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🎭 | R-rated appearance in TBS Sunday Theater "Dangerous Venus" serial drama


R-rated appearance in TBS Sunday Theater "Dangerous Venus" serial drama

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Motomi Kageyama (Anne Nakamura), an assistant at a veterinary hospital who saw the situation, advises Mr. Brown.

At TBS, the Sunday Theater "Dangerous Venus" will start at 10 o'clock on Sunday, October 11th.This work is a bestseller ... → Continue reading

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Nakamura Ann

Anne Nakamura(Anne Nakamura,British: Anne Nakamura,1987 May 9 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,talent.TokyoKoto Ward[4]I'm fromPlatinum productionBelongs.



Raised in downtown TokyoKoto Ward Kazuya Elementary School[5] ,Mejiro Gakuen Junior and Senior High School[6] ThroughToyo Eiwa UniversityGraduate from[7][8] did.

From high school to collegeCheerleading clubBelong to[9], Captain when he was in the third year of high school[5]Participated in national competitions in both high school and college[7].

As a model

When I was in the second year of college, I participated in a model audition in the form of being invited by a friend and won the grand prix. However, he did not enter the entertainment world there.

I was looking for a job when I was in my third year of college, but thinking about entering the entertainment industry, I entered the current office where I was offered and made my debut.[7].

While having fashion magazine models and regular broadcast programs,2010 ToG ☆ RACEAs a member of the same yearSUPER GT Image GirlServed.[10]

2013 From around that time, he made a break as a talent to sell poisonous tongues and filthy "characters".The hairstyle that I started to impress myself and the one-piece style with flashy colors that I started to impress myself will soon be followed by young women who imitate that hairstyle as "raised hair" and "raised style". Become[5][11].

2014 ToBicycle raceAlso acted as an image character of[12]. further,2014 I met in winterCross fitWith a supple muscle that has been trained by and a healthy body that is toned,RespassSelected as No. 1 in women's ideal body type by fitness awareness survey[13] It will be attracting attention as a "beautiful body" that women long for.[14].

2015 Received the "Sunglasses category" of the "10th Japan Glasses Best Dresser Award" on October 6th.[15].

As an actress

Fuji Television Network, IncSystemTV dramaWas broadcast in August 2015 inReally scary story Summer special edition 2015After appearing inactressStarted the business in earnest, and in the fiscal year ended October 2015,5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~] Fuji TV9 dramas a monthFirst appearance in[16] Since then, appeared in the drama for 10 cools in a row[17] did.

2018 October termNippon TVSeries TV drama "LabrylanStarred in the drama for the first time[18].


  • The office pointed out that the stage name "Ann" is easy to remember if it is a katakana name, and decided to "Ann" as short and clean from multiple candidates such as "Yuria" and "Kate".[17].
  • ParentsNiigataSado IslandBackground[5].. The eldest daughter of three siblings, with a younger brother under one year old and a younger sister under eight years old[19][20].
  • Of TV showsShuichiCo-star inRino Higa (Higarino)[21] Or in the same officeNatsumi Kuroki[22] I am on good terms with. FormerAKB48 OfNozomi KawasakiIs a high school classmate[23].
  • In order to maintain the body shape because it is a constitution that tends to be fatCross fitIt is carried out[24].. As a reason for working hard training on a daily basis, he says, "I want to be a body that can respond to big opportunities when they come in. If I think it is for my work or myself, I can overcome it even if it is tight."[25]. Also,boxingHe became interested in boxing when he was appointed as a relay MC, and has also worked on boxing.[26].
  • As a model, there is not much resistance to wearing underwear or swimwear[27].
  • Variety program `` broadcast on February 2018, 2Hayashi-sensei is surprised at the first hearing!] (TBS system),Hayashi OsamuAs soon as he appeared in the studio, he asked Nakamura, who was a guest performer, "Do you like men with a strong sense of justice?" In response, Nakamura replied, "I like it."[28].
  • Drama of the term ending April 2021 ``There is a reason for the love to dress up』(TBS) to make a new hairstyle with long hair cut by 30 cm or more[29].



  • Application software "YONE x Ravi" (2009)
  • Eyelash serum "Pinks Magic Flash" (2009)
  • WINTER SPORTS FESTA season11 Winter Sports!! (2011)
  • Peach John(2018)-Image character[25][30]
  • (I.e."Air" (2019-)[31]


  • Wacoal
    • "Goddess's Secret Venus Fit Bra" (March 2014)
    • "Promised Bra" (June 2014)
  • Keirin "Welcome To KEIRIN!" (April 2014-March 4)
  • Lipton "Limone" (2014)
  • Kao
    • "Emar(January 2014)
    • "Biore(January 2015)
    • "Biore Sweat Wipe Sheet for Beautiful Skin Care" (2016)
    • "Bab"(Year 2016)[32]
  • Suntory Suntory Precious (April 2015, Hokkaido only)[33][34]
  • HIS"I came to Hawaii with Anne Nakamura HIS." (2016)
  • NHK on demand
  • ABC MART (2015 -)
  • Rakuten Rakuten Ichiba (2016)
  • Lion (2018 -)
  • ARUHI(2018 -)[35]
  • Takeda Consumer Healthcare Co., Ltd. "Bioslee" (2019)
  • Kose
    • "Sports Beauty UV Wear" (January 2019)
    • `` Infinity'' (September 2019)

TV program

TV drama

Delivery drama

Television Animation


  • Silent Don Shinsho (released in September 2009)-Mari
  • AI love you (released December 2016, 12)-Kyoko Naito
  • mix.(Released on July 2017, 10,Toho)-Fuka Sato
  • End roll of the nameless world(Released on January 2021, 1) --Lisa
  • Masquerade Night(Released on September 2021, 9, Toho) --Mayumi Okuda

Theater animation








  • DANCE(2016-)-Regular model
  • andGIRL (2012-2019)-Regular model

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