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🤖 | Why does Chizuru (CV: Sora Amamiya) continue to be a “rental girlfriend” in episode 8 of the anime “She, I will borrow”?Audience…


Why does Chizuru (CV: Sora Amamiya) continue to be a "rental girlfriend" in episode 8 of the anime "She, I'll borrow"?Audience…

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It was also revealed that he was working as a rental girlfriend for the purpose of earning the actors school's cost and practicing acting, and the viewer was surprised at the surprising fact.

In the 8th episode of the anime "Kanojo, Okarii", which is being broadcast from August 28th, the main heroine, Chizuru Suwon (CV ... → Continue reading


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Actors school

Actors school(British: Actors School) IsentertainerFrom infants to adolescents aiming forvocal-ダンス-actingGuidance such asTraining school OfGeneric term.Entertainment schoolAlso called.


Mid-1990s,Namie Amuro,MAXMore noticed bySPEED,Rina ChinenWith the appearance of "Okinawa Actors SchoolWas picked up by the media and got a lot of attention.Entertainment worldIt plays a major role as a learning space for children who aim to

Women are the overwhelming majority of men and women, and it is not uncommon for them to account for 8 to 9%.

There are few schools that are successful in businessEntertainment officeWe are seeking to make it a detonator that attracts new students by forming alliances with.

List of actors schools nationwide

Nationwide expansion school

  • Actors Studio (1989Founded in April.2008To the following two companies)
    • Actors studio [1]
      "Hokkaido Junior Actors Studio", which was under the umbrella of the former Actors Studio (1996Opened), but has been operating since 2008.
      School in operation- Hokkaido Headquarters, Tokyo school, Kansai school, Actor's Kids (Tokyo),Kanazawa school, Tokushima school, Nagano school, Toyama school, Maebashi school
      Schools closed-Sendai school (closed at the time of division in 2008), Yokohama school (absorbed by EN Dance Studio Yokohama school), Gunma school (absorbed by EN Dance studio ZERO Ota school (Gunma prefecture)), Hiroshima school
    • Actors Studio Japan [2]
      Opened in 2008 by the founder of the former Actors Studio. Currently, there are no lessons and the official toll-free numbers are closed, so it has been virtually closed.
      Schools in operation-Hokkaido Headquarters, Hokkaido Satellite, Aomori, Kuwana (Mie)



Central part


  • (Osaka)
  • (Osaka)
  • (Osaka)
  • (Osaka)
  • Musical school STAGE21 (Osaka)
  • (Osaka)
  • (Kujo, Nishi-ku, Osaka)
  • Little Cat (Osaka)
  • ESSE Academy (Osaka)

Chugoku, Shikoku


From major actors schools

(Including those who have retired from the entertainment world)

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