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🤖 | What anime character was born in August to celebrate your birthday? "Hiroaka," "Kimetsu," and "Love Live" popular characters are ranked high!

Photo “Love Live! The School Idol Movie” (C)2015 Project Love Live! movie

Which anime character was born in August that celebrated your birthday? Popular characters from "Hiroaka", "Devil", and "Love Live" rank high!

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The figure of pulling the members with his own positive thinking was drawn vigorously.

As one of the expressions of affection for an anime character, the culture that celebrates that character's birthday is completely familiar... → Continue reading

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Positive thinking

Positive thinking(Let's take a look,British: positive thinking Positive thinking is that if you think positively about anything, it will come true and your life will go well.[1], Is a thinking method that aims to change the reality by trying to see the good side of things, keeping a positive attitude, and changing the "thought itself". Positive thinking is said to bring positive reality and negative thinking brings negative reality.Law of attraction(English: law of attraction), mental science (English: mental science), practical Christianity (English: pragmatic Christianity), science of mind (English: science of mind), practical metaphysics (English: practical metaphysics), divine science (English: divine science)[2].. The Heretic Trend of Christianity in America in the Mid-19th CenturyNew SortIt is a relatively new idea that is said to begin with.

The idea that the tendency of mind and thought appears as health and economic condition, and the thought becomes physical reality,New age,Spiritual world,spiritual,Self-development seminarHas been incorporated into the modernPhilosophy of successAnd business books,Self-help book, Job-hunting books, various tools for sports and business success, health and beliefs, etc., have a significant impact on modern society and are well-established to a considerable extent.[3].

in America"MotivationAlso called "Psychology of", a how-to book that wrote life theory in an easy-to-understand manner,Self-help book(Self helpBook) is the most common idea[4].. Such an idea is for academic psychologyPop psychologyと 呼 ば れ る[4].

Positive thinking sometimesDistorts cognitionSometimes. "Optimism"biasSome point out that it strengthens positive delusions.[5].. In positive thinking, thinking that something beyond our control will occur, or fearing the destruction of the future, is evidence that we need to change ourselves.[6].. The idea that all reality depends on one's thinking has not been scientifically proven,Pseudo scienceAnd many scientists criticize their supporters for twisting and embedding the scientific concept.[7][8].. In addition, it is the logic of losing interest in the real environment and not paying attention to evil and disasters. Logically, it is the person's own responsibility, self Some point out that it will lead to the conclusion that they are self-governing[6].. Interfere with accurate decisions and decisions in business and investment,Sub prime loanThere is also an opinion that it has affected market problems[5].

PhilosophicalOptimism, Of psychologyPositive psychologyIs different from.


In the 19th centuryThe United States of AmericaWas born here in Christianity,Mesmerist(HypnosisHealer/psychologistPhineas QuimbyStarts (1802-1866)New SortIt is believed to be derived from. Nusotto is characterized by individualism, self-responsibility, anti-religion (anti-traditional Christianity), pantheism, health-first principles, realization of thought, materialization of the mind, and emphasis on psychotherapy.

Positive thinking ideas are modernTheosophyOf the occultist who madeHelena P. Blavatsky1877 byIsis peeled off the veil], the modern theosophyHinduismSince it was introduced, it is sometimes considered to be an idea in Hinduism.[2].. Also a Newsort author and self-help authorJames Allen (writer)Also in 1902's a Man Thinketh,Judaism OfmottoSupposed to be from Chapter 23, Section 7[2].Theosophy Society Of(English editionThe 1915 book,Theosophy Society OfAnnie BesantCan be seen in the 1919 book[2].

New Thought's positive thinking developed into American culture in the 1950s and 60s and was developed by the developers of self-development and speaking training courses.Dale Carnegie(Of the same surnameSteel King"Move people" (1936), self-development writerNapoleon Hill"(English edition(1937),American-Dutch Reformed ChurchOf the pastor who led the(English edition"The Power of Positive Thinking" (1952)(English editionSeen in "The Magic of Thinking Big" (1959). Carnegie and Hill booksGreat DepressionInspiring Americans and matched the times when interpersonal relationships became important at work[4].. Hill's "Thinking Comes to Reality" is an important starting point for applying the New Thought idea to the world of business, the self-development idea and the affinity of business.

