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🤖 | Minako Kotobuki's birthday commemoration!What is your favorite character? 20th edition 2nd place is "Euphonium" Asuka senior, 1st place is ...

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Minako Kotobuki's birthday commemoration! What is your favorite character? 20th edition 2nd place is "Euphonium" Asuka senior, 1st place is ...

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Rikka Hishikawa is an honor student who serves as the student organization secretary of Ogai Daiichi Junior High School.

September 9th is Minako Kotobuki's birthday.Minako Kotobuki made her debut as a voice actor in the late 17s.The 2000th voice actor millet ... → Continue reading

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Student Organization Secretary

Pounding! precure

Precure series > Pounding! precure

"Pounding! precure] (DOKIDOKI! PRECURE)2013 May 2から2014 May 1Until,Asahi BroadcastingBy the production ofTV Asahi series(Full net station(Only) every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:XNUMX (JST) In all 49 episodes[4]Was broadcast,Toei animationProductionJapan OfTelevision Animation.


"Precure seriesIt is also the 10th generation Pretty Cure, which is the 8th work in total. Abbreviation is "Dokipuri'[5].. The theme of this work is "love" and "pounding born from love!"[6].. Regarding the concept, "I will draw the power of the heart of" dedication and philanthropy "to others."[6], "This time, the hearts of the four Pretty Cures are interacting. I will carefully draw the subtleties of emotions. I have various themes, but I am aiming for a work that is simply interesting to watch."[7], "Pretty Cure in 2013 will deliver" love "with all our might! A work that you can enjoy and enjoy watching and feel the" heat "of your heart in the depths of your heart." Explained from the side[8].

"Sweet Pretty Cure♪Since then, Precure has appeared in the middle of the story for the first time in two years.[9].. In addition, a viewer participation project that was not held in the previous work "Smile PreCure!" Was held for the first time in two years under the name of "Pounding! PreCure Makopee Dress Design Contest", and the stage costume of Makoto Kenzaki, one of the characters, The design was solicited from the general public.

Most of the main characters in the conventional Pretty Cure series are "I'm full of energy and I'm not good at studying (or exercising)", but Mana Aida (Cure Heart), the main character of this work, is an honor student who is good at studying and exercising. "Chairman", which is an unusual setting for the Pretty Cure series.[6][10].. Also, the setting that most of the main characters are honor students (although not all are not good at all) is also unusual for the Pretty Cure series.[11].

Play the voice of Makoto Kenzaki (Cure Sword)Kanako MiyamotoHas experience in charge of ED themes for "Yes! Precure 5" and "Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!" And states, "I am happy to be involved in this work again."[12].

Continuing from the previous three works, which character will appear on the end card ("See you again" screen) after playing the mini game that accumulates precure points during program broadcasting in conjunction with data broadcasting and the mini game that started in the previous work Present quiz to guess or guess (Call during broadcast time (Teledome) Was answered). In addition, the quiz content on the Asahi Broadcasting official website has also become a format that guesses the characters that appeared on the end card (keyword quizzes of events in the previous plays have shifted to mobile content). In addition, the end card that was actually broadcast on March 3 (Episode 3) is not included in the options for either data broadcasting or website, and will be broadcast on March 5 (Episode 3) the following week. In addition to sending an apology telop, the data broadcast part will be drawn from all the applicants who called, and the website part will be reset once for episode 10 and all options will be correct. Tata[13].

In addition, mobile cooperation has been strengthened, the official smartphone application is distributed as described later, planning linked with broadcasting is being carried out, and it is the first TV animation in the form of matching the release time of a single movie. BecomeLINEWe have opened an official account for information distribution and stamp distribution.[14].

Continuing from the previous work, this work also has the second English localized version of "Glitter Force Doki Doki』(Glitter Force Pounding[15] Was produced,North America-EuropeIt has been delivered since August 2017[Note 1].


Exists in a world different from the earthPlaying cards kingdom.. The people there are kind-hearted princessesMarie Anju"Blade of courage" to live peacefully and protect herCure SwordI was fascinated by the singing voice of. However, suddenly a mysterious forceJikochuA monster with the same name attacks the Trump Kingdom, and Anju and Cure Sword do their best, but that doesn't happen and the Trump Kingdom is destroyed.

Meanwhile, on Earth at that time,Ogai TownIt is inOgai Daiichi Junior High SchoolServe as student council presidentMana AidaIs a social studies tourTokyo Clover TowerHe went to and led the students on behalf of the teacher. Mana is a childhood friend who is curious and has a personality to interfere with others, and is a student organization secretary.Rikka HishikawaIt is ridiculed as "a" prince of happiness "who sprinkles too much love." Mana and Rokka happen to be an idol singer while walking around the towerMakoto Kenzaki(Nicknamed "Makopee") Find out. Mana, a big fan, rushes in immediately, picks up the ribbon dropped by Makoto and hands it to her. Mana, who was immersed in the afterglow of meeting Makoto,Joe OkadaFrom a mysterious young man who calls himselfCure beadsI get a jewel that looks a lot like Makoto's ribbon decoration. After that, when Mana and the students line up in a line toward the observatory, the monster Jikochu that destroyed the kingdom suddenly appears. As Manna follows Jikochu, the kingdom is sent to Earth by Anju just before the fall, and the fairy who senses the heartbeat of Jikochu and rushes to it.Charles,Raquel,LanceMeet the three siblings, and also meet Sword, who was confronted with Jikochu. Mana Sword uses Jikochu and itJikochu Trio OfEraMarmoWitnessing a struggle, he accepts Charles' wish to "fight against Jikochu!" Mana transformed CharlesLovely communeWith the power of Cure Beads, "Minagiru Love"Cure HeartAwakens to and assists the sword to purify Jikochu. After the battle, Charles and others explain to Mana that "you must not reveal that you are Precure so as not to involve others in the battle," and she vows not to say anything else.

However, Mana, who is not good at hiding, is perceived by Rokka, and as a result, she transforms in front of Rokka and reveals her true identity. Yet another childhood friendAlice YotsubaIt will be detected in the image when it is transformed at the Clover Tower. However, Mana takes this opportunity to persuade them to become Precure! At first, they hesitated, but in the end they agreed, and Rokka was "light of wisdom" with the power of Raquel and Cure Beads.Cure diamondIn addition, Arisu is "Hidamari Poka Poka" with the power of Lance and Cure Beads.Cure rosettaAwaken to. After that, Alice's information network almost determines that Sword and Makoto are the same person, and Mana hears it and immediately invites her friends, but Makoto refuses to be "untrustworthy." But her fairyDavy("When I was a managerDB”) Persuasion and seeing that the three were struggling with Jikochu, the feeling of“ I want to help! ”Intensified, and they transformed into a sword and revealed their true identity to the three.

After the battle, the leader of the Jikochu trio suddenly appeared just before the four people tried to make a vow of friends.VeilAbducted by the Trump Kingdom, which was scorched by. At that time, Makoto said, "I am from the Kingdom of Trump and came to Earth to look for clues to Princess Anju and became an idol singer." Mana who heard the story vowed to fight together to achieve Makoto's purpose "Pounding! precureSucceeded in returning to Ogai-cho, avoiding the onslaught of the veil that stood in the way. Then Makoto transfers to Ogai Daiichi Junior High School and becomes a classmate of Mana and Rokka.

Mana and his friends go to Joe Okada's antique shop to find out the truth about Precure.SolitaireGo to and find a mysterious big egg there. After a while, a baby with wings was born, and the manna (excluding Rokka) became the child without surprise.Ai-chanName it. After that, the four got a glowing jewel, which is only in the Trump Kingdom.Royal crystalTurns out. Davy said, "A miracle will happen if you have five of them," and the four are confident that they will be a clue to Anju. Meanwhile, a mysterious girlReginaApproaches four people and steals the Royal Crystal. However, Joe Okada joined forces to retreat Regina, and his identity is a warrior of the Trump kingdom and fiancée of Anju.Jonathan KlondikeTurns out. After that, he was led to the Kingdom of Trump by five royal crystals.King JikochuSucceeded in regaining Anju from his hand, and it turns out that Regina is the daughter of King Jikochu. The four and Jonathan confront to protect Ogai Town from the threat of Jikochu Trio.

Mana treats Regina as a close friend even though she knows that she is an enemy, and Regina becomes interested in Mana. However, King Jikochu who was worried about it went to ReginaJanejiPour, regain the original malice and make the mana the target of hatred. After that, the confrontation between Mana and Regina begins and Regina attacks with overwhelming strength, but the four hesitate to counterattack and become one of the defenses, and finally they are driven to a state of dying without resistance. And when Regina tried to put an end to the mana, "the trump card of love"Cure AceA mysterious Pretty Cure who calls himself suddenly appears. Ace drives Regina to death with an attack that surpasses Regina and retreats, rebuking Mana who lost Regina after the battle and was disappointed and leaves. At the same time new executivesRivaGoulaHowever, he is entrusted with the annihilation of Precure on behalf of Jikochu Trio.

A mysterious elementary school student appears in front of Mana who has lost Regina and is at a loss, and Mana regains her fighting spirit with her advice. She appears in the battle that took place immediately after that and transforms into an ace in front of four people. After the battle, she was in the 4th gradeAguri Madoka"Ai-chan (Ai-chan)Love Eyes Palette) Was awakened to Precure. " And Aguri covers the weaknesses of Cure Ace, which can only fight for 5 minutes, and asks the mana to become stronger.PreCure 5 OathsAnd give the four people a trial. After that, Akuri admires the four people who have completed the trial and vows to fight together as a member of "Pounding! Precure". Although Riva was forced to struggle because Ace's weakness was known, the five members joined forces to defeat the strong enemy. Then, Riva and Goula, who have run out of failures, invade Ogai-cho and become a fierce battle.Crystal mirrorBorn fromMagical lovely padWith the power of the five people who got it, the two are defeated and are destroyed by the veil.

After that, as the battle progressed, Akuri and Regina were split in two by Anju.PushkeIt turns out that Ai-chan was born from, that Anju was reincarnated as a fairy, and that the rescued Anju was actually a dummy. Furthermore, the identity of King Jikochu is Anju's father (in the Kingdom of Trump).king) Is also found to be taken in. Then, Regina, who knew her true identity from Ace's words, invaded Ogai Town again with Jikochu Trio and King Jikochu who awoke, and it became a fierce battle. At that time, the people who heard that Hart revealed his identity with momentum were surprised, but immediately cheered on five people. The five who received it succeeded in separating King Jikochu and the king after a deadly battle and further converting Regina.

The King Jikochu disappeared, but the veil swallowed the fragment (as a result, the veil was absorbed).Prototype KochuAs a result, he made a complete revival, hunted down Precure, and planned to dye the heart's Psyche in the dark. However, the heart bounced off with a strong heart, and with four more precureThree kinds of sacred treasuresWith the power ofCure Heart Parthenon ModeTransformed into and confronts Prototype Kochu. Hart defeats Proto-Jikochu without giving him a chance to fight back, and Jikochu Trio who realizes the loss also disperses, and peace comes to Ogai Town and the Kingdom of Trump. After that, an illusionary Anju appears and expresses his irreversible apology and thanks to the manna who led him to peace. Then, Makoto, who was dissatisfied with it and was crying, said a word of comfort and disappeared, saying, "Please deliver your singing voice to the world." After a while, the kingdom of Trump was abdicated by the king.Republic of TrumpThe national affairs changed to, and Jonathan became president and diplomatic relations with the human world began. In addition, Regina will attend Ogai Daiichi Junior High School, and Makoto vows to continue singing as "Idol of the Republic of Trump" in consideration of Anju's words.

The five Pretty Cures and Regina will continue to play an active role in protecting the peace of the earth.



Mana, Rokka, and Arisu live in "Ogaicho"childhood friend.. Makoto serves Precure and Princess Marie Anjou of "Kingdom of Trump"歌 姫So, in the human world, "Makopee"NicknameIdolsingerIt is playing an active part as. Akuri is one half of Anju's "Psyche" (see article for details).

Mana and Rokka are enrolled in "Ogai Daiichi Junior High School" respectivelyStudent councilMakoto will also be transferred in the 10th episode. Arisu is enrolled in "Private Nanatsubashi Gakuen". The four mentioned above are in the second grade of junior high school, and Akuri is in the fourth grade of elementary school.

First personManna is "I", Rokka and Makoto are "I" or "I", Alice is "I", and Akuri is "Watakushi".

For details on how you awakened to Precure, see "Precure Settings".

