeSince then, he has been working as a branch of ANN (ANN did not have a branch in Paris until the net change.[PR 7]).
    ANNMoscowBranch officeTV Asahi
    ANNChugokuDirectorate GeneralTV AsahiBeijingInstalled in. Reporter dispatch from Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting.
    ANNShanghaiBranch officeAsahi Broadcasting TV
    ANNSeoulBranch officeTV AsahiReporter dispatch from Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting.
    ANNBangkokBranch officeTV AsahiShizuoka Asahi TV also dispatched a reporter. In the past, there was also a dispatch from Me-tele.
    ANNCairoBranch officeTV Asahi

    Past overseas bureaus

    Net news

    At any time
    final version

    Special program

    In case of elections, typhoons, earthquakes, and other large-scale incidents/accidentsPress special programWill be broadcast. However, in some cases it may be supported by expanding the broadcasting frame of normal news and information programs, in which case the ANN logo mark will be displayed for a few seconds at the top right of the screen to indicate that it is an "ANN special news program". To be done.

    Not as an "ANN news special program", but as a "ANN news special program"Urgent expansionIn some cases, the programs are connected to form a real news special program. July 2022, 7Shinzo Abe shooting caseFor example, at 11:31 when the incident occurred, "Yoko Oshita Wide! ScrambleWas on the air, but "ANN News』From the second part after the end, apply" emergency expansion "and broadcast until 2:15.after that"Super J channel』Also expanded in the form of one hour ahead of the start of broadcasting, from 1:18"News station] Was urgently expanded.It may be assembled especially in the event of an emergency during the daytime.

    National election

    Exit investigationBroadcast a special program that tells the status of the number of votes, etc. Taking advantage of the fact that there are many bureaus that are closely related to the Asahi Shimbun, since the beginning of the 21st century, we have been working with Asahi Shimbun to report elections, especially in large-scale elections. Election special site on the InternetAsahi Shimbun digitalAnd ANN jointly opened it.

    Major election programs


    About the shaking that observed seismic intensity of 3 or moreBreaking newsFormat, and in some cases also the seismic intensity by municipality[Note 71].. In addition, the place name on the screen displayed at that time has only a furigana.

    Large-scale earthquakes will be reported for a long time. Similar measures will be taken for tsunamis associated with earthquakes. It is up to the organizing director to decide whether to set up a news special number. This also applies to typhoons and sudden incidents/accidents.

    The breaking chime was "Pyrroli Lorraine" before the move to Roppongi Hills in September 2003, but after the move in October of the same year, it was changed to a two-tone chime of "Pyrrolilon Pyrrolilon" (however, Niigata Television 9).・ Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting, Oita Asahi Broadcasting, Kagoshima Broadcasting, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting, etc. still use chimes one generation ago.[Note 72], Hokkaido Television, Aomori Asahi Broadcasting, East Japan Broadcasting, Shizuoka Asahi Television, Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting, Me-Tele, Asahi Broadcasting Television, Ehime Asahi Television, etc. use their own chimes[Note 73], On Asahi Broadcasting NaganoNTV seriesUses the chime currently used by Fukushima Broadcasting and Setonaikai Broadcasting).


    Since each station is organized during a typhoon, special programs are rarely broadcast to all member stations.Also, regular newsInformation programAmong them, we deal with many programs by devoting them to typhoon information.

    Program affiliated with affiliated stations other than news programs

    the 1970sIn addition, a serial drama in which each ANN-affiliated full-net station is in charge of co-production has been produced.

    Other,1981Is being broadcast fromNational High School Baseball ChampionshipThe digest program ofHeat fight Koshien] As for the secretary production, there are two companies, Asahi Broadcasting Television and EX, but there were times when other ANN Full Net stations were credited in the form of "production cooperation".

    Theme music/song

    Many ANN news programs used to use a common theme song.