Happened in America in the 1960sHuman potential movementIn the trend of the former salesman of self-development seminar(English editionWas a trainerWarner ErhardWas in 1971(English editionWe started a self-development seminar called (est, est). Erhard is a genuine sales worker who became a salesman and became a sales trainer after graduating from high school, unlike the central figures in the highly-educated human potential movement.(English editionof"(English edition,” and Hill’s “thinking is a reality”Self-help book-Self helpBooks, old in the United StatesPhilosophy of successRead a lot of books about[9].. AirhardZenI learned the technique of the human potential movement, dig up the system of positive thinking that starts with Nusot, cultivated the self-development, self-help, and philosophy of success, and Americanized and made est.[9].. It is said that the human potential movement was clearly altered by Erhard[9].

The simple American positive thinking was pushed to the limit by est[9].. est emphasized self-responsibility and acted on the principle that "every human being makes his own life completely and he is responsible for whatever happens".[10].. From here, I was able to read the message that if one wears est, he or she will have the universal power to create his or her universe. est became a pioneer in self-development seminars, a pandemic in the US, and made huge profits[11].. Center of human potential motionEslin InstituteMembers of the est have come to suffer from issues such as lack of social awareness and empathy on the est platform, lack of historical awareness, persistent solicitation, secretive Erhard personality, and rumors of est tax evasion.[12].. Erhard's friend and founder of Eslin Institute(English editionAnd the director of Eslin Institute(English editionPersonally believes that est is against ethics and decency, and there was some heated debate between Murphy and Erhard, but both Murphy and Rennard officially defended est, No major reforms happened to[12][11].

The ethics that "everything is an individual responsibility" originally present in the Human Potential Movement represented the adventurous aspects and advantages of participating in a workshop, and at the same time was a response to criticism from the outside, but such a balance I lost my senses[6].. Political scholar and journalist WT Anderson says it has become something of a fanatical belief that humans can obey the entire universe.[6].. In the human potential movement, there are infinite possibilities for the positive thinking introduced by est, the will and thinking of a person, and some people accept the idea that in reality it depends on that person's thinking, but not so much. The effect was great[6].. One of the leaders of the Eslin Institute, a psychologist strongly influenced by est(English editionDoes not unnecessarily sacrifice the environment, only when the law of nature works, when one can rule life and when one wants to sacrifice. Came to claim that it was just a sacrifice[6].

The human potential motion isNew ageBecame one of the sources. Positive thinking is theJoseph Murphy, Of New AgeShirley MacLaineAnd spread in 2006Ronda Byrne"The Secret] Attracted attention again[13].. This book has become a bestseller and has been translated in more than 40 countries in XNUMX months[14].

Effects and claimed effects

As a whole, modern society is safer than before, and the risk of life and physical crisis and objective misfortune are reduced. Since it is an open, free and uncertain society like the pre-modern world, which has no fate theory, there is a positive side that it is possible to open things by actively thinking and moving by positive thinking.[15].. Expectations and positive thoughts in uncertain times are compatible, and they are a fast-acting camphor drug for unhappy people while at the same time hunting down unhappy people.[15].

Ronda Byrne in The Secret claims that thinking about success and happiness can "pull" success and happiness[13].. Many of the worries illustrated are light, and the relatively heavy "I don't have money" worries about this is that the only reason why I have no money is my backward thinking.[14].

The law of attraction does not always seek instant wealth like Burn,(English editionScholar of history and theology, Thomas Shepherd, states that it is for spiritual growth to approach God.[16]

Byr also said, "It is the people who have the same frequency as the disasters who are hit by the tsunami and other disasters."[17].



Preach positive thinkingSelf-help bookIs always one of the best-selling top sellers in both America and Japan. Although it is a target of ridicule as a low-level genre, it is a non-negligible existence as it has a large circulation and is a form of popular therapy culture.[18].. Also seen for children, it was launched by Aeon in 2014Keisuke HondaThe Dream Note is a classic of the 1937 self-help bookNapoleon HillIt is virtually compliant with "thinking comes to reality" and is found to be accepted as safe and beneficial to give to children[19].

Traditional christianity

Nusort Researcher(English editionThe New Thought positive thinking has permeated into traditional Christianity, and the content of the sermons currently held in the church isCalvin,Luther,John WesleyIt's hard to say that it's similar to, but (although they don't admit) it's rather close to Nusot[20].. Yasunori Aoki, a theologian and pastor,EvangelicalismFrom the point of view, "a person is a sinner by nature"原罪And the salvation of Christ's crucifixion and the idea of ​​a self-development book that sends the message "Be aware of the wonderful values ​​in us", but in a Bible-based message it is "self-development" It is said that it is an effective conduction tool because it contains positive thinking.[21].


