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🎥 | Masaya Kato Impressive strip "debut" "I wish the place of memories remained on the film"

Photo: Yoko Yazawa, Atsuhiro Inukai, Masaya Kato, Hideyuki Tokigawa who appeared in the stage greetings at Asakusa Rockza (from the left in the back row)

Masaya Kato Impressive Strip "Debut" "I wish the place of memories remained on the film"

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Kato said, "When I visited Hiroshima for another movie campaign, I had a meal with director Tokigawa and Yuji Yokoyama (announcer).

Actor Masaya Kato (XNUMX) climbs the stage greetings of the movie "She dances in a dream" held at Asakusa Rockza in Tokyo on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Yokoyama Yuji

Yuji Yokoyama(Yuji Yokoyama, 19673/29[1] -) isChina broadcasting(RCC)announcer, Actor, movie director.MiyazakiMiyazaki CityI'm from.Ambassador Miyazaki[3][4],IshinomakiTourist ambassador[1][5].


MiyazakiMiyazaki CityI'm fromHyuga Gakuin High SchoolAfter working at Daiichi Keizai University (currentlyNihon Keizai UniversityFukuoka Campus) Entered the Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics[6]..He belonged to the baseball club in high school and to the movie club in college.

After graduating from university 1989As an announcerChina broadcastingJoined (RCC). 1993From the radio "Juken Campus StudioIn charge of.The CD "Hiroshima no Sora" born from the programVirgin MegastoreRecorded the second highest annual single sales in Hiroshima.

1996Started inTBS seriesMorning information program "Good morning whaleDebuted nationwide with the caster in charge of Hiroshima.Of the main casterMasayuki WatanabeHad been a pinch hitter when he was absent[7].

2003From the radio program "Heisei Radio Variety Gozen-sama』I serve as a personality.

He also engages in a wide range of activities other than announcers.Co-starred in the aforementioned "Hiroshima no Sora" and programsMonkey rockHe has released many CDs such as the song "Hungryman / dear" of "KEN-JIN BAND" which was formed with.movies"Emperor of Minami] Etc.An actorAppeared as.Disney movie "Mr. Incredibles]Voice actorAre participating as[8]..In addition, the late-night TV program "KEN-JIN』Planning[9], "Radio Love" and many other films, and is also active as a producer.

An autobiographical novel that became a virgin novel on October 2018, 10, "Furusato is a sunny day today" (Haruki library)Kadokawa Haruki OfficeMore published. 2018 prints as of December 12, 5[10][11].



  • When I was a boy,Beat Takeshi All Night Nippon』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.), He issued a postcard twice and read it both times (introduced as "Yokoyama in Miyazaki").Yokoyama's story was also published in the program book "Beat Takeshi's Three Kingdoms Happiness", and it is said that he still has it like a treasure.[12].
  • Hinata Gakuin High SchoolThen I belong to the baseball club. It was the second center.Current[When?]Also belongs to the RCC baseball club and is active as an ace[13].
  • My sister's exFM MiyazakiAs an announcer, as of 2014, he is active as a freelance announcer and local talent based in Miyazaki prefecture.[14][15].. In 2014, he co-starred with siblings for the first time on a special program on RCC radio.[16][17].
  • CharityWe are doing a lot of activities. During the period when I was in charge of "Juken Campus Studio"Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeOccurs.Yokoyama himself delivered 3000 radios collected from listeners to the disaster area.[2]. Also,2014 Hiroshima heavy rain disasterIn that case, RCC announcer who co-stars in "Heisei Radio Variety Gozen-sama"Haruka SensuiWith "Hiroshima Sky"Self cover..The total sales of 100 million yen is donated to Hiroshima City as a donation.[12].. In 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeSince then, a charity live titled "Yokoyama Night" has been held about once a month.
  • radikoSince October 2016, when the area-free function of No. 10 started, I started listening to local radio programs.LOL problem-Ota HikaruBegan to talk about Yokoyama on a radio program, especially "JUNK-LOL problem cowboy』(TBS Radio) Has been talked about almost every week, and Yokoyama has made a guest appearance in "Carboy" as a result.[18]..Also, the laughter problem belongsTitanIn the October 2019 issue of the information magazine "Extra", an interview article with Yokoyama was published, and it was the first non-affiliated talent to appear on the cover.[19].. Detail is"Heisei Radio Variety Gozen-sama "#" Hikari Ota Victims' Association'See

