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🤖 | Cosplayer Tsunko releases "D4DJ" live off-shot "Grab happiness toward the light with Rinbukyoku.


Cosplayer Tsunko releases "D4DJ" live off-shot "Grab happiness toward the light with Rinbukyoku.

If you write the contents roughly
] Grab happiness toward the light with the new song Clinoid, Rinbukyoku.

Tsunko, who is active as a cosplayer, DJ, and voice actor, updated her Twitter on October 10, "D12DJ ... → Continue reading

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"D4DJ] (DXNUMXDJ)DJWith the themeAnime,ゲーム,Voice actorVarious such as live byMedia mixExpandBushiroadProject[2].

D4 in the title is an acronym for "Dig Delight Direct Drive" and is also written at the top of the logo.


This project is "BanG Dream!], [Girl ☆ Opera Revue StarlightWas launched as the third installment of "Music Media Mix Trilogy"[3]..According to Masahiro Nakayama, the general producer of this project, in an interview with Anime! Anime !, Bushiroad Chairman Takaaki Kidani saw the uproar at Halloween in Shibuya and said, "Let's all have fun. I was wondering why people became uncontrollable because of their feelings of distress. "[3]..One day, an American DJ unit in Singapore, where I was assigned,The ChainsmokersIt is said that he was impressed by the fact that he was controlling the overall atmosphere to positive emotions while enlivening the audience, and he felt that "DJ is what the present era is looking for" and started the project.[3].

In addition, Seiji Mizushima, the director of the TV anime version and the music producer of the project unit Photon Maiden, said in the same interview that he was enthusiastic about live performance, which is one of the three pillars of this project.[3].

2018"Bushiroad DJ LIVE vol.12" was held at SOUND MUSEUM VISION on December 30th, and the start of the D1DJ project was announced.[4][5].2019"Bushiroad DJ LIVE vol.4" will be released on April 5th.Shinkiba STUDIO COASTHeld at.At the same event, it was announced that animation and game, silhouette of the main character and 1st LIVE will be held as a follow-up to the project.[6].. By the time the 1st LIVE is held, the names and characters of some units and some of the cast voice actors will be announced.[7][8], July 2019, 7, July 20, 7 for 21 daysMakuhari MesseAt "D4DJ 1st LIVE" held at, the main 5 units, 20 characters, and their voice actors were released.[9].


Rinku Aimoto, a member of Happy Around !, is actually active as a DJ.Yuka NishioWas appointed[3]..In addition, several people from the same Bushiroad project "BanG Dream!" And "Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight" are also participating.In this work, a producer is attached to each unit, of which Photon Maiden was adopted by Seiji Mizushima, who is the director of the TV animation version.[10]..In producing the unit, the direction of the music and the image of the unit are adjusted through discussions with the Bushiroad side, while Mizushima's opinion is respected for other points (selection of original songs and cover songs).[10]..Although Mizushima is not involved in casting, he participates in the recording of the game version and acting guidance during live performances.[10].


Described media mix development.


  • December 12-"Bushiroad DJ LIVE vol.30" announces the start of the "D1DJ" project[4][5].


  • April 4-"D5DJ" project start, animation and game announcement at "Bushiroad DJ LIVE vol.2".At the same time, the silhouettes of the eight main characters were released.[6].
  • August 5- YouTubeIn "D4DJ Special Live Broadcast -STAY TUNE!-" Delivered in, the silhouettes of 16 more characters were released.[8].
  • January 7th and 20th- Makuhari Messe "D1DJ 4st LIVE" will be held at the International Exhibition Hall 1 Hall.The character and the cast in charge were announced on the stage[9].
  • October 10th --D14DJ 4nd LIVE -Nonstop Night- announced the characters of the 2th unit "Lyrical Lily".On this occasion,Amane ShindoIt was announced that he will play the role of Haruna Kasuga, and that other cast members will be selected by open recruitment.


  • April 4-The cast of Lyrical Lily has been announced[11].
  • October 10-"D25DJ Groovy Mix" is officially released.
  • October 10-TV anime "D30DJ First Mix"TOKYO MX,BS Nippon TelevisionBroadcast started at each station such as.


  • February 2-"D5DJ Photon Maiden TV" and corner animation "Puchimiku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix" will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television and other stations.


Of the units that appear in this work, the four members of "Happy Around!", "Peaky P-key", "Photon Maiden", and "Lyrical Lily" are high school students, and two of "Rinmaikyoku" and "Merm4id". The members of the group are university students.

Happy Around!

How to read "Happy Around".Abbreviation "Hapiara".A DJ unit formed by Rinku and his friends who attend the high school of Yoba Gakuen, a girls' school.All members are first year high school students.The unit name is derived from Rinku's habit, and as the name suggests, it features a performance that involves the audience and creates a happy space on the floor.

Rinku Aimoto (Rinku Aimoto)
sound - Yuka Nishio[2][3]
Returnees from Africa.It's innocent, but it's off somewhere.Through his encounter with Masahide, he became interested in DJ and formed a unit.
He left his parents from Tio Tio Island in Africa and returned to Japan, where he transferred to Yoyo Gakuen High School.
The song played on the school broadcast during the lunch break on the first day of transfer was the same song as the DJ event I saw when I was little, so I jumped into the broadcasting room because I was so excited.I meet Masahide for the first time here. Since he was not familiar with DJ activities, he was taken by Masahide and decided to start DJing as soon as he saw the performance live of Peaky P-key. By inviting Masahide who is familiar with DJ many times, finally "DJ mash & RinkuWas formed.At first, Masahide taught me the basics of DJing, but when I noticed that the songs that Masahide connected would lead to "WOW WAR TONIGHT," I was able to connect them brilliantly by encouraging them to connect.When asked why they were connected, they said, "The feeling that resonates with the body is similar."As a result, Masahide said,I feel the beat fairly accurately with my bodyI notice that.After seeing the dancer suddenly start to dance, Masahide recommended a dancer, and he will improve his performance skills.
While listening to the song that Masahide remixed in the Remix contest many times, he naturally learned the song, and when he tried vocals, he received a favorable reception from Masahide that he would "absolutely go up". ..
The habit is "Happy Around!It was even reflected in the unit name.
Maho Akashi
Voice- [2]
In charge of DJ.Longing for the DJ performances he saw in the past, he himself aims to become a DJ.Rinku was asked to form a unit many times and finally lost his roots.DJ mash & RinkuForm a unit as.By discovering the characteristics of Rinku's body to accurately sense the beat, he became aware of the stage he had longed for in the past.At first, he teaches Rinku the basics of DJing, but when he sees Rinku dancing suddenly, he advises him to improve his performance as a dancer.
I applied for the Remix contest to avoid a small number of spectators at the first live performance, but I was depressed because I couldn't finish in 5th place.However, the song remixed by Masahide was played under the authority of the school broadcaster, and as a result, it succeeded in attracting customers.After that, he re-arranged it for the performance and performed "Mood is good ↑↑" with Rinku's vocals.The first performance was a great success.
The sense of the painting was devastating, and I made a flyer for the second performance live with Rinku, but it looked ridiculously strong and I got a bittersweet spoiler from the pot.I tell him to make a flyer that is better than himself, but when he sees the result, he is impressed by the good design and leaves it to him to make the flyer as it is. ..
Onaruto Muni (Onaruto Muni)
Voice- Haruka Mimura[2]
In charge of VJ.Rinku's childhood friend, who has been praised by her for painting, has been painting and is gaining popularity on the Internet.Be patient with those who admit you, but keep a distance from others.
Rinku and Masahide are excited about the creation of the flyer, but it looks so intense that it makes a loud voice.Masahide told me to make a good flyer, and with the expectations of Rinku, I had no choice but to take charge of making the flyer.Rinku invites me to play VJ, but Masahide stops me if I don't bother my childhood friend.However, he declares that he will be in charge of VJ and joins the unit.
I was impressed by Masahide who suddenly completed the original VJ material in the first challenge, but suddenly became scared just before the day of the performance and escaped to the park.When I was pessimistic and lamenting that I hadn't changed since then, Rinku came to the park to look for me.He headed to the venue with Rinku and finally made his performance debut at the place where Masahide connected the venue.
Rei Togetsu
Voice- Kasaki Shizaki[2]
A young lady born in a wealthy family.I have experienced various lessons, especially the piano skill is considerable, at the time of liveKeytarTo use.
After applying for a new song by Photon Maiden, he started teaching piano to Rinku, who had been practicing the piano to raise his profile.I happened to pass by where Rinku was playing the piano, which had improved a little, and when he showed off the piano a little, Masahide asked me to make a melody to create a new song.I apply for the completed song, but the result is rejected and I am depressed because of myself.However, from the opinions of the three people who decided to make it their own song if they were rejected, they started the arrangement work again and completed the unit's first original song "Make My Style".Muni will be in charge of creating a new song that suits herself with a one-sided request that she also wants to do vocals.
After receiving Rinku's advice, "If Reito Muni has a staying party, you may be able to grasp the image of the song," he suddenly stays at his home.At first, I couldn't have a proper conversation due to the hard air, but I was invited by the game and gradually started to talk.I could see various aspects of the song, and the image of the song came up, but on the contrary, I didn't know how to look at it all together, but I was told to play it all and make the melody as it was.Masahide received a reputation for being a very good song, and he was urged to perform even more.At first he refused, but eventually decided to go on stage and made his performance debut as it was.
I have been friends with Haruna of Lyrical Lily for a long time.