    • 1975-around September 1980
    Music composition:Miyagawa Yasushi(Alias: Psychedelic version of Pappaya)
    However, in Asahi Broadcasting (at that time), "ABC Flash News(From the era of bowel torsion. Concentric image). On Nagoya TV (me-tele),Nagoya TV News", and adopted a small-scale orchestra base.
    • Around October 1980-around March 10
    Composer: Hiroshi Miyagawa (also known as Pappaya's studio version, song arrangement changed) However, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (at that time), Me-Tele will be treated as before.
    • Around October 1982-around March 4
    Composition: Unknown
    There are early piano and electronic sounds and late synthesizer sounds.However, only Asahi Broadcasting (at that time) is partially different. The opening action of CG graphics was different for each program.
    • Around October 1984-around March 10
    Composition: Unknown
    It was an orchestra.Asahi Broadcasting (at that time) Me-Tele will be made by Eurobeat.
    • January 1985-January 10
    Music composition:Naoya Matsuoka(Also known as a folding screen)
    Broadcasting started in October 1985News stationIt started according to.The finish was different depending on the program.Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (at that time), Me-Tele, uses its own music as before.The 5-minute frame of Hiroshima Home Television will be its own music from 1988.
    However, on Saturdays and SundaysANN News Fresh』(The morning news of that time) was used until March 1993.
    • January 1990-January 10
    Composition: "ASTINA" (Pure Eurobeat production caught the eye.) Asahi Broadcasting (at that time) only "ABC Flash News" "Weather & News" Theme song of the service area (Video also A-SAT parabolic antenna Utilize the used CG).
    A CG that flies over the grassland, changes to the water surface, and the title appears. The studio is reflected at the end. Also known as Meadow Crystal.

    Related item

    Digital satellite broadcasting/video distribution related

    • BS Asahi(The accent is only the rounded alphabet A.)
    • TV morning channel(Old store name tv asahi ch. Renamed to the current store name in 25.)
    • Asahi New Star -Old name satellite channel (moved to TV Asahi channel from April 2013)
    • AbemaNews --The ANN logo is displayed in the lower right corner of the video interviewed by ANN.

    Program Sales Cooperation Bureau

    The following is a list of broadcasting stations that have a lot of internet, mainly through program sales with EX affiliates, mainly in prefectures that do not have affiliated affiliated stations.

    Past (excluding reductions and cancellations due to the opening of TV Asahi affiliated new stations)

    • Saga
      • Saga tv(STS)-FNN/FNS: Fuji TV series.Due to the organization, I have purchased a delayed net program such as variety, but as of April 2022, the broadcasting of other affiliated programs other than the TV Tokyo affiliate has decreased, so the broadcasting of the TV Asahi affiliated program has been discontinued.