Current program

tv set

  • Golf Flower Road (2001-) Sunday morning 6: 15-6: 45


Past appearances and programs in charge

tv set

  • Sports broadcast (Professional baseball・ J League)
  • Good morning whale(June 1996-March 6, TBS series) Reporter in charge of Hiroshima
  • KEN-JIN(April 1997, 4-March 18)
  • Mote Mote 6 (2000)
  • KEN-JIN DX(April 2004-May 4, 2005)
  • What Nan !?(October 2005-March 4)
  • Farce Yokoten Theater!
  • Hiroshima rediscovery
  • Science, humanities, visual kei (special program)
  • TIM God's homework(October 2007-March 4)
  • E Town(October 2007-March 4)
  • Janga x 2 Stadium-Hiroshima Sports Cheering Team-(October 2009-March 4)
  • West Japan Crossing Live Broadcast Special 2013(2013 1 年 月 日 1)
    • Co-produced by China Broadcasting, Mainichi Broadcasting, Sanyo Broadcasting, and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting.
  • Nohen (irregular broadcast from 2014)
  • Carp V7 special project "Friday Premium" (November-December 2016 Friday midnight) Movie commentary
  • Carp V8 special project "Friday Premium" (November-December 2017 Friday midnight) Movie commentary
  • Phantom thief Ariyoshi Aim for exquisite gourmet food in Setouchi! (February 2018, 2, TBS 10 stations full net from RCC) Progress
  • Hey Hey Ho! Ariyoshi cuts a tree. ~ SP that made an open-air cypress bath in the hot spring town of Hiroshima ~ (February 2019, 2, RCC TV production TBS affiliated 9 stations net)
  • Kanmuri(April 2016, 4-Friday, March 29, 2020 midnight)



  • One Word-Great East Japan Earthquake Documentary (Planning / Shooting / Appearance) (August 2011)
  • One Word-REBIRTH Great East Japan Earthquake Documentary (Production / Planning / Shooting / Appearance) (March 2012, 3)
  • Single Word 3 ~ REBORN (June 2014, 6)


  • Yokoyama Night (April 2011, 4 2st-, held every month)
    • April 2011, 4 2st --June 1, 2018 6th Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Charity Live
    • July 2018, 7 13th --Great East Japan Earthquake / Hiroshima Heavy Rain Disaster Reconstruction Support Charity Live
  • Yokoyama Masterpiece Theater-Yokogeki (February 2016, 2 Vol.27-, held every other month, Fukuyama station square cinema mode)