Peaky P-key

How to read "Peeky Peeky".Abbreviation "Piki Piki".A DJ unit formed by Kyoko and others when they were in the middle school of Yoyo Gakuen. Currently, all the members are first-year high school students of Yoyo Gakuen.All the members, such as technique and performance, are talented.Therefore, it has been extremely popular both inside and outside the school from the time it was first formed in the middle school to the present when it became a high school student.

Kyoko Yamate
Voice- Beauty[2]
A leader and charismatic.He grew up in a music family and has a natural talent, but he does not lack daily efforts. He is on good terms with Rinku of Happy Around !, and is interested in her performing a natural live performance that always makes the audience smile.
When I was a child, when I saw Shinobu, who sometimes appeared from the storehouse, I misunderstood that he was a trapped princess or something.When I was in elementary school, I began to admire the song "DJ Shinobin" on the internet, and after that I started composing myself.When I entered the middle school of Yoyo Gakuen as it was, I met Shinobu and unintentionally opened my mouth, "Are you a trapped princess?" I thought that I met a person I admired when I met Shinobu, who called himself DJ Shinobin, and offered to form a unit, but he refused.However, from that day onward, I will send at least one song a week, and at most four songs.As I said, it got better as the number of times increased.
I performed live alone on Christmas Eve, but only the sound ran and the audience was attached, so I made a big mistake.At that time, I came to see the live performance and was angry at me saying, "Your song is too peaky."However, at the same time, he was asked to "let me call me from now on" and he would form a unit for the first time.That night, Shinobu and Shinobu held a party for only two people, and at dawn, he said, "I'm peaky, Shinobu is peaky.How about Peaky P-key together?The first unit called Peaky P-key was born here.
Inuyose Shinobu
Voice- Miyuki Takagi[2]
In charge of DJ and staff of the group. He has a high level of DJ ability and has two names, "DJ Kunoichi".He is also famous for his hobby, Netoge.He is an unbalanced dieter and has a child's taste.When I was in elementary school, I used to call myself "DJ Shinobin".
When I was in elementary school, I was able to compose if I imitated my grandfather Dennosuke's composition.It was quite well received by the people around me, but I wasn't very convinced and wanted to see if it was really popular, so when I posted it online, it was highly rated by many people.Among them, I find an account Kyo-co that enthusiastically chases my songs and makes comments every time.Eventually, Kyo-co himself thought that it wasn't bad when he wrote and listened to the song, and at the same time, he felt that he was better.The Kyo-co was Kyoko Yamate, whom I met in the middle school of Yoyo Gakuen.
Kyoko applied to form a unit, but decided that the level was different.However, even though I haven't asked for it since that day, at least one song composed by Kyoko will be sent a week, and at most four songs will be sent.It got better with each episode, and the song sent a week before Christmas was too sharp, but the excitement of the song came to my mind and I went to Kyoko's live performance.However, at that live, only the sound was running too much and the audience was left behind, and I felt frustrated that this song was the most exciting.After that, he angered, "Your song is too peaky," but agreed to form a unit, saying, "Let me play it from now on."
Masahide picks up the handkerchief dropped from the storehouse and invites him to tea and Masahide to the storehouse.When I served tea, when asked by Masahide, "Will Rinku join Peaky P-key?", He replied, "I don't know because I haven't heard it, but Kyoko can think about it if she wants to." It is said that Masahide himself does not want to disturb if it is good for Rinku, but he advised that "If you are not satisfied with the answer, you should cross the Peaky P-key" and supported Masahide. ..
Nagisa of Rondo is a sister-in-law relationship.
Sasako, Jennifer, Yuka (Sasago, Jenifa, Yuka)
Voice- Koizumi Moka[2]
In charge of VJ.I met Kyoko through my hobby photography and joined the unit. Seeking the "best moment".Cheerful and cheerful and treats everyone kindly.My parents' house runs a sports gym, and I'm on good terms with Photon Maiden's Maiden and Merm4id's Dahlia.
Koizumi, the performer, wrote "Smartphone Master" at the beginning of writing.[12], Maybe because Koizumi broke the iPhone, the original at the beginning of this writingTokyo Dome CityIt came to be exhibited at the exhibition held in[13].
Shimizu Esora
Voice- Kurachi Rei Otori[2]
Self-proclaimed lovely charge.He is an entertainer from the ground up and spares his fortune to entertain himself and everyone.He is also a tactician. A girl who is so active that she even creates a live space for Peaky P-key.

Photon maiden

How to read "Photon Maiden".A high school DJ unit produced by Sano Himegami of former Lynx Eyes.Of the four members, only Sakihime is in the first year of high school, and the other three are in the second year of high school.It is a rising star unit selected by audition from all over the country, and the floor is lively based on the futuristic visuals and Sakihime's "synesthesia".The feature is that there are many lyrics and English words according to the concept of music.All the members have been transferred to Yoyo Gakuen when the unit was formed.

Saki Izumo
Voice- Rei Spinoki[2]
In charge of DJ.Having the characteristic of "synesthesia" that finds color from music, he aims to become a DJ himself through the live performances of DJs that he happens to see.
When he was a child, he was taken by his father to see the stars, and he began to dream of the universe when he saw the starry sky.In the course card of junior high school in Hokkaido, it was written as an astronaut.I was encouraged by the people around me to be able to do it, but when I went home thinking that I was strange because I couldn't do it right away, I happened to go to a DJ live.Every time the song changes, the sound of the whole venue and the color of people's feelings change, and I feel like I'm in space, and I offer to learn DJ from the DJ who was performing live at that time.I was told to pay 10 yen including the place fee and the instruction fee, but I prepared my own treasure worth 10 yen and learned the basics of DJ at club Neo.
It's said that most people start DJing about a month after they start DJing, but Sakihime has been practicing DJing for 1 hours without anybody and standing up from the morning of the holidays.Therefore, when asked "Why can I make such an effort?", He said, "I was happy that the scenery I wanted to see was close by and that if I made an effort, I might reach that scenery." He was sentenced to appear in a DJ live from Kanade, and in just one month he will participate in the first live as DJ SAKI.In the actual performance, I just wanted to apply good effects so that I wouldn't lose to other DJs.However, when I looked at Kanade, I was sent a gesture of "enjoyment" using Sakihime's stuffed animal, and when I was playing songs while enjoying DJing without fear of failure, the color of the sound and the feelings of people with my DJ The color of the song changes for just a momentSpaceI was feeling.I feel this phenomenon even if it is a kana, and notice that Sakihime has a special sense of synesthesia.He was told that it wasn't the case when he was smoldering here, and he was given a leaflet for recruiting Photon Maiden performers and was recommended to go to Tokyo. He went to Tokyo and became a Photon Maiden performer.
While other members and managers are finding confidence in the one-on-one fight with Happy Around for the Yoyo Gakuen Sunset Stage, only one person remains uneasy and loses in the live with the actual participation frame. Resulting in.
Niijima Ibuki
Voice- Ami Maejima[2]
A reliable leader who always remembers to be considerate of others.He likes exercise and has been familiar with sports since he was a child.After becoming a junior high school student, he found the joy of dancing and singing and went to a performing arts school.When I have no plans, I go to the gym run by Yuka's family at Peaky P-key.
Hanamaki Towa
Voice- Iwata Aoi[2]
He is an idol enthusiast and has no exception in performance research.The appearance in the photos of local events has become popular on SNS.
Noah Fukushima
Voice- Hinata Sato[2]
As a literary enthusiast, he became interested in theater and went on to perform.I'm talkative about what I'm interested in, especially "cute things".


How to read "Mermaid". A DJ unit formed by Rika and others with the goal of "aiming to be a resort DJ unit on the southern island."All members are sophomores.The unit name aims at the southern island, which is also the goal4person'smermaidIt is derived from.It features an open and mature impression of them and a live performance that quickly transforms into a festival where you can sing and dance on the floor.The surnames of the four members are named after the port.[14].