Mana Aida (Mana Aida) / Cure Heart
sound - Hitomi Raw
Of this workheroAnd my back hair curledマ ゼ ン タA 14 year old girl featuring a half-up pony in color[11].. MinagiruTransforms into the Pretty Cure "Cure Heart".May 8BornLeo[Note 2].. The habits are "Kyun Kyun" and "Kyun Kyun".
Rokka and AliceAbandonment, Makoto is called "Makopee" and Akuri is called "Akuri-chan".
She wears pink clothes and wears lilac knee socks and shoes. In summer, she wears black spats and wears bare feet.
Lively and "spreading love too much" "Prince of happiness"I'm a person who is ridiculed by Rokka, and I can't leave people in trouble.It looks good and is trusted by the people around me, but there are some places where it interferes too much.
Excellent grades and excellent motor nerves, but unconventional type in which hands and feet move earlier than thinking with the head.As a result, he may take careless actions, so he is often warned by Rokka.The careless behavior has spread to the members, and in episode 37, Akuri'scarrotRokka's dislike is found and he tries to help overcome it講義Of carrots insidecostumeEven though it appears in, Akuri escapes because of astonishment, which is counterproductive.[Note 3].. Also, when he first saw Jikochu, he tried to persuade him with manna, and when he was prompted to transform from Charles to Precure, he was very curious.
As mentioned above, I can do anything, but I am unawareTone deafIs[Note 4].. Therefore, even if you see the tragedy after singing, which will be described later, you just get angry. Rokka and Arisu have been described as "a sleeping child will wake up," and his ears are closed just before he sings. To Ai-chan in episode 8LullabyWhen she sang and performed, Ai started crying, Makoto was terrified, Davy turned her eyes, and the birds perched on the trees ran away and slept on a nearby bench.Office workerIs "preciouslunch breakIs ruined "[Note 5] It was in good shape.After that, I tried to sing a lullaby to Ai again, but Makoto was replaced, so the tragedy was avoided, and then she said, "Singing.レ ッ ス ンI need it. "adviceWas done. In episode 24, she sings a lullaby to Ai-chan, but she still cries. In the 40th episode, she is also showing off to Akuri, which makes her sick.[Note 6][Note 7].
I'm not good at hiding, and when I lie, I have a habit of unknowingly messing with my hair.At the beginning of the second episode, he confessed that he was precure because he was seen and felt by Rokka, but at that time she was half-confident and half-believed, so she got nothing.After that, Charles reminded me that "Pretty Cure is a secret", but in front of her, she became addicted again and was completely suspicious.As a result, he came up with the idea that he couldn't hide it in Rokka, and broke off Charles' restraint and transformed into a heart in front of her.After the battle, her as a punishment that was silent from herBagI apologize for saying "I'm sorry to keep silent".She was convinced of the action, so she made up for it.[Note 8][16]..Then, in the following episode 3, he urged Rokka to become Precure (see also Rokka's section).In addition, he is not good at painting and tea ceremony, and he is easy to get drunk on vehicles.
Rokka is a childhood friendClose friendI have great trust in it. In the retrospective scene of the third episode, when the student council president recommends him, he asks Rokka to do the secretary, but he refuses. However, she persuaded her and selected her, saying, "Because I need six flowers!" Also, when I invited him to Precure, he refused, but once again he declared, "Rokuhana can do it!" As a result, she also awakened to Precure, so she was a childhood friend, a student organization officer, and Precure.Buddy(See also the item of Rokka). Therefore, when her appearance was strange for a while, she was so upset that she approached her mother, Ryoko (see the item of Rokka for details).
Another childhood friend, Arisu, is at a different schoola tea partyEven now, he has a deep friendship, such as being called by. A close friend from elementary school, she hears her confession in episode 10 and deepens her bond (see Arisu for details).
A big fan of Makoto.I met her for the first time in the first episode, and met face to face in the fifth episode, but the above-mentioned interference came out too much and made her angry.However, apologizing to her at a later date will bring some changes to her (see Makoto's section for details).After that, when she was transferred to Ogai Daiichi, she spent her school life with Rokka.Support(See also the section on Rokka).
My home is a Western-style restaurantPig tail bowerHe is also good at cooking. His family is Kentaro, his mother, Ayumi, his mother, and Sokichi, his grandfather. He also had his grandmother, Isuzu, but died of illness when he was in elementary school. In addition, there was a pet called marshmallow, but he died in a traffic accident.
Regina was initially swayed, but eventually became interested in her, who wasn't malicious, and eventually became affectionate and became so important that she would be depressed without her. Therefore, when she lost her in episode 23, she lost her fighting spirit, and Cure Ace who was watching it stripped her of "Cure Beads". A girl (Akuri) when she was at a loss when she lost her transformation ability with Regina.[Note 9] When she met her and listened to her advice, she said, "I will fight to protect everyone's smile!" And I am convinced that she is an ace. After that, he appears in front of the diamonds who were struggling with Riva and Goula, transforms into a heart and assists (see the item of Cure Ace for details).
The only member to have Psyche pulled out.
As for the name, "Mana" for young children in TV series and related worksKatakanaWhile using the notation, ""漢字Notation is also set[17]The latter is used when a notebook for elementary school days appeared in the movie version, and when Isuzu named it when mana was born. The color of the subtitles is yellow.
Rikka Hishikawa / Cure diamond
Voice- Minako Kotobuki
Part of the hair on the temporal regionBraidMadeNavy blue OfLong hairA girl who is characterized by.glassesMay be applied.WisdomTransforms into a precure "Cure Diamond" of light.May 9BornVirgo[Note 2][18].. I have a habit of saying "behind the scenes" when something happens[Note 10].
Mana and Alice are called abandoned.Makoto was originally called "Kenzaki-san", but after she became a close friend and companion, she became called "Makopee".Akuri is called "Akuri-chan".
He wears light blue clothes and black socks. She wears white clothes and socks in the summer.
He has an intelligent and serious personality, and is like "Mama (Ryoko)".doctorAn honor student who works hard to study to aim for the goal of becoming.Its ability is enough to be in the top 10 in the national mock exam, and its commitment is so dark that it just fell from the top to the second in the test (the cause will be described later).To overcome Akuri's dislike of carrots in episode 2 by making use of that knowledge and learningFood educationI hold a lecture and help her. Also in episode 14One hundred peopleIt turned out that I was interested in, and for a while I was absorbed in the results of the mock exam and the score of the test.[Note 11].. Therefore, he sings Hyakunin Isshu's waka poems and makes remarks based on the contents of the waka poems. On the other hand, he is not good at exercising and is not good at appearing in public.
He is the most common sense person among the members. Therefore, it is often annoying to point out four people: curious mana, naive Arisu, Makoto who is ignorant of the human world, and Akuri who does not move a little.
However, worries also apply to my dreams.When I was absorbed in Hyakunin Isshu mentioned above, I refused, "It's not the case when I'm aiming to be a doctor," but when I heard that, my father, Yuzo and Ryoko, said, "It's good to have a lot of dreams. "I was inspiring.Also, in episode 26, I wondered if I wanted to become a doctor because of my longing for my mother, and when I heard that, Akuri told me that it was a good opportunity to look back at myself.As a result, he analyzes and pessimizes, "I entered the Student Organization Inside School and Precure because of Mana's invitation, and in the end I can't act unless someone longs for or invites me."However, when he helped Era in the same story (details will be described later), he gained some conviction to become a doctor.
Since he is a childhood friend of Mana, he has a strong bond, and Raquel says, "Good mana.奥 さ んIt is said that. Also, the relationship between her and herself is "with the happy prince.SwallowI'm always following her, who carries the troublesome things on her back. However, she is encouraged by herself (below).episodeYes).
As mentioned above, I believed that the relationship with Mana was unwavering, but when I saw Makoto being transferred to Ogai Daiichi in episode 10 and making friends with Mana, he said, "Mune becomes Kyun and makes me sick ... "Why?", A mysterious feeling was born and I was so distressed that I couldn't sleep. The next day, I saw the two of them together again and recurred. After that, the same two people羨 望Rachel's "He, who saw Jikochu, the cheerleader who was doingEnvyAre you doing When I heard the words, "I'm the same, I was jealous of Mana and Makopee ..." and fell into self-loathing. However, because of Alice, he was inspired by being told that "Yakimochi is something that everyone has," and defeats Jikochu with the three of them. After the battle, Makoto confessed, "I also want to be my best friend with them!", And I was relieved to hear that they were the same as me when I heard that they were envious of their relationship with Mana. Then he said, "Both of us are weird, we're already close friends!" And deepen our friendship (see also Arisu and Makoto).
When Makoto became a classmate in episode 10, she supports school life with Mana for her who is not familiar with the common sense of the human world, but she is surprised to see an unimaginable tragedy (?) (Details are Makoto's See item).
カ エ ルI like frogs and furnishings in my roommotifThere are many decorations made into.
At the beginning of the second episode, when he sees Mana messing with his hair, he finds out that there is a secret, and urges him to say, "I haven't been Mana's best friend for 2 years. Talk."And she was half-confident when she told her that she had become Pretty Cure, but at the end of the story, she was surprised to see her transformed into a heart.After the battle, he complains, "Why do you carry all the trouble?", But when she sees her apologize, she forgives "Thank you for telling me everything."In the third episode that follows, she urged her to become a Pretty Cure, but she said, "I don't look good in fluttering clothes, and I look good in mana backup."However, when she sees her transforming into a heart and protecting people from Jikochu, she looks back on her first meeting with her and the scene where she was recommended to the student council president.Especially in the latter case, I remembered the words, "If I am the student council president, Rikka is the secretary. Because I need Rikka, I can do anything together!" I was convinced that "I can do anything with mana!" To do.As a childhood friend, she becomes her buddy as a precure following the student organization officer (see also the manna section).Immediately after awakening, he was still hesitant, but Mana and Rachel gave him an endorsement saying, "Rokuhana is okay!"
The family has a photographer, Yuzo, and a pediatrician, Ryoko. Because my parents are busy, I often stay alone at home, and I am taken care of by the Aida family in my neighborhood. In addition, I sometimes stay overnight, but even at that time, I am constantly struggling with mana, and Charles and Rachel say, "When Rokka stays, I am busy taking care of mana and taking care of it."
As mentioned above, always manaGuardianAlthough she is in a good position絶望When she fell into, she was more concerned than anyone else, and in episode 23 she lost her fighting spirit and couldn't become a heart, but when she revived brilliantly, she jumped at her with joy and said, "Mana, I'm glad ... I'm relieved and moisturized (see the mana section for details).
After treating Era, who lost her memory in episode 26, while being an enemy, she temporarily communicates with him. After that, he persuaded Era, who was hostile again, to stop doing bad things. However, he wasn't heard at that time, but at a later date it triggered a change in his mind (see Era's section for details).
After the battle with Jikochu,Faculty of medicineI am working hard to study for the exam with the aim of passing the exam.
The name comes from "Rokuhana," which means "snowflake," which is associated with diamond dust.[19].. The color of the subtitles is red.
Alice Yotsuba (Alice Yotsuba) / Cure rosetta
Voice- Mai Fuchigami
"Four leavesChaebol"The daughter ofShinyonIn twoBrownA girl with her hair. Hidamari Transforms into a warm and warm precure "Cure Rosetta".May 5BornGemini[Note 2][18].. To anyoneHonorificAnd add "dewa" to the end of the word.
Mana, Rokka, and Akuri are called "chan", and Makoto is called "Makoto-san".
He wears a yellow dress, a dark sky-blue necklace with a yellow-green four-leaf clover emblem, yellow tights and shoes, and sometimes carries a parasol. In summer, she wears a short-sleeved yellow dress and an orange necklace.
Currently, he attends the prestigious private Nanatsubashi Gakuen, but when he was in elementary school, he attended the same elementary school as Mana and Rokka. In addition, most of them appeared in plain clothes, and only the final episode (Episode 49) appeared in uniform.[Note 12].
Mana and Rokka are childhood friends who met when they were 6 years old, and they are still close friends at different schools. Before I met them, I was sick, but as I played with them, I gradually became healthy.
He has a gentle and calm personality and basically doesn't like fighting, but he also gets angry when his friends are ridiculed (see below). In addition, he often makes statements that are far from the common sense.
He is in charge of the management policy of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu and is also the owner of "Tokyo Clover Tower".
As mentioned above, Mana and Rokka are childhood friends, but they envy the two who are always on their side at the same school, so in episode 2, Mana and Makoto came together and Rokka wasn't feeling well. Seeing, "I'm jealous of two people". When she realized, she said, "I was jealous of Mana-chan and Rokka-chan," and then confided to Mana with Makoto, who had the same idea as herself. Then, when Rokka said, "What are you talking about, you're already your best friend!", I'm sick and deepen my friendship with the three (see also Rokka and Makoto).
Due to the influence of his grandfather, Ichiro, he has been learning various things since he was a child, but he has stopped practicing martial arts. The reason is that when I was in elementary school, the bully brothers (voice-- Satomi Moriya,Mika Kanda) Was insulted by the manna who protected herself, and against her will, not only her brother but also their brother's junior high school student (voice-) Yohei Obayashi)traumaBecause it has become. However, when he saw Mana and Makoto elevate themselves in episode 25, he was inspired and resumed martial arts training. You can also fly an airplane[Note 13].
In episode 4, Manna, who was captured in the security camera of Clover Tower, accidentally found a video that transformed into a heart, and also heard the situation from Lance, who protected in the city, and uniquely revealed the identity of Precure and the existence of Jikochu. know. He said, "I will support Mana and Rokka from the back."producerWe propose logistical support. Then, Lance, who was listening to it, urged him to fight with him, saying, "It's strange, I should fight with Mana," but refused, and this touched his rebellion and ranted "Arisu's idiot!" The reason was the fear that the trauma mentioned above would occur again, but when he heard from Mana and others, Lance said, "The power of Precure is to protect everyone!" And Sebastian said, " The advice that "the young lady is shining with the mana" reminds me of Ichiro's teaching that "power is to protect the important person." Then he told Reims, "I'm not afraid anymore," and decided to become Precure, awakened to Cure Rosetta, and directly supported the Hearts.
After Rosetta's awakening, he will make full use of the financial strength and information network of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu to collect information on Precure and Jikochu. For starters, in episode 5, I suspect that Makoto and Sword are the same person.Forensics groupIs dispatched[Note 14].. In addition, he has ordered Sebastian to make every effort to prevent the existence of Precure from being known to the world.
After the battle with Jikochu, he has been actively engaged in economic exchanges with the "Republic of Trump" who is connected to the human world.
The origin of the name is "Trump motif"Alice in WonderlandFrom[19].
Makoto Kenzaki / Cure Sword
Voice- Kanako Miyamoto[Note 15]
Blue-purpleshort hairA girl from the Kingdom of Trump who is characterized by.courageTransforms into a precure "Cure Sword" of the blade. Nicknamed in the human world is "Makopee. "May 11BornScorpio[Note 2].
His real name is "MakotoHowever, when he came to the human world, he came to call himself "Makoto Kenzaki" (details will be described later).
Initially mana, six flowers, and Alice as "you"second personHowever, when he became a close friend, he started to call him abandoned, and he called Akuri "Akuri-chan".
Plain clothes are a purple vest with a tie and a shortpantsWearing black socks and white short boots. In summer, she wears a white plain clothes, a brown vest, and long lilac socks.
coolHe is also a solid person and has a bullish attitude toward the other party. On the other hand, I was obsessed with cute things and wanted to hold Ai-chan in episode 8, but I mentioned earlier.PrideI couldn't get in the way. However, when I sang a lullaby to her at the end of the same story, I held it, so it was fulfilled safely. Also, at first, he had a quiet personality that he couldn't express his thoughts well, so he was ridiculed when he spoke for him (details will be described later).[Note 16] However, at the end of the 10th episode, he finally runs out of numbness and blames "Don't say my thoughts first!". Taking this opportunity, he began to express his own opinions. I am not familiar with the common sense of the human world.
He is active as an idol singer in the human world, and his popularity is 6.チケットSold out in 3 minutes[Note 17].. He has the belief that "singing songs seriously makes everyone smile" and has a professionalism to handle strict schedules without difficulty. At concerts, etc.Lovely income"(headset) And sing[Note 18].
However, when Akuri pointed out that "the song is uncertain" in episode 24,RetirementI decided to retire without hearing the persuasion of Mana and others. However, when Anju said, "Please sing for yourself," I was deeply moved and decided to sing for everyone who supported me, and withdrew my retirement.
In the Kingdom of Trump, she is a diva who serves Marie Anju, and she sings and admires her to see her smile. She also treated her like a younger sister, and when she was alone, she urged her to call her "Ann." However, he was reluctant to call him because he felt "familiar".
At first, he rejected Manna because he got used to the lonely battle, but when he saw Mana's sincere attitude in Episode 5, he revealed his identity in Episode 6 and then in Episode 7. Become a companion to the mana.
In episode 10, he was transferred to Ogai Daiichi Junior High School and became a classmate of Mana and Rokka. The reason is "to get information on the princess and the human world", but that isTatezenThen Davy said, "I want to be with the mana."Real intentionIs exposed and blushes. Anyway, I started school life, but I gave my nameIdol signOr write incalligraphyThen.BrushDirectly toInkOrHome economicsThen.table clothIt causes a terrible behavior such as sewing up to, and makes Mana and Rokka awkward. AlsobucketDefeatWedWhen he spills, he raises his right arm and moves his fingers, showing a mysterious behavior, and he says, "This iscleaner"Sign to call" (Rokuhana wiped off the water). Furthermore, because he is an idol, he leaves school for reporters.PaparazziIt seems that it will be done, but with Rokka's wit, he escapes with manna and gains nothing. He asked Mana "Rokuhana is a good companion" and she said "Because Rokuhana is a close friend!" And stood up. When asked by Mana for the reason, he regrets being spoken by Davy again, saying, "I envy the two of them." This triggered the envy of the two, "I was jealous of them. I want to be my best friend too!" This time, he confessed with his own mouth, and Arisu who heard it agrees. After that, Rokka returned, "What are you talking about, you're already your best friend!" And deepened your friendship with the three (see also Rokka and Arisu).
He lost his parents in an accident when he was a child, and he said, "I don't even remember my face." However, Princess Anne occasionally visits an orphanage-like facility where she spent her childhood, stating that she was not lonely.
Seeing the Trump kingdom destroyed by the invasion of Jikochu, I regret not being able to protect the kingdom. However, he decided to "find the princess and revive the kingdom" and came to the human world. After learning that Jonathan (Joe) was Anju's fiancée, he had an attitude of denying him, but he came to understand him when he regretted not being able to protect his country like himself. ..
Although she was hostile to Regina, the daughter of King Jikochu, she understands Manna's feelings toward her, so she gradually becomes aware of her true face and softens her attitude.Then, in episode 40, he makes "with all his heart" to convey his thoughts and shows it to her.However, she was disappointed with her talent without being converted, but she was relieved to hear Akuri's words, "Regina was trembling with this song. I'm sure she has a loved one."
In episode 15, the movie "Snow White" (snow White) To play the leading role "Snow White"[Note 19].
In episode 35Tooth decayWhen I went to the dentist, I was scared and ran away, but Akuri told me, "Then I can't show Ai-chan!" And returned to me.Then, he decided to "heal his teeth for Ai-chan!", And although there were twists and turns, he was able to heal his cavities safely.
After defeating Prototype Kochu, she couldn't accept the farewell to the phantom Anju and cried, but she overcame her sadness and sang again as an idol when she encouraged her to "deliver your singing voice to people all over the world." (See also Marie Anjou's section). At the same time, announce that he is from the Kingdom of Trump.
Although it was not revealed in the play, Ryota Yamaguchi of the series composition expressed the view that "Makoto's real name is" Makoto "and the name" Kenzaki Makoto "came to the human world and began to call himself." ing[20].. In addition, he said in the play, "'Cure Sword' is the name given by Princess Anju." Furthermore, in the past memories of the movie version, Princess Anju says, "From now on, call yourself" Cure Sword "as Precure."
The origin of the name is related to music "QinFrom[19].. The color of the subtitles is purple.
Aguri Madoka / Cure Ace
Voice- Rie Kugimiya[Note 20]
A 4th grade girl with long brown hair.I usually tie my bangs behind, but I have two hairs, Regina and Gourd.[Note 21].. Of lovetrumpTransforms into Precure "Cure Ace".
The youngest member, but four people are called by abandonment[Note 22].
Summer clothes are redDressesHowever, winter clothes have red long sleevesSkirtsIs wearing.
Appeared as Cure Ace in episode 22 and then in Aguri in episode 23.
Speak politely to anyone. Since he is an adult, he often speaks and acts harshly, but he also praises those who have excellent abilities obediently. He is also making efforts to overcome his weaknesses, and although he initially hated carrots, he has overcome them through twists and turns (details will be described later). However, there is also a playfulness suitable for the year, and occasionallyTsundereAlso give a glimpse.
SweetsIs my favorite. As that episode, in episode 24, Sebastian KatsukuRoll cakeEat and express a huge impression, in episode 27NodotIssued inJapanese sweetsIn episode 37, I saw Jikochu at the candy house and said, "I'm an enemy but Bravo."DroolThere are things like praising while hanging down.Because there is a gap with his usual personality, Rokka has described it as "It's cute when sweets are entwined ...".
On the other hand, if carrots are not good at it and they say "I don't like the sweetness that can't be said to be odorous", Ai-chan will start to hate it. Makoto, who was watching the whole story, warned that "we must be a model for Ai-chan" and returned to me, decided to overcome it, and received a mana boost (?) And Rokka's dietary education, but overcame it. I couldn't do it and made a soft noise saying "I'm sorry ...". However, when Ai-chan was imprisoned in the candy house Jikochu, everyone's love for carrots broke out and he changed his mind that "carrots are not enemies but loved friends." Finally, he eats and overcomes it, defeats Jikochu, and is able to eat splendidly (see also the item of Mana and Rokka). By the way, Ai-chan is now able to eat.
It turned out that he was listening to Makoto's song in episode 40, and his favorite was "~ SONGBIRD ~" (prefaced by the fact that it was popular in class).
The true identity is the good half of Anju's Psyche (the evil is Regina, described later). Later, he met Ai-chan and became an ace, and the memory that he later lost the power of Precure after losing to Jikochu was his own belief, and most of his memory was Marie Anju's memory.[Note 23] It is composed of.
After being born, it crash-lands in the human world, and immediately after being discovered by Mari in the form of a baby, the body grows rapidly for about 10 years. After that, he was adopted by the En family. Although it seems to be a parent and child in the family register, Mari is associated with her grandmother and granddaughter, and she is called "grandmother". Due to these circumstances, there is no birthday.
Before awakening as Precure, he is guided by "mysterious power" and meets Melan who was on an isolated island and tries to get "crystal mirror", but he has a past refused.
Although it has a higher fighting ability than the Hearts, it turns out that it can only transform for 5 minutes. Therefore, before this defect was discovered, even when the Hearts were not able to defeat the enemy, they often suddenly said goodbye and left the place. Later this restriction will disappear[Note 24].
It has the role of telling the mana "Five PreCure Oaths" and leading them to a new stage with a strict attitude, and sometimes tries to test the true intentions of the four people with ruthless options.[Note 25] However, even so, when I see the four people who always treat me on an equal footing, I gradually begin to show honest feelings.
At first, I thought that increasing the power of Precure was the top priority and did not try to make friends to avoid getting involved in the battle, but the importance of friends because I became a close friend with the counsel of Mana and my classmate El learn.
After the battle with Jikochu was over, he swore to Anju that "I will inherit your intentions", and it seems that he made a close friend other than El at school. The color of the subtitles is orange.
The name comes from "EN AGRI" in the REGINA anagram.[19].

Playing cards kingdom

A kingdom that is the birthplace of Makoto, Joe (Jonathan) and fairies, and is in a world different from the earth. It talks about factors different from the earth, such as the existence of machines that automatically perform housework and the absence of tooth decay.

Originally a peaceful kingdom with beautiful scenery and many castles and palaces,JikochuThe invasion turned all the people into Jikochu, and the land was scorched.

Precure existed before the beginning of the story, but during the invasion of Jikochu, Precure other than Cure Sword stabbed the enemy's executives Rust and Goma.[21][Note 26].

After the battle with Jikochu was over, the royal system was completely abolished and the republic system was changed to "Republic of Trump"I will once again establish diplomatic relations with the human world.

Marie Anju
Voice- Yuka Imai[25]
Princess of the Kingdom of Trump. It features long pink hair. It is called "Ann" by close people such as Jonathan Klondike.
It has a mild and calm atmosphere, but it has a tomboyish and curious personality. The first person is "I" or "I".
Interested in different world culturesCompetition karutaHas many hobbies including[26].. In addition, there is a strong sense of responsibility, such as giving priority to the people.
Three kinds of sacred treasuresOne of "Spear of Light (Miracle Dragon Grave)", And when invaded, it purifies Jikochu with a single blow.
He loves Cure Sword (Makoto → Makoto) like a younger sister and builds a deep relationship of trust that transcends the relationship between the princess and her servants. Therefore, she is urged to "call her" Ann "", but she is refrained from saying "I am sorry". Also, JonathanMarriage contractorA relationship that promises each other's future.
Her mother, the Queen, died shortly after giving birth and lived with her father, the King of the Trump Kingdom.
One day, the dark "" that was sealed in the Trump KingdomJikochu seedsI got sick because of the entry of ""Golden Crown (Eternal Golden Crown)Healed completely by the achievement of his father who gained the power of. However, immediately after that, my father said, "King JikochuI will fight with my parents because I attacked the country[Note 27], Unable to defeat because of his love for his father, he will petrify and seal King Jikochu's body, and at the cost of losing his own power.
Immediately before the fall of the kingdom, he escaped the newborn Charles, Rachel, and Reims to Earth, and he himself, along with Sword, said, "Magic mirrorHowever, she becomes a shield from the pursuit of Veil and escapes only her.
In fact, he was overtaken by the veil, and he was pointed out that he "prioritized relatives over the country" and "the worst and best self", but he was about to be made into a jikochu, but just before his own "half darkness"PushkeIs divided into two and released to other worlds, becoming an egg and described later.Ai-chanReincarnated in. After that, Psyche, which was split in two, became Akuri and Regina (see the article for details).
To deceive Jikochu searching for himself, his own iceddummyWas left on the earth. This is very robust, but in episode 45, Akuri wears a "golden crown" and is destroyed with a single blow when she learns the truth.
Mana, Jonathan, and the King who finished the battle in the final episode (Episode 49) appear as illusions and apologize, "I can't go back." He continued to say thank you, "Akuri and Regina received a lot of love from everyone," and the two who heard it said, "I'll do my best for you," and smile. I also thank Jonathan for saying "Thank you for your love." Finally, he encouraged Makoto, who couldn't understand his disappearance, saying, "Tears don't suit you, please brighten the world with a song," and then, with a smile, "I'm by your side as Ai-chan." It disappeared.
Voice-Yuka Imai
Appeared from the 8th episode.It looks like a baby human girl with angel wings.At first, he lived in "Solitaire", which will be described later, but after the 22nd episode, he will be taken care of by mana, and from the following 23rd episode, he will live as "Sister of Mana" by his own magic.[Note 28].
I can't speak clear words and express my emotions with words such as "ai" and "kyupi", but gradually I can speak one word.[Note 29].
In addition to flying freely with the wings that grow on his back, he is attached to a bib while shouting "Kyupirappa!"AppliqueDemonstrate supernatural powers by making the heart mark of.baby bottleIn addition to possessing "Cure Beads" that appear, it is possible to create Cure Beads according to the emotions of Precure.
Although he is a crybaby, he likes mischief and always annoys Charles and bites Lance's ears.[Note 30].. Besides this, even the Jikochu trio was in trouble.[Note 31].
Marie Anju, who lost her "Psyche" due to the veil, was reborn as a fairy. Immediately after that, Jonathan (Joe) accidentally recovered the egg and crash landed on the riverbank of the human world and stored it in "Solitaire", and it will be revived when the manna and others visit the store for the first time in episode 8.[Note 32].
Its mission is to "give power to Precure as a fairy" and "to act as a shield against the power of darkness." Therefore, it is possible to attenuate the "Janeji" that is the source of the power of Jikochu.[Note 33].
In episode 25, it turned out to be Akuri's partner fairy, and when she transformed, she said, "From the bib applique.Love Eyes Palette"Appears.
After the 34th episode, we entered the "unpleasant period"[Note 34] However, being raised by Precure and others as a child who does not become selfish, he safely escaped from the unpleasant period.
Joe Okada / Jonathan Klondike[Note 35]
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai
TuliphatA young blond man wearing a sword, who gave "Cure Beads" to the manna.
The first person is "I". It is called "Brother" or "Joe" by the mana.
At the stallAntique,AccessoriesWas sold, but later in the town where mana lived, "SolitaireOpen an antique shop called ".
He has no clue, and is considered suspicious by Rokka. From the beginning, it was suspected that he knew the secret of Precure and the whereabouts of Anju, but even after being pursued by Rokka and Makoto, he refused to tell anything.
The true identity is the warrior of the Trump Kingdom "Jonathan KlondikeAnd Marie Anju's fiancée. The Kingdom of Trump was attacked by Jikochu and came to the human world after Anju and Cure Sword escaped to Earth.
Before Sword served Anju, he had left the castle for distant security, so he had no acquaintance until he met Makoto and Davy. Perhaps because of that, Makoto didn't trust him, but he has reconciled since Makoto learned that he regretted not being able to protect his country.
Being a warrior of the Trump Kingdom, he has better physical and combat abilities than ordinary people, but he may not be able to keep up with his actions because his physical strength is inferior to that of Precure.
After regaining the ice-pickled Anju from the Jikochus, he disappeared to hide her from the pursuit, but returns in episode 44. However, it seems that he did not know that Anju was a dummy.
In the final episode, after the end of the war with Jikochu, he will be appointed as the first president of the "Republic of Trump" with a new hairstyle and style.
The origin of the name is "ジ ョ ー カ ーFrom[27].
Makoto / Cure Sword
Voice-Kanako Miyamoto
Pretty Cure and Diva who served Marie Anju. Of the first episodeAvan titleI responded to defeat the Jikochu that attacked in, but it was invaded and scorched without power. When he saw the changing country and regretted that he couldn't protect the kingdom, he was transferred to the human world by Anju's wit, and started working as an idol singer "Makoto Kenzaki" to search for clues to Anju and the kingdom.
For more information in the human worldMakoto KenzakiSee.


