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🧑‍🎨 | Good Design Award 2020 Winners announced.A gem design selected from a total of 4769 applications

Many of the model houses in the photo housing exhibition hall have top-class facilities among the products of housing manufacturers.

Good Design Award 2020 winning work announced.応募総数4769件の中から選ばれた珠玉のデザインA gem design selected from a total of XNUMX applications

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When you hear about disaster relief facilities provided by homemakers, you might think that you designed a new facility with the latest equipment, but that's not the case.

The annual "Good Design Award" in 2020 was awarded on October 10st, the organizer of the Japan Public Interest Incorporated Foundation ... → Continue reading

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House maker

House makerDeploys throughout Japan or on a wide range of scales住宅construction companyIt is a name for, but there is no formal definition.Home makerIt is also called. 8 Companies belonging to an organization called society (Sekisui House,Sekisui Heim(Sekisui Chemical Industry),Daiwa House Industry,Panasonic Homes, Hebel House (Asahi Kasei Homes),Misawa Home,Sumitomo Forestry,Mitsui Home), Or an emerging manufacturer in addition to the eight companiesIchijo Construction Store,Tama Home ,Fuji housingIn some cases, it includes such things.

Similar to a house maker, a housing construction company that operates alone or in a small number of prefectures is called a "house builder", and a group of companies that develops a franchise is called a "franchise house maker". Due to the ambiguous definition, each company often refers to itself as a "house maker."


In Japan, it is one of the options for requesting when building a detached house, and often refers to a major housing house maker. 1960年代から広告・宣伝に多額の費用を費やし、テレビやラジオのCM、新聞折り込みチラシの配付のほか、販売方式の特徴の一つであるSince the XNUMXs, it has spent a lot of money on advertising and publicity, and it is one of the features of the sales method, in addition to the distribution of TV and radio commercials and newspaper insert leaflets.Housing exhibition hallThe exhibition of our products at is part of the promotion.

Currently, it occupies new housesPrefabricated houseShare is less than 2%[1]And many ordinary houses are mainlycarpenter,BuilderIt is built by a local builder.これらの多くは地域密着であり、広域展開をしている中規模施工者を除き、営業手法としてもMany of these are community-based, and can be used as a sales method except for medium-sized contractors who are expanding over a wide area.Housing exhibition hallIt is rare to see a model house on display.In addition, housing equipment is not purchased directly from the manufacturer, but goes through the sales companies of each housing equipment manufacturer in the middle.

On the other hand, there are multiple house makersPrefecturesOr, in most cases, they have sales offices all over the country and display their products as model houses at housing exhibition halls in each region.In some cases, local construction shops gradually increased in scale and became known as house makers, in other cases they were established as a division of chemical makers / electric appliances makers, automobile makers, conglomerate companies, etc., and housing from the beginning. The origins of each company are diverse, such as the case where it was established as a "house maker" for the purpose of factory production.

After processing the parts at the factory in advance, bring them to the site and build a house,Precut,Two-by-four method,Prefabricated construction method,Unit construction methodIt is characterized by using a lot of construction methods called.Purchasing a large amount of housing equipment, etc.moduleBy using the standardized mass-produced products as they are, the construction cost is reduced.また、近年ではAlso, in recent yearsAffiliate electronics storeIn partnership with new constructionReformThere are also companies that deal with this.


The characteristic of a house maker is its "large scale", which has its own production facilities and mass-produces some building materials, and both advantages and disadvantages are due to the large scale.


  • (In the case of prefabricated construction method, unit construction method, etc.) The construction period is relatively short.
  • (In the case of prefabricated construction method, unit construction method, etc.) Since the basic parts are produced at the factory to some extent, a certain level of quality is maintained.


  • For the house maker, the maintenance cost of the model house of each housing exhibition hall and the advertising cost of TV etc. are reflected in the construction price, and as a result, it becomes expensive by adding various options.
  • The person in charge is likely to change due to personnel changes or retirement.Salespeople come and go very often, so there is concern about how to respond after completion.
  • Outsourced to an independent local construction company (Franchise) In that case, the construction quality may change depending on the area.Most of the actual construction is left to a small agency (in many cases, the local construction company mentioned above also serves).
  • Some house makers cannot handle heavy snowfall areas.

House maker competitors

In Japan住宅When building a new building, there are other contractors besides the house maker.

It is a Japanese house that has been made by these three parties including the house maker,High economic growthFrequent rebuilding (life expectancy of houses in Japan is about 27 years) due to supply that emphasizes "quantity rather than quality" from the period[2]) Due to the environmental load, the area that has a uniform cityscape with similar houses lined up everywhere in JapanLandscapeImpact on traditional Japanese architectureCraftsmanVarious problems have been pointed out, such as the danger of technology disruption due to the decrease in technology.

for that reason,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThen.Basic Law of Living LifeEstablishment ofLong-term excellent housingIt has begun to shift to housing policies that emphasize "quality over quantity", such as the enforcement of the system (so-called "200-year housing").

Local construction shop

Local construction shop is for the construction of the ownerpolicyThe difference in technology and the size of the variation in technology are obvious, but some of them are peculiar to the region.climate,Geology,Lifestyle habitThere are construction shops that are aware of such things and are building houses that take advantage of them.主にmainlyRegionTraditional in consideration of the surrounding landscapeJapanese architectureIn order to work in earnest, such local construction shops andMasterMost of the time I ask.


Whether you ask a house maker or a local contractorArchitectsThe design work is done by.大手メーカーは自社内にMajor manufacturers are in-houseArchitectHas an architectural design office.It is illegal for anyone other than an architectural firm to do business and will be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than one year or a fine of not more than one million yen.

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Member companies of the Housing Production Promotion Foundation

Other than the above, housing manufacturers with wide-area business areas in Japan (excluding franchise companies)



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