Rika Seto
Voice- Hirashima Natsumi[2]
His motto is "Life is for fun!" And he lives positively.A natural talent who overcomes everything with luck and charm.
I found a leaflet called "Recruitment of exclusive DJs" at a resort hotel on Everlasting Island where I was longing for life on the southern island, and decided to DJ with Marika.I fell in love with Saori, who is playing a DJ at a musical instrument store, and forcibly invited me to a seminar party.Daria, who met for the first time, also participated in the dance while she was doing an improvisational DJ live with Marika and Saori.After that, Saori was invited to the DJ unit.And when I went to the club to learn DJ's consistency, I met Daria who was a bouncer again.Invite Dahlia to the unit and start activities as a unit in earnest.
Rinmaikyoku Tsubaki is a childhood friend from elementary school.
Marika Mizushima (Marika Mizushima)
Voice- Okada Yumei[2]
A healing character with a relaxed personality.He is also active as a model, and has been regarded as a model since he entered university.Become a close friend with Rika who has called out without worrying about it.When I asked an acquaintance for work, I suddenly took control of the popular club FROLIC at the first live, and rented a resort villa at the training camp.
Saori Hidaka (Saori Hidaka)
Voice- Himari Hazuki[2]
He has been a DJ since high school and has the ability, but he refrained from activities due to negative thinking.Rika forcibly invited her to join the unit, but she decided to join her for her own growth and dreams.When I first participated, I was often swayed by Rika's momentum, but gradually I got used to that attitude.
When it is suggested that the second drive may become a regular of the popular club FROLIC, negative thoughts will be damaged and blocked.Rika and his friends took him to a training camp, and he was so scared that he showed anger, but soon settled.An unfinished new song is shown and the finish is composed with the members.When it was completed, Rika began to show a positive attitude that made her smile when she could concentrate on her practice.
Nagisa of Rinmaikyoku is a classmate in high school.He works part-time at the Sakurada family as a tutor and maid.During breaks, he enjoys drinking tea with Lyrical Lily's beautiful dream and deepening exchanges.
Matsuyama Dahlia (Matsuyama Dahlia)
Voice- Ai Negishi[2]
Aim to be a dancer regardless of genre.Feeling that Rika, who I met at the club, didn't feel comfortable, joined the unit.He is a martial arts expert and also acts as a bouncer.At the seminar party, Rika, Marika, and Saori participated in a dance while meeting for the first time at an improvised DJ live.Later, he reunited with Rika and his friends at the club's bouncer.Invited by Rika to join Merm4id.At first, I was a little surprised by Rika's glue and momentum, but soon I will be able to keep up.
On weekends, I go to the gym run by Yuka's family at Peaky P-key.

Rin dance

How to read "Rondo".A unit that belongs as a resident DJ of the clubhouse "ALTER-EGO".All members are sophomores.The audience is fascinated by the original world view and aesthetic production.It is the only unit that has appeared that incorporates a full-fledged rock sound, mainlyAlterna,LoudIt is mainly showing the system.

Aoyagi camellia (Aoyagi camellia)
Voice- Rihona Kato[2]
In charge of vocals.As soon as he joined the unit through his encounter with Aoi, he gathered a lot of attention.He has a bullish attitude, but has a weak side to loneliness.The guest vocals before the unit was formed were pressured and crushed as they were, making it impossible to sing.I tried to get out of the unit, but I realized that the Rinmai song that kept me in place was my place, and decided to sing until the end and returned.
Rika of Merm4id is a childhood friend from elementary school.
Tsukimiyama Nagisa
Voice- Sae Otsuka[2]
A guitarist who likes rock.Shinobu's cousin.When I was looking for a place to practice, Aoi found a club that was an exclusive DJ, and I often went up to Scarlet's house.
Saori of Merm4id is a high school classmate.
Hiiro Yano
Voice- Momoharu[2]
In charge of VJ.It also plays a role in creating the world view of the unit.A lump of charity who carefully listens to the counseling of members in the psychology major.You can also lick it when you are too selfish.
Aoi Miyake
Voice- [2]
In charge of DJ, he is also an exclusive DJ at the club "ALTER-EGO".There are many fans because of its neutral looks.He fell in love with Tsubaki's singing voice and formed a unit.It's a poker face, but the members are open to heart.
He was an alumnus of Yoyo Gakuen and had long hair at that time.

Lyrical Lily

How to read "lyrical lily".Abbreviation "Riririri".A DJ unit formed by Mimu and others who attend the high school of Arisugawa Gakuin, which is known for its girls' school.All members are first year high school students.Mimu and his friends started their activities when they found analog DJ equipment in the school.Activities are recognized as club activities by the academy, which has strict school rules, and elegant and mysterious live performances by innocent girls are expected.The theme of music is based on famous literary works.

Miyu Sakurada
Voice- Hazuki Tanda[2][15]
Gentle, well-behaved and compassionate.He started his activities as a DJ when he happened to find analog equipment.He is also familiar with popular songs and old-fashioned melody.
At first, we held a "DJ gathering" to enjoy with a small number of people, but as the days went by, the number of people increased.I'm worried that it will cause trouble for many people someday, but when an old nun who happens to pass by asks me to quit there, I decide not to stop."Gathering" was found in Sister, and he kept walnuts and Miiko who tried to take responsibility for everything.Enjoying music together is not a bad thing"I showed a rebellious attitude.The punishment is decided depending on the will of the president, but the teacher previously advised me.Old nunwas.As a result, the punishment for "gathering" was unquestioned, and Lyrical Lily was recognized as officially recognized by the academy, allowing DJ activities outside the school.
He has a lot of luck, and in the Old Maid game with Haruna99 wins 1 losses(Although Haruna herself is most likely to appear on her face).
I am on good terms with Saori of Merm4id, who works part-time as a tutor and maid.I have known Tsubaki from the choir since I was a choir, and I still respect Tsubaki as a longing existence.
Haruna Kasuga
Voice- Amane Shindo[2]
He is in charge of DJ and is a disciplinary committee member at school.He has a serious personality and is always involved in troubles.To walnuts and Miiko who were trying to take responsibility when Sister asked about "gathering"Your friendsOn the contrary, I feel like a friend so much that I can show it to a lonely sister.
Actually, I'm an audiophile.From walnuts and miiko, it is sometimes called "Iincho", and each time it is corrected to be a disciplinary committee member.
I've always had friends with Rei from Happy Around.
Swan walnut (walnut)
Voice- [2]
He repeats mischief because he is disgusted by the strict school spirit.I couldn't go against Mimu because I had to deal with the trouble, and I was surprised to see the scarlet of Rinmai.[16]I can't get my head up, but I can't stop playing pranks.
When a "gathering" was found at the academy, he was trying to take all responsibility for being a mischievous child.After being recognized as officially recognized by the academy, he will be in charge of VJ.
Miiko Takeshita (Miiko Takeshita)
Voice- [2]
It seems elusive to the people around me, but in reality I don't really think about anything, I just like having fun.A type that enjoys laughing at haunted houses and horror movies.
When the "gathering" was found at the academy, he was trying to take all responsibility with the walnuts because he was piggybacking on the walnut mischief.He has been riding horses since he was a child, and immediately showed off his harsh horse.

Other characters

Michiru Kaihara
Voice- Koiwai Kotori
Solo DJ girl.Yoyo Gakuen middle school third grader.Haruki Umihara's niece.He is familiar with pop culture as a whole and specializes in remixing with his own vocal software.[Annotation 1].
In "D4DJ Groovy Mix", it was implemented as a playable character from March 2021, 3.
Kofune Ryujin[Annotation 2]
Voice- Toru Furuya
Former member of the DJ unit "LMO".Currently, he is the master of the coffee shop "Vinal".
Inuyose Dennojo
Voice- Naoto Takenaka
Former member of DJ unit "LMO".Inuyori Nobu's grandfather.A great DJ.
Mitsuhashi Kuu
Voice- DAIGO
Son of former member "Sho Mihashi" of DJ unit "LMO". D8FES was revived for the first time in 4 years.
Haruki Kaibara
Voice- Naoki Yoshida
Former member of DJ unit "LMO".Uncle of Michiru Kaihara.
Airi Amano[Annotation 3]
Voice- Mizuki Nana
Former member of the DJ unit "Scarlet Canary".Currently working at the coffee shop "Vinal".
Mana Kase
Voice- Arisa Komiya
Former member of the DJ unit "Scarlet Canary".Currently DJing abroad.
Himegami Sano
Voice- Raychell
Former member of the DJ unit "Lynx Eyes".He is currently the producer of Photon Maiden.
Takao Toka
Voice- Hinako Umemura(Silent Siren)
Former member of the DJ unit "Lynx Eyes".
Voice- Azusa Saito
Second grader at Yoyo Gakuen High School.DJ in charge of the lunchtime broadcast corner "Lunchtime Groove" broadcast on campus.He is also the general MC for DJ events on campus.

ス タ ッ フ

Music producer

Apart from the overall music producer, each unit has a music producer[18][19].

eMPIRE SOUND SYSTeMS isSiMIt is a comprehensive game entertainment group that started up around MAH.THE REBEL'S eMPIRE GAMING PROJECTA music creative team established from within.
Members undisclosed[20][21][22].