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ In some cases, only one of them can be used.If you just want to refer to the ANN of the news networkANN seriesThere are many cases.
    2. ^ Once when Mainichi Broadcasting was a member of ANN, MBS mistakenly thought ANN's A was "Asahi's A".[1].. In some books, there are some cases in which "A" in "ANN" is mistakenly described as "A in Asahi.
    3. ^ Asahi Broadcasting TVIn programs originating from (ABC TV), it is often written as "ABC/TV Asahi series".
    4. ^ Both stations do not have a main net.
    5. ^ Fukushima Broadcasting, which was opened in the Showa period, depending on the business, centered on 6 stations, TV Asahi (Tokyo), Hokkaido Television, East Japan Broadcasting (Miyagi), Nagoya Television, Asahi Television (Osaka), Kyushu Asahi (Fukuoka). , Niigata Television 21, Shizuoka Asahi Television, Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting (Kagawa/Okayama), Hiroshima Home Television, may include 12 stations including Kagoshima Broadcasting.
    6. ^ KBC Radio TheNRN OfSingle net station.
    7. ^ Asahi Broadcasting TVAlsoAsahi Broadcasting OfCertified Broadcast Holding CompanyUntil the end of March 2018, when commercialization is carried out,Radio department TheJRNとNRN OfCross netBureau).
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    9. ^ Radio professionalNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.except for.
    10. ^ In broadcasting, the designs of telops and CG have not been completely replaced by new ones.ANN NEWS & SPORTS』\Sunday opening,BS Asahiof"News Access(Including 730)Asahi New StarThe cooperation credits (both at the end of the program) in the news broadcast on1970The logo at the time of its inauguration is used.In addition, the news studio of some affiliated stations, TV AsahiMetropolitan Police Department,Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentInstalled in etc.Press clubAt the face-up booth, you can still see an example of installing a set with the old logo on it.
    11. ^ ANN News in "Good! Morning" and "ANN Super J Channel" use colors that match the image colors of the programs.
    12. ^ Back thenFuji Television Network, IncSeries = current:FNSAnd cross-net, news and some liberal arts programsRKB Mainichi Broadcasting SystemFuji was the main program for general programs other than
    13. ^ Back-feedでSapporo TV BroadcastingIt was also broadcast on (STV).
    14. ^ At the beginning of NET TV broadcasting, the pure full net series was only daily broadcasting.
    15. ^ Asahi Television News Co. (TV Asahi video from 1977) was producing news programs until July 1978.
    16. ^ In addition, before changing the title to ANN news at each affiliated stationAsahi Shimbun News], [HTB news," Chukyo TV News", "MBS News], "KBC News" and other titles were unique to each station.
    17. ^ Even in the actual example, even though the news network is a single member, general programs, etc. are inclined to other programs. For example,1975Aomori TV until spring (mainly TBS programs mainly),TV New HiroshimaBefore the opening, there were Nippon TV (which leaked from the composition of Hiroshima TV), Hiroshima Home TV which broadcasted a considerable number of Fuji TV programs (for this reason,Aomori Broadcasting(NTV)China broadcasting(TBS system) was also broadcast a number of NET series of programs).
    18. ^ Hokkaido Television Broadcasting, East Japan Broadcasting, Fukushima Broadcasting, National Asahi Broadcasting (currently TV Asahi), Niigata Television 21, Shizuoka Prefectural Television (currently Shizuoka Asahi Television), Nagoya Television Broadcasting, Asahi Broadcasting (currently Asahi Broadcasting Television), Setouchi Sea Broadcasting, Hiroshima Home Television, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Kagoshima Broadcasting
    19. ^ Information gapFor the reason of the correction, the goal was to have at least 4 commercial broadcasts available nationwide. So-calledHeisei New BureauAlso called policy.
    20. ^ ANN-affiliated broadcasting stations are often called XX Asahi Broadcasting or XX Asahi Television, centering on stations that opened during this period. Many ANN-affiliated broadcasting stations were the last to open in the area. On the other hand, Yamagata TV rejoined ANN in April 1993 and became a full-net station.
    21. ^ Toyama,Fukui,Yamanashi,San'in district(Tottori-Shimane ),Tokushima,Kochi,Saga,MiyazakiDoes not have a full-net station as of April 2018.
    22. ^ Used to be a crossnet stationAomori BroadcastingFrom the history of the company.
    23. ^ Program transmission principle prohibited.
    24. ^ At that time, two stations in parallel with Nagoya TVIrregular cross netBut at the Chukyo UHFNewsThe Internet broadcasted only NET and Asahi Shimbun distribution. Separately from this, newspaper company capital (Nihon Keizai ShimbunWas invested in)Tokyo 12 ChannelDue to the internet relationship withTokyo 12 Channel News] Was also delivered.
    25. ^ Since then, there has been no movement to maintain affiliated stations
    26. ^ As a symbol mark of commercial broadcastingFuji Television Network, IncSince then, it is the first symbol mark of the series and was used until the end of September 2003.
    27. ^ As "tele morning ch"2002Already onSKY PerfecTV!-Cable TVIt was opened as “Faboli TV” for the current channel name in 2004. With the transfer of Asahi New Star management, the existing Tele Asa ch was changed to "Tele Asa ch1" and Asahi New Star was changed to "Tele Asa ch2".
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    31. ^ Opened July 1978, 7- 19796/30BetweenNNNIt was a cross net (but not a member of NNS).
    32. ^ Since April 1975, 4, before official membership, ANN News has been treated as a program sale on the Internet, and since 1, we have cooperated in coverage and news material exchange for ANN. However, he has not participated in ANN's general program supply department even after official membership. Furthermore, it is not treated as a cross-net station in the list of net stations on the official website of Nippon Television (because all news programs designated by NNN are online. During the daytime, it is continuously broadcast in the order of NNN → ANN).