A fairy with the ability to transform into a "lovely commune," with each animal as a motif, it can float in the air and transform into a human. All are called by abandonment. Mana is also called abandoned, but Makoto is sometimes called "Makopee". All of them are called by Arisu with "chan", and the other four are called by abandonment. In addition, each has a collar decoration that is the same color as the head decoration and has a different shape. Charles, Rachel and Reims are three siblings[28] I didn't know about the Kingdom of Trump because I was sent to Earth by Marie Anju right after I was born. After that, in episode 7, she met Davy for the first time in the devastated kingdom, and she explained how the kingdom was destroyed. You can grasp its appearance by feeling the heartbeat of the darkness of Jikochu.

Initially, only Davy was transformed into a human figure (DB), but from episode 29, the three siblings will also be able to transform. At that time, the DB advises the demerit that "while transforming into a human, you will not be able to use your fairy abilities such as flying in the sky, sensing the heartbeat of darkness, and communicating with your friends." Also, since the three siblings do not have a human name, they are called by the fairy name.

Their name isPlaying cardsDerived from the name of the person who became the model for the picture card[29].

Voice- Kumiko Nishihara
Manna's partner fairy. The first person is "I", "I", or "Charles", and the ending is "Charles".
pinkcolorRabbitWith a round tail, similar toマ ゼ ン タIt has long ears with a colored heart pattern, a dark pink ribbon with a round brooch with a silver heart on its head, and a neckline with the same color as the ribbon. The color of the eyes is magenta.
The eldest daughter of three siblings[28][Note 36].. Although he is an enthusiastic and hard worker, he sometimes runs idle because he cannot stop his careless behavior of manna. Also, he hates being underestimated because he is small, and there is a section that strongly emphasizes his existence.
When using "Labies" to take care of Ai-chan, say "Charrunrun!".
The origin of the name is "Charlemagne (Charlemagne), which is a model of the King of Hearts.Karl the Great) ”[29].
Human state
In episode 29, I learned how to transform from DB, but at first I was not satisfiedKettleIt has become. After that, she transformed into a human being, and her appearance is a girl in the first grade of junior high school, who is characterized by a pink semi-long with the top of her head tied a little with a fairy ribbon. Mana says "temporary helper"[Note 37].. Because his appearance is very similar to mana, Vice Chairman Jujo says, "It's like a sister."
The first person, personality, and voice are almost the same as when they were fairies. We also try not to add endings so that the general public will not be suspicious.
The beginning of the matter was from the avant-title of the same story, seeing busy manna and wishing "Charles also wants to help manna!". He did the work of the Student Organization without difficulty and fulfilled his wish, but he could not detect the heartbeat of Jikochu, which DB had advised, and was delayed in responding. After that, he joins Mana and transforms into a heart to gain nothing. After the battle, he apologizes to the mana, but during that time, the people who helped him along the way ask to thank him. And when Mana hears it, he is praised and embraced as "Charles is the best companion!" He is also a helper in episode 36.
After the battle with Jikochu, he revealed his identity to Mana's family and helped with the work of "Buta no Tail Tei" in human form.
Voice- Yuka Terasaki
Rokka's partner fairy. The first person is "I" and the ending is "Kel".
light blue OfpuppyWith a fluffy tailtagDark with long hanging ears with a colored diamond pattern and a round brooch with a silver heart on the headSky blueThe ribbon and neck are decorated with the same color as the ribbon. The color of the eyes is blue.
The long ears are often touched by Rokka[Note 38].
The eldest son of three siblings[28][Note 39].. He is a solid person who gives up on Lance's careless acts, but he is also a crybaby. In addition, he sometimes made a fancy word and deed, and explained the information heard from Davy in episode 9 to Mana and others as if he knew it, but after that, Lance gave up the truth and covered it. There is. It is analyzed by Rokka as "a serious and thoughtful type".[Note 40].
When using Labies to take care of Ai-chan, say "Yaw, Chekerake!".
Seeing Rokka take care of Era, who had lost her memory in episode 26, she has mixed emotions (yakimochi).
The origin of the name is "Diamond Queen model"RaquelFrom[29].
Human state
In episode 29, he took advantage of Charles' appeal for transformation into a human being and learned how to transform from DB, but at first it was not enough.chairIt has become. After that, he transformed into a human being, and his appearance was a small elementary school boy who was younger than the mana with short blue hair. Seeing this appearance, I regret, "I'm my eldest son, why is he a little smaller than Charles?"[Note 41].
The first person and personality are the same as when he was a fairy, but his voice is a little lower and he is calm. Also, like Charles, I try not to add an ending in front of the general public.
The reason for transforming into a human is "I want to study and exercise with Rokka"[Note 42].. It's timehomeworkAs soon as he tried to help with the dinner, Rokka said, "I'm done," and ended up spinning. As a result, she pessimistically asks, "Is it useless?", But she comforts me, "I'm happy just to be with you." In episode 36, he tried to help the student organization work with Charles, but he was disappointed when Rokka said, "It's a little bit that elementary school students are in junior high school ...".
In episode 36, to Yashima, a classmate of MannaloveHugging her neverA dateI had a blissful time, but she alreadyboy friendBecause ofBroken loveResulting in. I was shocked because of that, but I was able to recover immediately because Rokka comforted me. By the way, Mana expressed the view that "Raquel's favorite is Rokka," that is, he predicted that this love would not be fulfilled. As mentioned above, Rokka smiles bitterly when she sees herself recovering, saying, "Rokuhana is the best!" Since then, he has not been involved with Yashima at all and seems to continue to like Rokka.[Note 43].
Voice- Ayaka Ohashi
Alice's partner fairy.The first person is "I" or "Lance" and the ending is "De Lance".When you are surprised, say "su".He has a tongue-in-cheek tone.
黄色 OfLittle bearWith a round tailOrangeDark orange with round ears with a clover pattern and a round brooch with a silver heart on the headchrysanthemumIt has four flower-like decorations and an orange collar on the neck. The color of the eyes is dark orange.
In the third episode, he was asleep and was squeezed by Mana in the science room of the school, and when he happened to be lost in the middle of the night, Sebastian picked him up and gave them the secrets of Precure and Jikochu. I revealed what I taught in episode 3.
The second son and youngest of three siblings[28].. Although he is a sweetheart and has a self-paced personality, he has a strong core to persuade Arisu who hesitates to transform into Precure. Alice often sticks to her hands and head after awakening to Precure.
Compared to other fairies, it is immature and often suffers disasters by stepping on it. As an example, Ai is often bitten by her ears and often faints.[Note 44].
When using Labies to take care of Ai-chan, say "Lancess".
In episode 48, a giant alter ego summoned by a Rosetta balloon is seen striding as a countermeasure against the enormous King Jikochu.
The origin of the name is "Jack's model of the club"LancelotFrom[29].
Human state
In episode 29, he took advantage of Charles' appeal for transformation into a human being and learned how to transform from DB, but at first it was not enough.BootsIt has become. After that, he transformed into a human being, and his appearance is a petite boy with an orange natural perm.
The first person and personality are the same as when they were fairies, but their voices are slightly lower. Also, in this form, the ending is added to speak.
The reason for transforming into a human is "to sing a lullaby to Alice." I actually do it, but I fall asleep first, and Sebastian takes care of me. When he saw it, he was pleased, saying, "It's cute, it looks like I have a little brother."
Voice- Uchiyama Yumi
Makoto's partner fairy. The first person is "I" or "Dabby" and the endings are "Bee" and "Dabby".
LilaccatIt has a long tail, short, pointed ears with a bright purple spade pattern, and a round brooch with a silver heart on its head.purpleThe colored ribbon and neck have a bright purple collar. The color of the eyes is purple.
Although he has a calm personality, his attitude changes as he worries and makes fun of Makoto (details will be described later). In addition, he is a solid person who provides support and advice to his junior Charles, but on the other hand, he has a slightly quick and dusty side. As an example, in the 14th episode, when Rokka was interested in Hyakunin Isshu and his grades fell, he quickly said, "Rokka ran in delinquency," and in the following 15th episode, during practice with the intention of growing Makoto's acting. For example, he couldn't understand the true meaning of the actress, Otori Tamaki, who was always throwing harsh words, and misunderstood that he was messing with Makoto when he said, "I'm messing with the Queen of Snow White."
At first, Makoto was thinking about fighting alone without trying to make friends, and took the lead in the role of intervening between her and Mana. In addition, she advised her, who was not good at telling her true intentions, to "speak honestly what she thought," but when she still couldn't say it, she spoke on her behalf and ridiculed her.
Since he has supported Cure Sword since the Trump Kingdom era, he is more familiar with the kingdom than his three siblings, but he may not know it.[Note 45].
Often agrees with Charles of the same sex[Note 46] However, when Raquel fell in love with Yashima in episode 36, he had a negative idea that the fairy and humans had a romantic relationship, so he faced a head-to-head conflict with the affirmative Charles and had a fierce quarrel and a fight. Become.
When using the labyrinth for Ai-chan's care, say "David David David David ~!".
The origin of the name is "King's model of Spade"King DavidFrom[29].
In the synopsis of episode 24, it was mistakenly written as "Davi".
Davy transformed into a human adult woman to live in the human world. She wears glasses with dark blue-purple short hair.
The appearance is dark blueLadies suitWearing purple spade-shaped earrings.
At the time of this figure, he is active as Makoto's manager. In addition, he is a driver when Makoto moves, and has high physical ability such as showing skydiving and martial arts.
In this state, the endings "Bi" and "Daby" are not added, and the tone, voice, and personality change to a gentle and mature one. However, even in this state, Makoto's personality has not changed.
From this state you can directly transform into a commune and vice versa.


Precure hostile forces. It is a dark force led by King Jikochu, the king of Jikochu, but the reality is that it is controlled by Proto Jikochu, the main body of King Jikochu. It became a ruin called "gogo! Jikochu"BowlingThe royal palace of the "Kingdom of Trump", which is based in the field but is under control from episode 39[Note 47] Is a new base.

The purpose is to expand their power, and in order to obtain "Janeji", which is the energy of human selfishness and the source of their power, a monster called "Jikochu" from human "Psyche" is used. It aims to recover the Janeji that is created and generated by the destructive activity of the Jikochu.

As part of the expansion of power, he invaded the Kingdom of Trump and succeeded in invading by changing the people of the Kingdom of Trump into Jikochu, but King Jikochu was sealed after a fierce battle with Marie Anju, and his subordinates were the last Pretty Cure of the Kingdom of Trump. Invade the human world by pursuing the Cure Sword. At the same time, he will struggle to recover Janeji to revive the sealed King Jikochu, and will search for Marie Anju, who will hinder his activities.[Note 48] Also serves as the overthrow of Precure.


Prototype Kochu
Voice- Seiwa Iwasaki
A black curtain that manipulates Jikochu from behind, the existence of darkness that ruled the universe 1 years ago. As long as human beings are "selfish" and "selfish," they will continue to be born. The first person is "I".
Winged purpleDevilIt looks like this, with three horns on its head, six arms, and a huge mouth on its torso. Also, while it was sealed, it had a black liquid appearance.
In addition to having a self-righteous personality that does not respond to other people's dialogues and is violent, he also shows a sly and cunning side.
With the intention of erasing all lives, the ultimate goal is to rule the universe on its own, but Cure Heart points out that "if you are alone, you cannot do it yourself." ..
Possessing a powerful fighting ability, it has a strength that Precure's "Precure Royal Lovely Straight Flush" does not work, it can cut the ground only with the wind pressure of the fist, and innumerable skyscrapers with special ability Can be lifted to attack. You can also attack by releasing a powerful "Janeji" from the mouth on the fuselage.
Although it appeared in the human world 1 years ago, it was repelled by the precure Cure Empress, Cure Magician, and Cure Priestess at that time, and was sealed in the basement of the Trump Kingdom by the power of the "Eternal Golden Crown".
With the power left behind while being sealed, he made Marie Anju sick, and succeeded in using the king of the Trump kingdom to break his seal and rescued his daughter at the expense of the country. Judge the king of the Trump kingdom as the "ultimate jikochu" and take it in.
While he was taking in the king of the Trump kingdom, he called himself "King Jikochu", so he is called by his subordinates.
In episode 49, he absorbs the veil and achieves a complete revival, takes action to rule the universe again, overwhelms the Precure with its mighty power, and forcibly dyes Cure Heart's "Psyche" in the darkness and chases it. , Ends in failure due to her strong mental strength. Eventually, she was overwhelmed by Cure Heart, who became Parthenon mode with the power of the other four Precure and the power of "three kinds of sacred treasures," and finally her special move, "My Sweet Heart." It was purified by receiving it, and disappeared as a large amount of Psyche.
Later "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Sing together ♪ Miraculous magic!], A phantom created by the magic of Sol Ciel appears.

Royal family

King Jikochu
Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka
A male monster who reigns as the king of Jikochu. It looks like a giant jet-black demon and features two horns on its head. The first person is "I".
He behaves as a very impatient and arrogant tyrant, and is feared by his subordinate Jikochu as a target of fear due to his absolute intimidation, and he is cold and extremely sanctioned against his daughter Regina. Thorough as an existence. However, she sometimes shows her love for her daughter.
Because it possesses an unparalleled "Janeji", it has a very strong fighting ability and is powerful.ThunderYou can also generate and attack, create your own illusion to brainwash Regina, and shoot powerful destructive rays.
Its true identity is the king of the Trump kingdom, but as will be described later, it has been transformed into the current "King Jikochu" by being used as a prototype. After that, he began to think that "love makes my heart painful" and destroyed the Trump kingdom with the aim of building a world only for myself and my daughter, but by Marie Anju who has "Miracle Dragon Grave" Its power is sealed, and the body is left in a petrified state in the Kingdom of Trump until now.
Even after being sealed, he continues to wait for the time of resurrection while accumulating the Janeji produced by Jikochu, and in episode 21, he recovers enough to speak.
In episode 46, he made a complete revival, invaded the human world and confronted Precure, and in the following episode 47, he was persuaded to convert to Regina, and his feelings shook and suffered. In the story, Cure Ace, Regina, and Ai, who are also daughters' alter ego, rescued the king of Trump from the body of King Jikochu, and at the same time, King Jikochu's body disappeared.
King of the Kingdom of Trump (Trump Okokuou)
Voice-Yoshitada Otsuka
An elderly man who was the king of the Trump kingdom and the father of Marie Anjou. Characterized by brown hair and beard. The first person is "I".
At the same time as having a personality that cherishes the country and the people, he also has a family love that he loves and raises his daughter Marie Anju as much as his wife because his beloved wife died from childbirth.
One day, Marie Anju suffers from an unexplained illness, and the seal of the "Eternal Golden Crown", which is contraindicated to gain knowledge to cure the illness, is removed, and as a result, her daughter's illness is completely cured, but Eternal Golden Being taken into the Proto-Jikochu that was sealed on the crown, it was made into a "King Jikochu", and he himself was sealed by the King Jikochu "Psyche".
After being rescued from King Jikochu's body, he retired from the kingdom of Trump and remained in the human world with Manna's grandfather Sokichi.ShogiI'm retired by pointing to. At that time, he wore Japanese clothes.
Jikochu cells (Jikochu Saibo)
Voice-Masami Iwasaki
The cells in the body of King Jikochu. Each individual is King Jikochu itself, but a completely different personality from the King of the Trump Kingdom (Protoji Kochu)[Note 49] .
It has a liquid appearance, ranging from a large purple life-size to a huge green one. There are multiple bodies, but when combined, they become even larger.
He blames the king of the Trump kingdom, who prioritizes his family over the people, as Jikochu, but is soon denied by Precure. Nevertheless, he argues that the people cannot forgive the actions of the king of the Trump kingdom, but one of the people, Cure Sword, said, "There is no sin in love. The bad thing is you who used it." It is truncated and defeated.
Voice- Kumiko Watanabe
A Jikochu girl who is called the daughter of King Jikochu. Blondelong hairIt features light blue eyes. The first person is "I".
Big red on the headribbonWearing black and red are the keynotesGothic lolitaWearing a dress with a bat patterntightsI am wearing.
He behaves as a tomboy, selfish and selfish person, and because he has a poor distinction between right and wrong and has a sense of play in everything, he often acts without considering the inconvenience of others. However, he behaves as a normal girl to his father, King Jikochu, and has a pure side like a girl suitable for his age. Also,OctopusIs not good at.
It has a high fighting ability, and in addition to attacking with a bat-shaped ray, it can also make full use of its supernatural powers by ringing its fingers.
Its true identity was born from half the darkness of Marie Anju's "Psyche" (love for her father). Immediately after her birth, she crash landed under King Jikochu and was raised by him as a daughter. Have. Therefore, he has a deep love for his father, King Jikochu. Also, because it is the alter ego of Marie Anju's heart, she wants "Royal Crystal" abnormally, and reacts by seeing Ai-chan and Cure Ace.[Note 50], You can use the power of "Miracle Dragon Grave" described later.
It first appeared in episode 12, and within the organization, he used the title "Daughter of King Jikochu" to wield power and forcibly put "Jikochu Trio" under his command.
Precure was relatively non-hostile and was initially only interested in mana, but in episode 17 he confessed his desire to be friends with people other than mana, and in episode 20 he and Trump. By promising to become a bridge between the kingdom and King Jikochu, Regina's original malice will be shaken.
In the 21st episode, he broke up with King Jikochu due to his deepening affection for Manna, but in the following 22nd episode, he regained his original malice by receiving King Jikochu's "Janeji" and mercilessly dying Precure. Drive to the state of. However, in the following episode 23, he suffered serious physical and mental injuries due to Cure Ace's "Ace Shot" and fell asleep deeply with King Jikochu.
Completely revived in episode 38, followed by episode 39 using the "Miracle Dragon Grave" found in the castle of the Kingdom of Trump as a weapon, overwhelming the previously defeated Cure Ace in episode 41. However, even after that, they cross each other evenly. After that, his father's enemies, Pretty Cure, continue to say "dislike" and take actions that are particularly hostile to mana.
In episode 46, he learns about himself by touching the "Eternal Golden Crown" and that his father tried to protect himself even at the expense of the country. This strengthened his love for his father and decided to devote himself to King Jikochu. In the following episode 47, in addition to the philanthropy from mana, he felt Mana's will to save King Jikochu and regained "love", and in episode 48, he thanked Mana for rescuing his father from King Jikochu.
In the final episode, after fighting Prototype Kochu with Precure, he decided to live with Mana and others, and in his private life he helps people with Precure. In addition, although he enrolls in "Ogai Daiichi Junior High School", he still has a free-spirited personality and selfishness, such as not worrying about violations of school rules.[Note 51].
In addition, in the converted villain girl character, "Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star』Michiru Kiryuu and Kaoru Kiryuu are not classified as Precure, and appear as sub-characters and mobs in crossover movies.[Note 52].
In addition, Regina's own clothes have been released in "Akira Takahashi Toei Animation Precure Works", but they have not appeared in video works including crossover movies.
AnimediaIn the February 2014 issue of the Anime Character Awards selected by readers, the above-mentioned selfish personality has influenced him, and he has won the "Self-made Award".[30].
The origin of the nameEnglish,Italian,LatinInqueenFrom "regina" which means.
Reinforced form
Appearance from episode 22 to episode 46. The Janeji of King Jikochu turns the eyes red and the color of the clothes becomes purple. Also, the color of hair and skin is lighter.
The fighting ability is much higher, and it is possible to emit tornadoes and destructive rays.