  • JAPAN COUNTDOWN(December 2020, 2,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) --Spinning, Takagi, Nishio
  • "D4DJ presents CDTVSpecial Edition Everyone can sing! God Playlist Music Festival ”[23](December 2020, 10,TBS) --Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rinbukyoku, Lyrical Lily
    • Seven kinds of broadcast cover songs were implemented for a limited time immediately after each singing[24].
  • D4DJ TV New Year 12 Hours Special 2021 (January 2021-1, 1)TOKYO MX) --Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rinmaikyoku, Lyrical Lily (Aimi, Spinning, Sato, Hirashima, Hazuki do not appear in the talk part)

Happy Around!

Rin dance

  • Special Plus Festival -Kyoka Suigetsu- (January 2020, 1,Space Shower TV Plus)
  • Rondo (D4DJ) begins. (February 2020, 2-, Space Shower TV Plus)

Photon maiden

  • D4DJ TV (April 2020, 4-September 3, TOKYO MX / BS Nippon Television)
  • D4DJ First Mix TV (October 2020-10, 2, 23 TV anime broadcasts)
  • D4DJ Photon Maiden TV (February 2021, 2-March 5, 3 TV anime broadcasts)



  • D4DJ Floral Tonight (April 2021, 4-,FM Yokohama)
  • D4DJ Guru Guru RADIO TIME -Yoha Gakuen Broadcasting Room- (April 2021, 4-,TOKYO FM)
The main personality is Karin Kagami.

Happy Around!

  • D4DJ presents Happy Around! Round and round RADIO TIME !![25](October 2020, 10-March 4, 2020,TOKYO FM)
The main personality is Karin Kagami.The remaining three were in charge of monthly personality, one each month.

Peaky P-key

  • D4DJ presents Peaky P-key's pinnacle Mix[25](October 2020, 10-March 1, 2021,TBS Radio)
The main personality is Miyu Takagi.
For the three months until December 2020, Takagi appeared every week, and the remaining three were in charge of monthly personality, one each month.
After January 2021, Takagi will appear every other week.In addition to the conventional monthly personality, one more person was in charge of the time when Takagi was absent as a sub-monthly personality.

Photon maiden

  • D4DJ presents Photon Maiden Universe[25](July 2020, 10-September 3, 12,bayfm)


  • D4DJ presents Merm4id RADIO BIG W4VE !!!![25](July 2020, 10-September 3, 12,NACK5)
The main personality is Natsumi Hirajima.The other members appeared on a monthly basis as monthly guests.

Rin dance

  • D4DJ presents Rinmaikyoku "Tonight, staring at the sea"[25](October 2020, 10-March 3, 2021, FM Yokohama)

Lyrical Lily

"It was broadcast at the same time until the previous week.BanG Dream!』From the radio program frame,Naoki Yoshida[Annotation 4]Also appeared as an assistant.



#Appearance datetitleVenueCast unitRemarks
1XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayD4DJ 1st LIVEMakuhari Messe
International Exhibition Hall 1
Happy Around!
Peaky P-key
Photon maiden
Rin dance
2 performances

Day 1Argonavis, Day 2RAISE A SUILENHeld jointly with.
Shizaki, Koizumi, Sato on Day 1 and Shisaki, Kurachi, Maejima, and Spinoki do not appear on Day 2.
The character design of each unit and the voice actors of each character were announced.
22019/10/14D4DJ 2nd LIVE -Day Party- / -Nonstop Night-Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Stella ball
2 performances

Koizumi and Maejima did not appear.
The character design of the new unit, Lyrical Lily, has been announced.
It was announced that Amane Shindo will play the role of Haruna Kasuga, and other casts will be selected in the open call for participants.
Producers of each unit other than Lyrical Lily were announced.
Debut single on January 2020, 1Dig Delight!Was announced to be released.
32020/1/31D4DJ D4 FES. -Departure-TOKYO DOME CITY HALL1 performances

It was announced that the app game "DJ Groovy Mix" will be delivered.
It was announced that Seiji Mizushima will be the director of the anime version.
It was announced that the first album will be released on April 2020, 4 and the second album will be released on June 22, 1.
42020/10/11Grumiku Presents D4DJ D4 FES. ~ LOVE! HUG! GROOVY !! ~Tokyo Garden TheaterHappy Around!
Peaky P-key
Photon maiden
Rin dance
Lyrical Lily
1 performances

April 2020-4, 26Maihama AmphitheaterD4DJ 4th LIVE transfer performance was postponed although it was scheduled to be held at[26][27].
The songs recorded in the 1st single of each unit have been announced.
5Scheduled for December 2021, 5D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIXFujikyu Highland・Conifer ForestHappy Around!
Peaky P-key
Photon maiden
Rin dance
Lyrical Lily
April 2020-7, 25Pacifico Yokohama Although it was scheduled to be held at the National Convention Hall, the transfer performance of D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[28].

Happy Around!

#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
1st2020/12/13Happy Around! 1st LIVE Happy Around!Zepp Haneda2 performances
Although it was scheduled to be held at Shimokitazawa Garden on March 2020, 3, the live transfer performance was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Miyu Takagi appeared in the first performance, and Risa Tsumugi appeared as a guest DJ in the second performance.

2nd2021/3/14Happy Around! 2nd LIVE Happy to everyone ♪Zepp Osaka Bayside2 performances

Himari Hazuki appeared in the first performance, and Kotori Koiwai appeared as a guest DJ in the second performance.

Peaky P-key

#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
JointScheduled for December 2021, 4Peaky P-key / Photon Maiden Joint LIVE Ultimate MelodiesZepp Haneda2 performances

Photon maiden

#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
JointScheduled for December 2021, 4Peaky P-key / Photon Maiden Joint LIVE Ultimate MelodiesZepp Haneda2 performances


#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
1st2021/4/2Merm4id 1st LIVE Luv ♡ 4U supported by Singapore Tourism BoardZepp Haneda2 performances
JointScheduled for December 2021, 4Lyrical Lily x Merm 4id joint LIVE NYAN-NYAN SHAKE!Zepp Haneda2 performances

Rin dance

#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
1st2021/3/20Rin Dance (RONDO) 1st LIVE [Re] incarnation ─ Resuscitation ─ at Zepp HanedaZepp Haneda1 performances

Lyrical Lily (live)

#Appearance datetitleVenueRemarks
JointScheduled for December 2021, 4Lyrical Lily x Merm 4id joint LIVE NYAN-NYAN SHAKE!Zepp Haneda2 performances

Participation event


  • CharaExpo USA 2019 (December 2019, 12, Anaheim Convention Center D Hall)-Aimi, Kurachi, Iwata, Sato

Happy Around!

  • BanG Dream! 8th ☆ LIVE DAY2: RAISE A SUILEN "THE DEPTHS" (August 2020, 8, Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest) --Opening act
  • Animelo Summer Live 2021 -COLORS- (Scheduled for August 2021, 8, Saitama Super Arena)

Peaky P-key

  • Animelo Summer Live 2021 -COLORS- (Scheduled for August 2021, 8, Saitama Super Arena)

Photon maiden

  • Animelo Summer Live 2021 -COLORS- (Scheduled for August 2021, 8, Saitama Super Arena)


  • Tokyo Geki Rock DJ Party EDGE-CRUSHER Vol.139 19th ANNIVERSARY PARTY & HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (October 2019, 10, clubasia)
  • TOKYO MIX JUICE ~ Super Fusion Music Festival ~ (January 2020, 1, WARP SHINJUKU)
  • BanG Dream! 8th ☆ LIVE DAY1: Roselia "Einheit" (August 2020, 8, Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest) --Opening act
  • D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents SUMMER STRUGGLE in JINGU (August 2020, 8,Meiji Jingu Stadium) - The guests

Rin dance

  • Special Plus Festival -Kyoka Suigetsu- (January 2019, 12,Shibuya WWW X)

* Rondo was scheduled to participate on February 2021th and 2th, 6, Kagami and Hazuki on February 7th, and Takagi and Shindo on February 2th. BUSHIROAD ROCK FESTIVAL 6 is a new type of coronavirus infection. As a result of the announcement of the state of emergency, it is the venue.Musashino no Mori Comprehensive Sports PlazaWas unusable, so the postponement was announced[29].

