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🤖 | "Gintama" Gin-san "BLEACH" Hitsugaya ... A large collection of silver-haired characters during Silver Week! Free delivery on ABEMA

Photo "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" (C) TYPE-MOON / ufotable / FSNPC

"Gintama" Gin-san "BLEACH" Hitsugaya ... A large collection of silver-haired characters during Silver Week! Free delivery on ABEMA

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This project is a free distribution of episodes carefully selected from anime featuring "silver hair" characters during "Silver Week" from September 9th.

"Gintama" "BLEACH" "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works ... → Continue reading

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Silver week

Silver week,Silver week(Japanglish: Silver Week, SW) IsJapan OfFall: OfDays OffRefers to the period when there are many.Golden weekA companion word to.


Unlike Golden Week, it is not a term that indicates a fixed period each year.The purpose of this word is as follows.


A term that originated in the movie world in the 1950s

Japanese movie company,DaieiBy the managing director of1950 eraCreated in the first half and proposed by Yoshida,4From the end5firstLarge holidayName of "Golden weekSame asHideo MatsuyamaCreated by and advocated by the company[1][2][3].. The company is in the fallCulture DayPeriod centered on[1]ToSilver weekI named it and advertised it.[1].. A small partliteratureNow, let ’s talk about the period of Silver Week as “late November.ThanksgivingSome say "before and after"[4]

Golden Week holidays in September

2009, 2015

Happy Monday systemOriginally it was September 9th敬老の日Is September 9rdMondayIt became.Law on national holidays(Holiday Law) stated on December 1985, 12 that "the day before and the day after that is a" national holiday "(excluding the day corresponding to Sunday and the day corresponding to the holiday prescribed in the preceding paragraph) shall be a holiday." It was revised.

Autumnal Equinox DayBecome the sunFirst point of LibraIf the transit date is September 9, 21, or 22, and it is Wednesday, two days before will always be Respect for the Aged Day on the third Monday of September, and the Tuesday between the two will be.National holidayWill be.Therefore, if Sunday to Wednesday are four consecutive holidays and Saturday is treated as a holiday, it will be five consecutive holidays.The autumnal equinox day may be September 4th, but if that day is Wednesday, the third Monday will be the 5th instead of the 9nd, so there will be no 24 (3) consecutive holidays.

The day when the vernal equinox passesJapan Coast GuardThe date of the autumn equinox day (autumn equinox day) is confirmed by the calendar calculation ofNational ObservatorybyAstronomical observationBecause it depends on the previous year2/1 OfOfficial gazetteIt will be the official date only after it is announced at. Detail is"Calendar requirementsSee.

Under the current law, it is not a permanent holiday, 2009- 2015After 2026It is not expected that the Golden Week holidays will appear until.

This period is called "Silver Week" because it has elements similar to "Golden Week".[5][6][7][8]Was taken.silverBecause it also includes the meaning of the old generation敬老の日It also means consecutive holidays including.2000 eraThere was that movement even in the middle stage[3].

2008In 11 monthMitsubishi Electric Building Techno Service"Survey on the 2009 calendar" conducted by[9]"Silver Week" ranked first in the question "What if you name it in September 2009 (consecutive holidays)? (Free answer)"[9]Things on TVインターネットMedia etc. report[10]And travel agencies planning domestic and overseas tours started using[11]It settled at once.

NHK, Some commercial broadcasters,News (Chinese)"Golden Week" was originally a movieIndustry termBecause of that, NHKBroadcasting lawIt is unified with the expression "(Spring) Golden Week holidays" because it conflicts with the industry's promotion prohibited by Article 83 (Advertising and Broadcasting Prohibition Regulations) and is difficult for the elderly to understand. Similarly, "Silver Week" has been replaced with "(Autumn) long holidays". JR's specially planned tickets are restricted during the Golden Week holidays in spring, the old Bon festival, and the year-end and New Year holidays, but the Golden Week holidays in autumn are not restricted.

Not every yearRarityFrom "platinumWeek, "(Compared to Golden Week)Platinum weekIt is also called ".

By 2099, assuming that the current holiday law provisions do not change

It is predicted to be each year. There will be no five consecutive holidays for two consecutive years.

If the autumnal equinox day is September 9st or 21nd and Tuesday, the day before will be Respect for the Aged Day on the 22rd Monday, and although there are no national holidays, Sundays and holidays will continue for 3 days, so 3 (3) consecutive holidays It will be Silver Week. First application year 2020And the next application year is 2048Will be. In this case, 2048 and 2049 will be three (2) consecutive holidays or more for the second consecutive year.

End of October-Large holidays at the beginning of November

Self-public coalition OfLDPとKomeitoHas a plan to set up a long holiday in the fall in May 2007,Sports DayThe11/1ToThanksgivingThe11/5Moved to11/3 OfCulture DayNovember 11nd and 2th, which are sandwiched between the two, are designated as "national holidays".11Proposal to have at least 5 consecutive holidays was considered[12].. In this proposal, there was a possibility that a minimum of 5 consecutive holidays and a maximum of 9 consecutive holidays could be realized depending on the arrangement of days of the week.

Labor Thanksgiving Day for the idea of ​​aiming for economic measuresRoyal shrineIs considered to be the most importantNew festivalBeing derived from 1873(Meiji6 years), the only fixed day with the longest historyJapanese holidaysSince it has been established in all age groups, conservatives within the Liberal Democratic Party have argued against the move plan, saying that the original meaning of the holiday will be lost.[13][14].

Research companyCentral research companyIn October 2007, a survey of 10 men and women over the age of 20 responded to a total of 1347.percent"It is better not to adopt this concept"[15]And

Democratic PartyIn 2012,10Considered a plan to consolidate holidays into holidays and make Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a holiday, and make it a five-day holiday including Saturday and Sunday.[16].


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