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🎥 | Aoi Wakana's popular secret is the wide target audience of her appearances!


The secret of Aoi Wakana's popularity is the wide target audience of her appearances!

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On the other hand, Shinobu Terajima plays the role of Rinka Ebisawa, who has been deprived of his attorney qualification due to his forcible skill.

Wakana Aoi, an actress who has been active since her child role.Playing the heroine in the morning drama "Warotenka", becoming more and more a top actress ... → Continue reading


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Shinobu Terashima

Shinobu Terajima(Terajima Shinobu,Shinobu terajima,1972<Showa 47>May 12 -) is JapaneseactressIs.Real name,Terajima Gunasia Shinobu(Terajima Gunashi Asinobu,Shinobu Ghnassia Terajima).maiden name,Shinobu Terajima(TellaToothMashinobu).SonMasahide Terashima.

TokyoBirth (Birth isKyotoKyoto City).Top coatAffiliated / Aptipa affiliation.


Published in 2003Akame XNUMX Taki"[1]で27th Japan Academy AwardThe Best Actress Award, "Vibrator] InTokyo International Film FestivalReceived the actress award. In 2010,Caterpillar』, 1964Sachiko left, 1975Kinyo TanakaNext to Japanese for the first time in 35 yearsBerlin International Film Festival(The world's three largest film festivalsOf one)Silver Bear AwardReceived (Best Actress Award).


From elementary schoolAoyama GakuinSpent in junior high schoolvolleyballIn the club, in high schoolhandballHe was active in the club and served as an ace.Also, in high school, Terashima was the vocalist and the musical instrument corps formed a band of boys at the school festival.RebeccaI was playing by copying such things.

Born in the Kabuki family, which is a male society, he spent his childhood with mixed feelings about his existence.fact,"Passion continent』, Says that if he was born a man, he wanted to be a Kabuki actor.Also, in childhoodJaguar Yokota,Crash GalsLonging forProfessional wrestlerI wanted to be.After that, he also wrestled with his father, but he said he cried because he couldn't win no matter how many times he tried.

Was my father's best friendKiwako TaijiIn 1992 (4), when he was a student at the Faculty of Letters, Aoyama Gakuin University, aspiring to become an actress at the recommendation ofLiterary TheaterJoined the group. He left the group in 1996 (Heisei 8), but at that time, he was a signboard actress of the theater company.Haruko SugimuraSaid that he sent an ale saying, "Do your best even if you become free."[2][3]..After that,Yukio Ninagawa,Toru Emori,Mitsuhiko KuzeHe was often appointed as a major figure in the theater world, steadily expanding his range of performances, and won numerous theater awards.

2000 (Heisei 12), "Siberian super express2 ”debuted in the movie.2003Published in (15)movies"Akame XNUMX Taki"When"Vibrator』Recognized acting in27th Japan Academy AwardHe has won more than 10 movie awards in Japan and overseas, including the Best Actress Award.Regarding the bold nude scene, my mother Sumiko Fuji (Fuji Junko) vehemently opposed me, saying, "If you become nude, I will commit suicide."As for the stage, he won the 3rd Backers Theater Encouragement Award.

After that, he performed boldly in "Vibrator" and "Ai no Jikenchi". In 2008 (Heisei 20), he received the 20 (63rd) Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival Award (theatrical section, Kanto participation performance section) excellence award for the performance of Theater Clie "Private Life".

In 2010,Koji WakamatsuIn the director's movie "Caterpillar", 1964Sachiko left, 1975Kinyo TanakaNext to Japanese for the first time in 35 yearsBerlin International Film Festival(The world's three largest film festivalsReceived the Best Actress Award (Silver Bear Award)[4].

At the 2018th Nippon Connection held in Frankfurt, Germany from May 5th to June 29rd, 6, the starring work "O Lucy! Won the Nippon Cinema Award, which is the best film award in the Nippon Cinema category, which is selected by the audience.At the same time, Terashima himself received the Nippon Honorary Award.[5].


Aoyama Gakuin UniversityDepartment of literaturegraduate.Height 163 cm, three sizes B80 / W60 / H83.

My fatherkabukiActor'sOnoe Kikugoro XNUMXth, The mother is an actressJunko Fuji, Paternal grandfatherUmeyuki Onoe, XNUMXth generation, Maternal grandfatherToei OfKoji ShundoProducer, younger brother is a Kabuki actorXNUMXth generation Onoe KikunosukeI was born in a family of theater and actors, and since I was in collegestage,TV dramaIs active mainly in. In 2010 (Heisei 22), he won the Best Actress Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

He was selected as one of CNN's "7 Japanese actors who have not yet sold their names worldwide but have acting ability".The paternal great-grandfatherXNUMXth generation Onoe KikugoroAnd to my big uncleKuroemon Onoe II,Second generation Hashizo Okawa(However, blood is not connected to my grandfather Umeyuki).The maternal cousin is an actorMitsutoshi Shundou.The sixth generation Kankuro Nakamura-Second generation Nakamura Shichinosuke-Ukon Onoe IIIs a paternal second cousin (because Terashima's grandfather, Kankuro / Shichinosuke's grandmother, and Ukon's grandmother are brothers and sisters).Also,Twelfth generation Ichikawa Danjuro-XNUMXth generation Onoe Shoroku-Manya Kinnosuke-Second generation Nakamura Shido-XNUMXth generation Fukusuke Nakamura-The XNUMXth generation Nakamura Shiba-Ai Maeda-Hiroko Mita-Maya Kobayashi-Koji TsurutaIt has a relative relationship with.

Private life

On February 2007, 19, he married Laurent Ghnassia, a Jewish French art director living in Japan.[6]..Gunacia already has a daughter with another woman and recognizes her as a real child.[6]..It is an international marriage, and the common language of the couple is "heart to heart.English"Singlish (heart grish)" commented and became a hot topic[7].

On September 2012, 9, he gave birth to a boy.He says he can be a Kabuki actor[8]..For mixed-race Kabuki actors,Fifteenth generation Ichimura UzaemonThere is a precedent.

Eleventh generation Ichikawa EbizoIs a childhood friend of my sister and brother.Ebizo is also said to have been hit by her knee kick.Younger brother KikunosukeSecond generation Nakamura KichiemonBecause he married his fourth daughter (the wife of Shinobu's younger brother, Kikunosuke, was Ebizo and his second cousin), he became a relative of Ebizo.

The last name was previously read as "Terashima", but since it was written as "Terajima" in the document reporting the marriage, it has been changed to "Terajima".My mother never showed her movie to herself and had never seen it before.The reason is that when I entered Bungakuza, Kiwako Taichi said, "You should never watch your mother's movie. You want to quit the actress." "It may be a joke, but it remained in my mind as a child, and I started to think that I shouldn't see it."[9][Broken link].

2015May 2ToWOWOWでLive broadcastWas done87th Academy AwardsAt the award ceremonyWork award-Director Award-Screenplay Award-Photography awardWas awarded and was undisclosed in Japan at the time of broadcasting "Birdman Or (an unexpected miracle brought by ignorance)』Last scene andBest Supporting ActressShining "I'm 6 years old until I grow up."ofendingThere was a fuss about buying spoilers and talking about spoilers.[10].


TV drama




  • Travel Web Magazine for Adult Women "Travel Color" (2009)

Web drama

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