Online delivery


  • D4DJ Special Live Broadcast -STAY TUNE!-(May 2019, 5,YouTube) --Maejima, Nishio, Otsuka, Sato, Iwata
  • D4DJ Special Live Broadcast -STAY TUNE!-# 2 (June 2019, 6, YouTube) --Otsuka, Nishio, Hirashima, Negishi, Momo, Kagami
  • D4DJ Special Live Broadcast -STAY TUNE!-# 3 (July 2019, 7, YouTube)-Aimi, Nishio, Koizumi, Kurachi, Mimura, Hazuki
  • D4DJ Unit Meeting Vol. 0 (July 2019, 7, YouTube) --Koizumi, Takagi, Iwata, Sato
  • D4DJ Special Live Broadcast -Autumn meeting- (October 2019, 10, YouTube)-Sato, Hirashima, Shizaki, Aimi, Otsuka
  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Urgent Announcement Special !!-(December 2019, 12, YouTube)-Hirashima, Shizaki, Kurachi, Sato, Kato
  • Super! A & G + Special Do you know "D4DJ"? ~ CD release & FES. Special just before the event ~ (January 2020, 1, Super! A & G +) --Each affairs, Maejima, Shindo, Aimi, Negishi, Kato
  • D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U Edition (February 2020, 2, YouTube) --Nishio, Hirashima, Aimi, Kato, Iwata
  • Famitsu x Game Dengeki "2020 Spring Live Broadcast Festival !! (March 2020, 3, YouTube) --Nishio, Sato, Iwata
  • Famitsu x Game Dengeki "2020 Spring Live Broadcast Festival !! (March 2020, 3, YouTube) --Takagi, Aimi, Negishi, Nishio
  • Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE Live broadcast just before distribution (March 2020, 3,The showroom area is reserved for brands.) --Hirashima, Negishi
  • Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE Live broadcast just before distribution (March 2020, 3, SHOWROOM) --Kato, Tsunko
  • Lost Decade & D4DJ Groovy Mix Presents ONLINE LIVE (March 2020, 3, SHOWROOM) --Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden (Maejima does not appear), Merm27id, Rinmai[30]
  • D4DJ presents Radio (March 2020, 3, Lost Decade ”game app) --Nishio, Shindo
  • Let's dig Grumiku !! Business trip version (March 2020, 3-, YouTube) --Nishio, Negishi
  • #D4DJ_StayHome (April 2020, 4,Twitch) --Nishio
  • # D4DJ_StayHome (April 2020, 4, Twitch) --Tsunko
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (May 2020, 5, Twitch) --Takagi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.2 (June 2020, 6, Twitch) --Nishio
  • # D4DJ Sound Only Live Just before Day1! Happy Around! Meeting (June 2020, 6, YouTube, Twitch) --Happy Around !, Hirashima, Hazuki
  • # D4DJ Sound Only Live Just before Day2! Happy Around! Meeting (June 2020, 6, YouTube, Twitch) --Lyrical Lily, Nishio, Negishi
  • D4DJ Sound Only Live (June 2020-6, 20, YouTube) --Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm21id, Rinbukyoku, Lyrical Lily
  • Nonko Tobita's Anime Scramble(July 2020, 7, Super! A & G +) --Nishio, Takagi, Tanita
  • Ken Washizaki's Yornight x Yornight(July 2020, 7, Super! A & G +) --Nishio, Kurachi, Tanita
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.3 (July 2020, 7, Twitch) --Tsunko
  • D4DJ Groovy Mix Release Approximately 100 days ago Presentation-There is also new project information Special-(July 2020, 7, YouTube)-Nishio, Takagi, Spinning, Hirashima, Kato, Tanita
  • MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE (July 2020, 7,MixChannel) --Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rinbukyoku, Lyrical Lily
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.4 (August 2020, 8, MixChannel) --Tsunko
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.5 (August 2020, 8, MixChannel) --Hazuki
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.6 (August 2020, 8, MixChannel) --Takagi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.7 (August 2020, 8, MixChannel) --Everything
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.8 (August 2020, 9, MixChannel) --Tsunko
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.9 (August 2020, 9, MixChannel) --Hazuki
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition (September 2020, 9, MixChannel) --Spinning (co-starring with Seiji Mizushima)
  • Bushiroad Game Information Bureau (September 2020, 9, YouTube) --Nishio
  • D4DJ Project Strategy Presentation (September 2020, 9, YouTube) --Nishio
  • D4DJ Groovy Mix Release Just One Month Before Presentation -Character Information Large Special- (September 1, 2020, YouTube)-Nishio, Takagi, Spinning, Hirashima, Kato, Tanita
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.10 (September 2020, 9, MixChannel / YouTube) --Takagi
  • 4GamerLive (September 2020, 9, YouTube) --Negishi, Watase
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.12 (October 2020, 10, YouTube) --Rinku Aimoto (Nishio)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.13 (October 2020, 10, YouTube) --Masahide Akashi (Courtesy)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.14 (October 2020, 10, YouTube) --Spinning
  • D4DJ Live Broadcast! # 2 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) -Nishio, Kagami, Takagi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.15 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) --Tsunko
  • D4DJ live broadcast! # 3 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) -Nishio, Mimura, Koizumi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.16 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) --Hazuki
  • D4DJ Live Broadcast! # 4 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) -Nishio, Kagami, Tsunko
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.17 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) --Nobu Inuyori (Takagi)
  • D4DJ Live Broadcast! Special Edition -Grumiku Release Approximately 1 Month Commemorative Special Presentation- (November 2020, 11, YouTube)-Nishio, Hirashima, Kato
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition vol.2 (November 2020, 11, YouTube) --Hazuki, Mimura
  • D4DJ live broadcast! # 5 (December 2020, 12, YouTube) -Shizaki, Kurachi, Negishi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.18 (October 2020, 12, YouTube) --Rinku Aimoto (Nishio)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition vol.3 (December 2020, 12, YouTube) --Tsunko, Momo
  • D4DJ live broadcast! # 7 (December 2020, 12, YouTube) -Nishio, Mimura, Kurachi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.19 (October 2020, 12, YouTube) --Masahide Akashi (Courtesy)
  • D4DJ Live Broadcast! # 8 (December 2020, 12, YouTube)-Aimi, Kagami, Takagi, Spinning
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.20 (December 2020, 12, YouTube) --Sakihime Izumo (Spinning)
  • D4DJ live broadcast! # 10 (January 2021, 1, YouTube) -Nishio, Aimi, Spinning, Hirashima, Kato, Tanita
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition vol.4 (January 2021, 1, YouTube) --Nishio, Mimura
  • D4DJ Happy New Year Around! Online (January 2021, 1, YouTube) --Nishio, Kagami, Mimura, Aimi, Takagi, Kurachi, Spinning, Iwata, Hazuki, Tsunko, Shindo
  • D4DJ Live Broadcast! # 11 (January 2021, 1, YouTube) -Spinning, Iwata, Okada
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME Special Edition vol.5 (January 2021, 1, YouTube) --Rinku Aimoto (Nishio), Masahide Akashi (Courtesy)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.21 (November 2021, 1, YouTube) --Hazuki
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME vol.22 (October 2021, 1, YouTube) --Spinning
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (February 2021, 2, YouTube) --Nobu Inuyori (Takagi)
  • Grumiku Large Update Commemorative Presentation (February 2021, 2, YouTube) --Nishio, Spinning, Umemura
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (February 2021, 2, YouTube) --Everything, Mimura
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (February 2021, 2, YouTube) --Masahide Akashi (each affairs), Muni Onaruto (Mimura)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (February 2021, 2, YouTube) --Umemura
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (March 2021, 3, YouTube) --Rinku Aimoto (Nishio), Muni Onaruto (Mimura)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (March 2021, 3, YouTube) --Hazuki, Mimura
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (March 2021, 3, YouTube) --Takagi
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (March 2021, 3, YouTube) --Komiya
  • Grumiku Music Room-April additional song fastest announcement special (March 4, 2021,Mildom) --Tsumugi, Iwata, Negishi, Hazuki
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (April 2021, 4, YouTube) --Spinning

Happy Around!

  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Happy Around!-(August 2019, 8, YouTube)
  • Super! A & G + Special Do you know "Hapiara"? ~ 1st Album Release Commemorative Special "(April 2020, 4, Super! A & G +)
  • Nakano-ku & D4DJ Happy Around! Online Talk Show (October 2020, 10, YouTube)
  • EJ ANIME MUSIC FESTIVAL 2020 (October 2020, 10, PIA LIVE STREAM, etc.)
  • D4DJ生放送中!#1、#6、#13(2020å¹´10月30日・12月4日、2021å¹´1月29日、YouTube)
  • ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE ONLINE supported by U-NEXT (October 2020, 10,U-NEXT)
  • The 4th "Momoiro Uta Gassen" (December 2020, 12,ABEMA)
  • ANIMAX MUSIX 2021 ONLINE supported by U-NEXT (January 2021, 1,U-NEXT)
  • Happy Around! OPENREC special program just before 2nd LIVE (March 2021, 3)OPENREC)-Mimura, Shizaki
  • DDJ-400 Happy Around! Model Release Commemorative Online Event (April 2021, 4, YouTube) -Nishio, Kagami

Photon maiden

  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Photon Maiden- (August 2019, 8, YouTube)

Peaky P-key

  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Peaky P-key- (September 2019, 9, YouTube)
  • D4DJ Piki Piki RADIO (February 2020, 2-September 3, 2020: Every Tuesday[Annotation 5],Hibiki-HiBiKi Radio Station-*)[32][33] --Takagi, Koizumi
  • D4DJ live broadcast! # 12 (January 2021, 1, YouTube)


  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Merm4id- (September 2019, 9, YouTube)
  • Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday The NIGHT(September 2020, 11[34], ABEMA)
  • D4DJ presents Merm4id's RADIO BIG W4VE !!!! PLUS (January 2021, 1 --March 2, Hibiki --HiBiKi Radio Station-) --Hirashima, Negishi
  • OPENREC.tv special number just before Merm4id 1st LIVE (April 2021, 4, OPENREC.tv)
  • # D4DJ_DJTIME (April 2021, 4, YouTube)

Rin dance

  • D4DJ Unit Meeting -Rinmaikyoku- (October 2019, 10, YouTube)
  • D4DJ x BanG Dream!Special program "Live retrospective distribution" (February 2021, 2, YouTube)

Video work




Happy Around!