He has been serving Proto-Jikochu for a long time, and started his activities when Proto-Jikochu appeared in the present age as "King Jikochu". All have white skin, silver hair and golden eyes, and small devil wings from behind their ears. The names of the executives are "The seven deadly sinsIs derived from[21][31].

All the executives are composed of "Janeji", and the more Janeji you store, the more you can strengthen yourself, but if you exhaust all the Janeji you have stored, you will also disappear. It has become. However, even if the body disappears, it can be revived as long as Janeji exists all over the world.

In addition to the following, the arrogant motif "" that appeared in silhouette in the flashback scene of episode 46Goma"And the motif of lust"RustThere were two executives, but when they invaded the Kingdom of Trump, they stabbed them with Precure, who was a senior of Cure Sword.[21][Note 26].

Jikochu Trio

A trio of executives serving King Jikochu. Because each of them has an egocentric personality, they often fight, and their sense of companionship and cooperation are low.[Note 53].. In addition, bowling is a special skill for all three.

By swallowing the black "Psyche", both have the ability to transform into "Beast Mode", which can be integrated with Jikochu, and also have the ability to transform into others.

When it first appeared, it invaded the human world by pursuing Cure Sword, the last Pretty Cure in the Kingdom of Trump, but with the birth of new Pretty Cures such as Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Rosetta, there was no room for it, and the 11th From the story, Beast mode will also be used.

In episodes 13 to 22, the appearance of Regina, the daughter of King Jikochu, puts her under her command and reluctantly follows Regina's arrogant orders. In addition, the position itself is in jeopardy, such as Regina's dismissal being hinted at because of the lack of results.

In episodes 23 to 31, after repeated failures, new executives Riva and Goula were deprived of the task of overthrowing Precure, and the mission was demoted to the search for Marie Anju, and finally expelled from the hideout.

In episodes 32 to 38, the veil that Riva and Goula have extinguished will forcibly return to the scene as leaders, and Era and Mamo, who are under the control of the veil, will be strengthened by wearing a "blood ring". From the 34th episode, we will grasp the phenomenon that "Janeji" is strengthened when Ai starts crying, and use that phenomenon to strengthen it until she struggles with the Pretty Cure who strengthened with "Magical Lovely Pad".

In episodes 39 to 46, following Regina's return, she was put under her command again, and Precure and others were strengthening to "Super Precure Angel Mode", so even if you challenge Precure, you will be overwhelmed. The situation will continue.

When King Jikochu revived and started invading the human world in Episode 47, he would be under the direct command of King Jikochu and would fight against the Pretty Cures, but it would only stop them and the final episode. Then, realizing that he could not beat the Pretty Cure who defeated Proto-Jikochu, he decided to fall asleep for 1 years for the reason of accumulating power, and retreated without disappearing or converting.[Note 54].

Voice- Mayumi Tanaka
A boy who is a member of the Jikochu trio. It features a small physique and light blue short hair. The first person is "I" or "I".
purplejumperAnd wearing a red shirt, blackHalf pantsAnd wearing short boots.
Basically, he has a gloomy and cruel personality, and he often looks down on humans and ridicules him, but since he often conducts operations with a mischievous feeling, he is often teased by his friends, and even Mamo The strategy he has put into practice has been criticized. In addition, he has a strong sense of opposition to his friends, and is particularly repulsive to Mamo's cowardly side, Regina's selfish side, Riva and Goula's self-deprecating side, and Veil's commanding side.
He has a strong hostility towards Precure, bowls every time he gets in the way, and gets angry. At first, he became almost a garter and was stressed, but as the number of times increases, he gets better. ..
In terms of combat, he specializes in tactics that make full use of quick movements and throwsknifeAlso use attacks using.
In episode 26, she lost her memory temporarily due to the impact of a lightning strike, but she was rescued by Rokka who happened to be there and was taken care of by her, and even after her memory was restored, she was cursed. Comes to think of Rokka.
In episodes 47 and 48, he stands in the way of Cure Diamond heading to King Jikochu, but cannot resist her persuasion and actions for his friends, and as a result, allows the Cure Diamonds to progress. After the defeat of Protojikochu in the final episode, he walked away with a gentle expression when he saw Rokka from a distance.
The motif of the name is the "wrath" of the seven deadly sinsLatinreading.
Voice- Atsuko Tanaka
A glamorous beauty who is a member of the Jikochu trio. It features light blue long hair with a light green tinge.LipstickIs on. The first person is "I".
Ushanka[Note 55] The right half of the keynote is red and whiteDown jacketAnd the left half isNo sleeveHe is wearing a jacket that is marked with red and is wearing red long boots.
Basically, I don't break my relaxed attitude, but one on my faceBreakoutThey tend to be indignant and lose their composure when they are shocked or called "Obasan" by Regina. Also, if it is for the purpose, he does not choose the means and tries to outsmart his friends, so he is cursed by Era.
In my lifejuice,ConfectioneryHe spends his free time, eating and drinking as much as he wants and paying attention to beauty. Also,"Fried vegetablesIs a specialty dish.
In addition to making full use of foot attacks during battleWhipIs used as a weapon, and attacks that create strong winds are also used.
Initially, the focus was on searching for Marie Anju, but due to the sense of crisis that Precure increased to four, she set out to overthrow Precure in episode 4.
In episode 25, in an artificial commune developed by Sebastian due to a mistake, "Cutie Madam'[Note 56] Transformed into, but eventually the artificial commune is destroyed by Precure.
The motif of the name governs the "greed" of the seven deadly sinsMammon.
Voice- Kazuhiro Yamaji
A man who is the leader of the Jikochu trio. It features a short long white hair with a beard. The first person is basically "I".
He wears a black and green coat and a black and purple jacket.SunglassesI'm wearing it. Also, sometimes with a stickcandy[Note 57] Licking.
Although ostensibly lazy, he is also a strategist who calmly assesses the battlefield. However, they tend to lose their composure in unexpected situations. Also, I hate being called by Riva as "chan",carrotThere is also one side that I am not good at.
An ambitious person with a strong desire to advance, he has no loyalty to King Jikochu and thinks that his friends are only tools for advancement, so by disposing of Regina who participated in Precure, he became No. 2 in the organization. Trying[Note 58], Take away all the "Janeji" of Riva and Goula who were weakened in the battle and extinguish them.
Actually, I know the identity of King Jikochu and the end of Marie Anju.[Note 59], Is also the distant cause of the birth of Regina and Akuri.
The overall fighting ability is high, overwhelming the precure of four people at first, and even if it receives "My Sweetheart" which is a purification technique of Cure Heart. Also, he is good at martial arts and electric shock attacks.
Initially, he received orders from senior management and visited Ira and Mamo. Therefore, I left it to two people to overthrow Precure, but when I learned of King Jikochu's anger, I started to overthrow Precure from the 2th episode.
In episode 32, he declares that he has become No. 2 in Jikochu, and attaches "Blood Ring" to Era and Marmo to force him to obey. In the 38th episode, he himself wears a blood ring and challenges Precure as a strengthened form called "Super Veil" described later, but as a result of losing, the blood ring disappeared and Regina also revived. Being chased by the No. 2 position in the organization.
In episode 49, he swallowed a piece of King Jikochu (Prototype Jikochu) and tried to become No. 1 in Jikochu, but on the contrary, he was taken in by Protojikochu. EventuallyA mouseI am planning to degenerate into a figure like this and survive, and to save power with a sleep of 1 years[Note 60].
The motif of the name governs the "laziness" of the seven deadly sinsBelphegor.
Super veil
In episode 38, Ira and Mamo's "Blood Ring" are equipped and strengthened. She has transformed into a huge, muscular physique, and her clothes are torn.
The fighting ability has improved dramatically, and it can withstand the "Pretty Cure Royal Straight Attack" of Precure for a few seconds.
New executive

A duo of Jikochu executives who appeared in episode 23. Instead of the unsuccessful Jikochu trio, King Jikochu is entrusted with overthrowing Precure.

Before being in charge of the human world, they both have a section that looks down on Jikochu Trio because they have been responsible for destroying three worlds. In addition, although it demonstrates an outstanding combination, after starting to use the "combined Jikochu" described later, there are many quarrels when leaving.

The "union Jikochu" that two people produce at the same time is powerful as described later. It is also possible for Riva and Goula to combine directly into a monster.

In the 31st episode, in order to restore the honor of repeated failures, he decided to carry out the final operation with the determination of death, and used the secret plan "Jikochu Plant" to put hundreds of thousands of people in Ogai Town to sleep, and all at once. I plan to change it. In the decisive battle with Precure, they unite and transform into the final form, overwhelming Precure and destroying the "Crystal Mirror". However, he was defeated by receiving "Pretty Cure Lovely Straight Flush", which is a special move strengthened by Precure. He survived for a short while and escaped, but all the Janeji were sucked up by the veil with a gap, and both of them disappeared.

Voice- Nobuo Tobita
Slender who is an executive of JikochuOkama.. It features light purple hair, dark blue beard and lipstick. The first person is "I"Onee languageSpeak at.
silk hatWearingmagicianHe looks like this and wears a yellow-green coat and a red shirt.
At first glance, he behaves in a gentle and polite manner, but his true nature is extremely rude, and he has a domineering side, such as calling the Jikochu trio a "manuke trio" and treating them as an obstacle. Also, they tend to be jealous of the beauty of Cure Ace.
He has a high level of insight and devises a strategy that makes use of his wisdom, but if he fails, he may hit his partner Goula eight times. But I like the wildness of Goula. In addition, he is good at tactics to cut through the target with a cutter placed in the brim of the top hat.
Considering the strength of Cure Ace as dangerous, in episodes 28 and 29, he fights with an awareness of the weakness of "transformation time of 5 minutes", making Cure Ace struggle. On the contrary, Precure other than Cure Ace is neglected.
His opposition to the veil was so strong that he was always thinking of getting him out, and when he was extinguished by the veil's surprise, he was angry and screaming his name.
The motif of the name governs the "jealousy" of the seven deadly sinsLeviathan.
Voice- Amada Masuo
An obese giant who is an executive of Jikochu. With a pointed hairstylesharkCharacterized by sharp teeth like. The first person is "I".
He wears a green short-sleeved jacket, a purple shirt, and a large silver belt around his waist. Also, there are protrusions on the wrists and ankles.braceletIs on.
He has a ferocious and warlike personality, and although his tone is harsh, he is shy when he makes witty remarks and is praised by Riva.
He has a strong appetite to say that eating is worth living, and he eats and drinks anything, not just food, and is sensitive to the smell of food. Favorite foodshaved ice.. In the 27th episode, while hunting down Precure to one more step, the smell of food makes him abandon the battle.
The fighting ability is very high, and despite its appearance, it fights quickly. Punches from thick armslariatHe is good at attacking with sharp teeth that chew "Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection" and making full use of powerful destructive rays emitted from his mouth. Also, you can eat the precure technique, and if you open your mouth and eat the technique, you will not be affected by the damage or purification of the technique.[Note 61].. When combined with Riva, you can convert the technique of Precure into your own power.
The motif of the name is the Latin reading of the seven deadly sins "Gluttony".
Final form
Voice-Nobuo Tobita (Riva), Masuo Amada (Gura)
In episode 31, Riva and Goula are united under the name of "serious". He has two personalities, Riva and Goula.
Transformed into a monster based on green, purple and black, the head is composed of Riva's face and the torso is composed of Goula's face, with two thick arms and four demon wings on the back. ing.
Combat ability will be significantly improved, most of the Precure techniques will not work, and you can also incorporate and strengthen Precure techniques. You can also attack by releasing purple energy from both hands.


Voice-Masami Iwasaki
A monster used by Jikochu executives. Extracting the black-dyed "Psyche" from humans, the executive "Psyche"Rampage! Let go of the darkness of your heart!Is born with a shout.
Basically, it makes a cry of "Jikochu!", But it is also possible to speak words, and while exhaling the negative emotions of the original human being, it takes actions based on it.At that time, the person whose psyche was pulled out loses consciousness, the skin color becomes dark, and there is a heart-shaped black hole in the chest.[Note 62].
Many people have various appearances, such as creatures and objects related to the desires of the object, and combinations of them. Unlike the monsters that appear in the conventional series, it does not require any medium such as inorganic substances or creatures in the process of birth.
They may ignore the summoner's orders and stick to negative emotions, and the resulting executives may be involved in the attack. In addition, strength depends on human desires, and when desires are small, only Jikochu with simple and weak behavior patterns is born.
When purified by Precure, it disappears by shouting "Love, Love, Love!", And the restored Psyche immediately returns to the owner's body.[Note 63].
During its birth and rampage, it generates an evil energy called "Janeji".
For some reason, Jikochu, who was transformed by the people involved in Precure, who should have little desire, was very powerful, and when Ai was brainwashed, she powered up Era and others with that Janeji, but Precure was never made into Jikochu. In fact, Hart, who was attacked by Prototype Kochu in the final episode, also began to stain Psyche in black, but his love helped him to heal naturally.
Jikochu Trio Jikochu
Appeared in episodes 1 to 10 and 20. A normal Jikochu produced by Era, Marmo, and Veil.
It has the strength to be purified by "My Sweetheart" which is the early technique of Precure.
Beast mode
A figure in which the Jikochu trio is integrated with the Jikochu. Appeared from episodes 11 to 14.
Add darkness to Psyche, compress it, and use Jikochu Trio's "Dedicate your darkness to me!It is born by drinking Psyche with a shout of ".
The fighting ability improves to the extent that it can only be purified by PreCure's purification technique such as "PreCure Heart Shoot", but the appearance is not always good, and not only PreCure but also Jikochu executives may be confused. In addition, the owner of Psyche may act against the will of the assimilated Jikochu executive.
When Jikochu is purified, the swallowed executives themselves will not disappear, but they will be damaged.
Blood Ring Jikochu
Appeared from episodes 32 to 37. An enhanced version of Jikochu created by Ira and Marmo with the "Blood Ring" attached. The eyes are dyed red and the design of Psyche has been changed.
Speed ​​is 5 times, power is 10 times, attitude is 100 times. Most individuals are dusty enough to be used only by the purification technique of Precure's "Magical Lovely Pad", but they are purified by receiving "Precure Lovely Straight Flush".
Regina's Jikochu
Appeared from episodes 15 to 18, and episodes 40 to 44. Jikochu produced by Regina.
When it is created, a dedicated bank scene is entered, and immediately after Regina jumps and dances, "I'll make you a wonderful Jikochu!"While saying, fire Janeji from your fingertips and dye Psyche in the dark.
It can be produced even from humans who do not have selfish desires. In addition, it has the strength that only "Precure Lovely Force Arrow", which is a purification technique for petrifying Precure, works. In addition, all the individuals appearing from the 40th episode have been strengthened.
Riva and Goula's Jikochu
Appeared from episodes 23 to 26. A normal Jikochu produced by Riva and Goula.
It has the same strength as the "Beast Mode" of Jikochu Trio.
Combined Jikochu (Gaitai Jikochu)
Appeared from episodes 27 to 29. A powerful Jikochu created by Riva and Goula at the same time.
Riva's "Your wishes, Goula's "I'll double it!Psyche is pulled out from humans with a shout of "", and while holding hands and facing each other, two people's worth of psyche are injected to create a psyche.
The size is doubled, the power is 2 times, and the degree of jikochu is 5 times. Cure Ace's "Ace Shot" is no longer effective, and he brings it to a long-term battle and hunts down Ace to the point where it is about to be released from transformation.
Jikochu in the Kingdom of Trump (Jikochu that is not Trump)
Jikochu who are rampaging in the already destroyed Trump Kingdom. Attack with tentaclessquidGood at type and power attackgorillaType, wing bomb is a weaponVultureConsists of types, and moreカ エ ルTypeSheepTypeク モThere is also a mold.
Its true identity is the people of the Kingdom of Trump, who have a history of becoming Jikochu when the "Psyche" of those who were confused by the attack of Jikochu was dyed in the dark.
From episode 47, he appears in the human world along with King Jikochu and others.

Persons concerned 1 years ago

The origin of the names of the three Pretty Cures with "three kinds of sacred treasures"Tarot cardIt's coming from.

Cure Empress
Voice- Mayumi Iizuka
One of the Pretty Cures who played an active part on the earth 30 years ago, whose existence was told by Melan in episode 1. Already deceased in modern times.
It features pink eyes and green hair. The costume is a combination of pink decoration on a white background. No mention is made of the appearance or real name before the transformation.
"Crystal Mirror (Magical Lovely Pad)Was used as a weapon.
Ten thousand years ago, he fought against Prototype Kochu, who ruled the universe. He never gave up, no matter how desperate he was, and had the personality to stand up again and again. In addition, he had a much stronger power than the prototype that appeared in the final battle, and also had high fighting ability, such as winning the prototype of 1 years ago.
The origin of the name is the tarot card "Empress』.
Cure magician
"Spear of Light (Miracle Dragon Grave)Red precure to use[21].
Only the silhouette appears in the work, and the details are not mentioned.
The origin of the name is the tarot card "magician』.
Cure Priestess
"Golden Crown (Eternal Golden Crown), A light blue precure[21].
The treatment in the work is the same as the cure magician.
The origin of the name is the tarot card "Pope』.
Voice- Yoko Matsuoka
Guest of episode 30. A fairy who was a partner of Cure Empress on the earth 1 years ago.
He continued to protect the "Crystal Mirror," one of the "three sacred treasures," in a cave on an isolated island.
It usually looks like an old woman carrying a tortoise shell, but when transformed, it looks like a dragon, and its fighting power becomes so powerful that it overwhelms the Pretty Cures. It is also possible to develop a barrier that can not be broken even with simultaneous attacks of "Precure Lovely Force Arrow" and "Ace Shot".
He had a difficult personality and didn't trust the immature manna at first, but he gradually recognized them as he felt the vestiges of Cure Empress in Cure Heart through the battle with Precure, and as a result, the crystal mirror. Entrusted.
Mana asks for help, but he refuses to accompany the modern Pretty Cures, saying, "It's worth opening up a new era with you."
Although it is only one episode, the later "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪』Appears as a mob character without dialogue[Note 64].

People in Ogai Town

Aida family

"moviesIn 』, there were Mana's maternal grandmother, Isuzu Bando, and her dog, Marshmallow, both of whom died four years before the story began.

Kentaro Aida (Kentaro Aida)
Voice- Kanemitsu
Mana's father. Manna's hair color is inherited from my father.
"Buta no Tail Tei"コ ッ クSo, make a dish that makes customers smile.
The specialty dish isOmelette riceSo, I often argue with Sokichi about cooking. It also makes emotional crying better.
Not only Western food is made, but Mari in episode 27NodotUse inJapanese sweetsI am making it.
Ayumi Aida (Ayumi Aida)
Voice- Harumi Ueda
Mana's mother. He is always kindly watching over his daughter, and always easily gives up on his husband Kentaro and his father Sokichi.
Mari teaches the tea ceremony.
Bando Sokichi
Voice- Akihiko Ishizumi
Mana's maternal grandfather and late Isuzu's husband. He is very strict about cooking, and for that reason he often argues with Kentaro.
In episode 6, he gave up on Makoto, who couldn't cook, but he had a gentle personality and finally recognized the taste of Makoto's cooking, which he improved with the help of mana.
In the ending credit of the second episode, "Sokichi AidaIs written.

Hishikawa family

Yuzo Hishikawa
Voice- Go Maeda
Rokka's father. professionalPhotographersI often open my home.
She is fond of Rokka, and her personality is "letterI'll sneak if I don't return. "
He invites Rokka to become a photographer, but she is disappointed when she says, "Become a doctor like a mom!" However, when he returned to Japan at the end of the 14th episode, he invited him again.
AntiqueI have no eyes, and when I find something remarkable, I send it to Rokka. However, she said, "I'm a photographer, so I should send a local photo."
Ryoko Hishikawa
Voice- Atsuko Yuya
Rokka's mother. Wear glasses. Rokka's hair color is inherited from her mother.
In pediatricsFemale doctorIs working.
Although it is a busy job as a doctor, in episode 10, Rokka said, "If you work as a doctor and come home, you can talk while eating with your cute daughter. I'm happy." I'm talking.

