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🤖 | Broadcast starts today!A message arrives from the cast of the anime "Higurashi When They Cry"


Broadcast starts today!アニメ「ひぐらしのなく頃に」キャストからメッセージが到着A message arrives from the cast of the anime "Higurashi When They Cry"

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The village, which was once supposed to sink to the bottom of the dam, still welcomes transfer student Keiichi Maebara in the same way as it used to be.

A message arrived from the cast of the anime "Higurashi When They Cry", which will start broadcasting on October 10. ▶ Viewing page ... → Continue reading


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Keiichi Maebara

Keiichi Maebara(Mabarara Keiichi) says, "When there was no HigurashiIs a fictional character who appears in (Voice:Soichiro Hoshi[1]/ Performance:Koki Maeda(Movie version)[2],Inaba friend(TV drama version)).


Onikakushi Hen-Cotton sink-KillingAnd PS2 version "Festival, DS version "bonds"ofhero[3].. In credit, he is the main character in the series that always comes to the top.

With brown hair and purple eyes, the hairstyle is a long-short bob type that was popular among young people in the early 1980s, and the eyes are slightly long and extended Sanpaku eyes.


Showa 58 YearIn 5 monthTokyoからHinamizawaI moved tojuvenile.TransferShortly after that, it blended in so that the villagers could remember the name.He has excellent grades, has a quick mind, and has a very good mouth. ).Pointing to the natural talent that incites the surroundings, the club members said, "Mouth magicianThe two names are given. A type that exerts its power only when it is cornered.CuisineIs not good atFried vegetablesI've burned a house trying to make one, but in the experience of day campMess kitCan be done. Birthdays are generally estimated to be April (year and date of birth unknown). At the Higurashi When They Cry Festival, Keiichi's remarks by Keiichi Maebara turned out to be a junior high school student. It's one less than Mion Sonozaki, so I'm in the second year of junior high school.

Drama CDRevenueIt is a setting that you can not swim at all,Exposed editionThen it is set to be good at swimming. The sequel edition is a contest entry work, and the bleached edition is the original author.Dragon Knight 07This is the official setting because it is newly written.

In both good and bad ways, it is a "mass of irregular elements" in the work, and it is a tragedy.The destruction of HinamizawaThree rules that bring about the fate ofKilling all) The only person who stands in the center of everything and can guide everyone on the path to avoiding tragedy.

Although she is thoughtful of Lena and Mion, she is insensitive to love affairs, but depending on the story, she may become aware of her feelings toward them.


He persuaded Kameda in a certain incident, and when asked for his name, he called himself "K". There are various types of names such as "Mage of the mouth" and "Evangelist of Moe", and he likes to use it as much as he calls himself.


Straightforward and typical,好奇心A vigorous and active boy, he is in good shape. On the other hand, she is insensitive and has no delicacy, and she is quite insensitive to her heart. The owner of a "father" thinking circuit that is said to be uncorrectable by Mion Sonozaki. The details of what you are thinking are expressed concretely. I'm a uniform enthusiast, but I think I'm still immature as an enthusiast compared to Irie and my father. He is kind to others and always considers others, but he is a little impatient and bloody, and he may be desperate because he feels sorry if he does not clarify things, but at least he seems to be aware of it and is told by others. I also have the common sense to reflect on it.

In the question section, when cornered, the mind becomes weak and emotions become very unstable.[Annotation 1].Onikakushi HenThen from curiosityMysterious death caseGet involved and kill allies,SinfulnessThen.Onikakushi HenThen, Lena realizes her sin of killing Mion, and gradually begins to look like a hero.SinfulnessThen prevent the tragedy itselfKilling allSince then, it has grown to the point where it is called a "new wind" that defeats the evils of the entire village.

At the same time, by burning up on its own, it becomes an ignition point that ignites the hearts of friends, and by making use of its own action power and instantaneous power, it opens the way as a leader.Red flameI also wake up to the role of.疑心暗鬼に負けずに仲間を信じる強い気持ち、絶望的運命にも諦めず打破してみせる行動力、周囲の人間を次々味方に引き込んでいくStrong feelings of believing in friends without losing to suspicion, ability to defeat destined destiny without giving up, drawing people around you to allies one after anothercharismaThe growth type that I wore in the tragedy that repeatsheroIt can be said that.In the second half of the story, Keiichi's actions and actions also triggered her to resist the fate that Rika was about to give up.

One of his habits is "Be cool, Keiichi Maebara!There is.これは、彼が追い詰められた時にThis is when he is corneredCalm (cool)It's a line that I say when I try to become, but in reality it gets more confused and things get worse, so I combined his nickname "K" with the English "COOL".KOOLWas flooded (also widely used as an African-American slang word).This was originally Keiichi's nickname, but in the answer section, Keiichi's success and the character who said "Be cool! ○○!" Etc.), came to refer to what they call "cool behavior (self-proclaimed)".

His actions disappeared a year agoSatoshiIt is very similar to the one, and the club members have the impression of Keiichi.[Annotation 2].

Family structure

画家Father who isIchiroAnd motherAikoFamily of three.Their home is the largest in Hinamizawa, so it is called "Maebara Mansion".In addition, Keiichi's "magician of the mouth" and "unique barrier" abilities are inherited from his father.

Game style

The game style in club activities is often at the mercy of the opponent, but when it gets into a difficult situation, it shows its true character.The ups and downs are quite intense depending on the motivation and the condition of the day.He is good at agitation and one-shot reversal by psychological warfare that makes use of his own brain and mouth magic, but he is loosely packed and mainlySatokoOften suffers a painful counterattack or self-destructs.


Before moving to Hinamizawa, he entered a special advance class and improved his grades, but due to that, he was bullied by others and even more.ExaminationstressFrom multiple childrenModel gunIt causes a series of child attacks aimed at in.Meanwhile, one girl was hit by an eye and confessed the crime to her parents from a sense of guilt and appeared in the police.By paying a large amount of settlement money, he settled the case as a probationary disposition and moved to Hinamizawa as a family to escape.I confess this case to Rika Furude, Satoko Hojo, and Mion Sonozaki in the guilty edition.

Samurai HenHe says that he has learned from that abominable incident, and that he is now, and that he has finally faced the past that he had been running away from, and set it as the starting point for sin in his future life.HanyuuAccording to the report, Keiichi Maebara was able to overcome the stress of taking an examination and did not cause the model gun attack mentioned above.Therefore, there is no reason to transfer to another school, and Satoshi who did not disappear appears in his place.


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the answer section, it becomes clear that it is a behavioral characteristic common to those who develop Hinamizawa syndrome.
  2. ^ Helping Mion Sonozaki (actually poetry) entwined with defects alone, holding a metal bat when suspicious of people around him, habit of stroking his head, etc.


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