Photon maiden

  • D4DJ -The Starting of Photon Maiden- (Screenplay: Seiji Mizushima, Misaki Morie, Manga: Atsushi Benino,Kodansha(Magazine pocketSerialization))


Tie-up song

SongTie-upseasonCollection work
Peaky P-key
Gonna be rightTV Aichi-Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series animeCard Fight!! Vanguard Gaiden If -if-"Ending theme2020album"Cosmic CoaSTAR"
Rin dance
Horizontal OathTV Aichi / TV Tokyo anime "Card Fight !! Vanguard Gaiden If-if-" ending theme2020Album "Cosmic CoaSTAR"

CD not included

SongOriginal artistLyricsCompositionArrangement and draft[Annotation 6]
Happy Around!
Poppin' shufflePoppin'PartyNakamura WataruNoriyasu Uematsu(Elements Garden)Ryutaro Fujinaga(Elements Garden) (original song)
Heart Odolnobodyknows +DJ Mitsu (nobodyknows+) (original song)
NAMBO (cover)
Moonlight LegendDALIKanako OdaKomoro TetsuyaDaisuke Ikeda(Original song)
Genki Hikoda(cover)
Shirasuke Yusuke(cover)
Kaito GirlMomoiro CloverMaeyama KenichiKenichi Yamada (original song)
PandaBoY (cover)
Yes! BanG_Dream!Poppin'PartyNakamura WataruNoriyasu UematsuRyutaro Fujinaga (original song)
XELIK (cover)
BalalaikaKirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)BULGEShigeki SakoShigeki Sako (original song)
NAMBO (cover)
PARTY ☆ NIGHTDUPYuki MoriYusuke SakamotoYusuke Sakamoto (original song)
XELIK (cover)
HAJIMARIUTA- !!777 ☆ SISTERSSATSUKI-UPDATEfu_moufu_mou (original song)
Yamato, XELIK (cover)
Gibumi Awesome !!!!Happy Around!PandaBoY
Make My StyleHappy Around!Yamamoto MekoYosuke Sato
There is only one correct answer!Milky HolmesAki HataAkihiko YamaguchiAkihiko Yamaguchi (original song)
PandaBoY (cover)
Happy Around DaysHappy Around!Professor Mizushima
Ando Sasa
Aiming to be a Pokemon masterRika MatsumotoShogo TodaHirokazu TanakaWatanabe Chel(Original song)
gen (cover)
Brand New WorldHappy Around!fu_mou
HONEST -happy a word-Happy Around!ZAQ
Puchimiku Perchiny!Happy Around! With KYOKO, SAKI, RIKA, Tsubaki, MIYUNakamura WataruPandaBoY
Hey! Be Ambitious!Happy Around!Airi YukiYamatoTECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND
Help me, ERINNNNNN !!Beat MarioZUNBeat Mario (original song)
Dig Delight! (4sk Remix)Happy Around!Nakamura WataruYamatoYosuke Sato
Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad ~ Hot Roar ~Masatoshi OnoYuki MoriYusuke SakamotoYusuke Sakamoto (original song)
XELIK (cover)
Peaky P-key
Swallowtail butterflyPorn graffitiHaruichiak.hommaak.homma (original song)
Yusuke Takeda(cover)
I can't be a dreaming girlNanase AikawaTetsuro OdaTetsuro Oda (original song)
Yusuke Takeda (cover)
Maon Kurosaki
Satoshi YaginumaSatoshi Yaginuma (original song)
Yusuke Takeda (cover)
teenager's heartHOME MADE familyKURO
Takahiro Watanabe
Takahiro Watanabe (original song)
Yusuke Takeda (cover)
Anti clock wiseAfter the RainMafu MafuMafu Mafu (original song)
Kotaro Shimoda(cover)
Over SoulMegumi HayashibaraMEGUMILet's go TakahashiGo Takahashi (original song)
Elements Garden(cover)
Kamen Rider BLACKKurata TetsuoYoko AkiRyudo UzakiEiji Kawamura(Original song)
Elements Garden (cover)
ABSOLUTEPeaky P-keyAsuka OdaNoriyasu UematsuYusuke Takeda
BorderlandKawada MamiNakazawaTakanakazaki Ban Takeya (original song)
Elements Garden (cover)
Backlit FlugelZwei WingNoriyasu UematsuFujima Hitoshi(Original song)
Elements Garden (cover)
Give a reasonMegumi HayashibaraSatomi ArimoriHidetoshi SatoTsutomu Ohira(Original song)
Elements Garden (cover)
Photon maiden
99 ILLUSION!Starlight XNUMX pairsKaori Miura
Lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipseGesshoku Kaigi (original song)
Furumine Takuma, Pea. (Cover)
Blue fieldTridentHeart's CryHeart's Cry (original song)
fu_mou (cover)
HOT LIMITTM RevolutionInoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraDaisuke Asakura (original song)
Genki Hikoda (cover)
READY STEADY GOL'Arc ~ en ~ CielhydetetsuL'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel &Hajime Okano(Original song)
fu_mou (cover)
WHITE BREATHTM RevolutionInoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraDaisuke Asakura (original song)
Genki Hikoda (cover)
Galaxy Express 999GodaigoYoko Narahashi
Keisuke Yamakawa
Takekawa YukihideMickey Yoshino(Original song)
fu_mou (cover)
Love figure (cubic futurismo)Sumire UesakaTECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUNDTECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND (original song)
fu_mou (cover)
SynchrogazerMizuki NanaNoriyasu UematsuNoriyasu Agematsu (original song)
sky_delta (cover)
Android girlDECO * 27 feat. Hatsune ミクDECO * 27DECO * 27 (original song)
Furumine Takuma (cover)
AkatsukiPhoton maidenRyohei Sakofu_mou
INVOKETM RevolutionInoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraDaisuke Asakura (original song)
Yosuke Sato (Cover)
Akatsuki (Fruits Mix)Photon maidenRyohei Sakofu_mouGushimi Goat Hideyuki
Photon Melodies (TAKU INOUE Remix)Photon maidenRyohei SakoTAKU INOUE
4 ChallengePhoton maidenRyohei Sako
CAT'S EYEAnriTokiko MiuraYuichiro OdaKazuo Otani(Original song)
Hayato Yamamoto,Naoki Itai(cover)
HONEYL'Arc ~ en ~ CielhydeL'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel & Hajime Okano (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Gamble Rumblemovemotsut-kimurat-kimura (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
real EmotionKumi KoudaKenn KatoKazuhiro Harah-wonder(Original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Can't stopYamamoto LindaYu AkuShunichi TokuraShunichi Tokura (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Fujiyama DiscoSILENT SIRENSUZUKubonaokiKubonaoki (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Blazin'Beatmovemotsut-kimurat-kimura (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Climax JumpAAA DEN-O formSeiko FujibayashiNaruse ShuheiShuhei Naruse (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
EXPOSE'Burn out !!!'RAISE A SUILENAsuka OdaDaisuke KikutaDaisuke Kikuta (original song)
Masaya Haga (Cover)
Floor Killer (After Party Mix)Merm4idKazushi Miyakob4k
High tension BPMMerm4idKazushi Miyakob4k
STOP!Merm4idKazushi Miyakob4k
RealizeTamaki NamiBOUNCEBACKYasuo OtaniYasuo Otani,Hiroaki Arai(Original song)
Bomb A Head!mcA ・ TAkio TogashiAkio Togashi (original song)
Rin dance
unravelTK from Dignified rainTKTK (original song)
Ur from Dazzle SIREN(cover)
ReadYuyoyuppe feat. Megurine LukaYuyoyuppeYuyoyuppe (original song)
Ur from Dazzle SIREN (Cover)
Tokyo Teddy BearNeru feat. Kagamine RinCloset P (Neru)OshiireP (Neru) (original song)
Rising HopeLiSALiSA
Tomoya Tabuchi
Tomoya TabuchiHorie Shota(Original song)
Sho from MY FIRST STORY(cover)
DAYBREAK'S BELLL'Arc ~ en ~ CielhydekenL'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel (original song)
Sakito (NIGHTMARE) (cover)
KiLLiNG MESiMMAHSiMSiM (original song)
Infinite ∞ REBIRTHDAIGOMasanori Tami(Original song)
PrayerRin danceSakito(NIGHTMARE)
prayer (Aoi Ver.)Rin danceSakito(NIGHTMARE)
Deep woodsDo As InfinityD ・ A ・ ID ・ A ・ I, Seiji Kameda (original song)
Journey through the DecadeGacktShoko FujibayashiRyoKotaro Nakagawa, Ryo (original song)
killy killy JOKERKanon WakeshimaChiba "naotyu-" Naoki (original song)
CelsiusRin danceeMPIRE SOUND SYSTeMS
[Re] terminationRin dance
Lyrical Lily
AgapeMelocureRitsuko OkazakiTatsuya Nishiwaki(Original song)
Akihiro Yoshida (cover)
Sun flare sherbetHojo SophieMito HitomiKazuhiro YamaharaKazuhiro Yamahara (original song)
Hironobu Hirata(cover)
Men's medalDaisuke ShimaJohnnyJohnny (original song)
Hironobu Hirata (cover)
Gimme! RevolutionMaaya UchidaSaori KodamaTomoya TabuchiYashikin(Original song)
Toukasa, Akihiro Yoshida (cover)
Wound innocenceMaaya UchidaChiaki IshikawaR/O/NR ・ O ・ N (original song)
Akihiro Yoshida, Hironobu Hirata (cover)
Univer pageMimori SuzukoSho WatanabeTakeshi Masuda(Original song)
Akihiro Yoshida (cover)
Cherry blossomMegumi HayashibaraRitsuko OkazakiTogawa Tomoji(Original song)
BIDA (cover)
Moe on the moonLyrical LilyNakamura WataruHironobu HirataHironobu Hirata
Nakamura Wataru
Sakutaro Hagiwara"Barking on the moon"(draft)
Galaxy ☆ Bang Bang!Angel corpsChisa TanabeKazuya IzumiEright Kanai, Yoshiki Minami (original song)
Akihiro Yoshida (cover)
Shiny Smily Storyhololive IDOL PROJECTYoshifumi KanamaruRyota NakanoRyota Nakano (original song)
Akihiro Yoshida (cover)
Human pass !!!!Lyrical LilyNakamura WataruHironobu HirataHironobu Hirata
Osamu Dazai"Human disqualification"(draft)
Umihara Michiru
POP TEAM EPICSumire UesakaMoanGin (original song)
Kotori Koiwai (Cover)