Network business(MLM) incorporates positive thinking into training and training to improve the motivation of sales staff, and is like a group of positive thinking, a group that systematically learns positive thinking and puts it into practice in business and life. It has become something[22].

Criticism / criticism

WT Anderson is a positive thinker who takes everything personally, as seen in William Schutz's statement, "We don't have to obey any law. We make it ourselves." Thinking about thinking other than your own intentions and thoughts as a real factortabooIt is a logic that discourages interest in the real environment and keeps us from paying attention to evil and calamity, and a mad belief that the entire universe can be made to obey human will. It is said that[6].. According to this logic, to the extreme, hungry children are responsible for their lack of food, and the victims of the atomic bomb in HiroshimaAtomic bombIt states that it will lead to the conclusion that you must take responsibility for being dropped.[6].. Religion scholar(English editionCriticized blaming the victim for the logic that he had a bad idea and was terrible, saying, "If you follow this theory, what will be said to those who have been kidnapped or raped. Imagine it, "said some religions, criticizing the ethical issue of the Law of Attraction.[16].. Brian DunningBlame the victimThe idea of ​​"blaming the victim" is fascinating, ugly and embarrassing to our selfish ego, but points out that this dark joy is a psychological fascination.[23].

For those involved in the Human Potential Movement,Anti-intellectualismSome thought that excessive optimism was the problem[6].. The Human Potential Movement has come to have the belief that if you act according to the correct movement of your mind, everything will work, whereas from journalism, you are psychologicalizing social issues, and your stay at the Esalen Institute has grown. Concerns were raised that it might be an escape, although it is also a food for the people.[6].

Some New Thought denominations oppose the idea of ​​the Secret's "law of attraction" to be materially enriched.[16].. Unity's Thomas Shepard says the "law of attraction" is for luxury carsCadillacCriticized that it was not meant to be obtained or personalized[16].

Positive thinking, which considers all reality to be one's own thinking, is prone to self-loathing despite trying to be positive, leading to the idea of ​​self-reliance on the evils that exist in the world and the misery of others.[24].. It is a strong sense of duty to think that you have to be positive, worry about having negative feelings, and constantly correct your feelings.(English editionIs "America, the Country of Positive Diseases" (Bright-sided , 2009), positive thinking, in a senseCalvinismIt is pointed out that it is a strict spiritual practice of the previous era like[25].. Ehren-like, excessively positive thinking, all over the worldAntidepressantIt's a sign of American anxiety that consumes two-thirds of what it says, deceiving itself and pretending to be happy.[13].. He also gives examples of public criticism and dismissal for not having a positive attitude, and blame for cancer patients being ill because of negative thoughts.[13][26].

The impact on the market has also been pointed out, and financial services have caused great damage and harmed the economy by judging too positively.Lehman shockCausedLehman BrothersCompany president Joe Gregory often believed in intuition when there was a discrepancy between positive intuition and rational analysis, and he became a victim of the Lehman shock as a result of his active participation in the market and optimistic judgment. There is also an opinion that the people who took out the loan optimistically without regard to their creditworthiness and the bankers who lent them had positive thinking.[5][27].

Eric Dezenhall, a crisis management consultant in the United States, tells corporate decision makers that the "law of attraction" is as widespread as a virus, and it's hard to see the reality that a crisis isn't an opportunity. People say that there is harm such as the road to success may be closed[26].. Ehren-like needs to work hard and be realistic in order to succeed, and motivational speakers and personal development teachers try to keep you from feeling bad premonitions and warnings, but that's what it is. Warns you to stop accepting[5].

The mental health philosophy that is widespread today emphasizes that humans should be happy and that misery is a symptom of maladaptation, and that this idea is when there is unavoidable misfortune. The burden of the unfortunate event itself is weighted by the burden of violating the idea of ​​having to be happy, and people are often ashamed of being unhappy. Behind the positive thinking is the mental structure in which the highly consuming society is so "narrow" and "ruthless" that it does not accept the unhappiness of reality.[14].. Positive thinking has a high affinity with the upper class of the elite who live in a world where there is less friction so that the reality changes just by changing their minds, while the lower class is so desperate that they cannot pretend to be positive. Low affinity[28].

Robert CarrollBuyers solicit buyers to spread the law of attractionChain sale transactionIt states that the method of (MLM) is used.[29].

Criticism of positive thinking is much less popular than it is popular.Haruki MurakamiThe novel "Making a colorless Tasaki, the year of his pilgrimage(2013), etc., criticisms of positive-minded thinking can be seen.[30].


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