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📺 | [Korea] [New era of Korean style] Netofuri Korea "Korean human resources are talented" [Media]

Photo Mr. Kim Mignon, who is in charge of Korean content at Netflix Korea (provided by Netflix Korea)

[Korea] [New era of Korean style] Netofuri Korea "Korean human resources are talented" [Media]

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A video distribution sir that distributes Korean dramas such as "Crash Landing on You" and "Itaewon Class", which became a big boom in Japan ... → Continue reading

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business model

business model(Business model) is to generate profitProduct,ServicesAboutBusiness strategyIs a term that indicates the profit structure.


The term Business Model became widespread in the United States with the development of IT (Information technology) in the mid-to-late 1990s (Mahadevan, 2000). In Japan as well, attention has been focused since the establishment of the Business Model Society in October 2000, lively discussions have been seen in the business world, and finally various research results have been announced in the academic world as well.[1].

A business model refers to a series of structures in which a customer pays in exchange for a product or service provided by a company and the company makes a profit. Especially,consumerとCompanyUtilizing new information technology such as the Internet as a means of communication between customers, a series of commercial activities from product and service selection and purchasing (procurement), settlement, and delivery (logistics) are organized and systematized to improve profitability. It became a noteworthy word with the emergence of a sexual business form. Patented for the purpose of prohibiting similar businesses by other companies and monopolizingBusiness model patentIt became a hot topic that a system with many problems was established, and it got more attention and became established. recently,FreemiumAs represented by, the number of companies that are successful in providing products and services free of charge and earning profits from different channels is increasing, and the number of cases where only the profit mechanism is referred to as a business model is increasing. ..

The etymology originated from the meaning of the prototype of business, and indicated a social science contribution system that included the harmony and empathy of circulating people, but now it has a strong meaning of pursuing profits. Strategy / Revenue / SCM (supply chain management), Etc., set the route for products, services, and fundsAdvance Your CareerConstruction is also included.

Japanese business model theory

As a researcher,Tatsuyuki NegoroとJiro KokuryoIs famous.

Tatsuyuki Negoro
It is defined as "a model of the business structure that expresses what kind of business activities you are doing or envisioning."[2].
  1. Strategy: Express whether to provide customers with attractiveness based on the mechanism (resources and activities)
  2. Operation: Express the structure of the business process to realize the strategic model
  3. Revenue: Do you secure the profit of business activities? Represent the revenue method and cost structure
Examining and examining the business model requires three things: strategy, operation, and profit, and the direction of the strategy is the most important because it examines the point of contact between the business model and the customer.
Jiro Kokuryo
In economic activity, it is defined as "business design concept for four issues"[3].
  1. What value to offer to whom
  2. How to provide that value
  3. What kind of incentive to collect the management resources necessary for providing
  4. What kind of revenue model will you pay for the value you provide?

As a concept similar to the business modelNoriyuki Itami,Tadao KagonoIs the key concept of "Business systemThere is.

Research subject

Zhang Hui (2016) gives an introductory consideration on the current state of business model research in Japan, and presents the following as examples of future research issues.

The first is the construction of a systematic business model theory. At the development stage of the theory, there are theories of (2012) problem occurrence, (XNUMX) generation of multiple theories, (XNUMX) establishment of popular theory, and (XNUMX) creation of new ballatime (Murata, XNUMX), but at this stage, (XNUMX) problem occurrence to (XNUMX) It seems that we are heading toward the generation stage of multiple theories. The characteristic of the "problem occurrence" stage mentioned in (XNUMX) has occurred as an important problem in the industrial world, but what can be called a theory has not yet been born. For this reason, the necessary research is the construction of new theories, which requires comparative studies of competitive theories and refined research of empirical theories.

The second is the deepening of research on submodels and the rise (abstraction) from various cases. Today, the debate over business models is widespread in many areas, but there are very few theoretical studies on digging into its sub-level models. One of the typical examples of this is research on the so-called "profit model" itself. It is often said that a business model is one of the common perceptions of various ideas, such as "a business model is a profitable mechanism" and "a business model is a mechanism that converts customer satisfaction into profits", but most of the in-depth research is done. can not see.

Thirdly, the research is based on the impact of the practical application of advanced technology. The reason why the dynamic business model theory is required is not only that the business itself is moving on a certain time axis, but also the business environment in which the business model is placed (one of the external factors from the viewpoint of the business). It is also because the one is changing drastically. One of the external factors that has begun to change drastically and will continue to change in the future will also bring about "creation" and "destruction" in management, and the rapid commercialization of AI, and eventually big data, IoT and robots. It can be said that this is due to the utilization of advanced technology including such things. What kind of impact will AI, which is rapidly advancing into practical use, have on business and on building business models?


If individuals, corporations, and nations judge that it is beneficial, it will spread and integrate to create a new business model. The following is a concrete example.


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