Mobile games

"D4DJ Groovy MixIsBushiroad OfiOSandAndroidForア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンゲーム.. The genre isrhythm&Adventure games..The developer is. Distribution starts from October 2020, 10[36].

As a pre-play version, "D4DJ Groovy Mix D4U EditionWas delivered from February 2020, 2 to the end of September.[25].

Game system

The main feature of this work is to become a DJ, and the following special operations not found in other games are required.

Move left or right to adjust the effect, or flick quickly to make a loud sound.
When the orange icon appears, flick up or down to scratch.At this time, the musical score moves backward for a moment.
When the red icon appears, tap and hold.At this time, the musical score is temporarily stopped.


Events are held at any time in the game, and the period varies depending on the event.If you play live during the event period, you can get "Event P" etc.You can get the release of the event story, the achievement reward, and the ranking reward according to the acquired "Event P", and you can get the "Title" of the event when the ranking is above a certain level.In addition, if you perform live with the specified attributes and members organized into a band, a bonus will be generated that allows you to proceed with the event in an advantageous manner.

The differences between each event are as follows.

Medley live event
Select songs at the multi-medley live and collect challenge tickets.Once you have collected the challenge tickets, you will perform a medley live of three types of assignment songs and earn a lot of event P.
Poker event
Two cards are prepared in advance at the start, and the hand is dealt each time the live is performed, and the payout is determined by the winning combination that is established in every five plays.
Bingo event
Get a lot of numbers in multi-battle live and aim for bingo. Bingo one or more lines to skip, or all line bingo to advance to the next card.
Raid battle event
"Monster hunter seriesThe method used when collaborating with.Damage the enemy with solo live or multi-live.
The player who destroys the part or gives the last blow can get a special reward.

Television Animation

"D4DJ First MixFrom January 2020, 10 to March 30, 2021TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[37][38]..世界展開も行われ、15か国語の字幕版および3か国の吹き替え版が配信されるGlobal expansion will also take place, with subtitled versions in XNUMX languages ​​and dubbed versions in XNUMX countries.[25]..From four weeks before the main broadcast, a special program entitled "D4DJ First Mix TV" was broadcast every week.

The policy was set that the TV anime version should be like a festival where various characters gather.[10]..On the other hand, since Mizushima had worked on a dark animation in the past, Bushiroad requested that "avoid only the darkness of the character", and the story is bright and depicts the growth of the character. Became a thing[10]..At first, Mizushima was thinking of making a universal story, but Merm4id's gravure activities and RinbukyokuSpace shower tvIn response to having a crown program on the official YouTube channel of, Happy Around !, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, and the difference in the activity environment of Rinmaikyoku and Merm3id will be incorporated into the story development. Ta[10].

Foreign language dubbed version

It will be released sequentially from December 4, 2020 on D12DJ's official YouTube channel for overseas.

Staff (animation)

Theme song, drama song

"Guru Guru DJ TURN !!"[46]
Happy Around! Feat. KYOKO & SAKIOpening theme by.Lyrics by Ko Nakamura, composition byMaeyama Kenichi, Arranged by PandaBoY.
"WOW WAR TONIGHT ~ Occasionally wake up movement ~'[47]
Airi Amano (Mizuki Nana), Sano Himekami (Raychell) Ending theme and episode 1 live performance song.
"Denran Countdown"
Episode 1 live performance song by Peaky P-key.Lyrics and compositionNoriyasu Uematsu, Arranged by Yusuke Takeda.
"Shake it up"
Song in the first episode drama by Meko Yamamoto.The lyrics arePA-NON, Composition and arrangementRyohei Sako.
"Feeling good ↑↑'
Episodes 2-4 Live performance songs and songs in the play.The song is DJ mash (Karin Kagami) & Rinku (Yuka Nishio) during the live performance, and Ray Sunami during the song in the play.
"Momentum -movement-"
The second episode drama song by Rinbukyoku.Lyrics by eMPIRE SOUND SYSTeMS, composition and arrangement by Sho from MY FIRST STORY.
"Summer Night"
The second episode song by J Wazz.The lyrics areRasmus faber, Composed and arranged by Ryohei Sataka.
"Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor Op.57'
Episodes 3 and 4 Piano performance songs.The performance isTadasuke.
"Make My Style"
Episodes 4 and 6 live performance songs.The lyrics are by Meko Yamamoto, and the composition and arrangement areYosuke Sato, The song is DJ mash (Karin Kagami) + Rinku (Yuka Nishio) with VJ Only (in episode 4)Haruka Mimura), Happy Around in episode 6.
"A lot of life"
Episodes 4 and 9 songs in the play, episode 13 live performance songs.The lyrics are Ryohei Sataka, the composition and arrangement are fu_mou, and the song is Photon Maiden.
"Gibumi Awesome !!!!"
Episode 5 Live performance song.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are PandaBoY, and the song is Happy Around !.
"Let's do the'Big-Bang'"
Episode 7 Live Performance Song.The lyrics are Asuka Oda, the composition is Noriyasu Agematsu, the arrangement is Yusuke Takeda, and the song is Peaky P-key feat. RINKU.
"Angels We Have Heard on High'
Episode 7 Song in the play.Arranged by Ryohei Sataka and sung by Meko Yamamoto.
"Shiny Summer"
Episode 7 Song in the play.The lyrics and songs are by yukacco, and the composition and arrangement by Ryohei Sataka.
"Happy Around Days"
Episode 8 live performance song.The lyrics areProfessor Mizushima,Ando Sasa, Composition is Yamato, Arrangement is Yamato, gen, Song is Happy Around !.
"Here's the light"
Episode 9 Live Performance Song.The lyrics are Ryohei Sataka, the composition is Yosuke Sato, the arrangement is Ryohei Sataka, and the song is Photon Maiden.
"Photon Melodies"
Episode 9 Song in the play.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are by Ryohei Sataka, and the song is by Photon Maiden.
Episodes 10 and 11 live performance songs.The lyrics are Ryohei Sataka, the composition and arrangement are fu_mou, and the song is Photon Maiden.
In episode 11, "Gushimi Goat Hideyuki arranged for fu_mou"Akatsuki (Fruits Mix)Was used.
"Brand New World"
Episode 10 Live Performance Song.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are fu_mou, and the song is Happy Around !.
"Galaxy Express 999'
Episode 11 Song in the play.The song isAcchu Iwata.
Arranged by "Sakihime REMIX Ver." Is Hideyuki Gushimi Goat.
"Floor Killer"
Episode 11 Song in the play.Lyrics and compositionKazushi Miyako, The arrangementYasunori Tsuji, The song is Merm4id.
"Round and round"
Episode 11 Song in the play.The lyrics and composition are Kazushi Miyakoda, and the arrangement isb4k, The song is Merm4id.
"1 RKO"
Episode 12 Song in the play.The lyrics are angry RANL-chan &ZAQ, Composed and arranged by Ryohei Sataka, and the song was too cute RANL-chan & ZAQ.
"HONEST -conflict01-"
Episode 12 Rap performance song.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are ZAQ, and the songs are Rinku & Muni.
"HONEST -happy a word-"
Episode 13 Live performance song.The lyrics, composition and arrangement are ZAQ, and the song is Happy Around !.
Episode 13 Live performance song.The lyrics are Asuka Oda, the composition is Noriyasu Agematsu, the arrangement is Yusuke Takeda, and the song is Peaky P-key.
"Wish You Luck"
Episode 13 Live performance song.The lyrics are Asuka Oda, the composition is Noriyasu Agematsu, the arrangement is Yusuke Takeda, and the song is Peaky P-key.
"Happy Music ♪"
Episode 13 Live performance song.The lyrics are by Ko Nakamura, and the composition and arrangement are by PandaBoY.The song is Happy Around !.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescenarioStoryboardLive part
ShowCG directorAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 1First MixMiscellaneous businessSeiji MizushimaNaoki ManShinpei IshikawaMiyako Nishida2020
May 10
Episode 2Next StepTomoyuki KurokawaNaoki TakahashiDaichi OmoriYusuke YodaMay 11
Episode 3Only MeTakushoku UniversityNaoki ManNaoya Okugawa
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
  • Miyako Nishida
May 11
Episode 4Make My SongJunichi Sakata
  • Misaki Enokida
  • Kiya Shimabara
  • Endo
  • Kengo Hayashi
May 11
Episode 5One and OnlyKunihisa SugishimaNaoki TakahashiKentaro Shiga
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
May 11
Episode 6Fall CampDaisuke SuzukiShoko HayashiShinpei Ishikawa
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
  • Haruka Asao
May 12
Episode 7Holy GiftsToshihiko MasudaMisaki EnokidaYuya Yano
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Aki Maeda
  • Haruka Asao
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Miyako Nishida
May 12
Episode 8Dear FriendKunihisa SugishimaKentaro ShigaEndoMay 12
Episode 9Encounter With LightShigeru MorikawaKenta FujitaKentaro Shiga
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
May 1
Episode 10Brand New WorldNaoki TakahashiDaichi Omori
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
  • Haruka Asao
  • Miyako Nishida
May 1
Episode 11Voice of EvolutionDaisuke SuzukiMisaki EnokidaYuya Yano
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
  • Haruka Asao
May 1
Episode 12Childhood FriendsAyana Yuniko
  • Takushoku University
  • Miyuki Watanabe
  • Daisuke Suzuki
  • Seiji Mizushima
  • Kentaro Shiga
-Daichi OmoriMay 1
Episode 13Groovy Mix
  • Daisuke Suzuki
  • Seiji Mizushima
  • Morita Hiro
  • Misaki Enokida
  • Kenta Fujita
  • Shoko Hayashi
  • Naoki Takahashi
Daisuke SuzukiNaoya Okugawa
  • Yusuke Yoda
  • Takuya Chanohara
  • Aki Maeda
May 1