CD release

Yuji Yokoyama & Tokuho Iimura
  1. Hiroshima Sky (Yuji Yokoyama & Tokuho Iimura Ver.) / Yuji Yokoyama & Tokuho Iimura
  2. Ganbare! (Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff Ver.) / Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff Ver.)
  3. Let's go by C-style train! / Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff
  • Hungryman / dear (released October 2001, 10 MORNING GLORY MGR-27) "Koji YoshikawaComposition / Yuji Yokoyama Lyrics "
    • "Hungryman" was later self-covered by Koji Kikkawa and the album "Fame & Money"PANDORAIt was recorded in.
  • Niji / Kimi no Left Hand (released May 2002, 5 INDIES HOUSE DNA-25) "Bloom of youthComposition / Yuji Yokoyama Lyrics "
  • At that time (Bonus track recorded on Miniken CD "Miniken / Kimi ni Minikyun" (MMS-2002) released on September 9, 22) "Bloom of Youth Composition / Yuji Yokoyama Lyrics"
  • Hatsukoi (tune-up: 243) (included in the compilation album "a day" (OCCA-2002) released on November 11, 27) "Kozo MurashitaSongwriting"
  • Rocket / Working Quotokonota (Released on June 2004, 6 KJR-16) "Izumi KawasoraComposition / Yuji Yokoyama Lyrics "
Yokoyama and Yasushi
  • Sunflower / Lovely (released on November 2008, 11, limited to 5 copies, limited to Hiroshima) "YASSComposition / Yuji Yokoyama Lyrics "
Yuji Yokoyama & Haruka Sensui
Eugene & Dressing
  • let's sing
    • Dressing Included in the mini album "NICE FANTASY" (April 2017, 4, Nice Fantasy, NFCD-20).
    • Dressing and duet.
July 30 Heavy Rain Disaster Support CD
  • Hiroshima Sky / Ganbare! (October 2018th and 10th, 27 Hiroshima Food Festival Venue Pre-sale / November 28, 2018)
  1. Hiroshima Sky (RCC Announcers)[21]) Arrangement:Mebius
  2. Ganbare! (Yokoyama and Yasushi) Arrangement:YASS
  3. Ganbare! (RCC Personalities (Special Ver)[22]
  4. Hiroshima sky (instrumental)
  5. Ganbare! (Karaoke)

Hiroshima sky

  • Hiroshima Sky (RCC Frontier Pony Canyon / Distribution Limited[23]
    1. Hiroshima Sky (Yuji Yokoyama & Tokuho Iimura Ver.) / Yuji Yokoyama & Tokuho Iimura
    2. Ganbare! (Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff Ver.) / Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff Ver.)
    3. Let's go by C-style train! / Yuji Yokoyama, Juken Campus Studio All Staff
    4. Sunflower / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    5. Loved / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    6. Himawari (instrumental) / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    7. Loved (instrumental) / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    8. Hiroshima Sky (Yuji Yokoyama & Haruka Izumisui Ver.) / Yuji Yokoyama &Haruka Sensui
    9. Hometown / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    10. The sky of Hiroshima (Yuji Yokoyama & Haruka Izumisui Ver. / Instrumental) / Yuji Yokoyama & Haruka Izumisui
    11. Hometown (instrumental) / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    12. Hiroshima Sky (RCC Announcers Ver.) / RCC Announcers
    13. Ganbare! (Yokoyama and Yasushi Ver.) / Yokoyama and Yasushi
    14. Ganbare! (RCC Personalities Ver.) / RCC Personalities
    15. Hiroshima Sky (RCC Announcers Ver. / Instrumental) / RCC Announcers
    16. Ganbare! (RCC Personalities Ver. / Karaoke) / RCC Personalities


  • Yuji Yokoyama's talk at the end of the century (Monthly Leisure Hiroshima July 9 issue-December 7 issue)[24]
  • Yokoyama's comprehensive art theory (TJ Hiroshima-Town Information Hiroshima November 2001 issue (Vol.11) --December 1 issue (Vol.2017 final))




TV drama

  • 19 NINETEEN LAST TEENAGE SUMMER (February 2000, 2, RCC TV)

Directed work

TV drama

  • "Flirt stripper(TV version) ”(January 2014, 1 (midnight on the 11th)) Director / Screenplay / Starring


College days
  • Always in my heart ...
  • Message from White Rabbit
  • Nemrenu, Yonotameni (1987)
  • SUPER MAN (1988)Shrimp heaven Bronze director's work
  • Keidai Cinema Film Party (1989)
  • Comprehensive art (1989)
RCC announcer era
  • Theatrical version "Fickle-minded Stripper" (released December 2015, 12, director / screenplay / starring) Commercial film director debut work
  • The Open University of Japan Panic (Invited to the National Cultural Festival)[26]
  • Making of "Hinagon"
  • Haruka IkawaMemories of a summer (movieHinagonDVD bonus video)[27]
  • Fool's blues

Others (overseas coverage)


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