Yotsuba Zaibatsu

Seiji Yotsuba
Voice- Hidetoshi Nakamura
Arisu's father, General Manager of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu. He has a slightly generous personality, such as calling a person other than his family with "kun". Currently living abroad.
Temporarily returned to Japan in episode 33. Shortly thereafterスイスThe pilot is robbed of Psyche by Mamo, and the helicopter he is on becomes uncontrollable. He was rescued by Cure Rosetta on the verge of the crash, and after the case was resolved, he sent a message to Rosetta and left for Switzerland.
I know that Alice is a cure rosetta.
In episode 48, we support Precure out loud.
Shoko Yotsuba[Note 65]
Alice's mother. In episode 33, it was revealed from the mouth of Hoshiji that he was flying around the world as an opera singer.
Although it appeared in episode 47, there was no direct description of it in the play.
Ichiro Yotsuba
Voice- Wheat
Alice's grandfather. Appeared in episode 4.
When he was a child, he was worried about forgetting himself and beating his brother and his brother. "Power is to protect your loved ones. If you don't forget it, you will be drunk again. I encouraged him not to be afraid to hone himself and raise his heart. Already deceased.
セ バ ス チ ャ ン
Voice- Oikawa Izo
Yotsuba family firstButlerAnd ArisuRight arm.. Right eyeOne eyeglassAnd white hairall backAnd longKaiser mustacheAn old man with a long beard that stretches to the left and right. Always follow the instructions faithfully near Alice. She has been supporting Alice since she was a child, so she has a lot of trust and she has been told about the true nature of Precure.
The work goes not only to the Yotsuba conglomerate, but also to support Precure, to guide evacuation from Jikochu and to keep the secret of Precure, and to manufacture artificial commune in consideration of the intensifying battle. Self-artificial precure "Cure Sebastian"[32] Have also transformed into[Note 66].
Not only the work mentioned above, but also handmade in episode 24Roll cakeHospitality of manna and others, Akuri said "Pastry chefIt is said to be "a skill that is as good as it is".


Mari Madoka
Voice- Karasawa Jun
Akuri's adoptive mother.tea ceremonyIemoto. He has a gentle personality, but has the courage to confront those who do evil things.
In the 27th episode, he pays attention to Goula who tried to ruin the tea ceremony, but on the contrary, Cure Hearts save the place where he is about to be eaten.
From the background of meeting Aguri, I knew from the beginning that Aguri was a cure ace, and although there was no blood connection with Aguri, she had a bond with her grandmother and grandson.
The existence of other families is not mentioned.

Ogai Daiichi Junior High School

A junior high school in a wooden school building where manna go.Regina will also be transferred in the final episode (Episode 49).

The uniform is light gray for boysStuffed collar, Girls have a purple sailor-style collarJumper skirtHe wears a yellow ribbon and purple high socks.In summer clothes, boys wear short-sleeved jackets and light blue slacks, and girls wear lilac jumper skirts (same ribbon) and white high socks.The shoes are blackloafers.Student bagIs indigoShoulder bag.

In episode 29, Ogai Daini Junior High School (reinforcing bar school building) appears.

Voice- Maeda Issei
A male teacher at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School, who is in charge of manna. Although he is a free-spirited person, he also has a student-minded side.
The model of the name and appearance is the movie "Man who stole the sun』Character Makoto Kido (act:Kenji Sawada[33].
Voice- Takuya Sato
A second-year student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School, a boy student who is easygoing. Mana and Rokka have been associated with each other since elementary school, and they have a secret feeling for mana.[Note 67].
In the first episode, while observing the Tokyo Clover Tower, I had a fight with boys from other schools and thought about interrupting the procession. In episode 1, he had a fight with his classmates, and both were stopped by mana.
In episode 32, the campfire turret that the boys playfully collapsed during the school festival was reassembled first, and the hearts were saved by the hearts when they were about to be attacked by Jikochu, and the hearts were tossed by Jikochu. I was worried.
In episode 48, I remembered the appearance of Heart and Mana and supported Precure first.
There was no depiction of Psyche being overtaken in the TV series. In "Pretty Cure Manga Picture Book", when I entered the haunted house with Momota and Mana, I was bored because Mana was not afraid at all, but Riva overtook Psyche, but with Cure Heart and othersYes! Precure 5 / Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!Is saved by Cure Dream (Nozomi Yumehara), Cure Mint (Komachi Akimoto), and Cure Aqua (Karen Minazuki).
Voice- Tsubasa Sakurai
A second-year male student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School. Around Nikaido, he always speaks in honorifics to Nikaido. Mana and Rokka have been associated with each other since elementary school. The first person is "Ira". Nikaido is called "Aniki".
In episode 32, the collapsed campfire turret was reassembled with the Nikaido and others. He was later attacked by Jikochu, but was saved by Cure Hearts and was surprised even though he described it as "strong."
In "Pretty Cure Manga Picture Book", I was surprised and fainted by Jikochu, who was born from the heart of Nikaido in a haunted house, and regained consciousness at the same time as Nikaido.
Voice- Chihiro Ikki
A second-year student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School, a classmate of Mana. A girl student wearing a yellow braid with braids. An unfussy personality. Mana and Rokka have been together since elementary school.
Mana took care of the place where he was drunk on the bus in the first episode. In episode 1, I witnessed a book dancing in the library with Ai-chan's mischief and encountered Charles laughing.
In episode 32, instead of mana who collapsed due to fatigue, he divided the school festival with Jujo and others. After that, I was worried about Cure Hearts who were at the mercy of Jikochu.
In episode 36, Raquel, who has transformed into a human being, is struck by the sight of his favorite park pond being polluted by "Omaru Jikochu," but at the same time, he witnesses the Cure Hearts who confront Jikochu. To do. After that, he introduced his boyfriend Harada to Raquel, who ended up with a broken heart.[Note 68][Note 69].
In episode 47, he was trying to evacuate the rabbits kept at school.[Note 70].
Dr. Jujo (Hiroshi Jujo)
Voice- Shusaku Shirakawa
A second-year student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School and vice president of the Student Organization. A boy student wearing glasses. Speak in honorifics.
In episode 9, I encountered a scene where cleaning tools in the student organization room floated in the air (actually, Charles and others hidden in lockers).
In the 10th episode, Makoto and the seats that had transferred to the school were next to each other, boasting to the Nikaido and others.
In the mid-term test of episode 14, Rokka was crazy about Hyakunin Isshu and lost his grades, so he was at the top of the grade.[34].
In episode 29, he pointed out that Charles, who had transformed into Mana and humans, was "like a sister," and was surprised that Charles, who took on many jobs in place of Mana, completed the job without any mistakes.
In episode 32, instead of manna who collapsed due to fatigue, he was partitioning the school festival with Rokka, but when he was holding his head due to a series of troubles, he told Akuri, "Please do something yourself before relying on people." After that, the turret for the campfire that collapsed later was reassembled with Nikaido and others. After that, he supported Cure Hearts fighting Jikochu, and after the solution, he danced folk dance with Rokka.
Voice- Yohei Obayashi
A second-year student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School, a classmate of Mana.
In the first episode, I was depressed because I dropped my wallet while visiting the Tokyo Clover Tower, and in the 1th episode, I was worried that the yakisoba bread I bought might be sold out, but both were saved by mana. It has been.
In the 12th episode, he was pushed by the purchasing procession and was blown away by purely asking "Is it okay?"
Rokka is called "Hishikawa-san".
Voice- Ayumu Fujimura
In the first grade of Ogai Daiichi Junior High School,soft ballI belong to the club. Within the department, it is called a "future ace candidate."
Due to Veil's plot, he started by recommending himself in place of Mana who could not play in the game. In the final round of the 1-point lead, he reached a pinch of bases loaded with 2 deaths, but took a strikeout and won a complete game with 7 runs in the 3th inning.
In episode 32, he helped reassemble the turret for the collapsed school festival campfire, and Cure Hearts saved him when he was about to be attacked by Jikochu.
In episode 47, he was evacuating with Chiba and Goda.
Voice- Satomi Moriya
Guest of episode 11. A third-year student at Ogai Daiichi Junior High School and a captain of the softball club.
He had an arm injury and came to Mana to ask for a helper. However, although he was troubled by the mana who could not participate in the game due to the threat of Veil, he appointed the mana instead and won the game by persuading Kyoda and others.
In episode 47, he was evacuating with Kyoda and Goda.
Jun Saotome
Voice- Chihiro Suzuki
Guest of episode 12. A short boy student in the first grade of Ogai Daiichi Junior High School.Hobbies TheGardening.
With the help of Manna, I volunteered to become a disciple of Manna. Era overtakes Psyche when she wants to be like manna. However, when I was in Beast Mode, I heard the persuasion of the Swords and realized that I was misunderstanding. After that, he took care of his favorite flowers and was praised by the manna.
There are no lines in episodes 31 and 32, but only one cut appears.
In episode 47, he was trying to help an injured child trying to evacuate King Jikochu.
In the final episode, he succeeded Mana as the student council president. He also pointed out to Regina that the ribbon violated school rules.


Voice-Satomi Moriya
Guest of the first episode. Mother (voice-) while visiting Tokyo Clover Tower Yuka Keicho) A girl who is separated. I met Mana and reunited with my mother. Later, he was attacked by Jikochu with his mother at the observatory, but was saved by Mana.
He reappeared in episode 47 and was helped by Sumino Aki with his mother. In the final episode, we look up at the Pretty Cures who sortie to stop the artificial satellites that fall into Ogai Town.
Haruna Mori (Haruna Mori)
Voice-Yuka Terasaki[35](Non-credit)
Guest of episode 5. An idol singer who belongs to the same entertainment agency "Yotsuba Music" as Makoto. Characterized by thick lips.
Although he appears in a song program with Makoto, he realizes that neither singing nor dancing is comparable to Makoto, and he is jealous that the director and photographer were more fond of Makoto's song than his own. His heart was struck by Marmo and he was overtaken by Psyche.
In the 40th episode, Makoto gave a blunt but caring word to Makoto, creating an opportunity for Makoto to release a new song. I have replied to all my fan letters.
In episode 47, we are guiding people to evacuate with Tamaki.
Voice- Shinobu Matsumoto
Guest of episode 10. The leader of Makoto's cheering party. He spoke of Makoto's private life and repelled the reporters who tried to interview him with Rokka. However, because he wanted to get along with Makoto himself, Mamo overtook Psyche.
Reappearing in episode 47, rescue Karuta Queen with Kyoda and others.
Reina Goboshi (Itsutsuboshi Reina)
Voice- Ice blue
Guest of episode 13. The daughter of a five-star conglomerate and the owner of "Five-star Rose Garden". It is familiar to Arisu in the past, but he unilaterally views Arisu as a rival. There are always three people around him.
He calls the mana "monkeys" and harasses them in his own "Rose Lady Contest". However, when he was defeated in a tennis match with Arisu who did not succumb to it, he cursed his surroundings and said, "I should lose my friends" because of the inferiority complex of having no friends, so Psyche was overtaken by Mamo. To. After all, at this point, he didn't even convert, let alone reconcile with the mana.
In episode 41, it will reappear with the three surrounding people. At first, he behaved as a sarcasm as he appeared last time, but Alice helps him when he was crying because the flowers were withered by Jikochu. This triggered her to reveal her true intention, "I wanted to be a friend with Alice," and shed tears at the fact that Alice had already thought of her as a friend.
Eventually, I learned that Alice was a Cure Rosetta and supported Alice. At that time, he helped by making full use of a twin-engine aircraft that could advance into the stratosphere.
In episode 47, he cooperated in evacuating patients who could evacuate from the hospital with a private helicopter. In the final episode, they ride in Arisu's private car and go to school while talking with each other.
Karuta Queen
Voice- Suzuki Masahito
Guest of episode 14.Competition karutaA female master who became the best in Japan.
Although he has a strong desire to marry, Era overtakes Psyche when he thinks selfishly because he sought a high ideal. After that, play against Rokka. After this battle, he tells Rokka to give him his favorite Hyakunin Isshu tag and practice.
It reappeared in episode 47 and was rescued by Goda and others.
Decoy ring (decoy Tamaki)
Voice- Mountain statue Kaori
Guest of episode 15. Co-starred with Makoto in a movieactress.. In the streets, it is said to be the "young queen of the movie world."
He was very strict about his work, and he scolded Makoto, who neglected his work about Princess Anju, saying, "If you don't have the motivation, go home." Suddenly, Regina robs Psyche while shooting. After that, I exchanged the script of the movie with Makoto as a memory of my life.
It reappears in episode 47, guiding people to evacuate with Haruna.
Voice- Yasuyoshi Hara
Guest of episode 17.彫刻家.
The director of the museum (voice--) who was paying attention to the manna (actually Regina) who broke the sculpture he made. Hidenori Takahashi), And forgave the mana. According to him, he felt that this sculpture was not his own work, and he was inspired by his tremendous imagination and made it as if someone had manipulated it.
After that, when he came to see the manna who were arranging the debris, he was pleased when he saw Regina's red eyes from his profile, but he was immediately deprived of Psyche.
Morimoto El (Morimoto El)
Voice-Satomi Moriya
First appearance in episode 28. Akuri's classmate girl student.
Since Akuri helped her with her habitual hair being teased by a boy student, she began to feel a sense of affection for Akuri. Later, at Manna's suggestion, he went to a summer festival with Akuri and became a close friend.
In episode 31, there are no lines, but only one cut appears. Also, in episode 1, although there was no dialogue, he appeared with his mother and had a laughing conversation with other friends. It is also known that it is the seat next to Akuri.
In episode 45, Akuri gave him a caricature as an "important friend", but he thought "it's different from the usual Akuri" and visited Mana and his friends.
In episode 47, she started evacuating with Mari, and in episode 48, she supported the Pretty Cures.
Voice- Ryousuke Kanemoto
Guest of episode 36. Yashima's boyfriend, I met her through volunteer activities.
Sumino Aki
Voice- Kikumoto flat
Guest of episode 37. Purchased at "Buta no Tail Tei"carrotA farmer's owner with a passionate personality. Sokichi describes it as "a very interesting man."
He loves carrots and names them "Josephine," "Marianna," "Ekaterina," and "Rachel," respectively.
He confronted Jikochu with a carrot in his hand, but he fainted while standing in fear. After that, she sheds tears and rejoices at Akuri who has overcome her dislike of carrots.
Re-appeared in episode 47 and started evacuating with Michiko and her mother.

Precure settings

Precure in this work is positioned as "a legendary warrior handed down in the Trump kingdom". Precure has been elected in the Kingdom of Trump for generations and has been protecting the kingdom.

The four initial members are "transformation"Cure beads"" Transformed by fairiesLovely communeInset, "Pretty Cure, Love Link!After yelling, "" with your finger on the screen of the lovely commune.L ・ O ・ V ・ EBy drawing, the whole body is covered with countless glitters and transformed.When using the power of purification, insert the attacking cure beads into the lovely commune and activate it by drawing a heart on the screen.

Ace says "Precure dress up!"" Was created from the heart mark of Ai-chan's appliqué.Love Eyes Palette"Cure beads for transformation are fitted into the pedestal of", and the "" attached to the main bodyTip pen5 "" fitted in the lower part of the main bodyRoyal crystalBy touching "" and applying pink eyeshadow to the eyelids, the heart-shaped light of the mirror is reflected in the eyes, and then the whole body is wrapped in a fiery flame and transformed.

From the 7th episode with all the initial members, "Sound!The heartbeat of love!Throb!PrecureWill come to call himself.However, even after the appearance of Ace, it was done only by the initial members for a while, and in the 31st episode, five people gave their names for the first time.

The standing position at the time of the above name is Rosetta Sword Heart Diamond from the 7th episode where the initial members are gathered from the left, and from the 31st episode after joining the ace, the heart is the center, the left front is the sword, the same The back is Rosetta, the front right is a diamond, and the back is an ace (the two in front are standing knees).

When transformed, the physical ability is strengthened, and the more the heart feels that "(the body) becomes lighter", the easier it becomes to move. You can also remove and purify Janeji by releasing a special move. Also,Below freezingIt is also resistant to the environment.

The external damage that occurred during the Precure battle will be restored to its original state with the light coming in from the sky after the battle, leaving no trace of the battle. On the other hand, the battle itself has been clearly witnessed by a third party and is recorded in the video. As will be described later, it is forbidden to reveal the identity of Precure, so although these records are available, we are using the power of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu to deal with it by back-up work such as data erasure, but if there are unavoidable circumstances, Sometimes he reveals himself.

Precure is considered to be the only one that can compete with Jikochu and is constantly being targeted.[Note 71].. Also, if you reveal the identity of Precure to others, you will be involved in the battle even for unrelated humans, so it is forbidden by fairies to reveal the identity to others. Therefore, Charles and others originally did not intend to increase Precure after one of the three created Precure, but Joe Okada is trying to increase Precure as a means to save the Trump Kingdom as mentioned above. It was.

In the 48th episode at the end of the story, Hart himself shouted his identity as "Mana Aida!" And it was picked up by the voice of the TV broadcast, so even family members and other ordinary people who did not know the identity of Precure until then The identity became known.After that, in episode 49 (final episode), it was the first time that he saved the world crisis.CountryBy the way, in the event of an emergency, it is possible to sortie out for resolution, and the same treatment is applied to subsequent crossover works.

The design is significantly different between the TV series and the initial settings, and both design drawings are included in the setting reference materials.

Cure Heart

The second Pretty Cure that Mana Aida transforms. The image color ispink[36] So, the name at the time of transformation is "Full love!Cure Heart!. "

When confronting the enemy after posing, make a heart shape by hand and say "Sad ◯◯ (appearance of Jikochu) who lost love, this cure heart will regain your excitement!To say[Note 72].

In the first episode, I see Sword struggling to fight Jikochu.However, when he was wondering what to do to help him, he got a chance to transform at Charles' call and transformed into Precure and joined the sword.

Hair color is magenta to yellow[37](Golden[38]) And changes significantly. The hairstyle is a half-up pony with a part of the base tied in a heart shape, and the back hair is curled in a spiral shape. The costume is based on pink, and the hair and earrings are heart-shaped. The boots are knee-high, the arm cover is long, and the ribbon is attached to the right hip. In addition, a white heart emblem is attached to the left chest and a pink heart decoration is attached underneath, and the cuffs are shaped like wings.

My sweet heart
"Deliver to you!My sweet heart!Along with the shout, the heart's accessory on the chest radiates a ray of heart and hits the enemy. Mainly used to purify enemies.
Precure Heart Shoot
Expand the bow of the Love Heart Arrow widely, pull the trigger of the buttock part to generate a heart-shaped energy body in front, then wink the left eye and then shoot the bow. The energy flow emitted from the bow is shot at the generated heart, forming a huge heart-shaped light bullet that wraps and purifies the enemy.
In episode 17, Joe's advice restored the three sculptures by Jikochu.
Heart dynamite
Create a large amount of heart-shaped energy bullets around the enemy, and the heart holds his hand over the screen of the Magical Lovely Pad.set!Energy bullets gather above the enemy's head to form a huge heart-shaped energy body. "Heart dynamite!By opening both arms to the left and right with a shout of ", the energy body falls and traps the enemy.
In episode 48, Jikochu is trapped in a heart-shaped energy bullet, and all gather in a huge heart-shaped energy body with a shout of "Gather!", And both arms are shouted with a shout of "Heart Dynamite!" By opening it to the left and right, the energy body is blown up and a large amount of Jikochu is purified.

Cure diamond

The third Pretty Cure that Rikka Hishikawa transforms into. The image color isblue[39] So, the name at the time of transformation is "Light of wisdom!Cure diamond!. "

When confronting an enemy, make a diamond shape by hand and say "This cure diamond will cool your head!"She says.

In the second episode, I was surprised to see Mana transformed into a heart to defeat Jikochu, and in the third episode, she asked me, "Rokuhana also became a Pretty Cure!", But hesitated.However, I witnessed a pinch of the heart and awakened from the thought "I want to help my manna!"Precure that manipulates ice, you can see a calm and calm side[40].

The long dark blue hair grows and is tied to the hair ornament at the top of the head to become pale bluish purple. The costume is based on blue and light blue, and the hair ornaments and earrings are diamond-shaped. High-cut boots on the bracelet, only the right sleeve is fastened with a golden band to make a puff sleeve, and a ribbon is attached under the right chest. Also, the shape of the neckband is the only one among the first four, and the hem of the costume is slightly longer. In addition, the left chest is decorated with a blue heart with a white diamond emblem underneath, and the cuffs are puff sleeves on the right and wings on the left, making it the only member of the group.asymmetryIt has become.

Twinkle diamond
"Glitter!Twinkle diamond!Along with the shout, countless diamond-shaped ice is blown from the index finger of the right hand and hits the enemy. It is also possible to freeze the enemy with crystals and block the movement.
Precure diamond shower
Raise the Love Heart Arrow above your head and hit the tip with your right hand to shoot a fierce snowstorm and freeze the enemy in an instant.
Diamond sworkle
After touching the magical lovely pad with a diamond-shaped throwing kiss, a circular stream of water appears from the enemy's feet, and the water is rotated at high speed by turning the hand in a swirling manner on the screen of the magical lovely pad. Causes a violent swirl and involves the enemy. In episode 48, it created a flat swirl stream that prevented a large amount of Jikochu from advancing.
Pretty Cure Diamond Blizzard
An enhanced version of "Pretty Cure Diamond Shower" that appeared in episode 48. A self-locking technique that raises a love heart arrow overhead, creates a fierce frost around itself, sucks enemies, and traps them in a huge diamond-shaped ice block with itself. This technique is also shown in the movie version, but the effect of the technique is different[Note 73].. In the movie version, a fierce frost is wrapped around a huge enemy and instantly contained in the ice.

