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🎥 | [Interview Part XNUMX] Tanishi Matsubara The recent “spiritual disorder” is ... the original author of the movie “Stigmatized Property”


[Interview Part XNUMX] Tanishi Matsubara The recent "spiritual disorder" is ... The original author of the movie "Stigmatized Property"

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In August 2020, the movie "Accident Property Scary Layout" based on this book was released.

The movie "Accident Property Scary Layout" (starring: Kazuya Kamenashi) is a big hit.As the original author and "entertainer who lives in the accident property" ... → Continue reading

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Accident property ghost story Scary floor plan

"Accident property ghost story Scary floor plan』(Jikobuken Kaidan Kowaimaidori)Accident propertyEntertainerMatsubara TanishibyNon-FictionBooks. The first work2018, The second work2020ToFutami ShoboPublished by[Note 1].

In this item, the manga version,Hideo Nakatadirected by,Kamenashi KazuyaAlso describe the movie version of the lead[1].


Can't sellComedian[2]Matsubara Tanishi,2012ToShochiku entertainmentIs a seniorMakoto KitanoTV program "Mr. Makoto Kitano, don't go.~ We are the Psychic Detectives GEAR 2nd ~ "Planned from # 3 to # 12 "Matsubara Tanishi's Paranormal Diary[3]"so幽 霊Will live in an accident property that is said to[4][5].. At that timeMysteriousSince I experienced such a phenomenon, I continued to move to another accident property when the lease contract renewal time came after the project ended, and as of April 2020 it was the 4th house[6][Note 2]Living in an accident property[7][8][9].

The many accidental properties that have been visited so far, including the property that actually livedFloor planTrue story to introduce withGhost storyAs a collection, the first work "Accident Property Kaidan: Scary Floor Plan" will be published on June 2018, 6[10][Note 1].

The movie was decided in 2020[1], A second sequel "Accident Property Kaidan: Awesome Floor Plan 7" will be published on July 6th of the same year.[11][Note 1].

Bibliographic information

Media mix

Shochiku Performing Arts From Tanishi Matsubara Profile[12]

Online delivery


Matsubara Tanishitrue storyFrom July 2018, the magazine ``A really funny storyWas serializing a cartoon work of the accident propertyMiyamoto GumiTogether with "Bokunchi Accident Property"[14]From October of the same yearWeb comic distribution site"Soft spirits"soOku KaoriThe series of "Accident Property Life Starting from Zero" begins in collaboration with[15].

The series "I look at the room of the accident property entertainer!"2019From the magazine "The scary story you experienced"soOgatachiAnd Ikuyo (Psychic) Is a cartoonized work of Matsubara who visited the accident property[16].

Synopsis (Cartoon)

Tanishi Matsubara is a comedian who can't sellPart-time jobI was spending a lot of time. One day, the localOsakaTV program "Mr. Makoto Kitano, don't go.I had the opportunity to appear in a talk event, and after thatlaunchWhen Makoto Kitano participated in the program, he was looking for a person who could live in the accident property, so if he moved to the accident property accordingly, he would encounter a number of mysterious phenomena.[Note 7].

Character (manga)

Serialized magazine

  • Bokunchi Accident Property ("A Really Amusing Story" 2018 -) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Gumi Miyamoto[14]
  • I look at the room of the accident property entertainer! ("The scary story you experienced" 2019 -) Original plan: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Ogatachi, Supervision: Ikuyo[16]

Serialized web comic distribution site

  • Accident property life starting from scratch (“Soft Spirits” 2018-2019) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Kaori Oku[15]
  • Accident property life starting from zero (“NEWS Post Seven2020 -) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Animation: Kaori Oku[Note 8]

Bibliographic information (manga)

  • "I see the room of an accident property entertainer!" (2019,Bunkasha,ISBN 978-4-8211-4505-8) Interview cooperation: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Ogatachi, Supervision: Ikuyo
  • "Bokunchi Accident Property" (2019,Take Shobo,ISBN 978-4-8019-1925-9) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Gumi Miyamoto
  • "First Accident Property Life Beginning from Zero" (1,Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-860275-9) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Kaori Oku
  • "Accident Property Life Vol. 2 Starting from Zero" (2019, Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-860421-0
  • "Accident Property Life Vol. 3 Starting from Zero" (2019, Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-860501-9
  • "I see it as something other than the room of the accident property entertainer!" (2020, Bunkasha,ISBN 978-4-8211-4554-6) Interview cooperation: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Ogatachi, Supervision: Ikuyo
  • "2nd Bocunchi Accident Property" (2020, Takeshobo,ISBN 978-4-8019-2346-1) Draft: Tanishi Matsubara, Drawing: Gumi Miyamoto


"Accident property Scary floor plan』(Jikobuken scary house plan), with the title2020May 8Published on 335 screens nationwide[18].. The directorHideo Nakata, StarringKamenashi Kazuya[1][19].

Box officeの週末映画動員ランキングでは初登場1位となり、8月29日・8月30日の2日間での動員は26万3000人、興収は3億5800万円を記録した[20].. Next week, the weekend movie mobilization ranking also ranked first, and the cumulative total in the 1 days since the release was 10 people and box office 78 billion yen.[21].

Synopsis (movie)


Major cast[22]
Other casts[23]

ス タ ッ フ


  • "Movie "Accident Property Scary Floor Plan" Original Soundtrack" (Music:fox capture plan, Released on March 2020, 8,Bop



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