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🎥 | A movie about the nuclear accident to many people ... [Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture]


A movie telling the nuclear accident to many people... [Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture]

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Koriyama Theatre, Yusuke Murakoshi Manager "I hope the environment will allow customers to see even a little for a long time." "Young people should definitely watch.

Reporter Naofumi Sakuma "This is a panel exhibition of the movie Fukushima XNUMX released in March. The last work is at this place ... → Continue reading

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Koriyama Theater

Koriyama TheaterWhat is Kooriyama Theater?FukushimaKoriyamaIt is inMovie theaterIs. Operated by East Japan Movie Co., Ltd.


In 1954Theater Koriyama[1]Established as. We celebrated our 2014th anniversary in 60[2].. There were eight movie theaters in Koriyama city at the beginning[1]Currently, it is the only movie theater in the city, and there are others in Fukushima prefecture.Fukushima OfAEON CINEMA Fukushima,Forum Fukushima,Iwaki OfPole Pole IwakiAnd there are three cinemas.

The only movie theater in the prefecture that does not have its own official website.


Two buildings (1 and 3) with screens 6 to 8 and 2 to 4[3]Has 6 screens and 981 seats. 1 to 3 were renovated in March 2007.

  • Location &
    • Main Building (Screen 1, 2, 3): 2-9-7, Koriyama City, Fukushima Station
    • Annex (Screens 6, 7, and 8): Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 2-379-1

Number of seats

screenNumber of seats
Screen 1283
Screen 2102
Screen 3102
Screen 6247
Screen 7143
Screen 8104


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  3. ^ Screen 5 was on the first basement floor of the "2nd Masuko Building" at 4-15-2 Omachi, Saitama. Originally, the theater took over the site where the "Koriyama Western Painting Palace" was originally located,Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was closed and withdrawn immediately after that on April 2011, 4 (the second Masuko Building still exists).


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