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[38]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [48] Remarks
March 2020, 10-March 30, 2021 Friday 23:00-23:30 TOKYO MX Tokyo
Chibatele Chiba
tvk Kanagawa
BS Nippon Television All over Japan BS / BS4K broadcasting /Anime nimuchu"frame
AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
Friday 23:30-Saturday 0:00 Sun TV Hyogo
March 2020, 10-March 31, 2021 Saturday 1:30-2:00 (Friday midnight) KBS Kyoto Kyoto
March 2020, 10-March 31, 2021 Saturday 1:55-2:25 (Friday midnight) TV You Yamagata Yamagata
March 2020, 11-March 1, 2021 Sunday 1:34-2:04 (Saturday midnight) TV Yamaguchi Yamaguchi
Sunday 1:58-2:28 (Saturday midnight) Miyazakihoso Miyazaki
Sunday 2:00-2:30 (Saturday midnight) RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System Fukuoka
March 2020, 11-March 2, 2021 Monday 1:30-2:00 (Sunday midnight) Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Ishikawa
March 2020, 11-March 2, 2021
May 2021-June 1, 11
Monday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight)
Monday 1:05-1:35 (Sunday midnight)
TV Aichi Aichi
March 2020, 11-March 2, 2021 Monday 2:20-2:50 (Sunday midnight) Oita Broadcasting Oita
March 2020, 11-March 3, 2021 Tuesday 1:20-1:50 (Monday midnight) Nagano Asahi Broadcasting Nagano
Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Okinawa
Tuesday 1:39-2:09 (Monday midnight) Aomori TV Aomori
Tuesday 1:50-2:20 (Monday midnight) Iwate Asahi TV Iwate
Akita Asahi Broadcasting Akita
Tuesday 1:52-2:22 (Monday midnight) RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
Tuesday 1:59-2:29 (Monday midnight) Shizuoka Asahi TV Shizuoka
March 2020, 11-March 4, 2021 Wednesday 1:20-1:50 (Tuesday midnight) Fukushima Broadcasting Fukushima
Wednesday 1:31-2:01 (Tuesday midnight) East Japan Broadcasting Miyagi
Wednesday 1:50-2:20 (Tuesday midnight) Ehime Asahi TV Ehime
Wednesday 2:00-2:30 (Tuesday midnight) TV New Hiroshima Hiroshima
March 2020, 11-March 5, 2021 Thursday 1:55-2:25 (Wednesday midnight) TV Kumamoto Kumamoto
March 2020, 11-March 6, 2021 Friday 1:05-1:35 (Thursday midnight) Minaminihonhoso Kagoshima "Anime by"frame
Friday 1:18-1:50 (Thursday midnight) Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting Nagasaki "Anni."frame
Friday 1:20-1:50 (Thursday midnight) Hokkaido TV Hokkaido
Friday 1:25-1:55 (Thursday midnight) Niigata TV 21 Niigata
Friday 2:30-3:00 (Thursday midnight) TV Yamanashi Yamanashi
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[38]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
2020/10/30 Friday 23:00-23:30 [47]
2020/10/31 Saturday 1:30-2:00 (Friday midnight)
Undecided Undecided

TV animation (Puchimiku)

"Puchi Miku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix』のタイトルのコメディ系ショートアニメ。2021年2月5日から3月26日まで『D4DJ Photon Maiden TV』内にて放送され、2021年4月2日より『#D4DJ_DJTIME』内にて放送されている。 宮嶋星矢が監督を務めている、アニメ制作がDMM.futureworks/ダブトゥーンスタジオであるなど、『BanG Dream! Galpa☆PicoThere is something in common with.

As an aside, if you read the QR code that appeared in the 8th episode "Road to the Phantom", you will be taken to the app download page of "D4DJ Groovy Mix".

Staff (Puchimiku)

Theme song (Puchimiku)

"Petit Miku Perchiny!"
Happy Around! With KYOKO, SAKI, RIKA, Tsubaki, MIYUThe ending theme by.The lyrics are by Ko Nakamura, and the composition and arrangement are by PandaBoY.

Each story list (Puchimiku)

Puchi Miku ♪ D4DJ Petit Mix
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
#01Invitation from the other sideSeiya MiyajimaSeiya MiyajimaMotoki NakanishiAkira Ono
#02Happy dance!Huh!Ugh!Huh!HALCA
#03Pounding pounding!Replacement ball strategyIchikawa Billion GateYuichi HinadaRyotaro Iyo
#04Photon Maiden's Cosmic Color DiagnosisSeiya MiyajimaYusa Masuda
#05Tenage! Merm4id remote conferencingKatsuki AkaiKumiko Aoki
#06Rondo nightmareHALCARyuta KawaharaAkira Ono
#07Don't call me ♪ Good mood snackRyotaro Iyo
#08Road to illusionKoga KazuomiKumiko Aoki
#09Muscle Girl's Battle Without Justice Nakano Private BattleIchikawa Billion GateShinnosuke ItoRyotaro Iyo
#10Singing voice ♡ Secret meetingHALCAKohei KuratomiSuzuki Shoko

Related item

  • BanG Dream! -A media mix project whose project started in 2015 by Bushiroad. In addition to the original work, the total production command, the original story draft, the fact that the voice actor actually performs activities linked to the character, the fact that it is being developed in various media such as app games, anime, and manga, part of the main cast, There are many similarities, such as the fact that some of the music production teams are in common.
  • Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight -A media mix project that was started by Bushiroad in 2017. There are many similarities, such as the fact that voice actors carry out activities linked to characters, that they are developed in various media such as app games, anime, and manga, and that some of the main voice actors have in common.
  • Electric sound part --Bandai Namco Entertainment's sound entertainment business "ASOBINOTES" has been developing a music original character project centered on dance music since 2020.There is something in common, such as dealing with dance music, the cast performing DJs, and planning to develop a media mix.


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