Cure rosetta

Alice Yotsuba is the fourth Pretty Cure to transform. The image color isyellow[41] So, the name at the time of transformation is "Hidamari warm!Cure Rosetta!. "

When confronting an enemy, make a clover shape by hand and say "Only love controls the world.Come on, please nurture love with me too"She says.

In episode 4, he shows Manna and Rokka the transformation scene of Mana that was captured by the security camera of Tokyo Clover Tower, and proposes a plan to support him as a producer. He hesitated to become a precure himself because of his childhood trauma, but he decided to fight with them, remembering the persuasion of Lance and Sebastian and the words of his grandfather taught in his childhood.

The hairstyle is a twin tail with two rings on each of the left and right buns, and the hair color and eye color change from brown to orange. Costumes are yellow and yellow-green[40] The hair ornaments and earrings are clover-shaped. Wear a wristband and boots with a ribbon. Both sleeves of the costume are puff sleeves, with a ribbon on the abdomen, and the skirt looks like a pannier. Also, the only costume design among the first foursymmetryIt has become. In addition, there is a yellow heart decoration with a yellow-green clover emblem on the left chest, and a cloth that looks like a three-leaf clover hangs under the decoration, and when combined with the upper heart decoration, there are four It is a leaf clover. The other four boots are pointed, but her boots are rounded.

As Arisu knows martial arts, he is the best among the four people in the basic form in pure power competition, but as described later, the technique is mainly for defense, and the special technique with purification ability is also among the four people. I don't have the only one. Therefore, in the 4th episode, Marmo sometimes aimed at the weakness, but in the play, he makes full use of various usages and demonstrates the fighting ability that is more than compensated for the weakness.

Rosetta wall
"Rosetta wall with a click!Along with the shout, two small four-leaf clover-shaped energy barriers are generated from the palms of both hands to defend against enemy attacks.Since the barrier is only a flat surface, it is vulnerable to attacks that slip through like the disappearing magic ball in episode 2.In addition, although the principle is not mentioned, it has been shown to be applied to the sound wave attack of the radio-cassette type Jikochu by noise canceling with a barrier to neutralize the attack.
Precure Rosetta Reflection
After pushing in the butt part of the love heart arrow, draw a large circle to develop a four-leaf clover-shaped energy barrier. It is larger in size and more defensive than the Rosetta Wall. It can also be used for attacks by shooting out the deployed energy barrier. Also, with the power-up in episode 25, a reflex function has been added that absorbs and repels energy wave-like attacks from enemies. In episode 33, he broke the energy barrier in half and defeated the enemy like two fans, or threw it like a boomerang to attack. In the movie version, the enemy is sandwiched between two energy barriers and disappears.Rosetta Reflection Double CrashThere is also a variation called ".However, it is often defeated by the attacks of strong enemies, and in episode 17, it was not possible to prevent the petrified rays of Jikochu and it was petrified with Cure Diamond.Also, in episode 23, he was bitten by a ghoul.
Rosetta balloon
Create a big balloon and "on the screen of Magical Lovely Pad"1, 2 3!Clap your hands with the shout of "" to explode the balloon, and surround and restrain the enemy with a flock of small light butterflies emitted from it.According to him, "Enjoy what comes out every timeIt seems. In episode 48, he exploded a balloon, created a giant lance-shaped doll from it, and confronted King Jikochu.

Cure Sword

The first Pretty Cure that Makoto Kenzaki transforms[Note 74].. Image color ispurple[42] So, the name at the time of transformation is "Blade of courage!Cure Sword!. "

When confronting an enemy, make a spade shape by hand and "This cure sword cuts off your ambitions with the sword of love!"She says.

At first, he was accustomed to fighting Makoto's personality alone, so he refused to be "trustworthy" even though Hart urged him to fight together.However, in the fifth episode, when Hart helped him to be attacked by Jikochu when he was Makoto, he was touched and he himself transformed into a sword and helped.In the following episode 5, on the contrary, when he saw the three people who were struggling with Jikochu, he said, "I want to help everyone!" swear.

The only member with short hair even after transformation[40].. The hair grows partly from the bluish-purple shortcut to a lilac side tail. Also, there is a spade mark on the left side of the bangs. The costume is lilac[40] The hair ornaments and earrings are in the shape of spades. The boots are above the knee length, and the long arm cover has a ribbon. A dark purple spade emblem is attached to the left chest with a purple heart decoration underneath. In addition, the cuffs are shaped like wings of different sizes on the left and right, and the skirt is asymmetric and has a ribbon on the right hip.

In combat, they often make first strikes. With one handHand swordIt has also appeared as a production of techniques such as slashing, and only in episode 49 (final episode) "Holy SwordThe name of the technique is given. Although it is good at quick attacks, it lacks a little attack power, and it has been pointed out that the attack is light even when confronting the veil.

"Fun kindergartenWas published early in infant magazines and toys such as ”, and appeared in the TV series from the first episode, but until the sixth episode, it was hidden that Makoto was transformed during the work and on the official website. .. Originally, Cure Sword was planned as an additional warrior to become a companion in the middle stage, but "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage2 Kokoro no Friend』Because it was requested to appear in, it became a confluence in the sixth episode[43].

Holy Sword
"Flash!Holy Sword!Along with the shout, countless sword-shaped energy bullets are shot from the right palm and hit the enemy. Often used for checking.
Precure Sparkle Sword
Unfold the bow of the Love Heart Arrow, quickly trace the heart pattern on the bow bed, and shoot a large number of sword-shaped light bullets in a straight line forward.
Ultima Sword
Theatrical version limited technique. Spread both hands to the left and right, rotate horizontally, deploy energy from the Love Heart Arrow, and cut off the enemy with a motion like a knife with the momentum of rotation. The shout is "Glitter!Ultima Sword!. "
Sword hurricane
By cutting the sky on the screen of the Magical Lovely Pad, a large number of sword-shaped light bullets create a whirlwind and blow away enemies.

Cure Ace

The fifth Pretty Cure that Aguri Madoka transforms into. The image color isRed[44] So, the name at the time of transformation is "The trump card of love!Cure Ace!. "

Unlike the initial members, the body shape grew at a stretch, around 15 years old (character design)Takahashi AkiraSays the image of around 17 years old[45]) Becomes a girl.Also, the height is higher than the initial membersLipstickEye shadowAlso painted, and the voice becomes more mature than Akuri.Its appearance was overlapped twice with the image of Princess Marie Anjou.The reason why he transforms and grows bigger is that he says, "The power of thought (the desire to protect the world from Jikochu) has grown me."

When confronting the enemy, while making the shape of "A" by hand, "Beauty is a testament to justice, and one wink will shoot through your heart!"Speak and tighten with the wink of the right eye.

At the end of the 22nd episode, he suddenly joins Hearts who were struggling with Regina who was stained with evil by Janeji, and in the following 23rd episode, Regina is deeply inflicted and retreated.After the battle, he strips Cure Beads from Mana, who had lost Regina and lost his fighting spirit, and leaves, saying, "I will keep it until you regain your love."After that, he appeared as Akuri, advised Mana to regain his fighting spirit, and appeared in front of Diamond Rosetta Sword, who was struggling with Riva and Ghoul.Then, after returning Rabbie to Manna, he transforms together and reveals his identity to the four.Initially, he was acting differently from Hearts due to the restrictions described below, but from the 4st episode, he will act together.

The hairstyle is long hair that reaches the waist, and four huge pony rolls tied high behind, and the hair color and eye color are brown to red.[40] It changes to. He wears a golden headgear with a plume on the left side and an oval earring of the same color. The costume design based on crimson and white is very different from the other four. The inside of the skirt is light red and has a ribbon of the same color on the back waist. In addition, a light pink heart emblem is attached near the epigastrium with a golden heart decoration underneath, and the sleeves are puff sleeves. At the time of its appearance, it has a fighting power and quickness that far exceeds the other four Pretty Cures, and also shows special abilities such as summoning a gust of red petals.

Previous work "Sweet Pretty Cure♪This is the precure for elementary school students since Cure Muse (Ako Shirabe), but the setting that a little girl transforms into an adult is the first in the series.[46].. The time to maintain the transformation is only 5 minutes, and it will be forcibly released after that, which is also the first clear weakness as Precure, and after Riva knows the weakness, the special move is defeated by Jikochu's ability I was forced to fight for a long time, and I often struggled alone.[Note 75][Note 76].. Furthermore, if Ai is in a bad mood, she will not be transformed.[Note 77] In addition, it will have serious problems as a precure, such as strengthening the enemy.The transformation time limit was abolished when the memory of Marie Anju was regained by the "Eternal Golden Crown" that appeared in episode 45, and it is passed through with this treatment in subsequent crossover works.

Since the sword that was originally set as an additional warrior became an initial member, it is a character newly created as an additional warrior of this work.[43].

Ace shot
Apply Love Kiss Rouge Rouge to your lips, throw a kiss at your opponent, and aim at the heart-shaped energy body generated forward.Crush!Ace shot!Baku-n!With a shout of ", hold both hands and swing down the love kiss rouge raised above your head to attack.The attack effect differs depending on the color of the rouge.
In the manga version, "Love Kiss Rouge" is not used.Crush!Precure Ace Shot!Baku-n!I made a heart-shaped throwing kiss and hit the opponent with a shout.
Purify your enemies by firing a powerful red beam with red rose petals. In addition, the power can be amplified by the power of Ai-chan.
It blocks the movement of enemies by firing a powerful purple beam of square stardust.
By firing a powerful yellow beam with a rotating ray system, the vine restrains the enemy. It is ineffective because it is burned by the person who handles the fire.
light blue
By firing a powerful light blue beam with blue rose petals, you trap your enemies in elastic bubbles.
Ace mirror flash
Three rectangular mirrors surround the enemy and draw a triangle on the screen of the Magical Lovely Pad, connecting the energies of light from the mirror surface to each other and emitting a dazzling flash of light. In episode 3, three mirrors aimed at the enemy purify a large amount of Jikochu by delivering the amplified reflection of the beam emitted by "Miracle Dragon Grave".

Angel mode

Power-up form of Pretty Cure.Cure Heart transforms by plucking the Magical Lovely Harp.The name has not been clarified in the play, but the name has been revealed in infant magazines.It looks the same, but it has white wings on the backs of the Pretty Cures, and it can fly at will.

It first appeared in episode 40, and is mainly used when "Precure Royal Lovely Straight Flush" is activated.

Cure Heart Parthenon Mode

The final form of Cure Heart. Transformed with the power of the other four Precure and the power of the three sacred treasures. Pure white wings grow on the heart decoration on the left chest to make it look like a normal Psyche, white wings grow on the back, a white cloak is worn, the skirt becomes a little longer, and the color becomes whitish. ing.power(Crystal mirrorControls),speed(Spear of lightControls),テ ク ニ ッ ク(Golden crownIs governed by)Both surpass Prototype Kochu.. Its potential power is "big BangIt's comparable to Joe. "

Appeared in the final episode and powered up as the power of the other 4 precure "My sweet heart”Purified the prototype.

In the final episode of the manga version, 5 PreCure people have transformed into Parthenon mode, and at the same time, Regina's costume has also changed to a special one.


Precure Lovely Force Arrow
A combined special move released from the initial member Love Heart Arrow.The process of activating the technique is almost the same as Precure Heart Shoot.At the same time as releasing the trigger, the rainbow-colored heart-shaped energy generated above the four people becomes a powerful torrent and rushes to the enemy to purify it.You can purify a large amount of Jikochu at once.
Precure double kick
A kicking technique in which Cure Heart and Cure Sword breathe together and shoot while plunging into the air. In the movie version, "Cure Ace and Cure Sword"Precure Ultra KickIs also present.
Precure Lovely Force Reflection
"Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection" is powered up by injecting the power of Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Sword. Although the barrier is smaller than Rosetta Reflection, it has the effect of offsetting the strong barrier of Melan.
Precure Lovely Straight Flush
A combined special move of five people that first appeared in episode 31. The new magical lovely pad was filled with new cure beads given by Ai-chan, and each symbol mark was displayed in the center of the magical lovely pad.Playing cardsMake an energy card like this appear.Four people other than Heart saidBring our power to Cure Heart!After the line, send four energy cards to Heart's Magical Lovely Pad.After that, Cure Heart draws a heart shape on the screen of the Magical Lovely Pad to generate a powerful energy card that combines 4 cards, and when you fly it toward the enemy, it becomes a heart-shaped bubble and makes the enemy Wrap and purify.
Precure Royal Lovely Straight Flush
A combined special move of five people in the angel form state that first appeared in episode 40.As the heart plucks the strings of the magical lovely harp, a powerful rainbow-colored beam is emitted from the center of the formation assembled by the precure who became angel mode in the air, diffused like stardust and poured onto the enemy. Purify in the soaring golden wings.

Related items

Lovely commune
A fairy transformed into a precure used by early membersSmartphoneType item[47] ..Yellow, lilac, pink, and light blue heart-shaped jewels are buried in the lower part of the main body in order from the left, and there are three heart-shaped icons at the bottom of the screen.You can use the power by setting the cure beads on the brooch part attached to the fairy's head decoration on the upper part of the main body.After the transformation is completeLovely commune carryIt is stored in and attached to the back side of the right hip.
The fairy's shout that is emitted just before setting is different depending on the cure beads.For transformation and attack, say your own name, and for care, say the above-mentioned unique shout (eg "Charles Run!" In the case of Charles).
Fairies can communicate and talk with each other even if they are far away in the commune state.However, "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage2 Kokoro no FriendIn 』, Charles does not become a commune, but remains in a fairy state in the previous work"Smile PreCure!I talked to the fairy Candy.
Cure beads
A jewel that is the source of the power of Precure. Except for Makoto, who was already active as a precure, Mana is episode 1, Rokka is episode 3, and Arisu is episode 4 (actually before that).[Note 78] I got a labyrinth for transformation from Joe Okada. Joe Okada explained that it was an antique, and Rokka assumed that it was not a substance on the earth, and that Precure could use various powers as many as the number of Cure Beads. By setting it on the top of the lovely commune, you can transform it into a precure, or use your early personal skills or special powers.
Some of them were owned by Ai-chan, and according to Davy, they may appear in response to the thoughts of the mana.
In episode 31, the seeds of the "Jikochu plant" approaching mana are thrown away.
Arrow Cure Beads
Power-up cure beads created from the light of the cure beads worn by Ai-chan. By setting it in the Love Heart Arrow, you can use more powerful special moves. There are four types: Heart Arrow Cure Beads, Diamond Arrow Cure Beads, Rosetta Arrow Cure Beads, and Sword Arrow Cure Beads.
Lovely Force Cure Beads
New cure beads given by Ai-chan. By setting it in the Love Heart Arrow of Precure, you can use the combined special move "Precure Lovely Force Arrow".
Straight flush cure beads
The golden cure beads given by Ai when she got the new Magical Lovely Pad. By setting it on the Magical Lovely Pad, you can use the special move "Precure Lovely Straight Flush" that combines 5 people.
Magical Lovely Cure Beads
Cure beads for activating individual special moves with Magical Lovely Pads. The color is silver. By setting it on the Magical Lovely Pad, you can use personal special moves.
Love heart arrow
A bow and arrow-shaped item used by Precure to perform powerful special moves (actual shape isCrossbowClose to). When using, "Love Heart Arrow!Summon from the void with a shout of ".
The bow can be opened and closed and is heart-shaped when closed.
You can use the special move by fitting the cure beads into the large heart-shaped part in the center of the bow and tracing the four-colored heart pattern of the bow bed (pink, light blue, yellow, lilac from the bottom) with your finger. ..The way of holding and the deployment state of the bow differ depending on each special move, and when using the heart and coalescing moves, the bow and diamondTambourine, Rosetta holds like a shield, and Sword holds like a crossbow. At this time, a melody with a different scale and tone is played for each special move.
Royal crystal
A legendary jewel possessed by the royal family of the Trump Kingdom.Makoto, Davy, and Jonathan have seen the real thing when they were in the Kingdom of Trump.There are five types, pink, light blue, yellow, purple, and red, and it is said that when all of them are aligned, they will exert a powerful miracle power.Because it is often hidden in things related to Anju[48]Mana and his friends were looking for a princess using this jewel as a clue, but Regina robbed the red crystal. At the same time as 5 types are available, she shines light and Mach 3Supersonic[49] He flew away and led the Pretty Cures, Zikochu Trio, and Regina, who chased the light, to the princess in the glacier region in the distance.After that, when the mana were confused because they could not find a way to go to the Kingdom of Trump, they suddenly lit up and opened the door to the Kingdom of Trump.After that, it is fitted in the Love Eyes palette.
Love Eyes Palette
An item used when Akuri transforms into an ace.When you open the lid with the large golden A-shaped decoration, there are five royal crystals (yellow, purple, red, pink, light blue from the left) and a pedestal in which cure beads are set in the center.A love eye's palette was created from the heart mark of the appliqué attached to Ai-chan's drool, and the transformation cure beads for Cure Ace were fitted to the pedestal, and the five royal crystals fitted to the bottom of the main body with the tip pen attached to the main body. By touching and applying pink eyeshadow to the eyelids, the heart-shaped light of the mirror is visible, and then the transformation begins.After the transformation is completeLove Eyes Pallet CarryIt is stored in and attached to the front side of the right hip.
With toysInfrared communicationIt can also be linked with Ai-chan and Love Kiss Rouge.
Love Kiss Rouge
Used when Ace exercises a special moveLipstickType of attack weapon. Insert the Cure Beads for Summoning Weapons into the pedestal of the Love Eyes Palette and remove it from the mirror of the Love Eyes Palette. After taking it out, turn the dial of Love Kiss Rouge twice with your left hand to put out the lip. "Color!Love Kiss Rouge!The lip shines in the colors of the five royal crystals, and you can choose the color you want to attack (the attack effect varies depending on the color). Also, different attack sounds are heard.
Three kinds of sacred treasures
Three sacred treasures used by the legendary warrior Pretty Cure, who appeared for love and peace 1 years ago. The powers of the three sacred treasures have been combined to defeat the evil forces of darkness.
Spear of Light (Miracle Dragon Grave)
A spear of light that penetrates everything. It was owned by a cure magician 1 years ago, and nowadays by Princess Anju of the Kingdom of Trump. The handle of the spear is crimson, the tip glows golden, and the radiating beam can purify the Jikochu, so Anju sealed the King Jikochu with this power. After that, it was buried in the basement of the palace of the Kingdom of Trump, but it was left unattended because it could not be pulled out by the Jikochu trio because it was magical.
In episode 39, there was a veil's speculation that "Precure would come out", and Precure and others also challenged, but for some reason Regina pulled out the spear, and it was eroded by the power of Jikochu and the tip part Becomes the same color as Janeji, showing the tremendous destructive power of a powerful dark beam.In addition to attacks that swing a spear and shoot shock waves and crescent-shaped energy bullets, you can create energy in the form of a huge dragon and attack your opponent.
At the same time that Regina regains her love and returns to her original appearance in episode 47, the tip of the spear regains its golden glow.In addition, the beam blow has high power enough to counteract the powerful attack of King Jikochu.
Crystal Mirror (Magical Lovely Pad)
A crystal mirror that reflects all the truth. It was once owned by Cure Empress. The feature is that the outer circumference is decorated with purple, but nothing is reflected on the mirror surface.
In episode 31, the monsters Riva and Ghoul smashed them into five pieces, but each one was smashed by the strong feelings of Precure.TabletType weapon "Magical lovely padBy reincarnating as ", and fitting new cure beads, we gave Precure and others more coalescing skills and individual skills.When using, "Magical lovely pad!Summon from the void with a shout of ". With the power of Ai-chan, it is possible to project a map of the Trump Kingdom on the screen and teleport to the projected destination.
In episode 40, Cure Heart sets the Cure Beads created from the light of the heart-shaped accessories on the chests of Pretty Cures except Ace in the lovely commune, which will be described later by the power of Ai-chan.Magical lovely harpChanges to.
Magical lovely harp
It was created by the above processharp..When the heart plucks it, it evolves into the final power-up form angel mode with white feathers on the backs of the precure, and it becomes possible to fly, and by playing the harp again, the strengthening combination technique "Precure Royal Lovely Straight Flush" Can be activated.
Golden Crown (Eternal Golden Crown)
A golden crown packed with all kinds of knowledge. A delicately designed tiara decorated with jewels. It was once owned by Cure Pristes. By placing it above the conforming person, he / she will answer anything you want to know.
In episode 45, Jonathan brought these cure beads to the manna and used them for Charles, which brought them back to their original form.Akuri showed a reaction when he got it, and by suffering this, he knew everything including his own destiny, and in addition to powering up as an ace, he became a "true ace" who overcame the weakness of the transformation time limit. Has been reborn.