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    39. ^ Izumo-Yunnan-Iinan TownIn the eastTV Asahi Matsue BranchBut,Ota City-Jiangjin City-Misato Town-Onan Town-Kawamoto-HamadaIs Hiroshima Home Television,Masuda City-Tsuwano Town-Yoshiga TownWas interviewed by Asahi Yamaguchi Broadcasting.
    40. ^ radio The1954Opened January 1
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    44. ^ a b All three commercial broadcasting stations in Aomori prefecture and Yamaguchi prefecture have a common point that they are all members of ANN in the past or are still members. In addition, the starting station is a VHF (analog)/AM wave latte, NNN/NNS affiliated station, the second station is a (UHF wave) TV only, and is rare among JNN affiliated stations and JNN affiliated stations. There is a history that existed, and there is no history of Fuji Television Network (FNN/FNS affiliated stations) up to the present day, but it happens by chance in both prefectures.
    45. ^ However, from the beginning of the station to the withdrawal of ANN, about JNN NewsProgram salesIt was actually a cross-net because it was treated as a purchase and received the net, and JNN News was allowed to interview in Aomori prefecture.
    46. ^ Official membership in JNN is withdrawal from ANN due to JNN agreement
    47. ^ a b c Since all NNN news programs were being broadcast while ANN was a member, it was essentially an NNN full-net station.
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    51. ^ Previously, it was FNN/FNS/ANN (cross net) → NNN/NNS/ANN (cross net).
    52. ^ NNS non-member in the cross age
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    54. ^ Because TV Asahi was opened as a specialized educational station and Nippon Educational Television, Mainichi Broadcasting was licensed as a quasi-educational station at the beginning of television broadcasting (March 1959).
    55. ^ Participation only for general program supply. Previously, it was JNN/FNS (Crossnet).
    56. ^ Initially, general program supply and news net only participation. At the end, it will be an official crossnet. Also, Nippon TelevisionNNN Sunday Evening] Since the start of the Internet in October 1979, NNN has become a full-net station in effect by broadcasting all NNN news programs.
    57. ^ a b c TV Kumamoto (TKU), TV Oita (TOS),Kagoshima TV(KTS) was only a member of ANN's news program supply department at that time. The general program supply department is not a member.
    58. ^ However, both NNS and FNS did not participate in the business agreement (in addition to being treated as a member station on the FNS homepage, it was already listed as a member station in the Fuji TV / FNS advertisement published in the 1972 edition of the Japanese Commercial Broadcasting Yearbook).
    59. ^ Previously, it was a cross-net of FNN / FNS / / NNN / NNS. Regarding FNS, it was listed as a member station in the advertisement of Fuji TV / FNS published in the 1972 edition of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan, but it is unknown whether or not it participated in the business agreement in the cross era.
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    61. ^ Opened at FNN/FNS Fullnet station on October 1969, 10. Cross netting with ANN will not be realized[PR 5]
    62. ^ Immediately after the opening of i-Television, the frequency for the 4th commercial broadcasting station in Ehime Prefecture was assigned.[8].
    63. ^ Like the Kyoto and Kobe bureaus that NET → TV Asahi had set up in the past,Sun Television・ Kinki Broadcasting System (currently:Kyoto broadcasting), Etc., which were set up mainly for business relations such as program sales to independent stations.
    64. ^ Great East Japan EarthquakeIt is a temporary branch office that was established as a local base for long-term coverage in the disaster area. The coverage area is usuallyIwate Asahi TVとEast Japan BroadcastingIs in charge of,IwateからMiyagiIt is located in the area along the Sanriku coast, and is set up in the form of joint management of ANN affiliated stations, mainly TV Asahi.
    65. ^ Co-established with Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Toyama Sales Office.
    66. ^ 1989And separated from Yonago branch office.Currently treated as a branch of the Yonago branch[Source required].
    67. ^ San'in Regional Office
    68. ^ 2005And separated from Yonago branch office.Currently treated as a branch of the Yonago branch[Source required].
    69. ^ However, not all the amount is paid, but some are paid by the installation company.
    70. ^ It is a rare example that an affiliated station other than the Higashi-Meihan Fukufuda operates an overseas branch office (JNN operated a Cairo branch office by Sanyo Broadcasting in the past).
    71. ^ Only the TV Asahi is crowned with "ANN" in the breaking news, and the other ANN stations and BS Asahi are crowned with the broadcasting station name.
    72. ^ BS Asahi used to include Earthquake Early Warnings before the relocation of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, but since the master update in December 2013 after the relocation, it has been switched to the same chime as terrestrial broadcasting. Also, as of April 12GifuhosoUsed in.
    73. ^ Of these, Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting / Me-TeleMorse code(Formerly Iwate Asahi Television, Asahi Broadcasting <at that time, before the relocation of the head office on May 2008, 5>, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting also applies).
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    79. ^ TV MiyazakiIs for a cross-net station with FNN / FNS (Fuji TV series), NNN (Nippon TV series), and ANN.


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