In-work terms

The town where mana live. It is near the sea, and the "Tokyo Clover Tower" described later also exists. The town name will be revealed in episode 4[Note 79].
In the final battle, King Jikochu invaded and the building was thrown away by the collapse of the tower and Protojikochu mentioned above, causing many sacrifices and becoming a battlefield. After purifying the prototype, the kingdom of Trump returned to its original appearance before it was destroyed. In addition, the invasion of King Jikochu will connect with the Kingdom of Trump.
Tokyo Clover Tower
Arisu, who appears in the first episode, is the ownertower.. The total height is 999 meters (setting is from the first episode), the highest in the world in the work.. There is an observatory floor at the top, which is connected to the elevator by stairs. Also, before Joe Okada opened "Solitaire," which will be described later, he opened a stall here and handed "Cure Beads" to Mana in the first episode.
Re-appeared in episode 46. The completely revived King Jikochu appeared in the sea near him along with Regina and "Jikochu in the Kingdom of Trump", and was destroyed and broken by King Jikochu in the following episode 47. After that, the tower finally returns to what it was before it collapsed.
It has also appeared in crossover works, "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪], It appears in the scenes of the mana of the recollection scenes of successive Pretty Cures (the video scene of the insert song "39 Fairies").
Buta no tail bower
It is run by the Aida family, which appears in the second episode.restaurant.. Rokka, who is often absent from her parents, is often a treat and sometimes stays.
Makoto visited in episode 6 for recording a cooking experience program, and after that he will visit privately.
From the 23rd episode, Ai will also live here.
In the crossover work, "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪In the flashback scene of the mana, it seems that the mana is making omelet rice.[Note 80],Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Sing together ♪ Miraculous magic!], In the scene where Mr. and Mrs. Aida receive the miracle light (miracle stick light), only one cut appears in the store.
Joe (Jonathan) opened in Ogai-cho in episode 3Antique shop.. In addition to antiques, it sells various accessories. Also, in the same story, he gave Rokka "Cure Beads". Furthermore, in episode 8, Ai-chan was born here, and after that it has become a place where mana gather.
It has also appeared in crossover works, "Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage2 Kokoro no FriendIn the middle of Arisu's tea party, the previous work "Smile PreCure!Invited to a precure party by Miyuki Hoshizora (Cure Happy) and Charles' friend Candy, a fairy.[Note 81].. Also,"Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage3 Eternal FriendsIn the newly born "Happiness Charge Precure!Grell and Enen (later Ayumi Sakagami (Cure Echo)'s partner fairy) are visiting Solitaire to meet Mana and others in search of clues to the information.[Note 82].
Nanatsubashi Gakuen
Reina also attends the prestigious school that Arisu attends. The location, school building, and co-education or girls' school are not disclosed. The uniform appeared for a moment in the final episode (Episode 49), wearing a black sailor suit and a red tie.[Note 12].
A large corporate group run by Arisu's family. There are many affiliated companies including the aforementioned "Tokyo Clover Tower", and the financial base is solid. In the final round, we will cooperate with various organizations to rescue the citizens. Since then, he has transferred various equipment to the Republic of Trump with a number of organizations.
In "NewStage3", "YoshihahospitalHas appeared[Note 83].
Yotsuba Stadium (Yotsuba Stadium)
Makoto's in episode 5concertWas heldStadium.. Can accommodate 6 people[Note 84].
Yotsuba Music
Makoto and Haruna belong to one of the affiliated companies of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu.Entertainment production.. Davy also goes in and out as a manager "DB"
Yotsuba TV
It is one of the affiliated companies of the Yotsuba Zaibatsu that appeared in the fifth episode.TV station.
Music Xanadu!
The same story was broadcast by the same station, and Makoto and Haruna appeared.Music program.
Yotsuba Photo Studio (Yotsubasa Tsueijo)
Appeared in episode 15Movie studio.. Used by Makoto and Otori Tamaki to shoot the movie "Snow White".
Yotsuba Dome
It is one of the four-leaf conglomerate-related companies that appeared in episode 24.Dome Stadium.. AppearanceTokyo DomeSame as, but with the mark of the four-leaf conglomerate on the roof. Makoto tries to give a concert at this stadium, but Riva, Goula, and Mike Jikochu intrude, but Precure's success purifies Jikochu and the concert is held safely.
In the movie "NewStgae3", "fresh pretty Cure!In the dream that Momozono Love (Cure Peach) had, a dance unit "Clover" consisting of herself, Miki Aono (Cure Berry), Inori Yamabuki (Cure Pine), and Setsuna Higashi (Cure Passion) It has appeared as a venue for the dance contests in which it participated (strangely, "Yoyo" connection).
Yotsuba department store (Yotsuba department store)
Appeared in episode 25. It will be the stage of the three-way battle between Pretty Cure, Goula and his Jikochu, and Marmo who transformed into "Cutie Madam".
Yotsuba &!
Appeared in episode 40. Used when Makoto makes a song dedicated to Regina.
Lovely income
Income that Makoto wears when singing a song (headset).MicrophoneHeadphonesIs decorated in a heart shape, and the latterCursiveIt is written as "Precure".
There was no scene in the play where Sword was wearing it, but he was wearing it at the ending and performing a dance."over this skyWas only a sword, but the late ""Love link"Is also wearing a heart.
Also, in "NewStage3", with the eight main characters Precure (Black Bloom, Dream, Peach, Blossom, Melody, Happy Heart) up to this work.Next workNine of the main characters, Cure Lovely, wear this and the ending "Precure Memory (New Stage 3 Version)Is sung and danced. Furthermore, the single "Precure ~ Eternal Friend ~ (2014 Version) / Precure Memory (New Stage 3 Version)The jacket is the nine main characters Pretty Cure who wore it.
~ SONGBIRD ~ (Songbird)
Makoto's debut song, achieving a million hit in the first week of its release[Note 85].. No. 1 of the above-mentioned music programrehearsalSing in.
In episode 40, Akuri is shy about listening to this song.
A song written by Makoto (and Mana) in episode 40 to convey everyone's thoughts to Regina. Regina, who listened to this song, did not convert, but convinced the five that she had a loved one.
The previous song and this song are included in the music CD character album "Dokidoki! Precure Character Album ~ SONGBIRD ~" in the related products section below.
Appeared in episode 1Caffeine zeroIs for saleSoft drink.. MakotoCMAppeared inBGMThe above-mentioned "~ SONGBIRD ~" is used for.In addition, a signboard will appear at the end of the same story and the fourth episode.
Royal white
Appeared in episode 35Toothpaste.. Makoto is also appearing in the commercial, and the BGM uses the "smiley present" recorded in the character album mentioned above.
In the kingdom of playing cardsTooth decayBecause it does not existBrushing teethIt seems that Makoto was appearing without knowing the meaning. Strangely, cavities are discovered after drinking the aforementioned acety.
Aozora Dental (Aozora Shika)
Makoto went to treat cavities in episode 35dental clinic.. The dentist is made into a jikochu by Mamo, but it is purified and Makoto's cavities are completely healed.
Five-star conglomerate (Itsutsuboshi Zaibatsu)
It is a huge company run by Reina's family and is a business enemy of the Yotsuba conglomerate. In episode 47, in order to cooperate with the Yotsuba Zaibatsu, a large helicopter will be used to rescue the citizens.
primary school
Elementary school where Akuri and El attend. No name or location is mentioned in the play.
gogo! jikochu
Unmanned, the base of Jikochu in the human worldBowling alley.. Until the 25th episode, Jikochu Trio was the base, but from the 26th episode, it will be replaced by Riva and Goula. However, after Riva and Goula were extinguished by the veil in episode 31, it became the base of the Jikochu trio again, but from episode 39, it moved to the "Princess Marie's Room" in the Kingdom of Trump.
A heart-shaped object with angelic wings, which Charles says is the "human heart." It is usually pink, but when it falls into a self-centered idea, it is dyed black, and when the Jikochu executives who attached it amplify the darkness, the wings also change to a bat-like appearance, and the person who was pulled out is on the left A black heart symbol appears on the chest and loses consciousness. Jikochu executives take out the Psyche in this state from humans and add darkness to it to create the monster "Jikochu", but when it is purified by Precure, it becomes the original Psyche and the body The black heart mark that appeared on the left chest disappears as soon as he returns to the person who became conscious and regains consciousness.
Also, the identity of the heart-shaped accessories attached to the chests of Precure except Cure Ace is actually the one that matches the shape of Psyche, and if that Precure is forcibly dyed in darkness by Psyche, it will be pulled out and that Precure The color of the heart-shaped accessory attached to his chest turns black and he loses consciousness, but when he returns to the usual Psyche due to the strong mental power of the precure, and when he returns to the precure that became the body, he regained consciousness. At the same time, the color of the heart-shaped accessory on the chest of the Pretty Cure returns to the original color[50].
The energy generated during the birth of Jikochu and the rampage. Needed for the resurrection of the sealed King Jikochu. In addition, Jikochu executives also have this, and it weakens when they receive the Precure technique. Also, if all the Janeji is lost, the executive will disappear.
The prototype Kochu, which was revived by taking in the veil in the final episode, eventually ate the Cure Heart Parthenon mode "My Sweet Heart" and disappeared, but the veil only degenerated into a mouse. So, let alone extinction, he did not convert. It is not said why the veil did not disappear.
PreCure 5 Oaths
Precure knowledge that Ace advocates. The sixth is added by the heart.
  • One, Precure, always look forward and keep walking (Episode 1)
  • One, love gives (Episode 1)
  • One, to love is to protect each other (Episode 1)
  • One, Precure Believe in yourself and never regret (Episode 1)
  • One, Precure is a first-class lady (Episode 1)
  • One, if everyone works together, there is nothing impossible (Episode 1)
Precure 1 years ago
Episode 30[51] Precure of three people, Cure Empress, Cure Magician, and Cure Pretty Cure, revealed in.
Blood ring
A ring made by Veil from Riva and Goula's Janezie. It is given to Ira and Mamo one by one, and has the effect of making the Jikochu produced by the two more powerful. However, once it is fitted, it cannot be removed, and the wearer is also given an electric shock at the will of the veil. In episode 1, Veil was removed from Ira and Mamo and transformed into "Super Veil", but disappeared when Precure was defeated.
Artificial commune
An item to transform into a Pretty Cure manufactured by Sebastian to help Alice in episode 25. However, only Sebastian and Mamo mentioned above were actually transformed. Eventually it will be destroyed between battles.

ス タ ッ フ

From this work, the producer of Toei AnimationAtsutoshi UmezawaからHiroaki ShibataReplaced by[7].. For the series directorGo Koga, For series compositionRyota YamaguchiAnd, both of them have been appointed for the first time in the Pretty Cure series. In the character design, "Sweet Pretty Cure♪I served in the same positionTakahashi AkiraHas been re-used[52].. I have also been in charge of music from "Fresh Pretty Cure!" To "Smile PreCure!"Yasuharu TakanashiFrom,Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star』And has experience working on insert songs and character songsHiroshi TakakiChanged to. Takagi has been thinking "I want to do the music of" Pretty Cure "mainly someday" since I was involved in the series in the past, and it will be a form that my wish has come true.[53].

  • Planning --Yoshitaka Kimura (Episode 1--Episode 10) → Hiroshi Noshita (Episode 11--), Masayuki Nishide (Episode 42--) (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), Masanori Miyake (Episode 1--Episode 41) ) → Junichi Hatano (Episode 42-) (ADK), Shinji Shimizu
  • Producer-Hiroyuki Matsushita (Episode 1-Episode 10) → Shigeha Dohi[Note 86](Episode 11-) (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), Reiko Sasaki (Episode 1-Episode 41) → Tomoko Takahashi (Episode 42-) (ADK),Hiroaki Shibata
  • Original- Izumi Todo
  • Series composition- Ryota Yamaguchi
  • Character Design - Takahashi Akira
  • Art Design-Ryutaro Masuda
  • Color design-Yoshiko Sakuma
  • musics - Hiroshi Takaki
  • Producer-Yasuhiko Nukaga
  • Series Director- Go Koga
  • Edit --Yoshihiro Aso
  • Recording-Koutaka Kawasaki, Naomi Hayashi
  • Sound effects-Takahisa Ishino (Sound ring
  • Song selection-Sayaka Mizuno
  • Record-Naoko Sawai
  • Recording studio- Tabac
  • Online Editing-Toei Digital Lab
  • Music Producer-Daisuke Kuriyama
  • Music A & R-Saki Iidori
  • Music production cooperation --Toei Animation Music Publishing
  • Acting affairs-Takumi Obama
  • Promotion --Takuma Kishimoto, Kanako Tada, Yudai Toyama
  • Animation production-Toei Animation
  • Production cooperation- Toei
  • Production- Asahi Broadcasting,ADK,Toei animation

Theme song

Opening theme
"Happy Go Lucky! Pounding! Precure'
Lyrics- Seiko Fujibayashi, Composition- Chiho Kiyooka, Arrangement- Daisuke Ikeda,song - Tomoyo Kurosawa
The opening video was fine-tuned everywhere in the early stages.
The last cut after the 7th episode has been changed to a scene that cancels the transformation of the four Pretty Cure.
It was also used as an insert song in episode 21.
Part of the opening video was changed from episode 27 (Cure Ace and Regina appeared).
The lyrics subtitles were not inserted in the cure diamond scene in the opening video of episode 29.
"Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪Manna sang this song in an encore, but it was stopped by Rokka on the way.[Note 87], I get unpopular with the successive Pretty Cures of other works[Note 88].
Ending theme
"over this sky(Episode 1-Episode 26)
Lyrics-Takayuki Tonegawa, Composition- Dr. Usui, Arrangement-Dr.Usui, Takayuki Tonegawa, Song- Hitomi Yoshida
In the ending animation, four early members are performing a dance. Cure Sword Only Lovely Income (headset) Can be seen singing. Choreography from this workMIKIKOIs in charge.
"Love link(Episode 27-Episode 49)
Lyrics --Takayuki Tonegawa, Composition --Dr.Usui, Arrangement --Dr.Usui & Wicky.Recording, Song --Hitomi Yoshida
In the ending animation, 5 Pretty Cure dances with the addition of Cure Ace. The lovely income that Cure Sword attached in the first half of the ED animation came to be worn by Cure Heart in the second half. MIKIKO is in charge of the choreography as in the previous term.
2013 during the broadcast periodOctoberからMeiji CorporationOf the sweets "Guruto!" Released byCMAlso, some ED animations have been diverted.
"Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪』Used as an insert song, the state after the final episode in the PV scene (recollection scene of mana) of the same song, and the re-edited video of the TV series[Note 89] Was flowing.
Insert song
Lyrics- Junyo Rokutsumi, Composition- Chiho Kiyooka, Arrangement- Kaoru Okubo, Song-Cure Sword / Makoto Kenzaki (CV: Kanako Miyamoto)
"Wholeheartedly(Episode 40)
Lyrics- Junyo Rokutsumi, Composition- Akihiko Yamaguchi, Arrangement- Kaoru Okubo, Song-Cure Sword / Makoto Kenzaki (CV: Kanako Miyamoto)

eye catching

eye catchingTwo patterns were produced as follows.

  • Episode 1-Episode 26
    • Part A: Mana is giving Ai-chan milk, the other three approach, and they all smile. Up to the sixth episode, it also served as an eye catcher for the B part, in line with the development of the story.
    • B part: Used from episode 7. Rokka & Raquel → Alice & Lance → Makoto & Davy → Mana & Charles, while appearing in this order, they stick to each other and transform into Pretty Cure. After that, four people gather and pose.
  • Episode 27-Episode 49
    • Part A: Charles and otherscrayonWhen I was drawing manna, I was suddenly chased by Ai-chan, and then I returned to 5 people, but Ai-changraffitiIt has been emaciated.
    • Part B: The flash image is the same as the previous term, but the gathering is 5 people including the ace, and the position of the initial members has changed (heart and ace are slightly larger). Further in the four cornersSuitDisappears.

List of stories

  • Below, unless otherwise noted, the broadcast date indicates the date of Sunday, those broadcast on other than Sunday are also indicated on the day of the week, and if it is broadcast on other than 8:30 -9: 00, a footnote to that effect is indicated. ..
  • The subtitle is the role of manaHitomi RawReads aloud.
  • The subtitle background appears after the flash footage of diamonds, rosettes, swords, and hearts.As for the background, the four early members (including fairies) and Ai-chan were used for one year from the first episode, and Ace did not appear (clockwise from the upper left, Sword & Davy, Heart & Charles, Rosetta & Lance, Ai. Chan, Diamond & Raquel).
  • Broadcast suspension and time changes due to special numbers are as follows.
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorArtMain broadcast date[Note 93]Recording DVD
1The earth is in a big pinch!
The last Pretty Cure left !!
Ryota YamaguchiGo KogaKomatsu KozueRyutaro Masuda2013
May 2
The true identity of Cure Heart has been revealed !!
Go KogaTakao IwaiHiroyuki KonoMiki KagariMay 2
3The best companion is here!
Cure Diamond !!
Inaba ChiakiTakahashi AkiraKatsumi SarutaniMay 2
4I refuse!
I won't be precure !!
Yuta TanakaTomoko ItoMiki TanakaMay 2VOL.2
Is Cure Sword that girl? ??
Hitoshi TanakaHiroki ShibataNabatame YashiroChie SatoMay 3
6I'm surprised!
Makopee is coming to my house !?[Note 94]
Natsuko TakahashiNoriyo SasakiTakao IwaiKen UenoYu SaitoMay 3
7Last-minute battle!
Farewell, Pretty Cure !!
Ryota YamaguchiMasato MitsukaNaoko Yamaoka
Takahashi Akira
Toshinori IinoMay 3VOL.3
8Kyupirappa ~!
The birth of a mysterious baby !!
Yoshimi NaritaYuriko KadoNarumi KurodaAkira InagamiMiki KagariMay 3
Ai-chan goes to school !!
Hitoshi TanakaInaba ChiakiYoshihiro UedaKomatsu KozueKatsumi SarutaniMay 3
10Transfer students
National super idol !!
Natsuko TakahashiNoriyo SasakiTakao IwaiHiroyuki KonoMiki TanakaMay 4VOL.4
The new power of Precure!
Ryota YamaguchiHiroki ShibataTakahashi AkiraChie SatoMay 4
12Manna's determination!
I will take a disciple!
Yoshimi NaritaYuta TanakaKen UenoYu SaitoMay 4
13Finally discovered !?
A clue to the princess!
Yonemura ShojiSatisfactionMasato MitsukaNaoko YamaokaToshinori IinoMay 4VOL.5
14A dream or a promise!
I'm worried about Rokka!
Hitoshi TanakaNarumi KurodaAkira InagamiMiki KagariMay 5
15Great rush!
Makoto's idol days!
Natsuko TakahashiYuriko KadoTakao IwaiMitsuru AoyamaKatsumi SarutaniMay 5
16Regina Takeshi Attack!
Mana is my thing!
Yoshimi NaritaInaba ChiakiKoji OgawaTakahashi AkiraMiki TanakaMay 5VOL.6
The deprived crystal!
Yonemura ShojiHiroshi IkehataYuta TanakaKomatsu KozueChie SatoMay 5
The last royal crystal!
Hitoshi TanakaMasato MitsukaHiroyuki KonoYu SaitoMay 6
19Put a crystal on it!
Jikochu game!
Yoshimi NaritaKazuhiro OchiTakao IwaiKen UenoToshinori IinoMay 6VOL.7
20Crystal guidance!
To the princess!
Natsuko TakahashiHiroki ShibataNaoko YamaokaTanaka Sato MidoriMay 6
21To the Trump Kingdom!
Save the princess!
Hitoshi TanakaKoji OgawaTakahashi AkiraKatsumi SarutaniMay 6
22Appeared in a pinch!
A new warrior Cure Ace!
Yonemura ShojiYuriko KadoNarumi KurodaMitsuru AoyamaMiki TanakaMay 6VOL.8
23Regain love!
PreCure 5 Oaths!
Ryota YamaguchiGo KogaMasato MitsukaAkira InagamiChie SatoMay 7
Makopee Idol Retirement Declaration!
Yoshimi NaritaYoko IkedaNobuto AkadaYu SaitoMay 7
25A splendid makeover!
New heroine appeared !?
Natsuko TakahashiSatisfactionTakao IwaiHiroyuki KonoToshinori IinoMay 7VOL.9
26How do you really feel?
Rokka I'm worried again!
Yonemura ShojiYuta TanakaKomatsu KozueMiki KagariMay 7
27I got caught !?
The weakness of Cure Ace!
Hitoshi TanakaHiroki ShibataTomoko ItoKatsumi SarutaniMay 8
28Pounding chest!
Akuri's summer vacation!
Yonemura ShojiKazuhiro OchiNarumi KurodaTakahashi AkiraMiki Tanaka8th February (Monday)[Note 95]
May 8
29For manna!
Charles Makeover!
Natsuko TakahashiYuriko KadoTakao IwaiMitsuru AoyamaChie Sato8th February (Monday)[Note 96]
May 8
30The final test!
Legendary Pretty Cure!
Ryota YamaguchiKoji OgawaYuichi HamanoYu SaitoMay 9
31Ogai-cho big pinch!
birth! Lovely pad
Yoshimi NaritaMasato MitsukaNaoko YamaokaTanaka Sato MidoriMay 9VOL.11
32Mana collapses!
Storm Cultural Festival
Hitoshi TanakaJiro MakinoTakao IwaiAkira InagamiToshinori IinoMay 9
33Arisu Daddy is here!
Yotsuba Family Otomarikai!
Yonemura ShojiYuta TanakaNobuto AkadaKatsumi SarutaniMay 9
34Mom is very good!
Fukigen Ai-chan!
Yoshimi NaritaSatisfactionKoji OgawaHiroyuki KonoMiki TanakaMay 9VOL.12
35No no Ai-chan!
Toothpaste strategy!
Ryota YamaguchiHiroki ShibataKomatsu KozueMiki KagariMay 10
36Raquel is perfect!
First love power fully open!
Natsuko TakahashiYoko IkedaTakahashi AkiraYu SaitoMay 10
37I love you!
Carrot VS Akuri
Hitoshi TanakaYuriko KadoTakao IwaiKenji MimaTanaka Sato MidoriMay 10VOL.13
38Veil scheme!
Ai-chan will be Jikochu !?
Yonemura ShojiKoji OgawaNaoko YamaokaToshinori IinoMay 10
39I came to see you!
Regina again!
Natsuko TakahashiMasato MitsukaAkira InagamiKatsumi SarutaniMay 11
40I want to reach you!
Makopee new song announced!
Ryota YamaguchiYuta TanakaNobuto AkadaMiki TanakaMay 11VOL.14
41Alice's dream!
Friends with flowers
Yonemura ShojiKazuhiro OchiYoshihiro UedaNii Manabu
Naoaki Hojo
Sugimoto Sachiko
Chie SatoMay 11
42Let's celebrate together!
First birthday!
Ryota YamaguchiSatisfactionTakao IwaiHiroyuki KonoYu SaitoMay 12
43To an important person!
Visit Akuri's class!
Hitoshi TanakaHiroki ShibataKomatsu KozueMiki KagariMay 12VOL.15
44Jikochu's trap!
Christmas without manna!
Natsuko TakahashiYabu RinYusuke SuzukiTakahashi AkiraTanaka Sato MidoriMay 12
45Fateful showdown!
Ace VS Regina!
Hitoshi TanakaYoko IkedaNaoko YamaokaKatsumi SarutaniMay 12
46Ace and Regina!
The truth of birth!
Yonemura ShojiYuriko KadoTakao IwaiKen UenoMiki Tanaka2014
May 1
47Cure Heart's determination!
Promise you want to protect!
Natsuko TakahashiYuta TanakaNii Manabu
Naoaki Hojo
Sugimoto Sachiko
Hiroyuki Kono
Chie SatoMay 1
48Pounding fully open!
Precure VS King Jikochu!
Ryota YamaguchiMasato MitsukaAkira InagamiToshinori IinoMay 1
49Deliver to you!
My sweet heart!
Go KogaTakahashi AkiraYu SaitoMay 1


Broadcast in Japan

Subtitled broadcasting-Linked data broadcastingIs a TV Asahi seriesFull netConducted only by stations.

Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
In Japan (excluding some)Asahi Broadcasting(Production Bureau
TV Asahi series23 innings
2013 May 2 - 2014 May 1Sunday 8:30-9:00TV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
Tottori-Shimane Sanin Broadcasting2013 May 2 -2014May 2Saturday 11: 15 - 11: 45TBS seriesSponsored net
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso2013 May 2 -2014May 2Tuesday 15:30-16:00Program sales

BS broadcasting station

2016 May 5Than2017 May 4UntilBS11Rebroadcast at. 2016May 12(Episode 28) is a special program that will be broadcast from 2:21, two hours later.

CS broadcasting

2017 May 4から2018 Until March,TV morning channel 1It was broadcast multiple times at.

Broadcast outside Japan

Broadcast time is local time in both cases.

2015 May 11から2015 May 12At Higashimori Denkagedai,DokiDoki! Mitsuyuki Bishoujo』Broadcast every weekday morning with the title.Mandarinbroadcast,繁体字With subtitles.
2016 May 3から2016 May 6UntilYoYo TVAt, "DokiDoki! Mitsuyuki Bishoujo』Rebroadcast every weekday from 16:00 to 16:30.Mandarinbroadcast,繁体字With subtitles.
Hong Kong
2017 May 1から2017 May 4UntilTVB JadeAt, "Heartbeat! Mitsuyuki Bishoujo』Broadcast every weekday from 16:15 to 16:45.Cantonese & JapaneseBilingual broadcasting, with traditional Chinese subtitles.

Online distribution outside Japan

North America-EuropeWait
The above-mentioned English localized work "Glitter Force Doki Doki』(Glitter Force Pounding)ButNetflixIt is delivered at.同作品の第1シーズン(全15話)の配信開始は2017年8月18日The first season of the work (XNUMX episodes in total) will be released on August XNUMX, XNUMX.[54], The second season (2 episodes in total) will be distributed from November 15, 2017[55].


Movie pounding! Precure mana marriage !!? A dress of hope that connects to the future
Published April 2013, 10[56].. Cure Ace and Ai-chan make their first appearance in the movie. In addition, Davy is showing off his human form for the first time. Only in the OP's mana dream scene, three Jikochu trios and many Jikochu that have already appeared in the TV series will appear.
Along with the release of this work, some of the highlight scenes of this work were used at the opening of episodes 36-39 of this work.

Crossover movie

A work in which successive Pretty Cures co-star.

Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage2 Kokoro no Friend
Published March 2013, 3. From this work, Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, Cure Sword, Charles, Rachel, Reims, and Davy appear.
Along with the release of this work, some of the highlight scenes of this work were used at the opening of episodes 6-10 of this work.
Movie Pretty Cure All Stars NewStage3 Eternal Friends
Published March 2014, 3. In addition to the 15 people and 2 animals that have already appeared in "NS4", Cure Ace and Ai-chan are making their first appearance in a crossover movie. Kanako Miyamoto, who plays the role of Cure Sword, after recording the same workMay 2Announced a rest.
Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival ♪
Published March 2015, 3. Cure Heart and Cure Diamond have appeared with voice for 14 consecutive works from "NS2". Also, as supporting characters, Mr. and Mrs. Aida, Sokichi, Ryoko, Sebastian, Dr. Jun, Reina, Reina's entourage, El Karuta Queen Joe (Jonathan), Melan Regina, Jikochu Trio, Bevel (Isuzu) of "Movie Dokidoki!" ) Appears.
Movie Pretty Cure All Stars Sing together ♪ Miraculous magic!
Released on March 2016, 3. All the precure of this work appeared with dialogue. Prototype Kochu on the enemy side[Note 97], Aida and his wife appeared as supporting characters.
Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories
Released on October 2018, 10. Five precure of this work appeared with voice.

Other works

Happiness Charge Precure!
The 2014th precure TV series broadcast in 11.At the beginning of the OP of this work, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the series, there is a corner where 33 successive Pretty Cures give a message of congratulations, and the Pretty Cure of this work appeared in the following number of stories.
  • Episode 12: Cure Heart
  • Episode 19: Cure Ace
  • Episode 25: Cure Diamond
  • Episode 27: Cure Rosetta
  • Episode 32: Cure Sword
HUGt! Pretty Cure
The 2018th precure TV series broadcast in 15.In episode 37, 5 Pretty Cures and Regina from this work appear as guests.

Comic version

Like the previous series, "Nakayoshi』(Kodansha),Kamikita TwinWas serialized from the March 2013 issue to the February 3 issue.The first episode and the extra edition drawn are "Pounding! PreCure & Smile PreCure! Story Book!" (Published March 2014, 2,ISBN 978-4-06-389741-8), The character introduction centering on the new Cure Ace is "Pounding! Precure Ultra Marugoto Book!" (Published July 2013, 7,ISBN 978-4-06-389768-5), And on March 2014, 3, a book containing 6 episodes serialized, an extra edition recorded in "Ohanashi Book", and the final episode drawn down was published. Due to the publication of this book, it is not included in the series book issuance called "Precure Collection" from December 12, but as a bonus for purchasers of all volumes of the collection, this book can be changed to collection specifications. A gift service for replacement covers was offered.

Character show

First term (Makopee fan Thanksgiving!)
Appearing characters are Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, Cure Sword, Cure Rosetta, Era, Jikochu (rock-paper-scissors type)
Late (dream has come true)
Appearing characters are Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, Cure Sword, Cure Rosetta, Cure Ace, Veil, Jikochu (futon type)

Olive Related Products

Music cd

Both are sold byMarvelous AQL..For details on the soundtrack and vocal album, see "Pounding! Precure Sound Album].

  1. "Happy Go Lucky! Pounding! Precure / Beyond this sky"(2013 May 3Release)
    • CD + DVD Edition: MJSS-09074 -5
    • Normal Edition: MJSS-09076
    • Includes the opening theme and the ending theme of the previous term. The CD + DVD version of the DVD contains a non-telop movie of the opening and ending. The first limited edition includes the CD + DVD version of Data Card Das Pretty Cure All Stars, and the regular version of the jacket illustrations and stickers.
  2. "Love link(Released on July 2013, 9)
    • CD + DVD Edition: MJSS-09104 -5
    • Normal Edition: MJSS-09106
    • In addition to the late ending theme, another version of the early ending theme "Beyond this Sky" (sung by Hitomi Yoshida and Tomoyo Kurosawa with Dokidoki! Precure) is included. The first limited edition includes the CD + DVD version of Data Card Das Pretty Cure All Stars, and the regular version of the jacket illustrations and stickers.
  1. "Pounding! Precure Original Soundtrack 1 Precure Sound Lovelink !!(Released on May 2013, 5, MJSA-29)
    • BGMAll 43 songs including the TV size version of the theme songSoundtrack board.. The first-time inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
  2. "Pounding! Precure Original Soundtrack 2 Precure Sound Arrow !!(Released on May 2013, 11, MJSA-20)
    • BGMAll 45 songs including the TV size version of the late ending themeSoundtrack board.. The first-time inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
Character album
  1. "Pounding! Precure Character Album ~ SONGBIRD ~』(2013May 5Released, MJSA-01067)
    • A solo album by Cure Sword / Makoto Kenzaki (CV: Kanako Miyamoto). Contains 8 songs including songs in the play. The first-time inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
Vocal album
  1. "Pounding! Precure Vocal Album 1 Jump up, GIRLS!』(2013May 7Released, MJSA-01068)
    • A vocal album containing all 12 songs including image songs and theme songs. The first inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
  2. "Pounding! Precure Vocal Album 2 ~ 100% Precure DAYS ☆ ~』(2013May 11Released, MJSA-01071)
    • A vocal album containing all 11 songs including image songs and theme songs. The first inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
  3. "Pounding! Precure Vocal Best(Released on May 2014, 1, MJSA-15)
    • The best vocal album that contains all 1 songs including the theme songs and character songs of the first and second vocal albums.

Blu-ray / DVD

Both are sold by Marvelous AQL and sold by Marvelous AQL.TC Entertainment.

DVDは2013年5月29日から2014年4月25日にかけて全16巻(各巻3話(Vol.16のみ4話)収録)が[57]、Blu-ray Discは2013年9月27日から2014年5月28日にかけて全4巻(各巻2枚組・12話(Vol.4のみ13話)収録)がそれぞれ発売された[58].

Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Episode 1-Episode 3Cure Heart
Cure diamond
Cure rosetta
Cure Sword
Non-telop previous term OP & ED
DVD & Blu-ray announcement CM
2Episode 4-Episode 6Cure Heart
3Episode 7-Episode 9Cure diamond
4Episode 10-Episode 12Cure rosetta
5Episode 13-Episode 15Cure Sword
Movie trailerNovember
6Episode 16-Episode 18Mana ReginaNovember
7Episode 19-Episode 21Cure Sword
Marie Anju
8Episode 22-Episode 24Cure Ace
9Episode 25-Episode 27Mana CharlesNon-telop late OP & EDNovember
10Episode 28-Episode 30Rokka Raquel
11Episode 31-Episode 33Alice LanceNovember
12Episode 34-Episode 36Makoto / DB
13Episode 37-Episode 39Akuri / Ai-chanNovember
14Episode 40-Episode 42Makoto (stage costume)
15Episode 43-Episode 45Cure Ace
16Episode 46-Episode 49Mana, Rokka, Arisu, Makoto, Akuri
Ai-chan, Charles, Rachel, Lance, Davy
Blu-ray Disc
Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Episode 1-Episode 12Cure Heart
Cure diamond
Non-telop OP & ED
DVD & Blu-ray announcement CM
Movie trailer
2Episode 13-Episode 24Cure rosetta
Cure Sword
eye catching
Makeover scene
3Episode 25-Episode 36Cure Ace
eye catching
Provided back illustration collection
4Episode 37-Episode 49Cure Heart Parthenon Mode
Cure diamond
Cure rosetta
Cure Sword
Cure Ace
(4 people in angel mode)
Ai-chan, Charles, Rachel, Lance, Davy
Makeover sceneNovember


"Pounding! Precure Official Complete Book" (AnimediaSeparate volume,Gakken Publishing・ Issued, first edition issued on March 2014, 3 (released on the same month 29)ISBN 978-4-05-610409-7
Consists of introductions and setting materials of the main characters, explanations of all stories, interviews and comments of voice actors of Pretty Cure, Fairy, Regina, and Zikochu Trio, interviews of the main staff, and a collection of copyright illustrations. In addition, "NewStage2", "Mana Marriage !!? Dress of Hope to Connect to the Future" and "NewStage3", which was released on the day of its release, are also included.
"Akira Takahashi Toei Animation Precure Works』(Ichijinsha, Released November 2015, 2)ISBN 978-4-7580-1422-9
Previous work "Sweet Pretty Cure♪] And the book of the illustration gallery of this work. Consists of copyright illustrations used in various anime magazines and DVD jackets by Takahashi, character settings, modified original drawings, and original drawings used in the 10th anniversary message of "HappinessCharge Precure!".
On January 2021, 1, "Star Twinkle PrecureRevised version with additional recording of copyright illustrations, character settings, original drawings, etc.ISBN 978-4-7580-1711-4) Has been issued.
"Pounding! Precure setting reference materials" (Movic, All 2 volume)
A collection of setting materials for this work. Both are A4 horizontal editions, Vol.1 was published on August 2013, 8, and Vol.22 was published on May 2, 2014.


"PreCure All Stars Zeninshugo ☆ Let's Dance!"
BANDAI NAMCO GamesSince 2013May 3On saleWiiImpersonator dance game.First workPrecure from to pounding (4 initial members) has appeared. The first privilege isData cardcard.It is the only Wii software in the Pretty Cure series and the last game title for Wii by Namco Bandai Games, and it is the final game title for Wii in Japan.[Note 98].
recorded music
  • Happy Go Lucky! Pounding! Precure
  • over this sky
  • Full bloom * Smile!
  • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
  • Let's go! Smile PreCure!
  • #Kibou Rainbow #
  • La ♪ La ♪ La ♪ Suite PreCure ♪
  • Heart Catch ☆ Paradise!
  • H @ ppy Together !!!
  • PreCure 5, Full Throttle GO GO!
  • Leave it to me ★ Splash ☆ Star ★
  • DANZEN! The two are precure (Ver.Max Heart)
"Pounding! Precure Narikiri Life!"
2013 from Namco Bandai GamesMay 8On saleNintendo 3DSdesignatedComputer gamessoft.. It is a mini-game collection where you can relive the events in the work such as dance games, helpers, and idols, and you can also get items by turning the gasha at the points you can get by overlapping the play. Cure Ace will also appear, but Aguri, who has not yet transformed, has not appeared in the game. In addition, the fairy appears only with Charles' voice.[Note 99].. Previous work "Smile PreCure!Appears as a guest[Note 100].. Also, the first download version of the Pretty Cure series from the same work was delivered on the same day. Previous work "Smile PreCure! Let's go! Fairytale world], The same work also has a birthday screen.

Smartphone app

Pounding! Precure Official App
An app developed and distributed free of charge by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation on January 2013, 1.iOSEdition (iPhone/iPadBoth correspondence), but on April 4AndroidThe version is now available. As a function from the beginningAugmented realityYou can play the preview video by projecting the program logo on the camera. Also, in the update on April 4, we have added a function that can support the precure in the play in conjunction with the sound of the program and a function that you can take a picture with the 22D modeling character that you can get according to the support. ..
After that, "Happiness Charge Precure!''Go! Princess PrecureContinue until ""Magical Pretty Cure!』Move to the new app.
Pounding! Precure Live Wallpaper
Live wallpaper for Android released by Toei Animation on February 2013, 2.
Pounding! Precure Touch and chat ♪
An iOS app that was released for free from Bandai Namco Games on May 2013, 5. It is possible to communicate with the characters that appear, and by purchasing additional add-ons, transformations, stages, and characters can be added.
Precure Card & Voice Collection
By Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, which started distribution in May 2013au smart passService for. The Android version is provided as a native application, and the iOS version is provided as a web application. By accessing within 30 minutes after the program is broadcast, you can obtain character illustration cards, audio, and voice movies, and once a day as a "stamp challenge". Select one from the four boxes, and when a fairy appears, you will get a stamp, and if you collect three, you will get an illustration card, audio, and voice movie.
After that, it continued to "Happiness Charge PreCure!" And "Go! Princess PreCure", and ended the service at the end of February 2016 in the form of replacing the new application "Magical Collection" of "Mahou Tsukai PreCure!".
Pounding! Precure -Pounding! Flick- ♪
An iPhone app released by Obragon on July 2013, 7.Flick inputIt is an application for practicing, and when you start by selecting your favorite Pretty Cure, famous scenes, special moves, and decision lines will appear one after another, and you can practice flick input in hiragana.[59].
Precure connect pazurun[60]
BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentMore delivered smartphones (iOS/Android) Puzzle game app. The service will start on March 2017, 3. From August 16th of the same year, 8 precure characters of this work will appear.


"Pounding! Precure" LINE stickers[61]
Free calling appLINEStamp. It can be purchased from LINE STORE for 100 coins (240 yen). All 40 types.
LINE Pretty Cure Official Account[Note 101] Eight kinds of free stamps were distributed to commemorate the opening.

SHFiguarts series

SHFiguarts Cure Heart[62]
Released on May 2014, 5. Includes Charles minifigure, Love Heart Arrow, and Magical Lovely Pad.
SHFiguarts Cure Diamond[63]
Limited to Tamashii Web Shop. Shipped in October 2014. Includes Rachel minifigure, Love Heart Arrow, and Magical Lovely Pad.
SHFiguarts Cure Sword[64]
Limited to Tamashii Web Shop. Shipped in August 2015. Includes Davy's minifigure, Love Heart Arrow, and Magical Lovely Pad.
SHFiguarts Cure Rosetta[65]
Limited to Tamashii Web Shop. Shipped in September 2015. Includes Lance minifigure, Love Heart Arrow, and Magical Lovely Pad.
SHFiguarts Cure Ace[66]
Limited to Tamashii Web Shop. Shipped in May 2017. Includes Love Kiss Rouge and Magical Lovely Pad.


Love Kiss Rouge Lipstick
A lip balm with a love kiss rouge motif, produced and released following "Smile Pact Shiny Powder" from the previous work "Smile PreCure!". While reproducing the body design as it is, the grip part can be used as a cap, and the lip balm also contains rose oil, UV blocking ingredients, tocopherols, moisturizing ingredients, etc. Released on Premium Bandai in December 2013[67].

Pretty store only

The second in the Puri Kumi series
Available at each Pretty Store. This work / next work "Happiness Charge Precure!"Go! Princess Precure』Pretty Cures are costumes of each fairy (including fairies not included in successive fairies)[Note 102] An illustration wearing is drawn. The price is 800 yen for mini towels, 3200 yen for cushions, 600 yen for acrylic charms, 350 yen for can badges, and 1500 yen for pass cases (all including tax).


注 釈

  1. ^ Trademark from the same workSaban brandIs moving to Toei Animation.
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